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Lulu bumped into Dustin. Nelle asked Michael to visit her. Nelle figured things out when Lorraine talked about her fear that Wiley would end up with Shiloh. Chase and Willow took the next step in their relationship. Cameron returned a special memento to Josslyn.
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Nelle realized that Shiloh believed that ''Wiley'' was his son
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Shiloh remembers his past with Drew

Shiloh remembers his past with Drew

Monday, July 22, 2019

Curtis offered to go out and pick up some dinner and opened the door. He and Jordan shared a passionate kiss until Stella made herself known in the doorway. She entered and started putting some healthy groceries away for the two, and Curtis offered to get her something from the Floating Rib. She put an order in, and he left. Stella asked about T.J.'s schooling, and Jordan insisted that they would be fine financially. She mentioned that she was working part-time so that she could feel useful. Speaking of feeling useful, she offered to help Stella "unmask" her mystery relative.

Stella replied that she wasn't interested, but Jordan didn't believe it. Stella informed Jordan that she'd paid the money to get more information, but the relative hadn't, so Stella was unable to find out more. Jordan reminded Stella that Jordan was a detective with time on her hands. She suggested that she could make some "discreet inquiries."

Sonny let Olivia into the house and cracked some jokes about the ELQ softball team uniform she was wearing. Olivia blurted out that Robert had told her that Dante had shot Peter. Sonny thought they should go find answers, so he grabbed his keys, and they left.

"Desertion," Lulu stated, and she informed Laura that it was the reason Dante was filing for divorce. Laura suggested that she call Frisco, as he owed Lulu, because Laura couldn't imagine that Dante would leave Lulu without a goodbye. Lulu realized that Dante had said goodbye the last time he had left, but that "I didn't really hear him." Laura thought that Lulu could either give Dante a divorce or fight for her marriage, as the state of New York gave twenty days to contest a divorce. Lulu walked around the room, throwing each paper of the packet as she listed everything Dante had left her to decide on her own.

As Laura took Lulu in her arms, there was a knock on the door, and Sonny announced himself and Olivia. Lulu opened the door, and the two entered, noticing her tear-streaked face. Lulu updated them on Dante's incident, and she showed them the divorce papers. Olivia insisted that Dante needed to return home, and Lulu should tear up the papers. Sonny thought that Dante believed Lulu would be better off without him. Laura reminded her in-laws that it was their job to support Lulu, no matter what.

When Sonny and Olivia were gone, Lulu asked her mother whether she was supposed to listen to her head or her heart. Laura advised her daughter to ask herself if it would make Lulu's life and her kids' lives better if she fought the divorce or if she accepted it. "Either way, he may never come home," Lulu cried.

Sonny and Olivia returned to Sonny's, and Olivia thought that talking to Dante would make him realize how wrong he was. "Maybe, maybe not," Sonny replied. He suggested that Dante was trying to cut himself off from his entire family.

In Neil's office, Alexis feared that her pattern of choosing "poisonous partners" was the reason for Kristina latching onto Shiloh. "It's not always about you," Neil reminded her. Neil thought it was interesting that, every time they tried to talk about her social life, which was the reason she was in therapy, she changed the subject to Kristina. Neil lightly suggested that Alexis had gotten all the help she'd gone to Neil for, but he thought there was a way to put it to the test. He suggested that she go out on a date.

Alexis joked that the Port Charles dating pool wasn't very deep, so she could also just avoid men. She explained that it was the easier option, as romance was emotionally exhausting and usually ended in tears. Just then, Alexis' phone went off, and she apologetically looked at it. She revealed that she'd just gotten a guarantee that she'd be back in Neil's office, because Shiloh had made bail.

Nina hung up the phone as Maxie entered her office, and Nina excitedly told Maxie that Good Morning Port Charles was going to talk about the new issue of Crimson on air the next morning. Jax entered with a bottle of Champagne and three glasses. As he poured, he informed them that the projected numbers said that the next issue would "blow the competition out of the water." They clinked their glasses together and drank.

Ava and Valentin got off the elevator at Crimson, and Valentin asked her about Sibley. He wondered how reliable the psychic was, as she seemed to know a lot about his "affairs." Ava gave the woman "four out of five chakras" for speaking about "something only I know that I like to forget." She remembered being there for one of Valentin's past sins, as he'd murdered Nikolas.

Maxie walked out of the office and announced to Jax and Nina that Ava and Valentin were there. Jax said they would be out soon and slammed the door shut. He demanded to know why Nina had "glossed over" so much of Ava's "notorious" past, including her involvement with Nikolas when he'd supposedly been dead and her presence when Nikolas had actually died. Nina argued that Valentin had killed Nikolas in self-defense.

Jax cared more about Ava's complicity than Valentin's innocence, so he couldn't believe that Nina had protected Ava. Nina insisted that she would never, and mentioning "every rotten thing" Ava had done would take a "seven-volume encyclopedia." She continued that Ava had told her own story for the world to judge as a "vain, insecure, selfish" woman. She added that the Internet was "savage," and the comments on the article would be everything Ava deserved. Jax wondered if there was something she wasn't telling him. She shot the accusation back, but he maintained that he'd been completely transparent regarding his intentions for Crimson.

Ava asked Maxie for an advance copy of her magazine, but Maxie replied that it wasn't yet back from the printers. Valentin remarked that Ava seemed anxious. Maxie promised that the interview was compelling, and Kiki was a huge part of it.

Nina proposed a new feature about "fashionable, dangerous women" to Jax. Ava, Valentin, and Maxie entered as Nina listed off some candidates, including Helena, Alex, and Cassandra. Valentin glared at the mention of Cassandra. Ava asked when she would get her advance copy of the magazine, and Nina promised that she would call Ava when it arrived. She asked Maxie to walk Ava out, so they left the office. As Nina picked up the phone to call the printers, Valentin wondered what the tension in the room had been about as he'd entered. "You," Jax replied. Before getting in the elevator, Ava told a confused Maxie that the only opinion that mattered about the article was Kiki's.

As Drew shot pool at the Floating Rib, Shiloh replayed a scene in his head from Afghanistan. Drew, who looked like Jason back then, had woken "Hank" up in an aid station. He'd told Hank that his jeep had hit an IED, and he was lucky to be alive. "My mistake," Drew had said. Drew had pulled Hank out first, unintentionally leaving their friend Tex to die.

Shiloh took out his wallet and realized that he didn't have enough money to pay for the beer he was drinking. "Too bad," Drew said behind him. Shiloh shot back that he still had Oscar's ELQ shares, and Drew warned him not to say Oscar's name. Shiloh continued that he would give up his claim to the shares "for a fee," but Drew answered, "No deal." Shiloh made a comment about dishonoring the dead, and Drew grabbed Shiloh by the shirt and pinned him against the bar. Curtis ran in and pulled them apart, and he took Drew to a table to sit down. Curtis got drinks for himself and Drew, and Drew remarked that he wished he'd killed Shiloh "in my other life." "Maybe you tried," Curtis replied.

Curtis called Shiloh a "swindler," constantly looking for a payoff. He urged Drew, for Oscar's sake, not to let Shiloh goad him, especially since Oscar would want him to not engage. He called Shiloh garbage and advised Drew to forget about Shiloh and move on.

Someone left money for their drink on the bar, and Shiloh stealthily claimed it as his own for his own drink. He got another drink as he thought back to Afghanistan. He'd asked Drew what Tex had said before he'd died, but Drew had said that Tex hadn't regained consciousness. However, Tex had told Drew "everything" that morning about how Hank had made over one million dollars, selling stolen fuel to insurgents. Drew vowed to turn Hank in so that justice could be served. "You self-righteous bastard," Shiloh muttered at the memory.

Drew had told Hank that he was "worse than the Taliban" for dragging a friend into the crime. Hank had replied that he would take his chances in court, but he'd invited Drew to help him trick the sellers and split the money, and they would never have to see each other again. He'd urged Drew to think about Kim, but Drew had demanded that Hank never say her name. In the present, Shiloh wondered if Kim had ever known what she'd meant to Drew -- and what she would give to know the truth.

Hayden wants to stay in Port Charles

Hayden wants to stay in Port Charles

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Carly asked Sonny what had happened with him and Olivia, as she hadn't wanted to intrude. Sonny told a shocked Carly about the divorce papers, and her thoughts were with Rocco. Sonny agreed that it was awful, but at least his son was getting help. Sonny related that Dante wouldn't be getting treatment if Dev hadn't helped Sonny rescue Dante. Carly revealed that Josslyn was "coming around" to Dev. She realized another reason why Sonny wanted to help Dev was that it was an outcome they could control, unlike some of their other children's situations.

Hayden entered the hospital, looking for Elizabeth, but stumbled upon Finn. He made sure everything had been "cleared up" at the police station, and she assured him that it had. She mentioned that a brother was a big secret to keep, but he shrugged and said that she'd kept her fair share of secrets from him. His phone went off, and he remarked that he had to get back to Anna.

Lucy entered and asked if Hayden was there to "breeze through and find someone else to manipulate." Hayden ignored the remark and asked if the house she and Finn had wanted to buy was still on the market. It wasn't, but Hayden expressed interest in using Lucy as a Realtor if she stopped being insulting. Lucy promised to stop being negative, so she handed Hayden her card and walked away. Finn asked if Hayden was buying in Port Charles, and Hayden responded that she was keeping her options open.

Curtis sat down with Valentin at the Floating Rib and handed him a file folder. He revealed that the papers were copies of everything that was in Jax's files on Valentin and Cassandra, but it was all public knowledge. Curtis wondered what the two had in common and why they were on Jax's radar. Valentin claimed not to know, but he decided to extend Curtis' retainer. He asked Curtis to call him as soon as he found any information. Valentin flipped through the pages and found something "interesting."

A short while later, Valentin was gone, and Hayden hugged Curtis and sat down with him. She apologized to him for being a bad friend and hated that she'd missed his wedding. She explained that things had still been "raw" with Finn, and she hadn't wanted to distract from Curtis and Jordan. He informed her that Finn had been the one to hire him to track her down, and he asked what she'd been up to. She revealed that she'd moved around a lot and eventually gotten involved in business with Jax. He'd had business in Port Charles, so she'd decided to move back.

Curtis asked if Finn was next on the "apology tour." Hayden knew that she owed Finn an apology, but she worried about how receptive he would be to it. Curtis reminded her that Finn was happily engaged, and she thought he'd moved on for the better. Curtis figured it hadn't been easy losing a child, but Hayden didn't want to talk about the baby -- or the previous two years. She didn't want to live in the past, and she wanted a fresh start. The two toasted to that and drank.

Valentin approached Finn at the hospital asked him to let Anna know that Valentin had to talk to Anna about Cassandra. He wouldn't tell Finn what it was about, so Finn replied that he wouldn't ask Anna to talk to Valentin if that was the case. Valentin divulged that they'd worked hard to "bring down" Cassandra, but she was free and a menace to society. Valentin walked to the elevator and thanked Finn for relaying the message, and Finn called out, "We'll see." When Valentin was gone, Finn made a call and said that he'd had a "semi-interesting" conversation with Valentin about Cassandra.

Lulu was crying on the couch as the doorbell rang. She glumly answered the door to Peter and Maxie, who asked how Lulu was. Lulu closed the door in their stunned faces and went back to the couch. Maxie knocked on the door, wanting to help her friend. Lulu finally picked up the pile of divorce papers, opened the door, and handed them off to Maxie. Maxie and Peter looked at the papers and back at Lulu, who cried that she didn't know how to tell her kids. Maxie decided that, instead, Lulu needed a night out with Maxie for drinks. "Hard pass," Lulu replied.

Maxie wanted to get Lulu out the house that was full of memories of Dante, but Lulu thought it was too late to get a sitter for Rocco. Maxie volunteered a reluctant Peter, who insisted that he didn't have any experience with kids. He eventually agreed, and Maxie assured him that Rocco would probably soon be going to bed, anyway.

A short while later, Rocco was playing a handheld game and instructed Peter that he had five minutes left of screen time, followed by a story and bedtime. Peter appreciated the honesty, and Rocco explained that he didn't want his mother to worry. Rocco ran off to select a book, and Peter was reading in to him a few minutes later. Peter read the book that talked about sickness and death, and Rocco insisted that he wasn't afraid. Peter ended the book happily, and Rocco yelled that that wasn't how it ended, and he ran out of the room.

Peter found Rocco hiding under the counter and joined him. Rocco said that he'd wanted to prove that he was brave, but Peter assured him that it was all right to be scared sometimes. Rocco talked about how the book was about a father who didn't know how to be a father, and he wondered if that was why Dante had left. He added that he was mad at Dante for leaving for so long. Peter knew how Rocco felt, and told him about Peter's own mother. He continued that parents made mistakes, too, but it didn't mean that the child was the cause.

Maxie and Lulu arrived at the Floating Rib, and Maxie went to the bar to get drinks. Lulu quickly turned to leave and bumped right into someone, spilling the man's drink all over. Lulu apologized profusely and realized that it was Dustin. "We meet again," he said with a smile. She helped pat him dry as Maxie returned, and Lulu introduced the two. Maxie invited him to join them. Later, Maxie offered to buy another round, and Lulu didn't look thrilled about it.

Dustin caught the look and insisted that he didn't want to intrude on the girls' night. Lulu claimed that she was just tired, so he offered to wake her up with some karaoke. "My husband served me with divorce papers," Lulu blurted out. Maxie quickly got up to close her tab, and Lulu apologized for being a "downer." Dustin thought that Dante was a fool to let her go, and she agreed. He promised to see her around and left, and she began to cry.

Maxie and Lulu arrived back at Lulu's, and Maxie was sorry for dragging Lulu out. Lulu knew that Maxie had been trying to make her feel better, but she wasn't ready. They embraced and went into the house, where they were touched to see Peter and Rocco next to each other on the couch, asleep.

Michael and Sasha arrived at Kelly's, both "ravenous." They sat down at a table, and Michael broke it to Sasha that they would have to postpone their trip to Puerto Rico. He revealed that he had a "function" for which he needed a date, and he invited her along. He divulged that it was for Wiley's first birthday party, and she told him that she wouldn't miss it for the world.

Josslyn and Dev approached Kelly's as they argued about stealing and driving cars. Cameron and Trina walked up, wondering what the two were arguing about, and Josslyn covered that Dev had caused Sonny's speedboat to need a tow back to shore the last time he'd driven it. They continued to bicker, and Cameron broke the argument by inviting them inside for coffee before his break from community service was over. He and Josslyn went inside, but Trina asked Dev to stay outside with her so that she could learn more about him.

As Josslyn and Cameron waited for their coffee at the counter, Michael walked over to say hello. He thanked Cameron for being with Josslyn after she'd run out of the will reading. Michael hoped to see more of Josslyn soon, and she assured him that he would. He hugged his sister and went back to his table. Josslyn thanked Cameron for being a good friend, and for going above and beyond for her and Oscar. She said that she appreciated him and gave him a hug.

Michael was talking to Sasha about visiting her hometown when Sasha saw Lucy enter and start staring at her. She mentioned it to Michael, who turned around and said hello to Lucy. He introduced the women, and Lucy remarked to Sasha that, "In another life, you could have been the face of Deception." She informed a confused and slightly offended Sasha that Deception had been her cosmetics company, but Sasha had a good look for modeling. She gave her card to Sasha and instructed her to call if she ever wanted to try it out, as Lucy still had some contacts in the business.

When Lucy was gone, Michael thought Sasha could make it as a model -- or anything she wanted to be. She admitted that she'd tried modeling after high school, but it hadn't worked out for her. Michael realized that that was the first thing she'd told him about her past, so she should keep going. However, she insisted that there wasn't much to tell, and she'd rather focus on their future.

Josslyn and Cameron returned to Trina and Dev with coffee just as Cameron's community service supervisor arrived to get him. Cameron left, and Trina noticed Josslyn staring at Oscar's compass. Josslyn knew that she should focus on the good times, but she kept the compass close because it was one of the few physical things Oscar had left her. She wondered if Dev could get home on his own, as she had a stop to make. Dev confirmed that he could, so Josslyn left. Neither Trina nor Dev believed that Josslyn was all right, and Trina figured that Josslyn had gone to the footbridge.

Cameron and his supervisor arrived at the footbridge, which needed to be cleaned up. The supervisor left to take care of the graffiti and instructed Cameron to cut the padlocks and combination locks off the railing, including the one placed there by Josslyn and Oscar. Later, Josslyn arrived on the empty bridge and was horrified to see that their lock was no longer there. Josslyn had been crying for a few minutes when Dev arrived, and she tearfully told him about the lock. Dev opened his arms to her, and she cried in his arms.

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Due to ABC News coverage of Robert Mueller's testimony, General Hospital did not air. While this was not a planned preemption, there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the scheduling change.

Regular programming resumed on Thursday, July 25, and picked up where the Tuesday, July 23 episode concluded.

Sonny and Carly find out more about the baby

Sonny and Carly find out more about the baby

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Sonny was sitting outside of Kelly's, drinking coffee, when Robert passed by. Sonny called out that he needed to "chat" with Robert, who sat down with Sonny. Robert divulged that he couldn't talk about Dev, since Robert was involved with law enforcement. However, Sonny wanted to talk about Dante, who Robert had promised to "bring home." Robert agreed that the WSB could have handled things better, but Dante had also known the risks.

Robert promised to use his contacts to keep an eye on Dante, which Sonny appreciated. Sonny was also concerned about Shiloh walking around town. Robert replied that, if he was "allowed" to do his job, Shiloh's freedom would be temporary. He added that he and Sonny needed to "establish clear boundaries" of what they could and couldn't discuss, since Robert was involved with law enforcement. Robert went into Kelly's.

Inside Kelly's, Chase told Finn that he'd been surprised find out that the woman he'd been questioning at the station had almost been his sister-in-law. He thought that he and Finn were trying to have a real relationship, but Chase didn't know anything about Finn's life. Finn told Chase about his and Hayden's relationship and how she'd helped him through his addiction. He concluded that he'd loved her, but they'd had problems.

Chase wondered why Finn and Hayden had been engaged then, and Finn replied that they'd loved each other, and she'd been pregnant but lost the baby. That was all the sharing Finn was willing to do that day. Robert approached, wanting to talk to Finn, and Chase vowed to finish the conversation with Finn. When Chase was gone, Robert revealed that he'd talked to Anna about Valentin's curiosity about Cassandra, and Anna wanted Robert to find out what Valentin was up to.

Robert confided that Cassandra had last been seen in Italy with an unidentified man. Finn guessed that it could have been the man who'd "bankrolled the mercenaries" who'd forced him to revive Cassandra. Regardless, Robert informed Finn that Finn's "role in this is over." He warned Finn that Cassandra was dangerous, and she already had a grudge against Finn.

Carly was on the phone, trying to rearrange bookings at the hotel, when Jason arrived at the house. When she hung up, she joked that she didn't know whether to be annoyed or happy that Jax hadn't yet found a house, as his extended stay had caused problems with some bookings. Speaking of the hotel, Jason wanted to talk to her about her new employee, Dev. She replied that she hadn't really needed him, but "idle hands..." "Especially his," Jason replied, and he suggested that she keep a close eye on Dev.

Carly thought about how crazy things were about to get in the house with the baby on its way, and Jason inferred that Carly was keeping something from him about the baby. She admitted that they'd found out that the baby had spina bifida, and she was terrified to find out how serious it was later that day. Because of how much was on her plate, she asked Jason to keep an eye on Dev.

Willow arrived at Metro Court and bumped into Michael. She revealed that she was there for a job application and turned down Michael's offers to talk to Carly for her. He wondered how she was holding up, and she revealed that she was happy, since it was Wiley's birthday. Even though she missed him, she was glad that he had everything she'd wanted for him. She asked how he was doing, as it was also Jonah's birthday. While Michael would "give anything" to have Jonah back, he'd resolved to focus on the life around him, although he confided that it hadn't gotten easier.

Chase entered as Michael left, and Willow admitted that she still had to pick up the job application. He advised her to hurry, as he had a whole day planned. She appreciated him trying to distract her on Wiley's birthday, but she'd decided to follow Michael's lead and not dwell on the past. Chase thought that he could apply that advice to his brother, and he updated Willow on everything he'd learned about Finn.

Chase wondered if Willow had ever given thought to becoming a parent again, and she replied that she would like to have kids one day. He agreed and added that he hadn't had reason to think about it "until recently," as it was usually a conversation for two people who loved each other. "Willow Tait, I love you," he declared. "I love you, Harrison Chase," she replied, and they shared a kiss.

Sonny and Carly nervously waited in an exam room. Carly's doctor entered, and the couple asked about options for dealing with the spina bifida. The doctor informed them that she would have a better idea after the ultrasound. A short while later, the ultrasound was done, and they waited for the results. The doctor returned and told Sonny and Carly that severe nerve damage was unlikely, but there were other possible complications.

The doctor explained that the baby would have to be delivered by C-section, and the baby would need immediate surgery. She continued that they wouldn't know the intensity of the necessary procedure until they knew the severity of the damage. She revealed that they wouldn't know that information until the seven-month ultrasound.

Michael entered his parents' house and found Jason. He suggested that he and Jason build a treehouse for Avery and the baby when Jason and Drew were done with the one at the Quartermaines'. Michael's phone went off, and he answered it to an automated message asking if he would accept the charges for a collect call from Nelle at Pentonville. "No," he growled, and he hung up.

Michael informed Jason of the call and figured that Nelle would try to use the anniversary of Jonah's death to manipulate him somehow. He'd heard from Willow that Nelle had been asking a lot of questions about him, as Nelle was Harmony's cellmate. Jason had to go, and Michael decided to wait for his parents to return. When Jason was gone, Michael's phone went off again, and it was another automated message asking if he'd accept the charges for a collect call from Nelle at Pentonville.

Dev was twirling a set of keys in his hand on the terrace at Sonny's when Cameron walked up. He asked where Josslyn was, and Dev replied that she and Trina were out on a run. Dev bragged to Cameron that he'd taken Sonny's speedboat out without needing another tow back. Josslyn and Trina returned, and Trina complained about the length of the run. Josslyn retorted that she'd needed "more endorphins" after the night before, and she explained about finding her and Oscar's lock gone from the bridge.

Josslyn figured it was stupid to be so upset, but Dev agreed that it was an important symbol to her. Cameron confessed that he'd cut the locks off the bridge as he'd been instructed to do by the supervisor of his community service. He profusely apologized, but Trina insisted that it wasn't his fault, as he'd been following orders. He promised that he would have saved the lock had he known it was there; however, he'd thrown them into a Dumpster near the bridge, and it had already been taken by a truck. The girls went inside, and Cameron said to Dev, "What if there's a way to make things right?"

A short while later, Cameron and Dev arrived at the dump, and Dev boosted Cameron into a Dumpster. A guard yelled at Dev, who claimed to be writing a paper for summer school about waste management. As he walked away with the guard, Cameron dug around in the Dumpster.

Josslyn and Trina sat on the terrace, and Trina made suggestions on what they could do that night. Josslyn expressed how great of a friend Trina was, and Trina said she knew that Josslyn would do the same for her. Josslyn hated that she would one day move on from Oscar. Trina insisted that Oscar wanted her to live her life and be happy. Dev and a visibly dirty Cameron returned, and he informed the girls that he'd been digging through trash. He took the lock from behind his back and held it out to Josslyn, who caught him in a big, thankful embrace.

At Crimson, Jax and Nina talked about how good their numbers were from Ava's issue as Curtis installed firewalls on their computers. Jax admitted that Nina had had a good idea when she'd suggested featuring "dangerous women." He wondered what she knew about Cassandra, and Curtis listened in on the conversation. Nina said that Valentin had a "complicated history" with the woman, but Jax probably already knew that. He wondered what she was implying, and she covered that he just wanted to make sure that she could be objective for the story.

Jax claimed that he'd gotten off on the wrong foot with Nina and Valentin, so he offered to take them out to dinner. Nina suggested that he go to Wyndemere for dinner that night, and she told him to take along his "girlfriend." He corrected that Hayden was their CFO, but he accepted the offer. He left, and she did a victory dance. Curtis wondered what she was thinking. Nina explained that she would make Jax think that he was winning her over so that he would put his guard down. She vowed to "wine and dine him" until she found out why he was so interested in Valentin.

Outside the office, Jax told someone on the phone about his dinner plans that night. He said that being invited to Wyndemere was "a perfect opportunity to search the place."

A new psychic has messages for Ava and Franco

A new psychic has messages for Ava and Franco

Friday, July 26, 2019

Nina perused her copy of Crimson's latest edition. "I did it!" she exclaimed. Valentin arrived, and she proceeded to commend herself for breaking away from her hate of Ava in order to capitalize. Valentin offered to go somewhere to celebrate, and Nina thought that Paris would be a good idea. She confessed that she needed him to do her a favor first.

Valentin learned about Nina's dinner invitation to Hayden and Jax, and Nina stressed that it was for the purpose of learning about Jax's file on Cassandra Pierce. She admitted that she should have told the police from the start about the night she'd defended herself against Cassandra as Valentin recalled how he'd covered things up. He added that he would always protect Nina.

Just then, an angry Ava showed up and announced that she would sue Nina for everything she had. She proceeded to accuse Nina of tarnishing Kiki's life and Ava's history, but Nina retorted that all of the quotes had been accurate. Valentin chimed in, and the trio argued back and forth and digressed until Ava reminded Valentin that she'd seen him murder Nikolas.

Valentin accused Ava of lying and changing her story as she'd previously confessed that he had acted in self-defense. Ava declared that she'd been forced to testify as she had. Valentin left on an errand but made Nina aware that he was proud of her and the job she'd done on the magazine.

Nina urged Ava to look at the comments that readers had made on the interview, and she handed Ava her tablet. Nina added that the number of comments had increased greatly; they had two million of them. Ava took the tablet and smiled as she began to read some of the glowing responses out loud. Nina admitted that not all of the comments were favorable, and Ava lost patience after reading a negative response. She began to shout.

Ava declared that she'd been tricked after she'd thought that Nina would be fair. Nina emphasized that none of the details had been made up, and it had been a platform for Ava to tell her story. "Such is life," Nina said. Ava retorted that Nina was "sitting on top of the world" with her family and magazine. "Don't look down," Ava suggested. She added that the fall would be a long one. Ava stormed out.

Hayden found Jax sitting at a table and reading Crimson magazine at Metro Court. She congratulated him, and he mistakenly thought she'd meant on the interview with Ava. She clarified that she had referred to the invitation for dinner at Wyndemere, although Jax replied that it had been Nina's idea. Jax was eager for them to search the house, and he thought it was good that Hayden had lived in the house at one time.

Jax admitted that he was okay with keeping up the fašade of being involved in a relationship with Hayden for the job they were doing but not as a way for her to stalk Finn, because his heart was elsewhere. Hayden wondered if it was for his ex-wife.

At Carly's house, Michael reluctantly accepted the charges for a collect phone call from Nelle. She suggested they meet to share their grief over Jonah. As Nelle cried, Michael sighed and agreed they could see each other. After the phone call was finished, Michael admitted to Carly what he'd done, and she was beside herself. She agreed that it was Michael's life; she would support and love him, but she was worried.

Michael was grateful for Carly's lack of lecture and told her he wanted to see Nelle because she'd gotten to be with their son for his only living moments, and he wanted to feel close to Jonah. He and Carly kissed each other's cheeks and said goodbye.

At General Hospital, Liesl was ready to be released. She professed to Franco and Elizabeth that she was safer in the hospital while her attacker was still out and unknown. Chase arrived and announced that the police had been convinced that she'd been pushed into the water, and with the enhanced photos, had decided the attacker had been a man. He handed copies of the improved photos to Liesl.

Liesl thought the photos were blurrier, and she still thought it could have been Hayden in a pair of pants. Chase wanted to talk about Liesl's enemies who had been at the party. Liesl signed her release papers, and Elizabeth left. Chase asked if Liesl had had any arguments at the party. Eventually, Chase left and bumped into Hayden as she stepped off the elevator. "Oh, it's you," she said.

Chase and Hayden made small talk, and Chase was happy that Hayden was no longer a suspect in pushing Liesl from the ship. He wanted to start their relationship over. Hayden was glad that Finn had a little brother. Chase stepped onto the elevator, and Hayden found Elizabeth. She asked her sister to accompany her on a house-hunting expedition, but Elizabeth was unable to go.

Elizabeth invited Hayden to stay with her and Franco until she could find a place of her own. Hayden was hopeful that she wouldn't be without her own home for too long, and Elizabeth promised to go another time.

Elsewhere in the hallway, a woman initiated a conversation with Franco. She told him that she had a message from Kiki, who was glad to see that he was happy, and she congratulated him. The woman identified herself as Chelsea, and she called herself a "paranormal influencer." She clarified that she was not affiliated with Sibley. Franco mentioned the last message he'd received that had said he might not feel like himself. He asked what it meant.

Chelsea told Franco she couldn't interpret someone else's message. Suddenly, her eyes widened. "Whatever you do, don't take that drive," Chelsea warned. Franco wanted more clarity, but Chelsea was unable to provide it. She had to leave, citing her need to meet with another client.

Valentin stopped into Liesl's room, and she showed him one of the enlarged photos. She told him about the person in the shadows who had pushed her. Valentin announced that he was there to take Liesl home, but she insisted that she would prefer to get her own ride. Valentin made it clear that he had been ordered to take Liesl to Wyndemere, but Liesl declined.

Valentin replied that Nina wanted Liesl at Wyndemere. He thought they should get along well, or else things could be unpleasant.

Franco sought out Elizabeth and told her he'd received another psychic message. Elizabeth suggested they grab lunch, and Franco declared that it had to be somewhere walkable.

Nelle returned to her cell at Pentonville and relayed to her cellmate, Harmony, the good news of Michael's pending visit. Nelle mentioned that it was the anniversary of both the birth and death of their son. Harmony thought it was a small world, as her grandson had been born on the same day, but she wished the baby's father didn't know about it.

Harmony told Nelle how her daughter had run away from the baby's father. She proceeded to provide Nelle with details about Shiloh, and she added that her daughter had probably been Shiloh's most special follower. Harmony was proud of her daughter for being free, but Shiloh had tracked her down and might take the child after being deceived. Harmony mentioned Wiley's name, and Nelle interrupted. "Did you say Wiley?" she asked. Nelle was in shock but finally managed to say that Wiley was a cute name.

Harmony told Nelle about Wiley's adoptive family, and how her daughter, Kali, had broken the law. Nelle couldn't believe it as Harmony went on to say that Shiloh had his ways to pursue custody. She prayed that Brad and Lucas managed to flee with Wiley if Shiloh got close to taking his son. Nelle exclaimed that she admired Harmony's daughter and noted that parents needed to do what it took to protect their children.

Nelle continued that sometimes everything was set up, but then sometimes there was a "wrinkle." She was notified that she had a visitor, and she was taken to the room where Michael sat and waited. Michael maintained that he was there to talk about Jonah. "Now it's all about our son," Nelle replied.

Carly encountered Jax in the Metro Court restaurant and told him about Michael after Jax sensed that something was wrong. Carly couldn't stand it, and she told Jax that Nelle was still using the baby to manipulate Michael. Jax urged her to sit down, and he said that Nelle was only trying to manipulate Michael. Carly thought that Michael was still vulnerable to Nelle, and he wanted to hear about Jonah.

Jax didn't think that Michael was as vulnerable as he'd been in the past, although he probably wasn't as strong as Jax gave him credit for. Carly admitted that she enjoyed Jax's input. Jax felt responsible for Nelle in the first place after he'd arranged for her kidney to be donated to Josslyn, but Carly thanked him for saving their daughter's life. Carly couldn't believe that Nelle hated her as much as Carly had once hated Bobbie before learning that Bobbie was her mother.

Jax reminded Carly that she had figured things out, but the situation with Nelle wasn't the same. They talked and flirted, and Carly mentioned how much she'd loved the exposÚ on Ava in the magazine. She provided Jax with a bottle of Champagne, and they toasted as Ava stepped off the elevator and glared at Jax.

Ava walked over to the table, and Carly admitted that she and Jax had been toasting the article. Carly exclaimed that she'd loved every word except for the mention of Morgan, although the context had been worth it. Carly left, and Ava mentioned that she'd heard about the increase in sales of the magazine. She sat down and asked Jax if his revenge was complete.

Ava thought that by having the world judge her, Jax had gotten what he wanted. Jax replied that he usually did. He rose and walked off.

Chelsea joined Ava at the table where she sat drinking Champagne. Chelsea stated that she would thank Jax for the Champagne if she met him. Ava questioned her, and Chelsea mentioned the image of Jax that she'd had. Ava wanted proof that Chelsea was a psychic, and Chelsea replied that Ava should leave Kiki alone because she was angry. She had sensed Kiki's presence at the hospital where she'd gone because she'd been given a message for Franco.

Ava declared that she'd done the magazine article for Kiki, and she wondered if it was enough to make peace.

Carly ended up in the Crimson office, where she gloated over the magazine article. She proclaimed that Ava had done the hatchet job to herself, and she praised Nina for a job well done. Nina wondered what Carly could tell her about Jax, and she asked if Jax was "too good to be true." Nina thought she could be setting herself up, and Jax might want her to fail.

Carly had nothing but good things to say about Jax. She thought he was fantastic and a shrewd businessman. She stated that he was a great boss who played fair. Nina admitted that she found it surprising that Carly and Jax weren't still together, and Carly admitted that they had an unusual relationship. Carly thought that Jax made things work, and Nina would do well to trust him.

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