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Hayden returned to Port Charles. Harmony turned against Shiloh, and he was arrested. Willow was released from jail. Maxie caught up with Dante just as a shot rang out. Jason caught Dev trying to steal from Laura. Kim drugged Drew.
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Oscar's will was read, and Hayden returned to Port Charles
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Liesl is pushed overboard

Liesl is pushed overboard

Monday, July 8, 2019

Nina entered Metro Court, and Valentin was glad to see her. He thought that Franco and Elizabeth's reception would be "more bearable" with her there. She spotted Jax across the restaurant, so she went over to check in. Valentin took the opportunity to call Curtis, who was on the deck of the Haunted Star. Curtis informed Valentin that Jax had files for Valentin and Cassandra. Stella appeared and asked Curtis if they would be going to the reception anytime soon. Curtis promised to talk to Valentin later and ended the call.

Nina asked if Jax had gotten her text, and he assured her that things had been "handled." Jax caught sight of Ava sitting with a strange woman and wondered if Nina knew who it was. Nina answered that it was a psychic named Sibley. Valentin approached and told Jax that Valentin and Nina had somewhere to be. Jax replied that he would see them at the reception.

Sibley advised that she had "occasional clairvoyance," and she couldn't control or predict intensity or focus of who she contacted. Ava replied that she wanted real answers, so Sibley suggested building some trust and credibility. She recounted the last conversation between Ava and Connie before Ava had killed her. A bewildered Ava demanded to know how Sibley knew what had happened, and she replied simply with a shrug, "Connie told me."

Nina approached in disbelief that Ava was working with a "fraud" like Sibley. Sibley explained that Madeline had been her best client, but she'd been very demanding. Speaking of Madeline, Sibley revealed that Madeline had a message for Valentin: "Next time, use the tweezers." He remembered taking Madeline's DNA before her funeral and quickly ushered Nina out, claiming not to know what Sibley was talking about.

Ava wanted to talk to Kiki "now," but Sibley informed her that the middle of a restaurant wasn't conducive to contacting those who had passed on. She explained that everyone was made of energy, which left a mark, especially when the death had been violent. Ava replied that the apartment Kiki had been attacked in had been sold, but there could be another place.

Michael and Sasha were putting snacks together in the kitchen when Josslyn entered. Michael explained to his sister that they'd volunteered to watch Avery, and they were getting ready to watch a movie. Josslyn countered that she could have watched Avery, but Michael had thought Josslyn had something better to do, like hang out with Cameron and Trina. Josslyn answered that Cameron was busy at Franco and Elizabeth's reception, which was what he'd been at the house to invite her to the night before.

Michael wondered why Josslyn didn't want to go out with Cameron, and she answered that she didn't want to make a hard night harder. She didn't want to feel like everyone was looking at her, worrying, and wondering how she was, but she felt bad about not helping Cameron. Sasha reasoned that Josslyn was going through a rough time, and she would eventually "get back out there." Josslyn remarked that she had to face the world sometime, so it might as well be to help a friend, and she left the room to get ready.

On the Haunted Star, Epiphany helped Finn with his dancing skills. She revealed that Milo was out of town, so she'd be available for the rest of the reception. Drew entered and found Terry, who'd been thinking about Drew and Kim. She wondered how Kim was doing and informed him that Kim hadn't yet been back to work. Just then, Kim and Julian entered, and Kim greeted Terry with a hug. She divulged that she was contemplating her return to the hospital, as she had too much time on her hands. She didn't want to talk about the hospital that night, so she and Terry went off to get drinks. Drew observed that Kim seemed better, but Julian advised Drew to "have a closer look."

Brad was downing a drink, but Julian walked over and took it away from him. He thought that Brad should be home with Lucas and Wiley, but Brad explained that Lucas had wanted a representative from the family to be there and act normal. Liesl watched as Julian insisted that Shiloh wasn't a threat, but Brad informed him that Shiloh believed that Wiley was his son.

Cameron and Trina arrived, and Cameron made sure that she wanted to be there. Trina promised to have his back. Laura saw Cameron enter and remarked to Kevin that it was a "step forward" for Cameron to appear happy to be there. Kevin commented that he wasn't sure that he was wanted there, but Laura insisted they were. He admitted that he still felt uncomfortable with the "social scene," and she promised that they would stay for one toast. She observed that no one was paying attention to them, anyway. They observed Bobbie enter with Scott, and Laura wondered what to make of it.

Franco knocked on Elizabeth's door on the Haunted Star and asked if she was ready, because their guests were waiting. When she didn't answer, he entered the room and found the room decorated with flowers, and Champagne on ice. Clad in a robe, Elizabeth welcomed him to the honeymoon suite. As she pawed at him, he advised her that they would have plenty of time after the reception, but he gave in. Later, they were in bed together when Cameron knocked on the door, asking if the two were ready.

Curtis and Stella were telling Finn and Epiphany about how Jordan was doing, and Curtis mentioned Stella's apparent nearby relative. She told Finn and Epiphany about the genealogical test she'd done, and Epiphany was surprised that Stella wanted nothing to do with another relative. Finn cracked that he understood, as he had enough headaches with the family he already had.

Scott was surprised that Franco had invited Kevin, as he'd thought Kevin and Laura were no longer together. Bobbie excused herself as Scott, "the father of the groom," wished Kevin and Laura an enjoyable evening. Felix entered next, and a drunken Liesl jumped on him, hugging him hard. She wondered where Donny was, and Felix admitted that they'd broken up. She asked if he was still interested in Lucas, but Felix reminded her that Lucas was married. She slurred that the marriage wasn't built to last.

Julian assured Brad that Shiloh couldn't prove anything, but Brad shot back that Shiloh could ask for a DNA test. Bobbie approached the two and instructed Brad to go get some air, as she had to talk to Julian. She pulled Julian aside and reminded him of their previous conversation. Julian stated that he would always be a part of Lucas' life, and he would always give his help if it was needed. "What good has your help done anyone?" she yelled. Scott appeared and asked if Bobbie wanted a drink, and she went with him.

Kim didn't want Drew to pity her, but she couldn't just turn off her feelings of wanting a child. Across the room, Nina and Valentin arrived, and Nina went off to rescue Finn, whom Liesl was harassing. As Nina got to them, Liesl was talking about how Anna would refuse to settle down. Nina proposed catching up with Liesl, and they walked away from Finn. Curtis took the opportunity to tell Valentin that he'd need to do more research before getting back in Jax's office for the files. He thought that Finn could know a little about Cassandra, as well. Jax entered and greeted Valentin.

Terry got on the microphone and introduced Franco and Elizabeth, and the two walked into the room. They thanked everyone for attending and proclaimed their love for one another. Drew proposed a toast to the couple, and everyone drank. Cameron, Jake, and Aiden walked out with instruments and sang a song, which Trina recorded on her phone, for their mother and stepfather, drawing many tears. After the song, everyone in attendance had a good time, dancing, eating cake, and observing the bouquet toss, which Terry caught. After pictures were taken of the family, Elizabeth hugged her boys, and Cameron shook hands with Franco.

Laura remarked that everyone looked very happy, and Kevin related that he was happy that they were still together. "Me, too," Laura agreed, and they shared a kiss. Felix approached Brad and asked a couple questions about Lucas and Wiley, and Brad was suspicious about Felix's motives. Felix confessed that Liesl had mentioned that Brad and Lucas were on the rocks, but she was drunk and probably lying. Brad found Julian and asked to talk to him.

Jax introduced himself to Finn and said that Robin said hello. He admitted that she probably thought that Finn would be lonely without Anna there. A few minutes later, Nina introduced Liesl to Jax, and Liesl wondered if Jax had heard from Jerry lately. He answered that he hadn't, but she wasn't sure whether or not to believe him. He asked how she knew Jerry, and she responded, "We go way back. Everyone who worked for Helena Cassadine meets each other at some point."

Ava entered the reception with Sibley, who told Franco that he soon wouldn't be feeling like himself. She advised Elizabeth to hold onto Franco, and Elizabeth intended to. Ava and Sibley continued on their way but bumped into Finn. Sibley wondered if he was missing his fiancée, but she assured him that he would soon have more women than he could handle. When Finn walked away, Ava hissed at Sibley to stop giving out free readings.

Nina found Valentin, who wondered if she should have left Liesl and Jax alone together. Nina answered that he could handle himself. She couldn't believe that Ava was there with Sibley, who she believed exploited vulnerable people. She made sure that Valentin hadn't taken Sibley's words seriously. "Why would I?" he asked as he thought back to his conversations with Liesl about Sasha's true mother.

Franco took Liesl aside and observed that she'd had a lot to drink. She admitted that she was lonely, and she wanted someone to go home to and confide her secrets in. She pondered the thought that people could be better off knowing the truth. Franco wondered what she was talking about. As someone spied on them, she rambled on about "Poor Brad, and Lucas, and Wiley, and his real father." Franco gave her a comforting hug.

Ava let Sibley into the room on the ship where Kiki had been found. Sibley revealed that Kiki had still been alive when she'd been dumped in the room. Ava fired questions at Sibley, but the psychic demanded quiet. "Kiki's here," she whispered, and the lights suddenly went out.

The lights went out in the ballroom, and Nina wondered where Valentin had gone. Liesl wandered out onto the deck with her shoes in one hand and a drink in the other. As someone watched, she relaxed in the fresh air, getting closer to the railing. Suddenly, she was pushed overboard.

Drew made sure that Kim was all right. She thought she'd seen a fuse box when she'd entered, and she ran off the find it, followed by Drew. They found the fuse box, and Drew looked in. He was suddenly in pain in his arm and collapsed to the floor. "What was that?" Drew gasped as Kim turned the lights on and crouched next to him, holding a syringe.

Josslyn arrived in the ballroom and found Cameron and Trina. As the lights went on, Elizabeth was shocked to see Hayden in the doorway. "How's that for an entrance?" she asked, and she caught sight of a stunned Finn.

Ava wants desperately to communicate with Kiki

Ava wants desperately to communicate with Kiki

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Maxie and Peter sat at a table in the Metro Court restaurant. Maxie saw Lulu and summoned her over. Lulu admitted that she was scheduled to meet another online date in her pursuit of the dating burglar, but she'd settled on a "decoy house" instead of her own home. Just then, Lulu's date stepped off the elevator, and Maxie pointed out how cute the man was. She reminded Lulu that she was married and in love.

Lulu thanked Maxie for the reminder and acknowledged that she would need to tell the man the truth. She went to meet him, and Peter took a look at Maxie's face. He realized that Maxie needed to look for Dante again. Maxie stated that Ithaca was only a bunch of buildings. Peter declared that there would be high security, and they would be violating international law if they were to try anything.

Lulu met the man and tried to explain and apologize for arranging a phony date. The man rose from the table, but Lulu continued to talk. She wondered why he was single and using an app to meet women because he appeared to be a great guy. She babbled on, and the man sat down again. They continued to chat and flirt as Dustin admitted he'd enjoyed their pretend date. Lulu learned that he was a teacher.

Maxie and Peter listened and looked at the other couple and noticed that Lulu was enjoying herself. Maxie deemed it inappropriate, and she and Peter agreed it was time to head to Ithaca. Maxie decided to engage Spinelli to help them with fake identification as she told Peter she had the entire scenario in her head. Peter thought that was a bad move because Maxie's father was the head of the WSB. He was certain she'd be recognized.

Lulu and Dustin ended their evening as Dustin announced that he had to head to work. Lulu admitted she'd learned that lots of nice people were trying to make a connection, and she hoped that Dustin found the right woman soon. Lulu made her way back to Maxie and Peter, and she told them she'd had a good time with a nice guy. She'd told Dustin all about herself. She declined an invitation to join Maxie and Peter and announced that she was going home to take a bath. Lulu headed to the elevator and double-checked her phone for the information for her ride home. She smiled when she saw that her driver would be Dustin Phillips.

Maxie declared that she would text her father to ask for help in locating Dante. Shortly after, she received a reply. Her father would get her and Peter in to see Dante.

On the Haunted Star, Sibley looked around the stateroom as Ava waited anxiously. Suddenly, the lights went off. Ava was certain that Kiki had been responsible, although Sibley suggested a fuse had blown. Ava was convinced that Kiki was present, and she asked her daughter to talk. Ava stated how sorry she was and how much she missed Kiki.

Sibley slammed her hands down on the dresser in the stateroom and told Ava she was trying to concentrate. She said that Kiki had been there, but Ava lost her temper. Sibley replied that Kiki's soul was no longer there, and she thought it was time to leave. Ava wouldn't hear of it, and the two women began to argue. Sibley insisted that Kiki's spirit was not there. The arguing continued, and Ava told Sibley off and called her a fraud.

Suddenly, Ava felt something, and Sibley heard a voice talking about a special dinner. She declared that Kiki had wanted to be there. Ava recalled the event, realized that Kiki was gone, and demanded that Sibley get Kiki back. Ava admitted that Kiki had to have really been there because there was no way for Sibley to have known about the dinner. Sibley agreed to attempt to channel Kiki, and Ava promised to be quiet.

Sibley warned that it was serious, and if a door opened, it wouldn't easily be closed. Sibley explained that the medium had to be set up, and she would be in touch. She thought it necessary that Ava and Kiki talk.

At the same time, a wasted Liesl wandered out onto the deck and looked at the water. An unknown person pushed her off the ship. Drew and Kim headed to the fuse box, and Drew announced that one of the fuses had to be flipped. Before he could do it, Kim jabbed him with a syringe, and Drew fell to the ground. Kim flipped the fuse, and the lights were restored.

Inside, Hayden made a surprise appearance and congratulated Elizabeth on her nuptials. Finn looked on. Curtis spotted Hayden, and they shared a hug. He suggested a stroll on deck in order to catch up, but Hayden declared that she had someone else to talk to. Trina, Cameron, and Josslyn made their way to the deck and saw someone floundering out in the water. They ran inside and shouted that someone had fallen overboard, and Jax, Curtis, and Finn ran to the rescue.

Kim led Drew to a stateroom. He appeared to be drunk as Kim got him onto the bed. She told him she'd take care of everything. Kim began to undress Drew, and she climbed into bed with him. Drew was out of it and not able to register what was happening. Kim assured him that he would be there for their new child's life, and he would eventually forgive her.

Kim talked about Oscar, and how he'd always asked about his dad when he'd been small. She wished she'd handled things differently. Just then, Julian walked in. "What the hell is going on here?" he asked. Kim ordered him to leave, and she tried to tell him it wasn't what it looked like. She told Julian she'd used a mild sedative on Drew, but they hadn't had sex. Julian began to argue with Kim in trying to find out what had actually happened.

Julian stated that he was sorry for Kim's pain, and he hadn't realized it had been so bad. Kim had thought her actions would make the pain stop, and a new baby would have a trace of Oscar. Julian didn't think it was fair to create a new child as a reminder of another one. Kim cried that she missed her son, and she wondered how she would explain herself to Drew. Julian and Kim left the stateroom.

Liesl was pulled out of the water, and Finn began CPR. Nina was frantic until Liesl finally began to spit up the water. Liesl was carried inside, and Nina asked Valentin where he'd been. She pointed out that the other men had helped Liesl. Jax praised the teens for their help, and Liesl yelled at Finn to get away from her. He happily asked Epiphany to look out for Liesl.

Nina thanked Curtis for helping Liesl, and she realized that she would have to go over to Jax to thank him, too. She didn't want to interrupt what appeared to be an intimate moment between Jax and Hayden as Hayden handed Jax dry clothes she'd found in the captain's closet. Hayden wondered if Jax would be accepting her proposal, and he replied that he was still thinking about it.

Brad walked in and told Bobbie he'd been outside, getting air. Hayden chatted with Cameron next, and Elizabeth intervened to ask if her son had gotten any information yet. Hayden insisted she didn't know how long she'd be in town. She mentioned that she'd met Jax in Rome when they'd been working on a project, and they had enjoyed each other's company.

The paramedics arrived, and Liesl made the pronouncement that she'd been pushed into the water. Nina asked who it had been, but Liesl stressed that it had been dark. Nina thought that Liesl had been "hammered" and fallen in, but Liesl was adamant. Elizabeth joined Finn on deck, and she noted that she realized it hadn't been easy for Finn to see Hayden. Finn thanked her for the invitation, and they talked about Liesl. Elizabeth noted that anyone could have pushed the woman.

Bobbie informed Scott that she would grab Elizabeth and Franco in order for Scott to make the toast. Out on deck, Elizabeth and Franco talked about Liesl and her cryptic comments about Wiley. Elizabeth suggested they get to the truth later after Liesl sobered up. Bobbie overheard and nabbed Brad. She pulled him aside and told him that Liesl knew about Wiley's parentage. She urged Brad to get home and call Alexis.

Drew woke up in the stateroom and wondered what was happening. He retrieved his pants and struggled to put them on. He was fuzzy and dizzy but made it to the door and opened it. Curtis saw him, and Drew admitted he didn't know what had happened. Drew didn't think he was drunk. Just then, Curtis spotted the syringe in the hallway and gently picked it up with a handkerchief. He deduced that Drew had been drugged.

Drew began to recall bits and pieces of his evening and stopped Curtis from calling Jordan. He declared that the person who had been responsible for his condition was in enough trouble. Curtis wanted to look after Drew, but Drew insisted he would take care of himself. Curtis helped him to dress as Drew recalled more of the evening. He wanted to leave the ship immediately.

Jax introduced Josslyn and Hayden, and Jax wanted to call a car to take Josslyn and her friends home. She wanted to handle it herself until she heard her father mention that he had planned on getting her a limo, and Josslyn agreed to allow him to take care of it.

The guests began to depart. Valentin congratulated Franco and left. Nina stopped to chat. She was happy for Franco and his family, and she thought he and Elizabeth were "pretty perfect for each other." She thought he deserved to be happy, and she gently kissed him.

Elizabeth thanked Jax for being there, and she told him that Franco had changed. Jax thought she deserved her happiness. Hayden and Finn awkwardly faced each other. He said hello, and she replied hello back and rushed off to be with Jax. She asked him for a lift to her hotel. Hayden hugged Elizabeth.

Bobbie told Scott she'd taken care of whatever she could manage, and they said goodbye to Elizabeth and Franco. "Be good to her," Bobbie told Franco. They all expressed love for each other, and the older couple left. "I thought they'd never leave," Franco said. He asked Elizabeth to dance and stated that he was looking forward to being by Elizabeth's side for the rest of their lives. They kissed.

Out on the dock, Kim and Julian walked. She was embarrassed by her actions, and she didn't know who she was without Oscar. Julian declared that he would get her help, and he hugged her. Minutes later, Kim made an emergency appointment with a therapist.

Josslyn, Cameron, and Trina walked on the dock and talked about the event. Trina thought that Dev should accompany them next time. Josslyn insisted that her appearance at the reception had had nothing to do with Dev, and she admitted she'd had fun. She told Cameron and Trina they were her best friends, and they shared a group hug.

Oscar's will is read

Oscar's will is read

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Cameron bumped into Dev outside of Josslyn's, and Dev told Cameron that Josslyn was inside. Cameron revealed that the reading of Oscar's will was that day, and Dev expressed his sympathy. Inside, Josslyn gave an unenthusiastic Carly a healthy drink and said that she just wanted to make sure that the baby was all right. Carly wondered how Josslyn was doing and if she wanted Carly to accompany Josslyn. Josslyn divulged that she wouldn't be going alone. Just then, Cameron entered the house, followed by Dev. Carly instructed Josslyn to text if she needed anything, and Josslyn left with Cameron.

Jason entered Sonny's office, and Sonny wondered why Jason, a fugitive, wasn't at the safe house. Jason wanted to check in, and he added that he wouldn't be a fugitive for much longer. There was a knock on the door, and Brick entered. He gave Sonny a file folder and explained the identification documents inside, prompting Jason to wonder who was getting a new identity. Sonny told Jason about Dev as Jason looked at the documents. Jason was shocked to learn that Sonny was making the boy a part of his family.

Sonny explained that having Dev closer would make the boy safer, and Dev would be staying with Sonny. Jason thought that giving Dev a new identity was thanks enough for his help in Turkey and that Sonny should make other living arrangements for Dev. There was a knock on the door, and Carly entered to drop Dev off before she went to work. She introduced Dev to Brick and Jason, and she left. Sonny gave Dev the documents to look at, and Dev ecstatically thanked Sonny for them. Sonny instructed him to memorize the details, so Brick took Dev out of the office to work with him.

Jason suggested that Sonny consider how Dev would fit in at the house with everyone who was already living there. He also wondered how much Sonny knew about Dev, as Dev surely had a past that Sonny knew nothing about. Sonny replied that Dev needed help, and Sonny saw potential in him. Jason's phone went off, and he answered, telling the person that he'd been hoping to hear from them.

A short while later, Jason was gone, and Brick and Dev returned. Dev recited that his name was Devin Rogers Corbin, and he continued on with his birthday, and the hospital in which he'd been born. He started to recite his driver's license number, but Brick informed Dev that no one knew that number by heart. He advised Dev to relax and find out more about the place he'd supposedly been born. He wished Dev luck and left. "I can't thank you enough," Dev said to Sonny about all Sonny had done for him. "That's what family is for," Sonny said as he smiled.

At the police station, Mac asked Chase about Willow, and Chase wished there was a way around what she was going through. Robert entered and revealed that Diane wanted to have a meeting with him about a client. "That's me," Sam said as she approached. A few minutes later, the four finished listening to Carol's statement, and Sam asked that Carol be subpoenaed so she could give her statement in Port Charles. Robert warned that a judge could interpret the statement as hearsay, especially since there was no proof that Sam hadn't coerced Carol into giving the statement.

"Why are we wasting time?" Chase screamed, demanding that Robert go to the judge immediately. Robert invited Mac on a walk to give Chase a chance to calm down. When the brothers were gone, Sam instructed Chase to relax, as they were doing everything they could. She wanted to call Diane to help, and she figured that Carol could be a witness as part of Willow's defense. Sam added that she would do anything to see "that bastard" Shiloh pay after all the bad he'd done.

Robert and Mac returned, and Robert informed Sam and Chase that they needed a corroborating witness that they just didn't have. A frustrated Chase stormed out of the room to check on Willow. Sam told Robert she couldn't find another witness, but Jason could. On cue, Jason entered and revealed that he was surrendering himself, but he'd gotten a witness who could "bury" Shiloh.

Sasha was looking at her phone and deciding whether to renew her membership to Volonino's for a month or a year. Before she could decide, Shiloh appeared in front of her. He'd noticed that she looked troubled, and he wondered if she needed help. She replied that she was fine, and she was waiting for someone. He sat down and insisted on helping, but he was interrupted by Michael throwing him to the floor and yelling at him to back off.

Shiloh got up and accused Michael of attacking him, but Michael replied that Shiloh had tripped. "You should be more careful next time. You might break your neck," Michael added. Shiloh took it as a threat, but Sasha chimed in that she hadn't heard a threat. She added that it had been rude of him to sit down at someone's table, uninvited, as it seemed like an intrusive, unwanted advance. He tried to explain himself, but Sasha refused to hear it. Michael warned Shiloh to leave before he got someone to throw Shiloh out, so Shiloh left.

Michael called Sasha's words a "thing of beauty," and Sasha replied that she'd taken pleasure in the "verbal smackdown." Michael explained about Shiloh, who Sasha had thought had just been trying to hit on her. "Not in a million years, even if I wasn't already..." she trailed off. "With you," she shyly finished. He admitted that things had seemed to progress between them, but he wasn't complaining. She proposed that they get room service, but he answered that he had to go to the reading of Oscar's will.

Michael countered that he wanted to go out of town for a few days, and he suggested that Sasha join him. He explained that he wanted to make the most of his time with her, since her time in Port Charles had an end date. "Who knows?" she commented, and she said that a lot could change between then and Nina's wedding.

A short while later, Michael was gone, and Carly offered Sasha anything "on the house." She asked to join Sasha and sat down. Sasha briefly told her about what had happened with Shiloh, and Carly apologized on behalf of the Metro Court. Sasha remarked that there was a side to Michael that shouldn't be messed with, but the more she got to know him, the more she liked him. Carly wanted to get to know Sasha better, since she seemed to make Michael happy.

Carly continued that she would be sad to see Sasha go and wondered if Sasha had a "big life" waiting for her in Chappaqua. Sasha replied that she had no purpose there, so Carly suggested that Sasha find a purpose in Port Charles. Carly revealed that she'd also landed in Port Charles, tracking down her biological mother, but she'd also found a home. Carly had to get back to work, but she and Sasha both hoped to talk again. Sasha looked at her phone and decided to renew her gym membership for a full year.

Drew was standing in Oscar's Meadow when Kim arrived. She wanted to talk, as she didn't know how much he remembered from the night before. He revealed that he remembered almost everything, and she assured him that nothing had happened. He stated that she'd crossed a line, and she was grateful that Julian had stopped her. She was disgusted with herself, and she was ready to deal with the consequences, including being arrested and losing her medical license.

Drew didn't want to press charges, but he did think that Kim needed help. She confided that she'd already seen Dr. Massey, as she just wanted to feel like herself again. He promised that they would forever be bonded because of Oscar. They didn't want to be late for the reading of Oscar's will, so they left.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Monica assured Alexis that she was almost done setting up. Ned and Olivia entered and scolded Monica for setting up on her own, but she needed to keep busy. Ned wondered if Alexis had gotten ahold of Jason, who was Oscar's executor. She revealed that Jason appeared to be "off the grid," but his presence wasn't necessary for the reading of the will. Josslyn entered and remarked that it was weird to be there when Oscar wasn't.

Out in the foyer, Cameron told Monica about the reception, including the return of his Aunt Hayden. Monica worried about the trouble Hayden would pass along to the hospital. Drew and Kim arrived and thanked Monica for hosting. Everyone sat down in the living room as Michael arrived. Alexis began to read Oscar's will, which began like any other will. Oscar apologized for it being so formal, but he wanted his gifts to "stick" so that everyone would know how important they were to him.

Oscar first thanked Ned and Olivia for welcoming him to the family. To them, he left his keyboard for Leo to use, as he believed Leo was "ready for the real deal." Oscar commented that music ran in the family, and Ned commented, "Yes, it does." Oscar next thanked Michael for being the first person to really welcome him to the family while everyone else was arguing. He'd loved the darkroom Michael had shown him that A.J. had built in the basement, and Oscar thought he'd gotten some good shots. Alexis handed Michael a framed portrait of Michael and Wiley.

Oscar moved on to Monica, thanking her for convincing him that life was worth fighting for and for showing him around Port Charles. He left her a magazine about his hometown of Cleveland with dog-eared pages and notes in the margins so it would be like he was showing her around. Monica commented that she knew the destination of her next vacation, and Olivia invited herself along.

Next, Oscar wrote that he'd been jealous of Cameron for getting his license before Oscar, even if Cameron had gotten community service immediately after. Oscar knew that he was partially to blame and wanted to compensate for it. "I was instructed to toss these," Alexis said, and she tossed the keys to Oscar's car to Cameron, who broke down.

Oscar moved on to Josslyn, with whom he remembered talking about how life was a journey and not a destination and that just because someone didn't know where they were going didn't mean they were lost. He'd left to Josslyn the compass she'd given him in order to find her next adventure. He promised that he would always be on her side, no matter what she found. "I'm sorry, I can't do this," she cried, and she ran out of the house, followed by Cameron.

A short while later, Cameron found Josslyn at Oscar's Meadow as she thought about when she'd given Oscar the compass. Josslyn cried to Cameron that she'd given the compass to Oscar so he wouldn't get lost, "but he won't find his way home this time." Cameron sat next to a crying Josslyn and put his arm around her.

Michael assured the group at the Quartermaine mansion that Cameron had found Josslyn at the park. Alexis continued reading Oscar's will and moved on to Drew. Oscar left to his father the glass that he and Josslyn had run the DNA test on when they'd figured out that Drew was Oscar's father. Oscar acknowledged that they'd violated Drew's privacy, but he was glad that they had. He was sorry that they'd never made it to Kilimanjaro, and Monica related that Oscar would have been proud of his parents for making it up the mountain.

Oscar moved on to Kim, and he expressed that nothing he could give could show Kim how much he loved her and appreciated the sacrifices she'd made for him. He left her a teddy bear that she'd gotten for him before his first day of preschool so she'd know how happy and safe she'd always made him feel.

The last order of business was Oscar's ELQ shares, and Alexis stopped in surprise before reading the name. She stammered that the Quartermaines were released from their promise of no fighting. Alexis continued reading that Oscar wanted to leave his shares to someone who'd helped him when he'd needed it and would use the shares to take care of many others. Just then, a smug Shiloh entered the room and hoped that he hadn't missed anything.

Harmony makes a statement against Shiloh

Harmony makes a statement against Shiloh

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Hayden stopped at General Hospital with a box of doughnuts from Kelly's as a peace offering and chatted with Elizabeth. In Liesl's room, Finn monitored the patient as Franco stood by. As Liesl slowly opened her eyes, Franco filled her in on what had happened after her tumble into the water. Liesl demanded to know why Finn was there when he was an infectious diseases doctor, and Finn explained the possibility of an infection from the water.

After Finn left the room, Liesl asked if there was a guard outside due to the fact that someone had tried to kill her. Franco revealed that a police officer would stop by to take her statement, but Liesl was annoyed that Franco was skeptical that she'd been pushed. Franco asked Liesl to talk about the series of events leading up to her fall from the time she'd left him on the ship. He recalled her saying something about secrets and Wiley.

Liesl laughed and claimed to have been feeling melancholy. She'd been happy for Franco and his bride and had rambled on. Liesl insisted she had no secrets. She continued to babble on awkwardly and maintained that it was due to a combination of Champagne and medicines. Franco thought she was trying too hard to cover up.

Finn left Liesl's room and handed her chart to Elizabeth. Hayden turned and asked him if he wanted a doughnut, and Finn replied that he wasn't in the mood. Hayden tried to leave with her treat, but Finn stopped her. He wanted to go for a walk and talk like old times. Elizabeth ignored Hayden's plea for help. Soon after, Elizabeth saw Lucas, and they talked about their sons.

Lucas mentioned that things were fine; however, there'd been an issue with Wiley's birth parents. Elizabeth was sorry and realized that had been the reason for Brad not feeling well. Lucas admitted that he was unable to be his usual positive self.

Chase visited Willow, who still sat behind bars. He complained that it hadn't been "a great day for the justice system." Willow was scared that something had happened to Wiley, but Chase assured her that Wiley was okay. Chase admitted he missed Willow but was full of compliments regarding her stand against Shiloh. Willow noted that Shiloh was still free -- preying on the innocent and using them to his advantage.

Chase agreed that it was a "miscarriage of justice" that Willow remained locked up while Shiloh was free. Chase revealed that he had a fantasy to work for Sonny instead of the law. They were interrupted when another police officer stopped to tell Chase that he needed to get someone's statement. Chase promised to get Willow out of jail.

Jason turned himself in at the police station, with Sam by his side, but he told Robert and Mac that he had a witness to Shiloh's crimes. Harmony walked in with her attorney, and Harmony introduced herself as Lorraine Miller. Harmony had been given a temporary release in order to give her statement. Robert clarified that Jason hadn't promised anything to Harmony because he would not be bound by that.

Harmony assured Robert that no promises had been made, and she had stepped forward of her own accord. She had realized that David Henry Archer had been responsible for her husband's death and other crimes. She declared that he had to be hauled into court, and Dawn of Day had to be ended. Mac wondered why they would believe her after she'd lied in the past.

Harmony insisted that she had no incentive to lie. She stated that Shiloh had been stalking Sam for years, and he had been behind the emails to her, although Daisy had taken the fall for him. Harmony added that both Carol and she had taken the blame for Shiloh, as well. Harmony stressed that Shiloh had killed her husband, but Robert stated that it would be Shiloh's word against hers. Harmony declared that she had proof.

Harmony went on to explain that she had been Shiloh's closest associate, and she'd paid bills and helped him to raise money. Shiloh had skimmed cash off the top for payoffs to people like the Beechers Corners police and various politicians, and had used it for tax-free accounts offshore. Robert said that Shiloh could claim that Harmony had doctored the records, and he still wanted something to directly link Shiloh to the crimes.

Jason asked about a prescription for carfenadol, and he related the details of Doug Miller's death. He sat down opposite Harmony and began to question her. Harmony revealed the details of the evening of Doug's death and Willow's initiation into the trust. She stated that Shiloh had put in an appearance at nine in the evening and had not shown again until midnight, which had been the tradition. Mac and Robert realized that Shiloh had had a three-hour window of opportunity to kill Doug.

Harmony admitted that Carol had taken the blame for providing the drug to Doug, although she had been at the initiation ceremony. Harmony also confessed that she and Shiloh had both had access to the drug, which had been used in the tea for initiation ceremonies, and Shiloh had had a prescription for it. Her attorney handed over a copy of the prescription, along with the dates that it had been filled. The prescription was in Shiloh's real name.

Sam maintained that Mac and Robert had their witness, but Robert asked what Harmony wanted in return. She insisted that she wanted nothing. She had been responsible for the wrongs committed against her daughter, Willow, and she wanted Shiloh stopped.

Harmony was led to the cell across from Willow's cell. She had hope that Willow would be set free and admitted she'd opened her eyes to the real Shiloh and what she had done. She was ashamed and wanted to begin to make amends. Her husband had been right, and she wouldn't fail to protect both Willow and Willow's son. Harmony did not plan to fail Willow again.

Willow suggested they start out fresh, but Harmony acknowledged that she would be going back to Pentonville. She admitted that it wasn't so bad, and she liked her cellmate, Nelle.

Arrangements were made to provide Carol with protection, and Robert announced that charges against Jason would be dropped. Sam and Jason praised each other for their actions, and Sam hoped they had enough to put Shiloh away.

Alexis continued to read Oscar's will at the Quartermaine mansion, and everyone present was shocked when Shiloh walked in. He announced that he'd been invited by Alexis' aide. The gathered were upset when they heard that Shiloh had been given Oscar's shares of ELQ stock. Shiloh claimed that it had been shocking to him, as well, but the generous gift would help DOD. Alexis declared that the bequest would be protested in court.

Shiloh thought that Alexis should examine her bitterness because it was an addiction like alcohol. Drew stood and walked toward Shiloh. He proclaimed that Oscar hadn't known the real Shiloh, and he wouldn't have Oscar's legacy tainted. Shiloh thought the legacy would draw them close again. Drew shoved him, and Shiloh fell to the floor. Drew demanded that Shiloh never say Oscar's name again. Shiloh rose and apologized. Monica declared that there had been lots of conflict and "interlopers" in the mansion, and they had never lasted. Shiloh wouldn't, either, she added.

Shiloh insisted he would not use the shares for personal gain, but Alexis replied that the will would be probated, and the family would object. Ned confirmed it. Shiloh turned to Kim and asked for her thoughts because she had been with Oscar from the beginning. He asked if she wanted to second-guess her son's dying wish.

Kim agreed that Shiloh had helped Oscar, but Oscar had realized that his parents had loved him. She had heard disturbing things about Shiloh. Olivia declared that they wouldn't allow Shiloh to profit from Oscar's naiveté. Shiloh was sorry, but he was only listening to Oscar's wishes. Michael announced that the bequest was invalid because there had been a handwritten bequest to Oscar's Kilimanjaro Foundation dated after the will had been completed.

Shiloh laughed and maintained that it was made up. Michael replied that it was on file with the court, and Ned declared they would go to court. Shiloh considered them "delaying the inevitable," and he said they should grant the boy's dying wish. Monica ordered him out of the house, or she would have him arrested. Kim agreed. Just then, Shiloh received a phone call and headed to the front door to take the call. He learned that the DNA results were in, and he announced that he would head to the hospital. "Day dawned bright, and it's only getting better," he declared.

Alexis vowed to tie things up in court for at least a year, and the family continued the discussion about the grant to the Kilimanjaro Foundation. Kim fled the room, and Drew followed. She was upset and voiced her opinion that while the shares were valuable, her son was gone, and that was all she cared about. Alexis asked Michael about the phone call that Shiloh had received, and he revealed that it had been about Wiley. He added that they needed to stop Shiloh.

At General Hospital, Chase walked into Liesl's room to take her statement. He wanted to confirm whether she had been pushed or had fallen. Liesl insisted she'd heard footsteps while she'd stood on the deck, and there had been hands that had pushed her from behind. Chase asked about a motive. Liesl laughed, saying that she had a "big personality," and people were in awe and envious of her. Chase began to list all the people who had been on the ship, and Liesl declared that none of them could have been the culprit until Chase named Hayden.

Liesl was aghast to hear that Hayden had been on board, and she immediately named her as the person who'd pushed her. She cited the fact that Hayden hated her. Franco found Elizabeth and noted that Liesl had been back to her usual self. Elizabeth told him about her conversation with Lucas, and Franco said that Liesl had been hinting at a secret about Wiley's father.

Elizabeth couldn't figure out how Liesl would know something about that, but Franco reminded her that Liesl had a talent for secrets and tampering. Elizabeth felt bad for Brad and Lucas but worried that an involvement by Liesl equaled a disaster.

Shiloh saw Lucas when he arrived at the hospital. He declared that he wanted the best for Wiley, although he thought the boy would need a new name. He wanted to make the transition easy. Lucas shouted for Shiloh to leave them alone, and there would be no transition. Shiloh thought otherwise, especially after the results of the DNA test he'd taken were revealed. Lucas reminded Shiloh that he hadn't had permission for a test, but Shiloh revealed that he'd used a cloth that Brad had carelessly dropped after wiping Wiley's mouth. Shiloh wanted Lucas to get Wiley's things together because he would be taking his son.

Lucas ordered Shiloh to take his threats and leave because Wiley was already with his parents. Shiloh disagreed. A hospital employee from the lab handed Shiloh the sealed envelope with the test results after checking his identification.

Finn and Hayden sat down at a table in the Metro Court restaurant. Finn confessed that he wanted to sit, and he wanted to talk about their child that Hayden had lost. She thought they should move on, and he replied that he had. Hayden declared that she was aware that he was engaged to Anna because she'd kept up with Port Charles news, thanks to Elizabeth. She hadn't wanted anyone to know she'd still been following everyone's lives.

Hayden admitted that she still had family and friends that she cared about in town, and she was glad that Finn had found happiness. She added that she would love to have dinner with him and Anna. Finn responded that it was a "kind gesture" but unnecessary and impossible, since Anna was out of town. Hayden checked the time and announced that she needed to leave for a business meeting.

Finn asked about the letter Hayden had left with Curtis that had asked him not to look for her. Hayden was sorry and admitted that it had seemed to be the kindest way to go. He asked about the second letter that had asked him to meet her in Rome. He asked what she had wanted to share with him. Hayden admitted that Rome had been romantic, and she had missed him. He hadn't shown up, and she'd met Jax. Finn believed that there was still something that Hayden wasn't saying to him, but Chase arrived to talk to Hayden.

At the police station, Jason received a phone call from Michael, who told him about the ELQ shares that Shiloh had been bequeathed from Oscar. Jason was familiar with the updated grant to the Kilimanjaro Foundation, and Michael promised they'd tie it up in court. Michael announced that Shiloh had been on his way to the hospital for his DNA results, and Jason acknowledged that he was "on it."

Shiloh is arrested

Shiloh is arrested

Friday, July 12, 2019

At Pozzulo's, Sonny tested Dev on the details of his new identity but informed the teen that he also needed to be familiar with Sonny's enemies. Sonny made it clear that while Jax wasn't an enemy, he was irritating, and he would be curious about Dev's background, more so because Dev would be around Josslyn. Dev thought he should avoid going to school because everyone would notice that he was behind. Sonny declared that school was imperative, and he refused to discuss it further.

Dev maintained that he was old enough to be a dropout, and he thought his talents would be wasted in school. He wanted to work for Sonny and knew Sonny was in the coffee business. Sonny didn't think that was a good choice and wondered if Dev had been looking for safety or a job. Dev was insistent that he think about the future and be someone who was respected and could stand alone. Sonny replied that an education was the way to go, and Dev needed to learn how to take no for an answer.

Sonny thought that Carly would be able to give Dev a job while Dev learned all of his background details and attended school.

Maxie and Peter sat in a waiting area at a WSB office in Ithaca. Peter was nervous and noted that he'd never been in the "enemy's lair" before. Maxie reminded him that he was one of the good guys. Several minutes later, an agent stepped out from behind a closed door and asked to see their identification. He stated that because of them, Dante had to be relocated. Peter and Maxie spotted the gun that was holstered on his hip.

The agent went back through the door, and Peter suggested that he'd been armed to protect Dante. The agent returned again and announced that Dante refused to see them. Maxie tried to argue but the agent was firm. He maintained that Dante was aware of who his visitors were and didn't care. He added that someone would be by to show them out. The agent went out and closed the door again.

Maxie refused to accept the agent's response and went to the door and opened it as Peter attempted to stop her. "Dante! No!" Maxie screamed as a gunshot sounded as she began to step through the door.

Chase stopped at the table where Finn and Hayden were sitting at Metro Court. He asked to speak to Hayden, and she assured him it was okay to talk in public. Finn mentioned that Chase was his brother, and Hayden was surprised. Chase informed her that he was there about the attempted murder of Liesl.

Chase, Hayden, and Finn headed to the elevator, and as they went to step on, Laura and Lulu stepped off. Hayden had another surprise when she heard Chase address Laura as mayor. Laura noted that lots had changed since Hayden had been in town. The trio continued on their way.

Valentin approached Lulu and suggested that he keep Charlotte for the summer due to Lulu's massive schedule with Dante not being around. He wanted to help "pick up the slack." Lulu retorted that she would prefer to stick to the previously arranged scheduling. Valentin thought she should work on her marriage, but Laura stepped in and assured Valentin that Lulu had plenty of help from family members like Sonny. Valentin didn't like Laura's "thinly veiled threat," and he stressed that he was just trying to help.

Laura didn't want Lulu to let Valentin get into her head but Lulu agreed that Valentin had been right. She stated that her kids asked about Dante all the time, and she was going on fake dates for work. She was beginning to feel resentful, although she was aware that Dante had been searching for help. Laura was convinced that Lulu needed the type of help that Dante would give to her. Lulu recalled how the old Dante would be supporting his family, but he was no longer like that.

Laura noted that the WSB would not fight for Lulu's marriage, and they were known to not treat their agents very well. Laura thought that she needed to be the one to fight for Lulu.

Jax stopped into Nina's office at Crimson as she finished up a phone order for flowers for Liesl. She wanted to know about Jax's relationship with Hayden. Jax stated that Hayden had given the wrong impression. Nina realized it was a personal question, and she didn't want to talk about anything personal.

Jax received a phone call from Hayden asking for a lawyer, and she filled him in quickly. Jax declared that he was on the way. Nina asked about the call, since she'd heard Liesl's name mentioned, but Jax told her it was personal.

At the police station, Mac announced that he had an arrest warrant for Shiloh, and Jason informed him that Shiloh had gone to the hospital. Sam wanted to witness the arrest because of all the hurt Shiloh had caused her family. Mac retorted that he wasn't going to deputize her but then noted that his position was only temporary, anyway.

In the interrogation room, Hayden insisted to Chase that she would never have pushed Liesl. She stated that she wouldn't talk any further without an attorney. Chase left the room, and Finn suggested that Chase go easy on Hayden. Chase replied that she had been making it difficult, and he wanted to know what Hayden was to Finn.

Chase asked if Hayden was a former girlfriend and was shocked when Finn replied that she was a former fiancée, but it was complicated. Chase was sad that he and Finn were apparently not as close as he had thought, but Finn declared that things had ended badly. He knew that Hayden would not try to kill Liesl, though. Jax arrived to see Hayden, and Chase returned to the interrogation room.

Chase opened a file and read all the charges that had been against Hayden in the past, including several counts of fraud and blackmail. He asked how Finn had almost married her, and he added that Finn had told him that Hayden wasn't a killer. He wondered why he should believe his brother. Hayden suggested that Finn "compartmentalized people." Chase sat down and asked that she tell him about his brother, and he would learn about her in the process.

Michael paid a visit to Willow in her jail cell, and she told him about her great news. She stated that Harmony had turned against Shiloh and was like her mother again, the way she'd been before Dawn of Day. Michael informed her that Shiloh was about to be arrested and would never get custody of Wiley. Willow noted that Harmony had gone back to Pentonville but had mentioned that Nelle was her cellmate.

Michael believed that Nelle was "broken," and he thought that Willow should tell Harmony to never believe anything that Nelle said. He recalled the night of Jonah's birth and Nelle's tears. He was sure that Nelle had actually enjoyed seeing Michael hurting. Willow wished she could give Jonah back to Michael, but Michael declared that he only wanted to stop Shiloh. He added that the man was at General Hospital; he presumed it was to pick up a DNA test.

Willow was upset. Michael explained that he had given Sam and Jason time to build a case against Shiloh, and Shiloh would be going to prison for life. Willow felt that Shiloh had always been able to beat the charges against him, and she was afraid he'd take Wiley. Michael assured her that the DNA test hadn't been legal. He told her that he would get updates on what happened. Willow wondered if her stay in jail had been in vain.

At General Hospital, Curtis and Jordan strolled the hallway after leaving Jordan's doctor's appointment. They were happy about the results, and Jordan admitted she was just waiting to get the okay to go back to work. She realized she was lucky but had been going "stir-crazy." They ran into Lucas and Shiloh having words, and Shiloh had just announced that he would be a better parent to Wiley than Lucas.

Shiloh declared that he would take his son, and the boy would never remember Lucas, although Shiloh would. Lucas suddenly pushed Shiloh up against the wall and began to choke him. Curtis pulled them apart, and Shiloh fell to the floor. Lucas shouted that Shiloh would never take Wiley. Shiloh declared that he wanted Lucas to be arrested, but Jordan replied that she wasn't in a position to handle that.

Mac arrived with Jason and Sam and told Shiloh he was under arrest instead. Shiloh was confused and complained that Lucas had assaulted him, but both Curtis and Jordan denied seeing anything. Lucas declared that Wiley was not Shiloh's son and never would be, but Shiloh said that the court would decide when they saw the DNA test results. He told Sam she would be able to visit, and Sam agreed that maybe she would visit him at Pentonville.

Shiloh asked about the charges, and Mac told him he was being arrested for extortion, false promise, and sexual coercion. He added that the investigation into Doug Miller's death would be reopened. Sam spoke up and told him that Carol Lockhart would be subpoenaed. Shiloh chuckled, but he was concerned after learning that Harmony, who had gone back to the name of Lorraine, would be confirming Carol's testimony. He was certain that Harmony would never do that.

Mac read Shiloh his rights and officially placed him under arrest. Sam picked up the envelope that contained the DNA test results and handed it to Lucas. She told him to go home to be with his family, and she offered to drive him. Lucas stated that he couldn't face Brad, but Sam told him it was all over.

Back at the police station, Hayden told Chase that she wasn't sure how his proposal would work. Just then, Mac and Jax walked in, and Chase informed them that Hayden was no longer a suspect because he'd actually seen her on a video recording from the ship. Hayden realized that he had only wanted to try to get information out of her. She and Jax left, and Mac announced that he had a prisoner of interest.

Chase and Mac left the interrogation room, and Chase saw Shiloh. Mac told Chase that he had enough evidence to charge Shiloh. Chase realized it could be the end of the custody suit, and Willow would be set free. Shiloh demanded his lawyer, and he declared that charges against him had never stuck.

Chase headed to Willow and opened her cell. He told her she was being released. They shared a kiss. Shiloh was led to the cell as Willow left. He told her it wouldn't be long before he was set free, and he would be a father to their son. "A new day will dawn. It always does," he said.

Back at the hospital, Curtis found Jordan on the phone, discussing official business with Robert. She finished up and assured him that it was just a phone call. He realized how good she looked as she worked. Finn arrived, and he offered to put in a good word to Jordan's surgeon. He asked Jordan to put in a good word for Hayden, who'd been arrested.

Lucas told Sam that the envelope felt heavy because it contained the proof that Shiloh was Wiley's father. They sat down as Lucas declared that Shiloh would take his son. Sam promised it wouldn't happen after the judge saw the crimes that Shiloh would be charged with. Michael arrived and heard about Shiloh's arrest. He told Lucas to destroy the test results.

Sam noted that the hospital had records of the test. Michael insisted that the test wasn't legal, and genes didn't matter. He urged Lucas to burn the envelope and get rid of it. Finally, Lucas ripped it up and tossed it in the trash.

As Finn descended the stairs, he placed a call to Anna. He left a message for her to call him, and he divulged that Hayden was back in town. Jordan was miffed that she hadn't heard about Hayden's return. Curtis thought that the police department was anxious to get Jordan back.

Jax and Hayden returned to Crimson. Jax declared that Hayden had gotten Finn's attention as she'd wanted, and he was aware that their kiss on the ship had also been for Finn's benefit. He wanted her to tell Finn that they weren't really together. He reminded her that they had a business arrangement, and he wanted Finn told sooner rather than later.

Inside Nina's office, Valentin admitted that his meeting with Lulu had gone as he had expected it would. Nina suspected that something was bothering Valentin, and he admitted it was Jax. He didn't believe that Jax had been honest, and he didn't think that Jax was really interested in Crimson. He thought that Jax was more interested in Nina and himself. He confided that he'd learned that Jax had files on both Valentin and Cassandra Pierce.

Valentin added that he had a source working on the files, and Nina wasn't surprised to learn of the file on Valentin. She realized that the source that Valentin referred to was Curtis because she'd thought it odd that he'd suddenly obtained a job there. She thought that Drew should be told, but Valentin convinced her to wait until Curtis had time to go over everything.

Valentin was worried because of their experience with Cassandra, and Nina wondered how Jax would have connected them to Cassandra. Just then, Hayden and Jax walked in, and Jax expressed his desire to get back to the budget meeting as soon as Valentin left. Nina wanted Hayden gone, also, but Jax informed her that Hayden was the new CFO.

Lulu went to Pozzulo's and told Sonny that she could no longer stand Dante's absence. She wanted Sonny to find him and get him home again.

At Metro Court, Laura received a phone call from Mac, who wanted to tell her about Shiloh's arrest. She had difficulty hearing him, and she got up to take the call. She left her purse on the table. Dev stepped off the elevator and spotted the purse. He knocked it to the floor, but as he leaned over to pick it up, Jason grabbed it first. He glared at Dev.

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