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Sharon convinced an amnesiac Adam to return to Genoa City. Adam reeled when he learned that he'd caused Delia's death. Adam was shot. Victoria and Billy reunited. Lola and Kyle decided to move in together. A paternity test proved Arturo was the father of Mia's baby.
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An amnesiac Adam Newman returned to Genoa City
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Everyone has concerns about Adam

Everyone has concerns about Adam

Monday, May 13, 2019

Nick summoned Nikki, Victoria, and Billy to his house. Victoria and Billy arrived late after returning home from a camping trip, where they'd been cut off from cell service. Victoria asked her mother if Rey had discovered what Victor had been hiding. Billy asked if Victor had been involved with the gambler nicknamed Spider. Nikki took Victoria's hands and gently told her that the man known as Spider was actually Adam, who'd suffered memory loss. Billy recalled that Adam had once convinced everyone that he was blind, so his claim that he couldn't remember might be another ruse.

Victoria asked Nikki about the others Victor had been involved with. Nikki said the psychiatrist had tried to help Adam, and the gambler named Riza was evidently Adam's only friend. Victoria was angry that Victor hadn't told them earlier about Adam. Nick said that their father believed he'd been responsible for Adam being at the cabin the night of the explosion and felt the need to make up for it. Nikki recalled that because Victor had petitioned the courts and the governor, Adam was a free man. Billy said, "You know what this means? Victor is ready for the prodigal son to return."

Nikki explained that Adam had cut off communication with Victor for having pushed him too hard. Nikki added that after Victor had been forced to step aside, Sharon had ended up being caught in the middle. Nick said Victor was using Sharon as bait to lure Adam back. Nick wondered aloud what else Victor would offer Adam. Nikki told Billy that had Adam not actually lost his memory, he could have returned to Genoa City on his own at any time. Victoria noted that Adam would have faced prison time had Victor not also taken care of that matter.

Nick insisted that Adam was likely still greedy and manipulative and would likely want a piece of what the Newman family had to offer. Nikki berated her family for being solely concerned about money. Billy said, "Which just happens to be Adam's pride and joy." Nikki said perhaps Adam wanted to search for Chelsea and Connor and had no reason to leave Las Vegas. Nikki reminded her family that Victor loved all of his children and would do anything for them.

After Nikki, Victoria, and Billy left, Nick phoned Sharon. Sharon didn't answer. Nick left a message requesting that Sharon call him back to let him know how things were going. Nick seemed troubled while thinking about Adam's possible motives. In a flashback, Nick recalled having expressed his concern to Sharon about getting involved with Adam. Sharon had become defensive, insisting that Adam wouldn't hurt her.

At Society, Victoria told Billy that it would have been shocking had Adam shown up at the poker game they'd joined in Las Vegas. Billy said he'd been wrong to advise Victoria to stay out of her father's business. Victoria asked Billy if he thought Adam might return to Genoa City. Billy replied, "There's not a doubt in my mind." Billy said that whether or not he became involved with Adam, Adam would always be a part of his life. Victoria recalled that Billy had forgiven Adam for what had happened to Delia.

Billy told Victoria he'd let Adam know he was keeping an eye on him. Billy added that his new mission was to protect Victoria and the kids. Victoria said that perhaps Adam had changed. Billy quipped that Adam's nickname was Spider, not Teddy Bear. Victoria said she and Billy would face Adam together.

At Adam's apartment in Las Vegas, Sharon was stunned when she met face to face with Adam. Adam asked Sharon if Victor had told her about his situation. Sharon replied that she was aware that Adam couldn't recall anything that had occurred before the explosion. Adam said he couldn't even recall the explosion. Sharon sat down close to Adam and asked if seeing her face and hearing her voice had sparked a flicker of a memory. Adam expressed disappointment that seeing her hadn't brought back a flood of memories.

Victor, Adam said, had shared some details of his past with Sharon, though he couldn't remember anything on his own about her or about Victor. Adam suggested that perhaps it was better that he not remember. Sharon held up a photo of Christian and asked Adam why he'd saved that particular photo and thrown the others away. Sharon apologized for having snooped in Adam's apartment before he'd arrived. Adam said he wasn't certain why or even if the image of Christian had made a connection.

Sharon held up the photos of other family members, which Adam said weren't at all familiar, and insisted that Christian's singled-out photo had surely meant something. Adam held the photo and gazed at Christian's smiling face. Sharon said, "He's a beautiful child. He's sweet and loving. He just started the dinosaur phase." Adam said he couldn't see himself in Christian's features. Sharon replied, "And yet, you feel a connection." Adam cried that maybe he'd felt pity for a child growing up without a father. Adam added that perhaps he felt guilty because he didn't feel a connection to a kid who shared his DNA.

Sharon likened Adam's feelings for Christian to the feelings of abandonment Adam had experienced. Sharon admitted that Adam and Victor's relationship had been difficult because they had often brought out the worst in each other. Adam said Sharon's statement validated his instinctual desire to leave the past in the past. Adam added that perhaps he was living the life he should live. Sharon said, "Adam, your world used to be so much bigger than this. You're tired. You're frustrated, but you met me tonight because you're not ready to give up."

Adam cried that he was wasting Sharon's time. Sharon took Adam's hands and told him that he wasn't a waste of anyone's time. Sharon checked a message on her phone and told Adam that his brother, Nick, was checking up on them. Adam admitted that he'd researched his life after a couple of people had told him he looked like a mogul's dead son. Adam added that he'd quickly determined that he didn't want to know everything about his past. Adam cried that he didn't want to be the person he'd once been.

Sharon asked about Adam's nickname. Adam said he'd caught a ride on a freight train and had jumped off outside of town, and after being homeless for a time and panhandling, he'd encountered a poker game in a bar. Adam said he'd quickly realized he was good at poker. Adam added that after winning a number of games, he'd met Riza, a patron who sponsored and supported him until Victor had shown up. Adam asked Sharon why she'd sought him out to help him.

Sharon took a deep breath. Sharon asked Adam how much he'd been told about their history. Adam said he'd heard that their relationship had been partly good and partly bad, and it had ended long before the explosion. Sharon confirmed that their relationship had ended and that Adam had married Chelsea. Sharon told Adam that when she looked at him, she saw the person who'd changed her life.

Without sharing details, Sharon recalled that while she'd been mired in a dark place, Adam had saved her after she'd set Victor's house on fire. Sharon recalled that Adam had picked her up and carried her through the flames to safety. Sharon told Adam he'd helped her seek treatment from a psychiatrist, who was still helping her manage her bipolar disorder. Sharon said she'd even earned a degree in psychology. Adam replied, "Are you here as a professional?" Sharon insisted she was just Adam's friend and someone still grateful for what he'd done for her.

Adam told Sharon he suspected there was more to their story. Sharon said she'd share more in due time. Sharon recalled Adam's memorial service, where family members had expressed regret. Sharon told Adam that she believed most everyone would embrace an opportunity to do better by Adam, so they could heal. Sharon looked around Adam's apartment and said it was soulless with no pictures, no mementos, and nothing to reflect Adam's personality.

Sharon asked Adam to return to Genoa City for one week to reconnect. Adam said he'd think about it. After Sharon left, Adam grinned. He sat down and looked at the photos of his forgotten family members. Adam set down the photos. He walked to his closet, took out a suitcase, and began gathering his clothing.

After Sharon left Adam's, she phoned Victor. Sharon told Victor she realized he'd be disappointed that Adam hadn't experienced a flash of remembrance. Sharon reported that after her talk with Adam, she believed he trusted her. Sharon said she'd asked Adam to consider returning to Genoa City for a week. Sharon added, "So now we wait and see if he's willing to take the leap."

At the Abbott mansion, Lola shared an update about Mia with Kyle. Lola reported that Mia's cramping had subsided, and the doctor would conduct an ultrasound to ensure that the baby was all right. While Kyle and Lola took a break to enjoy a cup of tea, Lola spotted the watch she'd given to Kyle. Kyle said it was his favorite. Lola replied, "Don't you have fancy influencers to impress?" Kyle replied, "Theo and Nazanin? I already hooked them up with the hottest chef in town. Summer can sit and have drinks with them if that's what she wants to do."

Lola said Summer didn't intend to entertain their business guests without Kyle. Kyle noted that Summer could get all the attention and the credit, which would work out best for her. Kyle admitted that Jabot was important to him, too, but he was determined to create a balance between his personal life and his career. Though Kyle was hesitant to swim in the pool after what had happened, Lola convinced him to accompany her for a swim. After their swim, the couple returned to the house, where Kyle shivered because he was cold. Lola seemed invigorated and said it was her first time to exercise since she'd had surgery.

Summer rang the doorbell. After Kyle opened the door, Summer complained that Kyle had been skinny-dipping with Lola instead of meeting with business partners. Summer said she'd been unable to seal the deal with Nazanin because Kyle had "blown off" the meeting. Summer added, "Either you can fix it now, or the deal is screwed." Kyle replied, "I'm not going anywhere." Kyle phoned Theo and said he was looking forward to working with Theo and Nazanin. During the conversation, Kyle learned that Nazanin wasn't upset because Kyle had left early.

After the call ended, Kyle told Summer that the deal was in place and that everyone was happy about the outcome of the meeting. Kyle told Summer to go home, get some rest, and then brag to Jack about how she'd saved the day. Summer replied, "And you can just show up or not, since that's your thing." After Summer left, Lola was surprised that Kyle had detected Summer's lies. Kyle noted that Lola had been genuinely concerned about him saving the deal. Lola said she didn't want to interfere with his career or with his relationship with his father. Kyle noted that he'd never been with anyone who'd had his best interests at heart. Kyle carried Lola upstairs to the bedroom, where they made love.

After Summer left Kyle's, she went to the bar at Society. When the bartender approached, Summer ordered a drink called "dark and stormy." Summer sulked as she stirred her drink. Theo phoned. Summer was delighted to hear from Theo and talked about business before becoming chatty. Summer invited Theo to join her for a nightcap.

Nick and Adam face off

Nick and Adam face off

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

At Crimson Lights, Lauren noted that Phyllis had sounded awful on the phone, and Phyllis grumbled that having one's dreams crushed at every turn would do that. Lauren sympathized that Phyllis was having a difficult time launching her new company. Phyllis confided that she'd turned to Ashley, since she'd expected Ashley to want to show Jack up as much as she did. Lauren scolded Phyllis for making it all about Jack, and she encouraged her friend to get out of the revenge game and move forward by doing something without the Abbotts involved. Phyllis recalled that Summer had said the same thing, and Lauren suggested that Phyllis listen to the two people who loved her the most.

Phyllis asserted that Jabot, Jack, and the Abbotts had screwed her over, and when someone knocked her down, she got up and punched twice as hard. Lauren insisted that she loved Phyllis for it, but there was a difference between resilience and retribution. Phyllis found the latter more satisfying, but Lauren warned that it could backfire. Lauren realized she had to get back to the office, and she advised Phyllis to build a company she could be proud of on her own.

Summer stepped off the Jabot elevator, clearly hungover. She yawned, and Kyle approached her and loudly inquired whether she'd had a late evening. She snapped that it wasn't any of his business, but she'd had a nightcap with Theo. Kyle recalled that she'd already had a few when she'd shown up at his house, and he suggested that she take the day off to recover while he handled their meeting with Jack. She huffed that she was more than capable of conducting business, and she insisted on going over their schedule, since Theo had more people for them to meet. Kyle clucked that he knew what she was up to -- and it wouldn't work.

Kyle led Summer into Jack's office. He said he was truly sorry he'd hurt her, but he insisted that she make it about work and not them. She argued that he'd been the one to leave New York early and to bail on the evening before. He countered that their business had been finished, yet she'd tried to create reasons to spend time together. Kyle lectured that it wouldn't work that time, and Summer retorted, "Unless she needs a kidney, right?" Kyle urged her to accept that he and Lola were back together, since Summer only embarrassed herself when she pulled stunts.

Jack entered, and Kyle reported that Summer wasn't feeling well. Summer insisted that she was fine, and she stepped out to grab some water. Kyle groused that Summer had been using work to be near him, and Jack sympathized that she'd been having a tough time after getting her heart broken. Kyle acknowledged that it was his fault, but he hoped his message to tell her to stop had gotten through. Jack voiced concern that Kyle and Summer couldn't coexist. Summer returned and asked what she'd missed.

Summer bragged that she'd clicked with Nazanin, who was the perfect choice to promote Jabot Collective. Jack indicated that he had a new set of designs, and Kyle and Summer reviewed them. Kyle gushed over them, but Summer had recommendations for improvement. Kyle complained about how long it would take to make changes when they needed to get into production right away. Summer insisted that it would be worth it to make the designs great, and Kyle prompted Jack to make the call. Jack decided to make the changes, and Kyle exited. Summer asked to speak with Jack about her mom.

Summer said she felt guilty going behind her mom's back, but she'd also feel guilty if she didn't say anything. Summer blabbed that after Jack had rejected partnering with Phyllis and her new accessory line, Phyllis had used Summer's online password to get into Jabot's system to find the new design files. Summer confirmed that Phyllis hadn't found anything, but Phyllis had also asked Summer to slip files to her, which Summer had refused to do. Jack was infuriated that Phyllis had put Summer in that position. He praised Summer for proving how much working there meant to her, and he swore that he wouldn't forget it. Jack sent Phyllis a message that simply read, "Nice try, Phyllis."

Jack ran into Lauren in the corridor and asked her to lunch. She said she was meeting Michael, but she could discuss business afterward. Jack said he'd just wanted to thank her for lending an ear, since it had been nice to talk to a non-Abbott. She assured him that she would always be there for him. She sensed that there had been a void since Kerry had left, and he muttered that it was a void he could live with. Lauren pressed him to get back out there, since he was a man who loved love. "She's out there -- you just need to find her," Lauren stressed.

Later, Phyllis stormed into Jack's office, and he cheerfully stated that it hadn't taken long. She cited his vaguely threatening message, and she demanded that he explain himself. He clarified that it wasn't a threat but a warning.

Lola met Kyle in Chancellor Park and apologized for being late. She explained that she'd been on the phone with Rey, and she relayed that Mia and the baby were doing okay. Kyle was glad Lola had been able to sneak out of work, and she'd thought he'd had a meeting. Kyle informed her that Summer had been hurting that morning, and they'd had a chat about boundaries and accepting reality. "This reality?" Lola asked as she moved in for a kiss.

Lola and Kyle shared a picnic, and she said she owed him food after the night before. She wondered why he hadn't told her what she'd been missing out on, and she thought they were making up for lost time. She noted that it had taken them a long time to get there, and she just wanted to spend every minute she could together. Kyle lovingly stated that he felt the same way.

Kyle mused that he could stay there all day, but Lola had to get back to cover the dinner shift. She expected to work late and be exhausted afterward, so she thought it was best if she stayed at her place that night. Kyle reasoned that between her place and his place, it seemed like one too many places. Kyle suggested that they just have "our place."

At Crimson Lights, Summer's lower lip quivered as she gazed at her and Kyle's wedding photo on her phone.

Sharon stopped by Nick's house, and Nick admitted that he'd been bouncing off the walls, wondering what had happened during her meeting with Adam. She recounted that it had been strange and surreal, since Adam had already been through a lot with Victor and the psychiatrist, so he'd been hesitant to explore his life any further. Nick assumed that she'd hit a dead end, but Sharon informed him that Adam had changed his mind and called her when she and Victor had been boarding the jet to return to Genoa City. She announced that Adam was home.

Nick recounted that he'd been present at the cabin explosion and at Adam's funeral, and Sharon confirmed that looking at Adam had been like seeing a ghost. She lamented that Adam had no memory of all the history they'd shared, and Nick asked how much Adam knew about his old life. Sharon revealed that Adam had read articles about himself and that Victor had given him photos to jog his memory, including a picture of Christian. Nick asked how Adam had reacted to the picture, and Sharon revealed that Adam had thrown out all the photos except Christian's.

Nick surmised that Adam wanted his son back, but Sharon asserted that Adam didn't know what he wanted, since he had no emotional connection to anyone. Sharon thought Adam had treated the picture like a photo of someone else's life, but Nick pointed out that Adam had always been a good actor. Sharon thought she would have been able to detect something in Adam's behavior, but there had been no sign of the man she'd known. Nick growled that if Adam was back to take Christian, Adam would have to go through him first.

Nick vowed to protect his boy with his life, but Sharon assured him that she wouldn't have convinced Adam to return to town if she'd thought Adam would turn Nick's life upside down. Nick mumbled that it was happening already, and Sharon anticipated that Adam would only stay a week to see if he had a breakthrough before heading back to Las Vegas. She argued that Adam deserved to try to figure out who he was, and Nick remarked that she'd always wanted to see the good in Adam. Sharon mused that Adam had always done that with her, and she implored Nick to keep an open mind.

Victor took Adam to Newman Enterprises and expressed gratitude that Adam had decided to return home with him. Victor apologized for putting pressure on him, and Adam stressed that Victor couldn't force him to remember things. Victor asked if the office seemed familiar, but Adam didn't remember ever being there. Victor offered to introduce Adam to the rest of the family. Adam protested that it felt daunting to face everyone at once, and he proposed that he see them one at a time. Victor asked who he wanted to meet first.

Victor escorted Adam to Nick's house. Victor guessed that Sharon had told Nick that they were back, and Nick sourly replied that she actually returned his calls. Victor stepped out to give the brothers time to talk, and Nick and Adam awkwardly agreed that the situation was weird. Nick stammered that he'd thought he'd been prepared to see Adam, but hearing Adam was alive and actually seeing him were two different things. Adam bemoaned that nothing had seemed real since Victor had tracked him down.

Nick envied Adam for being able to forget some things that had happened. Nick shared that he'd seen the house go up in flames on the night Adam had supposedly died, and he would have run back in, but he hadn't thought anyone could survive it. Adam told Nick that he shouldn't feel guilty, and Nick figured that he shouldn't be surprised that Adam had pulled off an escape like that. Nick admitted that he'd like to say he was thrilled Adam was back, but he couldn't.

Nick recounted that he and Adam had just started to be on good terms before the explosion, and it had taken a long time to get there, so he couldn't just pick up where they'd left off. Nick flatly stated that he didn't buy Adam's story the way Victor and Sharon had. Adam sensed that he'd hurt a lot of people, and he wasn't sure why he was putting himself through being there. Adam questioned what his ulterior motive would be, and Nick replied that Adam always had an endgame. Adam didn't blame Nick for being suspicious but swore he wasn't lying.

Nick barked that he'd heard it before, but Adam had burned their family many times. Nick pointed out that it wasn't the first time Adam had faked his own death, and he referred to when Adam had framed him for murder. Adam didn't remember any of it, although he'd heard crazy things about himself. Adam planned to go back to Vegas if he didn't remember anything, and he imagined that they'd all be better off that way.

Nick conceded that it was a complicated situation and that he had a lot of feelings fighting one another, but he was willing to give Adam the benefit of the doubt -- for then. Nick warned that he would never let Adam hurt their family again, and Adam replied, "Fair enough." Adam recognized that meeting had been a lot for both of them, and he started to leave. Nick called after him and welcomed him home. Adam left.

Victor showed Adam the tack house as a place to stay, and he pointed out that Sharon lived on the same property. Adam understood why a father would want his son back home, but he wondered why Victor seemed to be going about it with urgency. Victor asserted that he was a man who got things done, but Adam observed that Victor had almost seemed desperate to get him back there. Adam questioned what Victor was expecting from him if he got his memory back.

Victor stated that he'd missed Adam a great deal, and not a day had gone by when he hadn't wished that they could have another shot at the kind of relationship fathers and sons were supposed to have. Victor envisioned trusting one another and working side by side, but Adam didn't remember anything about running a corporation. Victor asserted that it was in Adam's DNA, and he recalled that Adam had waged legendary corporate battles, including challenging Victor. Adam wanted to settle in and rest, and Victor said to let him know if Adam wanted to meet someone else that day. As Victor headed to the door, he said, "It might not seem that way to you right now, but having you back is a miracle."

Later, Adam rested on the couch and was startled by a knock at the door. He invited Sharon in, and she informed him that Victor had told her Adam was there, so she'd wanted to check in. He confided that it was overwhelming to be there, and she urged him to take things slowly. He mentioned that he'd had an intense meeting with Nick, and he recognized that he'd apparently done a lot of bad things. Sharon swore that he'd done many good things, too, and she volunteered to talk if he ever wanted to.

Sharon offered to leave Adam alone if he preferred, but he wanted the company -- as long as it was her. He felt like she was the only friend he had there, but she assured him that his family loved him. Adam asked if she'd lived on the property when he'd known her. He figured it was worth a try to see her house to see if it triggered something.

Sharon took Adam to the cottage. He looked around and suddenly looked alarmed. She asked if he remembered something, and he called it a flash of familiarity that had passed. Sharon thought it was good if being there had sparked something, but Adam contemplated whether he'd just willed himself to react. Sharon instructed him not to overthink it, and maybe the puzzle pieces would start fitting together. He wanted to get some fresh air, and she told him not to hesitate to reach out. He departed.

Victoria found Nikki in Victor's office and asked if her mother had received the same text message she had. Nikki mentioned that Victor was with Adam, and all she knew was that they'd flown in that morning. Victoria wondered why Adam had agreed to return home after all that time, and Nikki revealed that Sharon had convinced him. Victoria wished she knew what was going on, so she could prepare for the storm heading their way.

Victor joined Nikki and Victoria. He considered it promising that Adam had agreed to stay for a while, and Victoria inquired whether Adam had seemed like himself. Victor replied both yes and no, and Victoria said she had a lot of questions. Victor cautioned that it had almost backfired when he'd asked questions, and he didn't want it to happen there. He indicated that Adam was anxious to see the rest of the family, but on his own terms.

Nikki lectured that Victor had to think about the rest of the family, as well, and she thought they should have known what was going on. Victor reiterated that he'd been protecting them, since he hadn't wanted to take Adam home unless he knew what he was dealing with. He implored them to give Adam a chance.

After Victoria left, Victor instructed someone on the phone to call if there was anything else he needed to know. After he hung up, he acknowledged that Nikki was frustrated, but Adam was his boy. Nikki swore that she'd never ask him to turn his back on his child, but it seemed strange that Adam had seemed ready to write Victor off, yet he'd moved home after one conversation with Sharon. Nikki didn't understand why Victor hadn't asked any questions or prepared his family. She worried that he wasn't thinking clearly, but he hugged her and assured her he was. Nikki agreed to leave him to tend to Adam, but her responsibility was to the rest of the family, and there was a chance Victor had thrown a grenade into it.

Victoria dropped by to see Nick. Nick groused that Victor and Sharon seemed to be the ones with amnesia, since they'd bought Adam's story. Nick conceded that Adam had sounded sincere, and part of what he'd said would have rung true if Nick didn't know better. Victoria called Adam a master manipulator, and she was adamant that they couldn't let their guards down. Victoria groaned that she'd thought talking to their dad would make her feel better about Adam being back, but it had done the opposite. She had a nagging feeling there was more to Adam being home that Victor didn't want them to know.

Adam returned to the tack house and rummaged through a duffel bag of cash. He cautiously looked around before stashing it out of sight. He briefly peered outside before sending a text message to let someone know that he was in Genoa City and that everything was going smoothly.

Summer wants Jack to modify Kyle's job

Summer wants Jack to modify Kyle's job

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

by Nel

Lauren arrived at Society and saw Traci working on her book at one of the tables. Lauren commented that Traci looked like she was in love. Traci glanced over at Cane, who had been talking to someone. Traci said she was very excited because her book was going well. Talk turned to Jack. Lauren said that Jack was "such a catch." He was tall and handsome, and he needed someone in his life. Traci reminded Lauren of all the women who had been in Jack's life. Undaunted, Lauren believed Jack needed someone to go out with.

Cane approached Lauren and Traci's table and asked to speak with Traci. Lauren left. Cane told Traci he'd received a letter from Lily. She'd written that she loved her job and missed the kids. Cane felt that perhaps Lily still cared. Traci advised him not to read too much into it because it could simply be that Lily was in the habit of writing letters.

Lauren had joined Michael at another table, and Michael presented her with a rose. Lauren told Michael how much he meant to her. She said that some people weren't as fortunate as they were -- like Jack. Lauren suggested that she and Michael find the perfect woman for Jack, but Michael balked at the idea of playing cupid.

At Jack's request, Phyllis arrived at Jabot. She told Jack that she'd had enough of his random warnings. Jack said he had discovered what she'd done. Phyllis claimed she had no idea what he was referring to. Jack advised Phyllis that the IT department had found the breach. At first, Phyllis denied that it had been her, but then she admitted that because she had no clout, she'd decided to latch onto a bigger and better fish.

Jack advised Phyllis that she had acquired some competition for accessories. He had realized that was what his collection had needed. Outraged, Phyllis accused Jack of stealing her idea. Jack reminded Phyllis that she had tried to steal from Jabot. At that moment, Jack received a phone call. He told Phyllis she knew the way out. Before leaving, Phyllis stopped at the door when she saw Jabot's new logo. She tried to take a photo of it, but Jack asked if she had trouble finding the door.

Outside Jack's office, Phyllis stopped, sketched the new logo on a piece of paper, and left.

At the hospital, Rey and Arturo stopped in to see Mia. Mia told them that she'd had a Braxton-Hicks contraction, and she was free to leave. Rey suggested that she had faked the whole thing because she'd wanted to stop Paul from arresting her. Mia accused Rey of never believing her. Rey countered that she never told the truth but always claimed she had a good reason for lying. Arturo told Rey that they had never meant to hurt him.

Rey suddenly realized that Arturo and Mia were a couple. Rey said that Arturo and Mia had given him the gut punch he'd needed. Rey demanded an immediate paternity test. Arturo objected, stating it was too soon, but Rey informed him that the doctor had said it was safe to have one done. Mia agreed to the test. She reminded Rey that the baby could be his. Mia asked if Rey would still protect her from Paul if the baby wasn't his. Thunderstruck, Rey reminded her that she had already confessed to Paul, and it was out of his hands.

A technician arrived to gather the blood sample from Mia and the cheek swabs from Arturo and Rey. Mia asked how long before they would receive the results. Testily, Rey informed her it would take 24 hours. Arturo stated that in 24 hours, everything would change, but no matter what the test results revealed, the baby would have an incredible father and uncle who loved him or her. Rey stated there was nothing more important for a child than to have a father to count on, who would always be there and who would love, protect and guide the child. Nothing else mattered.

At Chancellor Park, Kyle suggested to Lola that they move in together because it was time to take their relationship to the next level. They discussed the pros and cons, but in the end, Lola said she wouldn't worry about things moving too quickly or that it had been a crazy idea. She wanted to spend every night in his arms. They kissed.

Kyle told Lola that Mrs. Martinez's kitchen had all the appliances Lola would need, but Lola wasn't too thrilled about moving into the Abbott mansion. Lola admitted that she loved the Abbott family, but there were too many people living there. She liked the idea of them having their own place. Kyle said he didn't care where they lived, as long as they were together.

At home, Nick found Summer on the couch, pouting. Summer said she wanted Kyle back. Nick claimed that love made people do crazy things, but he felt that Summer had made the right decision. Nick assured her that she could work at Newman Enterprises or at Dark Horse. Summer said she wanted to stay at Jabot because she loved her job. Nick asked if Kyle had been reassigned, and if not, Nick said that it would have a negative effect on her work.

Summer told Nick she was really good at her job, and she didn't want to walk away from Jabot because of Kyle. Nick told Summer that Victor had brought Adam back from the dead and that Adam had no memory of his past. Stunned, Summer asked if Victor had found Adam wandering around Las Vegas. She asked about Chelsea and Connor. Nick didn't want to hear about Chelsea. Summer asked if Adam had asked about Christian. Nick said that Adam hadn't asked about Christian or Connor.

Summer said that Christian and Connor loved Nick, and Nick was a fantastic father. Nick said that Adam would stay at the Tack House for about a week, and then he might return to Las Vegas if the memories didn't return. Suddenly, there was a pounding on the door, and Phyllis entered in a huff. She accused Summer of betraying her after everything Phyllis had done for her. Nick wanted to know what had happened.

Summer told Nick that Phyllis had used Summer's password to access Jabot to commit espionage against Jabot. Phyllis claimed she'd only peeked. Angry, Nick asked Phyllis why she would put Summer's job at risk. Phyllis snapped that Summer shouldn't have told Jack what she'd done. Summer said that Phyllis needed to learn a lesson. Phyllis spat that as a result of Summer's actions, Jabot would launch their own accessory line. Phyllis said she'd been screwed over again. Summer said she hadn't realized that Jack would go to that extent, and she apologized.

Angry, Nick asked Phyllis how much lower she would sink. He said that Phyllis had broken the law, and Summer felt guilty because she'd done the right thing. Phyllis reminded Nick that he had started Dark Horse by hacking into Victor's computer and stealing Victor's employees. Nick reminded her it wasn't about him. Phyllis said she was fed up with being judged and held to a higher standard than everyone else. She wanted to know who she could trust. Summer stated that Phyllis wasn't the only one with a lot on her plate, and she told Phyllis that Adam was alive. She suggested that Phyllis chew on that, and she left.

Phyllis asked Nick if the wayward son had really returned from the grave and if Nick had seen him. Nick admitted he had. She asked if he had been stirring things up. Nick caustically said that Phyllis was the expert. She always stuck her nose where it didn't belong. Phyllis commented that she had become the bad guy.

Nick said that Phyllis certainly wouldn't win mother of the year by dragging Summer into her nonsense. He said that Summer had had a lot to deal with with Kyle and the surgery; she was finally happy, and Phyllis wanted to mess that up for her. Phyllis said that had come from the guy who had been handed everything and born into unbelievable wealth.

Phyllis spat that Nick had never understood what it was to fight for crumbs. Sarcastically, Nick told Phyllis to cry him a river. Phyllis said that she had climbed her way to the top, and everything had been ripped away from her. All she wanted was what should have been hers. Nick suggested she wash her hands, fix her life, and climb her way back without using everybody as stepping stones. Furious, Phyllis left.

Alone, Nick sat on his couch, staring at a picture of him and Christian.

At the Abbotts', Traci was writing her book when Cane arrived. Cane said he had stopped by because he'd had an idea for Traci's book. He suggested that Flynn's ex hire the P.I. to find something priceless for her, such as a family heirloom or a heart-shaped locket. Traci mused that it could be a multi-faceted idea, like a sentimental, irreplaceable symbol of a broken heart, a lost love. Traci looked up at Cane, and she envisioned him shirtless. Flustered, she commented that the possibilities were endless.

In Jack's office, Jack complimented Summer on her hard work, and he said that she'd done a great job. He was delighted that she had decided to stay at Jabot. Summer told Jack that she didn't think that she and Kyle were the right team to move the collective line forward. She said they needed to make some minor adjustments. She said that Kyle was at wiz at numbers and financial models, but for Kyle, entertaining clients was boring. She said that Kyle had been living the life of a middle-aged man, and Kyle needed to be in a quiet office with a calculator. Jack asked if something had happened.

Summer told Jack that Kyle had bailed on Nazanin and Theo because he had wanted to be with Lola. She said that Kyle had left her to handle everything herself. Summer claimed she needed someone who would be there to help her 100% of the time, otherwise, Jack needed to let her do things herself. Summer didn't think it was a job Kyle should have if he had to rush home to his girlfriend. She claimed her top priority was to get Jabot to the forefront of everyone's mind, and if Kyle couldn't keep up, then he needed to leave the photo bombing and kamikaze up to her.

Jack asked Summer how much of her complaint was about her personal relationship with Kyle. Summer said none of it. She and Kyle needed to lead with their strengths for the good of Jabot. Jack said he would speak to Kyle about reconfiguring his place on the team. Summer said it would be best for everyone, and she promised that Jack wouldn't regret his decision. Jack and Summer shook hands, and Summer left.

Alone, Jack opened one of the envelopes in his stack of mail. Ashley had sent him an invitation that read: "The night of one hundred stars in the city of lights with Abbott Exchange." There had also been a separate note that read, "If you would like to attend an event with the true A-list influencers of the world, we'd love to see you. Feel free to bring a date. Ashley." Jack slammed the invitation onto his desk, but then he chuckled.

Outside Jack's office, Summer called Theo and asked him how soon he could return to Genoa City because she'd had a huge epiphany.

Phyllis met Michael at Crimson Lights. She asked him how she could create an anonymous shell company. Michael asked why she needed one. Phyllis explained that she wanted to start her own accessory line. She told Michael that she'd wanted to partner with Jabot and coordinate with their line, but Jack had turned her down then had added insult to injury by claiming he would launch his own accessory line. Phyllis said that Jack had stolen her idea purely out of spite.

Phyllis told Michael that Jack had given her no choice but to go around him with a little help from Jabot's logo. She said that she'd go with "Cool, Jabot-like collective products without the overblown Abbott price tags." Michael was thoughtful for a moment. He told Phyllis that it was his duty, as her lawyer, to tell her there were laws against peddling her counterfeit goods, and the courts wouldn't look kindly on it.

Phyllis defended herself. She said that was how fashion worked. Designer dresses were shown on the catwalk in Paris, and twenty minutes later, manufacturers all over the world would turn them out by the hundreds. Phyllis claimed that everyone did it.

Michael informed Phyllis that those people were sued. Phyllis claimed that once in a while, one or two would go under the radar to make major bank. Michael suspected that Phyllis had been aiming for a bigger operation, thus the need for a shell company. Phyllis admitted he was right. Michael advised her not to do it, and as her lawyer, her long-suffering friend, and her conscience, he said that Phyllis needed to give the world something it hadn't seen. He said that Phyllis was more than capable of doing that.

Michael told Phyllis that her idea reeked of vengeance, and that wasn't a good place to start anything. He warned her that in the not-too-distant future, he would be bailing her out of jail. Before Michael left, Phyllis warned him not to be surprised if the not-so-dead Adam Newman paid him a visit. Michael said that Adam had been on the run from doing time in prison and then the explosion had happened. Phyllis asked if Michael honestly believed that Victor wouldn't have worked his magic to make everything disappear so he could reunite with his dead son.

Stunned by the news, Michael left.

Adam reels when he learns he killed Delia

Adam reels when he learns he killed Delia

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Sharon entered the tack house and called out for Adam. He raced down the stairs, and she explained that she'd knocked, but the door had been open. Adam swore that he hadn't left it unlocked, and he frantically checked his duffel bag of cash and was relieved to find it untouched. Sharon asked what he was doing with all that cash, and he considered it a safety net. He pointed out that she knew Victor better than he did, and she conceded that there were no certainties where Victor was involved.

Sharon wondered if Adam always kept that much money around, and he replied that he did when he was winning, so it was all the time. He checked the lock on the door and looked around outside, and he imagined that whoever had managed to get the door open had taken off when they'd seen Sharon. Adam spotted something on the floor, and he picked up a photo of Delia. Sharon identified the girl, and Adam inquired whether the photo had anything to do with him being a fugitive.

Adam mentioned that he'd read a headline about him being on the run from the police when the explosion had happened, but Victor had told him not to worry about it. Sharon wondered when Victor had last been there, and Adam realized that she thought Victor had planted the photo. Adam asked how he knew Delia, and Sharon replied that it had been through Victoria. Adam intended to talk to Victoria about it, and Sharon objected. Adam argued that he couldn't pick and choose what parts of his past he remembered, and Sharon offered to call Victoria to prepare her first.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria told Billy that she wouldn't have believed Adam was alive if Nick hadn't seen him. Billy suspected that there was a reason Adam had turned up then, and Victoria was determined to find out what it was. Victoria answered Sharon's call, and Sharon explained that Adam was trying to fill in some blanks in his life and wanted to meet with Victoria. Sharon added that there were things she didn't feel were her place to tell him, and Victoria sympathized that Victor hadn't given Sharon a choice about being in the middle. Victoria agreed to meet Adam at Society, and she hung up. Billy insisted on accompanying her.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor told someone over the phone to let him know where "he" went and who "he" saw. He hung up and gazed at a photo of Victoria, Nick, and Abby. He made another call, addressed someone as "sweetheart," and said he had important news.

At Society, Abby inquired about how Nate's meal had been, and he suggested that he deliver a full review over drinks later that night. She reminded him that she'd sworn off men, and he joked that he moonlighted as a restaurant reviewer. She envisioned him doing it between liver transplants, and he called it multitasking. He realized that she was giving him a hard no, and she told him not to take it personally.

Abby checked her phone and saw a missed call from Victor. Nate proposed that he tell her a riddle, and if she couldn't solve it, he got to take her to dinner. She wondered what would happen if she did know the answer, and he offered to donate the cost of the dinner to her favorite charity. She invited him to go for it, and she readily replied with the answer. He requested double or nothing, but she stopped in her tracks when she turned around and faced Adam.

Dumbfounded, Abby asked if the rest of the family knew, and, entering with Billy, Victoria confirmed that they did. Adam thanked Victoria for meeting with him, but Billy stopped him from stepping any closer. Abby stammered that Victoria had known Adam was alive, and Victoria clarified that she'd just found out. Abby surmised that everyone had known besides her, and she demanded to know how long Victoria had known. Adam took the blame and said he should have called Abby, but he was taking things slowly because he didn't remember anything before the explosion.

Abby wondered if Adam knew he was wanted by the police, and Adam revealed that Victor had taken care of it. Adam hoped to get to know Abby, and she replied that he knew where to find her. Abby numbly showed Victoria, Billy, and Adam to a table, and Adam surmised that he and Billy had met. Billy confirmed that they had, and Adam imagined it was strange for Billy to have to introduce himself. Adam showed no sign of recognition when Billy stated his full name.

Billy learned that Adam had no memory, and he was sure Victor was working overtime to get Adam to remember. Adam muttered that Victor had been selective in what he'd revealed, so the only person Adam trusted was Sharon. Adam added that Sharon had said Victoria could explain something to him, and he pulled out the photo of Delia and asked who it was. Billy snatched it away and asked where he'd gotten it, and Adam recounted that someone had left it where he was staying. Billy informed Adam that the girl in the photo was his daughter -- and that Adam had killed her.

Victoria insisted that it had been an accident, but Billy flatly stated that Adam had run Delia over with his car before driving away and leaving her to die on the side of the road, where Billy had found her. Aghast, Adam questioned whether he'd known he'd hit her, and Billy growled that Adam had destroyed the evidence by burning Delia's scarf. Billy continued that Victor had found out the truth and used it to blackmail Adam, and Billy's obsession with finding out who had taken his daughter had destroyed his marriage and his life.

Adam swore that he would have done something if he had known, but Billy spat that Adam had lied about it and kept it quiet until Billy's obsession with finding the driver had led him to Adam. Billy recalled that he'd held Adam at gunpoint while driving him around to Delia's favorite places. Adam understood that it didn't mean much, but he was sorry. Billy barked that Adam couldn't be sorry for something he didn't remember. Victoria wondered who had left the picture, and Adam mentioned that Sharon suspected Victor had done it to shake something loose in Adam's memory.

Billy imagined that Adam's memory loss was a "dream come true" for Victor, who could mold Adam into whoever Victor wanted him to be. Adam realized that Victor had been controlling what he remembered, and Billy growled that Victor didn't care who he hurt as long as he got what he wanted. Victoria questioned what Adam wanted, and he replied, "Not this." Adam sensed that Victor already had plans for him, but he'd had a good life in Las Vegas, and he never should have let Victor talk him into returning. Adam reiterated that he was sorry about Billy's daughter, and Victoria sympathized that Victor had used him. Adam vowed that it wouldn't happen again, and he stalked off.

Abby called Victor in a huff over being the last to know, adding that she was used to it. She anticipated that Adam might be the first Newman who considered her a member of the family, and she suggested that Victor shoot her a text message the next time someone was back from the dead. She abruptly said she had to go and hung up. Nate approached and said his drink offer still stood, even if it was just as friends. She called him a really nice guy, and he agreed to leave it at that -- "for now."

Victoria insisted that she was sorry no one had told Abby, who dryly figured that one smart, successful daughter was enough for Victor. Victoria swore that Victor loved Abby, and Abby replied that he loved all his children -- just not equally. After Abby stepped away, Victoria groaned that it was a mess, and Billy expected no less with Adam back. Victoria couldn't help being relieved that Adam had survived the explosion, but she'd felt the old resentment rising up when Adam had talked about their dad's plans for him.

Billy blamed Victor for making Victoria feel jealous and insecure, and he blasted Victor for springing Adam on everyone without telling them. Victoria apologized for being worried about herself when she should have asked if Billy was okay, and he confided that everything had flooded back when he'd looked into the eyes of the man who'd killed his daughter. An emotional Billy recalled finding Delia on the side of the road, holding her in his arms, waiting for the ambulance, and begging her not to leave him. His voice trailed off as he recounted finding out that she'd died, and Victoria comforted him.

Victoria and Billy compared the shock of Adam being alive to being hit by lightning. Billy was sure they would both be fine, and Victoria noted that Adam had seemed angry when he'd left. Billy clucked that Victor had overplayed his hand, which was good news for them and potentially Adam. Billy expected that it was only a matter of time before Adam cut his losses and headed back to Vegas.

Adam stormed into Victor's office and demanded that Victor stop trying to control him. Victor suggested that they talk about it, and Adam mocked Victor's rosy picture of the past. Adam bellowed that the fact was that he'd run down a little girl and killed her, and Victor defended that he'd told Adam that he had dark secrets in his past. Adam accused Victor of downplaying them and focusing on what Victor had wanted him to know to make him into the man Victor wanted him to be. Adam wondered what else Victor hadn't told him, and he questioned whether he was the kind of man who would run down a little girl and leave her in the road to die.

Adam contended that he had to know the whole truth about his past to accept who he was, yet Victor had only given him bits and pieces. Victor figured that everyone had things they weren't proud of, but Adam stressed that he'd killed someone. Victor called it an accident, and Adam huffed to tell it to Billy. Victor pointed out that Adam had also grieved, and Adam accused him of planting Delia's photo. Victor urged Adam not to stop pushing forward.

Adam thought that perhaps he was better off not remembering. Victor said that wasn't the Adam he knew, and Adam grumbled that being fearless was another quality he didn't remember having. Victor encouraged him not to be scared off, since he would eventually discover everything about himself. Adam wasn't sure he wanted to, and he walked out. Victor left an urgent message for Nick, expecting him to call back.

In Mia's hotel room, Rey pressed to know if the paternity test results would be in any earlier than the 24 hours they'd been told. Mia sourly recognized that he was anxious to find out that it wasn't his baby, but he insisted that he just wanted the truth. Arturo encouraged Mia to lie down, since stress wasn't good for her or the baby. Rey muttered that it wasn't the first time she'd used her pregnancy to keep from going to jail, and Arturo ordered him to lay off.

Mia demanded that Rey stop pretending that he gave "a damn" about her or the baby. Rey reiterated that he wanted to be a father more than anything, but not like that, thanks to the two of them. Mia asserted that there was plenty of blame to go around, but there was another life involved, so it was time for them to start being honest with one another. Rey maintained that he would step up if the baby was his. Mia complained that he would be doing it out of obligation and not love, and that wasn't what she wanted for her child.

Rey testily asked where Mia got off judging what kind of parent he'd be, and Arturo accused him of always acting like he was better than everyone else. Rey snarled that Mia had cheated on him with Arturo more than once, and Arturo retorted that Rey's neglect had been the reason she'd turned to Arturo in the first place. Rey argued that he'd been "busting [his] ass" to keep his family together, but Arturo had never appreciated what Rey had done for him. Arturo conceded that he'd done some stupid things while growing up, but he loved Rey. Mia added that they both did, but Rey considered them empty words.

Mia acknowledged that her marriage to Rey had failed, but she'd tried, and she believed he had, too. Rey quietly stated that he'd thought he'd wanted her and their marriage in the beginning because he'd loved her. She replied that she'd loved him, too, but something had been broken. He realized that he hadn't been able to admit that his feelings for her had changed, and he said he was sorry. Mia refused to hear any more apologies, since he was happy, and that was all she'd ever wanted.

Rey asked about Mia's plans, and Arturo announced that they were thinking about heading back to Miami. Mia intended to wait for the test results before deciding, but Arturo thought it was best to get a fresh start as a family if the baby was his. Rey wondered what would happen if it was his child, and Mia thought it was best for everyone to put miles between them. Rey vowed to make it work, no matter who the father was, and Mia insisted that the baby needed both men, especially if she ended up in jail. She thought there was no way around facing charges for what she'd done, but Rey mused, "Maybe there is."

At Crimson Lights, Rey thanked Paul for meeting him. Paul inquired about Mia and the baby, and Rey reported that they were fine. Paul wondered if Mia had told Rey about the conversation they'd had before she'd been taken to the hospital, and Rey swore that Mia had never meant to hurt Lola. Rey contended that Lola's liver problems hadn't had anything to do with the accident, which might have ended up saving her life by getting her a transplant in time. Paul incredulously asked if Rey thought Mia deserved a free pass.

Rey indicated that Lola and Abby weren't going to press charges. Paul conceded that it was hard to win a case if the victim wouldn't testify, but it continued to bug him how the officer in charge had handled things. Paul felt that Rey had betrayed him, even after he'd given Rey a chance to earn back his trust. Rey felt like he'd been set up, and Paul admitted that he'd hoped Rey would prove his suspicions wrong. Rey was sorry he'd failed the test, and Paul was, too, since Rey had been a good cop.

Rey shared that it was the only thing he'd ever wanted to do, but perhaps he was better working outside the law. Paul pointed out that Rey's future depended on staying out of jail, but he thought Rey losing his job, marriage, and possibly his relationship with his brother seemed like punishment enough. Paul was sure he could convince the D.A. not to file charges, and he told Rey to thank him by staying out of trouble. Rey called Mia and informed her that no charges would be filed, so all they had left to do was wait for the results of the paternity test.

Later, Sharon and Rey kissed passionately at the cottage. She couldn't believe that it had only been one day since they'd seen one another, and he called it the craziest 24 hours of his life. He recapped that Lola had agreed not to press charges and that Mia and the baby were fine. He continued that Paul felt there wasn't enough evidence to file charges against either him or Mia, so all that was left was the paternity test. Rey inquired about Sharon and Adam, but she replied that it was nothing that couldn't wait, and they resumed kissing.

There was a loud knock at the door, and Sharon and Rey planned on ignoring it until Adam called out. Rey insisted that it was okay, and Sharon answered the door. A clearly harried Adam asked if he could step inside. Rey introduced himself to Adam, who assumed it was a bad time. Rey observed that Adam obviously needed someone to talk to and that Sharon wanted to help. Rey kissed Sharon goodbye and left.

Adam informed Sharon that Billy had shown up at his meeting with Victoria, and Sharon cried, "Oh, no!" Adam understood why Sharon hadn't wanted to tell him about Delia, since "this Adam guy" was the kind of person who would leave a little girl in the road to die. Sharon protested that there was a lot more to it than that, but Adam believed it was who he was, and he couldn't deal with any more memories. Sharon insisted that the Adam she'd known had learned from his mistakes and become a better person. Adam asked if she thought that was who he was, and she replied that she thought it was who he could be.

Adam is shot as he prepares to leave town

Adam is shot as he prepares to leave town

Friday, May 17, 2019

At Crimson Lights, Billy handed Victoria a coffee drink. She noted that she'd never told him her order, but she tasted it and praised him for reading her mind. She added that her mind was jumbled after seeing Adam alive, and she imagined that Billy felt the same way. Billy agreed that knowing Adam was back in town was a lot to deal with, especially without any warning. Victoria refused to let it allow her life to reach a standstill, since they had unfinished business. She wanted to talk about Billy's proposal.

Billy remarked that his mind-reading skills had gone straight out the window. Victoria offered to table the discussion, but he insisted on talking, especially if her answer was yes. She replied that it was complicated yet as simple as it got. Victoria insisted that she loved Billy with all her heart, and that was why she thought they shouldn't get married. He incredulously asked if she was saying no, and she clarified that she was saying both no and yes.

Billy surmised that Victoria wanted to be together but not get married. She confirmed that she wanted to be together without putting a label on it because she didn't want rules and expectations -- she just wanted him. He couldn't understand why she was stopping short of making it official, but she argued that marriage gave them no guarantees. Victoria referred to Cane and Lily, Nick and Sharon, and their own history, but Billy thought the kids would love the idea of them getting hitched. Victoria anticipated that they'd have happiness and security with the four of them living as a family under the same roof, and the rest was just window dressing.

Billy contended that there was something about standing up in front of their loved ones as a strong family unit. Victoria voiced surprise that he was putting up such a fight, since having no commitment was every man's dream. He called her the most traditional person he knew, and it made him think she was working too hard to argue her case. He bet that she would soon be dropping hints about tying the knot again, and he asked if it was reasonable to expect that she might want a fabulous wedding one day. She wasn't opposed to an event to announce to the world that they were together again.

Billy and Victoria strolled through the park as they discussed party themes. She wanted to be sure that he was okay with all of it, and he quipped that he would take her any way he could get her. She stressed that she was serious, since the intent was to make things permanent, even if they did it in their own way. She insisted that he be on board, and he marveled at the thought of not needing a prenup or having a cheesy bachelor party.

Billy swore that he was fine with not having to think about details of a wedding. He contended that men only did the wedding thing because it was important to women, but all he wanted was the girl. Victoria happily realized that they were on the same page. He figured that they could revisit the window dressing idea one day, but all they needed was one another for then. They kissed.

Victoria suggested that they have Abby cater a party at their house with friends and family, or they could host something big and splashy at Society or the Athletic Club. Billy proposed that they spend her father's money by taking the Newman jet to Jamaica, but she preferred that the destination part be only for them. Billy commented that the best thing was that they hadn't mentioned inviting Adam, and Victoria realized that she hadn't even thought about Adam since the last time Billy had said his name. Billy exclaimed that the talk about partying made him want to celebrate sooner, and Victoria suggested something more intimate in a lovely hotel suite.

In a room at the Athletic Club, Billy hoped he didn't have to tell Victoria how much he loved her and how happy he was that they were back together. He hoped proposing to her and being with her had shown her that, and they clinked their glasses of wine together. She asked him to say it again just for kicks, and they exchanged declarations of love. They kissed and started to disrobe, and they tumbled onto the couch.

In Chancellor Park, Arturo approached Mia with an envelope. At the cottage, Rey stared at an identical envelope and informed Sharon that it contained the paternity test results. Rey shared that he hadn't opened it yet, since he thought they should do it together. Sharon thought the results would be life-changing either way, but she promised that she and Rey would make things work. He opened the envelope.

Meanwhile, Arturo and Mia stared at the contents of the envelope, and she marveled, "It's all I wanted." Mia bet that Rey was relieved, since a child would have been the last thing connecting them. Arturo asked if she was sure it was the result she wanted. Mia recalled that she and Arturo had been together first, and she suspected that they'd reconnected because things between them hadn't been finished. She thought there was a reason they'd created a new life together, and she believed with all her heart that it was how things were meant to be. They hugged.

Meanwhile, Rey revealed to Sharon that Arturo was the father, and Sharon asked if Rey was okay. He stammered that it was the most ideal outcome, especially for their relationship. She knew that part of him had been hoping to finally become a father, but he contended that the most important thing was that it was better for the baby, and it would have been difficult for him and Mia to raise a child with their history. Rey stressed that it was the best thing all around, but Sharon thought he was entitled to feel let down. She swore that it was okay to admit it, not just to her but to himself.

Rey swore that he wasn't having second thoughts about it being the right thing for all of them. He couldn't help but wonder how Mia and Arturo were handling it, and Sharon guaranteed that their lives would never be the same. Rey mentioned that he'd had a big talk with Mia and Arturo the day before, and they'd said a bunch of things that had gone too long without being said, but they'd been honest. Rey thought it was good that Mia and Arturo were considering going back to Miami, where there were lots of people to pitch in and teach them how to be parents.

Sharon questioned how Rey would feel if Mia and Arturo stayed in town, but he thought a clean break was the way to go. Rey was saddened to think about not seeing his niece or nephew grow up, and Sharon figured that he'd have to find excuses to visit. She expected that he'd still be hurting over what Mia and Arturo had done to him, but time would help. Rey appreciated her support, but he accepted that he needed to take some of the blame for the way things had gone down.

Rey admitted that he'd known Mia had been lonely, but he'd continued to throw himself into work, knowing it was causing problems. Sharon argued that Mia and Arturo hadn't needed to leap into bed together, but Rey felt he had to own his part because he could have been a better husband. He recalled being more concerned with punishing Mia rather than trying to fix things after he'd learned about the affair, and he'd been dishonest about his motives for taking the job in Genoa City. He recounted that he'd told Mia that it was a great opportunity, but he should have told her that he'd wanted to be separated.

Rey regretted that he'd lived a lie after Mia had followed him there, since working on their marriage had been the last thing he'd wanted because his heart had been somewhere else. He recognized that renewing his wedding vows and pretending things had been great hadn't been fair to Mia. Sharon thought that people sometimes needed to stumble about and bump into things before they figured out where they were going, and she considered herself lucky that it hadn't worked out between Rey and Mia. She considered Mia a fool for not seeing what she'd had in Rey, but she was glad Mia hadn't seen it -- for obvious reasons. They kissed.

Sharon and Rey cuddled in bed after making love. He thanked her for everything, including getting him to admit that he had mixed feelings about the paternity test. He confided that he hardly ever opened up to anyone, and it had helped. She gushed that he would be a terrific uncle and eventually an amazing father. She mentioned that she'd been holding off on telling him that Faith had asked to spend more time with him because she knew how much he meant to Sharon. Sharon asked if he was interested, and he kissed her passionately.

At Crimson Lights, Mia pressed to know what Arturo was thinking and feeling. He admitted that part of him had been hoping Rey was the father, but only because Rey had always been the adult in the family. Arturo added that he'd once hated the way Rey had bossed him around when they'd been kids, but he hadn't minded Rey taking charge because it had allowed Arturo to live his life the way he'd wanted. Arturo recognized that he'd made a lot of mistakes, but he pledged to change because it was time for him to stand up and be a man by taking care of Mia and the baby.

Arturo insisted that he wanted that job, and he suggested that they go back to Miami and do it right. Mia grinned happily and cooed that he'd be a great father. He was sure that he'd screw up plenty because he didn't have a lot of practice, but he promised to do everything in his power to get there. She proposed that they figure it out together, and he declared that it was time to start thinking about names.

Adam snoozed on the couch at the tack house, but he awakened when his phone chimed with a text message. "Lay low. Details to follow," the message read. There was a knock at the door, and Victor called out to ask if he could enter. Adam opened the door and curtly asked why Victor was there. Victor wondered how Adam felt, since the day before had been stressful. Adam compared meeting Victoria and Billy to walking into a buzz saw, and he griped that it might have been better if someone had clued him in that he'd been the one driving the car that had struck Billy's daughter.

Victor realized that Adam hadn't remembered anything, and Adam retorted that it didn't make it any easier to deal with. Adam bemoaned that he'd covered up a child's death instead of stepping forward, and he questioned what kind of person did that. Victor told him not to beat himself up, but Adam complained that the whole trip hadn't been what he'd expected. Adam thought he'd been stupid to think random meetings with people he supposedly knew would trigger his memory.

Victor clarified that those people were Adam's family. Adam pointed out that everyone had intense feelings for him -- and that was putting it nicely. Victor anticipated that the pressure would ease once the memories started returning, but Adam had to be patient. Victor announced that he had something that might spark Adam's memory.

Victor stopped by Nick's house, and Nick assumed that Adam was outside. Victor mentioned that Adam was waiting in the car, since Victor had wanted a moment with Nick first. Nick griped that his father couldn't just show up out of the blue, and he cited it as one of the reasons he'd left the ranch. Victor argued that Nick hadn't responded to his calls and text messages, and Nick replied that he'd been busy. Victor surmised that Nick was keeping him at arm's length, hoping it would all go away, but it wouldn't and shouldn't. Nick barked that Victor had no right to force the issue. "Force what issue?" Adam asked as he appeared in the doorway.

Victor announced that Adam was there to meet his son. Victor explained that Christian lived with Nick, who was raising the boy as his son. Nick bristled, and Adam snapped that he hadn't realized it was what Victor had been planning when he'd insisted that they take a ride. Victor figured that Adam had been dealing with a "hell of a lot" with no connection to anyone or anything, but parents had an innate bond with their children. Nick angrily asked if Victor had thought about anyone but himself, since it was a monumental thing for both him and Christian, and it was wrong for Victor to barge in and assert his will. Adam agreed that Victor had gone too far, and he wanted no part of it.

Nick confirmed that they all knew it hadn't been Adam's doing. Victor stressed that it was very important, since Adam had an opportunity to unlock his memory. Adam blasted Victor for making a unilateral decision without giving Nick a say, and Victor inquired whether Adam wanted to meet his son. Adam reiterated that the way Victor had gone about it hadn't been right. Victor lectured that Adam was going through an extraordinarily difficult time and that he needed empathy and support.

Nick argued that he had a big stake in it, too, and Adam thought Victor was nuts for pinning too much hope on him having a big epiphany. Victor recalled that Adam had thrown away all the family photos Victor had given him except for one of Christian, and he thought the boy might be the key to unlocking Adam's memory. Nick wondered why Adam had kept the photo, but Adam honestly couldn't say. Victor pushed to find out if instinct had been behind it, but Adam left the decision up to Nick.

Nick carried Christian in and introduced Adam as the boy's uncle. Adam said he was pleased to meet Christian and extended his hand, but Christian didn't react. Adam mentioned that Victor had told him a lot about Christian, and he tried to make small talk about cartoons, the big yard outside, and horses, but Christian didn't respond. Nick pointed out that it was Christian's naptime, and he took the boy out. Adam reported that he hadn't felt anything, and Christian had just been another kid to him.

After Victor and Adam left, Nick comforted Christian when the boy couldn't sleep, and he apologized if the boy's uncle had made him nervous. Nick enthused that the good news was that they had dinosaurs, and Christian giggled as he played with his toys. Nick stepped aside and pulled up a string of text messages on his phone. Chelsea had tried repeatedly to reach him, hoping for forgiveness, but he hadn't responded to any of the messages.

Victor and Adam returned to the tack house. Adam groused that he'd been wondering if the trip was a colossal mistake, and nothing at Nick's had changed his assessment. Adam scolded Victor for putting a scared kid in the middle of his disagreement with Nick, but Victor asserted that he'd had no choice, since Nick had refused to communicate that morning. Adam understood why Nick perceived him as a threat, and he noted that Nick had made a point of introducing him as Christian's uncle.

Adam ranted that Nick hated him because he thought Adam was going to take his kid, and Billy hated him because he'd killed Billy's kid. Adam thought it was no wonder why he was stressed when he'd been walking into everything blind, and he questioned why Victor had insisted on him being there when everyone wanted him gone. Victor asserted that it wasn't in Adam's DNA to give up. Adam spat that he wasn't interested in any of it, and he wished Sharon had never talked him into making the trip.

Victor offered to try to find Chelsea, since she'd loved Adam and grieved for him. Adam huffed that he'd had it with vague promises, and he was tired of being manipulated. He declared that he was going back to Las Vegas, but Victor protested that Adam had hardly been there for a day. Adam firmly stated that they were done, and he pointedly opened the door. Victor warned that Adam would regret it, but Adam retorted that the only thing he'd regret would be missing the next flight west.

Later, Adam packed his bags, and there was a knock at the door. He answered it, and someone fired a single gunshot, hitting Adam in the gut. He collapsed on the floor.



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