General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 1, 2019 on GH

A mystery woman booked a flight to Port Charles. Shiloh secured a sample of Wiley's DNA. Harmony revealed a damaging detail that implicated Shiloh in murder. Robert took a new job. Scott proposed marriage to Bobbie.
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A mystery woman booked a flight to Port Charles
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Brad is unnerved by Michael's continued presence in Wiley's life

Brad is unnerved by Michael's continued presence in Wiley's life

Monday, July 1, 2019

Jason watched Sam sleep and kissed her to wake her up. She was happy to be woken up as long as she was next to him. As they got out of bed, she admitted that she didn't hate being stuck at the safe house with him since he was a fugitive. She told him about her run-in with Shiloh the night before. He updated her on what had happened to him the previous night, including Billy getting orders regarding Jason from someone on the phone that Jason swore had been Shiloh. Sam realized that she'd heard the phone call, and Shiloh had ordered Billy to kill Jason.

Sam wanted to go to Beechers Corners to get Carol's statement, but Jason countered that Carol already knew him. She refused to let him risk his life again, and they argued back and forth about it. He figured that a statement would be enough to get a judge to issue a subpoena for Carol in Port Charles, and Billy couldn't do anything about it. Jason added that Sam couldn't stop him from going, and they play fought until they ended up on the bed.

Michael bumped into Brad and Wiley outside of Charlie's and promised Wiley that he would be protected. He called Wiley a lucky kid, but Brad wasn't so sure about that. Michael assured Brad that everyone would "come through" for Wiley, and he walked away. Brad told Wiley that they were going to see if Julian could get them fake passports just in case Michael was wrong.

Inside Charlie's, Shiloh told Zahra on the phone that he knew where his son was, but that he didn't have proof yet. He noticed Brad enter and thought that he could get proof. Brad asked at the bar if Julian was in, but he wasn't. Shiloh appeared in front of Brad, and Brad demanded to know if Shiloh was stalking him. Brad spat that he was "onto" Shiloh and what he did to people, and he didn't want Shiloh near his son. Shiloh observed that Brad had been much tenser since halting his classes at Dawn of Day.

Shiloh asked Brad for parenting advice, since he knew nothing about children, and he'd missed so much of his child's life already. Brad thought they could "cross that bridge when we come to it." Shiloh told Brad about his "violent" run-in with Lucas the night before, and he thought that Brad and Wiley deserved better. He asked what was troubling Brad, and Brad answered, "You are! Get the hell out of my way!" Brad stormed out, and Shiloh smirked as he watched Brad through the window. He pulled one of Wiley's towels out of his pocket.

Drew settled Scout in at his office and pointed out a picture of Oscar on his desk. As he told his daughter about her brother, Alexis stood smiling in the doorway. When he was done, he thanked Alexis for picking Scout up. He admitted that he was afraid to take his eyes off of Scout, as she might not be there when he looked back. Alexis couldn't imagine losing a child, and Drew commented that Scout was the only thing in his life that gave him purpose.

Drew continued that, while scattering Oscar's ashes had given him a little peace, it had seemed to make things worse for Kim. He said Kim believed that she was no longer a mom, no matter who tried to reassure her. Alexis gently reminded him that they still needed to schedule a date to read Oscar's will, and Drew promised to talk to Kim about it. Alexis observed that Scout, who was coloring, seemed to be too busy to go with Alexis, and Drew wanted to spend more time with his daughter, anyway. Alexis hugged them both and left. Drew looked at Scout's art and told her that she was as talented as her brother. He swore to her that he would take her to Mount Kilimanjaro to visit Oscar.

At the Metro Court, Lulu reluctantly told Peter and Maxie about her date and the subsequent foiled robbery of her house. She assured the horrified couple that Sonny had guards on her house, but Peter stated that he was pulling the story. She explained that she was going to use the address of one of Lucy's unused properties, but Peter thought it was too dangerous for her to continue. Lulu argued that someone was weaponizing the loneliness of the women of Port Charles, and she'd made it her mission to expose the culprit.

Maxie thought that Lulu was throwing herself into her work because she missed Dante. Lulu agreed that she missed Dante, but she stood by the merits of her article. Peter admitted that Lulu was right, so she took the win and left. Maxie took the opportunity to tell Peter that they needed to find Dante at the WSB facility in Ithaca. Peter thought that it was a bad idea, as Dante would know best about his own mental health and family's safety. Peter didn't want to interfere, but Maxie talked about how Lulu was her best friend, and she owed it to Lulu. Peter eventually agreed, and they shared a kiss.

Robert was sitting at the Floating Rib when Laura joined him. She implored him to find Dante, but he divulged that Dante's whereabouts were "classified." She thought there must be something he could do, but he confided that he'd been forced into retirement. She wondered what life after the WSB looked like, and he remarked on how well she'd built her life. He nonchalantly added that she was even on the governor's radar, which surprised her. He admitted that he and the governor went "way back" to law school. Laura hadn't even realized that he'd gone to law school.

Regarding Dante, Robert advised her to let him heal, as it took years to undo the type of damage Dante had suffered. He promised that Dante and Lulu would be allowed to have contact "in time." Changing the subject, she asked about his past. He told her that he'd gone to Fordham, and he'd passed the New York state bar exam the same day he'd gotten into the WSB. She thought that the governor could help him find a new job, and Robert answered that he already had.

Chase handed Mac coffee and a breakfast sandwich, and Mac wondered what Chase's angle was. Chase insisted that he just wanted Mac to feel welcome. He went on to tell Mac about Willow's situation, and he wondered if Mac could put in a good word with Judge Walters. Mac recounted how Walters had forbidden Maxie from seeing Georgie because his standards for mothers were clearly much more "stringent" than for fathers.

Billy entered the police station and asked to see Mac. He explained about an escaped prisoner, Jason Morgan, who would be armed and dangerous. He explained about how Jason had escaped from Beechers Corners jail the night before with another prisoner, but he refused to give Mac any other details. Michael entered the station, and Billy immediately identified Michael as the other prisoner. Mac was skeptical of Billy's accusation as Michael introduced himself as the CEO of ELQ. Billy demanded that Michael be arrested, but Mac countered that Billy had no proof of any of his claims. Billy threatened to call the FBI, so Mac set a phone down in front of him and dared, "Knock yourself out."

Chase stepped forward and claimed that Michael had been with him at Volonino's until well past midnight. Billy wanted proof, but Mac reminded him that he was out of his own jurisdiction. He refused to leave until he got what he wanted, but Mac said that he would look into Billy's claims. Billy glared at Michael and left in a huff. Michael told Mac about what had actually happened the night before, and Mac was disappointed that Chase had lied. He warned Chase not to lie again, or he would be gone.

When Mac was gone, Michael thanked Chase for the alibi, and Chase replied that he couldn't let Michael go to jail. Chase related that he couldn't go rogue for Willow again. Michael assured Chase that he could work within the law, and everyone else would do what they needed to take care of Wiley.

Mac bumped into Laura at the station, and he reminded her that they needed to fill the vacant D.A. position. Laura agreed and informed him that it was already done. Robert entered and told his smiling brother, "The Scorpio brothers ride again."

Scott proposes marriage to Bobbie

Scott proposes marriage to Bobbie

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Jax phoned Carly from his new office at Aurora Media and invited her to lunch for helping him to get the office renovated. He mentioned that he also wanted to take his new car for a spin. Carly replied that she was in the middle of something, and she turned the invitation down. Jax thought that something was wrong, but Carly insisted that everything was fine. She hurriedly ended the call, and Jax appeared doubtful.

Upstairs in the Metro Court restaurant, Scott ran into Ava and told her he wanted to talk. Ava was in a hurry to get to Jax's office. She told Scott about her upcoming interview and the hope that it would be cleansing for her. She added that she didn't need any law advice or even a friend. "Maybe I do," Scott said. He sat down and confessed that he'd been feeling lost.

Scott went on to explain that he had still not recovered from Gail's death and was upset that he hadn't visited her more often. Ava asked for a rain check on the conversation, but she suggested that Scott was in the "throes of a midlife crisis." She urged him to do something for himself and have fun. She thought a new red Ferrari was in order. Scott tried to disagree, but Ava cut him off and hastened to Jax's office.

Sonny found Carly sitting in the kitchen when he returned home. Carly admitted that she'd been researching spina bifida. Sonny thought she should wait, but Carly insisted that it was better to be prepared. She wondered if they'd be able to handle a severe birth defect in their child.

Sonny recalled his many donations to organizations like the Special Olympics, but he'd never thought it could be his own reality. Carly stressed that their other children needed love and attention, and a child with a birth defect would be a lifetime reality. She wasn't sure she'd be strong enough to handle it. Sonny felt that they could with all of their money, resources, and support.

Carly listed all of the things that could be wrong with their child due to spina bifida, but Sonny felt she was jumping to the worst-case scenario. He ordered her to stay off the Internet. Carly knew he was right and declared that while the child would need them, they needed the child in return.

Carly compared the situation to the one with Mike. She and Sonny noted that he'd given them love, laughter, tears, and anger. Sonny had seen that his father was a good man who loved his family. Sonny added that he wouldn't trade the time with Mike for anything, the same as the time they'd gotten to spend with Morgan.

Carly knew it would be difficult, but it would be a gift as long as they were in it together. "No matter what," Sonny assured her. Carly said she was scared, and Sonny admitted to the same.

At the hospital, Bobbie thanked Epiphany for her help and promised to be proactive in looking after herself after getting the diabetes diagnosis. Elizabeth found Franco in his office, and he hastily chased her away when she attempted to look at his latest project. He confessed that he was happy to see her, but he wanted her to look away as he covered up the artwork.

Elizabeth indicated that she'd informed potential guests of the change of venue for the wedding reception. Franco sent her away and made a phone call to someone. He asked that the person stop by the office.

Scott arrived shortly after, and Franco updated him on the latest wedding reception plans. He wanted to make certain that Scott would be there, and he added that Scott should have a date accompany him. The men sat down as Franco grabbed a juice box. Scott admitted that he wanted what Franco had, like Elizabeth and the kids. Franco joked that he could take Cameron. "Forget the kids," Scott replied. Franco wanted a girl who could talk about certain movies and drink martinis. Franco thought Scott should be talking to Ava.

Scott explained that he and Ava hadn't worked out, and they were only friends. He declared that he wasn't having a midlife crisis. He told Franco how he'd rescued Bobbie when she'd fainted, and he'd felt needed because he'd been there for her. Franco suggested that Scott find someone "out of the fast lane." Franco added, "Life is full of surprises."

Out by the nurses' station, Elizabeth told Bobbie and Epiphany about the wedding reception. Bobbie wasn't sure she'd make it, and she revealed the news of her diabetes diagnosis. Epiphany thought it would do Bobbie good to get out. Bobbie admitted that she'd been glad that Scott had been with her when she'd fainted, and she confessed that she'd been in denial about her disease.

Elizabeth showed up in Franco's office again, and they shared a kiss. Franco talked about how lucky they were and how others didn't get to share the same kind of feelings as they did. Elizabeth told Franco about Bobbie, who needed love and support. "Help might be on the way," Franco said. Elizabeth was happy that Franco was painting again, and he declared that they would finally get their happy ending. He stopped her again from looking at his work.

Scott found Bobbie by the elevator, and she thanked him again for his help. She told him that she'd have to live a healthier lifestyle after her diagnosis. Scott thought there was a silver lining. He didn't think that Bobbie would have to face it alone. Bobbie was anxious to leave because she wanted to do her homework on her new problem.

Scott didn't want Bobbie to do anything alone again. He talked about how they'd been friends, and he thought they had something to recapture. He talked about going down the RV highway of life with all of its potholes. "Will you marry me?" he asked. Bobbie chuckled.

Finn sat at Charlie's, on the phone with Anna, who revealed that she was still trying to locate Alex. At a nearby table, Jordan enjoyed breakfast with Curtis, Stella, and T.J. Finn ended his call and approached the table as Jordan's family ordered her to enjoy her time away from the office. She only wanted to stay busy. Finn said hello and advised Jordan that everything she needed was there at the table.

Chase arrived, and he and Jordan talked about Mac. Curtis declared that Mac was doing a great job. Curtis had to leave for work at Aurora, and he encouraged everyone to keep Jordan away from the police station. Finn and Chase went back to Finn's table, and Jordan mentioned how happy she was to see Finn and Chase acting like brothers. She added that she owed her life to Finn. T.J. announced that he would not be returning to medical school in the fall.

Stella and Jordan were aghast, but T.J. assured them that he'd return eventually. He needed to pay his own way and work for a while. "Not happening," Jordan said firmly. She was aware that her son was doing it because of her medical bills, but she insisted that with Curtis' new job and her eventual return to police work, they'd be fine. Stella added that doctors were greatly needed.

Eventually, Stella maintained that it was time for Jordan to go home and for T.J. to cancel his appointment for his job search. She received a phone message and confessed that she'd had a DNA test run around the time of the kidney search. She'd apparently had a DNA match but had no intentions of paying extra money for the information.

At Finn's table, Chase urged his brother to talk him down before he broke his girlfriend out of lockup. Finn couldn't believe that Willow was in jail and asked if she'd had an unpaid parking ticket. Chase filled him in on Willow's contempt of court for refusing to disclose her child's whereabouts, and Finn was astonished. He hadn't been aware that Willow had had a child. Chase told him everything and noted that the biological father didn't deserve to be in the same room as the child.

Chase declared that the father was out and about while Willow sat in jail. Finn was sorry that Anna was out of town, searching for her fugitive sister, because he knew she would have helped. Finn disclosed that he talked to Anna every day because he no longer trusted text messages because of Cassandra Pierce. He stated that Cassandra Pierce was still around somewhere. Chase asked about the woman, and Finn disclosed that Cassandra was an associate of Valentin's.

Chase needed to get to the station and admitted that things were precarious because he'd been torn between his duties and his feelings. Finn understood because he felt the same way, between taking the Hippocratic Oath and dating an ex-WSB agent. The brothers wished each other luck.

Ava barged into Jax's office at Aurora, and he asked what her latest demands were. Ava proclaimed that she had no demands, but she would have to call off the scheduled interview. Jax reminded her that she'd signed a contract for the interview and photo shoot. Ava clarified that she only wanted to postpone it. Just then, a loud security alert sound went off, and Curtis arrived at the door.

Curtis explained that he was testing the various systems, and Jax and Ava returned to their argument, which grew louder as Curtis poked around the office. Suddenly, the alarm went off again. Jax shouted that the magazine's New York editor was there to conduct the interview. Curtis continued to weave around the office until Jax asked how much longer he'd be there.

Curtis replied that he would need forty minutes to an hour. Ava declared that she'd left something in the restaurant, and she fled the office. Jax followed. Curtis gently closed the door and began to search the files and desks around the office. He stopped short when he found files on both Valentin and Cassandra Pierce.

Up in the restaurant, Ava promised to make it up to Jax. He wanted a good excuse, or he was prepared to sue Ava. She finally revealed that she would be meeting her late daughter with the help of a psychic. Jax was skeptical, and Ava explained that she had gotten the idea from Josslyn. Jax asked if she could do it another time, but Ava only wanted to delay the interview. He finally backed off and agreed but threatened to sue her if there was another delay.

Ava phoned the psychic and apologized for being a little late. She was both nervous and very serious about it, even though she awkwardly joked with the psychic about not knowing Ava would be late. Ava was prepared, and she pulled a photo of Kiki from her purse.

Jax returned to his office just as Curtis finished up photographing the files in question. Jax asked what Curtis was up to and whether there'd been any breach in security. Curtis announced that he'd found a couple of problems and would be adding motion sensors. He stated that he would put together a proposal for Jax, and he left the office.

Stella and T.J. encountered Epiphany at the hospital. T.J. laughed and asked Epiphany to help him to get Stella to roll the dice. He left, and Stella explained the DNA test and possible match that had been located. Epiphany admitted that she'd done the same, and she thought it possible that something fascinating might be found.

An unknown person sat at a computer and booked a flight from Paris to Port Charles.

Sonny pays to save Dev

Sonny pays to save Dev

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Sonny spoke to Carly on the phone as he sat and waited for Mike's cousin Gladys to show up at the Bridgeport Café in Connecticut. Gladys arrived and immediately told Sonny to "cut to the chase." She found it curious that she hadn't seen family or heard from Mike in ages. Sonny asked Gladys about her son, and she clarified that he'd been killed in Iraq in 2003. Gladys realized that had been the last time she'd heard from Mike.

Sonny explained that Mike had Alzheimer's, and Gladys was sorry. That made her even more curious as to why Sonny had wanted to see her. Sonny revealed that he wanted help with a project, but Gladys stopped him before he could continue. She stated that she was familiar with the fact that Sonny was one of the biggest mobsters around. Sonny corrected her quickly. "Alleged," he said. Gladys asked what business he wanted with her son.

Sonny replied that it was Gladys' grandson that he wanted to talk about. Gladys made it clear that she had no grandchildren and her son had had no children, but Sonny slyly slid an envelope of money toward her. "He does now," Sonny declared. He added that it was the first in a series that would be given to Gladys every six months. He explained that government officials would be by to ask questions, and she was to say that her son had married in Iraq and had returned home with his wife, who had died in childbirth.

Gladys realized the story was meant to be a cover-up for a child in the states illegally. She informed Sonny that the envelope wasn't thick enough, and she slid it back to him. Sonny thought it was generous and told her to look again. Gladys announced that she could be arrested, and it would have to be worth her while. Sonny pulled his wallet out of his pocket and added some money to the envelope. He repeated that it would be the same amount every six months.

Sonny clarified that if Gladys had done her homework, then she knew what would happen to anyone who double-crossed him. Gladys agreed it was a deal, and she asked for the boy's name. Sonny told her she'd receive all the information she needed.

Carly asked Sonny to keep her posted on what happened at his meeting as she stood in her kitchen with Josslyn. Josslyn was curious, but Carly only stated that Sonny was working on something. Carly wanted carrots and celery cut up for herself and Avery, and Dev offered to help with Josslyn. Dev asked Josslyn if she was mad at him. Josslyn admitted that she was, and Dev apologized for not believing that Oscar's spirit had reached out to her.

Dev and Josslyn began to bicker, and Carly interrupted to talk about pizza for dinner with Sonny being away. Dev challenged Josslyn's opinion of the best place to order from, and Carly finally sent him to the boathouse to help to close it up. Josslyn admitted that Dev was annoying, and she wondered what the next step was, since he was in the country illegally.

Carly replied that Sonny was making arrangements, but Josslyn wondered why they had been going to so much trouble. Carly explained that Dev had saved Sonny and Dante in Turkey, and Sonny wanted to repay the teen. Carly knew the boy was annoying, but she hoped that Josslyn could make allowances due to the situation. Josslyn agreed, and Carly said goodbye. She was scheduled to meet with Bobbie.

At the hospital, Scott reminded Bobbie that they had once been more than friends, and he thought they could recapture what they'd once had. He proposed marriage. "Scott, are you insane?" Bobbie asked. She assured him she wasn't dying and didn't want a "pity proposal." Scott insisted that it wasn't pity, and he wanted to be able to spend the rest of their lives together.

Bobbie thought that Scott had lost his mind, but he insisted it made sense. He had done some "soul-searching," and they had lots of history. He thought they should make a real deal on it, but Bobbie thought it sounded more like he was trying to make a business transaction. Scott thought they fit together comfortably like an old shoe , but Bobbie took offense instead of being pleased.

Scott assured her he'd meant it as a compliment. He explained that suddenly, the end of the road was close, and she understood his jokes. After he'd helped her when she'd fainted, he'd been able to see the two of them spending time together, Scott concluded. Bobbie thought he drove her insane at times. She reminded him that he'd never told her he loved her.

"Of course, I love you," Scott replied. Bobbie thought he should consider leading off with that the next time. She clarified that she loved him as a friend, although they could have been more in the past. She thought they'd be disastrous, and she was looking for passionate and epic love. She believed they deserved more than just feeling like comfortable shoes.

Scott quickly apologized for being out of line. Bobbie thought there was something going on with him, and she offered to cancel her plans with Carly to have dinner with him instead. Scott declined.

Laura and Cameron walked into Charlie's and found Elizabeth and Franco sitting at a table. Laura praised Cameron's help with the setup for fireworks, and Elizabeth told her son he'd been granted a day off for the wedding reception. Enthusiastically, Franco suggested that Cameron attend with a date. Cameron ignored all attempts that Franco made to engage him in conversation.

Cameron finally declared that he would not have a date because it wouldn't be fun, and he headed to the bar to order some food. Laura followed him and asked him what was going on. She recalled how pleasant he'd been earlier with his mother, and how his attitude had changed. She guessed it had to do with Franco. Cameron pointed out that Franco was his stepfather, and he didn't have to agree with it.

Laura maintained that she trusted Elizabeth's judgment, but Cameron thought that Franco judged him and was wrong about things he thought about Cameron. Laura told him to stop being resentful, but Cameron insisted that Franco would only be temporary. His real family consisted of his mother and brothers. "There it is," Laura said.

Laura realized that Cameron had had many father figures who had let him down, but she wanted to let him know that everyone had problems with parents, even her. She thought that Cameron was putting up walls in case things didn't work out. Cameron thought that Franco's past was complicated, but he guessed he owed it to his mother. Laura suggested he give Franco the benefit of the doubt.

Laura added that Cameron's brothers looked up to him, and it was up to him to lead by example. Laura concluded that the wedding reception would be the ideal opportunity for Cameron to put his "best foot forward."

Over at the table, Franco expressed his confusion over Cameron's behavior. Franco felt like one minute they were connected, and then they were allergic to each other. Elizabeth reminded him that Cameron was a teenager, and they discussed Cameron's hot and cold behavior. Franco left for work, and Elizabeth headed to the bar.

Cameron announced that he had to do something. He revealed that he was thinking about taking a date to the wedding reception, after all, because it might be fun. "Oh!" Elizabeth gasped. Elizabeth guessed she had Laura to thank for Cameron's change in disposition and the fact that he was making an effort. Laura shrugged it off and told Elizabeth he was a great kid.

Alexis read over the obituary for Neil's daughter as she sat in his office's waiting room. She was surprised when Neil and Kristina emerged from the office, and Alexis awkwardly stated that she hadn't known her daughter was there but couldn't hear their conversation. Alexis wondered why she hadn't seen Kristina too much lately. Neil retreated back into his office.

Kristina explained that she had been working a lot and had been trying to reestablish her social life. Alexis hoped Kristina hadn't avoided her because of the pledge, and Kristina assured her that wasn't so, although she felt guilty. Alexis didn't want Kristina to feel any blame, but she thought that if Kristina told her about the pledge, she might feel better. Kristina didn't think it was necessary and that it was best to just let it go. They hugged, and Kristina left.

Inside Neil's office, Alexis explained that she hadn't known Kristina had changed the time of her session. She babbled on, but Neil stopped her. He informed her that he couldn't talk about what he and Kristina had talked about. Alexis thought that Kristina still seemed distant because of the pledge. She poured some water and went on about how lucky she'd been with her kids. She explained that she was the attorney for a boy who'd died, and it had been difficult to talk to the boy's father, who'd been in pain.

Alexis added that no one could understand the pain of losing a child, but she realized that Neil knew about that. He glared at her as she stumbled over her words. Alexis went on about her healthy kids. Neil demanded to know how Alexis knew, and he wanted an honest answer. Alexis admitted that she knew about Neil's daughter, and Neil asked her to leave. He stated that he could no longer treat Alexis.

Neil was angry as he reminded Alexis that his personal life had been off-limits. He had asked her to respect the doctor and patient boundaries several times. Alexis replied that her friend Diane had looked him up online, but Neil didn't want to hear it. Alexis accused him of taking out his grief and anger on her, but Neil snapped that she wasn't a professional.

Alexis said that she knew Neil's daughter's name had been Joanna, although she didn't know any other details. She was sorry that his grief was still fresh and that he had taken it out on her. Neil declared that he would refer Alexis to a colleague, but she replied that it wasn't necessary. She explained that a colleague would know Neil, and they couldn't cross the boundaries.

Kristina stopped at the jail to visit Willow. Kristina apologized for not seeing her sooner because she owed Willow her life. She believed that she would still be caught up in Dawn of Day without Willow's story. Willow compared DOD to quicksand, and she expressed the desire to confide in Kristina. She had learned that secrets were worse than being in a cell. Kristina understood.

After Alexis had gone, Neil cleaned up his desk. He stared at Alexis' file. Kristina returned and found Alexis still in the waiting room. Kristina wanted to talk to Neil and Alexis together about the pledge.

At General Hospital, Bobbie told Carly all about Scott's marriage proposal that had been a fiasco. She told her daughter that Scott had compared her to a shoe, and she didn't plan on settling. She thought she could still find lasting love. Carly urged her mother to be proactive in her search. Carly thought her mother deserved love, and she needed to put herself "out there." Carly admitted it wouldn't be easy, but maybe Bobbie would meet someone new. Maybe someone from the past would end up being special, Carly added.

Scott waited for Franco to return to his office, and Scott revealed that he'd proposed to Bobbie. Scott was angry and shouted that he would no longer take Franco's advice. Franco guessed that Bobbie had said no, and he made it clear that he'd never told Scott to propose. Scott berated himself for making bad choices and making a fool of himself.

Franco admitted that he had another small pep talk in mind. He suggested that Scott look forward and not in the past. He thought that Scott only saw Bobbie when he looked back, and he thought that Scott should just ask her out for coffee.

As Bobbie and Carly waited for the elevator, the doors opened, and Scott got off. Carly went to order the pizza for dinner, and Scott apologized to Bobbie. He admitted he had been wrong. Bobbie agreed that she knew about acting on impulse. Scott asked if she would be going to the wedding reception, and Bobbie replied yes. Scott asked her to accompany him, and Bobbie accepted. Carly smiled as she watched.

At Carly's house, Josslyn and Dev resumed their arguing as they cut up vegetables. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, and Josslyn opened it to Cameron. He walked into the kitchen, and Josslyn took out sandwich fixings for the boys before they devoured the vegetables. Cameron invited Josslyn to the wedding reception.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Due to the Fourth of July holiday, ABC opted to air an encoure presentation of an episode of General Hospital that aired earlier this year. This was a planned rebroadcast and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change. Regular programming resumed on Friday, July 4, and picked up where the Wednesday, July 3, episode concluded.

To read a recap of the episode that was rebroadcast, please check out the March 8, 2019, episode in our Daily Recaps Archive here.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Jason sat in the Pentonville meeting room, and a guard escorted Harmony in and left. She stubbornly told Jason that he couldn't shake her faith in Shiloh. He wondered when she'd last seen her husband Douglas before his death. Harmony thought it was none of his business, but he recapped the night as he understood what had happened. He accused Shiloh of murdering Douglas, but Harmony didn't believe it. He told her about Shiloh targeting Kristina to get to Sam, which Harmony had inadvertently helped Shiloh with. Jason thought that Harmony owed Willow the truth about her father's death.

Harmony cried that she'd given Willow the drugged tea and the tattoo, knowing that she'd been sending her daughter off to bed with Shiloh. She'd thought that Douglas had killed himself out of the pain of his family leaving him. Jason needed a timeline for the murder, and Harmony told Jason exactly what had happened that night, including the three "traditional" hours that Shiloh had been absent for. Harmony continued that she'd sent Carol to Shiloh after he'd been arrested, and the woman had confessed, even though she hadn't even known what the drugs Douglas had overdosed on were. She admitted that "David Henry Archer" had had a prescription for the drugs, so they'd gotten the drugs straight from the pharmacy.

Sam entered the diner in Beechers Corners, dressed in the waitress' uniform, and Carol was surprised to learn that another waitress had been hired. Sam confided that she was only there temporarily for Shiloh, and she asked about Carol's dog. Carol rambled on about how she'd done everything that Shiloh had asked, and she said that Sam better not have hurt her dog. Sam assured Carol that she was only there to get Carol's statement.

A few minutes later, Carol was gone, and Billy entered. "You're not Carol," he observed, and Sam revealed that Carol had gone home to check on her dog. They introduced themselves, and he wondered what had led her to Beechers Corners. She replied that she'd wanted to be somewhere quiet and safe. He talked to her about Dawn of Day and thought it would be a good place for her to meet people. Carol returned as Billy paid for his food. When he was gone, Carol apologized for thinking that Sam had hurt her dog. She added that Sam, Jason, and Michael had been the only ones to tell her the truth, and it was her turn to tell the truth.

A short while later, Sam recorded on her phone as Carol read a statement she had written about taking the blame for Shiloh in Douglas' murder. When she was finished, Sam thought it would be enough for a judge to issue a subpoena, effectively getting Carol to Port Charles to give an official statement. She assured Carol that she could take her dog along. Carol remarked that not everyone in Dawn of Day was bad, as Shiloh had taken advantage of people who had lost their way. Carol vowed to "turn the tide" against him.

Kristina bumped into Alexis outside of Neil's office and wanted to talk to him along with Alexis, as she wanted to share her pledge with her mother. Kristina knocked on his office door and explained her intention. He invited them in, and they sat down. Kristina talked about how Kiefer had badly beaten her up, and Alexis had accidentally hit him with her car on the way to the hospital. Kristina confessed that she'd been unconscious and unaware of what had happened, but she'd told Shiloh that Alexis had hit Kiefer on purpose.

Alexis understood how desperate Kristina had been to please Shiloh, but she wondered why her daughter hadn't chosen to pledge about any one of the number of things Sonny had done. Kristina suggested that pledging a lie could have been seen as less of a betrayal than something Sonny had actually done. She'd wanted Shiloh's approval and felt like an idiot, but Alexis insisted that Kristina was smart and brave for accepting help. Kristina wondered if Alexis could forgive her, and Alexis replied that, as Kristina's mother, she would always forgive her daughter. They tearfully embraced.

A short while later, Alexis knocked on Neil's office door, and she thanked him for seeing her and Kristina. She also wanted to "sincerely apologize" for intruding on his privacy. She explained that a friend had seen them together and misconstrued their relationship. The friend had been the one to check into his background, but she had still chosen to read it. She deeply regretted her actions, and he replied "So do I." He told her that the sessions would only work with mutual trust, and he no longer trusted her.

Alexis informed Neil that she'd found him easy to talk to, and she'd started to think of him as a friend. She added that she had friends, but what she really needed was a good therapist. "I'll miss this," she concluded as she turned to leave. He stopped her and asked, "How's Tuesday at five?" "I'll be here," she replied, and she left with a small smile on her face.

Cameron told Josslyn about Elizabeth and Franco's wedding reception the next night, and Dev thought it sounded like fun. Josslyn snapped at him to stay out of it, and Cameron wondered if she would go with him. Michael entered and asked where Cameron was taking his sister. "None of your business," she told him. Michael and Dev introduced themselves, and Josslyn added that he was Sonny's cousin. Michael suddenly had to go, but he thought that Josslyn should go wherever Cameron was inviting her.

When Michael was gone, Josslyn resented that Michael had basically ordered her to go out. "Sounds tough," Dev said sarcastically. Dev scolded her for making Cameron go out alone, and Josslyn argued with Dev. Trina entered and asked why everyone was yelling. Josslyn introduced Dev and Trina, and Trina wondered how Dev had made Josslyn angry. Dev explained the situation to Trina and put in his own thoughts about how Josslyn was deserting her friend.

An exasperated Josslyn asked Cameron if he needed her to go. He thought it would be great for her to go with him, but he promised not to "freak out" if she didn't. Josslyn admitted that she didn't think she was ready, and she would be miserable the whole time while trying to cover it up for him. She didn't think it would be fair to him, and she turned him down. Trina revealed that she'd gotten a text from her mother asking Trina to go home, so she left, pulling Cameron out with her.

As Dev put together two bowls of ice cream, Josslyn called Dev obnoxious and annoying. He cynically asked if he was supposed to stay in his room, and he urged her to stop being so serious. "If I get deported tomorrow, at least I get ice cream tonight," he smiled. Josslyn grudgingly sat down and ate the bowl of ice cream in front of her.

Outside, Trina divulged to Cameron that she'd left in order to give Josslyn "room to change her mind." She explained that Josslyn thought that having fun meant that she was moving on from Oscar. She promised that Cameron wouldn't have to face the reception alone, because she would be his date. She added that, because she was "showing up for you," she expected to dance. "That's fair," Cameron agreed, and they left.

Sonny sat down with Brick at the Metro Court and told him that Sonny needed "protection for a friend." He told Brick about Dev and concluded that he needed Dev to become a cousin on Mike's side of the family. Just then, Sonny spotted Shiloh enter the restaurant with Zahra and asked Brick for a minute. "This should be entertaining," Brick observed with a smirk.

Sonny approached Shiloh and introduced himself to Zahra. Shiloh stated that he was having dinner with his attorney. Sonny proposed to Zahra that, whatever Shiloh was paying her to represent him, Sonny would pay her double to quit. She asked if he needed representation, and he talked about his daughter's mother, who was a "problem." While it was "tempting," she passed on the offer, citing a full caseload.

"You need better clients," Sonny remarked, and he handed one of his cards to her in case she changed her mind. Sonny returned to Brick, who noticed that Shiloh didn't look happy. "Good," Sonny replied with a smile. Brick asked what Sonny wanted to do about Shiloh, and Sonny replied, "Maybe nothing." He hoped that Shiloh would go to prison, and he added that accidents could happen in prison or anywhere else.

Zahra wanted to talk about Shiloh's case, and he insisted that he'd found his son. He told her about Wiley, and he thought that Willow would have no choice but to return to him. "Is your goal to reclaim your child or his mother?" Zahra wondered. He answered that he wanted the family he was meant to have. He produced a plastic bag containing the cloth he'd swiped from Brad and informed his lawyer that they could do a DNA test on it. She advised that a private DNA test would only prompt the judge to order a second DNA test, as there were laws in place to protect Willow, which Diane would use to fight Shiloh "every step of the way."

Sonny filled Brick in on the backstory he'd constructed for Dev, and he thought that Dev could do it. He admitted that Dev reminded him of himself. He wanted to send Dev to school, and Brick realized that Sonny was giving Dev the chances that Sonny had never had. "I see potential," Sonny said. Michael entered the restaurant and sat down with Sonny and Brick. He wondered what was going on with Dev. "I'm paying back a debt," Sonny informed his son, and he filled Michael in.

Michael wondered what would happen if Dev was questioned and panicked, but Sonny knew that Dev wasn't "the panicking type." Kristina entered and said she had something to tell Sonny. Suddenly, she noticed Shiloh sitting at the bar and told Sonny that she'd be right back. An amused Brick cracked that Shiloh needed to find another restaurant to go to.

Kristina stormed over to Shiloh and Zahra, and she wondered why Zahra was sitting with a "sleazy perv." Zahra introduced herself, and Shiloh added that he would soon have his son. "Don't bet on it," Kristina spat. She didn't know how much Shiloh was paying Zahra, but she wondered if it was worth Zahra losing her self-respect. Michael got up to take Kristina away from Shiloh, but Sonny urged him to let her speak.

Kristina continued that Shiloh didn't deserve his child, as he should be in prison. He coolly reminded her that the charges had been dropped, but she countered that they could be filed again. Kristina gleefully thought about how she would love to testify against him, and she informed him that she'd burned her pledge and told Alexis about it. She added that her pledge had been a lie to impress him. Shiloh was disappointed in all the progress Kristina had lost. She thought about his teachings about karma, and she told him that it was a bitch that would be "coming back to you," and she stormed away. Zahra remarked that Kristina would be a "compelling witness," but Shiloh didn't think it would matter when the DNA test proved that Wiley was his son.

Kristina returned to Sonny's table. She apologized for making a scene, but he gave her a big hug. Brick assured her that it had been "a joy to watch." Sonny jokingly asked where she'd gotten her temper from. "From my dad," she joked back.

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