General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 6, 2019 on GH

Jax returned to Port Charles. Peter whisked Maxie to off for a romantic date. Ava tried to kiss Kevin. In Canada, a mystery person spied on Curtis and Laura. Kristina confronted Shiloh and demanded that he return her pledge. Sam devised a new plan to take down Shiloh. Willow shared a secret with Chase.
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Willow confided to Chase that Wiley was her son
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Willow talks to Kristina

Willow talks to Kristina

Monday, May 6, 2019

Laura told someone on the phone that she seemed to have a secret admirer, as she'd gotten a bouquet with an unsigned card. Kevin wondered who she thought it was, and she believed that she was talking to him. Ava arrived to meet Kevin, so he told Laura that he had to go. She said that she couldn't wait to see him again, and she hung up.

Robert approached and hugged Laura. He was sorry to hear that she and Kevin couldn't work things out, but he couldn't blame her for ending things. He expressed how livid Mac had been at Kevin, but Laura replied that it was a "complicated situation." He admitted to hearing the end of her phone conversation and wondered if she'd moved on, but she claimed that she'd been talking to Lulu. Robert took the opportunity to invite her to the Nurses Ball with him, as he would be in town for a while. She was surprised and flattered, but she turned him down. He advised her that the offer would be open.

Anna lightly scolded Jordan for going "rogue" and not telling Anna about Jordan's health problems. Jordan promised to make it up to Anna. Anna leaned over and hugged Jordan and left the room. Anna found Finn and remarked that Jordan's circumstances had given Anna perspective. She didn't want to dwell on the past, and she wanted to focus on their future. Finn thought back to practicing his proposal for her and agreed wholeheartedly.

Curtis wondered why Jordan had kept her health issues from him. Jordan didn't think he had a reason to worry, but Curtis wanted to be let in on anything, no matter what. Finn entered the room and informed the couple that the antibiotics hadn't worked for Jordan. He continued that she was at the top of the transplant list, but they would need to wait for someone who matched her blood type and genetic markers. His phone went off, and he revealed that it was the lab. He hoped for good news and left.

Wanting a distraction, Jordan wondered if Curtis had any news on Ryan. Just then, Laura entered the room, and Curtis updated both of them. He concluded that there had been one hundred-thirteen women in the graduating class corresponding to the bumper sticker on the car of the woman who'd tried to hire Timmy to rob the pharmacy. Laura presumed that the woman would be single, so Curtis was able to narrow it down to a "manageable" twenty-three women.

Curtis didn't want to leave Jordan again, and Laura decided to give the couple a minute alone for the conversation. When she was gone, Jordan begged Curtis to go back to Canada for her. He reluctantly agreed to head out the next morning. They shared a kiss, and he left the room. Knowingly, Laura asked when he was leaving. When he responded "tomorrow morning," she revealed that she could do that. "It's not my first rodeo," she told a skeptical Curtis. He agreed to have her accompany him, and they shook hands.

Lucy and Scott sat at the Metro Court bar and discussed the Nurses Ball until Lucy became distracted. Scott turned to see what she was staring at, and he caught sight of Kevin and Ava sitting down at a table together. At the table, Kevin could feel eyes on them, and Ava reasoned that "Any attention is good attention if it gets Ryan out of hiding." Lucy approached the table, followed by Scott, and told them that she had just been working on the Nurses Ball. She revealed that tickets were available, and she suggested that Ava and Scott go together. Kevin answered that he and Ava were already going together. "Wonderful," Lucy said unenthusiastically.

Lucy hadn't realized that Kevin and Ava were that close, and Ava revealed that no one else could "grasp the trauma of surviving Ryan." Lucy suggested that Kevin perform with Ava, and Kevin loved the idea. Scott asked for a word with Ava, so they went to the bar. He demanded to know what she was up to, as he remembered her "cockamamie plan" about baiting Ryan. Ava disclosed that she'd accepted that Ryan was dead, and she and Kevin were comforting each other.

At the table, Lucy was incredulous that Kevin was with Ava. Ava returned just as Kevin's phone went off. He had to go, but he invited Ava to dinner that night. When he was gone, Lucy insisted that Ava answer her questions, but Ava tried to leave instead. When Scott returned, Ava accused Lucy of blocking her way and warned her that if she did it again, it would be Lucy's "biggest mistake." Lucy stepped aside, and Ava commented that "big, fat checks" for the Nurses Ball could be canceled. When she was calmed, Lucy proposed to Scott that they try to keep Kevin and Ava apart "for their own good."

Kevin entered Jordan's room and revealed that Finn had wanted to meet him there. Finn entered and divulged that Kevin was a match for Jordan and could be her kidney donor.

Peter stared at his phone at an unsent text to Maxie that read, "Are you free tonight?" Anna sat with him and asked how his date with Maxie had gone. He admitted that it had stalled, as he was afraid to get closer to Maxie and hurt her. He added that he would always be Faison's son, and he didn't want Maxie to see that side of him. Anna reminded him of how strong Maxie was, and she urged him to give Maxie more credit.

Maxie and Lulu sat at the nail salon, and Maxie joked that she'd missed Lulu so much that she needed to take Maxie and James along next time. Lulu didn't think that Maxie would want to leave Peter, and she wondered how the relationship was going. Maxie revealed that she and Peter kept rescheduling their dates, and she believed that Peter was having second thoughts. Lulu knew that Peter wanted to be with Maxie, but he was very inexperienced. Maxie feared that he would never let her in. Just then, Maxie's phone went off, and she read a text from Peter asking to meet at Metro Court.

A short while later, Peter met up with Maxie at Metro Court, and he asked if she was ready to finally go on their date. He held his hand out to her. "So ready," she replied. She took his hand, and they left.

Anna sat with Robert at Kelly's, and he sarcastically asked about Peter. She happily replied that she and her son seemed to be getting closer. Robert informed her that he was sticking around for a while, as he knew that she wouldn't rest until she figured out which of her memories were Alex's. He confided that he had an idea that he was surprised she hadn't thought of. He wondered if Peter was actually Alex's son.

Michael entered the safe house, followed by Willow, and Willow told Kristina that she wanted to tell Kristina what Shiloh did "to young women like us." Willow explained how she'd been a member of Dawn of Day for five years, and she hoped that Kristina could escape like Willow had, before it was too late. Neil told Kristina that, if she was willing to listen to Willow, she could make an informed choice about her future. Kristina didn't want to hear any more "anti-DOD propaganda" and walked away. Michael said that, if she trusted him, she would listen to Willow, so she reluctantly returned.

Willow explained that her mother had been a "seeker" looking for a cause that could give her purpose. The two had found Dawn of Day right before Willow had turned eighteen in Burke Lake, where Shiloh's tower was. Her mother had heard rumors about Shiloh and had wanted to see for herself. They'd begun to attend seminars, and it hadn't been long before Shiloh had picked Willow's mother to be his "right hand." Willow's mother had been one of the first to join the Trust, and about a year later, "Shiloh wanted me, too."

Willow continued that Shiloh had made her believe that being chosen for the Trust was an honor, but he got women when they were at their most vulnerable. She explained that the pledge all Trust members gave was actually just something Shiloh could hold over their heads if they ever tried to leave. She revealed that she'd gone through the initiation and tearfully showed her tattoo, which made Sonny and Alexis wince in shock.

Willow recalled that she'd been given a drink to relax that had probably been drugged. When the Trust members had left, Shiloh had gone in and had sex with her. She wasn't sure if it counted as rape, but she still knew that it had been wrong. She cried as she counted Kristina as lucky that her family had gotten her out before Shiloh could use her for sex. Kristina countered that Shiloh was a good man and wouldn't do that to her and that he knew that she was still trying to figure out her sexuality. Willow knew that it was hard to hear, but she proclaimed it as the truth.

Sonny and Alexis, still in shock, thanked Willow for sharing, and Neil handed her his card in case she ever felt the need to talk. Michael offered to drive her home and hugged Kristina before he and Willow left. "Son of a bitch!" Sonny screamed when they were gone as he slammed a glass into the floor. Alexis wanted to "calmly agree" that none of them could take the law into their own hands. Sonny claimed that he had to be somewhere and asked to leave.

Neil reminded Sonny that the information Willow had provided was for Kristina's benefit so that she could evaluate her experiences at Dawn of Day. He told Kristina that she had enough information to decide her future and opened the door. He wondered if she was going to go back to Shiloh or back to her family.

Michael thanked Willow for talking to Kristina and believed that she'd helped. He thought that she was strong for sharing her experiences, as he was sure that they hadn't been easy to relive. He thought that his sister had needed to hear the information, and she hoped that she'd helped Kristina.

Shiloh readies Sam for her initiation

Shiloh readies Sam for her initiation

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

At Kelly's, Anna told Finn about how Robert had given her "clarity" about the truth in her face. She revealed to Finn that Peter was Alex's son, but she admitted to being relieved that she hadn't slept with Faison. Finn agreed that that was a "huge plus." She thought it was ironic that Valentin had suspected it, and, though she'd never thought she'd say it, she should have listened to him. Anna figured that she'd been taken for the memory transfer right after Peter had been born. Finn thought it made sense, as the memory of Peter's birth would be right at the top of Alex's memory.

Even knowing the truth, Anna revealed that she still had the same motherly feelings for Peter. She didn't want Peter to know the truth, and Finn believed she shouldn't tell Peter, especially since she didn't know if it was actually true. He reminded her that there was no medical proof, and she thanked him for the perspective. She thought that, if Peter hung around town long enough, they could have a real relationship. Finn wanted Peter to realize how lucky he was to have Anna, but Anna shot back how lucky she was to have Finn.

Maxie was shocked that Peter had led her onto a private plane, and he told her that he wanted their first date to be special. A flight attendant welcomed them aboard and assured them that the plane would be taking off soon. Maxie wondered where they were going, and Peter challenged her to guess as the attendant served them Champagne. After a few incorrect guesses, he gave her a few hints, and she correctly guessed Paris. He filled an excited Maxie in on their plans as they buckled into their seats.

Maxie described her favorite restaurant in Paris, and Peter exclaimed that it was his favorite, as well. They figured out that they'd been in Paris around the same time years before, and Peter figured he would have asked her out. He was glad they hadn't met before, as they probably wouldn't have seen each other again. Maxie suddenly got up to go to the bathroom. When she returned, Peter understood that she wasn't ready to move on yet, and he didn't want her to force herself to have a good time.

Peter got up to ask for the plane to be turned around, but she stopped him. She admitted to being nervous to let go of Nathan and their life together, but she acknowledged that their life together was already over. She was ready to "take the leap," and she knew that it felt right. Peter kissed her, and she thanked him for taking her to Paris. He thanked her for "taking the leap."

Neil opened the safe house door and told Kristina that the choice was hers. Chase entered and told Kristina that she hadn't been easy to find. He revealed that he and Valerie had been searching for Kristina, as Valerie had been worried. Kristina told him that she'd just gone away for a few days to sort some things out. Alexis added that Neil had led some "much-needed counseling." Chase was glad to see that Kristina was all right, and she promised to contact Valerie when she got home.

When Chase was gone, Alexis wondered if Kristina was really going home, and Kristina asked if she could stay with Alexis "for a while." As they embraced, Alexis joked that she wanted Kristina to live with her "forever." Kristina admitted how embarrassed she was, but Sonny told her that only Shiloh should be embarrassed. He promised that Shiloh would never hurt her again, and Sonny hugged his daughter.

Kristina couldn't believe it, but she thanked her parents for kidnapping her. Alexis suggested that they stop talking about their crimes. "Alleged crimes," Kristina and Sonny said together. Sonny and Kristina left, and Alexis stayed back to thank Neil for all he'd done. He was glad that Kristina was safe, but he warned Alexis that it was "just the beginning." "Whatever it takes," Alexis replied.

In front of Kelly's, Michael thanked Willow again for what she'd done for his family. She replied that it had been for a good cause and that she felt comfortable opening up to him. He thought that talking with someone would help her, as he'd been in a "similar situation," and talking it through had helped him. She promised to look into it. Nina approached and gave her condolences to Michael on the loss of Oscar. Seeing Willow, she also thanked him for visiting Sasha, who was doing much better.

Michael went inside to get himself and Willow some coffee, and Nina sat with Willow. She advised Willow that Michael had just lost his cousin, so he didn't need "this situation" at that moment. She told a confused Willow to "save it for your boyfriend Chase." "Are you accusing me of hitting on Michael?" Willow demanded to know. Nina claimed to know "women like you" who constantly played the victim to gain attention from men. Willow thought that Nina's claims were "ridiculous," but Nina warned Willow to stay away from Michael. Nina left.

As Michael retrieved the coffee, he got a text from Sonny that read, "Your sister's back. Thank Willow for us." Michael breathed a huge sigh of relief. When he walked out of Kelly's, Chase approached and informed Michael that he'd found Kristina. He assured Michael that he hadn't been out to get Michael's family in trouble. He'd only been afraid that, if things had gone wrong, things could have ended worse with Shiloh for Kristina and Willow. He was glad that everything had worked out, and Michael agreed that they'd both wanted the same thing.

When Michael was gone, Chase confessed that the thing he'd feared the most was Willow being there when he busted Michael's family for kidnapping. She sincerely thanked him for caring, but she revealed that she would have taken the risk "a million times over" if it meant getting Kristina out of Dawn of Day. She felt good, and she was happy she'd helped. Chase was happier that it was behind them. Willow agreed, and they shared a kiss.

The door opened at Sonny's, and Jax entered. As he looked around at the pictures, Carly called down to who she thought was Jason that she would be right down. When she got to the top of the stairs, she was shocked and happy to see Jax. She ran down the stairs and hugged him, and she informed him that Josslyn was asleep. She marveled over how strong and brave their daughter had been, and she thanked him for making time to talk to Josslyn every night. She related that he'd had good timing for a visit, as Josslyn needed her dad.

A few minutes later, Carly handed Jax a glass of wine and sat down with him. He congratulated her on the baby, and he made sure that her health was better than it had been with Josslyn. She assured him that all was well, and he was happy for her. Carly admitted that she didn't know how Josslyn felt about the baby, but Jax was happy that Josslyn was getting "a new person to love."

Jason entered but caught sight of Jax and offered to return later. Jax said that it was good to see Jason alive, and he sincerely thanked Jason for being there for Carly and Josslyn. Jason replied that no thanks was necessary and that he saw a lot of Jax in Josslyn. He continued that Josslyn was compassionate, joyful, and kind, and Carly was playfully offended that Jason didn't think she was joyful and kind. Changing the subject, she wondered if Jason had heard anything about Kristina, but he hadn't, and she briefly updated Jax on the situation.

Just then, Jason's phone went off with a text from Sonny that read, "All good with Kristina -- you're clear to get Sam." Jason assured Carly that Kristina was all right, and he made sure that she didn't need anything before he left. When Jason was gone, Jax figured that he should call Alexis. Carly thought that was a good idea, as Josslyn was probably "catching up on weeks of sleep." She talked about how strong and brave Josslyn had been, and Jax said that they would help her through it. Carly wondered if he wanted a room at Metro Court, but he revealed that he already had one. She wondered if he was staying awhile, and he answered, "That's the plan."

Sam arrived at the front door of Dawn of Day with her recorder just as Shiloh opened the door. She gave the recorder with her pledge to him, and she entered the house. She observed that the house was quiet, and he told her that everyone was at a rally in Beechers Corners. He added that he would normally be there, but he thought that her pledge required "special attention." He listened to her pledge through headphones and looked disappointed when it was over.

Sam wondered what was wrong, and Shiloh was irked that her pledge was all about Jason, who clearly still mattered to her. She reminded him that Jason was her son's father, so he would always be a part of her life. She thought that putting her son's father at risk showed how far she would go for Dawn of Day. He accepted her answer and told her that they could start her initiation that night. He got up and locked the front door.

Moments later, Shiloh led Sam into the attic and began to light candles. He advised her that members usually wore a "special garment" and were welcomed by other members of the Trust for their initiation. She admitted that she was glad it was just the two of them. He handed her a cup and told her to drink it in order to calm her nerves. "Do I seem nervous?" she said, cool and amused. She told him that she wanted to be fully aware of everything he had planned. He told her to get comfortable, as there would be pain, but it would be followed by pleasure. As the tattoo needle buzzed, he asked if she was ready, and she replied that she was ready.

Outside the house, Jason looked through the windows and tried to open the front door. When he found it locked, he took a beat, then kicked the door.

Jax returns to Port Charles

Jax returns to Port Charles

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Kim found Drew asleep on the couch at the Quartermaine house, and she gently covered him with a blanket. Startled, he awoke and called out Oscar's name. Kim apologized for interrupting him, but Drew was glad to be awake because he felt he'd been "slacking."

Kim explained that she had been going through a box of Oscar's things, and she wanted to find out if there was anything that Drew might want. Drew picked up a telescope, and Kim confessed that it had belonged to her, and prior to that, it had been Drew's.

Drew couldn't believe it, and Kim related some of their history. She had found it among her things after Drew had been deployed, and she admitted that she had never told Oscar that he had shared his father's love of star-gazing.

Drew picked up a photo of him, Kim, and Oscar that had been taken at the Dawn of Day house, and that prompted Kim to wonder if any of Oscar's belongings were still there. They were interrupted by the doorbell, and Drew got up to answer it. Curtis was standing there, and he gave Drew a big hug, even though Drew declared that he was fine.

Kim hugged Curtis, too, grabbed the box, and left the men alone. Drew poured drinks and declared that he didn't want to talk about his problems when Curtis had a crisis of his own because of Drew. Curtis exclaimed that it wasn't Drew's fault, and Jordan was waiting for news to find out if a possible donor was suitable.

Drew was happy to hear the update and announced that he wanted to take care of the transplant bill. Curtis resisted, but Drew was adamant because he felt responsible and was trying to fill the hole left empty with Oscar's death. Curtis stated that that meant the world to him, and he would call Drew when it was time -- but only if Drew promised to call if he needed Curtis.

At a table in Kelly's, Chase proposed that he and Willow get dessert, and he exclaimed how amazed he'd been at Willow's "stepping up" to help Kristina. Willow assured him that it was not over for either her or Kristina. Chase didn't want her to worry about Shiloh, but Willow explained the situation with her mother and the fact that Harmony was Shiloh's "number one."

Willow didn't think her mother would say anything to Shiloh about the baby. She proceeded to tell Chase how her mother had been jealous of her and had tried to please Shiloh by allowing him to be with her daughter.

Willow called it sick but called it a "silver lining" that her mother wouldn't want Shiloh to know about the baby to draw him even closer to Willow. She revealed that she'd told her mother she'd had a miscarriage.

Outside, Valerie sat at a table with Lucas and Brad as she held Wiley on her lap. Brad revealed that Lucas didn't like him to be taking classes at DOD. Valerie ordered Brad to stop. "You don't want anything to do with those people," she shouted.

Valerie went on to explain that there had been sexual coercion at DOD along with other disgusting things, and Brad joked that Shiloh had been "hitting on" him. He didn't think it was serious, but Valerie told him that her partner had heard a first-person account.

Brad didn't buy it, especially because Valerie had no evidence, and the police weren't conducting an investigation. "Watch your backs," Valerie ordered as she rose to go inside. Brad didn't care what Valerie had to say, but Lucas pointed out that Brad always repeated everything that Shiloh said and had given him money.

Brad insisted that DOD had been helpful with his anxiety, and Lucas had to agree that Brad had been calmer.

Valerie spotted Chase and Willow and announced that she had family members involved with DOD. She thought the district attorney should be notified because Brad didn't want to listen to anything she'd had to say. Chase announced that Kristina had broken away from DOD.

Chase offered to take Willow home, but she responded that with DOD everywhere, she didn't want to be alone. Chase suggested she stay with him. He called her strong and brave. They ran into Brad and Lucas, and Willow shouted that they needed to keep Shiloh away from Wiley. She stated that there had been abuse at DOD. Lucas grew angry and told Willow to stay away from them. He and Brad headed inside with their son.

Inside, Lucas assured Brad that he knew that Brad would never jeopardize the family, and he couldn't believe how distraught Willow had been. Brad replied that he would do anything for Lucas and Wiley, and he couldn't understand Willow's behavior. He suddenly didn't feel good, and he got up and headed to the men's room. Lucas called someone and said they needed to meet to discuss his family.

Alexis, Sonny, Kristina, and Neil returned to Alexis' house. Alexis announced that Kristina's room was ready, although Sonny offered his daughter a room at his place if it was needed. "I was blind, but now I see," Kristina commented, and she added that she hoped Sam would see the truth about DOD, as well.

Kristina stated that she knew that Sam would have been on her side regarding DOD, and, in fact, she considered Shiloh to be more interested in Sam than he had been in her. Sonny assured her that they were looking out for Sam, and Neil thought was it a good idea for Kristina to concentrate on herself. Sonny announced that he was proud of Kristina, and Alexis walked him out. Kristina told Neil that she would love to have a drink.

Outside, Sonny informed Alexis that he would have the house watched in the event that Kristina left. Alexis thought they would have to trust their daughter, and they couldn't keep her a prisoner.

Neil suggested coffee, and Kristina asked him how well he knew Alexis. Just then, Alexis walked in with Valerie, and Alexis and Neil left them alone. Valerie was confused and asked if Alexis had had Valerie's phone number in her phone when Kristina had used it. Kristina confessed that she had memorized it as she always did with important people in her life.

Kristina thought they had lots to discuss, but Valerie thought they could wait, especially because it was late. She had only wanted to make certain that Kristina was okay. Kristina had a hypothetical question for Valerie, and while it was legal, she couldn't ask her mother. She wanted to know how to handle information that had been given to someone that could be incriminating. It was information she wanted returned, but the person wouldn't return it.

Valerie thought it sounded like blackmail, and she thought that Kristina should accept that the information would get out. Kristina was concerned about people getting hurt, but Valerie stated that Kristina was hurting, too, and others would see that. She was there if Kristina needed her.

Outside, Neil and Alexis looked at the stars. Alexis expressed concern that she would say something wrong, and Kristina might leave in the middle of the night over it. Neil wondered why Alexis would do the same wrong thing again, and he thought she should learn from her mistakes. Alexis declared that Neil was there for Kristina and not her. Neil joked that he was running a two-for-one May special.

At the Corinthos house, Carly was happy that Jax would be staying around for Josslyn. Just then, Josslyn descended the stairs and was ecstatic to see her father. They shared a hug. "I miss Oscar," Josslyn said. She added that they'd been together all the time. Jax asked Josslyn to tell him everything because he had time. Carly looked on appreciatively.

Out on the patio, Josslyn talked about Oscar's last days, and Jax described his last days with his mother. Carly sat with them. Josslyn pointed out that Jax had known all the right things to say to Lady Jane at the end. She shared that she'd read to Oscar, and he'd enjoyed that. She'd fallen asleep for a minute, and when she'd awakened, Oscar had been smiling and still.

"Oscar felt your love, and he feels it now," Jax said. He suggested that Josslyn go to bed, but she confessed that she couldn't sleep. Jax assured her that she would never lose Oscar. He began to sing the lullaby that his mother had sung to him and that he'd sung to Josslyn when she'd been small.

Later, Sonny returned home and spotted Jax on the couch. He poured them each a glass of scotch, and Jax congratulated Sonny on the new baby. The men made small talk, and Sonny stressed that Josslyn had needed Jax. Carly showed up at the top of the stairs and announced that Josslyn had gone to sleep. She wondered if the guys had been getting along okay. "Peachy," Sonny replied.

Jax declared that they'd been catching up, but he was ready to head to his room at Metro Court. He added that he'd asked Lucy to show him available properties because he was going to buy a place and stay in town. He laughed at the thought that they might even be neighbors.

Sonny was not happy and rushed to call Lucy. He wanted to buy the neighbors' property before Jax could buy it, but Carly stopped him from doing so.

At DOD house, Shiloh was about to tattoo a prone Sam when Jason broke down the front door, pulled out his gun, and headed to the attic room. Shiloh assured Sam that her pain would pass. Before he could get any further, Jason hit him over the head and knocked him out. "It's over," Jason said. He informed Sam that Kristina had had a breakthrough and was finished with DOD.

Jason looked at Sam's back and saw that it was bleeding, but Sam insisted that he look for Kristina's pledge and not worry about her. Shiloh began to stir, and Sam picked up a vase and threw it against a wall. She screamed for the intruder to leave. Shiloh opened his eyes, and Sam tended to the bump on his head. She asked what he could remember.

Jason picked the lock on the records room door and entered to look for the pledge.

Shiloh stated that he had heard the smash, and he guessed that Jason had been in the room. Sam assured him that Jason wouldn't have missed his target, and it had been an unknown man ranting about his kid and DOD. He had run off when she'd thrown the vase at him. She suggested they call the police, but Shiloh refused. He called the house a sanctuary, and he didn't want to draw attention. He wanted to finish Sam's initiation.

Sam thought it wasn't a good idea, and she was worried about Shiloh. He declared that once started, the ceremony couldn't be stopped, but suddenly, he lost his footing and tumbled to the floor. Sam continued to tend to Shiloh and suggested she get some ice. Shiloh was grateful to her for saving his life, but Sam replied that he and DOD saved her life every day.

Shiloh received a phone call from Kim, who asked to meet with him to talk about Oscar. Sam returned with ice. Shiloh hoped she wasn't disappointed, but they would finish what they had started another time.

Chase and Willow were in bed at his place. Chase confessed that he'd been impressed after Willow had told Lucas and Brad off. He sensed it was personal. He noted that she hadn't seemed concerned about other kids at DOD, and he wondered if she'd been drawn to Wiley because he was the same age that her son would be or if Wiley had been especially vulnerable.

"You know why," Willow replied, clarifying, "Wiley is my son." Chase nodded.

Jason got to Sonny's house. He revealed that he'd been able to get into the records room and retrieve the files, but all of the pledges had been replaced with blank pages. Sonny declared that Shiloh had only been safe while Kristina had been around. "He don't have her anymore," Sonny confirmed.

Kristina leaves the house

Kristina leaves the house

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Jason entered the Quartermaine living room and found Sam, and they watched Danny out the window. Sam informed Jason that she'd been able to cover for Jason, so Shiloh had no idea that his assailant was Jason. Jason revealed that Shiloh had replaced the papers in the files with blank pages, but he told Sam that she was "off the hook," anyway, since Kristina had had a breakthrough. He reasoned that nothing Kristina could have said in her pledge could get Sonny convicted. Sam countered that the guilt would probably still eat Kristina alive.

Sam said that they needed to find the pledge before Shiloh could use it. "He can't use it if he's in the Pine Barrens," Jason stated. Sam thought that he would be the top suspect, but Jason assured her that there would be no evidence. She countered that Kristina would know it was him, and she was too fragile. She thought that the better way to beat Shiloh would be to blackmail him with his illegal initiation ceremony. She explained that drugging someone was assault, and having sex with someone after drugging them was sexual assault. She suggested that she let Shiloh finish her initiation and record it.

Anna entered Finn's office and thanked him with a cup of coffee for talking her down the previous day. She figured that she couldn't prove whether or not Peter was her son, so she would accept it and move on. Finn approved of the plan and went in for a kiss, but Robert interrupted them by bursting into the office. He revealed that he'd found a way to determine who Peter's mother was. He explained that he'd called in a favor to Frisco, who'd gotten him in contact with Dmitri Marick, Alex's ex-husband.

Robert continued that it had been a "tumultuous divorce," and Dmitri still had a lot of Alex's records. He figured they could cross-reference Alex's records with Anna's to determine where they both had been. Anna thanked him but divulged that she wasn't interested, as she wanted to leave the past alone. Robert argued with her, but she told him that her feelings about Peter wouldn't change. He continued to argue until Finn suddenly yelled, "Okay, that's enough!"

Anna ordered the subject closed, but Robert talked about how the truth affected him, Robin, and their grandchildren. "And here I always thought we'd have each other's backs," Robert muttered. He left and slammed the door behind him. Finn assured her that, if she said that Peter was her son, he would support her. She refused to let Robert ruin their day, and Finn hinted that he might be able to salvage it. He advised her to keep her night open. She promised to see him later and left. Finn picked up his phone and made a call. He left a message for Robert, demanding the return of the engagement ring that night.

At Kelly's, Mike wondered what occasion Sonny and Michael had taken him out for. Sonny replied that they'd gotten some good news, and Mike remembered that Michael was going to be a father. An understanding Michael reminded him of Jonah and added that Sonny and Carly were having a baby. He wanted to see Kristina before work, so he left. Sonny informed Mike that Kristina was just turning things around from a rough time. Mike feared that he'd upset Michael, but Sonny assured Mike that Michael understood that it had been a mistake.

Mike thought that parents shouldn't outlive their children, and he remembered it being the "worst feeling" after Courtney had died. He asked Sonny to remember Courtney when Mike was no longer able to, and Sonny promised. Mike asked Sonny to tell Kristina to visit because he missed her. Sonny spotted Robert enter and followed him to the counter. Robert informed Sonny that it was a bad time, but Sonny wanted to talk about Dante. They headed outside, and Mike saw Robert leave something on the counter. He got up and picked the small box up. He opened it and found the engagement ring.

Sonny asked if he could get a message to Dante or talk to him, as there was a lot going on with the family. Robert answered that Sonny might say something to motivate Dante to leave before he was ready, and Robert knew that Sonny didn't want to jeopardize Dante's progress. He reminded Sonny that Dante had gone through a lot of trauma, so there were no guarantees that he would be able to return home and pick up right where he'd left off.

Chase entered his living room, surprised that Willow was already awake. She admitted that she was anxious, as she'd never said it out loud that Wiley was her son. She knew that she could trust Chase, but she still feared Shiloh. She told Chase about how close Brad was getting to Shiloh and Dawn of Day. Chase reminded her that the adoption was final, but she countered that Shiloh had never agreed to the adoption, since he'd never found out about his son. She feared that he could sue for custody and win.

Willow considered telling Brad about Wiley's biological father so he could understand why he should keep a safe distance from Dawn of Day. However, Chase thought that raised the risk of Shiloh finding out about Wiley, especially if Brad was a "true believer." Chase instructed her to call her lawyer, so Willow put in a call to Diane. She left a message asking Diane to call her back as soon as possible. Her phone went off, but she dismissed it as an email from her principal wanting to set up a last-minute parent meeting that night. Chase assured her that everything would be all right, and she hoped he was right.

Kristina descended the stairs at Alexis' to find Alexis setting the table for breakfast. "You cooked?" a surprised Kristina asked. Alexis admitted that Molly had cooked it, but Alexis would do anything to make Kristina more comfortable there. Kristina bluntly questioned how much freedom she would have while staying there. Alexis didn't want to make her feel like a prisoner, and she wanted to trust Kristina to make the right decisions for herself. However, her one rule was that Kristina couldn't have any contact with Shiloh or Dawn of Day. Kristina thought that was fair and hugged her mother. She pulled away when she remembered signing her pledge.

A few minutes later, Michael entered and hugged his sister, who assured him that he no longer had to worry about her. Kristina appreciated all he'd done for her, and she felt lucky to have her family. She had to go apologize to Julian and beg for her job back, so she excused herself. Alexis offered to call Julian, but it was something Kristina wanted to do for herself. When she was gone, Alexis wondered if it was a mistake to let her leave. Michael reminded Alexis that they needed to trust Kristina to make her own decisions.

Later, Michael ate some breakfast as Alexis remarked that the therapy seemed to have worked on Kristina. She thought that Willow had affected Kristina the most, and she shuddered to think of the treatment Kristina had almost suffered. Michael commented that it had taken a lot for Willow to open up to strangers, but Alexis was grateful for it. She just prayed that Kristina's breakthrough was final, and that she didn't backslide.

At Charlie's, Julian insisted that he wanted to take care of Kim, and she appreciated him helping her go back into her apartment. She had to go meet with someone, so she excused herself. There was a knock on the closed restaurant's door, and Julian let Lucas in. Lucas gave his condolences to Kim, and she left. Julian was surprised that Lucas wanted to talk to him. Lucas replied that something was going on with Brad, and he thought that Julian knew something. "You say you've changed. Prove it," Lucas challenged.

Julian shot back that all he'd done was respect Lucas' boundaries, so he was offended that Lucas was accusing him of being dishonest. Lucas apologized, but he wondered why Brad talked to everyone but him. He revealed that Brad had been spending a lot of time at Dawn of Day, which some people said was a cult. He continued that Willow had been adamant about keeping Wiley away from Dawn of Day, but he didn't know how his parenting was any of her business.

Shiloh finished instructing Brad in some breathing exercises, and Brad thanked him. He admitted that he'd been "climbing the walls" since Wiley's birth mother, who lived in Port Charles, had been inserting herself into his family's life. He wanted her to stay away for good, but he couldn't get through to her. Shiloh suggested that Brad "bring her to me," so that Shiloh could help mediate. There was a knock on the door, and Shiloh opened it to Kim. Brad gave his condolences to her, and he left.

A short while later, Brad knocked on the window of Charlie's and was startled to see Lucas inside, talking to Julian. Julian let him in, but Lucas wanted to talk, so he and Brad went back outside. He knew that Brad was going through something, and he requested that Brad talk to him.

Kim thanked Shiloh for the photo and for the emails from all of Oscar's friends from Dawn of Day. Shiloh commented that Oscar had made an impression on everyone in the house. She explained about the "shrine" she'd found in front of her apartment, and she admitted that it felt good to know that Oscar would continue to live on in the memories of so many. She was hoping that Shiloh could share something about Oscar's time at the house, as he'd never told her about it.

Shiloh told Kim a story about how all the members had just finished a wonderful meal prepared by Daisy, and they'd been talking about their upcoming canned food drive for the homeless. Oscar had wondered why they got to eat such a great meal, but the homeless could only eat canned food. Shiloh continued that Oscar's comments had directly changed his mind, and they'd done a potluck for the homeless instead. He commented that it made perfect sense that Oscar was Drew's son.

Kim replied that it had been a coincidence that she and Oscar had ended up in the same city as Drew, but Shiloh didn't believe in coincidences. He remembered Drew frequently talking about a beautiful woman back home, and Shiloh assumed that Drew had been talking about Kim. He wondered if Drew had ever sent her anything as a "tangible reminder" of him. She answered that he'd only left her with a mix CD and Oscar. Shiloh assured her that Dawn of Day was there for her if she needed anything. She said that she wouldn't be all right sharing with strangers for a long time, but she appreciated his time.

A short while later, Kim returned to Charlie's and told Julian that she'd had an interested conversation about Oscar with Shiloh. She commented that Dawn of Day seemed "too zen" for her liking, but Shiloh had been kind and comforting.

Shiloh slung his backpack over his shoulder and walked toward the front door. When he opened it, he was pleasantly surprised to see Kristina. "You came back," he said in shock.

Kristina is unable to retrieve her pledge

Kristina is unable to retrieve her pledge

Friday, May 10, 2019

In Toronto, Laura and Curtis pursued a list of names, searching for the female who might be Ryan's accomplice. They pretended to be tax collectors as they visited homes, without luck. Laura thought that one woman in particular looked promising, but they encountered an empty home when they knocked.

Laura eyed the piled-up mail in the mailbox and noted that it included old mail from the time that Ryan had still been in Port Charles. As they walked away, someone watched them from inside the house.

Shortly after, Curtis and Laura landed in a pub for sustenance. Curtis her why she was involved in the search, and Laura admitted that she wanted Ryan brought to justice, even for Ava. She added that the fact that Ava and Kevin were together wasn't her business, although Curtis pointed out that the couple had made it everyone's business via social media and the news.

Curtis thought that Ava and Kevin had made themselves targets by taking matters into their own hands. Laura just looked at him, and Curtis nodded. Laura declared that that was why they had to find Ryan first. Curtis thought it was especially important because Kevin's kidney had been a match for Jordan, and Curtis wanted everything settled first. Laura looked at him in disbelief.

Curtis realized that Laura hadn't known, and he apologized for breaking Kevin's confidence. Laura was full of questions, but Curtis told her that it wasn't something definite yet, and there were still obstacles to overcome.

Peter and Maxie walked into their hotel suite, and Maxie was happy to see that there were separate bedrooms. They left to do some shopping and returned with several bags. Maxie said that she had been having a wonderful time, and everything had been beautiful. "Like you," Peter said.

Later, Maxie and Peter sat on the couch and enjoyed some wine and snacks. They talked about their original plans having gone awry, but Maxie maintained that they'd done perfectly well without any plans. They shared a kiss until Maxie jumped up suddenly. She insisted on going shopping for some lingerie because she had no intentions of wearing her flannel pajamas to bed.

While Maxie was out, Peter popped the cork on a bottle of Champagne. When someone knocked on the door, he opened it. Maxie was standing there, but she was followed by Laura and Curtis. She'd found them in the lobby and had overheard that there were no available rooms for the night. It was snowing, and she declared that she obviously couldn't let them be stranded. "Obviously," said a disappointed Peter.

Ava and Kevin sat at a table at Charlie's Pub, and Ava lamented that Julian hadn't been there in order to help them flaunt their relationship in public. She admitted that she hadn't told her brother the truth, and the couple began to argue. Ava noted that it almost seemed like their first lovers' quarrel.

Kevin was busy on his phone, and Ava wasn't certain if it made their relationship look more authentic. He declared that he had been waiting to hear from Laura, as well as Finn, regarding his possible kidney donation to Jordan. Ava was impressed but maintained that she didn't want her "sting operation" to be ruined by the surgery.

Kevin thought that Ryan would go crazy to know that "St. Kevin" would be donating a kidney to the cop who had been involved in his case as well as that Kevin was involved with Ryan's former lover. Ava sat on Kevin's lap and took a "selfie" of her kissing Kevin but pulled away abruptly.

Kevin noted that Ava's hands were shaking, and he wondered if she was okay. Ava insisted she was fine, and both of them hastily posted the photo on social media. Just then, Kevin received a message from Finn and announced that he needed to leave. Ava decided that she should go with him.

At the hospital, Finn visited Jordan's room and found her working on her laptop. He suggested she take a leave of absence, but Jordan was adamant that she'd just take breaks every so often. T.J. arrived and excitedly related that he'd heard that a kidney donor had been found. Finn thought that, as a medical student, T.J. could relate the facts as they stood. T.J. recited that the donation would only happen if it turned out to be safe for both parties.

Finn stressed that there would be no guarantees. He left to check the lab work, and T.J. sat by Jordan's side. She maintained that she didn't feel bad and added that she was happy to be able to see her son more often. He asked why Curtis wasn't around, and Jordan explained that he was out of town, working on a missing person case.

T.J. knew that the missing person was Ryan because Curtis had asked him about medications involved in clotting for a missing limb. Jordan told her son it was a secret, and she agreed that he could tell Molly because they didn't keep secrets from each other. Jordan thought that was because they were young. T.J. said he'd let Curtis' disappearance slide.

T.J. admitted that he liked Finn because Kiki had liked him, and Jordan joked about the doctor's bedside manner. T.J. thought that the same field of medicine might appeal to him. Jordan stated that she only wanted him to do what he enjoyed, and she was proud of him.

Kevin and Ava arrived, and Kevin assured Finn that it was okay for Ava to be present. Finn informed Kevin that his glucose levels were too high, possibly after his imprisonment at Ferncliff, and therefore, he was not a suitable donor for Jordan. Kevin offered to work hard to improve. Finn maintained that it wouldn't happen quickly enough, and there was nothing that Kevin could do.

Finn returned to Jordan's room and revealed that Kevin needed his kidney and could not donate it to Jordan. He asked if there were family members that could be tested. Jordan confessed that her family was scattered, and she was not in touch with anyone. Finn suggested she get in touch with an organization that might be able to help her locate them, but Jordan merely said she would consider it. Finn left, and Jordan assured T.J. they'd get through it. "How?" he asked.

Ava and Kevin sat on a bench in the hallway. Kevin was upset and explained to Ava that he had wanted to make amends. The kidney donation had been a way for him to give a part of himself to make up for a lost life. Ava promised him that it didn't work that way, and she just thought he should be a good person, which he already was. "Am I?" he asked.

Ava said that he was and leaned over to him for a kiss. Kevin backed away quickly. "What the hell are you doing?" he demanded to know. He jumped up. Ava was embarrassed and tried to explain that she had been in love with a man who she'd thought had been Kevin. She asked for his forgiveness and stated that she had momentarily forgotten.

Kevin replied that Ryan had been horrific; Kevin would make things right, but he loved his wife. He added that if Ava was confused again, he would "shut down" their scheme right away.

Alexis phoned Kristina from home and, unable to reach her, left a voicemail regarding Kristina's pursuit of getting her job back. Sonny arrived to check up on things and was angry to hear that Kristina wasn't there. He emphasized that Kristina could have gone to Dawn of Day house. The couple argued about whether it was okay to allow Kristina out until Neil arrived, and Alexis wanted his opinion on who was right.

Neil informed Sonny that Kristina would either return to DOD on her own, or Sonny would force her to go back by chasing after her. He thought that he, Sonny, and Alexis had made a good team and had gotten through to Kristina. Sonny was worried that it wouldn't stick, but Neil voiced his opinion that Alexis was right -- Kristina should be trusted. "Let her go," he said.

Alexis was confident that Kristina would return shortly, and she named all of the places that Kristina might have gone. She and Sonny voiced their differences of opinion, but Neil was confident that Shiloh wouldn't influence Kristina. Sonny thought it possible that Shiloh would hold Kristina's pledge over her head, but Alexis thought that was a good thing because they'd be able to go after him for extortion.

Sonny started to talk about what might happen if the pledge was about him, but he stopped and looked at Neil. The doctor assured him that their conversation was confidential unless he was going to talk about a crime. Sonny thought it would be difficult to prove extortion, but Alexis assured him that both Kristina and Willow could testify. Sonny thought that Shiloh seemed "bulletproof." He wanted to know when they could ask Kristina about the pledge she'd made.

Shiloh was thrilled to see Kristina when she turned up at the DOD house. He invited her inside. "Welcome home, Krissy," he said. He suggested some tea and noticed that the young woman seemed anxious. As he drew closer, Kristina backed away from him. She informed him that she had rethought her life's choices, and she would not be returning to DOD. Shiloh was disappointed, and he told her he'd miss her. Kristina announced that she wanted her signed pledge returned to her.

Shiloh responded that it wasn't that simple, even though Kristina reminded him that it would no longer be needed. He told her that that wasn't how it worked. Kristina proceeded to accuse him of drugging her and planning to rape her. Shiloh remained calm as Kristina continued to shout out accusations at him. He wondered where she'd heard her information, and Kristina declared that it was right from him.

Shiloh asked Kristina to sit down, but she refused to listen to him. Shiloh clarified that Kristina's signed pledge had been a gift to him, and he still had faith in her. He added that he thought that Kristina had changed, but Kristina replied that her eyes had been opened. Shiloh thought the opposite but assured her that the DOD door would always be open to her. Kristina again demanded the pledge be returned, and she stormed out.

After Kristina had gone, Shiloh spoke to Harmony on the phone. He told her that someone had stolen the blank pledge folders but that the real pledges were "safe and sound" until needed.

Back at Alexis' house, she urged Sonny to try to reach Kristina on the phone because she had already tried. Kristina walked into the house then, and Alexis informed her that Neil and Sonny had stopped by to check on things. Kristina stated that she'd gone to the pub to try to get her job back but admitted that she'd also gone to DOD.

Kristina continued that things hadn't gone well, but she'd made it clear that she wasn't going back. Alexis could tell that her daughter was upset, and Kristina didn't want to talk. She wanted to be alone, and she went to her room. Alexis was certain that she, Neil, and Sonny were aware of what had happened, and Sonny was concerned about the pledge being used.

Neil suggested that the focus should be on the fact that something positive had happened. Kristina had faced Shiloh. "She came home," Sonny said. "Home [to] a mother she has a contentious and turbulent relationship with. She chose family. Take the win," Neil urged. "We've got our daughter," Sonny proclaimed.

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