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Peter was shot in the shoulder. Dante sent Lulu divorce papers. Sibley shared some news about Nikolas. Nina apologized to Willow. Shiloh secured the money for bail. Jason and Drew spent time together. Jordan paid Ryan a visit.
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Sibley contacted Kiki and gave Ava some news about Nikolas
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Dante shoots Peter

Dante shoots Peter

Monday, July 15, 2019

At the WSB office in Ithaca, Peter tried to stop Maxie from going through a closed door, but she refused to listen. "Dante! No!" Maxie shouted as a gunshot rang out. Peter fell to the floor with a gunshot wound in his shoulder. He screamed in pain as Maxie bent over him and tried to stop the flow of blood. Medical personnel arrived, and the doctor checked Peter over. He wanted Peter taken to a hospital, and Maxie demanded that it be General Hospital.

Lulu stopped at Pozzulo's to speak to Sonny. She told him she hadn't heard from Dante, and she wanted Sonny to find him and get him home like he'd done when Dante had been in Turkey. She named some of the life events that Dante had missed, and she admitted that she hadn't been herself. Lulu began to get upset and stressed that she had no stability in her life, and it was wrong.

Lulu explained that the first time that Dante had been away, she'd been worried, and she'd subsequently been relieved when he'd returned home. She added that Turkey had taken both a physical and emotional toll on Dante. She'd seen awful scars on his back and realized he'd probably been tortured. Sonny admitted he hadn't known about that. Lulu declared that Dante was broken, but she was broken without him.

Finn ran into Alexis as she emerged from a meeting at General Hospital. She stated that she had enjoyed the meeting, and Finn admitted that he was trying to find one for himself. Alexis asked if he wanted to talk, and she assumed that Hayden was the cause behind Finn's desire. Finn went on about his former relationship with Hayden, how she'd left and returned, and he had been confronted with an "epic failure."

Alexis mentioned how she had been through the same with all the men in her life. She began to name them. Finn thought that he and Hayden had been good with intense events, but the day-to-day events had bogged them down. He added that Hayden had moved on, and he had, too, although his current partner had up and disappeared. Alexis suggested that Finn should think about being in the present and not make things up about Hayden.

Alexis added that he should treat the relationship with Hayden as something professional. She proceeded to babble about what had happened between her and her therapist but returned to the conversation as Finn looked at her in a confused fashion. They decided they would need lots of meetings.

At Charlie's Pub, Ava sat at the bar, and Julian told her how proud he was of her for doing the Crimson interview. Ava admitted that she still had trouble getting out of bed in the mornings. She received a phone call from Sibley, and Kristina, who was bussing a table nearby, stopped to listen. After the call was finished, Kristina apologized for listening, but she'd realized that Ava had been talking to the famous psychic.

Kristina noted that Sibley had helped to solve a murder. Julian had stepped away but returned during the conversation. He couldn't believe that Ava had consulted a psychic, and Ava suggested he not be close-minded. Kristina continued to interject herself into the conversation until Julian sent her back to work. He was surprised that Ava believed in something like a psychic, but Ava stated that she had been trying to get in touch with her spiritual side.

Julian was aware that Ava had tried to contact Kiki, and he was worried about his sister. Ava snapped that what she did had no effect on Julian, and his children were alive, so he couldn't understand her position. She was desperate to reach Kiki to resolve things because Kiki had thought that Ava had hated her. Julian was certain that Sibley preyed on grieving parents and only wanted Ava's money.

Ava insisted that she'd felt Kiki's spirit on the Haunted Star, and Julian was puzzled. He asked if Ava had spoken to Kiki, and she replied that she'd tried, but Sibley had explained that Kiki hadn't stuck around long enough. Julian thought that Ava was being played and that Sibley had perfected her scam. "Grief makes people do desperate things," he said.

Ava told Julian that she wasn't angry at him, but she wanted him to stay out of her business. She headed to the door and ran into Alexis, who was on her way in. Alexis congratulated Ava on the Crimson cover, and Ava admitted that she hoped her story would be handled with care.

Alexis sneaked up behind Kristina and gave her a hug before heading over to the bar for a cup of coffee. She and Julian began to bicker, and they agreed they'd both been annoyed with each other. They declared a truce, and Julian confessed that he appreciated the way Alexis could see Ava's grief. Alexis was grateful that she had her daughters, and she knew Julian felt the same about his kids.

Alexis stated that she'd seen awful grief with Kim and Drew at the reading of Oscar's will. Julian informed her that Kim had sought help, but he thought that Ava was heading for trouble. Alexis announced that she had something to tell Kristina and Julian. She revealed that Shiloh had been arrested thanks to testimony from Harmony. Kristina said it was over, and Alexis hugged her.

At Metro Court, Laura jumped up from her table to take a call and left her purse on the table. Dev spotted it as he stepped off the elevator, and he slowly walked over to the table. He knocked the purse onto the floor, but as he bent down to pick it up, Jason beat him to the punch. Carly walked over to them just then and announced that she'd had Dev set up in the kitchen with a job. She wondered if the guys were "getting along."

Dev went into the kitchen, and Jason asked Carly what she thought of Dev. Carly maintained that Dev had saved Sonny's life, and Sonny liked to pay his debts. She thought Dev was a good kid but cocky. Jason expounded on Dev knowing how to survive on his own in Turkey with no respect for the law and how he wasn't familiar with the "game" in Port Charles. He was afraid that Dev would get busted and arrested.

Carly realized that Sonny would then be in trouble, so her first thought was for Dev not to "make waves." Jason added that Dev could be caught doing something stupid and make trouble for everyone. Carly decided that she had better talk to Sonny.

Laura returned to her table, where Hayden joined her. They talked about Hayden's unfortunate trip to the police station. Laura received a text message and photo from Spencer, and the women made small talk about the young man who had gotten so big. Hayden thought he looked more and more like Nikolas. Laura confessed that Valentin was a dark cloud hanging over Spencer's head because he'd stolen Spencer's home.

Laura asked about Hayden's plans while she was in town, and Hayden revealed that she was the new CFO at Aurora. She admitted it had been "generous" of Jax to hire her. The discussion turned to the money that Hayden had embezzled, and Laura admitted that people made mistakes and rebuilt. She added that Nikolas had done some awful things, but he had been a good person and could have found his way back.

"If only he'd lived long enough to have that chance," Ava declared as she ended up standing next to the table after stepping off the elevator. Laura was surprised to hear that Ava had thought about Nikolas, and Ava responded that she thought of him often. She added that he had made a "lasting impression" on her. Laura was choked up and got up to leave. Hayden announced that she would accompany Laura.

Ava stopped Laura to ask if she ever spoke to Nikolas, and Laura responded that she did often because he was in her heart.

Dev wondered why Jason hadn't said anything to Carly about the purse. He claimed that he had only stooped to pick up the purse. Jason told him that was a lie, and he'd had to think about his next move. He stated that Dev hadn't thought about the consequences of stealing the wallet that had belonged to the mayor, who happened to be a close friend of Sonny's -- and Dante's mother-in-law.

Jason pointed out that Dev was a stranger in town, and he needed to think things through. He asked if Dev needed money because Sonny had taken care of Dev. Jason added that the teen could not take risks any longer. Jason maintained that Sonny was giving Dev a large opportunity, and he wondered if the boy wanted to throw it all away. Dev stated that he wanted it all to work out. Jason did, also, and he thought he'd have to save Dev from himself.

Peter was wheeled into General Hospital and taken to be examined. He assured Maxie he was fine. Maxie was frantic because she didn't see anyone else around. Suddenly, Finn stepped off the elevator and spotted Maxie with blood on her hands. He asked what had happened, and Maxie filled him in. Maxie blamed herself for Peter's wound. She'd insisted on trying to track down Dante after everyone had told her not to do it.

Maxie revealed that she had gone into a room, and Dante had fired a gun and was hit Peter, who could have died. Dante could have been a murderer, Maxie cried. She wondered why she couldn't learn. Finn tried to comfort her, and he noted that he'd gotten involved in the WSB world, also. He'd been told to stay away. He reminded Maxie that her intentions had been good, and it had been Peter's choice to go with her.

Finn emerged from the examination room and announced that Peter was doing well, and the bullet had passed right through him. He had received sutures but would be fine. Maxie ventured into the room to see Peter, and she asked Finn to go with her. Once inside, Maxie apologized profusely to Peter and told him it had all been her fault. She recalled that Peter had tried to tell her it was a bad idea.

Peter promised he was fine, and he stated that he had told Maxie that about one million times. They held hands, and Finn told Peter to relax and that he was in good hands. He left the room. Peter assured Maxie that he had wanted to go to Ithaca with her, and he was glad it had been him that had been shot and not her. She was glad they were both alive. They kissed.

Lulu ran into the hospital to see Maxie, who assured her that Peter wouldn't need surgery and would be okay. Lulu asked what had happened. Maxie began to cry. "Dante shot Peter," she said.

Carly showed up at Pozzulo's to talk to Sonny, who mentioned that Lulu had just left. Sonny felt bad for her. Carly revealed that she had Dev set up at Metro Court. She thought that the boy was "in over his head," and so were they. She thought there was a "tipping point" where someone could get scared and try to cover it up.

Sonny asked if Carly thought that would happen with Dev. "Don't you?" she asked. Sonny agreed he did and stated that Dev tended to leap before he looked. However, Sonny still had to help him. Carly thought that Dev reminded Sonny of himself, and he admitted that was true. She thought so, too.

Ava makes contact with Kiki

Ava makes contact with Kiki

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Ava met with Sibley on the roof of General Hospital. Sibley talked about how beautiful the view was, and Ava mentioned how important the building had been to Kiki. "Ready to contact your daughter?" Sibley asked. Sibley had candles for lighting. She asked Ava for payment. Ava pulled Kiki's necklace from her purse and handed it to Sibley. She revealed that Kiki had worn the necklace ever since her high school graduation.

The women grabbed hands. Sibley explained that there was a medium versus channeling. A medium simply relayed a message while channeling would have her opening herself up to another plane where Ava would actually be speaking to Kiki. She informed Ava that she might not like everything she would hear. She wanted silence and concentration, and she wanted Ava to focus on strong memories. She told Ava to close her eyes.

Sibley called out to Kiki and suddenly lurched her body. Ava slowly opened her eyes. "Did it work?" she asked. The women dropped their clasped hands. The woman sitting across from Ava said, "No, mother, it's me." Ava wanted to believe that it was really her daughter. "Kiki" stated that she had worn the necklace until Ava had drugged Sasha and set Griffin up. Ava complained that everyone knew the story.

"Kiki" continued that Ava had tried to slap her in Kelly's and had done it once before. Ava was flabbergasted. She believed it was Kiki, and she declared that she had many questions, as well as things to say. "Save your breath," "Kiki" said. She snapped that she never wanted to be in contact with Ava again or talk to her. Ava refused to accept it, and she cried that she had lots to say. "Kiki" didn't believe it and stated that Ava had always hurt her. She was at peace because she wasn't with Ava.

Ava shouted that Ryan had told her that Kiki had forgiven her, but "Kiki" was appalled that Ava had believed his lies. Ava wanted to move past the pain that they had caused each other. "Kiki" didn't think Ava would ever change, and she was done with Ava. Ava yelled for her to stay, but Sibley's body lurched again, and the psychic had returned. She said that Kiki was gone and didn't want to talk to Ava.

Sibley reminded Ava that she had warned Ava about hearing something she wouldn't like. Ava accused Sibley of scamming her and accused her of wanting more money. Suddenly, Sibley announced that Kiki was back with a message. Kiki wanted her sister to know that she loved and missed her.

Ava wanted more. Sibley declared that she couldn't control the contact, and Kiki seemed to still be hurting. She thought maybe Kiki would talk again eventually, and she wouldn't charge Ava again if she ended up being rebuffed. Ava was insistent that she'd changed, and she thought the article in Crimson might help. Ava announced there was someone else she hoped to contact.

Ava wanted to make amends, and the place where they were had been important to Nikolas, also. Sibley tried, but she was unable to reach Nikolas. She thought there were many explanations, but she could not feel his presence from the other side.

Inside the hospital, Lulu didn't understand why Dante had shot Peter. Maxie explained that she didn't think Dante had known him, and Dante was in trouble. Lulu admitted that she'd known her husband had been in trouble, but she'd had no idea he was so bad. Maxie admitted she'd gone to see him, and Lulu was extremely angry. She yelled that Maxie had interrupted Dante's treatment.

Peter lay in bed and told Finn he was glad he hadn't needed surgery. Finn ordered him to not be so reckless in the future, and he promised to tell Anna that her son was okay. Peter demanded that Finn not share any of the news with Anna. Finn thought that Anna would want to know. Peter was adamant that he and Anna had been trying to work on their relationship, and he didn't want their reunion to be due to the incident. He added that, as his doctor, Finn could not divulge the information.

Finn assured Peter that Anna would find out, but Peter assumed he'd be better by then. They argued, but Peter declared that Finn was "ethically bound to honor" his decision. Finn headed for the door but accused Peter of rebuilding the wall that had started to fall. Finn headed out into the hallway and found Lulu and Maxie arguing. Lulu shouted that she was back to where she'd started. Finn interrupted and announced that Peter could see visitors. Maxie urged Lulu to go ahead.

Finn asked Maxie if she was okay, and Maxie thought she was the best she could be. In Peter's room, Lulu said she was relieved that Peter was doing well. She was in shock and thought things had been getting better with Dante. She was aware that the visit to Ithaca hadn't been Peter's idea. Peter noted that Maxie had believed they'd be taking Dante home. Maxie walked in, and Lulu rushed out. Peter assured Maxie that Lulu was upset, and it wasn't Maxie's fault. Maxie believed that it was.

Maxie was still upset because Peter could have died, and she thought she should be happy and dancing. Peter replied that he'd like to see that, and she told him to stop flirting. She had meddled, and Dante would be shipped somewhere. She said she always got into trouble. Peter insisted that was why he was crazy about her.

Lulu rushed down the hallway but stopped when Laura called out to her. Lulu cried that Maxie had ruined everything, but Laura didn't think Lulu really believed that. Lulu admitted she didn't. Laura thought that Maxie's deed had been misguided, but Lulu had the answers she'd wanted. She thought that Lulu had been in a "holding pattern," and she reminded Lulu that Dante hadn't wanted her to wait for him.

Lulu cried that she had held out hope that Dante would return home and that everything would be normal. She knew it would never happen. Laura suggested Lulu make a new plan. Laura also revealed that Maxie had called her to get to the hospital for Lulu. Maxie approached them and asked if it was safe. Laura left the young women alone to talk in private.

Maxie sat down. "You were right," she said. Lulu apologized for snapping, and she realized that Maxie had been looking out for her. She wished she could have done what Maxie had done. She needed Maxie to get her through. The young women hugged and professed their love for each other.

At Charlie's, Robert finished up a phone call regarding Peter and told the person on the phone to meet him. Julian was not happy to see Robert, and Robert felt the same about Julian, who revealed that he owned the bar. Robert recalled putting Julian in Witness Protection in the past and noted that Julian had gone back to organized crime. He called Julian a thief and a killer. Julian confessed that he had someone to be good for.

Kim looked into the pub and pulled Oscar's stuffed animal from her purse. She went inside, and Julian told Robert to have a drink on the house. Robert ordered a bottle of expensive scotch. Julian went to Kim and asked about the reading of Oscar's will. She didn't want to talk about it. She mentioned her session with Dr. Massey, where she'd been able to see things more clearly. It had been difficult.

Kim had told the doctor what she'd done to Drew, and she had sounded crazy. Julian reminded her she'd been grieving. Kim had been told to write down a list of good things in her life, and Julian had been at the top of the list. She'd thought a new baby like Oscar would lessen her pain, and she hadn't considered Julian, who had walked in on her and Drew. Julian cut her short.

Kim was afraid that things had changed between her and Julian, and he agreed that they had. Kim thought of Julian as her rock, but she was afraid that he wanted to break up. Julian reminded her she'd lost the most important person in her life, and they couldn't pretend that things were the same. His feelings hadn't changed, and she had been trying to get better. He wasn't giving up. Kim promised she wouldn't, either.

Finn joined Robert at a table and asked why he didn't have a larger bottle of scotch. Robert admitted he hadn't thought of it. Finn remarked that Peter was doing well, and Robert replied that Anna would be relieved. Finn made it known that Peter didn't want Anna to know, and he had to honor Peter's request. Robert replied that when Anna found out that Finn hadn't told her, she would be livid. He added that his hands weren't tied in honoring Peter's request.

Robert wanted to call Anna, but Finn was adamant that he not do it. Robert thought it would be a good time for Anna to get home, and Finn admitted he'd love to see her. Robert realized that Finn's ex-fiancée was in town. He admitted he'd done research when Finn and Anna had gotten together. He actually had a dossier. He wondered if Hayden had another agenda for her return, other than being involved with Jax, and Finn believed that anything was possible.

Curtis stopped to see Drew at Aurora and sat by his desk. He knew about the reading of Oscar's will, and he wondered how Drew was feeling. Drew didn't want to discuss it. Curtis had another question, and he asked who had drugged Drew. Drew stated that nothing had happened, and he didn't want to relive it. He added that the person who'd done it had known it was wrong. He asked if Curtis had any business to discuss.

Hayden walked in before conversation continued, and Drew was shocked to see her. He asked why she was there, and Hayden replied that she'd been looking for Curtis to discuss security. She revealed that she was the new CFO of Aurora print. Drew thought she was kidding, and he asked Curtis to leave. Hayden remarked that it had nothing to do with Drew, and she worked for Jax.

Drew replied that he knew Hayden better than Jax, and he was aware that she'd probably had an ulterior motive, since that was her "forte." Hayden agreed that Drew had reason not to trust her, but her hiring would have no impact on him. Drew reminded her that it was his company, he'd lost his son, and he wanted to leave a legacy for his daughter. Hayden was sorry for his loss.

In Nina's Crimson office, Jax remarked that ad sales were up because of Nina, and he hoped for higher magazine sales. Nina replied that she knew what to give her readers. She mentioned a date with Valentin, and Jax declared that Valentin interested him. He knew that Valentin had appeared out of nowhere and had inherited everything. Nina thought that Jax already knew everything there was to know.

Nina thought it odd that Jax claimed not to have not known anything about Valentin until recently. Curtis arrived and suggested that Jax do damage control in Drew's office. Jax left, and Nina questioned Curtis about Drew's reaction to Hayden. Curtis thought things had been tense, and Nina explained that Hayden had exploited Drew's amnesia. Curtis felt guilty for not telling Drew about Hayden, and Nina accused him of keeping secrets from more of his friends.

Nina was aware that Valentin had hired Curtis to spy on Jax, and Curtis explained that he'd had lots of medical bills to pay. Nina thought he'd had other options, but Curtis insisted that he had to pay the bills on his own. He thought of the job as only being temporary. He called Jax a shark and assumed Jax would figure things out. Nina assured him she wouldn't say anything, but she had another job for Curtis.

Curtis was confused after hearing Nina's offer. She wanted him to pass on information about Jax to her first before telling Valentin. Nina called it a triple-cross of Jax. She wanted to be kept in the loop. "What could possibly go wrong?" she asked.

Jax reached Drew's office and asked if Drew and Hayden had gotten reacquainted. Drew declared that he wasn't telling Jax how to run his half of the business, but Hayden had a complicated history and had been fired from General Hospital for embezzlement. He wondered why she was there. Jax and Hayden claimed they both believed in second chances, and she had nothing to do with Drew's half of the company.

Drew suggested that Jax watch his wallet and bank account and not drive them into bankruptcy. Hayden left the office abruptly, and Jax followed. Outside the office, Hayden thanked Jax for sticking up for her. Jax reminded her that if she was there just to manage the finances, she'd be out on the street. They needed Valentin's "house of cards" to fall.

Franco sees someone suspicious in his photo

Franco sees someone suspicious in his photo

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Dev walked into the kitchen at Carly's house and found Josslyn looking at her compass. He began to make jokes about it. "Oscar gave it to me," Josslyn stated. Dev was sorry, but then Josslyn told him off for being sympathetic and tip-toeing around her. "Is there a problem?" Carly asked as she entered the kitchen. Josslyn admitted that she was the problem because she kept blowing up at Dev, no matter what he said. She apologized in advance for her future bad behavior. Dev announced that he had to leave for work.

Carly was sure that Dev had left on purpose to give her and Josslyn the space to talk. Josslyn admitted that she hated being "that girl" who was both sensitive and angry all the time. Carly assured her that it was normal to have conflicted feelings. Josslyn understood that Dev had had a rough life and disputed that the same could be said for her. Carly declared that it was Josslyn's home, and she had been there first.

Carly wanted Josslyn to know that she took precedence over Dev, and she was still grieving. She had also asked Josslyn to lie about Dev, so Josslyn would get a vote in what happened in the house. Josslyn wondered what Carly thought about Dev. Carly explained that Dev had risked his life for Sonny, but she didn't know anything about him. She thought they could have a trial run on Dev staying there and see how things went. She wanted input from Josslyn, and if Josslyn wasn't happy, there would be other options for Dev.

At Charlie's, Franco and Elizabeth sat at a table and waited for Cameron, who had asked to meet them for breakfast. The teen finally arrived and held up a set of keys. "I got a car," he exclaimed. He proceeded to explain that Oscar had left it to him, it meant a lot to him, and he wanted to keep it. He was aware there was no space at their home for parking, and he thought maybe he could leave it at the Quartermaine mansion or even Sonny's house.

Elizabeth quickly shot down leaving the car at Sonny's, and she expressed how proud she was of Cameron for handling the matter in such a mature way. Franco mentioned the fact that Cameron's license was still suspended, and Elizabeth noted that Cameron would be keeping up with his community service. Cameron promised he would chip in for insurance and parking.

Elizabeth informed Cameron that if he didn't keep up with his end of the deal, he'd lose the car. Cameron was thrilled that he would be allowed to keep the car, and Elizabeth promised they'd figure out the parking situation. Cameron thanked them and departed for his community service. Elizabeth noted how affected Cameron had been by Oscar's death, and Franco thought Cameron had been dealing with the fact that he was the kid who was still alive.

Elizabeth and Franco continued to enjoy their breakfast and joked about Sibley, Ava's "plus one" at the marriage reception. While they both questioned whether or not psychics were legit, Elizabeth did acknowledge that Sibley had been right when she's told Elizabeth not to let go of Franco. Just then, she received some messages on her phone and exclaimed that their party photos had been sent. They fawned over the photos and laughed over one of Franco and Liesl before Liesl had ended up in the water. Franco blew the photo up to look more closely and suddenly noticed another person in the photo.

Nearby, Ava sat at the bar and told Julian she'd made contact with Kiki, and she could prove it. Just then, Sonny walked over to her and asked her what she'd been thinking by giving Avery a message from Kiki. Sonny emphasized that Avery was only four years old, and she couldn't understand that Ava had spoken to Kiki. He added that Avery had then wanted a message from Morgan, and she expected to hear from Kiki every day. He warned Ava that she'd see what would happen if she did it again.

Sonny continued that Avery was too young to understand, and he wanted her left out of it. He thought that Ava could have just told Avery she'd had a dream. Julian listened silently. "Keep your psychic dealings to yourself," Sonny snapped before he left. Ava was angry that Sonny always tried to undermine her, and she was annoyed that Julian hadn't stood up for her. Julian admitted that he'd agreed with Sonny, and he thought that Ava needed grief counseling.

Ava stated that she was aware that Kiki was dead but she'd never had a chance to make amends and see to it that Kiki's soul was at peace. Sibley had told her that Kiki was still angry, so Ava believed that had proven that she had actually be in contact with Kiki.

At General Hospital, Brad stepped quietly into Liesl's room and drew the blinds. Liesl's eyes were closed, and Brad grabbed a syringe in his gloved hands. Before he could take any action, Nina walked in, and Liesl opened her eyes as Nina asked what Brad was doing. Brad claimed that he was there to draw blood for a test, but Nina reminded him that he wasn't a technician. Brad made a comment about giving Liesl some TLC because Britt couldn't be there.

Brad noted that he'd wished he'd been around when Liesl had fallen into the water, and Liesl snapped that she'd been pushed. Lucas walked in and asked to speak to Brad, and they headed into the hallway. Lucas revealed that Alexis wanted to meet with them. Lucas had no details, but he wondered why Brad hadn't told him about overhearing Liesl talking about Wiley's birth father on the ship. Brad replied that Liesl had been drunk.

Back in Liesl's room, the patient asked Nina for a Hayden update and presumed the young woman was in jail. Nina suggested that Liesl's accident was a fall, but again Liesl shouted that she'd been pushed. She was convinced that Hayden had been the one to push her. Nina thought that Liesl was being irrational and pointed out that Hayden hadn't returned to town just to kill Liesl. She thought that Liesl might make such a move, but others wouldn't.

Liesl was adamant that someone with a motive had pushed her. Nina didn't want to discuss it, so Liesl suggested she read her latest column out loud. Nina handed Liesl her tablet, and Liesl frowned. She noticed that she'd been pushed off her usual page for an article about a sex cult. Nina grabbed the tablet, and the women learned the latest about Shiloh. Liesl pointed out that he'd have been dealt with properly in the "old country."

Nina then read that Willow had been jailed because of her involvement in a custody suit with Shiloh. She continued to read that Shiloh had claimed that Willow's baby was his, and his rights had been violated because he hadn't known. Nina recalled an incident at the Nurses Ball, and she wondered if it was her fault that Shiloh had learned about the baby.

Willow met with Alexis at Metro Court, and they waited for Diane to arrive. Alexis thought that Willow should be proud of herself for taking a stand against Shiloh, but Willow hoped it hadn't been in vain. Alexis was certain that Shiloh wouldn't get custody of Wiley. Diane arrived, followed by Brad and Lucas. Diane announced that she had petitioned the judge to suspend all proceedings in family court because Shiloh's DNA test hadn't been legal, and he therefore had no legal link to Wiley.

Alexis explained that the criminal case against Shiloh had to be settled first. Everyone gathered around a small table as Diane filled them in on the legal ramifications. She stated that Shiloh would have to go all the way back to the beginning and start over if he was even freed. Diane added that when Shiloh was found guilty, there would be no legal recourse to pursue custody.

Brad and Lucas hugged, and they, along with Willow talked about how grateful they were. Lucas and Brad praised Willow, also, and Lucas gave her a hug. Later, Brad announced that he had a call to make, and Alexis checked with Lucas. She told him it was the best possible outcome for them. She added to "never say never" to Shiloh no longer being a problem in the future. Brad phoned Julian to give him the news. He said that Wiley was safe, and all pursuits of custody had been suspended.

Willow couldn't believe it was over, and Diane confirmed that for once, the justice system had worked. Brad and Lucas wanted to celebrate with Willow, but Lucas declared that they still needed to obtain Shiloh's medical records. He explained that they'd had a scare in the past, but Brad told him to forget about Shiloh.

Trina tripped over Dev as he sat on the grass at the park. She wanted to phone Josslyn to tell her. Just then, Cameron rode up on his bicycle and was agitated because he thought he was late for his shift. Trina told him he was wrong, and Cameron managed to check his schedule and agree. He plopped down next to the others and revealed that he had a car.

Trina couldn't believe that Elizabeth was okay with it, and she filled Dev in on the previous road trip she'd taken with Cameron, Oscar, and Josslyn. Dev wondered why they hadn't picked a lock at the motel where they'd stayed, and Trina was aghast that he'd suggested breaking and entering. Before Dev could expound on his past, Josslyn showed up and confessed that Dev had been from a "rough neighborhood." "Isn't that right, cuz?" Josslyn asked Dev.

Cameron mentioned that he couldn't drive yet, and Dev showed everyone his driver's license. Josslyn rolled her eyes. Cameron maintained that he would have to find a garage for the car, and Josslyn suggested he park it at her house. Trina didn't think it would be good next to Sonny's bulletproof cars, and Josslyn took exception. Dev declared that Sonny was powerful, trustworthy, and great. Dev announced that he had to leave to turn in some papers at work. "Tough neighborhood, huh?" Trina asked Josslyn.

Trina thought that Dev had received the breaking-and-entering gene from the Corinthos side. Josslyn replied that it was complicated, but Dev was harmless. She added that Sonny was "all about him," but she hardly noticed him. Cameron departed for his community service, and the girls decided to go buy a pretzel.

Sonny returned home and told Carly he thought he'd gotten his message across to Ava. Carly announced that she'd had a talk with Josslyn about Dev; she'd told her daughter to keep an open mind but that Josslyn would have a say in things. Sonny admitted that if Dev were a few years older, Sonny would have handled things differently. Carly revealed that Dev had left to allow her to talk with Josslyn. She thought his job at Metro Court would be okay, but it was only for the summer.

Sonny thought that Dev could go to the high school in the fall, but Carly suggested they have a backup plan. She had been looking online, and she thought that boarding school was an option. She proceeded to tell Sonny about some great schools she'd researched that were close by. Sonny replied that he'd been the same as Dev, and he figured that Dev would run a school after only six weeks. Sonny wanted Dev to be invested in being with them and being part of everything. Carly agreed. Dev had returned home and stopped to listen. He smiled.

Julian updated Ava on his phone call with Brad. He told her the custody suit had been resolved. Ava thought she might have her own good news soon.

Sasha decides to stay in Port Charles

Sasha decides to stay in Port Charles

Thursday, July 18, 2019

At the Metro Court restaurant, Valentin observed Sasha at another table as Curtis sat down across from Valentin. Valentin wondered if Curtis had any more information about Jax, and Curtis replied that he would soon. Valentin was impatient, but Curtis proposed that he could either do the job quickly or correctly. He promised to be in touch, and he left.

Sasha approached Valentin and informed him that she would be moving out of Wyndemere, but she would be staying in Port Charles. She related that he'd paid her very well to pretend to be Nina's daughter, but she would be continuing the work "pro bono." He wondered why she couldn't love Nina "from a far distance." She reminded him that neither of them wanted Nina hurt, and she would be hurt if Sasha left. He thought the risk was too great, but she believed that the benefits outweighed the risks. "We all win," Sasha concluded, and she left.

At Charlie's, Franco looked at the picture of himself and Liesl from the reception and pointed out the figure in the background. He thought that Liesl could have been right about being pushed overboard.

Mac went through some cases with Jordan and landed on Liesl's claim of being pushed overboard from the Haunted Star. Jordan confessed that she wished she had been there to see it. Mac solemnly reminded her that Liesl had almost drowned, but the two burst into laughter. They talked through the guest list, trying to pinpoint who had done it, and Mac handed her the file, since she was the commissioner. She informed him that she would be back part-time until she got the "all-clear" from her doctor, so he was still the commissioner.

Curtis entered and wondered how Jordan was feeling. She answered that she felt "great." Just then, Franco and Elizabeth entered the station. Franco told both commissioners that they had evidence and reason to believe that Liesl was telling the truth about being pushed overboard. Franco showed them the picture, and Jordan said that Mac would take the couple's statements. Jordan and Curtis left, and Franco urged Mac to take Liesl's attack seriously. Mac insisted that he did, as he'd already questioned and released Hayden.

When Mac was gone, Franco and Elizabeth weren't surprised that Hayden had been questioned, as she and Liesl hated each other. Mac returned and handed Franco's phone back to him after downloading all of the pictures from the reception. Elizabeth couldn't believe that one of their guests could have done it, and Mac commented that it could have been a stranger, but Liesl likely knew the assailant. Mac walked away, and Franco commented that they were very lucky to have thrown a "murder mystery party" without meaning to.

In Liesl's hospital room, Nina read an article about Shiloh, Willow, and Wiley. She remembered snapping at Willow at the Nurses Ball about not being able to take care of her own baby. Nina was horrified that it was her fault that Shiloh had known that he was Wiley's biological father. "What if, perhaps, he isn't?" Liesl responded cryptically. There was a knock on the door, and Valentin entered to take Nina to their "engagement." Liesl said that she and Nina would continue their discussion when Nina returned. Nina told a confused Valentin that she would fill him in on the way, and they left.

Franco and Elizabeth entered Liesl's room and told her about their visit to the police station. Franco asked straight-out who hated her enough to try to kill her, but Liesl had no idea. Elizabeth chimed in that the reception had been full of two kinds of people: "people with a reason to throw you into the harbor, and people who have never met you." Franco figured that Liesl had "something on someone" and, while many people probably wanted to kill her, only a small number would actually do it.

Jason exited the elevator at the hospital and bumped into Sam, who attempted to hide what she was holding behind her back. She claimed that it just had to do with "tying up loose ends." Michael entered and told Jason and Sam the good news about Shiloh's inability to do anything about Wiley. He thanked Jason and Sam for their help. Michael's phone went off, and he saw a message from his assistant that he had somewhere to be. He revealed that ELQ was playing the PCPD in a softball game.

Back at home, Sam sat on the bed and made Jason cover his eyes. When she told him to open them, she revealed that there was a surprise on the bed for him. She showed him a pamphlet for laser tattoo removal and revealed that she'd figured out the Dawn of Day tattoo was a way of showcasing David Henry Archer's initials. She added that only a small scar would remain, which would eventually go away, but she thought it would be worth it to be rid of Shiloh. She remarked that he would see it more than she would, anyway, and he replied that she would always look perfect to him.

Sam wanted to offer the plastic surgery services to Carol, Harmony, and Willow for their tattoos, even though erasing the tattoo wouldn't erase the memories of what Shiloh had done to each of them. Jason wished he'd made Shiloh "disappear" the day the man had shown up like Jason had wanted to, as it would have made things better for everyone. Sam confided that she'd feared that, the longer she was around Shiloh, the further she would push Jason away. Jason vowed that he would never let anything push them apart. She added that she would always love him, and they shared a kiss.

Jordan, clad in sweatpants and wearing earbuds, danced in her apartment as she ate cereal. Curtis entered and watched her for a minute until she saw him and sheepishly stopped. He said that watching her just then made him realize that everything he wanted for them could happen, as it was all about the little things. They sat on the couch together, and she said that she'd asked the doctor when they could resume their "bedroom activities." She continued that she still had some healing to do, but the doctor thought she was healing quickly, so it would be "sooner rather than later." He told her that he would wait for her forever, and he wasn't going anywhere.

At the park, Willow jumped on Chase, who was wearing a softball uniform, from behind and kissed him. She happily told him the news regarding Shiloh and Wiley, and he assured her that the charges against Shiloh would stick. She thanked him for his support, and she looked forward to getting her life back on track. She revealed that, since the school couldn't take her back after she'd been held in contempt of court, she had a job interview as a governess. She wished she could stay for the game, but she had to go.

A short while later, Michael and Chase good-naturedly trash-talked each other before the game. Sasha appeared with an ELQ sign, and Michael wondered if they were "going public." "Why not?" she said, and they shared a kiss. A short while later, an apologetic Chase helped Michael off the field after accidentally hitting him in the ribs with a pitch. Chase left him with Sasha, who thought Michael needed to get checked out. They left as Mac arrived and asked Chase what he'd missed. Chase replied that they were "taking down" the ELQ team.

Later, Michael stretched out on the bed as Sasha held ice on his bruised side. She got closer and closer to him, and they shared a kiss.

Willow was in the middle of her interview at Metro Court, listing her related accomplishments for the governess position. The interviewer revealed that the child was "bright and cultured," and the father and stepmother were busy and successful, but also generous, and always had time for their child. The woman wondered if Willow had her own children, which Willow denied. The woman told Willow that the parents would never want Willow to divide her time between their child and her own. She was impressed with Willow, who couldn't wait to meet the parents. "Here they are!" the interviewer said.

Willow turned around to Valentin and Nina. Valentin muttered that he and Nina should go elsewhere, but Nina refused, as she needed to talk to Willow. They approached Willow, and Nina revealed that she owed Willow an apology. Willow said that she wouldn't have applied for the job had she known it was for them, and she apologized for wasting everyone's time. A stunned Nina watched as Willow left.

Shiloh gets out on bail

Shiloh gets out on bail

Friday, July 19, 2019

Curtis and Jordan sat on one side of the glass in the visitors' room at Pentonville as Ryan was escorted in on the other side. Curtis admitted that he hadn't seen visiting Ryan as part of their future together, but she wanted peace of mind. "Don't count on it," Curtis replied as Ryan hobbled over to the phone, holding his side. Jordan picked up the phone and asked how Ryan was doing, and he told her about all the medical issues he would be prone to due to donating a kidney. Curtis assured her that Ryan was fine, and Ryan accused Curtis of being "unafraid to skirt the law."

Jordan thanked Ryan for saving her life, but Ryan informed her that he'd been forced into it, which was a crime. He launched into his story about Kevin posing as him to sign the forms, and Curtis called it a conspiracy theory that Ryan couldn't prove. Ryan told Jordan that his kidney was infecting her body, and she would "never get me out."

Later, Curtis told Jordan not to believe anything Ryan had said, but she admitted that she was "uncomfortable" with how she'd gotten the new kidney. Curtis replied that she deserved to live, and donating a kidney was the best thing Ryan had done in his "miserable life." She relented that she couldn't give the kidney back, so she would just have to live with it. She was glad that she didn't have to miss out on a future with Curtis, and he agreed.

At the police station, Chase explained to Laura that, instead of holding Shiloh without bail, the judge had set Shiloh's bail "impossibly high." "Not high enough," Laura muttered as she watched Shiloh retrieve his personal effects. Shiloh promised that he wouldn't be going anywhere without his son, but Chase informed him of Shiloh's inability to do anything with the family court case unless he was exonerated. Chase and Laura talked about all the evidence they had against him, shocking Daisy, who stood nearby. He left with Daisy, and Chase and Laura agreed that they would give anything to put the man behind bars permanently.

Shiloh told Daisy that Zahra didn't do criminal law, so he needed her help getting an attorney. She reminded him that she'd drained her trust fund to bail him out, and her parents had cut her off. She added that the Dawn of Day accounts had been "frozen by the Feds." "It's always darkest before the dawn," he reminded her with a smile, and they left.

Willow thought it was unfair that Harmony had been sent back to Pentonville after giving her statement against Shiloh. Harmony wanted to take responsibility for her actions, and she revealed that she'd been appointed prison librarian for cooperating with the police. Willow informed her mother that the Port Charles chapter of Dawn of Day had basically been shut down, and Harmony figured it would only be a matter of time until the Beechers Corners chapter was, as well. She wished she was there to help the lost people that Shiloh had taken advantage of, and Willow reminded her that Shiloh had taken advantage of Harmony, too. Harmony profusely apologized for not protecting Willow from Shiloh. Willow only begged her mother to never let Shiloh manipulate her again.

Later, Harmony returned to the visitors' room and found Shiloh waiting for her. She demanded to know how he'd gone free. He cited his "loyal followers," and he hoped that she would follow their example. He vowed that, if she recanted her statement, he would use all of his resources to free her, and they could raise Wiley together. She growled that she finally saw him for the fraudulent, manipulative sexual predator he was, and she would "sing like a bird" to make sure that he stayed away from her, Willow, and Wiley. "I'm through here!" she yelled at the guard, and she was escorted out.

A short while later, Harmony was pushing a book cart down the hall when she noticed a copy of Shiloh's book on top. She picked it up and moved to get rid of it, but Ryan appeared and thought that a book should never be discarded. He took it and suggested that he could find value in it. "Not if you have half a brain," Harmony shot back. He promised to let her know what he thought of it. Before he walked away, he asked her to give his regards to her cellmate, Nelle.

Sonny entered Charlie's and found Kristina. He told her that he was proud of how she'd stood up to Shiloh, and he promised that Shiloh couldn't hurt her anymore. She updated him on how she'd worked through the issue of her pledge with Alexis. Sonny's phone went off, and he walked away to take the call. When he was gone, Shiloh entered with Daisy, and he told Kristina that he wanted to make peace and clear the air. He thought that he needed her to help rebuild Dawn of Day, and he hoped to see more of her soon. She agreed that he would, as she would be testifying at his trial.

Sonny returned and stated that Shiloh was a cockroach that would be "stepped on real soon." Shiloh said that he and Daisy had work to do, so they left. Kristina couldn't believe that Shiloh had made bail, but Sonny assured her that Shiloh could still get convicted. Kristina knew that she would be fine with her support system around her. She walked away to continue her work, and Sonny took the opportunity to make a phone call.

Jason and Drew entered the Floating Rib after a day of starting to build the treehouse Oscar had wanted. Drew figured that Oscar had also wanted them to build a relationship, so they sat down to eat together. Drew assured a silent Jason that they didn't have to if it was weird for Jason. Jason confessed that he was still bothered over Oscar leaving his ELQ shares to Shiloh, and Drew agreed, especially considering Oscar's plans for the Kilimanjaro Foundation. Jason thought that the shares would be "tied up in court for years," which Drew called a "silver lining."

Drew was more concerned about Shiloh manipulating Oscar and that Oscar had joined Dawn of Day because of Drew. Drew thought it was suspicious how interested Shiloh seemed in his past, and Jason suggested that Drew had known something about Shiloh that Shiloh didn't want getting out. Jason's phone rang, and he answered it to Sonny. Sonny informed Jason that Shiloh was out on bail -- just as Jason spotted Shiloh standing at the bar.

Shiloh approached Jason and Drew, hoping to put the "ELQ drama" behind them. Drew reasoned that he could, as Shiloh would be "old and gray" before he could touch the shares. He remembered Dawn of Day preaching about how money didn't matter, but Shiloh explained that he had legal bills to pay. He reminded Drew that he'd cared for Oscar when it had mattered, but Drew accused him of using and lying to Oscar like he did to everyone else. He refused to let Shiloh "tarnish my son's legacy. Hear me, Hank?" He demanded that Shiloh walk away, and Shiloh listened.

Drew picked up a pool stick to start a game, and Jason wondered if Drew would be all right if Jason left. Drew replied that he was going to shoot some pool to cool down and that he would see Jason the following day for more building. Jason glared at Shiloh on his way out. Drew started to shoot some pool, and the sound took Shiloh back to a time when he'd been lying unconscious on a stretcher in a medical tent. Someone had called out for Shiloh and tried to wake him up. "Hey, Drew," Shiloh said to the man who'd woken him up, who looked like Jason.

Sonny put his phone away as Kristina returned, and she knew that he'd called Jason. She didn't want Shiloh to disappear, as it would hurt her if Sonny and Jason were blamed for it. She wanted him to stay in town and have his day in court. Sonny agreed, adding that he wanted Shiloh to rot in prison, where he belonged. Sonny remarked that Kristina's setbacks had made her stronger, and she replied that she was just following her father's example.

At the park, Elizabeth and Franco surveyed Aiden's birthday party, including a cake he'd made himself. They watched as he played a set of drums, which was one of his gifts. Lulu approached and laughed that Laura and Kevin hadn't forgotten that Aiden had wanted a drum. She was sorry for what had happened at the reception, and Franco assured her that it was because of the guests, not the venue. Elizabeth related that she thought Hayden had "something big up her sleeve."

Nina entered with Charlotte, who hoped that Aiden liked the gift of a set of mixing bowls. Hayden entered with a gift and caught sight of Nina. Minutes later, Aiden opened Hayden's gift, a remote-control truck. Charlotte was excited and offered to show Aiden how to play with it, so all the kids ran off to play. Hayden remarked to Elizabeth that Aiden didn't seem too thrilled with her gift. Elizabeth replied that there was a lot Hayden didn't know about Aiden, and she related that there was a lot she didn't know about Hayden. She questioned if Hayden had invited Jax, but Hayden insisted that she didn't think of him in that way. Hayden asked if Finn would be at the party, and Elizabeth wondered why Hayden cared.

With Jake looking on, Cameron gave Aiden his birthday gift, three tickets to the live shows that Aiden's favorite "pastry lady" would be filming in town. Aiden was beyond excited and wondered who he should take with him. Minutes later, he told Franco and Elizabeth about Cameron's gift. He said that he would be taking his brothers with him, as Cameron wanted to "share the experience" with Aiden, even though baking wasn't his favorite. The parents were pleasantly surprised, but Elizabeth muttered to Franco that she wondered how Cameron had scored the tickets.

Hayden noticed that Nina was at the party with her "future stepdaughter" and used the conversation starter to talk to Nina in order to get to know her. She revealed that she'd heard all about Nina's good work at Crimson, but Nina replied that she'd heard nothing about Hayden. Nina abruptly excused herself and walked away.

Lulu was proud of Charlotte for attending the birthday party, and she knew that it meant a lot to Aiden. Charlotte wondered where Rocco was, and Lulu replied that he had a cold, so he was at home. Charlotte was sad that they were hardly ever together as a family, especially with Dante gone. She wondered when he would be home, and Lulu hugged her daughter, who missed Dante. Charlotte ran off to play a few minutes later, and Laura arrived. Lulu looked around and regretted that Dante was missing the family party, and Laura hugged her daughter.

Lulu still couldn't believe that Dante had shot Peter, and she remarked on how lost and horrified Dante was probably feeling. She was glad Dante was getting the help he needed, but Laura was concerned about her daughter. Just then, a man approached and asked for Lulu, and Lulu identified herself. He gave her an envelope and walked away. She pulled papers out of the envelope, and a shocked Lulu informed Laura that Dante wanted to divorce her.

Willow arrived and set a gift down for Aiden. Charlotte approached and told Willow all about the party so far. When Charlotte ran off, Nina took the opportunity to approach Willow and offer an apology. She explained her realization that Shiloh only knew about Wiley because of Nina's big mouth at the Nurses Ball. She apologized profusely, but Willow urged her not to blame herself, as it would have only been a matter of time before Shiloh had found out, anyway.

Willow continued that everything had worked out, as Wiley was safe, and Shiloh was in jail. Nina figured that she and Willow weren't so different, after all, and she was happy that Wiley was safe. Aiden ran over to Willow with his drum and asked her if Principal Schultz would consent to a marching band. Willow thought it was a great idea and urged Aiden to take it to the principal on the first day of school. Chase went over to Willow after Aiden had run off, and she was happy to see him after all the good things that had happened that day. He revealed that not everything was good, and he broke it to her that Shiloh had been released on bail. He assured her that there was a strong case against Shiloh, but she feared that Shiloh would try to take Wiley.

As Cameron recorded on his phone, a blindfolded Charlotte hit a piñata, which exploded with candy. As the kids scrambled to pick up all the candy, Aiden pulled Cameron over, since some of the candy was Cameron's favorite. Cameron happily helped his brother pick up some candy. Franco thought he and Elizabeth had thrown a great party, and they were both glad to see Aiden having fun.

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