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Shots rang out, and both Cyrus and Curtis were hit. Maxie handed Louise off to Brook Lynn for safekeeping. Dr. Austin turned up at General Hospital. Finn shoved Peter to his death. Gladys retracted her statement against Jason. Britt shared news with Liesl.
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Maxie lowered the boom on ''Henrik,'' Finn shoved Peter to his death, and both Cyrus and Curtis were hit by gunfire
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ENCORE PRESENTATION: Anna and Valentin are left for dead (November 4, 2020)

ENCORE PRESENTATION: Anna and Valentin are left for dead (November 4, 2020)

Monday, May 31, 2021

Due to the Memorial Day holiday, General Hospital aired an encore presentation of the episode that originally aired on November 4, 2020.

Peter vowed that the baby would change his life and make him the man he'd always wanted to be. He took photos of the sonogram in order to send them to Anna. Maxie teased him and called him sweet, but Peter insisted it was his redemption and "do-over." Maxie related how she'd felt the same about James, but it hadn't worked that way. Peter would still be the same person. He disagreed and noted that he had a "new lease on life."

You can read the full recap of that episode here or in our Daily Recaps Archive, which has comprehensive General Hospital Daily Recaps dating back to 1996.

There were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change. Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, June 1, and picked up where the Friday, May 28, episode concluded.

A wounded Cyrus holds Portia and Trina hostage

A wounded Cyrus holds Portia and Trina hostage

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Peter lay at the bottom of a stairwell, unconscious and bleeding. Someone in blue scrubs ran down the stairs and knelt down to check his pulse.

Two hours earlier, Maxie sat and talked to Louise in the midst of the woods in Pautuck. Austin lay unconscious on the ground nearby. Maxie hated to let her baby go, but the baby's father was not a good guy. Suddenly, she heard rustling leaves, and Brook Lynn called out. Brook Lynn saw Austin and asked why the man on the ground was "out cold."

Maxie told Brook Lynn all that had happened and how she'd led Chloe to fall down an old mine shaft. Maxie was able to call an ambulance from Austin's phone. Brook Lynn praised Maxie and the baby, but Maxie reminded her that Peter could still hurt them. Brook Lynn was resistant to taking Louise, but Maxie shouted at her. She wanted Louise to be safe from Peter.

Brook Lynn urged Maxie to say goodbye to Louise, and Maxie looked down at the baby. She promised to watch over her and to think about her. She began to cry. Brook Lynn took the baby from Maxie and promised to look after her. She thought that Maxie was the bravest person she knew. After Brook Lynn was gone, Maxie broke down and sobbed.

Shortly after, Austin awakened. Maxie told him he'd been attacked, but she'd called an ambulance from his phone. "Where's the baby?" Austin asked.

At General Hospital, Finn informed Anna that he needed another dose of the antidote. Anna promised to get it, and she left. Willow and Michael had been standing nearby and, after watching the exchange, approached Finn. Willow accused Finn of not being honest about Chase's condition, and she believed it to be more serious than Finn had let on. Elizabeth witnessed the encounter and announced that she needed Finn's help.

Michael and Willow persisted, and Finn finally admitted that Chase's condition was more serious than he'd disclosed. He was not close to a cure. Again, Elizabeth called for Finn, and he went off with her. Willow told Michael that she was not okay, and she hugged him.

Michael handed Willow a cup of coffee, and she apologized for lashing out at Finn. Michael called her assertive, but Willow was angry at herself. She hadn't been honest with Chase, and she wondered how much Chase had heard of her conversation with Michael at the mansion before Chase had passed out. She felt guilty, her relationship with Michael was tarnished, and it wasn't right.

Elizabeth apologized for running interference, and she urged Finn to breathe. Finn replied that Elizabeth had done him a favor. Elizabeth knew that Finn was tired and scared, and he admitted that he was scared that he wouldn't be able to find the cure. Elizabeth was adamant that they could not allow Peter to win again. She was sure that Finn would find the solution to save Chase.

A doctor informed Brando that Gladys was out of surgery, and she was optimistic that the patient would pull through. She agreed that Brando could see his mother, and Sasha promised to wait for him. Nearby, Jordan made a phone call and shared the news to be given to Dante. She heard that Jason was in custody, and there was no word on Cyrus. Sasha knew that Jordan had wanted to question Gladys, and she thanked Jordan for allowing Brando to see Gladys first.

Jordan sat with Sasha in the corridor and handed her a can of soda. The women talked about morning sickness, and Sasha declared that Cyrus had ruined what should have been a happy time for her. She spoke of Cyrus leering at her and how much she hated him. Jordan knew a thing or two about Cyrus' treatment of women; he was often drawn to powerful women and then would want to conquer them. Jordan exclaimed that Cyrus' time was up due to all of the women on their side.

Brando sat at Gladys' bedside and told her how sorry he was. The incident had put their differences into perspective, and he loved her. Gladys opened her eyes, and Brando told her she was safe from Cyrus. Gladys admitted that she'd thought she would die, and Brando had saved her. She would do everything she could in order to do right by Brando and his new baby.

Gladys knew that Brando loved her, and she thought that Brando would make a great dad. She knew that her son would do anything to protect his kid. Brando kissed her hand. There was a knock at the door, and Sasha and Jordan walked in. Brando wanted Gladys to rest, but she wanted to talk. She had to get something off her chest.

Portia returned home from the Savoy and noticed that her front door was ajar. She walked inside and saw blood drops throughout. Cyrus slammed the door behind her. He ordered her away from the door as he held his gun on her, his hair loose and hanging to his shoulders. He informed her that he had been on the "wrong end of a bullet," and he'd thought of her.

Portia tried to tell Cyrus that he didn't need a gun because she'd taken a vow to heal. He ordered her to put her phone down, even though she insisted that he needed to get to a hospital. Cyrus was adamant that Portia would fix him up right there. She told him that everyone was finally onto him, and the world would be a better place without him.

Just then, Trina walked in, and Cyrus noted that that changed things. He wanted Trina to help Portia to treat him. Portia urged her daughter to get the medical bag, and Cyrus asked for Trina's phone before she left the room. Portia looked at Cyrus' wound and told him it would be a delicate situation, especially if she made the wrong move. Cyrus refused a sedative.

Portia admonished Cyrus. She noted that he had broken into her house for treatment, and she wanted him to allow her to do it the way she needed to. She told Trina to grab a wooden spoon because Cyrus would need to bite down on it for pain. Portia began the procedure as Trina taunted that Portia might do something wrong. Cyrus trusted Portia but not Trina, and he noted that that was why he still held onto his gun.

Cyrus thought that Trina was just like her father. Portia ordered him to be still. He panted and groaned in pain, and she removed the bullet. Portia was prepared to clean the area and stitch it up, and Cyrus told her she did good work. He declared that he would have another chance to kill Taggert. He passed out.

Laura rushed into the Savoy as Curtis continued to dwell on his conversation with Portia. Laura had the liquor license for the club, and she handed the framed certificate to Curtis. She was surprised that Curtis wasn't as enthusiastic as she had imagined he would be. She reminded him that they were friends, and she urged him to talk. Curtis admitted that he had been wondering how soon he could move on after his divorce.

Curtis explained that his marriage had been over well in advance of the divorce papers being signed, and Laura knew that he hadn't taken the divorce lightly. She admitted that she and Kevin had been friends first, and Curtis replied that it was the same with Portia. Laura was surprised to hear that it was Portia, and she suggested that Curtis take it slowly to see where it might lead.

Curtis disclosed that he had already kissed Portia. He admitted that even though his marriage had been over, the kiss had felt like a betrayal. He had handled things awkwardly, and Portia had fled. He had frozen, and he assumed that Portia was upset. He was conflicted. Laura was appreciative of Curtis being able to talk to her, and she urged him to talk to Portia because Portia would understand.

Curtis thought that he needed to understand first, and Laura didn't think that was uncommon. She stated that the heart would tell one when it was time, and she had learned in the past year that time was short. Laura urged him to be honest with himself. Curtis thought that he was ready, but he had probably blown it. He disclosed that he and Portia had had a relationship in the past before his marriage. Laura told him to call Portia. She thought that Portia had put herself on the line, and Curtis should do the same.

Laura had to leave, and Curtis thanked her for everything. He picked up the phone to call Portia. At Portia's house, her phone began to ring. Trina grabbed it, and Portia began to whisper that Curtis needed to listen. Curtis wanted to apologize. Cyrus opened his eyes, and the line went dead.

In his Invader office, Peter unsuccessfully attempted to reach Chloe on the phone. Anna walked in, and he was cold to her. He wanted to know what she wanted. She spotted his overnight bag and asked if he was going somewhere. Peter claimed to be cleaning out his personal safe because the office would no longer be his. He'd sold the company to a private investor. He didn't think there was a point to having the newspaper, anyway, because Anna and Valentin had ruined his status as an "upstanding member of society."

Anna noted that Peter had done it all on his own, even though he'd had many chances. Anna considered herself to be accountable, and he had to be, as well. Peter told her to arrest him, but he sneered that she had no evidence. Anna disclosed that Chase needed another dose of the antidote, and Peter agreed to meet her at the hospital with a vial.

Anna insisted that she had tried to love Peter and believe in him, but he hadn't believed in himself. She had finally seen the real Peter. He'd had "so many choices," but he'd always chosen the dark. She concluded that everyone would see the real Peter. She left, and Peter tried to reach Chloe again. He was furious and left a message that he was heading out. He wanted to know where she and Maxie could be.

In Gladys' room at the hospital, Jordan announced that Robert and Diane had arranged an immunity deal for Gladys. The papers were on her desk. Brando thought that his mother should speak to Diane first, but Gladys wanted to talk. Jordan began to record as Gladys revealed how Cyrus had kidnapped her in order to prevent her from telling the truth. She confessed that she had not seen Jason get rid of the gun, and Cyrus had made her lie. "And that's the God's honest truth," she said.

Jordan continued to question Gladys, who admitted that she had seen the real killer toss the gun into the laundry chute. It had been Peter August.

Anna returned to the hospital and informed Finn that Peter would be by with a vial of antidote. Finn didn't think that Anna sounded confident, but she told him that Peter had been cleaning his safe. She was sure that Peter had been making preparations to leave town with Maxie and the baby, but he had told her he would bring it. She added that Peter wouldn't be able to hide if something happened to Chase.

Maxie was pushed into the hospital in a wheelchair, and the medic related all pertinent details to Elizabeth. Austin was wheeled in on a stretcher, and Maxie made it clear that she wanted him to be looked at first. Another medic related information, and a nurse informed Maxie that she would be taken to a treatment bay shortly.

Just then, Peter strolled in and was shocked to see Maxie. He demanded to know why she was there because she was supposed to be at... he stopped himself short. He thought that Maxie was supposed to be at the spa. Maxie glared at him. She told him the baby was gone.

Brook Lynn drove home with baby Louise in the back seat. She was sorry for the "inconvenient start" to the baby's life but would keep her safe and away from her "psycho father." Brook Lynn maintained that she had everything under control. The baby began to cry. "I don't believe me, either," Brook Lynn confessed.

Busted by Maxie, Peter attempts to escape

Busted by Maxie, Peter attempts to escape

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Peter lay unconscious and bleeding at the bottom of a staircase. There was a sign nearby that said roof access. Someone in blue scrubs checked his pulse.

One hour earlier at the Savoy, Curtis informed Laura that after Portia had seemed to try to tell him something, the phone line had gone dead. He had a feeling that she was in trouble. Laura suggested that Curtis call Portia again, but his call went to voicemail. He thought it was peculiar, and they both agreed to head to Portia's house.

At Portia's house, Cyrus grabbed the phone out of Portia's hand and threatened to shoot Trina. He yelled that there would be no more tricks, and he accused the women of taking advantage of him. Portia tried to tell him that Curtis had called her, but Cyrus snarled that if there was more blood to be spilled, it wouldn't be his. He trained his gun on Trina.

Portia informed Cyrus that she'd done all she could for him and that he really needed to be seen at a hospital. Trina taunted that Cyrus was too afraid to go to General Hospital, and he accused her of having an attitude. He announced that he would have to leave Port Charles, and Trina assured him that he wouldn't be missed. Cyrus disclosed that they would be leaving together.

Cyrus made a phone call and attempted to have Brando show up with a car, but he was unsuccessful. "Running out of friends?" Trina asked coyly. Portia urged her daughter not to push it. "Listen to your mother!" Cyrus suggested. Trina maintained that she was not afraid, and she thought that Cyrus should be the one who was afraid because no one wanted to help him. Cyrus shouted that he had a gun, and he didn't want her to either defy or insult him.

Laura and Curtis arrived and heard Cyrus shouting from the house. Curtis ran up to the front door and kicked it open. Laura followed close behind. Cyrus looked at them and gloated as he held his gun on his hostages. Cyrus ordered Laura and Curtis to step back, or he would shoot Portia after he shot Trina. Portia suggested that everyone do as Cyrus ordered, and Laura grabbed Curtis' arm. They went back outside.

Cyrus ordered Trina to close the door, but he decided that he didn't trust her and ordered Portia to do it instead. Again, he threatened to shoot Trina. As Portia slowly closed the front door, she exchanged a desperate look with Curtis.

At General Hospital, Deanna tended to Maxie in the emergency room treatment area, and Maxie refused her offer to call someone. Once alone, Maxie told herself that she could do it for her daughter. Peter arrived and asked where their daughter was. Maxie began that she wished it was really a nightmare. She began to cry. She told him she felt empty. Chloe, the nurse that Peter had hired, had taken their baby.

Peter couldn't believe it and noted that Chloe had been hired to take care of Maxie and Louise. Maxie informed him that Chloe had drugged her, driven her to a house in the woods, and threatened to induce labor. Maxie had managed to get away. She'd gone into labor and had given birth in the woods again. She noted that their daughter was perfect. She had screamed in pain, and Chloe had found her and taken the baby.

Peter promised to find the baby and bring her back. Maxie exclaimed that Chloe was sick. She'd claimed that she'd been working for Peter, and it had all been his idea. "Can you believe that?" she asked. Peter was incredulous. He couldn't believe that Chloe had blamed him. Maxie continued that Chloe had mentioned that Peter had planned to leave the country with Maxie and Louise and never return.

Maxie cried that she had doubted Peter and had allowed others to get to her. She knew that he was devoted and would never hurt her or their baby. They hugged as Maxie hoped that Peter could "access that dark side of Peter, the one who would do anything to get our daughter back, and damn anyone who gets in the way." Peter vowed to do just that, but Maxie replied that she couldn't let him.

Peter was determined to find Chloe, no matter what it took. He would threaten, bribe, and call in favors. Maxie thought the police should handle it instead. Peter announced that Chloe wasn't even the nurse's real name, and Maxie wondered how he knew that. Peter stuttered and claimed that he only assumed that because everything else about her had been fake. Maxie replied that Chloe had not been the only fake person.

Maxie went on to say that the house that Chloe had taken her to had cost money. The nurse had also mentioned that Peter had arranged for them to be picked up by helicopter. Peter called Chloe delusional, but Maxie continued that the nurse had anticipated her every need and want. She wouldn't have known some of the things that she had known without someone feeding her the information. Maxie suspected it had been Peter.

Peter denied it, but Maxie began to scream at him. Peter called Chloe sick and twisted. "Takes one to know one, you demented son of a bitch!" Maxie yelled. Peter just thought that Maxie was in shock after their baby's unique birth. "You are a horrible person, Peter. Correction, Henrik!" she said. She was glad that she no longer had to pretend, and she'd only done so to protect their baby. It was his fault that the baby was gone.

Maxie continued to tell Peter off, and he began to cry. She called him a cold-blooded murderer, and she said everything had changed. She shouted that he repulsed her and that she couldn't stand to be near him. She wondered if he felt as bad as when he'd killed Drew, Franco, and others. Peter retorted that he'd had to get rid of the real Chloe for Maxie and the baby. She'd had to be eliminated because she'd been in the way.

Peter cried that it wasn't too late for him and Maxie. She snapped that it was, "you arrogant bastard." She continued to call him Henrik, although he didn't want to hear it. He vowed to find the baby. Maxie announced that she'd recorded their conversation, and she proceeded to send it to Mac. She deduced that Peter's next stop would be prison.

Peter reminded Maxie that he was the father of her child, and she loved him. Maxie declared that she had loved Peter, but he hadn't been real. She called him a "cheap imitation" of his father. As the shouting grew louder, Deanna walked in to make sure that everything was okay. Maxie asked her to call security and to tell them to hold Peter for the police. Deanna ran out, and Maxie sobbed.

In a corridor, Finn asked Elizabeth if she had seen Peter. She admitted that she hadn't, but she'd heard an unbelievable story about Maxie giving birth. She related the details that she knew but informed Finn that Peter hadn't been involved.

Jackie and Gregory showed up to visit Chase. Jackie offered to get Chase something, but he only wanted his police badge. He declared that he was a cop, and he was supposed to help people. Finn and Elizabeth arrived as Jackie was helping Chase out of bed. Jackie announced that she was taking her son for a walk. Finn was reluctant to allow it, but he gave in and told them to enjoy it. Elizabeth thought the family should be proud of Chase. Finn acknowledged that whatever Chase learned had been from Gregory, because Finn felt like a failure.

Jordan and Anna ran into each other and discovered that they had each been looking for Peter. Jordan wanted to arrest him. She told Anna about Gladys' recent testimony and the fact that Gladys had seen Peter dispose of the gun after Franco's murder. Anna realized that if a jury believed it, Peter would have to face the consequences. Jordan considered Peter to be armed and dangerous, and there had been an APB put out on him.

Jordan revealed that she had recorded Gladys' testimony on her phone and had sent a copy to the district attorney's office. She thought that Anna had to know that it would happen, and Anna promised that there would be no tears. She thought that Peter deserved whatever happened, but she wanted to make certain that he was brought in alive. He was responsible for someone else's life.

Anna disclosed that Chase had been poisoned when it had likely been meant for Finn. Jordan was angry that it was the first she was hearing about it, but Anna explained that she hadn't been able to say anything. Anna needed Peter to be stopped from leaving because they needed the antidote.

Just then, Jordan received a phone call from Curtis, and he quickly put Laura on the line. Laura revealed the situation and the fact that Cyrus appeared to be desperate. They needed help. Jordan told Anna that she had to go, but her force would continue the search for Peter.

Gregory found Finn in his office and asked if Finn had been avoiding him. He knew that something was wrong. Finn admitted that knowing the problem and finding a cure were two different things. Gregory recalled a childhood incident when Finn had hidden his report card. He had told Finn to do his best because it was good enough.

Jackie walked Chase through the hallway until they bumped into a cop that Chase knew from the police department. He introduced his mother and Sgt. LaRue, and they made small talk. Jackie admitted that she was proud of her son. She determined it was time to get Chase back to his room.

Anna spotted Elizabeth and asked her if she'd seen Peter. Elizabeth replied that she'd seen Maxie, who had had her baby. Peter had not been present for the birth. Maxie was being moved to the fourth floor.

Peter fled from Maxie's room and cried as he headed to the stairwell. He went over his argument with Maxie and decided to head up the stairs.

Crime scene tape was wound around Portia's house as Jordan arrived with some of her police force. Curtis told her what he knew, and Jordan revealed that a hostage negotiator had been summoned.

Inside the house, Portia informed Cyrus that the house was surrounded, and she knew that he was intelligent. She told him to give himself up. Cyrus received a call from Jordan, who asked to try to work things out. He told her to go away, and he said that Portia and Trina were fine. Jordan was aware that Cyrus had been shot, but he assured her that he could still hold his gun with the two remaining bullets unless he got what he wanted.

Cyrus demanded that he, Trina, and Portia be able to get into a car and be driven to a private plane in order to fly out of the country. Once they landed, Portia and Trina would be free to return home. Cyrus was hopeful that Laura could make it happen. Laura spoke up and declared that Cyrus had given her too much credit. Jordan wanted the hostages released.

Cyrus was adamant that Jordan had to pull her people back and make the arrangements, or he would make an example out of someone. He had one too many hostages. Curtis urged Jordan to accept Cyrus' deal, and he would sneak into the house and disarm Cyrus. Jordan reminded Curtis that he wasn't a cop, and she could not allow that to happen for several reasons. Laura took the phone and told Cyrus that she wanted to speak to him as his sister, not as the mayor.

Cyrus was indignant and snapped that he wasn't a fool. He was aware that Laura despised him. Laura wanted to bargain. She wanted Cyrus to take her as a hostage instead.

Back at the hospital, Elizabeth told Finn that Peter had been arguing with Maxie in her room, and security was looking for him. She thought that Peter was desperate and dangerous. Finn wanted to look for him, and he grabbed an elevator.

Jackie tucked Chase back into bed. Chase mentioned that he'd chatted with a cop, and it had made him feel normal. Jackie noticed that Chase had a fever again, and she informed Elizabeth when she walked in. Elizabeth told her that Finn was getting the help that Chase needed.

Anna wanted to visit with Maxie, and she argued back and forth with Deanna, who ordered her out. Anna revealed that she had to find Peter. Everyone had been looking for him, and he was wanted for Franco's murder. Maxie told Deanna it was okay, and she thanked the nurse for looking out for her. Anna revealed that Gladys had given a statement, but she had to find Peter for Chase's sake. Maxie pointed out that there was another life that depended on not finding Peter.

Peter went up to the roof and phoned the pilot to inform him of a change in plans. He would be waiting on the heliport at the hospital. He paced and began to climb up a ladder to scout for the helicopter's arrival. In the meantime, Finn entered a stairwell and pondered which way to go.

Peter climbed back down the ladder, frustrated and anxious. He looked at his and Maxie's fake passports. His phone rang, and the helicopter was finally in view. He heard there would be a delay, and he began to argue. Finn appeared and informed Peter that he wasn't going anywhere.

Laura negotiates with Cyrus

Laura negotiates with Cyrus

Thursday, June 3, 2021

At the hospital, Peter fell down a flight of stairs. He stopped on the first landing, bleeding and unconscious. Someone in scrubs rushed up to him and checked his pulse.

Earlier, Valentin approached Elizabeth at the hospital, looking for Anna. She replied that Anna was probably in Maxie's room, and Valentin asked if Maxie was all right. Elizabeth spat that Maxie was physically fine, "no thanks to you." She chastised him for unleashing Peter on everyone. Valentin acknowledged that she was right, and he sincerely apologized. He insisted on finding Anna, as Peter was even more dangerous than usual when he was cornered.

In Maxie's room, Anna wondered what had happened to the baby. "Thanks to Peter, my daughter is gone," Maxie replied, but Mac entered before she could say more. He promised to do everything he could to get Louise back. Maxie wanted to make sure that her recording of Peter had gone through. He assured her that it was clear, and he marveled over how amazing she was to have done that. He added that there was an APB out on Peter, and the hospital was being searched.

Mac had to go, and he asked Anna to stay with Maxie. When Mac was gone, Maxie told Anna her story about Chloe kidnapping Louise. "At least she's not with Peter," Maxie reasoned. She thought that the only thing worse than being Peter's enemy was being loved by him.

A short while later, Anna was sitting outside of Maxie's room when Valentin stepped off the elevator. He asked about Maxie, and she repeated the story about Chloe. They marveled over how brave Maxie was, but Anna feared that the "potential outcome" of what could happen to Louise hadn't hit Maxie yet. She excused herself to find Finn.

Mac returned to Maxie's room and assured her that they were still searching for Peter. He promised that Peter would be found, and he could tell them the real name of Louise's kidnapper.

At a hotel, Brook Lynn held Louise and warned the baby that they had a "long road ahead." She knew that Valentin would instantly fall in love with Louise, and she trusted him to protect the baby. She knew that they needed to get home next, so she had to think of someone she trusted enough to lie to.

Michael arrived at the gatehouse to check on Willow. She admitted that she'd tried to rest, but she still felt guilty, as all she wanted was to be with him. Michael revealed that he'd changed his mind about putting their relationship on hold for Chase. Just then, Michael's phone rang. He was going to ignore it, but Willow urged him to answer in case it was the hospital. When he answered, he listened for a few moments and exclaimed, "Oh, my God, what?"

At the hotel, Brook Lynn told a sleeping Louise about how strong Maxie was. She promised to keep Louise safe for Maxie. There was a knock on the door, and Brook Lynn muttered, "Showtime." She opened the door to Michael and Willow. The two went over to Louise, and Michael asked what had happened.

Brook Lynn explained that she'd been driving to Bensonhurst when she'd started to have contractions. She'd called her friend, who knew a doula in the area, and she'd had the baby at the hotel with the doula. She announced the baby's name as Bailey Lois Quartermaine. Brook Lynn thanked them for picking her up, and Michael promised to get them home safely after a stop at the hospital. Brook Lynn nervously insisted that she was fine, but Michael wouldn't take no for an answer.

Later, Willow walked Brook Lynn into the hospital and sat her and Louise down on a bench. Willow walked away to get someone to help. Maxie spotted the two from her room and went to the window, where Brook Lynn saw her. Brook Lynn shifted Louise so that a tearful Maxie could see her.

On the roof of the hospital, Peter put his and Maxie's fake passports in his pocket as he searched the skies for his helicopter. His phone rang, and he answered it to find out that the pilot was delayed. He yelled into the phone that he was paying enough for the pilot to be wherever Peter wanted him, and he hung up. He turned to walk away, but he heard Finn call out that Peter wasn't going anywhere. Finn demanded the antidote for Chase, but Peter played dumb about Chase's poisoning.

Peter got a text from his pilot informing Peter, "I can't land." Finn implored Peter not to let Chase die, but Peter blamed Chase's possible death on Anna for breaking the rules and telling others about Peter's involvement in the poisoning. He held up a vial of the antidote and threw it off the roof, and he casually walked away. Finn followed Peter to the stairwell. He grabbed Peter and pushed him down the stairs. Finn heard footsteps approach, and a shocked Elizabeth appeared. "Is he...?" Finn wondered. Elizabeth felt for a pulse, but she divulged that she couldn't find one.

Finn couldn't believe he'd killed the one person who could have saved Chase's life. He wanted to tell someone, as he figured that the police were looking for Peter, but Elizabeth urged Finn to go. She reminded him that he couldn't help Chase from prison. Elizabeth looked at the fake passports that had fallen out of Peter's pocket, and she took it as further proof that Peter had gotten what he'd deserved. They continued to hotly debate whether or not Finn should take responsibility for Peter's death.

Later, Finn and Elizabeth reentered the hospital, and he admitted, "I'm not sure about this." Elizabeth figured that everyone would just think that Peter had gotten away. Finn spotted Anna, and he and Elizabeth approached her. Anna updated them on what had happened to Maxie's baby, and she disclosed that Peter hadn't shown up with the antidote. Elizabeth believed that an actual cure, which Finn could figure out, was a better option than relying on Peter. Anna vowed to never stop looking for Peter.

Outside of Portia's house, Laura, Jordan, and Curtis grouped around Jordan's phone. Laura spoke into the phone and proposed that Cyrus let Portia and Trina go, and he could take Laura instead. He agreed to think it over, and he hung up. Kevin approached and asked Laura if she was bluffing, but she insisted that she'd meant her offer. He revealed that he'd been called in as the hostage negotiator, but he couldn't do his job if his wife was offering herself. Laura thought that she could use her connection to Cyrus to their advantage, but he implored her to let the police do their job. Jordan agreed that it was too risky, but Laura wouldn't take no for an answer.

Just then, Taggert ran in and made several attempts to get past the lines of cops. Curtis finally stopped him and insisted that Taggert wasn't helping anything.

Inside the house, Portia begged Cyrus to let Trina go, but Trina didn't want to leave Portia alone with him. He demanded that they be quiet as he waved the gun around, and Portia calmly asked him to point the gun away from her daughter. Cyrus looked out the window and saw Taggert struggling with the cops. Cyrus grabbed Trina, and Portia screamed at him to let go of Trina, which the people outside heard.

A few minutes later, Jordan's phone rang, and Jordan calmly instructed Jordan to get her people to back away from the house. She assured Jordan that they were fine. "For now!" Cyrus yelled out in the background, and he didn't think things would stay that way if Taggert tried to "play hero" again. Cyrus demanded to talk to Laura, but Jordan answered that Laura was off dealing with the press. When the phone call ended, Jordan demanded that the officers get Taggert away. Curtis went to check on Laura, who had just sent an officer to get her a bulletproof vest.

An officer informed Jordan that the house was surrounded, and they were ready to go in on her signal. Laura and Kevin returned, and Laura thanked him for understanding why she needed to deal with Cyrus. Jordan told Laura that Cyrus had agreed to their exchange plan. She added that she had a SWAT team ready to go, just in case.

Inside the house, Portia noticed that Cyrus' wound was bleeding, and she urged him to let her change his bandage. He finally complied, and she started to change it. He talked about how he'd always wanted kids, but he supposed that it would never happen. Portia replied that kids required sacrifice, and they made a person vulnerable, so she wasn't surprised that he'd never had them.

Jordan instructed Laura that there was a microphone in the bulletproof vest. Laura asked for time to talk Cyrus down, and Jordan warned that she wouldn't give Laura too much time. Jordan also needed a code word that Laura could say in case things went downhill, and Laura decided on "Florence." Laura hugged Kevin and walked to the front door of the house. Kevin put in a call to Cyrus in order to talk him through the exchange. Trina opened the door, and she and Portia stood in front of Cyrus, who still held onto his gun.

Cyrus let Portia go. Laura said that as she counted to three, she would step between Trina and Cyrus so that Trina could go. Laura counted to three and made her way in between Cyrus and Trina. As soon as Trina was free, she ran to a crying Portia, who hugged her. Laura and Cyrus went into the house, and the door closed behind them.

Cyrus welcomed Laura to the house and asked that she treat him like her brother and not a criminal. He asked her to take off the vest, and she complied. He wondered if she had any conversation points in mind, and Laura replied that she was there because of his mother. Cyrus' phone started ringing, but he thought that it could wait until after he heard Laura's theories about Florence. Laura didn't think that his mother would want this for him, and she urged him to be the person his mother wanted him to be. "Damn, she's good," Curtis observed as he, Jordan, and Kevin listened in.

Taggert joined Trina and Portia and hugged them. Curtis made sure that Portia was all right. She talked about how she couldn't stop thinking about Cyrus having his gun on Trina, and she couldn't stop shaking. She regretted not letting Cyrus bleed out, and she felt guilty for having the thought. Curtis insisted that he would be there for her if she ever wanted to talk. Taggert approached Curtis and thanked him for talking Taggert down earlier.

Inside the house, Cyrus informed Laura that they were more alike than she thought. He continued that she knew how to find a person's weakness and cruelly turn it into an asset. She shot back that he was so used to fighting people that he couldn't tell when someone was trying to help him. She insisted that she was trying to save his life. As Kevin, Jordan, and Curtis listened in, Kevin could hear that Cyrus was becoming more unstable.

Inside the house, Laura urged Cyrus to answer the ringing phone, as people would want to know that she was all right. She warned him that time was running out and that things would only end well if they could walk out together. "Then what?" Cyrus wondered, and he shouted that going back to prison was no life. He refused to just be a bad memory and throw away all of his achievements. Outside the house, Jordan advised her team to wait for the signal to enter the house. As she readied her team, Cyrus informed Laura that either he would walk out of the house a free man, or neither of them would get out alive.

Curtis plays hero

Curtis plays hero

Friday, June 4, 2021

Maxie got out of bed and spotted Brook Lynn in the hall with Louise. Brook Lynn shifted Louise so that Maxie could see her. Maxie left her room to get closer, but she was interrupted by Valentin. As Brook Lynn told Valentin her story, Finn and Elizabeth wondered what Maxie was doing out of bed. As Willow looked on, Maxie insisted she was fine but promptly passed out, unseen by Brook Lynn or Valentin. Brook Lynn handed Louise to Valentin and introduced the baby as Bailey Lois.

Later, Valentin and Brook Lynn were happy that "Bailey" had passed her checkup. He wanted Brook Lynn to get checked out, too, but she promised to do it the next day, as she was tired. Just then, Austin entered, and Brook Lynn looked like she'd seen a ghost. She remembered him from the woods, and she claimed that he'd just startled her. Austin congratulated the two on the baby, and he asked for directions to room 401. Valentin directed Austin, and Austin walked away. He stopped and looked at the sign on the wall, which read, "Michael Corinthos Center for Pediatric Head Injuries."

Back in Maxie's room, Elizabeth explained to Maxie that she needed to replenish her fluids after losing blood while giving birth. Willow asked what had happened, and Elizabeth told her Maxie's story about where Louise was. Maxie just wanted Louise as far away from Peter as possible. Michael saw Willow as he walked by the room, and he poked his head in as Finn assured Maxie that she was safe from Peter. She wished he would "disappear forever." Willow and Michael decided to let Maxie rest, and they left. Willow admitted that she felt guilty for getting to see Wiley, but Michael reassured her. They got into the elevator to go home.

Finn wanted to give Maxie a sedative so she could rest, but Maxie refused to let her guard down. Finn promised that Peter would never bother her again. Just then, Austin entered the room to check on Maxie, and Maxie introduced Finn and Elizabeth to the man who'd delivered Louise. Elizabeth asked Finn for a consult, and they left the room.

Austin apologized for not being able to help Maxie with Chloe. She thanked him for helping and vowed to never forget him. He informed her that he was sticking around for a while to help with the search for Louise, as he felt "vaguely responsible" for the baby. He promised that Louise would be found, and he left the room. "That's what I'm afraid of," she muttered.

In Finn's office, Elizabeth accused Finn of almost telling Maxie about Peter. He replied that he hated seeing Maxie scared and in pain, but he realized that knowing about Peter's death would make her an accomplice. Elizabeth added that Maxie knowing about Peter wouldn't get Louise back. Elizabeth reminded him that he needed to continue working on a cure for Chase, and she assured him that she had faith in him. Finn was sorry to have involved Elizabeth, but she wasn't sorry to be involved. She vowed not to let Peter take one more life.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Jax told Olivia that he'd been worried about Michael after hearing about the shots at the docks, but Olivia assured him that everyone was fine. He asked about Wiley, and Olivia gushed about how great he was doing. Jax regretted that Nina was missing all of it. Olivia commented on Carly taking over Sonny's business, and Jax hoped that everything would be over soon.

Valentin and Brook Lynn arrived home, and Olivia squealed out of surprise and delight that Brook Lynn had had the baby. She introduced "Bailey" to Olivia and Jax, and Brook Lynn and Olivia took the baby into the living room. Jax congratulated Valentin, and the two shook hands.

Olivia asked to hold the baby, so Brook Lynn handed her over. Brook Lynn admitted that Ned didn't yet know that she'd had the baby, but she'd already had a long and tiring day. As Valentin and Jax entered, Brook Lynn admitted that she was overwhelmed. Olivia assured her that that was normal, and she needed to rely on her family. Jax congratulated them again and excused himself.

Olivia wanted to walk Jax out, so Valentin offered to take the baby. Once she was in his arms, he cooed about how Charlotte would fall in love with her. Brook Lynn admitted that she was glad that Valentin was "Bailey's" father, as he was committed and would keep her safe. "We're in this together," she told him. Valentin promised "Bailey" that he and Brook Lynn would give her a great life.

Michael and Willow sat down in the gatehouse with two glasses of wine. He made sure she was all right, as he thought that seeing Maxie might have given Willow bad memories. Willow remembered how she'd felt being alone in a hospital bed after giving birth. She was happy to have him there with her, and the two embraced. Michael was grateful that she'd been able to open her heart to Wiley, and she replied that he was the best thing to ever happen to her, next to Michael. The two shared a kiss and began to make love. Outside, someone approached the gatehouse and looked in on Michael and Willow.

Outside of Portia's house, Curtis wondered if Trina or Taggert had seen Portia. Trina replied that Portia was giving her statement to the police. Curtis told Trina that he needed her help learning the layout of the house. He asked about other ways to get inside, and Trina told him about her bedroom window, which was closed but not locked. He wanted her to show him where it was. A short while later, Curtis was able to get the window open and climb inside. He took his gun out and exited the bedroom.

Jordan wanted to give her SWAT team the signal to go into the house, but Kevin asked her to give him one more chance to reach Cyrus. He hoped that it would work, since Laura hadn't yet given the code word. Jordan agreed to give Kevin one more try, so he made the call. Inside the house, Laura urged Cyrus to answer the ringing phone so he could let everyone walk away unharmed. He finally picked up, and Kevin asked if Laura was all right. "She's fine for now," Cyrus roared, but he demanded a car and a clear road if Kevin wanted it to stay that way. Kevin promised to work on it, but Cyrus warned that whatever happened to him would also happen to Laura. "We go down together," he stated, and he hung up. Outside, an officer asked what Jordan wanted to do. "Give him what he wants," she replied.

Cyrus assumed that he wouldn't be given what he wanted, and he blamed everything on Laura. "I only wanted to be your brother," he whined. She yelled at him that if he wanted her love, he had to earn it. She continued that she would have helped him if he'd ever been even a little bit sorry for the things he'd done. She said that there was still time for him to redeem himself, and she urged him to turn himself in. She promised to stand beside him if he did. As Curtis watched unseen from the hall, Cyrus ranted about how he refused to go back to prison.

Curtis seized his opportunity and ran into the room, but Cyrus grabbed Laura and ordered Curtis to drop his gun. Curtis dropped the gun and slid it over to Cyrus. Suddenly, Cyrus shot Curtis, who went down hard. Just then, Jordan kicked the front door in and shot Cyrus, who went down. Jordan kicked his gun away and yelled for someone to go get Portia. Kevin entered the house and hugged Laura as she glared at Cyrus, who glared right back.

Taggert found Trina and Portia outside and happily reported that Cyrus was down. "It's over," Portia said in disbelief, and she and Trina embraced. An officer approached and informed Portia that she was needed inside the house. When she entered, she was shocked to see Curtis on the floor with Jordan and Kevin beside him. Jordan begged Portia to save him, and she urged Curtis not to give up.

Carly arrived at the jail as she was on the phone with Michael. She informed him that they were waiting for Diane to get Jason's charges dropped. Michael asked if there was any update on Cyrus, but Carly figured it would only be a matter of time until he was found. She ended the call and visited Jason at his cell. She was ecstatic that he was home, and she sincerely apologized for making him run. She promised to try to never put him in that position again.

Carly asked if Jason had talked to Britt, as she thought Britt would want to know that he was all right. She admitted that she'd never been a fan of Britt, but that her opinion had changed since Britt had saved his life. Jason assured Carly that she'd done a great job keeping her family safe while he was gone, and he wouldn't have expected anything less. Just then, the guard approached and opened Jason's cell. He informed them that all charges had been dropped, so Jason was free to go. Carly hugged him and wanted to get him home. However, she got an alert on her phone that stopped her in her tracks. She told him that they had to go to the hospital, and she would explain on the way.

At the hospital, Portia informed Jordan, Trina, and Taggert that Curtis was being prepped for what could be a lengthy surgery. She also divulged that Cyrus had been shot straight through the leg and would survive. Jordan excused herself to deal with the fallout and asked to be kept in the loop. Jason and Carly arrived, and Taggert informed them that Cyrus was going to make it. "Curtis might not," Trina chimed in, and Taggert explained what had happened. Laura and Kevin approached, and Laura tearfully added that Curtis had saved her life.

A short while later, Carly looked in on an angry Cyrus, who was cuffed to his hospital bed. She smirked at him past the guard outside the door. Jordan and Taggert walked up to Carly and assured her that Cyrus wasn't going anywhere. "Good," Carly stated, and she walked away. Taggert told Jordan that, although it had taken longer than they'd thought, "we finally nailed the bastard." He added that she had done a good job, and she burst into tears.

As Portia sat with Trina, Kevin tried to convince Laura to get checked out. She insisted that she was fine physically. He confided that he'd been able to hear "someone about to crack" in Cyrus' voice. He thought she was brave, but he asked her to never do something like that again. She promised to try, and the two embraced.

Britt heard someone trying to get into the safe house, so she tiptoed down the stairs. She grabbed a paddle off of the wall and stood behind the door. The door opened, and Britt was shocked to see Liesl. Britt was happy to see her mother and gave her a big hug. Liesl informed Britt that Jason had called her and given her all of the necessary details to find Britt. Britt disclosed that she and Jason had saved each other's lives, and Liesl thought that Britt had finally met her match. Britt brushed her mother's comment off, but Liesl wondered if Britt and Jason had had sex. Britt admitted that they had and that it had been amazing. However, she didn't think that she and Jason had a future together.

Britt added that Jason had helped her face something she'd been running from for years. She confessed that she'd lied to Liesl about getting the Huntington's test done. She talked about how Jason's advice and ability to listen had convinced her to finally get the test. She broke it to Liesl that she had the marker for Huntington's, and Liesl blamed it on herself for choosing "that wretched man" to be Britt's father. Liesl softened and told Britt that Britt had become everything she could have wanted in a daughter. Britt was touched, and Liesl insisted that it was the truth.

Just then, Britt's phone went off, and she answered it to Jason. He told her about his charges being dropped and the police taking Cyrus into custody. She thanked him for sending Liesl there, and she wondered about Peter. He answered that Peter hadn't been found, but she was safe to return home, since Cyrus had been "neutralized." She promised to see him soon and hung up. Britt recapped the call for Liesl, who was happy that Britt was free to live her life. "Whatever that looks like now," Britt added. Liesl promised that she would always be there for Britt, and the two embraced.

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Lexi Ainsworth returns to General Hospital


Lexi Ainsworth returns to General Hospital
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