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Sally moved out of Wyatt's house, and Wyatt contemplated exploring things with Flo. Thomas pressured Hope to leave Liam for a future with Thomas and Douglas, and Liam asked Hope if it was the end of their marriage.
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Thomas pressured Hope to leave Liam
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Thomas professes his love for Hope

Thomas professes his love for Hope

Monday, May 6, 2019

At Wyatt's beach house, Wyatt noted that Sally had arrived home quickly. Sally said that when her man had requested that she be there, she'd taken every shortcut she could. She'd hurried because of the way she'd walked out on their discussion the other day. In her view, they'd been avoiding each other ever since.

On the way home, all Sally had thought about were ways the couple could make up. She touched his chest, but Wyatt said he'd rather talk. Shrugging, she figured that she could muster up a boring apology if that was what he preferred. Wyatt stated that he knew Sally was keeping something from him and hadn't been completely honest with him.

Sally admitted that she hadn't been forthcoming about something. Wyatt asked if it was about Thomas. She wondered how Wyatt knew that. Wyatt explained that Sally had left her phone at the office when she'd walked out, and he'd seen Thomas' text message to her. Wyatt stated that Thomas had asked Sally not to tell Wyatt something.

Sally revealed that it was Thomas' secret, not hers. Thomas had shared his vision for his family with Sally and had told her that there was a woman he'd never fully gotten over. Wyatt guessed that she was that woman. She replied that it was Hope. Thomas was in love with Hope.

Taken aback, Wyatt sat down. After he absorbed the idea that it was about Hope and Thomas and not Sally and Thomas, Wyatt wondered why Thomas had thought his ex had been the only person he could tell that he was in love with Wyatt's sister-in-law. Wyatt hadn't realized that Sally and Thomas were so close. Sally denied that they were.

Wyatt asked if it was the reason Quinn had seen Thomas and Sally holding each other. Sally claimed that she'd been merely comforting Thomas, and Sally asked if the hug was why Quinn had packed up Sally's things and tried to throw Sally out of the house. Instead of replying, Wyatt muttered something in disbelief. Sally insisted that Thomas was going through a hard time and worried about Douglas, who'd lost his mother.

Wyatt knew that, but he felt that Thomas was only thinking of himself. Wyatt thought it was completely selfish of Thomas to imagine a future for himself and Hope, and Wyatt said Sally had to see how wrong it was. Sally didn't think it was bad that Hope was helping Douglas grieve.

"Except that he is seeing this as a sign that they're meant to be together," Wyatt replied. He stated that they were talking about his brother's wife. Sally said she'd known that Wyatt would be upset by it. Wyatt asked if it was why she hadn't told him. She explained that she'd agreed to keep Thomas' confidence before she'd known what Thomas would say.

Wyatt figured that her promise was more important than being honest with him. The livid Wyatt said Sally knew how worried he'd been about his brother's marriage and that she'd been there when Liam had sought Wyatt's advice about it. Wyatt was in disbelief that Sally hadn't revealed what she'd known and wondered if he would have found out if he hadn't seen the text. Wyatt asked if she and Thomas got together, hung out, and talked about it.

Sally explained that she and Thomas saw each other at work, and she wasn't sneaking around behind Wyatt's back. Wyatt stated that Liam actually trusted Thomas and thought that Hope hanging out with Thomas and Douglas had been good for Hope. In Sally's opinion, Hope seemed better, and Douglas had a lot to do with it.

Sally said she wasn't defending Thomas, and she'd told him that he wasn't thinking clearly; however, she didn't believe that Thomas was a bad person. She thought Thomas wanted what was best for his son and his nieces, and when she looked at things from Thomas' perspective, she could see why he was pursuing Hope.

Sally asked how many times Wyatt had said that Liam still cared about Steffy and felt the pain of being separated from her and the girls. Wyatt exclaimed that Liam would be on the first plane home if he knew that Thomas had eyes for his wife. Sally said it would be a shame. Wyatt hopped up from his seat, saying, "Whoa..."

Sally insisted that those girls needed "their" dad, and Douglas needed a mom. She said the situation could turn out for the best for everyone, especially the children. She was sorry she'd kept the secret, but it had had nothing to do with her and Wyatt's relationship. Sally didn't want to lose Wyatt over it and asked him to say that he understood.

At Brooke's house, Thomas kissed Hope, but Hope pulled away. Thomas apologized. He knew he shouldn't have done it but said she didn't know how long he'd been wanting to do it. Hope replied that he couldn't kiss her because "Liam is -- "

Cutting Hope off, Thomas said she knew that Liam's place was with Steffy and the girls. Thomas believed that Liam needed to move on. Thomas asked Hope to accept what she was feeling. He stated that Hope wasn't alone, and he and Douglas were there for her.

In Hope's silence, Thomas assumed that she was shocked. Hope began to convey that if she'd done or said something to make him think something about her, but Thomas cut her off, saying it was the reason he'd returned to Los Angeles. He said it wasn't the only reason, but a big one.

"For me?" Hope asked. Thomas revealed that there was something he hadn't told her because he hadn't wanted her to feel uncomfortable or pressured. He claimed that he and Caroline had talked about Hope, her kindness, and the influence she'd have on Douglas. Thomas asserted that Caroline had wanted Hope to be in Douglas' life if anything happened to Caroline. "She knew we'd need you. She wanted you to take her place and be there for our son," Thomas said.

Thomas figured that he'd overwhelmed Hope. Hope stated that Liam was Caroline's cousin. Thomas said that Caroline had respected Hope's marriage; however, Douglas had been Caroline's priority, and Hope made Douglas happier than anyone else. Hope reasoned that Douglas had his father, his aunt, and his grandparents.

Thomas replied that Douglas was a boy without a mother, and it wasn't an easy void to fill. "Thomas, I -- I -- I'm touched. Really, I am," Hope replied in a dubious tone. Thomas claimed that he hadn't wanted to say anything because Hope had already been dealing with so much, and Thomas hadn't known how Douglas would respond to Hope. Recalling when Douglas had first put his hand in Hope's, Thomas said it was what Caroline wanted, and Caroline wanted to see Douglas smile again.

Hope said she wanted it for Douglas, too. Still overwhelmed, Hope stated that she wasn't upset that Thomas had told her. Thomas claimed that the relationship between her and his son was important to him, so he hadn't wanted to make things awkward. Agreeing that it was important for her, too, she said her heart broke for the boy. Thomas explained that Douglas' broke for Hope, too, and Douglas said all the time how sad it was that she'd lost Beth.

Hope didn't want to make Douglas sad. Thomas explained that Douglas wanted to help her the way she'd helped him. There was an empty place in Hope's heart, and Thomas felt that he and Douglas could fill it. Thomas stated that Hope was afraid to risk losing another child, but it didn't mean she had to give up on her dream of being a parent and having a family. He said that she could have a family and be a mother with him.

Hope replied that she could see how much it meant to Thomas, "but -- " Interrupting Hope, Thomas revealed that he'd cared about her for a long time. He said they'd been close once. Hope said they still were, and they were closer than they'd been in years. "Not as close as we could be," he responded.

Thomas claimed that he and Caroline had tried to put their issues aside, but he couldn't get beyond the lie she'd told him. He was thankful that co-parenting had worked for them. It had been good for Douglas, but Thomas had known that it wouldn't be enough. He said that the more he'd reflected on it, the more he'd kept returning to Hope. Thomas had to put Douglas first, and Thomas had always believed that Hope would be a good mother.

Hope reasoned that she could still be a part of Thomas and Douglas' lives and said that she already was. Thomas stated that he really felt that it was what Hope needed to feel complete. He didn't believe that he could be everything Douglas needed. Hope replied that Thomas was Douglas' father and loved him.

Thomas loved seeing Hope with Douglas, and her strength was an inspiration to Thomas. Thomas stated that she'd removed her ring and told Liam to be with Steffy and the girls because something inside her had known it had been the right thing to do. Hope glared at Thomas.

Thomas stated that he knew he was overstepping, and as Steffy's brother, he probably sounded self-serving. He claimed that it was instinct to put his child's needs above his own, and Hope had the instinct because she'd put Kelly and Phoebe first. Hope replied that all children had those needs. He reasoned that adults did, too, and asked when the last time had been that she'd felt closeness and companionship.

In Hope's silence, Thomas said that she didn't have to be stuck, and they could build a future together. He told her that he'd loved her before, and he still did. Though he knew it was inappropriate to say, he felt he had to say it. He thought that they could be really happy together. "You, me, and Douglas," Thomas stated.

Thomas said that Hope didn't have to respond yet. Feeling that she did, Hope replied, "Thomas, these feelings that you're having -- " He cut her off, concluding that the feelings were real. He couldn't hide them any longer. He figured that she didn't feel the same way. He wondered to himself how she could feel the same way when she was married and had taken vows. It was okay with Thomas, and he was willing to wait.

Hope replied that it was a confusing and emotional time for both of them. Thomas replied that he wasn't confused. "Hope, this isn't grief. It's you," he insisted. He claimed that his feelings from the past had resurfaced, and she was the only one for Douglas and him. She was the only one who could make them a family again.

Thomas vowed to devote himself to Hope and the life they could have together, working on the HFTF line and raising Douglas. Thomas asked her to let Liam be with Steffy. He urged Hope to tell Liam that she had a new purpose in life. Thomas recalled proposing to Hope in Cabo San Lucas and said he'd kept something that he wanted to show her.

From his pocket, Thomas pulled out a box with an engagement ring in it. Hope's eyes widened. He said they weren't there yet, and she was still married. He just wanted her to know how committed he was to her. Thomas claimed that he was totally committed to Hope and only Hope. He believed that they could have a beautiful life and family.

Brooke and Ridge disagree on the best path for their children

Brooke and Ridge disagree on the best path for their children

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

In the Forrester CEO's office, Brooke and Ridge made out, and Brooke offered to cancel her appointments to spend time with her husband. Ridge had ideas about what they could do together, but he wanted to talk first. He said it was about Hope and Thomas.

Brooke brought up Taylor's ideas about Thomas and Hope and called them ridiculous. Ridge replied that Thomas didn't think so. Ridge claimed that the pair had dated each other, they had almost been married, and Thomas hadn't gotten over Hope.

Brooke asked if everyone had forgotten that Hope and Liam were married, and Brooke asserted that Hope had no interest in Thomas. Ridge responded that it was up to Hope. He reasoned that Liam and Steffy had "Phoebe and Kelly, and maybe..." Brooke asked if Ridge was trying to say that it was okay for Thomas to sabotage Hope and Liam.

Ridge said he only knew what Thomas had said about his feelings, and the rest was up to him and Hope. Ridge figured that "these kids" would do what they wanted to do. Brooke didn't want their kids to make a mistake. Ridge stated that he and Brooke couldn't become like his mother in all of it. "I loved that woman, but she put her two cents everywhere. I don't want that to be us," Ridge explained. He didn't want them to do that to their kids. Ridge and Brooke hugged.

At Wyatt's house, Wyatt told Sally that she should have shut Thomas down. Sally didn't think Thomas was thinking clearly. Wyatt contended that Thomas knew exactly what he was doing -- making a play for Hope while Liam was in Paris. Sally reasoned that she should have spoken up. Wyatt didn't know who Thomas thought he was to try to break up Hope and Liam after all the couple had gone through.

Sally tried to explain that Thomas wanted a mother for his son, but Wyatt shot back that Thomas needed to find someone single. She responded that Thomas thought Liam should be with Steffy and the girls. Wyatt quipped that it was a convenient idea and yelled that Thomas didn't care about Liam and Hope or their commitment to each other. Wyatt was livid that Sally hadn't run to him with the information.

Sally replied that she'd assumed it wouldn't go anywhere. Wyatt asked if she didn't think he needed to know about it or that he'd want to defend Liam in his absence. Upset that he had to learn about all of it because he'd seen the text message from Thomas, Wyatt decided to be completely honest with Sally about something. He started to say that he'd gone to Flo's house, but cutting him off, Sally stated that she didn't want to talk about Flo right then.

Sally insisted that she'd just been trying to be a friend to Thomas and hadn't had any idea that he was still in love with Hope. Wyatt couldn't believe that Sally was a part of it and was actually encouraging Thomas. Wyatt was really disappointed in Sally.

Sally said she'd made a mistake, and Wyatt had every right to be upset at her. She figured that she should have cut Thomas off as soon as she'd seen where it had been headed. Sally did believe that it could be good for the children, "but the way he's going about it -- "

"Is wrong," Wyatt's concluded. Agreeing, Sally added that it didn't change the fact that Hope was married. Wyatt understood that Thomas was going through a hard time, but Wyatt asked Sally about his brother. Wyatt asked if she remembered that another man had moved in on Liam's last wife, and it had destroyed Liam. Wyatt said it also had destroyed the Spencer family, leaving him to pick up the pieces. Wyatt began to say that Sally's silence "makes me not -- "

Sally figured that Wyatt was about to say he didn't trust her, and she hated that he felt he couldn't have faith in her. She said he'd been good to her and had gone out of his way to be a good boyfriend. She stated that she'd let him down. Deciding that Quinn might be right, Sally conveyed that she should move out and that space might be good for them.

Later, Sally walked out of the bedroom with a bag. She said she'd get her other things later. She was sorry she'd betrayed Wyatt's trust when he'd been nothing but amazing to her. Wyatt just shook his head. She sobbed that he'd changed her life, and she'd owed him honesty. She said she'd failed.

In Wyatt's silence, Sally conveyed that she didn't want to leave Wyatt, but she felt that staying would worsen things. She cried, saying that she loved him, and hurting him had been the last thing she'd wanted to do. She started to say, "Hopefully, with time..." Wyatt looked away. "Anyway," Sally concluded and walked out.

The moment Sally was gone, Wyatt whipped out his phone.

In Paris, Liam was with Amelia while Taylor and Steffy were at the market. Amelia thought it was great that Liam could be there. Agreeing, Liam remarked that it had been a little hard to leave Hope, about whom he was still worried. Hope had encouraged him to go to Paris. He was enjoying spending time with the kids -- and Steffy, too -- but it wasn't as if he didn't miss his wife.

Amelia brought up the heartbreaking experience Liam and Hope were going through. Liam said it had been the hardest on Hope. He wanted to believe that Hope was getting better, but he saw her struggle with it daily. Liam shared that he tried to be strong for Hope, but he wished he'd done more to protect her. He thought that she was really vulnerable at that time.

Amelia felt that Hope was lucky to have Liam. He replied that he was lucky to have Hope. Amelia claimed to have observed Liam and Steffy for a while, and she felt that they'd bonded and were committed to raising the girls. Liam stated that he and Steffy were great at co-parenting. Amelia suspected that there was more, and Liam was still in love with Steffy.

Liam shifted uncomfortably. Amelia said he didn't have to answer. She knew that he felt he had to be there for Hope. Amelia stated that Steffy wouldn't ever say it, but Steffy needed Liam, too. In Amelia's view, there was no doubt the girls needed a father.

Later, Liam was alone when he received a call from Wyatt, who really needed to talk to Liam. It was about Hope. Liam asked if Hope was okay. Wyatt didn't know. He said that Thomas was trying to make a move on her. "What?" Liam exclaimed. Wyatt explained that Thomas was trying to reunite Liam and Steffy, so Thomas could have Hope all to himself. "And Douglas can have a mother or something..." Wyatt added.

Liam asked if Wyatt was serious. Wyatt said he'd just found out, and he urged Liam to return home. Wyatt said it was probably nice to visit the kids and everything, but "Hope needs you." Liam exclaimed that it was unbelievable. He thanked Wyatt for the heads-up and said he'd be home before Thomas could blink.

At Brooke's house, Thomas reminded Hope that she'd turned down the engagement ring in Mexico because it hadn't been the right time. He knew it wasn't the right time that day, either, but he wanted her to know how serious he was about them and his commitment. He wanted it to be a symbol of the future they could have with Douglas.

Hope stated that Thomas had said himself that she was married. "For now," Thomas replied. Scoffing, Hope said the ring was beautiful, but that was all it could be. She was surprised that he still possessed it. He said he'd known that he'd want to give it to her again someday.

Hope was touched by Thomas' sentiments, and it meant a lot to her that Caroline would want Hope to be there for Douglas. Hope wanted to be there for Douglas as much as possible and be there for Thomas, too. She believed Thomas was navigating his way through Caroline's death and trying to do the best for his son. "But that's what I think all this is about," she concluded.

In Hope's view, it was about the life Thomas wanted for his son and the love Thomas had for his son -- not Hope. Thomas agreed that he was worried about his son, but he insisted that he loved Hope that day as much as he had back then. He wasn't interested in anyone else, and his love would never be divided between her and another woman.

Citing that their mothers had fought over Ridge, Thomas stated that the back-and-forth got old quick, and it was no way to live life. Hope replied that she, Liam, and Steffy had kind of moved beyond all that. Thomas knew they were trying to make it work, but Liam loved Steffy, too. "And now Phoebe is a part of the family," Thomas added.

Hope affirmed that she wanted Liam to spend time with the girls, and that was why she'd sent him to Paris. Thomas asked if she was okay with Liam being over there with Steffy. Hope corrected that Liam was spending time with the kids. Thomas asked how Hope fit into Liam's whole other life with Steffy and insisted that Liam could never fully commit to Hope the way that Thomas could.

Thomas claimed that he hadn't meant to put Hope on the spot, and he hoped what he'd said wouldn't make her stay away from Douglas. Hope said she wouldn't let it happen. Thomas didn't want to pressure her or make her feel uncomfortable, but he noted that they'd be uniting for Caroline and fulfilling Caroline's wish. They'd also be uniting Phoebe and Kelly's family and putting an end to the uncertainty in everyone's lives.

Taking the ring out of the box, Thomas said he and Hope would be building the right future for everyone. "Thomas," Hope said, backing up and putting up her hand. He stated that he was probably overwhelming her. He believed in destiny and believed she was meant to share her life with him and Douglas. Thomas hoped that he could put the ring on her finger someday soon.

Hope shook her head and silently walked out of the house.

Later, Thomas stared at the ring. Hope touched his arm, and he expressed surprise that she was back. Hope was sorry that she'd left. She'd just been overwhelmed by Thomas' proposal, but she hadn't even made it to the car before turning around. She said that Thomas was right. Liam needed to be with the girls, and Hope wanted to be a mother to Douglas. Hope needed a man who wanted only her. Hope and Thomas passionately kissed.

Still alone in the living room, Thomas snapped out of his fantasy and twisted the ring between his fingers.

Sally tells Thomas his secret is out

Sally tells Thomas his secret is out

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

by Pam

At Forrester, Hope and Flo met and discussed that Flo's first days at Forrester would be exciting and confusing. Hope noted that the employees worked hard but also had fun. Flo worried about what her job was going to be. Hope said Flo would find something that sparked her interest, and in the meantime, she would be with Hope and would be called "a consultant or something." Flo said her head was spinning.

Hope worried that Flo was having second thoughts, but Flo looked thoughtful. She noted that Hope's message for the Hope for the Future line was "really inspiring." Hope said she was trying to get back into her work in spite of her personal life. They embraced.

Hope told Flo she was glad to have someone like Flo to talk to. Flo said it was the least she could do. They agreed being cousins improved their closeness. Hope confided in Flo that Liam would be returning home that day. She and Flo agreed that Hope missed Liam. Hope admitted that a part of her wondered if she was keeping Liam from Kelly and Phoebe -- his family with Steffy. Hope wondered if that was where he belonged.

Hope explained that she felt guilty for keeping Kelly and Phoebe from their father and regretted that he had to split his time. She admitted that she had, at one time, urged Liam to stay with Steffy and the girls. "That is his family -- even though Phoebe is not his daughter, biologically speaking," Hope said.

Flo looked uncomfortable. "It's true, but Liam is Phoebe's father," Flo said. Hope was glad that she could speak honestly to Flo and that Flo was nonjudgmental. Hope said that Liam was her husband and the love of her life, but she worried that he belonged with Steffy and the girls.

Hope continued to talk about how she'd discussed the issue with Thomas. She explained that she and Thomas had dated years before, and Thomas had proposed, but Hope had been in love with Liam. She explained that Thomas had been married to Liam and Wyatt's cousin Caroline, who had recently died.

Hope said that she had bonded with Thomas and Caroline's son, Douglas. He had lost his mother, and she had lost a child. They managed to fill a void in one another's lives. Thomas had proposed again recently and felt they could heal two families if Hope and Thomas raised Douglas together and if Steffy and Liam raised the girls.

Hope felt that she'd lost two children, and maybe fate could intervene. Flo looked panicked. "That's a terrible idea," Flo said. She reminded Hope that people lost children all the time and didn't find reasons to leave one another. Flo said it was a disservice to everyone, and she refused to let Hope do it.

At Wyatt's place, Quinn entered and was glad she had been invited back because she had been "unceremoniously kicked out" the last time she had been there. She teased that he had to have had "a hankering for your mom's sparkling personality." Wyatt wanted his mother to know that he and Sally had had a falling-out. Quinn was worried they had become engaged, but Wyatt admitted that they were not on good terms. He explained that Thomas had confided in Sally that he was hoping to steal Hope away from Liam. Wyatt was upset with Sally because she had kept Thomas' secret. Quinn was surprised. Wyatt said he'd told Liam, and Liam was on his way home from Paris.

Quinn said that Sally had shown her true colors a long time before when she had stolen from the Forresters. Wyatt warned her to stop insulting Sally, but Quinn said she didn't blame him for kicking her to the curb. He answered that Sally had left on her own. Quinn was pleased to hear it and immediately made a case for Wyatt renewing his relationship with Flo.

Quinn and Wyatt discussed Flo and Wyatt's past and how circumstances had separated them. "Flo is the woman for you," Quinn said. She added that she knew Wyatt still had feelings for Flo, and Wyatt admitted that she was the first girl he had ever loved. Wyatt blamed Quinn for tearing them apart. Quinn admitted she was guilty for moving them out of Las Vegas in a hurry, but she encouraged Wyatt to reclaim what he'd lost. She pressured him to return to Flo because she was honest.

At Forrester, Sally met with Thomas and told him that she should never have kept his secret. She said that he had sucked her into his scheme to steal Hope away from Liam. Thomas dismissed her concerns and said he appreciated her listening. He added that everything he did in his life was significant in its impact on Douglas.

Sally blamed Thomas for costing her "the man that I love." Thomas didn't understand and noticed that she was upset, and he was sorry. "You put me in an impossible situation," Sally said. Thomas countered that she was "just being a good friend, keeping your word."

Sally said she'd kept something from Wyatt, and he was furious. She was guilty of sneaking around, and she couldn't lie to him. Thomas didn't understand her problem. "Thomas, I told him," Sally said. She added that she loved Wyatt, and she couldn't lie to him anymore.

Thomas panicked and wanted to know exactly what Sally had told Wyatt and if Wyatt had told Liam. Sally answered that she had told Wyatt that she was sure that Thomas was determined to get Hope away from Liam and "make her presence permanent" in Thomas and Douglas' lives.

"I thought I could trust you," Thomas said. Sally said that Wyatt had seen the text that Thomas had sent her, asking her to keep his secret. Thomas objected, and Sally added that Wyatt had thought Sally and Thomas were having an affair.

Sally assumed that Watt had told Liam, and he had been upset with Thomas and Sally. Thomas called her a wonderful woman, "and Wyatt knows that. You'll work it out." "Not so much," Sally said. She added that she had moved out.

Liam confronts Thomas

Liam confronts Thomas

Thursday, May 9, 2019

In the design office, Sally and Thomas continued their discussion about the ramifications of Sally keeping Thomas' secrets. Sally said moving out of Wyatt's had felt like the right thing to do. "If you want to lose him," Thomas reasoned. She affirmed that she wasn't giving up on Wyatt. Sorry for her troubles with Wyatt, Thomas was sure the couple would work things out.

Sally hoped so. Thomas doubted Wyatt would let her go. Determined not to give up on Hope, Thomas reiterated that Liam's place was with Steffy and Hope's was with Thomas and Douglas. Sally stated that Hope's bed wasn't empty, and Liam wouldn't let it happen. It was Sally's guess that Liam was headed home as they spoke.

At Wyatt's house, Liam arrived with a carry-on bag. In it, he had wine for Wyatt and a scarf for Sally. Liam wondered where Sally was. Changing the subject without answering, Wyatt said Liam should be showering Hope with gifts at that moment. Liam replied that he wanted to know what he was up against first and how far Thomas had gotten in brainwashing Hope.

Wyatt didn't think Thomas had gotten anywhere with Hope yet. Wyatt divulged that he'd initially thought Sally had been confessing to fooling around with Thomas. Scoffing, Liam stated that Sally would have to be crazy. Wyatt explained that Sally had conveyed that Thomas had never stopped loving Hope. "What does that make Sally and Caroline? Intermissions?" Liam asked.

Wyatt stated that it was how Thomas viewed it. Liam said it seemed as if Thomas was making excuses for how he'd treated Sally and Caroline, but Liam would be "damned" if Thomas made Hope woman number three.

Later, Liam ended a call with Pam. Wyatt asked if Hope was at the office, and Liam replied that they "both" were. Liam revealed that Thomas had done "this" before and had proposed to Hope years back. Liam said that Thomas had been a hot mess back then, but he figured that Thomas would say the same about Liam.

Wyatt asked what Steffy had said about it. Liam hadn't told Steffy, saying she always wanted to believe that Thomas was just misunderstood up until the moment she caught him in the act.

Looking around, Liam asked where Sally was. Liam was shocked when Wyatt said that she'd moved out. Wyatt insisted that he couldn't have a girlfriend who was plotting against Liam's marriage or anything like that. "Dude! You better not have broken up on my account!" Liam exclaimed. Explaining that he hadn't asked Sally to leave, Wyatt didn't know where they stood or if they were broken up.

Turning the topic back to Thomas, Wyatt asked if Liam had been saying that it was Thomas' thing to barrel in like a tornado and reduce things to rubble. Liam replied that when he'd asked Thomas to keep Hope company while Liam was away, Thomas had said not to worry because Hope would be "in good hands." Liam declared that Thomas wouldn't bulldoze Liam's marriage under the guise of giving Douglas a mother.

In the CEO's office, Hope was sorry for dumping her problems on Flo. Flo said Hope could tell her anything, but Flo didn't know "this Thomas person." Hope replied that she'd known him all of her life. "Be that as it may, it doesn't sound to me like he's a friend of yours," Flo concluded.

In Hope's view, Thomas was a good person. Noting that good people could do terrible things sometimes, Flo pointed out that he'd waited until Hope's husband had left town and that he'd swooped in to try to break up Hope's marriage. Hope blamed herself for making it sound "like that." Hope believed that Thomas had just started to realize how he'd felt for years.

Flo asked about Hope's feelings. Hope thought that Thomas was sweet, great with Douglas, and easy on the eyes; however, she didn't share Thomas' feelings. For Hope, it had always been Liam. Flo asked why Hope hadn't told Thomas that she was flattered but loved her husband.

At the slightly ajar office door, Zoe listened in. Hope revealed that she'd been thinking it might not be about love, and people didn't just commit to people. Sometimes people committed to the future they saw for themselves together, and she couldn't keep her and Liam's commitment to have children and grandchildren. Flo said Hope didn't know if that would always be true.

Hope agreed that she didn't but proffered that it was a dream Liam could still have with Steffy. Hope reasoned that Thomas was offering her an alternative motherhood to a motherless child. To Flo, it sounded like Thomas was just trying to break up Hope's marriage. Flo reminded Hope that she'd made vows to Liam, not some perfect future, and had vowed to be there for Liam no matter what. Flo asserted that Hope didn't want to lose her marriage on top of it all.

In the design office later, Flo was waiting to receive her employment paperwork. Zoe, who'd volunteered to deliver the packet, entered with a stack of papers for Flo to fill out. Zoe told Flo that she was out of her mind to deny Hope the chance to finally be a mother.

Flo didn't know what Zoe was talking about. Zoe revealed that she'd overheard Flo and Hope's conversation about Hope becoming a mother to Douglas. Flo didn't believe Zoe seriously thought Hope should lose her marriage, too. Zoe asked how much solace the marriage had brought Liam, who was in Paris with his daughters, and Hope, who was wondering why she was even married.

Zoe stated that Hope hated keeping Liam from his kids and knew she'd never give him another one, especially after losing two. Flo corrected that Beth had been stolen, not lost. Reminding Flo that they'd agreed that Hope could never know, Zoe reasoned that Beth already had another mother, and Hope wouldn't let herself be a mother unless it was "from someone else." Zoe asked why the child shouldn't be Douglas.

Flo questioned where she and Zoe drew the line and how much they were willing to allow Hope to lose in order to keep the secret. Noting that Zoe was okay with Hope losing Liam, Flo asked if Zoe would also be okay with Hope quitting her job and shutting down HFTF. Flo wondered if she and Zoe should be okay with Hope losing her mental health.

Zoe asked if Flo always believed that the worst would happen. Zoe said she'd done bad things when she'd arrived in town, but those things had led to the life she had that day. The same thing was happening for Flo, but Zoe noted that Flo wouldn't let herself enjoy it. Zoe urged Flo to find a way to embrace it.

Zoe exited, and Flo received a call from Wyatt. He asked her to meet him at his house.

Later, Flo arrived, and Wyatt noticed that she'd pulled up in a new car. "Newish," Flo corrected. Flo asked where Sally was, and when Wyatt acted like he didn't know, Flo assumed that something was wrong. He said Flo could always see right through him, and he revealed that Sally had moved out. Flo was surprised to hear it and asked what had happened.

As Wyatt stammered, Flo told him that he didn't have to tell her. Wyatt revealed that Sally had been keeping something from him. Flo replied that she couldn't say she wasn't guilty of the same thing. Asserting that Flo would never do what Sally had done, Wyatt explained that Sally had thought that keeping her ex's secret about going after Wyatt's sister-in-law had been more important than Sally being honest with Wyatt.

Reasoning that it might not have been that calculated, Flo said people sometimes kept secrets that they really didn't want to keep. Wyatt didn't get why people would do that. Flo said it was because fewer people would get hurt. Rejecting the idea, Wyatt insisted that Sally's first loyalty should have been to him. He had thought Sally was it. He asked himself who he was kidding. "I always think they're it. What does that make me?" he wondered.

Flo replied that it made Wyatt himself. In her opinion, he was an all-in kind of guy. Wyatt stated that he wanted the same in return. He hated lies and secrecy. He stated that he'd never had to worry about lies and secrets with Flo.

Back in the CEO's office, Hope was working alone when Thomas arrived with some sketches to review. She asked him to just leave them for her to review later. He was willing to wait. Hope said that she didn't know how long she would be working on some figures from Ridge, but Thomas sat down, insisting that he could wait for her. Hope stared at him.

Later, Hope reviewed the sketches and noted that Thomas had chosen wool fabric. He remarked that he knew she liked natural fabrics. She asked him to find out from the pattern maker what the cost of doing the sketches in medium weight would be. "Uh, now?" he asked. Hope offered to go herself, but hopping up, he agreed to do it.

Before leaving, Thomas asked if Hope was free later. She claimed to have a bunch of calls to return. Thomas stated that Douglas really wanted to see her, and Thomas had hoped that they could grab an early dinner. "But if you're too busy..." Thomas said.

Hope asked Thomas not to tell Douglas that she was too busy for him. Thomas asked what he should tell the boy. In Hope's silence, Thomas said he understood that she didn't want to let his son down, but at the same time, she was worried about encouraging him in his feelings for her. Before Hope could say anything further, the office door opened.

"You know, I love Paris, but I love you more," Liam said as he entered the office. Hope jumped from her seat and excitedly greeted her husband with a hug and kiss. Draping her arms around Liam's neck, she asked if all was well with Steffy and the kids.

Liam said things were good. Turning to Thomas, Liam said he was glad he'd "caught" Thomas. Liam opened a shopping bag and gave Thomas a gift for Douglas. It was a twenty-piece model of the Eiffel Tower. Liam gave Hope some macarons. She kissed him again and explained to Thomas that she'd become addicted to the treat when she'd lived in Europe.

Thomas figured that it had been great for Liam to finally be reunited with the girls. Liam said it had been nice to hold them -- until he'd realized how much he'd missed holding his wife. At that point, Liam had decided to return home. Liam pulled Hope close and glared at Thomas.

Hope asked what had made Liam return home so soon. Thomas assumed that Wyatt had told Liam that Thomas had feelings for Hope. Hope began stammering, possibly wondering how Wyatt knew about it. Thomas explained that he'd confided his feelings in Sally, who'd felt it had been her duty to tell Wyatt, who'd felt it had been his duty to tell Liam, who'd thought it had been his duty to hurry home.

Liam said he'd lost his mother when he'd been older than Douglas, but Liam still knew how hard it was to be a motherless child. He understood that Thomas wanted to shield Douglas from it, but that was where Liam's understanding ended. Liam asked how Thomas dared to try to break up one family to mend his own.

Liam asserted that he and Hope were grieving their own loss, and he was angry that Thomas was trying to manipulate Hope's maternal instincts to his advantage. Hope said Liam's name. Liam told her that she didn't have to defend Thomas because Liam knew where Thomas was coming from. "You and Hope are a couple, but you're not a family," Thomas replied.

"That -- oh, okay," the angry Liam responded. Liam said it wasn't for Thomas to decide. Thomas stated that Liam had a family in Europe that was in pieces. Liam affirmed that he loved the girls and would be in their lives, but "this" was his wife. Pointing to Hope, Liam repeated that she was his wife, and he declared that the manipulations would stop right then.

Liam asks Hope if it's the end

Liam asks Hope if it's the end

Friday, May 10, 2019

In the design office at Forrester, Quinn arrived to pick up a piece of jewelry for one of Thomas' designs. Sally, who'd been staring at a picture of herself and Wyatt instead of working at the drafting table, figured that Quinn had mentioned Thomas because she knew he was the reason Sally had moved out of Wyatt's. Quinn claimed not to be throwing Thomas in Sally's face.

Sally doubted that Quinn was broken up by the fact that Sally was paying for her mistakes. Quinn noted that Sally had decided to move out; Wyatt hadn't told Sally to go. Quinn hoped that Liam was confronting Thomas at that moment, but Quinn figured that Sally and Wyatt's relationship would probably never be the same again.

Sally asked if Wyatt had told Quinn that. Quinn assumed that Sally knew as well as Quinn did that the most important thing to Wyatt was transparency, and if Sally couldn't give it to him, another woman could. Quinn felt for Sally, but Quinn wanted the best for her son. She believed another young woman could make him truly happy and not disappoint him as Sally had.

Sally acknowledged that she'd disappointed Wyatt, but she refused to give up on him. She still loved him, and she believed that she and Wyatt could get beyond their issues.

At Wyatt's house, Wyatt couldn't believe that Sally had chosen to keep Thomas' confidence over being loyal to him. He said Flo wasn't like that, and Flo was the most honest person he knew. Flo figured that Sally had just gotten caught up, which had happened to Flo.

Wyatt asked what she was talking about, and Flo said she shouldn't get involved because it was between Wyatt and Sally. Flo apologized, but he didn't know what she had to be sorry about. She just hated the way things were at that time.

Wyatt asked if Flo meant between him and Sally or what Thomas was trying to do to Liam's marriage. Flo thought Thomas' plan was wrong. In Flo's view, Hope and Liam needed to remain married and have another child, and if the couple broke up, it would be an even greater tragedy.

Wyatt loved how much Flo cared about the issue. Her compassion had caused him to fall in love with her in the past. He was still kicking himself for leaving the way he had, but he felt that he had a chance to redeem himself. Wyatt believed that they knew each other "like few people ever get to do." He valued that he could be open with her and trust her completely.

Wyatt said that he couldn't turn back the clock, but it seemed as if no time had passed. To him, Flo was even more beautiful and sweet. Wyatt kissed Flo. Flo confessed that she'd always loved Wyatt; however, she didn't want to take advantage of the fight he'd just had with Sally.

Wyatt claimed that he'd known from the moment that he'd seen Flo again that their past was somehow pulling them together. Wyatt loved Sally but said they were two different people. He emphasized that he knew Flo, and they had a history. To him, it felt unfinished, as if they had to deal with it. He felt they owed it to themselves to pursue it. Wyatt and Flo kissed again.

"It is taking everything within me not to..." Wyatt stated. Flo felt the same way, but she said that she'd already lost him once. He hated that he'd hurt her that way. He believed that they were supposed to be in each other's lives and maybe pick up where they'd left off. Though Flo had longed to hear those words, she was afraid that her heart would be shattered all over again.

Flo wasn't sure about it because Wyatt and Sally had just had a fight. Flo also wasn't sure it would work out in the long run for her and Wyatt. Wyatt didn't understand why. He knew that things were unsettled between him and Sally, and he insisted that he couldn't let go of the way she'd kept secrets. He wanted to give things with Flo a chance and believed she did, too. The two began passionately kissing.

In the Forrester CEO's office, Liam and Thomas clashed over Thomas' blatant play for Hope. Liam called Thomas' acts self-serving, but Thomas denied that wanting a mother for his child was self-serving. Liam thought Thomas was delusional to think Liam would let Thomas use Caroline's death to make a play for Hope.

Liam noted that Thomas acted as if going after a married woman was the most casual thing in the world, but it wasn't. He asserted that Thomas couldn't just set out to make Liam's wife Thomas' wife behind Liam's back. "Hope is my wife. She's my wife. So back off!" Liam warned.

Liam questioned whether it had been Thomas' plan from the start. "Insisting I go to Paris and assuring me that Hope would be in good hands?" Liam asked. Thomas replied that she had been. Liam explained that looking after Hope and going after Hope were two different things. Liam accused Thomas of purposely making moves on a vulnerable Hope.

Scoffing, Thomas said to give him a break because, as much as Liam wanted Hope, Liam wanted Steffy, too. Thomas insisted that Liam needed to be with Steffy and the girls, who were Liam's family. Thomas bet it had felt great to be with them in Paris as a completely committed father. "Yeah! It was great! I cherished every minute of it! So what?" Liam shot back.

Thomas said it had to be horrible not to be in their lives for any length of time. Liam admitted that it pained him not to be with the girls, but he said that Thomas didn't get to pull on those strings to get what he wanted. Thomas stated that they were just trying to deal with "this situation" the best that they could.

Gesturing to himself and Hope, Liam wanted to know how Thomas had become a part of "this" situation. Liam said he and Hope were still grieving their precious Beth. Thomas yelled that he and Douglas were still dealing with the death of Liam's cousin, and Douglas needed a mother. Thomas felt that he was trying to do the best he could for his son.

Liam commended Thomas for caring for his son, but Liam didn't support Thomas trying to get Hope for himself. Thomas figured that Liam didn't understand. Hope defended Liam, saying he did understand and had been there through every moment of loss. She said they'd grieved together and had held onto each other.

Hope told Liam that holding Phoebe had overpowered Hope's grief, but Hope couldn't hold onto Phoebe because Phoebe already had a mother. Douglas, on the other hand, didn't have a mother, and to Hope, it felt nice to feel wanted and needed. Hope's bond with Douglas wasn't the same as with Phoebe, but in Hope's mind, it was still a bond.

Liam said it was beautiful, and he'd always support it. "I still think it's part of his bigger plan," Liam added. Liam knew what Thomas was up to and said that Hope was a box that Thomas had wanted to check off for years. Hope had turned down Thomas in Cabo, but after other failed relationships, he was back to trying to manipulate Hope again.

Thomas pulled a child's drawing from his pocket and showed it to Hope and Liam. He said it was of Hope and Douglas holding hands and claimed that the boy had even referred to Hope as mommy, uncoached. Liam asked Hope if she was falling for it. Thomas asked what there was to fall for. He claimed that Douglas adored Hope.

Liam believed that Hope would be a special person in Douglas' life, but Liam wanted to know how it justified "Tom" trying to break up Liam and Hope's marriage. Thomas began to say that Liam was going to deny Hope a chance; however, Liam cut Thomas off, insisting that he wasn't denying Hope anything. Liam asserted that he and Hope still could have children someday.

Hope flashed a horrified look at Liam. Thomas asked how Liam could say things like that to Hope. Thomas said Hope had already told Liam that she couldn't go through it again, but Liam wouldn't listen. Showing the drawing again, Thomas insisted that it could be Hope's future as a mother to Thomas' little boy.

Thomas claimed that he and Hope had spent time with Douglas like a family while Liam had been away, and it had been great for Douglas and Hope. Thomas reminded Liam that Hope had put the children first and told Liam to be with Steffy and the girls. Thomas told Liam to man up and go back to Steffy, Kelly, and Phoebe.

Thomas said it was what Hope wanted and had repeatedly told Liam to do. Thomas stated that Hope had a child in her life, and Liam needed to let her move on with her life and have the family she desperately needed. "With you?" Liam asked.

Turning to Hope, Liam asked her to be honest. "Is that what you want? Do you want to end our marriage and take up with him?" Liam asked. In her silence, Liam said she was thinking of the children, but they'd also taken vows. He'd promised that he'd never stop being her husband.

Liam knew that Hope was raw after losing Beth, but he believed that they could have a good life together as long as Hope believed in them. "Tell me this isn't the end," Liam said.

The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back


The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back
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