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Loved ones said a final goodbye to Oscar. Sam and Jason enlisted Spinelli's help. Sonny and Carly received some answers about their baby. Mike proposed to Yvonne. Ryan captured Laura and Curtis. Maxie and Peter made love.
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Ryan captured Laura and Curtis
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A memorial is held for Oscar

A memorial is held for Oscar

Monday, May 13, 2019

Out on the patio at the Corinthos house, Josslyn apologized to Jax for not sticking out her volleyball practice for him to see. She'd had a difficult time going, and she admitted that she didn't know how she could do it. Josslyn hugged her dad and worried that she would never feel better. Jax assured her she would, especially because they were familiar with being through similar difficult times in the past. Just then, Josslyn received a text message.

Inside the house, Sonny told Carly that he was glad that Josslyn had gone to school because it was better than being curled up in a ball at home. Carly wasn't too sure, and she was concerned for her daughter. Carly received a text message about a memorial service for Oscar later that day. Josslyn and Jax entered the house, and Josslyn asked if she had to go to the service. She wasn't ready. Carly told her she didn't have to go, but all of the adults promised they'd help her.

Alexis stopped at Charlie's Pub and thanked Julian for rehiring Kristina. Julian admitted that it had been the best thing to happen in days.

Franco found Cameron picking up garbage at the park for his community service. Franco declared that it was past quitting time, and he offered to buy Cameron a burger. Cameron accused Franco of trying to impress Cameron's mother and brothers because he knew that Franco really hated him. Franco admitted that he didn't always understand Cameron, but he admired him. He hoped they'd get to tolerate each other, and he would still try to earn Cameron's respect.

Trina found Cameron at the park after Franco had gone, and they revealed that they'd both received text messages about Oscar's memorial service. Cameron had to get home to get cleaned up.

At General Hospital, both Terry and Elizabeth received texts about the memorial service, and they both planned to attend.

Monica stood in the doorway at the Quartermaine mansion and watched Danny and Leo playing together as Olivia and Ned approached and joined in. Soon, Kim and Drew arrived, and Kim admitted that she wasn't sure what to do. She held onto a large urn. Ned announced that Oscar had had a plan. He hadn't wanted a funeral with mourning, but he had instead wanted a toast to his life. Olivia wept that they could say nice things as Ned added that they could all help each other to smile.

People began to arrive as Ned finished setting up a collage of photos at Rice Plaza. Sam and Michael chatted, and Sam remarked that no one was to be wearing black. Michael admitted that Monica hadn't been doing well.

Josslyn arrived with Jax, Sonny, and Carly. She went straight over to Michael for a hug and told him that she didn't know how to deal with everything. She was afraid she'd cry and not be able to stop.

Alexis stopped to talk to Jax and remarked that Josslyn was wonderful and impressive, just as Oscar had been. She was sorry that Jax had never met him. Jax was glad that the teens had had each other. Carly spoke to Jason and told him that Josslyn had been having a hard time.

Sam hugged Jax and told him he should be proud of Josslyn. Trina and Cameron arrived and met with Josslyn. They all agreed they were doing poorly. Cameron talked about their trip to Niagara Falls, and the teens joked about it. Trina informed Josslyn that Josslyn owed Oscar a hike. She assured Josslyn that Oscar had loved her, and she had been the best thing to happen to him.

Elizabeth and Franco arrived, as did Drew, Kim, and Monica, who felt the family growing smaller. Josslyn had something from Oscar for Jason, and she handed it to him. He read a letter from Oscar that stated that the Quartermaine house had been home, but a treehouse had been missing. He'd had Michael draw up plans, and he wanted Jason and Drew to build it together. He promised to be there, too. "You in?" Jason asked. "I'm in," Drew replied.

Ned called everyone together and thanked them for attending. Olivia noted that Oscar had felt that the worst part of the funeral was the funeral; the best part was always after. In a shaky voice, she continued that Oscar had wanted a party with food and drink and for everyone to share funny stories. He had wanted everyone to smile. "For Oscar," everyone shouted.

Several tables had been set up, and the gathered sat around to eat and drink. After everyone had partaken, Olivia stood up and invited people to speak. Michael was the first to stand, and he confessed that he didn't have any stories. He stated that Oscar had been brave to date Josslyn. "Excuse me?" Josslyn asked. Michael added that Oscar had seen an amazing woman, and he'd been a true gentleman and Quartermaine. He had bonded with his grandmother and had accepted everyone.

Cameron stood next. He disclosed that he and Oscar had not been friends until Oscar had begun to date Josslyn. He recalled the July Fourth picnic when he had intruded on Josslyn and Oscar, sat down, and begun to eat their snacks. Oscar had made room for him and everyone always. Oscar had proven to be brave and had not given up, even while he'd fought a losing battle. He'd held on for the people he'd loved and had taught Cameron about courage. "Thank you," Josslyn mouthed at Cameron.

As everyone chatted at their tables, Josslyn shakily stood up. She revealed that she'd had a crush on Oscar originally but had not gotten to know him until they'd both worked at Lila's Kids and talked. It had been easy to talk, and she had seen the real Oscar. He'd been funny, smart, and a good listener. She declared that they hadn't had lots in common; however, he'd been her biggest supporter, and she hoped he'd known that she had been his. "He did," Kim called out.

Josslyn continued that Oscar had known he'd be leaving, and he hadn't been afraid. He'd only hated to leave because everyone else would be sad. She pointed out that the party "was Oscar." While it was still hard, he had wanted to emphasize the good, and she would try. She would never forget getting to know him, love him, and be loved by him. Many in the group were wiping their eyes.

Drew wanted to speak. He talked about how it had been scary to have a teenager when he hadn't been there for Oscar's earlier years, but Oscar had made it easy. He'd been generous and open and had always talked the entire time they'd been together. He was "eternally thankful" and would carry Oscar in his heart.

Ned announced that there was something more, and everyone was to follow him to the park. Everyone rose as one and followed him.

At the park, Olivia handed out bags of wildflower seeds. The crowd learned that the Port Charles Parks and Rec Department had dedicated a portion of the park to be thereafter known as Oscar's Meadow. Ned revealed a large rock with an engraved plaque and the year 2019 engraved on it. Everyone poured seeds into their hands and tossed them into the air. Ned informed all that the ceremony was over, but Kim announced that she had something to say first.

Kim noted that the ceremony had been beautiful and had had Oscar written all over it. She proceeded to say that she had been a single mother, and it had always been just her and Oscar. After his diagnosis, she'd realized she'd been selfish, and they'd arrived in Port Charles in order for Oscar to meet family. She was glad they had because Oscar had blossomed.

Kim continued that Monica had welcomed him into the family and had taught him about being a Quartermaine. He had been thrilled to meet Drew and bond with him. Drew had given her courage after her own had run out. She grabbed Josslyn and thanked her for being Oscar's first love. "Thank you for just being you," Kim said. She wanted Josslyn to think about Oscar in the meadow and to live a happy life because he would have wanted that. They shared a hug.

The party ended. Sam slyly grabbed Jason's hand, and they looked into each other's eyes before Sam wandered off. Drew had no words to thank Olivia and Ned, but Olivia hoped that the meadow would help to add some beauty back into the world.

Franco told Elizabeth that Cameron had been impressive, and he thought that things would get better between them soon. Carly and Jax shared feelings about their daughter. Josslyn asked Trina and Cameron to spend time in the meadow on July Fourth. Trina suggested they head to Kelly's for dessert.

Sam hugged Drew and stated that she knew he wasn't okay. She assured him that he had proven to be a great father every day. "Even today," she said. Drew just wished that the party had been a birthday party. He asked Sam for help in making him be the best father for Scout because he would always be afraid of losing her, too. Sam didn't think he would give in to that fear, and he would give the best of himself the way he had to Oscar.

Kim found herself by the large rock, and Sonny apologized for interrupting her. He told her that one day, she would find comfort in the lives that Oscar had touched. He knew that Oscar wouldn't want her to feel the emptiness or rage that she felt but would want her to keep going and focus on love and peace. "I'm sorry," he said as he took her hand. She thanked him.

Kim flashed back to a happy day with Oscar, Drew, and Josslyn. "I love you, my beautiful boy. I always will," she sobbed.

Kevin presses charges against Julian

Kevin presses charges against Julian

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

At Metro Court, Nina and Valentin sat a table prior to heading to a school meeting that Nina wasn't looking forward to. Sasha arrived to meet Michael.

Nearby, Robert sat at the bar and was on the phone with Finn, who demanded that Robert return the engagement ring. Robert promised to return it later. "Tonight's the night," Finn declared. "Damn," Robert said as he noticed the ring missing from its box. He covered up in his phone call with Finn.

When Michael stopped by to drop off a thank you gift for helping out Kristina, he was surprised to see Willow at school so late. Willow explained that she was there for a planned parent and principal meeting, and she assured him that it was nothing she couldn't handle.

Michael declared that his sister would be back to her old self again soon, thanks to Willow, although Willow was certain that Dr. Byrne had been helpful, too. Valentin and Nina arrived and found Willow and Michael hugging. Nina glared as Michael acknowledged them and said goodbye.

At the hospital, Anna found Finn on the phone and thought his conversation sounded "ominous." Finn claimed to be "clearing up a few loose ends." Anna wondered why Finn hadn't told her about the seriousness of Jordan's condition, but Finn cited patient confidentiality. Anna pointed out that she would have visited Jordan, and Finn promised to let her know if Jordan's condition worsened.

Chase stepped off the elevator and grabbed Anna's hand to look at her manicure and the sparkle he thought he'd noticed. Finn quickly said Chase had cataracts and offered to look as he hastened Anna onto the elevator. Finn wasn't happy with Chase's approach and told him he'd stuck his nose where it didn't belong. He added that Robert had the ring, but it was a long story. Chase offered to go after Robert.

Finn maintained that they weren't going after Robert because he would get the ring later, and he didn't need a rescue from his little brother. Finn walked over to the vending machine for some candy as Chase informed him that he and Willow would take Finn and Anna out. Finn teased Chase about going out with the schoolmarm, and Chase confirmed that Willow stood up for her kids every day because it was rewarding for her.

Finn and Chase sat down, and Chase admitted that things with Willow had been complicated. "Her ex is still an issue," he said. Finn offered to go after the ex, but Chase replied that he didn't need a rescue, either. "You're learning, grasshopper," Finn told a confused Chase. Chase agreed that he might need Finn's help one day.

Felicia and Mac arrived at Metro Court and saw Robert with the empty ring box. He begged them to help him to locate the ring, and he got down on the floor to search. Felicia thought that he should tell Finn the truth, and Mac comforted Robert and said that he hadn't lost the ring on purpose. Felicia wondered why Robert would be sabotaging a proposal to his ex-wife.

Mac revealed that he knew someone who would be able to make a duplicate ring. Robert agreed it was a good idea, although Felicia tried to stop them. Anna arrived as the men were leaving in pursuit of the new ring. Felicia joked about the brothers being together again.

Parents gathered in Willow's classroom, including Elizabeth and Franco. The principal arrived. Nina was concerned that Willow and Michael had been in an embrace, but she was unable to locate her phone to notify Sasha. Valentin received a text message from Sasha about the phone, and Nina sent him to Metro Court to retrieve it.

Everyone took seats. Franco expressed disbelief that their problem would be solved in one meeting. "Somebody here has a problem with the gays," he declared. The discussion centered on a book that featured gay parents. Several of the parents were against the book, and Nina maintained that their attitude was unacceptable.

Nina stood up. She stated that kids should have their own ideas. She confirmed that Willow hadn't assigned the book to only one child. Nina thought that students should be able to select their own books in order to help them be who they were and to make their own choices. She thought those who needed extra guidance should get it. She added that the awful chicken fingers should be discussed instead.

When Nina was on her way out, Willow thanked Nina for her help, but Nina stressed that she had been speaking out against censorship. She accused Willow of "sucking up" to Michael and being dishonest and said she would be watching her. Willow thanked the principal for his support, too, but he informed her that he would not be hiring her again for the new school year.

Kevin and Ava waited outside for the photojournalist who Lulu had contacted in order to get further publicity on their relationship. Ava put her arm through Kevin's and hoped it was okay. Kevin told her that nothing was okay, and he wanted his brother captured so he could go back to his wife. He asked if Ava wanted things to go back to normal.

Ava thought she was "intolerable" but Kevin assured her he liked to assess things on his own. She wondered what he saw, and he replied that he saw pain. He didn't think she was a monster, but he loved his wife. Ava promised there would be no more "unrehearsed kisses." Kevin heard someone walking, and he suggested they kiss.

Suddenly, Julian pulled Ava and Kevin apart. "Get your damn hands off my sister," he shouted. He proceeded to yell and berate Kevin and accused Kevin of taking advantage of his vulnerable sister. He continued to rant until Ava spoke up and told him it was none of his business.

Julian tried to drag Ava home. He thought that Kevin had been assaulting her, but Ava revealed that she and Kevin were together. Julian was astonished, and Ava couldn't believe he hadn't seen it in the news. Julian thought that Ava was sicker than he'd thought, and Kevin suggested that Julian leave.

"Shut the hell up," Julian yelled. Kevin proceeded to say that Julian should have been a better brother, and Ava would only go to him as a last resort, just like Julian's children. Julian slugged Kevin just as the photographer arrived and began to snap photos.

At the hotel in Toronto, Laura, Maxie, Peter, and Curtis sat around the coffee table and played a game of Trivial Pursuit. Curtis and Laura won, and the search was on for another game. Peter apologized to Maxie for having diverted their trip to Paris. Curtis and Laura felt that they had worn out their welcome, and they should leave as soon as possible.

Laura declared that she wanted to go back to the empty house where the mail had been piled up, and she thought that Curtis should return to Jordan. Curtis was adamant that he see their investigation through to the end.

Peter asked Curtis about his teaming up with Laura, and Curtis responded that their thing was not as good as Maxie and Peter's. Laura told Maxie that she knew that she and Peter would have preferred to be alone. Maxie confessed that it was their first date. Laura was happy for her, although Maxie confessed that she wasn't sure about what she was doing.

Laura assured Maxie that she would figure it out, and she and Peter would probably have other activities to take part in. Maxie declared that if she and Peter were the last two people on the planet, they would still avoid the so-called new activities.

Maxie declared that there had always seemed to be a reason not to move forward. She admitted that she thought that Peter believed he wasn't good enough for her. Laura reminded her that Peter had had a rough childhood, and she suggested that Maxie make the first move. Laura gave her a pep talk.

Peter told Curtis it was his first date with Maxie, and it had been memorable. "Don't take things for granted," Curtis said. "Squeeze every moment for all it's worth," he continued. He related a handful of old but tried-and-true quotations to help and inspire.

Curtis noticed that the snowing had stopped, and he and Laura made a show of getting back to work and out of their hosts' hair, though they were grateful for the temporary lodging. "So," Maxie said after they'd gone. "So," Peter said. He added that their trip had contained plenty of surprises.

Maxie asked Peter if he wanted to go to sleep. "Do you?" he asked. Maxie replied that there wasn't anything else to do, so they both said goodnight and went to their own bedrooms. Both plopped down on their beds and flashed back to their kiss on the sofa. "Make the most out of each and every moment," Peter recalled Curtis saying. "Make the first move," Maxie had heard Laura say.

Both Peter and Maxie headed to the living and ran into each other. They began to kiss passionately and headed to one of the bedrooms.

Curtis and Laura returned to the empty house and noticed that the mailbox had been emptied. Laura knocked, and a young woman greeted them. Laura announced that they were from Revenue Canada, and apologized for the late visit due to the storm. She stated that there had been a discrepancy. The woman refused to admit them and identified herself as April Tremblay.

Laura continued to question April, who claimed that she had just returned from a trip to Miami and was tired. She lived alone. Before Laura could continue, April shut the door in her face. There was a newspaper lying on a table inside that had an article about and photo of Ava and Kevin.

Curtis and Laura left but were convinced that the woman had been lying. Inside, April told someone that she had sent the visitors away and stated that she had the newspaper that the person had wanted. The person stabbed the photo.

Michael sat with Sasha at a small table in Metro Court. He noted that she had been delirious the last time he'd seen her at the hospital and had mumbled that she wished Nina had been her real mother. Valentin arrived to fetch Nina's phone, but he paused unseen to listen.

Sasha was in shock but quickly covered. She explained that she didn't want it getting back to Nina, but she had always thought of Amanda Gilmore as her mother. Michael thought it sounded like Sasha wanted to protect Nina, and he consented to keep the secret. They agreed to meet up later at Michael's house.

Michael left, but as Sasha rose to follow, Valentin intercepted her. She handed him Nina's phone. He reminded her that her time in Port Charles was limited, and he expected her to move far away after he and Nina were married.

Nina arrived, and Valentin informed her that he'd seen Sasha and Michael together. He asked her if she had defended the book at school. "That, too," Nina admitted.

At the bar, Anna asked Felicia to fix Robert up, but Felicia thought that Robert might already have someone, which was why he was still in town. Anna realized that Robert had been around a lot lately. Anna left to take a phone call, and Robert and Mac returned. Robert had a new ring, and he, Mac, and Felicia deliberated over whether Finn would be able to notice it was not the original.

Robert wondered if Anna would accept Finn's proposal, and Felicia noted that Anna was in love and "ripe for proposing." Anna returned and saw Robert holding the ring box.

Julian tried to explain to a cop that Kevin had provoked him. Ava sat with Kevin on a nearby bench and made sure he was okay. Julian wanted Ava's help to explain the misunderstanding, but she looked at Kevin. Julian pleaded with her, but Ava and Kevin agreed that they would get Ryan's attention better if she stuck by Kevin's side. Ava told Julian she was sorry that she couldn't do anything. Kevin announced that he wanted to press charges against Julian.

Sam invites Shiloh to the Nurses ball with her

Sam invites Shiloh to the Nurses ball with her

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Carly and Jason sat down in a café, and a sad Carly talked about how grateful she was for her family. Jason figured that reminding everyone that they had each other had been Oscar's point. She sipped her chamomile tea and laughed that she only drank it when she was pregnant, as it soothed her. Jason cracked that she should drink it more often.

Carly asked how close Jason and Sam were to "busting" Shiloh. Jason replied that they still needed to get Kristina's pledge, but Sam needed to get into Shiloh's inner circle. A horrified Carly wondered how far Sam was willing to go. Jason assured her that they were going to set Shiloh up, but their conversation was interrupted by Carly's cry of pain. She told him that it was nothing, but he insisted on taking her to the hospital.

A short while later, Jason and Carly arrived at the hospital, and she begged Jason not to call Sonny until they had something to tell. They walked up to the desk as Carly doubled over in pain, and Epiphany took her to an exam room. A few minutes later, Epiphany called Jason into Carly's exam room, and she assured both that Carly and the baby were fine. She explained that it was an uncomfortable but harmless pain that was common in the second trimester.

Epiphany advised Carly to stretch and utilize warm compresses, and the doctor would have more details the next day. She told a confused Carly that the office had been trying to get in touch with her, as her CVS test results were in. She ordered Carly to rest for fifteen minutes, made sure Jason would watch over Carly, and left. An anxious Carly wished she could get her test results right then. Jason assured her that she would get her results the following day, and there was nothing to worry about at that moment.

Sam bumped into Shiloh at the park as he was hanging flyers. She told him about Oscar's celebration. He thought that it reminded people not to take things for granted, and he thought they should get together to finish her initiation. He offered to do it that night, but she wanted to go home and hold her kids after Oscar's celebration. He wanted her to make it a priority, as the longer she waited, the more likely she would abandon it like Kristina had. Playing dumb, Sam advised him that he couldn't assume that Kristina was leaving Dawn of Day, but he updated her on Kristina's visit earlier.

Sam offered to talk to Kristina for him, but he urged her to let Kristina be. He suggested that Kristina had already fulfilled her purpose by leading Sam to Shiloh. He did regret that he couldn't assure her that she wouldn't have any trouble, and Sam questioned if Shiloh would hurt Kristina. Shiloh claimed that he'd meant that Kristina wasn't ready to apply Dawn of Day's principles to the real world. He promised to be there when Kristina realized it.

Shiloh handed Sam a flyer for his event the next night, but she revealed that she was going to the Nurses Ball. Shiloh called it a "sham," but she thought that he was being judgmental. Using his own teachings, she challenged him to see for himself and go with her as her date. He agreed and said that he needed to cancel his event. He promised to see her the next night and walked away. She took her phone out and texted Jason, "Shiloh took the bait."

Yvonne and Mike were sitting together when Sonny entered. Yvonne left so that the men could talk, and Sonny asked what Mike had wanted to see him about. Mike revealed that he was going to propose to Yvonne that night, but Sonny was less than thrilled. He claimed that he didn't want Mike to rush things, and he thought that Yvonne's family would like to know, as well. Mike didn't appreciate Sonny's lack of support, so Sonny suggested that Mike talk to someone objective like Stella.

Finn and Jordan played backgammon, and he informed her that he had played it with Tracy when she'd been ill, since it had killed time while they'd been waiting for test results. Stella entered and expressed how thankful she was that Jordan had found a match. However, Finn explained the situation to Stella, who wondered if Curtis had started the search for Jordan's family members. Jordan replied that Curtis didn't know yet, and Stella yelled at Jordan. Finn warned Stella not to cause Jordan any stress, but Jordan asked for a minute, so Finn left.

Jordan explained to Stella that she needed Curtis to stay on the case. Stella thought it shouldn't be her concern, since she was in the hospital, and she needed to keep her husband informed. Just then, Marcus entered with flowers. He hoped they made Jordan smile, as flowers had always brightened his wife's hospital rooms. Stella's phone rang, and she answered it to Mike, who had some news for her. He revealed that he was going to propose to Yvonne that night.

At Metro Court, Robert, Mac, and Felicia talked about the fake ring Robert had gotten to replace the one of Finn's that Robert had lost. The three were talking about marriage when Anna entered and overheard about an impending proposal. When they saw her, Robert claimed that they'd been talking about the "scuzzy rag" that Peter ran. Felicia reminded him that Peter and Maxie were close, and she wouldn't be surprised if they went to Nina and Valentin's wedding together.

Anna commented that she didn't understand why Nina and Valentin were getting remarried, as the past should stay in the past. Felicia replied that it shouldn't matter if they loved each other. Anna stunned her company by saying that she'd sworn off marriage. She reminded them that all of her marriages had ended in disaster, but Felicia reminded her that there were many factors that could contribute to the end of a marriage. Anna remarked that she and Finn were "perfect," and she wouldn't change anything.

Just then, Robert got a call from Finn, but he sent it to voicemail. Robert ran off to check his phone as Felicia expressed her happiness that Anna and Finn were solid. When Robert was gone, Anna hoped that there was a "crisis on the other side of the world" that Robert had to attend to. Felicia wondered when Anna had decided that she didn't want to get married, as she and Mac had never heard about it. Anna answered that she'd felt that way for a while, and it wasn't a big deal. There just hadn't been any occasion to talk about it. She checked the time and excused herself. When she was gone, Mac observed, "We have a problem."

Finn left Robert a voicemail demanding the return of the ring that night. When he returned to Jordan's room, Jordan updated Finn on her conversation with Stella. Finn agreed with Stella that Curtis was Jordan's husband, and he needed to decide if he was going to return. Jordan could see why Anna loved him, and she hoped to one day return the favor of giving marital advice. "You never know," Finn replied with a smile. When Finn was gone, Jordan thought about the words of Finn, Stella, and Marcus about marriage. She picked up her phone and made a call.

Robert found Finn at the hospital, and Finn demanded to know where the ring was. As Finn grabbed the ring box from Robert, Robert warned Finn about the "tirade" Anna had gone on about marriage. Finn took the ring out of the box and questioned where the ring was that he'd bought for Anna.

Sonny and Yvonne were talking about cooking when Stella entered, followed by Marcus. The two took Sonny aside, and Stella said that, while Mike and Yvonne couldn't legally marry, they wouldn't understand the reason why. Marcus refused to let Mike propose to his wife and suggested moving Yvonne to another facility. Sonny understood Marcus' frustration, but he reasoned that Mike and Yvonne had managed to find some hope and happiness together.

Marcus finally relented, but he added that he couldn't watch Mike propose to his wife. Marcus approached Yvonne and told her that she looked lovely. He squeezed her shoulder and left. "What a sweet man," she remarked. Mike wanted to talk to Yvonne, and he stood her up. He divulged that the previous few months had been the happiest that he could remember, and she agreed. He got down on one knee, took Finn's ring out of his pocket, and asked Yvonne if she would do him the honor of becoming his wife.

In Toronto, Curtis and Laura sat in a pub and poked holes in April's story about just returning from vacation. Curtis divulged that he'd seen a copy of the gossip column about Ava and Kevin from the Invader inside the house. He'd learned that the column wasn't syndicated, so Laura assumed that it was Ryan's. Just then, Curtis' phone went off, and he answered it to April. She asked Curtis to get there as soon as he could so that she could tell him everything, as she hadn't been alone before. She hung up, and Curtis informed Laura that April was ready to talk, so they left.

A short while later, Curtis and Laura walked up to April's house and wondered why she would call them and not the cops. Laura suggested that it could be a trap and thought they should call the police. Curtis noticed that the door was ajar and went in the house. Laura tried to find service on her phone but couldn't. Curtis tried the lights but observed that the power seemed to have been cut. He turned on the flashlight on his phone and called out for April.

Curtis suggested that Laura drive to the main highway to find a cell signal, but she didn't want to leave him alone. They walked through the house until Curtis found something. Laura walked over to him, and they looked down at April, who had a stab wound in her chest. Laura walked outside to look for a cell signal as Curtis looked around for clues. He observed that she'd put up a fight, as there was blood under her nails for DNA evidence. Just then, someone hit him on the back of the head, and he fell over, unconscious. Laura turned back, saw Curtis on the floor, and screamed as someone ran toward her.

Spinelli hears the plan to catch Shiloh

Spinelli hears the plan to catch Shiloh

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Maxie and Lulu met at the café, where they talked about the upcoming Nurses Ball, and Maxie filled Lulu in on her date with Peter. She mentioned that she had seen Laura and Curtis in Canada. Lulu was happy for Maxie, and Maxie agreed it had been "worth the wait." She flashed back to being in bed with Peter and admitted that she was only sorry it had taken so long. Lulu thought it was perfect, but she began to cry.

Lulu apologized, and Maxie told her it was okay to miss Dante. Lulu maintained that she was happy for Maxie and Peter, but she held up two tickets to the Nurses Ball. She confessed that she'd purchased them when she'd learned that Dante would be home. Maxie suggested she drop one ticket off at the hospital for someone else to use, but Lulu thought that she'd get rid of both. Maxie refused to hear it and insisted that Lulu attend with her and Peter.

Lulu finally agreed after she and Maxie went back and forth. Lulu admitted that it was difficult to go out, knowing that Dante wouldn't be at home when she got back. She still loved him and vowed to fight for her marriage. Maxie was certain that Dante had been fighting to get back home.

At Kim's apartment, she and Drew went through a box of items that had been in Oscar's locker. Drew suggested they take a break, but Kim wanted to get it over with. She read a teacher's glowing note on a report of Oscar's that stated that he had made her better. Drew picked up a poster of Kilimanjaro and noted that Oscar had never given up his dream.

Kim found Oscar's yearbook page that he'd never turned in and read a quote about allowing troubles to propel one forward and not hold one back. She announced that she would drop it off at school. She saw her pile of mail and told Drew that she didn't have the energy to go through it. Drew offered to help. When he reached an offer from a Realtor to buy Kim's place, Kim grew angry and accused the Realtor of having seen Oscar's obituary.

Drew urged Kim to forget about it, and he ripped it up. He wondered if Kim had plans to leave town, but Kim assured him that it was too soon to make any decisions. Drew was happy because he admitted that he enjoyed having Kim in his life.

At Turning Woods, Yvonne showed off her new ring to Sonny and Michael. Mike thanked them for attending his engagement party, and he and Yvonne went off to the kitchen to procure refreshments. Sonny informed Michael that Marcus had "graciously bowed out," and he added that Carly had had something important to take care of. Michael asked Sonny about Yvonne's ring and pointed out that it looked real. Sonny had no idea how Mike had obtained the ring.

Finn summoned Chase to the hospital and told him he wanted to go after Robert, after all. He explained that Robert had tried to pawn off a different ring, and he showed it to Chase. Chase didn't think it looked bad but told Finn that if he arrested Robert, Anna would find out about the proposal. He suggested that Finn propose to her without a ring.

Finn was adamant that he get his original ring back even though Chase assured him that Anna would say yes without it. He thought that Finn could explain everything to her. Finn shared that the ring had been a rare Monaco Blue Sapphire, and Monaco had been where everything had started between them. The ring told their story.

Carly arrived at the hospital for her doctor's appointment. She sat in Dr. Navarro's office and asked about her test results. Dr. Navarro announced that she hadn't seen any signs of birth defects, and she wanted Carly to keep up the good care of herself. The doctor revealed that she wanted to see Carly sooner than Carly had expected for her next appointment.

Jason met with Sam and Spinelli in a room at Metro Court. Spinelli hoped it was the end of Shiloh, and Jason explained the process that Shiloh had used for initiations. He declared that each step could be considered a felony. Spinelli reminded him that witnesses would be needed, and Sam revealed that Spinelli would have to record her own initiation.

Spinelli wondered if it would be fake, but Sam noted that she would do whatever she had to do. She was adamant that Shiloh needed to be put away. She thought that Spinelli and Jason could bug the Dawn of Day house while she was at the Nurses Ball with Shiloh. She would return to the house with Shiloh after the ball, and the guys would be able to monitor the situation. Spinelli admitted that he didn't like the idea, and Jason agreed but noted that Sam wouldn't change her mind.

Peter and Anna met at the plaza, where he bought her a cup of coffee. He thanked her for her advice regarding Maxie, and he told her about his date. Anna confessed that there had been a "strange turn of events," and she thought that a marriage proposal was forthcoming. She added that it wasn't from Finn. Anna was hopeful that she was wrong, and Peter couldn't believe that Robert might propose. Anna declared that Robert was in her past, and she was with Finn.

Kristina thanked Molly for meeting her near the plaza and for not giving up on her. She admitted she was still a "work in progress," and she hoped that she would be able to convince Sam to get away from Shiloh. She didn't think that Sam had realized that Shiloh was a predator. Kristina stated that she hadn't been able to reach Sam, who had cut Kristina out of her life.

Molly declared that the scenario sounded familiar, but Kristina replied that she'd thought that Sam would be able to see through Shiloh. Molly believed that Sam would be able to see the truth just as Kristina had. Kristina announced that she would like to help other girls, and Molly had an idea.

Molly saw "a sign" and ran over to Peter who was on the phone with Finn. She introduced herself when he was through, and she told him that she had a story about a cult, which she thought would be a good story for his readers. Peter was in a hurry, and he gave her his business card. He urged her to send him her résumé along with her story pitch.

Julian and Alexis walked through the park as Julian complained about having to spend the night in a cell. He thanked Alexis for fetching him from jail because he hadn't wanted to call Kim. Alexis thought that Ava had convinced Kevin to drop the charges. They sat on a bench, and Julian updated her on what had happened with Kevin and the fact that Ava had sided with Kevin.

Alexis thanked Julian again for rehiring Kristina. Neil walked by, and Alexis introduced him to Julian, who left. "Go ahead, say it," Alexis said. She was embarrassed that the doctor had found her with Julian. Soon after, Sam arrived. She announced that Kristina wanted to see her, but she didn't want to jeopardize Kristina's recovery. Sam didn't know what she would say to her.

Alexis thought that Sam should lie because she didn't think that Sam should tell Kristina she'd been "stringing along" Shiloh. Neil was confused as to what that meant but Sam assured him that everything would be concluded that night. Neil didn't want to hear about anything that might be illegal, but Sam declared that only Shiloh had been the perpetrator of illegal acts.

Alexis wanted details, but Sam didn't want to share. Neil thought that Sam should avoid Kristina if it was true that everything would be over soon. Sam wanted Alexis to attend the Nurses Ball and pretend that everything was okay.

After Sam had gone, Alexis was in a state over having to act normally at the Nurses Ball. Neil announced that he'd be attending the ball, also. "Our paths continue to cross," Alexis said.

Carly arrived at Turning Woods, and Michael went to the kitchen to grab Yvonne and Mike. Sonny asked Carly about her appointment, and she told him that while her test results showed no problems, the doctor wanted to eliminate "other concerns." Their conversation was cut short when Michael returned with Yvonne and Mike, who carried a tiered plate of cupcakes.

After hugs, Yvonne asked Carly to make a toast, and everyone grabbed a cupcake. Carly talked about how important Mike was, and how she loved him. She welcomed Yvonne to the family. Carly admired Yvonne's ring, and Sonny asked Mike where he'd gotten it. Mike insisted that he'd saved up the money and had purchased it at a jeweler's in Brooklyn.

Hastily, Michael suggested that it was time to clean up, and Mike thanked the family for attending his engagement party.

Back at Kim's there was a knock on the door. It was Julian, and he and Drew looked at each other awkwardly. Julian apologized for interrupting, but Kim invited him inside. She explained that she and Drew had been going through some of Oscar's things. She admitted that it had been painful but also good to know that he had been liked by so many people.

Julian saw the poster and recalled the meteor shower over Mt. Kilimanjaro that Oscar had wanted to see. Drew offered to scatter Oscar's ashes there. Kim loved the idea, and she announced that she wanted to go with Drew. Julian thought it was a beautiful idea, and Drew agreed that Oscar would have wanted his parents to do it together. Drew confirmed that he would make all the arrangements, and he and Kim agreed that they were happy to be doing it.

Drew left, and Julian noted that Kilimanjaro was the gateway to heaven. He added that Oscar had taught him that. Kim declared that Oscar's ashes would be taken to where he belonged.

At Metro Court, Spinelli informed Jason that he had all of his equipment. Jason insisted that the audio be perfect in order to get Sam out in time. Spinelli wondered if Sam had always been the target, and Jason thought that made sense. Spinelli pointed out that Shiloh always seemed to be innocent and had others take the blame.

Spinelli continued that he thought that originally Shiloh had planned revenge on Sam, but he'd ended up wanting her. Spinelli was concerned that if Shiloh was disappointed in some way, things could turn violent. He asked if Jason was worried.

Jason replied that Sam knew what she was doing, but Spinelli reminded him that there was no telling what might happen if Sam were to be drugged. He thought it possible that she could say anything. Jason stated that they would be there to stop Shiloh "one way or another."

Chase ran into Anna near the plaza while he was out for a run. Anna asked if there was something wrong with Finn because he'd seemed "off." Chase replied that Finn was "over the moon" about Anna and would do anything to make her happy. Anna told him to break a leg for his Nurses Ball performance. Anna left a voicemail for Robert and told him they needed to have a serious talk.

Nearby, Molly met with Sam and told her she'd just missed seeing Kristina. Molly revealed that she and Kristina had begun to mend their relationship, and that Kristina had realized that Shiloh was a predator. Molly told Sam that she'd pitched a story to Peter about DOD and Shiloh. Sam was not pleased and told Molly that she wasn't a reporter.

Molly insisted that she had a first-person accounting, and she planned to tell her story. Sam wanted her to stay out of it, and the sisters began to argue. Molly stormed off.

Peter made his way to the hospital to talk to Finn. He informed the doctor that what he did or didn't do could change everything. Finn couldn't believe that Peter knew about the ring, but Peter was confused. He asked if Finn wanted to marry Anna. "Step up your game before Robert beats you to the punch," Peter urged.

Sonny and Carly returned home, and Carly wondered if Sonny was worried about where Mike had gotten the engagement ring. Sonny revealed that he'd checked at Mike's residence, and no one had reported a missing ring. Sonny asked Carly about her appointment, and she showed him an envelope. The contents would reveal the sex of their new baby.

Carly opened the envelope after she and Sonny agreed they wanted to know. Carly read the paper and gasped. "Wow," Sonny exclaimed.

The Nurses Ball begins

The Nurses Ball begins

Friday, May 17, 2019

Laura and Curtis, both unconscious, were tied to chairs in April's dark house. Curtis woke up and immediately woke Laura up. Laura observed that April's body was gone. Just then, Laura started to smell gas, and she heard hissing. As they rubbed the ropes against the chairs to fray them, Laura suddenly realized that Ryan was trying to torment Kevin by killing her the same way Ryan was supposed to have died -- in a gas explosion. When Curtis yelled that fraying the ropes was taking too long, Laura thought that she could reach to untie his. She finally got his ropes untied, and he untied hers. As they ran out of the house, there was an explosion.

Carly descended the stairs, dressed for the Nurses Ball, and Sonny wondered if they were staying or going. Carly replied that Josslyn wanted them to go, but she thought that Josslyn needed her mother. Sonny agreed with Josslyn but related how he hated the night. He explained that it reminded him of how Stone was gone, but he had Stone in his head, telling him to go. Sonny concluded that he was always glad that he'd attended. Carly suggested waiting for Kristina to get there before they left.

"Wow," Franco said as he caught sight of Elizabeth, dressed for the Nurses Ball, at the hospital. They shared a kiss, and Epiphany cracked, "Get a room!" Amy, Felix, and Deanna entered, talking about catching their Uber, but Franco didn't want his stretch limo to go to waste. He thought that the nurses should arrive in style. The excited group got into the elevator and left for the ball.

At Metro Court, a stage manager gave Nina five minutes until the red carpet coverage began. Nina and Maxie, who would be live-tweeting the red carpet show, frantically wondered where Nina's co-host was, until she finally entered. Nina quickly explained the drill to Sydney Val Jean, a New York fashion editor. She warned that their first guest would be "extra," and they began their broadcast.

Lucy entered first and traded gushing compliments with Sydney, forcing Nina to edge into the conversation. She directed Lucy to Maxie, who took a picture of Lucy for Twitter. "Let the Nurses Ball begin," Lucy stated with a smile. As she got her picture taken, Kevin and Ava entered. Lucy glared as Sydney talked about the "scandalous new couple," and Nina struggled to say something positive to Ava. After an awkward pause, Kevin declared that he was honored to be there, and they made their way to Maxie.

Kevin asked about the strange look on Maxie's face, and she replied that she was just surprised to see Kevin and Ava together. Scott entered and flirted with the stage manager, but he stated, "Hello, goodbye," as soon as he spotted Kevin and Ava together. He blew right by Nina and Sydney, and Maxie wondered what was wrong with him. "Those two are wrong," he said, and Maxie agreed. He passed through where the pictures were being taken but held his hand in front of his face.

Chase and Willow entered, and Sydney expressed her curiosity about Chase's performance. As they went by, Sydney gushed about how adorable they were, much to Nina's annoyance. Valentin entered, and Nina ran to him and kissed him. A few minutes later, Nina was ecstatic to see Michael and Sasha arrive together. Nina babbled on about how admirable Michael was, including because of ELQ's donation to the ball. They walked by to get their picture taken.

Franco and Elizabeth arrived next, and Franco warned Nina and Sydney about the "gaggle of rowdy nurses" behind them. As they walked off to get pictures taken, Epiphany, Amy, Deanna, and Felix entered, laughing and joking. Nina joked about their rowdiness, but Epiphany stoically talked about the "tight ship" she ran. Sydney asked about "Magic Milo," but Epiphany broke the news that he'd had a work conflict.

Next on the red carpet were Carly and Sonny, and Sonny talked about how important the night was to him. Peter entered with Lulu, and Maxie ran over to kiss Peter. Nina's voice suddenly became hoarse as she tried to talk to the trio, and she ran off-camera to get some water. She left the building, coughing, as the stage manager offered to get some water. "Will you settle for Champange?" Jax wondered, offering his glass to her. She reluctantly took it and took a sip. "Bless you," she said. She babbled on, starry-eyed, about who she was and why she was there. She gave the glass back and rejoined Sydney.

When Nina was gone, someone interviewed Jax outside and wondered how long Jax would be in town. "We'll see what happens," Jax answered coyly. Mac and Felicia arrived next, but Nina looked past them as Sydney interviewed them, looking for Jax. He finally entered, and Nina could only stammer as Sydney interviewed him. When he left to get his picture taken, Sydney stared open-mouthed at Nina and punched her lightly on the arm. Jax hugged Maxie, and she was delighted to hear that he would be staying in town "indefinitely."

Sam and Shiloh arrived, and Sam introduced Shiloh to Nina and Sydney. Nina wondered where Jason was, but she remembered that Jason didn't like big events like the Nurses Ball. Shiloh chimed in that Sam wasn't "defined by anyone else's decisions," anyway, which silenced the co-hosts. Sam spotted Maxie and introduced Shiloh to her. "Have fun with your friend," Maxie spat, and she walked away.

Anna and Finn entered, and Sydney called them a "lovely-looking couple." Anna caught sight of Robert and couldn't stop from staring in shock that he was there. He approached the group, making things awkward, and Sydney observed that they were "an intriguing trio." They went to get their pictures taken, and Sydney declared the red carpet show over. She and Nina agreed that they made a great team. They promised to talk soon, and Nina ran off to be with Valentin.

As Scott watched, Ava thanked Kevin for smoothing things over with Nina, as Ava had almost "ripped her face off." Kevin replied that she wouldn't have because she knew that their "bigger mission" was the priority. She knew that Ryan was on his way, and Kevin was concerned that nothing having to do with Ryan ever went according to plan. She reasoned that Ryan would never show up there with all the people, and he would wait until she was alone. Lucy joined Scott in observing the couple, and they agreed that they needed to "pump the brakes" on Ava and Kevin. A few minutes later, they agreed to a plan and split up.

A bellboy approached Kevin and informed him that a woman had passed out on the red carpet but was awake and hysterical in a room upstairs. The bellboy had been asked to summon a doctor, so Kevin agreed to go to the room. A few minutes later, Kevin knocked on the door, and Lucy, clad only in a slip, opened the door. "Let me save you from yourself," she said, trying to convince him how wrong and he and Ava were for each other.

Downstairs, Scott pulled Ava along with him so that he could show her something. They went upstairs, and she told him that she didn't have time for whatever he was doing. "It's for your own good," he said, and he opened the door to the room that Kevin had gone to.

Valentin approached Peter and Lulu, and he complimented Lulu's dress. She divulged that Charlotte had helped her pick it out, and Valentin related that Charlotte had also helped Nina with her dress. They amicably agreed that it would be nice for Charlotte to follow in Nina's footsteps. A few minutes later, Lulu bumped into Sonny while getting a drink, and he wondered where Laura was. She only said that Laura was on a "special assignment."

Sasha apologized to Michael if Nina had made him uncomfortable, but he thought Nina was sweet. Sonny and Carly found Michael, who introduced Sasha to them. Carly reminded Sasha that they'd met after Sasha's "workout." They talked about Josslyn, and Carly excused herself to go to the bathroom. Sonny and Michael agreed that Carly was about to text Josslyn.

A short while later, Sonny and Carly bumped into Jax, and Carly was happy to see that he'd made it. Sonny went off to get a drink, and Carly and Jax both admitted that they hadn't wanted to attend the ball. Jax was glad they'd both gone, though, because it showed that they listened to Josslyn and had faith in her. A few minutes later, Jax stole a minute outside to call Josslyn and check up on her. When he was off the phone, Lulu approached with Peter and Valentin and introduced them both to Jax.

"No one holds a candle to you," Franco told Elizabeth, and she thought that it was going to be a good night. He replied that it already was, and he kissed her.

Chase told Willow that he'd had a great idea for the next time he visited her classroom, but she confessed that he would have to do it with someone else's class. He was shocked to learn that she'd been fired, but he assured her that there were plenty of private schools around that would jump at hiring her. He thought that, when things seemed the worst, they could sometimes turn out the best. She related that it had worked out for the best the night she'd met him. Just then, she stopped dead and stared across the room. Chase spotted Shiloh with Sam, and he assured Willow that she was safe.

"Are you sure you wanna do this?" Sam asked Shiloh. He replied that he just wanted to say hello, and they approached Sonny and Carly. He asked about Kristina, and Sonny replied that she was "better now." Shiloh looked forward to her return to Dawn of Day, but Carly said she wouldn't count on it. Shiloh countered that it was what was best for Kristina and her family. Sonny informed Shiloh that his philosophy was "family first and always, at any cost," and he grinned widely.

Finn found Robert and demanded his ring back. As they observed, Felicia told Anna that she, Robert, and Finn had made "quite the entrance." She asked which one was Anna's date. Just then, a voice over the loudspeaker announced that the ball was about to begin, so everyone should find their seats. The doors were opened, and everyone flooded the ballroom. Nina and Valentin ran in after everyone else, and Jax followed them.

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