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Jax blackmailed Michael into giving Nina a second chance with Wiley. Valentin introduced his newborn daughter to Nina. Chase proposed marriage to Willow as his health rapidly declined. Nikolas made certain that Shawn was denied parole. Cyrus learned his fate. Curtis regained consciousness. Stella gave Portia a warning.
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Stella gave Portia a warning, Nina promised ''Mike'' she'd return to Nixon Falls, and Chase proposed to Willow
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Dante questions Maxie

Dante questions Maxie

Monday, June 7, 2021

At the Tan-O, Lenny and Phyllis couldn't believe all that Elijah had done, especially after all they'd done for him. Phyllis wondered where Nina was, and "Mike" replied that he'd probably scared her off. Just then, Nina entered. Lenny thanked her for helping him and Phyllis open their eyes to Elijah's faults. Lenny asked "Mike" for a hand out front, so the two went outside. Phyllis wasted no time in asking Nina what was going on between her and Sonny.

Nina confided in Phyllis that "Mike" had kissed her, and Phyllis replied, "Everyone saw that coming." Phyllis asked why it was so wrong for Nina and "Mike" to have feelings for each other. Nina claimed that she still wasn't over what had happened with Wiley, so she didn't want to jump into something complicated. Phyllis, who wasn't sure why Wiley was relevant, wondered what made things with "Mike" so complicated. Nina cited his amnesia, but Phyllis reminded Nina that "Mike" had put down roots in Nixon Falls, probably partly because of Nina.

Outside, Lenny wanted to check in with "Mike" about Nina. "Mike" told Lenny about kissing Nina, which he believed had been a stupid mistake. Lenny believed that both Nina and "Mike" had feelings for each other and that "Mike" had good instincts. Lenny advised "Mike" to take Nina out, as she wouldn't have been at the Tan-O that morning if she hadn't wanted to see "Mike." The two went back inside, and Phyllis and Lenny made themselves scarce. Nina thought that she and "Mike" needed to talk about their kiss, and "Mike" agreed.

Brook Lynn ran down the stairs at the Quartermaine mansion, yelling for "Bailey." She burst into the living room and found Valentin accompanying Olivia, who was holding "Bailey." Valentin explained that the baby had been fussy, so he'd taken her for a walk and fed her. Olivia added that he'd handled the baby "like a pro." Brook Lynn was surprised to see the two getting along, and Valentin commented, "A baby brings the family together." As Olivia put the baby back into her carriage, Brook Lynn regretted not being able to nurse the baby, but Valentin assured her that formula was fine.

The doorbell rang, and Olivia left the room to answer the door. Brook Lynn and Valentin were talking about how sweet their baby was when Olivia returned with Ned. Ned eagerly ran over to see the baby, and he commented that he could see some of Lila in her. Brook Lynn chimed in that his granddaughter was accompanied by ELQ shares, at which Olivia rolled her eyes. In exchange, Valentin wanted to make sure that his name was on the birth certificate. Ned requested to talk to Brook Lynn and Olivia alone. Valentin protested that he was part of the family, but Ned ushered him out.

Ned wanted Brook Lynn to forget about the ELQ shares, as he just wanted to be rid of Valentin. He continued that seeing the baby in the flesh had made him realize that she was too precious to be used for something as trivial as getting control of the family company. Brook Lynn was shocked, but Ned insisted that "my whole world is in this room." "Ready to seal the deal?" Valentin asked when he returned.

Outside the living room, Olivia commended Ned on his speech. He responded that "Bailey" had helped him find his conscience, but it had done no good. They watched as Valentin and Brook Lynn exchanged and signed paperwork. Ned informed Olivia that he was planning to be at the house more, and Olivia assured him that she wouldn't keep him away from his granddaughter. Ned softly asked if they were going to "grandparent together."

When Brook Lynn and Valentin were done with the paperwork, they walked over to "Bailey" and marveled over her. Brook Lynn thanked Valentin for his help, and she assured him that he and Charlotte could move back to Wyndemere. He countered that he wanted to be close to his daughter, and he reminded her that they were in it together.

At the hospital, Sam handed Jordan a cup of coffee and asked if Molly and T.J. had been around. Jordan replied that Molly had gone to work, determined to "put the last nail in Cyrus' coffin," and T.J. was asleep in the on-call room. Sam asked for Jordan to keep her updated on Curtis, and she walked away. Laura approached Jordan, who informed Laura that there were no updates. Jordan blamed herself for going into the house a split second too late, but Laura assured her that only Cyrus was to blame.

Stella arrived and demanded to know what had happened to her nephew. Jordan briefly updated Stella, and Laura added that Curtis had saved her life. Jordan continued that Cyrus was also at the hospital, as she'd shot him. "Good," Stella stated. She clarified that she knew it wasn't a "Christian" thing to say, but she promised to pray for a long life of penance for Cyrus. Laura chimed in that she was proud of Jordan, who she saw as a hero, and she walked away.

Stella asked how Jordan was doing, and Jordan admitted that she'd been up all night, thinking about why her and Curtis' marriage hadn't worked out. Stella was sorry about the divorce, and she added that she loved Jordan like a daughter. Jordan regretted getting Curtis tangled up in Cyrus' mess, but Stella insisted that it had been Curtis' choice. She advised a crying Jordan to lean on her, and Jordan did.

At Carly's, Jax commented that Carly had had a "big night" the night before. She replied that, while she'd been nowhere near the hostage situation, Cyrus was finally in jail where he belonged. Jax was happy that Jason was "free and clear," as she could hand the business back over to Jason. She coldly responded that it was no concern of Jax's, but he countered that they had a daughter together. Carly assured him that Josslyn was safe, but Jax shot back, "until next time." He believed that Carly enjoyed having the power, but she refused to discuss it with Jax.

Changing the subject, Jax wanted to revisit the idea of Nina having a place in Wiley's life. They argued over whether or not it was a good idea. Jax mentioned that Michael had been ignoring him, which was unlike Michael. Carly informed him that Michael was busy with Wiley and Aurora. Jax insisted that he was trying to do the right thing, but Carly thought that Jax was just trying to get Nina back. He refused to listen to her takes on "affairs of the heart," as she was too busy with hostage exchanges and shootouts. When Jax was gone, Carly looked at a picture of Sonny on her phone. "I'm trying so hard, but I miss you," she whispered tearfully.

Michael and Willow woke up on the couch and realized that Wiley was still asleep. "Good," Willow muttered, and she pulled Michael into a kiss. Later, the two were enjoying having breakfast together with Wiley and couldn't wait until they could do it all the time. A short while later, Willow hated for the morning to end, but she had to meet her study partner at the hospital, and probably see Chase. They expressed their love for each other, and she left. Michael instructed Wiley that the most important thing was Wiley knowing that both of his parents loved him very much, and they would be able to be a family soon.

Later, Jax arrived at the gatehouse as Michael was about to head into the office. Jax promised that it wouldn't take long, and he informed Michael that he knew what was going on between Michael and Willow.

As soon as Willow arrived at the hospital, a nurse approached and told her that Chase had been asking for her. "Please hurry," the nurse added.

In her hospital bed, Maxie held Louise and told her how much she loved her. Just then, she snapped awake and wondered, "How am I supposed to do this?" "Do what?" Dante inquired as he entered the room. Maxie brushed off her words as talking in her sleep. He said that he'd heard Peter's confession, and he asked what had happened to Louise. As Sam walked by, she heard Maxie say that she didn't want to answer questions. Dante thought there was something going on that Maxie wasn't saying, and Sam burst in and accused him of thinking that Maxie was responsible for Louise's kidnapping.

Dante gently explained that he needed answers as soon as possible so they had the best chance of finding Louise. Maxie asked for Sam to stay for moral support, and Dante asked for the story from the beginning. Maxie told her story up to Chloe knocking Austin out, and she thought back to giving Louise to Brook Lynn. She concluded that she'd been weak and exhausted, and Chloe had taken Louise. She decided that she could no longer answer questions, so Sam pulled Dante out into the hall.

Sam scolded Dante for badgering Maxie, but he insisted that he was doing his job. She urged him to find a heart, as he was so caught up in being a cop that he'd forgotten how to be a friend. He conceded that he might be a little rusty, so Sam offered to see what she could find out from Maxie. He left, and Sam returned to Maxie's room and found Maxie crying. Sam told her that as soon as Maxie was rested, she needed to focus and remember everything that had happened, as it was the only way to get Louise home safe.

Trina entered an unconscious Curtis' hospital room and sat down with him. She thanked him for saving everyone in her family, which made her feel worse about how she'd treated him. She begged him to wake up so she could apologize to him. As Portia watched through the window, Trina took Curtis' hand and acknowledged that she was alive because of him. She yelled at him to wake up and live, which caused Portia to walk away from the window in tears.

Laura approached Portia, who informed Laura that the next hour was "critical." Portia revealed that Cyrus would have killed her and Trina had Curtis not called her the second he had. Laura replied that she'd been with Curtis when he'd called, and Portia hated that she didn't even know what Curtis had wanted to tell her. Trina emerged from the room, so Laura decided to take her turn visiting. Trina thought that badgering Curtis into waking up would have worked, but it hadn't.

Laura entered Curtis' room and took his hand. She told him that their friendship had been one of the most wonderful surprises in her life. She treasured their adventures, but she wanted more, so she urged him to stick around. She left the room and expressed to Portia how hard it was to see Curtis like that. Jordan and Stella approached, and Laura introduced Portia and Stella as Jordan went to Curtis' room. Portia commented that it was good to finally meet Stella, as she'd heard a lot about Stella. Stella suspiciously replied that Curtis had also mentioned Portia to her.

In Curtis' room, Jordan warned Curtis that he had to wake up, as Stella wouldn't stand for his unconsciousness. She talked about how wonderful and supportive Stella was being. She remembered that the last time they'd seen Stella, she had made them promise to take care of each other, but her secrets had weakened them. She took his hand and tearfully implored him to beat the odds and return. She kissed his hand and left the room.

Stella took her turn in Curtis' room. She talked about how much anger she had toward the person who'd put him in the hospital, but it was just covering up her fear. "Nothing compares to my love for you," she said. She urged him to wake and jump into his new life with both feet, as she didn't want to live in a world without him. Stella left the room and apologized to the group of women, as she'd thought that he would wake up for her.

Portia entered Curtis' room and took his hand. She started that she didn't know why he'd called her, but it had been the most important call of her and Trina's lives, as it had saved them. She marveled over how he kept showing up for them. She kissed her hand and placed it on his cheek. As she stroked his face, he opened his eyes.

Finn discovers how he can cure Chase

Finn discovers how he can cure Chase

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Nikolas met with Alexis at the Pentonville library, where he informed her that he was no longer in the market to purchase the prison. They sat down, and Nikolas explained that the state had vetoed his bid. He assured Alexis that she no longer needed to worry, though, as Cyrus had been arrested on numerous charges. Cyrus' associates had already begun to talk, and Cyrus' network at the prison had been tamed.

Just then, Shawn walked into the library, and Alexis asked him about his parole hearing. Shawn revealed that his parole had been denied, and he'd been considered a "danger to society." He hadn't even committed the crime that he was in prison for. Alexis was infuriated, and Nikolas was sorry. Shawn glared at Nikolas and snapped that Nikolas had no idea what Shawn was thinking. Alexis turned to Nikolas and told him it wasn't a good time. She thanked him for his visit and the news.

Nikolas left as Shawn continued to glare at him. Once he'd left the room, Nikolas smiled. Shawn had hoped that things would change, and Alexis agreed that they should have. Shawn was bitter and spoke of others like him in prison who had been set up for a life in prison, which was no life at all. Alexis was aware of injustices, although she admitted that she forgot about it sometimes. Shawn noted that she had the luxury to do so.

Shawn thanked Alexis for helping him and informed her that Judge Carson had thrown the book at him. Alexis noted that she'd had the same judge with a sentence that didn't compare to Shawn's; she'd received a "slap on the wrist" for the same crime. She thought there might be another way to get Shawn released.

At the Tan-O, Nina told "Mike" that they should talk about their kiss. "Mike" replied that it hadn't "come out of nowhere," and Nina agreed. Nina acknowledged that Phyllis had been pushing them together, and "Mike" agreed that Phyllis wanted them to be happy like her. He cared about Nina, and he thought of her as more than a friend. "Mike" hoped that Nina felt the same way about him. She admitted that she did.

Nina confessed that she thought about "Mike" first thing every morning and last thing every night. She added that she had never had such peace and happiness as she had in Nixon Falls, and she hoped that "Mike" would remember the peace there, as well. "We can never be together," Nina announced. She knew that it would mean heartache for many people.

Nina stated that she wasn't who "Mike" believed her to be, and she would hurt him. "Mike" suggested that he might have his own "truckload of baggage," and they both laughed. "Mike" was glad to be free of any past, and he thought there might be a chance for happiness for them there.

At the carriage house, Jax informed Michael that he knew about Michael and Willow because he'd seen them through the window the previous evening and had quickly left. Michael declared that Chase couldn't find out. He and Willow had annulled their marriage but not their feelings, and he hoped that Jax didn't say anything. Jax thought it was a good time to discuss Nina and her ability to see Wiley.

Jax reminded Michael that he had phoned, but Michael had never gotten back to him. Michael replied that he'd been busy. Jax understood that Nina had made mistakes, but she'd come to terms with Nelle's death. He thought that Michael should be able to compromise. "Since when did blackmail become a reasonable compromise?" Michael asked furiously.

Jax lost his own temper and insisted that he wouldn't blackmail Michael. He asked why Wiley should be deprived of his grandmother, who only had good intentions and loved him. Jax noted that with Carly being more involved with the mob, Wiley would need a stable influence. Michael began to shout back and suggested that he didn't trust Nina. He wondered if Jax would run to Chase. "I hope it doesn't come to that," Jax said.

Michael recalled the time when Jax had been his stepfather, and he was angry that Jax wanted to blackmail him. He began to yell at Jax, and Jax interrupted him. He urged Michael to pick up the phone and make the call.

At General Hospital, Portia sat next to an unconscious Curtis and spoke quietly. She told him that his phone call to her had saved her and Trina. "You just keep showing up for us," she said. She gently stroked his face, and he opened his eyes. "What'd I miss?" he asked. Portia told him that everyone was safe, thanks to him, although Curtis shrugged it off. He hadn't done it alone.

Jordan rushed inside. She was happy to see that Curtis was awake. Stella followed, and Curtis was surprised to see her. Stella ordered him not to scare her again. Curtis exclaimed that he had awakened when Portia had been next to him, and a brief and awkward silence followed. Trina arrived, and Portia urged her to look for Dr. Singleton. Portia told Curtis that he was a hero, and she was grateful that Cyrus was gone from their lives.

Ava and Laura walked down the stairs and discussed Cyrus. Laura disclosed that the hospital board had an emergency meeting to oust Cyrus. She asked about Nikolas, and Ava replied that he'd had business to tend to. Trina ran to look for the doctor, and along the way, she spotted Ava and Laura. Trina announced that Curtis was awake, and Laura offered to find the doctor. Ava hugged Trina.

Back in Curtis' room, Dr. Singleton arrived and asked for privacy. Jordan left to phone T.J., and Stella asked to speak to Portia. Out in the hallway, Portia noted that while she wasn't Curtis' doctor, she'd be able to discuss his condition. Stella replied that she wanted to discuss affairs of the heart, and while she knew better than to interfere, she'd noticed the way that Portia and Curtis had looked at each other.

Portia insisted that there was nothing going on between her and Curtis, and Stella was glad to hear it. Stella maintained that she'd meant no offense, but sometimes, a relationship wasn't warranted. Portia assured her that she'd had nothing to do with the end of Curtis' marriage, and they were only friends. Stella wanted Curtis to recover, and she made it clear that he didn't need a rebound. She ordered Portia to back off.

Laura sat with Curtis and noted that he'd saved her life again. He asked how she was, but she reminded him that he was the one in the hospital bed. He pointed out that Laura had volunteered to be a hostage, and Curtis had known that Cyrus had been falling apart. Laura wondered how different Cyrus might have been if different choices had been made throughout his life. She noted that she'd made bad choices herself. Curtis proclaimed that there was no comparison, especially because Laura had always made sacrifices for others. "That makes two of us, my friend," she replied.

Jordan arrived after Laura's departure and told Curtis to expect a visit from T.J. She acknowledged that Curtis had been one step ahead of her, as usual, and he had enabled her to take Cyrus down. She grabbed his hand and wished they could have stayed together. Curtis felt the same way. Portia walked in, and Jordan announced that she was leaving, anyway. Portia told Curtis that his vitals looked good.

Curtis wanted to talk to Portia, and she sat down. He said that he'd phoned her previously in order to talk about his response to her kiss. Portia told him that she was glad he'd shut it down. She interrupted Curtis every time he tried to talk. She claimed that she hadn't been thinking clearly, and she didn't want to risk their friendship. She noticed that Curtis appeared to be thinking the same way.

In the hallway, Stella hoped that Jordan wasn't heading back to the office but home to relax. Jordan declared that she couldn't relax until Cyrus was convicted and sent away. Stella hoped that Jordan and Curtis would get back together, and she wasn't giving up. Jordan admitted that she'd never signed the divorce papers but would do so right away. Stella thought there was still time to make things right.

Willow ran to Chase's room after a nurse asked her to get there, and she found him sitting up in bed. He was holding a pillow that looked like an American flag, the room was decorated, and there were beach sounds emanating from a portable player. Chase apologized for the urgent request to see him. He'd wanted to present her with a scene out of their past desire to travel to Nantucket.

Willow couldn't believe what she was seeing. She wanted Chase to preserve his strength. Chase was frustrated, although he had been trying to remain hopeful. Willow assured him that he didn't have to pretend with her, and Chase was appreciative of all she'd done for him. He'd wanted to do something in return. He'd looked up Nantucket beaches, and Nurse Amy had helped him. He urged Willow to pick up a box.

Willow opened the box, and it was an admiral's hat. She put it on, and they joked about her wearing it on the family boat. Chase thought maybe they would still get there. He leaned over for a kiss, but Willow stopped him. She didn't want to jeopardize Chase's health. Chase wondered if it was something else.

Nikolas stepped off the elevator as he spoke to someone on the phone. He thanked them for the parole hearing and told the person they'd receive a gift from Cassadine Industries.

Trina told Laura that she was glad that Curtis was okay, and she admitted that she was fond of Ava, who had taught her a lot. Trina thought that Ava had changed because of Nikolas.

Finn was asleep on the floor in his darkened office. He was dreaming about the run-in with Peter on the rooftop and pushing Peter down the stairs. He woke with a start when Elizabeth walked in and turned on the light. When she heard about his dream, Elizabeth noted that she'd had the same one. She urged Finn to go home, but he preferred her offer of a fresh cup of coffee. He needed to find a cure for Chase.

Finn was beside himself that he'd lost the chance to save Chase by killing Peter. Finn was worried about what Chase would think if he heard what Finn had done, but Elizabeth was adamant that Peter had gotten what was coming and had disappeared. She thought that Peter would be holding the antidote over Finn's head and would never have cured Chase. She made it clear that it was up to Finn. She thought there should be something in Sean Donely's old files, but Finn replied that he couldn't find it.

Elizabeth suggested fresh coffee and her help. Finn explained that the toxin's designer had been inspired by the toxin that had been used on Tiffany in the past. They discussed Chase's immune system working overtime to wipe out the toxin and neutralizing what could save him. Elizabeth blamed herself for having been focused on Jason as part of the problem, but Finn reminded her that if he couldn't blame himself, she couldn't, either.

Elizabeth remembered Peter's saving Franco in the past. She exclaimed that Peter's "so called heroism was just some Trojan horse to worm his way into Maxie's life." Finn stopped what he was doing, turned to the whiteboard and began to cross things off. He turned it around and began to work a formula.

"You're familiar with how mRNA treatments work, right?" Finn asked Elizabeth. She knew that a messenger protein had to be introduced to teach Chase's body how to produce the antidote on its own. Finn stressed that they had to convince Chase's body that the protein was already being produced. They had to introduce a Trojan horse into Chase's system.

In Chase's room, Willow expressed the feeling that Chase had been building her up to be more than she was. She wanted to help him. Before she could say anything else, Finn burst into the room. He announced that he knew how to cure Chase.

In Nixon Falls, "Mike" related that he wanted Nina to stay in town for them. He wanted to see where their relationship would go. Just as they were about to kiss, Nina's phone rang. It was Michael. He informed Nina that he had reconsidered, and she would be able to see Wiley again if she returned to Port Charles. Nina turned and looked at "Mike."

Nikolas and Ava returned to Wyndemere, and the flirtations began. As Nikolas closed the door to the study, they spotted a photo of themselves attached to the wall with a knife.

Nina has to choose between ''Mike'' and Wiley

Nina has to choose between ''Mike'' and Wiley

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Ava pulled the knife out of the picture and wall with a cloth napkin as Nikolas instructed his security team on the phone to keep an eye on Avery and her nanny at all times. He added that they needed to search every inch of the island, as the person might still be there or have left evidence. Ava insisted that Ryan was responsible. When Nikolas was off the phone, he informed her that the dagger had been in an alarmed case.

Nikolas turned the picture over and noticed a note. He read aloud, "There once lived a prince oh-so-clever/To nick my true love he'd endeavor!/I warned him 'take heed from Nurse Ingles/Lest you break out in shingles/then from your body your noggin I'll sever!'" Ava interpreted it as Ryan wanting to kill Nikolas to have Ava to himself. Nikolas decided to call the police.

A short while later, Dante bagged the evidence to see if anyone had left prints. Ava made a comment about how she hadn't gotten any answers about Ryan's previous "gifts," and Dante answered that the PCPD was busy. She challenged that he wouldn't be so dismissive if Ryan was fixated on someone he cared about. He promised to put a rush on the tests. He added that the PCPD checked on Ryan every week, and he was still in a vegetative state. Ava figured that Ryan had an accomplice, but Dante suggested a copycat.

Dante continued that it also sounded like someone was after Nikolas, which Ava didn't believe. Dante thought it could be someone who worked at Wyndemere, as the culprit clearly knew things only someone close to the house would. Nikolas decided to get some background checks done. Dante advised him to get off the island first, as they'd gotten a death threat.

On the phone, Michael informed Nina that he was ready to give Nina another chance with Wiley if she wanted it. She admitted that it was the call she'd been longing for. Michael advised her that they would talk about guidelines and boundaries when she got there, and he wondered when to expect her. She answered that she had some obligations to take care of, but she could get there in the next day or two. She questioned why he'd changed his mind, and he answered that he'd made the best decision under the circumstances after weighing pros and cons.

When Michael was off the phone, Jax assured him that he'd made the right choice, and it would only benefit Wiley. Michael chastised Jax for taking his choice away, and he demanded to know if Jax would have gone to Chase. Jax insisted that they were family, but Michael shot back, "Not anymore." Michael accused Jax of destroying their relationship in order to get back into Nina's good graces. Michael ordered Jax to leave and opened the door. As Jax walked out, he promised to always be there if Michael ever needed him. "Who will be there for you?" Michael asked, and he slammed the door in Jax's face.

Nina took a shot at the Tan-O, and "Mike" observed that she was making good news look like bad news. He advised her not to show up empty-handed to see Wiley, and his only desire was for her to get what she wanted. She wondered what he wanted, and he replied that he wanted more of a relationship with her. She admitted that she did, too. He advised her that they had to say goodbye so she could see Wiley, unless he joined her. "I'm sure he already has a grandfather," "Mike" added. Nina assured him that it was just a visit, and she promised to return with a gift for him. "You're the only gift I need," he replied.

A short while later, Nina returned so she could say goodbye before she left, but Phyllis and Lenny weren't there. She decided to try to call them while she was on the road, as it was a long drive. She put in a call to Jax and told him about Michael's call. She wondered if he'd had anything to do with it, but he only expressed his hope to see her while she was in town. "Mike" returned as she ended the call. He gave her a jar of his sauce "to remember me by," but she insisted that she wouldn't forget about him. She walked toward the door but ran back to "Mike" and kissed him. When they broke apart, he softly gave her cooking instructions for the sauce, and the two shared a laugh. She left, and "Mike" smiled.

Britt and Liesl arrived at the hospital, and she was dismayed to get no big welcome back, especially for the lengths she'd gone to to help rid the hospital of Cyrus. Liesl thought they should focus on Peter, and she regretted not getting rid of him years before. She blamed Anna for the havoc he'd been wreaking. As Britt looked through the huge volume of emails and messages she'd gotten, Liesl wondered if Britt was going to tell the staff about her diagnosis. Britt asked her mother to keep the secret, as she knew Jason wouldn't tell anyone. Just then, Britt saw on her tablet that Maxie had been admitted to the hospital the night before.

In her hospital bed, Maxie was looking at an article entitled, "Welcome Baby Bailey to the World," with a picture of Brook Lynn, when Anna entered to check on her. She assured Maxie that she'd been working with Mac and going through everything Peter had left behind. Although he'd seemingly disappeared, Anna promised that Peter would be found. Anna continued that her priority was finding Louise, but Maxie shouted at Anna to forget about Louise. She claimed that Louise would never be safe until Peter was caught. She asked Anna to find Dr. Navarro so that she could check out. She explained that her kids needed her, and she needed to not abandon them like she'd done to Louise. Anna sternly declared that Louise's kidnapping was not Maxie's fault.

Britt and Liesl arrived at Maxie's room and wondered where the baby was. Anna updated the women, and she left to continue her search for Peter. Britt excused herself and followed Anna. She wondered how she could help find Peter, and Anna promised to inform the right people of Britt's desire to help. Anna advised Britt to focus on Maxie in the meantime, as she was blaming herself for Louise's kidnapping.

In Maxie's room, Liesl regretting not doing more to stop Peter, but Maxie didn't think Peter was worth going to jail for. Liesl grumbled on about how Peter had lured her into complacency, and Maxie assured her that Anna and Mac would handle things. A few minutes later, Liesl was gone when Britt returned. She informed Maxie that Dr. Navarro was off, so she would be checking Maxie out. She quietly asked if Maxie had gone ahead with her plan, but Maxie claimed that she hadn't been able to after Chloe had gone "psycho." Britt apologized for not being there. Maxie assured her that Louise would be fine and claimed that she would fall apart if she believed otherwise.

In the hall, Anna put in a call to Robert, informing him by way of voicemail that Maxie wanted her to concentrate on finding Peter. She asked for a call back and hung up. She was repeatedly smashing the elevator button when Liesl approached. "If you feel like breaking something, I can help," she said.

A short while later, Liesl and Anna wore protective vests, helmets, and glasses, and a young man instructed them to choose weapons. The man let the two into a room full of old and obsolete electronics, Liesl with a crowbar and Anna with a baseball bat. "Happy smashing," he said, and he left the room. "What now?" Anna asked. "We rage," Liesl answered, and she began to smash a typewriter. Anna was skeptical, but Liesl explained that it was a good way to let out frustration. Anna didn't think it was her thing. Liesl began to talk about how Anna was weak, a disgrace, and a failure. Suddenly, Anna let out a scream and smashed an old television.

Anna and Liesl began to smash things, switching weapons multiple times. When they were done, Anna decided that she needed a membership to the facility. Liesl talked about how Faison had driven her to jealous rages when he'd talk about Anna, and she joked that she wished she'd taken a hammer to him. Liesl related that Peter was almost worse than Faison. Anna regretted that she'd lost herself trying to save Peter. Liesl thought that Anna couldn't find Peter or Louise until she found herself, and Anna thanked her for the trip. She grabbed a phone as a souvenir and left to start on her "real work."

In Chase's hospital room, Willow promised that she would see Chase through his illness, "but..." He promised that she could tell him anything, but they were interrupted when Finn burst into the room. Out of breath, Finn informed the two that he knew how to cure Chase. He explained that he'd gotten a different perspective, and the solution had suddenly dawned on him.

Elizabeth called Jackie and asked her to meet Finn at the hospital as soon as possible. Jackie answered that she would be there soon and hung up. A short while later, Jackie arrived in the lab, and Finn informed her that he'd figured out a cure for Chase. He explained that, with the help of Sean Donely's files, he'd figured out what the toxin was. He continued that the toxin turned the immune system against itself, so they needed to sneak the antidote past it. Elizabeth chimed in that the antidote would be masked with the DNA from which Chase had been created. With that, both Jackie and Finn had their mouths swabbed.

In Chase's room, Chase told Willow that the first thing he would do when he got out of the hospital would be to call his "wine guy" and get Michael a gift for letting him stay over. Chase talked about how Michael and Willow had gone above and beyond for him, but Willow reminded him that Finn was the real hero. He promised to show Willow how much of a hero she'd been to him once he got out. "About that," she started.

A few minutes later, Willow returned to Chase's room after the visit he'd gotten from a nurse. He urged Willow to tell him what she'd been trying to say to him. She started that supporting him wasn't a sacrifice for her. Before she could say anything else, Finn, Elizabeth, and Jackie entered. "Are you ready?" Finn inquired. Jackie wondered about the decorations in the room, and Willow explained that it had been for an imaginary getaway. Jackie commented that they could have a real getaway soon. Willow asked about Gregory, and Jackie replied that he was on his way. Finn counted down and injected his antidote into Chase's I.V.

A few minutes later, Willow found Michael in the hall, and she updated him on Chase's prognosis. She thought Chase would want to see him, so they walked back to Chase's room. Chase and Michael took the opportunity to lightheartedly trash-talk about the upcoming corporate softball season, but Finn reminded Chase that he would need to do a lot of resting. Chase replied that he could feel the antidote working, but his nose suddenly started to bleed. Elizabeth grabbed a tissue, and Chase wondered if that was a side effect. Just then, Chase began to have a seizure.

Chase takes a turn for the worse

Chase takes a turn for the worse

Thursday, June 10, 2021

At the Tan-O, business was booming. Phyllis remarked that she'd heard that crime had been down. "Mike" revealed that Nina was on her way back to Port Charles to see her grandchild. He wasn't sure that Nina would return, but Phyllis reminded him that Nina loved Nixon Falls and still had to finish her article. She also thought there was something between "Mike" and Nina, especially after what had happened after the incident with Elijah.

"Mike" admitted that he and Nina had had a talk, but then she'd received a phone call and had gone. He had given her a jar of his special sauce to remember him by. Lenny urged "Mike" to get on the next flight and surprise Nina in Port Charles. As Lenny began to lock up, "Mike" maintained that he would get in Nina's way. Just then, "Mike" received a message from Nina. She had sent him a photo of the two of them. Phyllis expected to see Nina again.

Suddenly, there was a crash. Lenny had fallen to the floor. "Mike" and Phyllis rushed over to him and managed to get him up. Lenny disclosed that he felt dizzy. Phyllis wanted him to drink water while she retrieved her medical bag. She wanted to check his blood pressure. The two men sat at a table. "How bad is it?" "Mike" asked. He promised not to repeat whatever Lenny told him.

Lenny admitted that he'd seen a picture of his heart at his last examination. He stated that it wasn't pretty. "Mike" suggested that Lenny tell Phyllis, but Lenny wanted "Mike" to remain quiet. "Mike" reminded Lenny that Phyllis was a nurse, and he guessed that Lenny was scared of his feelings. "Mike" declared that Phyllis had a right to know.

Phyllis returned and checked Lenny's blood pressure. She asked what she'd missed and accused Lenny of knowing that his blood pressure wouldn't be good. She sat down. She made it clear that she and Lenny needed to talk or what they had wouldn't be a marriage. Lenny had been scared of losing Phyllis and hadn't wanted her to worry. "Mike" watched through the window and looked at his photo again.

At General Hospital, Jackie, Willow, Michael, Elizabeth, and Finn were congregated in Chase's room after an injection of the antidote. Michael and Chase insulted each other about their softball teams. Suddenly, Chase's nose began to bleed, and he had a seizure. Finn quickly gave orders as a medical team rushed into the room to help. Chase's guests were ushered out.

Gregory rushed off the elevator, and he, Jackie, Willow, and Michael waited for word. Finn finally emerged from Chase's room and announced that Chase was stable for the time being. He didn't know what had happened, and he'd thought the answer would have been his and Jackie's DNA. He added that he was unable to get another dose of the short-term fix, and he hoped the lab would find something.

Jackie and Gregory headed into Chase's room and watched over him as he slept. Willow had thought that Chase would be better, and Finn declared that he and Chase wouldn't give up.

Gladys teased Brando about his taking care of her as he pushed her wheelchair through the corridor. Brando teased back as he accused his mother of enjoying all of her media attention. Sasha greeted them. Brando was thrilled to see her, although Gladys was not. Brando took the opportunity to speak to Sasha privately, and she assured him that their baby was fine. She'd decided to stay at General Hospital for care because Cyrus was gone.

Gladys announced that she was tired, and Brando engaged an orderly to wheel Gladys back to her room. He would accompany Sasha to pick up her prenatal vitamins. Sasha showed Brando a picture of her ultrasound. He looked at it in amazement, and the couple wondered what would be next for them, since they had the time.

Sasha and Brando moved in for a kiss, but Sasha pulled away and looked around. She realized that she would have to get used to Cyrus not being around, and Brando agreed that he would have to relearn how to live a normal life. They talked about dating and the fact that they'd created a baby before their first date. Gladys peered out at them from her room.

Martin found Laura in the chapel, and she informed him that the hospital board would be making an official statement about Cyrus. Martin admitted that he almost felt sorry for his brother. "Sonny prevails, even in death," Laura replied. She wanted to get home. Martin was relieved and grateful that she was okay, and he knew that she was suffering about Lulu every day. He didn't know where his mother was, and he was hoping that Laura could ask Cyrus because she had something to bargain with. "His sister's love," Martin clarified.

Laura thought that Martin overestimated her influence with Cyrus. She told him that she hadn't been able to get anywhere with Cyrus when he'd held her hostage, and she believed that he would have eventually killed her. Martin was certain that Cyrus would have killed someone else sooner, and only his mother had more influence on Cyrus than Laura. He was hopeful that another tragedy would be averted if Laura spoke to Cyrus. She didn't think that Cyrus would tell her anything.

"I'll leave you to it; your reflection and your husband," Martin said as he headed to the door. Laura stopped him. She supposed that the worst would be that Cyrus would say no. "Laura Collins, God bless you for trying," Martin said.

Cyrus shouted for his lawyer from his hospital bed as Carly walked in. They quickly resorted to taunts, and Carly disclosed that Peter was on the run. Cyrus laughed and denied any knowledge of Gladys' kidnapping and all that had transpired. He vowed to rebuild his network in Pentonville, and the charges against him would be dropped. Carly announced that Cyrus would not be going to Pentonville but would wish that he had.

Carly proceeded to tell Cyrus the drugs that had been found floating around an exploded boat had been traced to one of Cyrus' shell corporations. The Feds had been "sniffing around," and RICO charges for federal racketeering would be filed in addition to multiple kidnapping charges and a laundry list of others. Cyrus suggested that Carly would join him in federal prison after he revealed that she and her family had harbored an illegal -- Dev. He wondered if there would be a mother and daughter cell so that Josslyn could join her.

Carly was furious that Cyrus had mentioned Josslyn, and she announced that she had gotten immunity for her family at the same time that Gladys had received it. She accused him of making empty threats. Cyrus was sure that his attorneys would figure a way out. He didn't think that Carly would be able to fill Sonny's shoes. Carly replied that she knew better than to even try, and Cyrus had been smart to team up with Peter.

Cyrus had been hopeful that Jason would have never made it to trial, and Carly was aware that he had wanted Jason dead. She told Cyrus that he had failed, Jason was free, and her territory was secure. Cyrus sensed that she was enjoying her power, but he advised her that the deeper she got in, the harder it would be to get out.

Laura planted Martin in the hallway, and she strolled over to Cyrus' room. As she reached the door, Carly emerged. Laura noted that she was there to see her brother. Carly asked Martin about Laura's visit, especially after Cyrus had held Laura hostage. Martin told her that Laura was there for him and his mother. Carly offered her help.

Laura told Cyrus that she wanted to talk to him for his mother, but Cyrus suggested that she tell Martin not to worry. Laura declared that Martin was desperate to see Florence, and she suggested that Cyrus put aside his anger. She wondered who would take care of Florence after Cyrus went to prison. Cyrus wanted Laura to use her influence to have his sentence reduced, but she chuckled.

Laura thought that Cyrus loved to manipulate people. She had no influence, and she accused him of trying to extort it. She received a phone call from Martin, who asked to talk to Cyrus after a brief chat. She handed Cyrus the phone. "Mother?" a surprised Cyrus asked. He told her he had only wanted what was best. The line went dead. Laura disclosed that Martin had found Florence and would take care of her.

Cyrus realized that Carly had helped to find Florence, and Laura made it clear that Carly had wanted to do anything she could to stop Cyrus from hurting anyone else. She continued that with Cyrus' intelligence, he could have done so much good in the world. Instead, he had chosen to be selfish and cruel and was alone and unloved. She told him to blame himself. Cyrus proclaimed that he would have nothing to lose the next time they met. Laura promised to be ready.

Michael retrieved a bottle of water from the beverage machine and handed it to Willow. She sensed that something was up, and Michael disclosed that Nina was on her way back to town to visit with Wiley. He told her that Jax had insisted and had blackmailed him. Jax had seen him and Willow together in the gatehouse. Willow admitted she'd almost told Chase the truth after he'd had his room decorated to resemble Nantucket. She couldn't lie anymore, but then Finn had rushed into the room.

Willow wanted to be the one to tell Chase the truth, not Jasper Jacks. "What about Jax?" Carly asked as she walked over to them. Michael disclosed that Nina was returning to visit with Wiley, and he promised to discuss boundaries. Willow thought it would be good for Wiley as long as Nina followed the rules. Carly wondered what it all had to do with Jax. Michael admitted that Jax had made the request, and Carly declared that Jax was biased.

Elizabeth found Finn in his office, reworking the formula for the antidote. Finn was sure that he'd done everything right, and he felt that he'd failed his son. He'd also killed the one person who had had the antidote. He knocked his papers onto the floor. He confessed that he was going to turn himself in at the police station. Elizabeth told Finn that he was making a mistake, and it wasn't the proper time to confess. Finn argued with Elizabeth, and she told him not to lose faith. He received a message that the lab results were in.

After Sasha and Brando picked up the vitamins, they headed to Gladys' room. Sasha showed Gladys the ultrasound, and Gladys seemed pleased. She said that the baby would need her as much as Brando had needed her. Sasha thanked Gladys for sharing her son, and she left. Brando offered to frame a copy of the ultrasound for Gladys to take when she returned to Bridgeport. She announced that she would be moving in with Brando to look after him and her grandchild. It was Brando's turn to look unhappy.

In the midst of talking to Carly, Willow and Michael spotted Finn. Elizabeth, Jackie, and Gregory joined them. Finn informed them that the toxin was still in Chase's system, and his symptoms had grown more intense. Finn wanted to check on Chase, and he entered Chase's room. Michael and Willow headed back over to Carly, and she told them how sorry she was about Chase. She hugged Michael, and he promised not to allow Nina to pull another stunt. Carly wasn't worried.

Finn sat at Chase's bedside and muttered that he couldn't understand why the antidote hadn't worked. Chase woke up. "You've run out of tricks?" Chase asked. He expected that he would die. Finn took his hand.

Chase has a proposal for Willow

Chase has a proposal for Willow

Friday, June 11, 2021

At the hospital, Maxie was dressed and packed to go. She was thinking back to giving Louise to Brook Lynn when a knock on the door snapped her out of the memory. Spinelli announced himself, and she invited him in, relieved that he wasn't Peter. He expressed how sorry he was about Louise, and he regretted not being there for Maxie. She acknowledged that he'd been through hell of his own, being taken hostage by Cyrus. She wondered what he had told Georgie and James about Louise, and he answered that he hadn't been sure of what to say. She was glad, as she believed it was her job to explain.

Later, Spinelli was playing with Georgie at Maxie's when Maxie returned from putting James down. Georgie said that she'd made Maxie a present and handed her a picture she'd drawn of welcoming Louise home. Georgie wanted to see her sister, but Maxie explained that Louise was being taken care of by a friend for a little bit. She promised that Louise would be home, but she wasn't sure when. She suggested that Georgie put the picture in Louise's room, so Georgie took the picture and walked out. Spinelli was concerned about Maxie, but Maxie insisted that Louise would be returning home.

Jax's doorbell rang as he returned from surfing, and he opened the door to Carly. She demanded to know what he'd done to make Michael change his mind about Nina seeing Wiley. A few minutes later, Jax returned downstairs, no longer in his wetsuit. Jax claimed that he'd had a "reasonable conversation" with Michael, but Carly was skeptical. Carly knew that neither Jax nor Michael was telling the entire story. Carly wondered what Jax could possibly have on Michael. On her way out of the house, she vowed to find out, and she warned that Jax would regret it if it was what she thought.

Elizabeth was crying in the hospital chapel when Anna entered. She asked what was wrong, and Elizabeth updated her on Chase's situation. Elizabeth commented that Finn seemed like he was lost and out of options. Anna insisted that Peter was an option, and she turned and left. "Please forgive me and Finn," Elizabeth whispered.

Outside the Quartermaine mansion, Valentin held "Bailey" and explained stars and constellations to her. As Brook Lynn listened from the doorway, Valentin promised to always be the baby's North Star. "If you ever lose your way, come find me," he said. Brook Lynn joined the two outside, and he urged her to stay outside on such a beautiful night. He went in to put "Bailey" down and spoke in French to her on the way. He was shocked to see Nina standing in the living room, and she was equally shocked to see him with a baby.

Valentin explained who the baby was and introduced her to Nina. Brook Lynn returned inside, and Nina congratulated the two. Nina informed them that she was there to see Michael, who had agreed to let her spend time with Wiley. Brook Lynn offered to go look for him while giving Nina and Valentin privacy at the same time. When she was gone, Nina expressed how happy she was for Valentin, but he admitted that he wished the baby was theirs. He immediately apologized for the remark and wondered if she was staying in town. She answered that she'd found someone in Nixon Falls that she couldn't leave behind.

Brook Lynn returned and informed Nina that she'd texted Michael, and she would take Nina to the gatehouse. Nina asked Valentin to arrange a time for her to see Charlotte, and she left with Brook Lynn. Valentin told "Bailey" that he should be happy for Nina for moving on, and he would be. He thanked her for helping him to heal, and he considered himself lucky to have her.

At the hospital, Michael and Willow discussed Jax's blackmail, but they agreed that they didn't hate the idea of Nina spending time with Wiley. Michael admitted that he was worried about Carly, as he hadn't been able to give her a reason why he'd suddenly allowed Nina to see Wiley. Willow confided that she'd almost told Chase the truth. Michael commented that the ball was in Nina's court, because if she didn't follow his ground rules, she wouldn't be able to see Wiley, and he feared that Jax would retaliate. Just then, Michael got Brook Lynn's text about Nina being there. He understood why Willow needed to stay, but he needed to go give Nina her guidelines. He told her that he loved her, and she repeated the sentiment. She promised to keep him updated on Chase, and Michael left.

Outside the gatehouse, Nina asked Brook Lynn about Maxie's baby, and she expressed how excited she was to see Maxie and the baby. An uncomfortable Brook Lynn was saved by Michael's appearance. Brook Lynn excused herself to get back to "Bailey." Before going inside, Michael explained that Nina couldn't talk about Nelle again. She promised not to, and she expressed how grateful she was for the second chance with her grandson.

Michael let Nina into the house, and he got Wiley. Nina reintroduced herself to Wiley and handed him the toy that she'd gotten for him. Michael remarked that when he'd been young, Sonny had gotten him toy trucks like the one she'd gotten. Flustered, she answered that a friend had told her to get a toy for Wiley, and the truck had "called to me." He informed her that he would be upstairs if she needed him, and he left the room.

Nina told Wiley how much she'd missed him, and the two began to play. Nina admitted that she'd run into Wiley's grandfather, who she really cared about, and he was "happy and free." She explained that she'd tried to tell Carly, but Carly had been mean to Nina. Nina wondered if she should tell Carly the truth. As Carly entered and shook her head, Nina talked about how happy she was to spend time with Wiley, and how she would be spending a lot more time with him in the future.

Upstairs, Michael called Jax and informed him that Nina was with Wiley. "Satisfied?" he questioned, and Jax thanked Michael. Michael just demanded that Jax keep his end of the bargain and make sure that no one found out about Michael and Willow.

Anna arrived at the Quartermaine mansion and marveled over "Bailey." Valentin remarked that he couldn't believe that "Bailey" was his. He wondered if Louise had been found yet, and Anna replied that both Louise and Peter were still being searched for. Anna updated him on Chase's situation, and Valentin regretted not killing Peter when he'd had the chance. Anna feared that Peter had destroyed the rest of the antidote before disappearing, as he was vindictive enough to want Anna to blame herself. Valentin assured her that the blame was solely on Peter, and he expressed his desire to help with the search.

Brook Lynn returned in time to hear Anna say that Chase needed more than luck, so Anna explained the situation to Brook Lynn. Anna excused herself to continue her work on the searches for Louise and Peter. When she was gone, Brook Lynn wondered if Anna and Valentin were "a thing," but Valentin insisted that they were just friends with a long history. Brook Lynn didn't believe him, so Valentin shot back, wondering if Brook Lynn and Chase were "a thing."

Finn sat with Chase and said that he had no idea why his cure hadn't worked, but it had been their best shot to save Chase. He vowed to keep going until he found a cure. Chase asked how long he had left, but Finn admitted that he wasn't sure. Through the window, Chase saw Jackie and Gregory arriving, and he asked Finn to break the news to them. Finn left the room, and an emotional Chase watched as Jackie and Gregory grew upset at Finn's news.

A few minutes later, Elizabeth assured a crying Finn that he wasn't alone. Finn wasn't ready to surrender Chase to the toxin, but he'd done everything possible to save Chase. He didn't want to stop looking for a cure, but he feared that he was all out of options.

Gregory and Jackie entered Chase's room, and Chase urged them not to worry about him. Jackie and Gregory hugged Chase. Willow entered and apologized for interrupting. Chase wanted to talk to her, so Jackie and Gregory left the room. Chase broke the news to her about his condition, and she wondered what was going to happen to him. "That depends on you," he replied. He appreciated that she hadn't run away like many others would have when he'd gotten sick. He told her how much he loved her, and he asked her to marry him.

Chase apologized that he didn't have a ring and that the proposal hadn't been what he'd planned. He admitted that he'd started planning a proposal before he and Sasha had put their plan into motion for Wiley's custody hearing. He knew it was unfair to ask Willow when he didn't know how long he had left, but he wanted the rest of his days filled with her as his wife. Willow responded that she would be honored to be his wife, and she embraced him. Gregory and Jackie returned, and Chase told them the happy news. They congratulated the couple, and Jackie hugged a clearly distressed Willow.

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