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Quinn invited Flo and Shauna to live at the mansion and was ecstatic to learn that Wyatt wanted to pursue things with Flo. Katie convinced Shauna to seduce Bill to prove how committed he really was to Katie. Hope demanded Zoe and Flo reveal what they knew about Beth.
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Katie convinced Shauna to seduce Bill to prove if he was a changed man
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Wyatt and Flo discuss their past... and future

Wyatt and Flo discuss their past... and future

Monday, May 13, 2019

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn had tequila, and Eric had a martini. The two discussed Sally and Wyatt's predicament, and Eric found it hard to believe that Sally was the type to just give up. Quinn raised her glass to Flo being in town and said Flo and Wyatt were better matched.

Quinn informed Eric that she'd invited Shauna to the house. Eric was happy that Quinn was reconnecting with an old friend. Quinn revealed that she'd been thinking about something. Though she loved her and Eric's life together, she found it to be a little quiet around there. "When I think of the tiny apartment they go home to every night..." Quinn said.

Eric assumed that Quinn wanted Shauna and Flo to move into the mansion. Quinn explained that Shauna had "opened up her home to me. She gave me a place to breathe and vent when life got to be too much." Being with Shauna and Flo had given Quinn relief from all the stress, and she wanted to repay them for the space they'd given Quinn in her life.

Quinn wanted to give Shauna and Flo a space. Quinn said that it might not be her place to offer. Stating that they'd settled it awhile back, Eric affirmed that it was Quinn's place, and if having her friends live there would make her happy, he was all for it. Quinn hugged Eric and exclaimed that she couldn't wait to share the good news with Flo and Shauna.

There was a knock at the door, and Quinn rushed to answer it. Shauna entered, and Eric greeted her. Enamored with the home, Shauna couldn't believe Quinn lived in a place like that. Quinn offered Shauna a tour, and Eric grinned as the women strode off through the house.

After the tour ended, the ladies wound up back in the living room. There, Shauna noticed Quinn's portrait, which Eric explained he'd commissioned for his wedding to Quinn. Quinn called it a family tradition, and Shauna teased Quinn about being the lady of the manor. Quinn replied that the house was big but casual and homey.

Shauna felt she needed a map to get around the house and assumed that the Forresters entertained a lot. Eric stated that they hosted occasional charity parties, but it was pretty quiet around there. He revealed that he and Quinn had just been talking about having more people around, namely Shauna and her daughter. Quinn asked what Shauna had to say.

Shauna was taken aback by Eric and Quinn's invitation to live at the mansion. Quinn explained that she'd never gotten to thank Shauna for what she'd done for Quinn, and having Shauna and Flo at the house would delight Quinn. Shauna readily accepted the invitation. She hugged Quinn and Eric and said she couldn't wait to tell Flo.

At Wyatt's house, Flo and Wyatt passionately kissed. Wyatt realized that things could get out of hand really fast. Even though he wanted it to, he felt that he had to do things the right way with Flo, the way he felt she deserved.

Later, Flo and Wyatt sat at his bar island and discussed being in love in the past. "Well, I thought we were," Flo said in a cavalier tone. Insisting that they had been, Wyatt said that one's first time stayed with them, and Flo, who'd always been completely honest, had set the bar for women in his life. Flo reasoned that one made mistakes as one got older.

Wyatt said he didn't understand what Sally had been doing by keeping a secret that could tear Hope and Liam's marriage apart. Flo figured that Sally had been afraid and told Wyatt to look at what had happened as a result of him finding out the secret.

Wyatt reasoned that it might have been different if he and Sally had made a commitment. He thought they'd been headed that way. He'd made the deal with his dad, but Sally had had other plans. Wyatt claimed that he would have been true to Sally, but she hadn't been to him.

The woman who'd never let Wyatt down was sitting before him. He didn't know the future, but he felt that things happened for a reason. He said he wanted to take Flo on a date, catch up, and spend time together. Flo agreed to it, and they kissed.

Flo's mother called with important news. She was at the Forrester mansion and wanted Flo to meet there right away. After the call ended, Wyatt gave Flo a farewell kiss.

In the CEO's office, Liam told Hope that they belonged together, and he urged her not to let Thomas put stuff in her head. Thomas asserted that Hope had told Liam what she wanted before Thomas had even returned to town.

Liam stated that things were still tough, but he wouldn't have left town if they hadn't been getting better. He believed that things would continue to improve as long as he and Hope stuck together, and he implored her not to give up on them.

Thomas asked Hope to think of the future they could have. Liam asked what future. Thomas continued, saying Liam couldn't be devoted to Hope the way that Thomas and Douglas could. Thomas believed that Hope's future was somewhere other than with Liam.

Liam told Hope that he only wanted her to affirm to Thomas her commitment to Liam. Hope replied that she was committed to Liam, but she wanted Liam to be understanding of Thomas, who was trying to do what was best for his son. To Thomas, Hope expressed empathy for his situation and his fear that he couldn't raise Douglas without a partner. She assured Thomas that he wasn't alone; he had his family, and he had Hope.

Hope cared very much about Douglas. Although she treasured her time with the child, her first priority and responsibility was to her marriage and her husband. Her marriage to Liam had been tested, but she didn't believe she'd be there if it hadn't been for Liam. She was grateful to be able to comfort Douglas, but she derived her comfort from Liam. Hope declared her love for Liam. She loved him and their life together.

Later, Hope and Liam were alone on the office settee. Hope was glad that Liam was back. Liam was eager to pick back up where they had left off before his trip, but after witnessing what Thomas had tried to do, Liam wasn't comfortable living on the same property as Thomas. Liam thought that he and Hope needed their own place, and he was ready to talk to a Realtor.

Hope reasoned that she and Thomas worked at the same place and would see each other. Liam said it wouldn't be in private or in her and Liam's home. Liam insisted that using Douglas to try to get between Hope and Liam was Thomas' way of taking advantage of the hole in her heart.

Hope hated that Liam had rushed home to deal with the issue. Liam said that it wasn't that he hadn't trusted her. He just hadn't trusted Thomas. Hope said that Liam could have remained with the girls, and she would have been fine. Though she hadn't agreed with Thomas, she did think he was right about the girls needing Liam.

Liam stated that he was there for the girls and a consistent figure in their lives. Steffy would soon return, and in his view, that would make things a lot easier. Liam didn't want to tell Hope what to do about Douglas. Though Liam believed that Hope and Douglas benefited from each other, Liam asked that it not be at the expense of their marriage.

Liam was sure that Hope realized that, on some level, Thomas was using Douglas to get to her. Hope wasn't sure about it and said Thomas loved his son. Liam conveyed that both things could be true at once, and Thomas might not have good judgment at that tough time in his life. Liam didn't trust Thomas.

At Brooke's house, Douglas and Thomas played checkers. Douglas asked if Hope would be there to play. Thomas replied that she was busy at that time, but he hoped she would be done soon. Thomas zoned out during the game, and Douglas prompted his dad when it was his turn. Thomas apologized and said he'd been thinking and had seen someone earlier whom Douglas cared a lot about. "Mommy?" Douglas asked.

"Mommy Hope," Thomas responded. Thomas said that Hope had been saying how much she loved Douglas. "She does?" Douglas asked. He wondered if they could visit Hope. Thomas stated that they couldn't at that time, but he urged Douglas to tell Hope how much he loved and needed her the next time he saw her.

Thomas thought it was time to make another paper project. Douglas suggested that he make Hope a hat. As Douglas ran off to get his materials, Thomas uttered that things would work out just fine.

Katie asks Shauna to make a play for Bill

Katie asks Shauna to make a play for Bill

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

At Quinn's house, Flo arrived as Shauna had requested and asked what was going on. Quinn bounced up and down excitedly as Shauna announced that she and Flo were moving out of that dreary apartment and into the Forrester estate. Quinn stated that Eric was on board with it, and she didn't want Shauna and Flo to disappear from her life again.

In Flo's silence, Quinn asked if Flo wanted to remain in Los Angeles. Flo did, but she began clamoring for excuses. Shauna said that Flo was overthinking things, as usual, and she urged her daughter to accept Quinn's generous invitation. Flo asked if Eric really didn't mind.

Quinn replied that Eric cared about two things -- family and whatever made her happy. Quinn wanted Flo to stay in town and get closer to Wyatt. Nothing would make Quinn happier. Flo revealed that Wyatt had asked to take her on a date to see where things could go with them. "Oh, that's my boy!" Quinn said, squealing with excitement.

Quinn wanted Flo and Wyatt to unite and wanted Shauna and Flo to experience the kind of life Quinn had found in the city. Quinn implored Flo to agree to live at the mansion. Flo gave in and agreed. Bursting with joy, Quinn hugged her friends. She decided to call a moving company, but Flo said she and her mother didn't have much stuff at the apartment.

Quinn headed to the den to tell Eric. Shauna wanted to take a selfie to commemorate the moment. Upon seeing the stark look on Flo's face, Shauna guessed that her daughter was thinking about the secret. Shauna told Flo to stop doing that and to embrace the blessings life had to offer.

Shauna gushed about Flo working at Forrester, living at the mansion, being a Logan, and getting back on track with Wyatt. Flo couldn't stop thinking about Beth. "Hope's baby is alive!" Flo said. Shauna shushed her daughter and said to never speak of that in the mansion. Shauna stated that they'd made a pact, and there was no looking back.

Flo replied that she couldn't stop herself from thinking. Shauna insisted that Quinn was right in saying that Flo and Shauna had worked hard and deserved a shot at the good life. Though mistakes had been made, Shauna didn't believe Flo should let them swallow her whole, and she urged her daughter to take life's gifts and be grateful.

At Brooke's house, Brooke and Katie had coffee and tea and discussed the status of Katie and Bill's relationship. Katie said that she and Bill were "friendly." Brooke urged her sister to give Bill another chance, because he'd changed. Katie wondered if Bill could be trusted.

Katie recalled seeing Bill and Shauna together at Il Giardino, and she remarked that Shauna was a beautiful woman. Noting that there were plenty of beautiful women in town, Brooke said Katie was the beautiful one that Bill had selected to spend his life with. Before Katie would consider a future with Bill, she needed to talk to Shauna.

Brooke asked what Shauna had to do with Katie's decision to return to Bill. Katie wanted to be smart about her decision and couldn't consider a reconciliation if she had any doubt. Brooke asked again what Shauna had to do with it. Katie noted that Shauna, practically a Logan by extension, was grateful for Flo's new family. Katie was hoping that Shauna would want to help.

Katie called Shauna to ask if she could meet Katie at Brooke's house for a talk. After the call ended, Brooke asked what Katie was up to.

Later, Shauna arrived at Brooke's house, and she shared the news about Quinn and Eric's request that Shauna and Flo live at the Forrester estate. Brooke and Katie were surprised but happy for Shauna. Shauna asked what Katie had wanted to see her about.

Katie explained that Bill wanted to put their family back together again. Shauna thought it was wonderful. Katie said she and Bill had been on the roller coaster before, and there were reasons that things hadn't worked out. Shauna asked what it had to do with her.

Katie revealed that she'd seen Shauna with Bill at Il Giardino, and Katie wondered if anything was going on between the two of them. Surprised, Shauna swore that nothing at all had been going on. She stated that he'd been disappointed that Katie had turned down his proposal, and Shauna and Bill had merely had drinks and reminisced.

Katie claimed that it was okay if Shauna was seeing him, and Katie wouldn't be mad about it because Bill had "permission" to see whomever he chose. Katie just didn't want to be blindsided by it later on, and she wanted to be able to trust Shauna.

Shauna affirmed that Katie could trust her. Katie wondered if Shauna would do Katie a favor. Shauna readily agreed to help Katie, but Katie said Shauna might not feel that way after she learned what Katie wanted her to do.

Shauna asked what it was about, and Katie remarked that she had trust issues with Bill. Brooke said it was in the past, and she believed that Bill had changed. Katie hoped it was the case, but she'd been burned a few times. Bill had lied to Katie, been with other women, and left her; therefore, Katie felt she'd be a fool not to be wary. She also had Will to consider, and she didn't want to get his hopes up for something that wouldn't last.

Shauna understood but didn't know where she fit into it. Brooke was curious about that, too. Katie explained that Will was staying with Bill but headed for a sleepover that night, leaving Bill alone at the house. Again, Katie remarked upon seeing Bill and Shauna at the bar and noted the easy way the two had interacted with each other.

Shauna swore she hadn't been lying when she'd said nothing had been going on between her and Bill. Katie claimed to believe it, but she reasoned that it could have. In Katie's view, all of the elements had been there, and Bill's fondness for Shauna had caught Katie's attention.

Katie said that Bill wanted a future with her. She just didn't know for how long. She questioned whether it would be until he got bored or another woman happened along. Katie revealed that she had a plan, but she needed Shauna's help.

Shauna asked what Katie wanted Shauna to do. "Test his resolve," Katie replied. Shauna asked how she'd do that. "Come onto him," Katie responded.

In shock, Brooke exclaimed, "Katie, no!" Katie insisted in the affirmative and said that Bill's response would be Katie's answer. Shauna seemed disconcerted by the request.

Katie pointed out how grateful Shauna was for the way the Logans had treated Flo. Shauna confirmed her gratitude. Katie added that Shauna had said she'd do anything she could to help Katie. Katie asked if Shauna would help prove whether or not Bill was devoted to Katie, their son, and their family.

At Bill's house, Will negotiated a raise in his allowance based upon past performance over Bill's contention that it should be based upon future performance. Justin arrived with the keys to the Ferrari he'd borrowed for Emma's birthday. Justin thought he was interrupting father/son time, but Will said that Justin could keep Bill company while Will attended a sleepover that evening.

Will went upstairs to prepare for his sleepover, and Bill said he couldn't believe he'd made something that good. Stating that Katie deserved credit, too, Justin asked if Bill had made any progress with Katie. Bill asked if Justin meant after she'd turned down the marriage proposal. Justin advised Bill not to give up on putting his family back together.

Bill recalled the little things about being married to Katie, such as touching her back to nudge her out of his pathway in the kitchen or giving her a foot rub. Justin was amazed to hear Bill paying homage to domestic bliss. Bill said that, at the time, he hadn't known that it had been bliss, and he'd treated his family with disrespect. He said he'd never do that again.

Justin advised Bill to let time do its thing. Bill said that he deserved for Katie to put him through his paces and make him prove that he'd changed. He didn't know how to make her believe him.

Later, Will's friend picked him up for their sleepover, and Justin and Bill had drinks. Justin hoped that Bill would get his family back. Bill was willing to put in the effort. Justin asked if Katie was being receptive. Bill thought so but said it was hard to tell with the guarded Katie.

Bill acknowledged that he was the one who'd broken the faith. Though he was willing to walk the walk, he hadn't lost his pride. It would be Bill's fault if Katie couldn't get past what he'd done, but if she couldn't, Bill would have to move on. He hoped it wouldn't come to that.

Katie sets her seduction plan in motion

Katie sets her seduction plan in motion

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

by Pam

At Bill Spencer's house, Bill confided in Justin that he wanted to find a way to get Katie to accept his marriage proposal. Justin teased Bill about buying expensive things for her, but he grew serious and acknowledged that Bill wanted Katie in his life. Bill admitted he didn't blame Katie for being guarded, but he wanted a future with her and his son. He wanted his family.

Bill noted that the saying "the best things in life are free" was true. "The things you want most in life -- you can't pay for, like my wife and my family," Bill said. Justin agreed and promised that Bill would find a way to get Katie back. Bill hoped that Katie could get past all that had happened before, but if she couldn't, "I'll have to move on."

Justin understood. He handed Bill an envelope that had been delivered for him at the office. Bill opened it and said it was from the county, and Bill informed Justin that his construction permits were about to expire. Justin said that they had all been for Sky and recalled that they had been expensive to secure. Justin asked if Bill wanted him to renew the permits, but Bill said he didn't want "my name lighting up the L.A. skyline right now."

Justin shook his head and said that Bill had become a changed man. He patted Bill on the shoulder and prepared to leave but advised Bill not to get drunk and start calling Katie. Bill agreed.

At Brooke's house, Katie plotted with Shauna to seduce Bill, and Brooke was disgusted. Katie responded that she had promised herself that if Bill ever proposed for a third time, she would have her head examined, and Katie said that Bill's head swiveled every time he saw an attractive woman.

Brooke noted that if Katie had trust issues that ran so deep, she should reconsider marriage. Brooke added that getting Shauna to seduce Bill "seems more Bill's style than yours." Katie asked Shauna if she would seduce Bill for her, and Shauna agreed. Katie told Shauna that Bill trusted her, and Katie knew that Shauna and Bill had chemistry. She added that Shauna was family.

Brooke reiterated that she couldn't believe what Katie was doing. Katie countered that she would only be able to remarry Bill and reunite her family "if he wants me and only me." Shauna warned that men had no self-control. Katie wanted to believe that Bill would use good judgment. Brooke again advised Katie to stop because it was a bad idea to test Bill. She added that getting Shauna involved was unfair.

Katie asked Shauna point-blank to help her, and Shauna agreed. Katie wanted to make sure Bill would be home, and she had to plan around that. Katie's phone rang and interrupted Katie's planning. Bill asked Katie to join him for dinner at his house because Will was at a sleepover. He wanted to reconnect.

Katie looked uncomfortable and said she would join Bill another time. She hung up. Shauna asked if the plan was on, since they knew that Bill would be home alone. "He sounded a little sad," Katie said.

Shauna encouraged Katie to stick with the plan and get it over with. Katie agreed. "Oh, my God, Brooke said. Katie and Shauna planned that Shauna would get Bill in a compromising situation and put her phone on speaker so that Katie could listen to Bill's responses to Shauna's attempts at seduction.

Katie suggested that Shauna should change her clothes and put on something Bill would like. Brooke shook her head and said it was going to be a disaster. Katie wanted Shauna to get Bill upstairs. "Katie!" Brooke shouted. Shauna wondered what she should do if Bill got frisky. Katie hoped it wouldn't happen. "Oh, my God," Brooke said again. Brooke felt it was all going to blow up in Katie's face.

Shauna left, and Brooke tried to reason with Katie and remind her that Bill loved her and had stood by her when she'd needed him. Katie said she needed to be sure that Bill would never betray her again. Brooke felt that Katie's scheme would backfire. Bill might figure out that he was being set up, and Katie would be the one who lost his trust. Brooke begged Katie to choose a long engagement rather than trying to trick Bill. Katie felt her future was at stake, and she was willing to take the risk.

At Bill's, Shauna dropped in and teased that she hoped Bill didn't think she was awful for showing up unannounced. Bill asked how she'd found his house, and Shauna confessed she'd found it on a map of celebrity homes. Bill said he'd have to talk to his lawyer. Bill poured glasses of wine, and their conversation turned to the good time they'd had together in Las Vegas.

Bill performed a magic trick, and Shauna admired his "big hands." He called her a "breath of fresh air." He apologized for being rude to her when they'd first reconnected. He admitted that many women had approached him, saying they were mothers of his children. He laughed that it had been true twice.

Shauna said that she'd remembered him wearing "a really tight T-shirt." She also discussed his jewelry and asked if it had been a cross, but he corrected her that it had been a sword. They continued to chat, and Shauna flirted until she managed to spill wine on him so he had to change his shirt.

After Bill went upstairs, Shauna called Katie, who was on the way to the house. Katie showed up, and Shauna updated her about what had happened so far. Shauna went upstairs and turned on the speaker on her phone so that Katie could hear. Katie's phone rang, and it was Brooke, who begged her to stop her plan. Katie told Brooke it was in progress. Brooke wanted Katie to know that she would never reunite with Bill, and Katie said her plan had nothing to do with Brooke or Brooke's guilt. Katie hung up and waited to hear what was going on upstairs.

Upstairs, Shauna entered Bill's room and said she'd thought it was the bathroom. Bill, shirtless, pointed to the bathroom, but Shauna went into seduction mode and admired Bill's body. She took his new shirt and threw it on the bed. She suggested that they had both been in a dry spell with lovers, and she admitted she was lonely. She told Bill he had been the best lover she'd ever had, and she wanted to experience a night like they'd had before. She kissed him passionately, and Katie listened intently from the living room.

Katie finally accepts the truth about Bill

Katie finally accepts the truth about Bill

Thursday, May 16, 2019

At Brooke's house, Donna and Justin arrived, chatting about the dinner they'd just had together. They had just left the restaurant when Donna had received Brooke's message to meet her at her house. Donna asked Brooke what was going on, and Brooke said Donna wouldn't believe it when Brooke told her what Katie was up to.

Justin and Donna looked concerned upon hearing from Brooke that Katie was doing something that could ruin a future for her and Bill. Justin noted that Bill was a little frustrated because Katie had turned down the marriage proposal. Brooke hoped Bill wouldn't turn to another woman.

Chuckling, Justin said Bill wasn't there yet. According to Justin, Bill had turned into a hermit and was alone at his house at that moment. Brooke remarked that Bill wasn't alone, but Justin insisted that it was true, citing that he'd just been with the lonely Bill. Doubting that Bill was still lonely, Brooke revealed that Katie had sent Shauna there to seduce Bill.

Later, Brooke had filled Donna and Justin in on Katie's plan. The outraged Justin turned toward the front door, determined to put a stop to the setup. Stopping him, Donna said they had to stay out of it because it was between Katie and Bill. Justin thought it was unfair to Bill, who could be vulnerable, and said Katie was taking a big chance that it could backfire and all go wrong.

Donna and Brooke conveyed that Katie felt she had to do it to prove to herself that Bill had changed. Justin asserted that Bill had done a lot of work on himself and asked if the sisters couldn't see that for themselves.

In Brooke's view, Bill and Katie were meant to be, and Brooke wanted them to reunite. Donna guessed that Katie was too raw from the last breakup to accept the marriage proposal. Justin contended that the breakup had happened years back. Brooke stated that it had been pretty ugly, and Katie had to be certain that Bill's heart was in the right place.

Donna asked how Justin thought Bill would react to Shauna. It was hard for Justin to know. On the one hand, "Katie, Katie, Katie" was all Justin heard about from Bill, but on the other hand, Justin considered that Katie had shot down Bill's marriage proposal. Because the pair was not in a relationship, Justin felt that Bill had no obligation to be loyal.

Justin had faith that "my boy" would follow his heart, but he wasn't sure if Katie's trick wouldn't backfire. Brooke hoped that Bill made the right choice and remembered how special Katie was.

Brooke tried to call Katie, to no avail. Justin reminded Brooke that Katie was using her phone to listen in on Bill and Shauna. "How long does it take to be seduced?" Brooke exclaimed. Donna wanted everyone to be positive and to hope that wasn't happening.

Justin asserted that they had to believe that their boy Bill could control himself and that the old Dollar Bill had turned over a new leaf. Justin believed in Bill and had seen the changes in him. "Now, yeah, okay, he's a little bit needy, but I still like the guy. But on the other hand, Bill is tired of being single. A man does have needs," Justin reasoned. Brooke replied that it was what she was concerned about. Justin concluded that they'd find out soon enough.

At Bill's house, Shauna had her phone on speaker during a call with Katie. Katie listened through her earpiece downstairs as, in the bedroom, Shauna let Bill know that she was there for him. She attempted to kiss him, but Bill pulled back.

Bill said that Shauna was a beautiful woman, and they could easily give in to the moment. He recalled that they'd had a lot of fun in the past, and he didn't doubt they could have fun that night. Bill wasn't a man to walk away from a gorgeous woman or an adventure. There had been a time when he hadn't had to think twice about it. "But I can't do this," Bill decided, insisting, "I won't do it. I'm in love with my ex-wife."

Bill wanted Katie and his family back. He relayed that he'd been an uncontrollable kid and had been out of control most of his life; however, his priorities had changed. He knew that he'd betrayed Katie and hadn't been there when his wife had needed him. He regretted it and wouldn't repeat the mistake. He intended to keep the promises he'd made to himself and Katie, and he'd do anything to get Katie back.

Downstairs, Katie cried as she listened to Bill and Shauna's conversation.

Back upstairs, Bill acknowledged that Shauna was a knockout and that, in the past, he wouldn't have hesitated. Bill didn't want to be that guy anymore or travel down negative paths. He wanted love. He wanted his family, Katie, and his son. Bill affirmed that he was a changed man because of Katie, and it hadn't been easy for Katie to accomplish. There was no woman like the devoted Katie. Bill didn't know why it had taken him so long to figure it out.

Bill also didn't know why he was saying it all to Shauna. Shauna was glad that he was and felt that it was good to hear. He wished Katie could hear him and that she'd return home with Will; however, Bill couldn't blame Katie for not trusting him. He affirmed that he'd changed, and he wished Katie could know how sincere he was.

Downstairs later, Shauna hoped that Katie had heard every word Bill had said. An emotional Katie confirmed it. In Shauna's view, Bill had really proved himself, and she was happy for Katie. Shauna said she'd laid it on thick, and Bill hadn't even wanted to kiss her. Shauna felt that Bill was all about Katie and his family, and that made Katie a lucky woman.

Shauna said that Katie knew what to do from there. Katie thanked Shauna. As Shauna exited the house, Katie headed upstairs to the bedroom.

Upstairs, Bill was surprised to see Katie. She remarked that she'd just seen Shauna leave, and Bill immediately responded that it wasn't what Katie was thinking. Katie said that he didn't have to explain. "I don't?" the confused Bill replied. Guessing that she was there about Will, Bill began explaining that the child was at the sleepover as planned.

Katie wasn't there about Will. She knew that he was okay where he was. She was there to see Bill. Bill asked if he'd done something. Shaking her head, she said that just when she thought she had him pegged, he'd do something to throw her off balance. She stated that she'd had to know, and "now" she did and had everything she needed to move forward.

Katie realized that Bill didn't know what she was talking about, but before she clarified herself, she decided that she needed to do "this." She kissed Bill, and he gazed wondrously at her. Katie said she'd been scared, but she wasn't scared anymore. She loved Bill, and she wanted to return home. She wanted their family back.

Bill was amazed by what he was hearing. He recalled that Katie had declined his marriage proposal. It had been hard for him to hear. She replied that it had been hard to say; however, she'd needed to protect herself and their son. Bill apologized for the past. Katie wondered if they could leave it in the past and move forward at that moment.

Katie said Will wanted their family back together, and she wanted it, too. She wanted Bill to know that she'd heard what he'd been saying, and she'd heard the love behind his words. She'd heard that he wasn't afraid, and it made her decide that she wouldn't be, either. Katie wanted to give them another chance. She trusted that Bill was committed to her and their family. She wanted their life back. She wanted "us" back.

"You do?" Bill replied. Affirming it, Katie said she wanted to come home. "To this house?" Bill asked. He found it remarkable. Katie proclaimed that she was ready to be his wife -- if it was what he still wanted. Bill stated that it was everything he wanted. He loved her "so much" and said they were together again as it should be. He promised to spend his life earning that very moment. "I love you, and welcome home," Bill said and kissed Kate.

Bill reacts to being set up

Bill reacts to being set up

Friday, May 17, 2019

In Bill's bedroom, Bill and Katie couldn't believe that it was happening between them again. Bill asked if Katie was afraid. She wasn't, and he noted that he could hear the confidence in her voice. He was grateful for whatever had happened to change her mind about them. "About that..." Katie responded. She said he needed to know about something she'd done.

Katie explained that she hadn't been in an emotional position to accept Bill's marriage proposal when he'd first made it. After he'd asked her, she'd recalled how things had been when they'd been at their best together. She'd been confused because, while they'd had more good moments than bad, she hadn't known how to trust that Bill had meant what he'd been saying.

Bill reasoned that Katie had obviously found a way. Katie revealed that it had been Shauna. Bill gazed quizzically at Katie. Katie elaborated that she'd gotten Shauna to come onto him and had listened in on his and Shauna's encounter to hear the result. Though she knew it seemed underhanded, she felt she'd had to hear Bill say the words to someone else so that she could know that his commitment was true. She asked Bill to say she hadn't ruined everything.

Bill asked if Katie had really thought she'd needed to test him. Katie revealed that she'd seen Shauna and Bill at the bar at Il Giardino. Recalling that day, Bill said there had been nothing to it, and Katie could have joined him and Shauna. Katie replied that she hadn't realized that at the time because Bill and Shauna had seemed intimately engaged.

Katie noted the way he'd touched Shauna and the way Shauna had allowed it. Because Bill and Shauna had shared time together in the past, Katie had felt compelled to investigate before going forward with Bill. She hoped he could understand it.

Bill did understand and wasn't upset. Katie expressed surprise. Bill asked if she'd ever known him to close a big business deal without some reconnaissance. He asked what bigger deal there was than marriage. In fact, he got turned on whenever she outsmarted him. Katie said she'd have to remember that.

Bill and Katie kissed, and Bill's phone chimed. Bill received a message that Will's friend, Brady, wasn't feeling well, and the boy's father wanted to drop Will back off at home. "There goes our sleepover," Bill quipped. Katie replied that Will would be home, and it would make the night more special. Katie and Bill couldn't wait to tell their son the good news.

Later, Will arrived home and was bummed that his sleepover had been cut short. He suggested that he and his parents have a sleepover and asked Bill if Katie could stay the night at the house. Bill said that they could have a sleepover that night and every night. "Huh?" Will replied.

Bill and Katie conveyed that it was time, and they knew that Will wanted them to get together. Bill quipped that Will had spent enough of Bill's money. "You mean it worked?" Will asked. Katie said she and Bill had been headed that way, but Will had nudged them in the right direction. Will asked if his parents were saying what he thought they were.

Bill announced that he and Katie were getting married again. Will exclaimed that they'd made him the happiest kid in the world. Bill said that he and Katie had finally realized that they all were happiest when they were together. Katie added that they were blessed to be together.

Later, Katie and Bill tucked Will in for bed. Will asked what Bill would read to him and remarked that they'd finished the finance book. Bill decided to tell Will a story about King Bill, who'd had all the money, land, horses, and peasants in the world. King Bill was lonely on his "cold, gold throne" until the wizard asked who'd sit beside the king and share his throne.

Will exclaimed that it would be Mommy. Agreeing, Bill said that Fair Maiden Mommy became Queen Mommy. They had a financially savvy son, whose name happened to be Will. The king learned that even though he'd had all the money and riches in the world, he needed his Queen and son to share it with. Will assumed that they lived happily ever after, "the end." Bill, however, said it was just the beginning, and the family hugged.

At Brooke's house, Hope arrived as Donna, Brooke, and Justin were discussing Katie's experiment with Bill and Shauna. Hope groaned as they filled her in on what Katie had done to set Bill up. Brooke believed that even if Bill passed the test, he might not forgive Katie for deciding that he needed to take it.

Shauna arrived, and Brooke invited her in. Brooke wanted to know how things had gone at Bill's. Shauna glanced around at all the people in the room. Brooke informed Shauna that everyone knew what was going on.

Shauna announced that Bill had passed the test and was completely committed to Katie. Certain that Katie would tell Bill that she hadn't decided to trust him out of the blue, Brooke wondered how he'd react to learning that he'd been set up.

Hope prepared to leave again, saying that Quinn had invited her to the mansion to see HFTF jewelry concepts. Brooke received a message from Katie, who conveyed that she'd told Bill everything. To Brooke's surprise, it had turned out fine, and Bill had understood Katie's motives. Brooke was sure that Will would be happy. "His family reuniting," Hope uttered, smiling.

At the Forrester mansion, Flo arrived with her luggage. Moments later, Zoe entered, figuring that what she'd heard was true. "You're moving in with the Forresters?" Zoe asked. Flo quipped that word traveled fast. Zoe insisted that Flo couldn't move in there and said they both knew why.

Flo was tired of Zoe dictating to her. Zoe thought it was bad enough that Flo was working at Forrester. "But to weasel your way into -- " Zoe began to say. Interrupting, Flo asserted that she and her mother were invited guests, and Quinn wanted them there.

Finding it all absurd, Zoe was adamant that Flo should be keeping her distance from those people, not moving in. Zoe was trying to protect everyone and warned that if Flo let something slip around the Forresters, they'd all go to prison. Disagreeing, Flo said that Zoe might lose her job and boyfriend, but only Reese could go to jail -- and possibly Flo.

Zoe didn't even know why Flo was risking it when Flo could live a happy life in her hometown. Flo preferred to live her happy life where she was, and she wanted Zoe to accept it. Zoe didn't know why Flo couldn't get to know her family from a safe distance and thought Flo should be keeping her distance from everyone, especially Wyatt.

"About that..." Flo replied. Zoe hoped that Flo had enough common sense to keep Wyatt at arms' length. "Actually no," Flo replied. She explained that she and Wyatt would see more of each other because Sally had moved out of Wyatt's house.

Zoe asked if Flo honestly thought she could get close to Wyatt while keeping such a secret about his niece. Zoe didn't want to go to prison and was furious that Flo was messing with Zoe's life.

At the front door, which was ajar, Hope slipped in and paused when she saw Zoe and Flo arguing in the living room. Zoe told Flo that they all felt awful for Hope, but Hope could never know about Beth. "Beth? What about Beth?" Hope asked. Zoe stammered in response. Instantly upset, Hope yelled at them to tell her what it was about Beth.

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