General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 1, 2023 on GH

Liesl was forced to inject Valentin with the deadly pathogen. Valentin had a vision of Helena. Anna risked everything to be with Valentin. Drew rescued Liesl. Laura disabled a second weather machine. Victor and Spencer were on the Haunted Star as the WSB launched an airstrike on the ship. Michael told Willow the truth about Dex. Willow was rushed to the hospital. Willow asked Nina to drop her vendetta against Carly.
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Valentin had a vision of Helena. The WSB launched an airstrike on the Haunted Star. Willow was rushed to the hospital.
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Nina has second thoughts about her decision

Nina has second thoughts about her decision

Monday, May 1, 2023

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael blamed Ned for having turned Carly in to the SEC for insider trading. Willow said that Sonny's actions to divert the SEC was proof that Carly and Michael were still important to Sonny. Michael groused that he wanted Sonny held accountable for his past "transgressions."

Michael continued to blast Sonny and Ned, and he said the thing he couldn't forgive was that Ned had "hurt" Carly. Later, Carly and Willow held hands as Carly offered to push Willow to the gatehouse in Willow's wheelchair.

At an unknown warehouse, a group of men from Pikeman brought in a large wooden crate. Sonny recalled that he had been ambushed in another warehouse the last time he had done something for Pikeman. "Let's talk about that," Sonny demanded.

A guard tried to assure Sonny that Pikeman hadn't been involved in the ambush. Sonny wondered what was in the cargo box, and he suggested that the Pikeman agents were moving something stronger than guns. After a Pikeman guard opened the cargo box, Brick noted that the box contained one of the world's most powerful explosives. "One brick can take out an entire city block," Brick marveled.

Brick told Sonny that the military kept the contents that were in the cargo in high demand. Sonny told the Pikeman guard that he was taking all the risk. The guard asked if the two sides would go forward with the deal. Sonny said the Pikeman guards could use his territories once -- in exchange for information later on who had been behind the ambush.

Sonny left Brick in charge of the shipment, and he whispered to Dex to make sure the cash exchange went smoothly -- right in front of the video camera that Dex had set up. After Sonny left, a Pikeman guard brought a briefcase to Brick. When the money had been counted, Brick left with the suitcase.

The minute Brick left the room, Dex approached the camera and uploaded something to his phone. "Gotcha," Dex said. A moment later, Michael received a text from Dex with the video file from the camera Dex had used to record the meeting. Michael saw the text with the video file, and he stared into the distance.

At Metro Court, Nina asked Martin to call off her instructions to turn Carly and Drew in to the SEC for insider trading. Nina said that she had reconsidered, but Martin noted that the SEC had already acted on the tip. Nina asked what was next, and Martin said that Carly and Drew would face an investigation. As Martin left, he said that Nina wasn't to blame for any crimes Carly and Drew had committed.

Later, at Pozzulo's, Nina met Sonny in his office. Sonny shared details about the wedding. Sonny told Nina that someone had turned Carly and Drew in to the SEC for having engaged in insider trading. Nina was surprised that Carly had been brought in for questioning at the wedding, and she asked about Drew.

Sonny told Nina about a possible location for Liesl, and he said that Drew had gone searching for Liesl. Nina was speechless for a moment, and she seemed regretful that she had called Martin. A concerned Nina wondered aloud what would happen if the SEC found Drew before he could bring Liesl home in time to help Willow.

Nina said she had hoped that the government had bigger priorities than Carly and Drew. "You know, whoever tipped off the SEC... I don't know who it is, but let me tell you something. They're not only hurting Carly and Drew. They're hurting Willow," Sonny said.

In Anna's room at the hospital, Scott told Anna and Holly that he had overheard their conversation about Victor. Robert pleaded with Scott not to make contact with the WSB. Scott said it was none of Robert's business what he decided to do with regard to the WSB, but he added that he hadn't said anything to anyone.

As Scott railed against Anna and Robert, Holly sneaked out of the room. Scott vowed that he would tell the WSB what he had overheard if Robert and Anna didn't. Anna and Robert tried to reason with Scott. As Anna spoke, Holly slipped back into the room and put a chloroform rag to Scott's face. Scott fell to the ground, unconscious.

Robert applauded Holly for having assaulted Scott. Anna, Robert, and Holly decided to get on the next flight to Greenland, and Anna swung her legs out of bed to get dressed. Robert grew agitated when Anna and Holly said that Robert would have to stay in Port Charles. Robert groused, but Anna and Felicia sweet-talked him into staying.

Robert recalled that he had been "cleaning up messes" for both Anna and Holly for years. "Yes, and we both love you for it," Anna said warmly as she and Holly left.

Outside the Cassadine compound in Greenland, two guards spotted Valentin's satellite phone on the frozen ground. Valentin made a move to draw their attention, and the guards quickly pulled a gun on him. The men asked who Valentin was. Valentin gave his name, and he said that he was there to see Victor.

Inside the compound, Liesl told Victor that there had been a "roadblock" in her work on the antidote to the pathogen. Victor was interrupted by a guard who said that Valentin had been apprehended. Victor ordered Valentin to be brought inside, and he surmised that Valentin hadn't gone to the compound alone.

Victor told Liesl to get back to work on the antidote, but Liesl reminded Victor that she had encountered a setback. According to Liesl, she needed single-dose vials in order for the antidote not to risk contamination. Liesl called Victor's plans "futile and doomed," and she suggested that it was time to retreat.

Victor said that he would have to reevaluate his plan. Victor added that his plan would still proceed, and he noted that he would have to "speed up the timetable." Liesl said that she refused to use Spencer or Trina as "innocent" test subjects for the antidote. Victor asked if Liesl would have the same quarrels about using someone who was "decidedly less innocent." Just then, Valentin was brought into the room. "Perfect timing... son," Victor said to Valentin.

Back outside the compound, Laura, Drew, and Curtis debated what to do. Laura suggested that Drew take her prisoner and present her to Victor. Drew pushed back on the idea, as Curtis promised that he wouldn't leave the Haunted Star without Laura, Spencer, and Trina.

A short while later, Laura approached the guards. As Laura feigned that she was injured, Drew and Curtis rushed toward the guards to disarm them. Having obtained the guards' weapons, Laura asked Drew to trust that she knew what she was doing. Laura held her hands out, and Drew cuffed her as she requested.

Valentin is given the antidote

Valentin is given the antidote

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

In the gatehouse on the Quartermaine estate, Michael gave Willow flowers and carried her over the threshold into the house. Willow again encouraged Michael to make peace with Sonny. Michael said there was something Willow didn't know, and he pulled out his phone.

Michael played the video of Sonny accepting illegally trafficked weapons. Michael said the footage would send Sonny to prison for the rest of Sonny's life. Willow asked how Michael had obtained the video. Michael then explained that he had hired Dex a year earlier to take Sonny down.

Michael bragged that Sonny would be out of Michael and Willow's lives forever once he turned the footage over to the Justice Department. As Michael gloated, Willow grew confused and overwhelmed. Willow fainted.

In the dorm room, Josslyn welcomed Dex with open arms. Dex undressed Josslyn, and the two had sex. Afterwards, the couple cuddled in bed as Josslyn recalled the events of Michael and Willow's wedding.

Josslyn noted that Sonny had helped Drew evade the SEC. Dex told Josslyn that he had obtained the footage needed to send Sonny to prison, and he added that it was up to Michael as to whether to turn the footage over to the authorities.

Dex asked if Josslyn wanted Sonny to get away with his crimes. Josslyn said that it would hurt Kristina, Avery, and Donna to see Sonny in prison, but she had no second thoughts about Sonny going to prison.

In Portia's office at the hospital, Portia stared at the photo of Trina on her desk. Marshall entered, and he said he thought that Portia could use a friend. Portia surprised Marshall when she said that Trina had called her from the Haunted Star.

Portia shared that Curtis and Drew had left with Laura to bring Trina home. Marshall and Portia bonded over their love of family. Portia started to sob, and Marshall put his arms around Portia to say that things would be all right.

Also at the hospital, Robert tried to keep Elizabeth from entering Anna's room. Robert pleaded with Elizabeth to trust him. Elizabeth said that she trusted Robert, but she added that she still had to do her job. Robert continued to try to stall, and Elizabeth agreed to give Robert 30 minutes.

Inside the room, Scott slowly started to awaken from having been chloroformed. Scott reached for a nearby hospital phone. He tried to dial an operator, but he noticed that the line had been cut. A short while later, an elderly white-haired man approached the room. The man introduced himself as Agent Hursley from the WSB.

Hursley entered Anna's room, where Scott was conscious and standing. Scott told Elizabeth that he had been drugged because Robert hadn't wanted Scott to tell the WSB that Victor had a biological weapon. "You idiot. Don't you realize what you've just done? You've killed the woman you purported to love, along with three hostages," Robert snapped at Scott.

In the lab at the Cassadine compound in Greenland, Valentin was escorted to Victor. To Valentin's horror, Liesl confirmed Victor's plan to eliminate 80 percent of the world's population.

Later, in a private cell at the compound, Victor ordered Liesl to inject Valentin with the trial experiment of the antidote to the pathogen. A weary Liesl pleaded with Victor, and she reminded him that Valentin was Victor's son. "Not anymore," Victor said coldly. Liesl injected Valentin.

Liesl apologized to Valentin, and she left after having administered the antidote. "This is insanity," Liesl told Victor outside the cell. A moment later, Victor and Liesl noticed that Valentin's nose was bleeding.

On the main deck of the Haunted Star, Spencer and Trina were dragged into a room. A guard ordered Spencer to be taken to his room while another guard attempted to leave with Trina. After Trina was led away, a guard held Spencer while another prepared to punch Spencer. Just then, a man's voice called out. "I wouldn't do that if I were you," the man said. The man was revealed to be Curtis.

One of Victor's guards remarked that he hadn't seen Curtis before. Curtis warned the guards not to harm one of Victor's family members. Not long afterwards, Spencer was sucker-punched in the stomach.

Later, in Spencer's stateroom, Trina heard the sound of fighting outside the door. Trina was thrilled when Curtis entered the room a moment later, and the two held one another closely.

Curtis wanted to get Trina off the ship first and to go back for Spencer later. Trina refused, and she said adamantly that she wouldn't leave the ship without Spencer. "Spencer has helped me this entire time. I'm not leaving him," Trina insisted.

Curtis hatched a plan, and he told Trina to follow his instructions closely. Trina and Curtis left the stateroom. Later, Trina reappeared on the main deck of the ship, and she walked in on Spencer being beaten.

Trina yelled for the guards to let Spencer go. The guards began to chase after Trina, who started to run. Curtis intercepted one of the guards, who knocked Curtis' gun to the floor. Curtis knocked out the guard as another guard approached.

Helena takes pleasure in Valentin's dire predicament

Helena takes pleasure in Valentin's dire predicament

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

At the gatehouse, Michael made a frantic call to 9-1-1. After a brief exchange with the dispatcher, Michael tossed his cell phone aside and took Willow's hand in his. He begged for Willow to stay with him. A short time later, Brook Lynn and Tracy arrived as the paramedics prepared to take Willow to the hospital. Michael was distraught as he explained that Willow had collapsed while he and Willow had been talking about Sonny. "Oh, my God, it was too much," Michael said.

Brook Lynn hugged her cousin, but Michael pulled away and asked Brook Lynn and Tracy to stay with the children. After Michael left, Tracy assured Brook Lynn that Willow would be okay. A short time later, Brook Lynn returned to the living room and told her grandmother that both Wiley and Amelia had fallen back to sleep. Brook Lynn remained on edge, so Tracy distracted her by regaling Brook Lynn with details about Tracy's wedding night with Brook Lynn's grandfather. Tracy revealed that she had found Larry Ashton passed out on the bed -- "drunk as a skunk."

"No foreshadowing there," Brook Lynn said. Tracy admitted that she hoped Brook Lynn and Chase's wedding night was more successful. Brook Lynn clarified that she and Chase were not in a relationship, but Tracy was certain that it was only a matter of time because Tracy had helped Chase. "The least he can do is make an honest woman out of you," Tracy said. Brook Lynn made it clear that she -- not Chase -- was indebted to Tracy, and she demanded to know what Tracy wanted.

Tracy admitted that both Brook Lynn and Ned thought in terms of money and exchanges, but Tracy promised that she only wanted her family to be happy and healthy. "I did it for you," Tracy said. Just then, a sleepy Wiley entered the living room, looking for his mother. Brook Lynn and Tracy explained that Willow hadn't been feeling well, so Michael had taken her to a doctor. When Wiley asked about Tracy, Brook Lynn explained that Tracy was family. Wiley perked up when Tracy offered to tell him a story.

At the hospital, Elizabeth was surprised to see T.J. T.J. revealed that Michael and Willow's wedding had been cut short when the SEC had shown up looking for Carly and Drew. Elizabeth was disappointed that the agents had ruined Michael and Willow's special day. T.J. assured Elizabeth that both Michael and Willow had handled the situation well. The conversation turned to Willow and her love for her children. T.J. and Elizabeth agreed that it was best that Wiley and Amelia saw Willow as their mom rather than a woman with Stage IV cancer.

Sometime later, T.J. stood outside of Willow's hospital room as he explained to Michael that Willow needed to be examined before Michael could see her. T.J. assured Michael that Michael could sit with Willow once T.J. ran the necessary tests. After T.J. entered Willow's hospital room, Michael's thoughts turned to the wedding ceremony when Willow had said her vows and talked about her love for Michael.

In Willow's hospital room, T.J. examined Willow while Elizabeth collected vials of blood. T.J. admitted that he couldn't help but think about watching Willow walk down the aisle earlier that day and how happy Willow had been. Elizabeth reminded T.J. that Willow had wanted the wedding more than anything, but it might have been more than Willow could take. Later, a nurse entered Willow's hospital room and handed T.J. the results of the bloodwork. Elizabeth read the report alongside T.J., and they both looked at Willow with concern.

At Kelly's, Carly stood to leave, but the waitress expressed concern when she noticed that Carly hadn't touched the slice of pie that Carly had ordered. Carly admitted that she had hoped to find some comfort in the diner because it had once belonged to Carly's Great-Aunt Ruby. Carly smiled softly as she told the waitress that Ruby had been a strong woman, and Carly was pleased that Kelly's still used Ruby's pie recipe. The waitress offered to box the slice of pie, so Carly handed the waitress a credit card and followed the woman to the counter.

Carly was surprised when the waitress informed Carly that the credit card had been declined. Carly suspected a chip malfunction, so she handed the waitress another card. However, the second card was also declined. Carly blamed the chip reader, but the waitress assured Carly that it had been working properly all day. Carly started to dig through her purse for cash, but she stopped when Nina suddenly appeared and offered to pay for Carly's tab. Carly assured Nina that it wasn't necessary.

After Carly handed the waitress $20, the waitress left to box up the slice of pie and get Carly's change. Nina seized the opportunity to ask about Willow and Michael's wedding. Carly assured Nina that the wedding had been beautiful, but the conversation took an unpleasant turn when Carly mentioned Nelle. Carly pointed out that Willow and Michael's first wedding had put Michael in a better position so he could fight Nelle for custody of Wiley. Carly suggested that -- in retrospect -- it was ironic because Nelle was the reason that Willow and Michael had gotten together. "That's two blessings that Nelle's responsible for -- the other being Wiley," Carly said.

Carly also reminded Nina that Nelle had tried to murder Michael, and Nelle had used Willow's dead infant to convince Michael that Wiley was dead. "Are you enjoying this?" Nina asked. Carly claimed that she was simply pointing out that Nelle had used her dead nephew as a prop. Carly explained that Nina tended to "sentimentalize" Nelle, so it was only fair to remind Nina that Nelle had been a horrible person.

Carly mentioned the arrival of the SEC, and Nina revealed that Sonny had told her about what had happened. Carly admitted that she hoped that Drew located Liesl before the SEC caught up with him. Nina grew concerned when Carly revealed that the agents had been more interested in finding Drew than in talking to Carly. Nina was curious how Carly had managed to distract the SEC with a fake flight manifest, but Carly refused to elaborate, since Sonny hadn't filled Nina in.

Carly warned Nina that the SEC agents would resume their search for Drew once they figured out that Drew hadn't been on the flight to Hawaii. Carly hoped for Willow's sake that Drew had a big enough head start to evade the SEC until Liesl was found. Moments later, Ava arrived. Ava greeted Carly and asked about the wedding. Carly assured Ava that everything had been beautiful, and Avery had done a great job. When Carly's phone rang, Carly asked Nina to tell the waitress to keep the change. After Carly left, Ava looked at Nina.

"What did you do to Carly now?" Ava asked. Nina told Ava about the SEC agents that had interrupted Willow and Michael's wedding. Nina insisted that she had never intended to ruin Willow's wedding nor had Nina known that Carly's assets would be frozen. Ava warned Nina that Carly could never find out about Nina's role in the tip to the SEC. Nina told Ava that Martin had assured Nina that the SEC would not be able to trace the tip to her. Ava suggested that they celebrate, but Nina remained uneasy because Drew was also in trouble with the SEC.

Nina insisted that she'd had no idea that Drew would be out there trying to save Willow's life. Nina told Ava about Laura, Valentin, Drew, and Curtis' trip to Greenland to stop Victor and rescue Victor's hostages. Nina felt horrible because Drew might lose everything because of Nina, but Ava reminded Nina that people were full of contradictions. Ava explained that Drew might be a hero, and he might also be someone who deserved to go prison. "That ain't your problem," Ava said.

Ava insisted that Carly and Drew had broken the law. Ava suggested that with Carly out of the way, Nina could either wallow in guilt or have an opportunity to be there for Willow. "The choice is yours," Ava said.

In the courtyard, Carly answered a call from Michael. Michael told Carly that Willow had collapsed and was in the hospital. Carly promised that she was on her way to the hospital. After Carly ended the call, she glanced at Nina through the window. However, Carly left without telling Nina about Willow.

A short time later, Carly arrived at the hospital. Michael told his mother that he wasn't ready to lose his wife. Carly hugged him, but they pulled apart when they saw T.J. Michael asked if there was any news. "Yes," T.J. said in a solemn tone.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Felicia left a voicemail message for Robert. She explained that Andre had brought her up to speed about Victor's plans to use a biological weapon. Felicia warned Robert that the WSB suspected that Victor and Mikkos had developed a bioweapon, and Robert would be wise to worry about what the WSB would do next. "I know I am," Felicia said.

In Anna's hospital room, Robert demanded to know where Scott was, but Agent Hursley would only reveal that Scott had been debriefed. Hursley assured Robert that the WSB appreciated Scott's cooperation, but Robert argued that neither Scott nor the WSB had all the facts. Hursley ordered Robert to take a seat. "And do what you've been doing best -- keeping your mouth shut," Hursley said. Robert picked up the beside phone, but he quickly realized that Hursley had the phone disconnected.

Hursley informed Robert that it would be awhile until Hursley's superiors arrived, but Robert insisted that time was of the essence. Hursley and Robert continued to argue until things turned violent. After a brief scuffle, Hursley had a black eye. Hursley warned Robert that attacking an agent had not been a wise move, but Robert was unapologetic. Robert knew that the WSB intended to bomb the island "into the Stone Age." Robert explained that he had a team in place that needed a little time to take Victor out. "That's not my problem, not my call," Hursley said.

Just then, Felicia knocked on the door. Hursley opened the door while Robert called out to Felicia. Hursley tried to shut the door as he stepped into the hall, but Robert implored Felicia to call Frisco. Annoyed, Hursley stepped back into the hospital room, shut the door in Felicia's face, and threatened to gag Robert if Robert kept talking. Robert ignored the warning as he yelled out to Felicia to tell Frisco to call off the emergency protocol. Hursley followed through with his threat to gag Robert.

In the hallway, Felicia pulled out her phone. A short time later, Felicia banged on the hospital room door until Hursley opened it. Felicia handed her phone to Hursley as she told the agent that his superior was on the phone. While Hursley talked to his superior, Felicia ran over to Robert and removed the gag. Robert was relieved that Felicia had gotten through to Frisco, but Felicia revealed that she had bad news.

Felicia explained that Frisco had refused to give the order, so the governing board had replaced Frisco on the spot, and the new director had given the order to destroy the island. "Along with everyone on it," Robert said.

Somewhere in Greenland aboard the Haunted Star, Trina successfully lured the guards away from Spencer. Curtis sprang into action, and he quickly neutralized the first guard. While Curtis engaged the second guard, Trina ran over to check on Spencer, who was unconscious and bleeding on the floor. Concerned, Trina desperately tried to wake Spencer up. She looked up when Curtis walked over, but she called out a warning when she noticed that the second guard had stood up. After a brief altercation, Curtis knocked the man out, tied up both guards, and retrieved his gun.

Curtis returned to Trina's side. He told her that it was time to leave, but Trina refused to leave Spencer behind. Curtis promised to return to collect Spencer, but Trina was determined to stay with Spencer. Moments later, Spencer slowly opened his eyes. Spencer saw Trina and Curtis, so he asked what had happened. Curtis explained that they needed to find Spencer's brother and get off the ship.

A short time later, Curtis, Trina, and Spencer entered the stateroom where Victor's nurse was watching Ace. Curtis kept his gun trained on the nurse while Spencer retrieved Ace. After Spencer and Trina left with the baby, Curtis tied up the nurse. Curtis returned to the bar, where Spencer, Trina, and Ace were waiting. Curtis told Spencer and Trina to take Ace to a seaplane docked on the island, but Trina wanted Curtis to go with them. Curtis explained that he couldn't leave Laura, Drew, and Valentin behind.

In the island's bunker, Valentin was strapped to a chair in an observation room. Victor and Liesl stood on the other side of the room's window as Liesl closely watched the monitors tracking Valentin's vital signs. As blood dripped from Valentin's nose, Liesl warned Victor that Valentin's heart rate had dropped rapidly. "Yes, this pathogen is vicious, isn't it?" Victor said. Victor advised Valentin to reconsider his silence because Victor would eventually find Valentin's companions.

Valentin insisted that he was alone. Victor watched dispassionately as Valentin squirmed in pain. Victor warned Valentin that the pathogen worked quickly. Liesl grew alarmed when she saw Valentin's vital signs drop. She reminded Victor that she couldn't test the antidote on a dead person, but Victor told Liesl that he needed to know how effective the antidote was in the latter stages of the illness. Liesl accused Victor of being more interested in Valentin's endurance for pain than the efficacy of the antidote. "Maybe it's both," Victor said.

Victor assured Liesl that Valentin was strong. Victor gave Valentin another opportunity to name his accomplices, but Valentin refused to comply. Victor began to talk about raising Charlotte. Valentin groaned. "It burns," Valentin cried out. Liesl explained that Valentin was delirious, and she implored Victor to let her help his son. Victor refused because Valentin had betrayed him.

Liesl warned Victor that Valentin would die because of Victor's vindictiveness. "We're done here," Victor said. He grabbed Liesl's jacket and dragged her away. In the observation room, Valentin's vision turned blurry as he writhed in pain. Moments later, a woman entered the room. Valentin filled with hope as he asked if it was Anna.

"No, my son. Someone so much more important to you," Helena Cassadine said. Valentin was shocked as he looked and saw his mother. Helena assured Valentin that they would soon be together. Valentin begged for Helena's help, but she smiled. Helena explained that she was not an angel of mercy there to save him from an agonizing death. "Oh, my poor, dear, twisted little boy. I'm here to drag you down. Down where you belong -- with me," Helena said. Valentin vowed that he would not go anywhere with Helena. Helena warned Valentin that Victor had all but sealed Valentin's fate.

Elsewhere in the bunker, Drew and Laura ran into a guard, so Laura pretended to be Drew's prisoner. Drew claimed that he had been ordered to take Laura to join the rest of the prisoners, but the guard wanted to verify the order with Victor. Laura stumbled against the guard, which gave Drew the opportunity to quickly knock the guard unconscious. Drew praised Laura for her quick thinking as he cut the zip-tie off her wrist. While Drew dealt with the unconscious guard, Laura entered Victor's lab.

Moments later, Drew joined Laura in the lab. "What is this place," Drew asked. "Victor's playground," Laura said. She picked up a canister that had a label reading, "Vorsicht Ansteckend." Drew wondered what it meant. Victor appeared in the doorway. Liesl stood next to Victor, and several guards flanked them. Victor assured Drew that Liesl would be more than happy to translate.

Victor wasn't surprised to see Laura because he'd had a hunch that she had accompanied Valentin. Victor and Drew exchanged words, and things quickly escalated when Drew lunged for Victor. While the guards jumped to Victor's defense, Laura quickly removed a small vial from the canister and slid it into her pocket. Victor turned his attention back to Laura, and he told her that it was a full-circle moment. "You, here with me, at the very end," Victor said.

Victor told Laura and Drew about his plan to unleash the deadly pathogen. Drew asked how Victor could be certain that a pathogen developed decades earlier would still work. Victor invited Laura and Drew to see for themselves. Victor turned on a television that had a live feed from the observation room. Laura and Drew were horrified when they saw Valentin strapped to a chair and crying out in agony.

"Do you doubt the pathogen now?" Victor asked. Laura insisted that Victor was insane. Victor grinned as he explained that it was the dawn of a new world, where only the strong would survive. "Are you sure about that?" Laura asked. Victor's smile vanished when he saw that she was holding a vial filled with the deadly pathogen.

Trina is able to call Jordan

Trina is able to call Jordan

Thursday, May 4, 2023

Nina was staring off into space at Kelly's when Sonny arrived, and he assumed that she was thinking about Willow. He commented that he'd been digging into who had tipped off the SEC, but he hadn't found anything out yet. He figured it was only a matter of time, but he believed that it was Ned. Changing the subject, Nina revealed that she'd reconsidered his offer to go to the island, and she asked how soon they could leave. "Let me make a call," he replied.

At the hospital, T.J. didn't want to say much to Michael and Carly, as Terry would know more. However, Michael trusted T.J., and he asked what was going on with Willow. T.J. explained that her blood wasn't clotting, so they were giving her platelets to get it under control. Michael wondered what he had to do to help Willow return home. T.J. replied that hospice was always an option, but staying at the hospital would give her a fighting chance until Liesl returned. He added that Willow would be in a lot of pain, but it was Michael's choice. Michael didn't know what to do, and he walked off. Carly thanked T.J., and he wished there was more he could do.

Josslyn and Dex were watching a movie in her dorm room when she suddenly slammed her laptop shut. She knew that they'd put it on as a distraction, but she wasn't distracted from thinking about what was going on with Trina, Willow, Carly, and Drew. Dex urged her to have hope, and he assured her that a Navy SEAL like Drew knew how to finish a job. He added that Sonny was "working on" the SEC problem.

Josslyn believed that Dex was having second thoughts about turning Sonny in. He answered that Sonny deserved to be in prison, but the man had also saved his life. He intended to finish the job he'd been hired to do, and he had no regrets. He added that it had led him to her. "It's in Michael's hands now," he said.

Josslyn doubted that Michael would be turning the video in anytime soon, as he was focused on Willow. Dex thought that he would always be looking over his shoulder until Sonny was safely behind bars. Josslyn figured that she would just enjoy the peace before her family was divided between "Team Michael and Team Sonny." Just then, Dex's phone rang, and it was Sonny asking him to charter a plane at a private airstrip. When he got off the phone, Josslyn's phone rang, and it was Carly updating Josslyn on Willow. When Josslyn was off the phone, she and Dex left her dorm room.

Michael sat with an unconscious Willow and wondered how they'd gotten where they were. He thought back to getting engaged and married. Just then, Willow woke up and asked what had happened. She remembered talking about Sonny, but Michael told her that they were done with that conversation. Michael knew she wouldn't want to stay at the hospital, but he tried to convince her that it was her best chance of survival.

Michael urged Willow to take the "last shot." Willow wanted to go home, but she figured that, with Drew putting his life on the line to help her, she would do whatever she could to make it worth it. "So, you'll stay and fight?" Michael inquired. "With everything in me," she replied.

Dex arrived at Kelly's and informed Sonny that everything had been arranged. However, he revealed that there was an update on Willow. He had no details, so he was only able to tell them that Willow had been rushed to the hospital. Sonny asked Dex to cancel the flight, and he and Nina left for the hospital.

Josslyn arrived at the hospital and hugged her mother. Carly got Josslyn up to speed, and she hoped that her problems with the SEC wouldn't push Willow past her breaking point. The two were disgusted with Ned for so cruelly turning Carly and Drew in, but Carly conceded that Drew and Michael had begged her not to get involved. Just then, Josslyn's phone rang, and she answered it to Dex. Before he could warn her that Sonny and Nina were on their way to the hospital, Josslyn saw the couple arrive.

Agent Hursley led a handcuffed Robert to the elevators at the hospital, followed by a protesting Felicia. Robert demanded to talk to the director of the WSB, but Hursley replied that the new director wouldn't take Robert's calls. The elevator doors opened, and Jordan and Diane stepped out. "You're not going anywhere," Diane said. "Says who?" Hursley demanded. "Says me," Jordan replied. He challenged that she had no jurisdiction in the situation, but Diane thought that was for a judge to decide. The two walked off together, and Robert insisted that they needed to talk to the director of the WSB to call off the strike on the island.

On the Haunted Star, Curtis wanted Spencer, Trina, and Ace to get to the seaplane. Trina didn't want to lose him, but he insisted that they get to safety. Trina remembered that there was a satellite phone behind the bar, and she ran off to get it. Curtis was counting on Spencer to keep Trina safe, and Spencer promised. Trina returned with the phone, and she tried to stammer something out to Curtis before he left. "I know. Me, too," he said, and he ran out.

A few minutes later, Spencer and Trina had found jackets, but Trina wanted to get another blanket for Ace. She promised to be back in two minutes. Moments later, he heard footsteps behind him and turned, expecting to see Trina, but it was Ace's nanny. She demanded that he hand Ace over, as she had no intention of disappointing Victor. As she got on her walkie-talkie to inform other guards of what was going on, she was hit on the head with a glass. When she fell, Spencer saw Trina, who had retrieved a blanket.

A short while later, Spencer revealed that the nanny was locked in a stateroom. Just then, they heard several loud bangs, and they realized that they needed to get to the seaplane. Trina dialed Jordan's number on the phone, and Jordan advised her to get off the boat. She revealed that drones were on their way to drop bombs on the entire island, and there was no way to stop them.

In the lab, Laura stood with the tube of the pathogen and told Victor that it would be a shame if she dropped it. "If you drop it, you die," Victor told her. "So do you," she shot back, and she thought it was worth it. Liesl tried to shout out a warning to Laura, but a guard put his hand over her mouth. Laura threw the tube on the floor, shattering it. Victor chuckled and informed her that it was only activated with UV light. The guards grabbed Laura, and he instructed them to keep Liesl alive long enough to test the antidote on their "guinea pig." As he approached Victor, everyone heard several loud bangs, and the door suddenly blasted open.

Anna ran in with her gun, and she, Laura, and Drew fought with the guards. Laura managed to grab the case with the rest of the pathogen, but Victor threatened her with his gun and took it from her. Victor advised them to kill Anna, and he escorted Liesl out. Laura tried to stop him, but he turned back and said, "Goodbye, Laura," and he shot her. He made his way out with Liesl as the fights continued. Anna suddenly doubled over in pain from her previous gunshot wound. The guard fighting her took the opportunity to raise his gun, but Curtis burst in and shot him. "Good shot," Anna said.

When the guards were all down, Drew went after Victor, and Curtis tended to Laura, who'd been shot in the arm. Anna wondered where Valentin was, and Laura broke the news to her. Anna ran out toward the isolation room. Just then, a computer in the room began to beep uncontrollably. "I know that sound," Laura said in horror. She revealed that the computer was just like the one Mikkos had used 40 years before.

In the isolation room, Valentin's hallucination of Helena invited him to join her, but he retorted that he would be going home to Charlotte and Anna. Helena shot back that they were all better off without him, and he began to sob. She urged him not to fight it because the pain would be over soon, but he spat that he would "take complete agony over eternity with you." She advised him to let go and wondered if he trusted his own mother. He replied that there was only one person he trusted with his life. Just then, Anna appeared in the observation window.

Outside, a gun-wielding Victor pushed Liesl along in the snow. "Going somewhere?" they heard, and they turned and saw Holly with a gun.

An explosion rocks Spencer, Trina, Laura, and others

An explosion rocks Spencer, Trina, Laura, and others

Friday, May 5, 2023

In Willow's room at the hospital, Willow asked to see Nina. Willow said she wanted Nina to do something for her. "Leave Carly alone," Willow said.

Nina tried to process Willow's request. Before Nina could answer, Willow lashed out to claim that Nina hadn't changed at all. Willow continued to use her energy to insist that Nina to drop her "vendetta" against Carly. Nina said that she would no longer "get into it" with Carly. Just then, Michael returned to tell Nina that Willow needed rest. Nina said that she would "try to be a better person."

In Portia's office at the hospital, Portia prayed for her family to return home safely. Elizabeth entered to check on Portia, who expressed her worry that she would never see Trina and Curtis again. Elizabeth tried to reassure Portia that things would be okay. Jordan appeared, and she shared that Trina and Spencer had made contact earlier and that the two should be returning to Port Charles soon.

On the frozen ground outside the Cassadine compound in Greenland, Liesl yelled for Holly to shoot Victor. Victor held out his hand that contained the canister with the pathogen. "If anything happens to me, we all die!" Victor warned.

Holly taunted Victor when she said she had been responsible for Victor's erectile dysfunction. "No more heirs for Uncle Victor. In fact, Victor, you can't even... try, can you?" Holly gloated. "You bitch!" Victor yelled, and he tried to shoot Holly.

As Victor fired, Drew sneaked up behind Victor and knocked him to the ground. Afterwards, Holly and Drew realized that Liesl had been shot and was bleeding. Holly found a pulse, and Liesl slowly came to.

Victor's hand twitched in the snow, and he quietly hurried away. Liesl awoke on the ground. Drew noted that Victor had disappeared and that he was likely headed back to the Haunted Star. Liesl said that Valentin needed the antidote because he was dying.

Later, at the hospital, Carly burst into Willow's room after Drew had called her. Drew was excited to tell everyone through speakerphone that he was okay. Liesl then surprised everyone when she said that she was also okay and that she and Drew were on their way back to Port Charles.

In a cell inside the Cassadine bunker in Greenland, Anna pleaded with a delirious Valentin to hang on. Valentin thought that he was imagining Anna, but Anna assured Valentin that she was real. Valentin whispered that he loved Anna.

Valentin slowly realized that Anna wasn't a hallucination, but he told Anna that it was too late to save him. Valentin said he regretted that he had let anger and spite control him for many years. Valentin added that he liked the man he was with Anna. "So, if this is how I die... it's okay, because you redeemed me. Thank you. I love you, Anna Devane. I will always, always love you," Valentin sobbed.

Anna stepped into Valentin's cell. Valentin noted that he was contagious because he had been injected with the pathogen. Anna placed her hands on Valentin's face, and she said she didn't want Valentin to be alone. Anna then gave an emotional speech to Valentin. "I wanna tell you about someone: Valentin Cassadine," Anna started.

"He's a man that is not going to die in some obscene plot of his father's, because you have a destiny. You're gonna be an even greater father to Charlotte. You're gonna be my partner, because you know my darkness. You know what I'm capable of, and you're capable of those things, too. I know that sounds a little twisted, but it's not, really. I think that kind of connection, it sort of elevates us. It allows us to love the people we love without any kind of restraint or restriction, including each other.

"I think that's why I came into this room," Anna said as her voice broke. Valentin said that Anna would likely die. Anna said there was still a 20 percent chance that she was immune to the pathogen, and she quipped that she could beat the odds. "I'm willing to risk them... just to be with you," Anna said. Anna and Valentin said they loved one another.

On the main deck of the Haunted Star, Spencer and Trina had agreed to leave Greenland after hearing from Jordan that the WSB had planned an airstrike for the entire island. Spencer and Trina agreed to head to a nearby seaplane.

After leaving the ship, Spencer and Trina heard footsteps in the snow. The two hid behind a rock, and they watched Victor scramble by with the canister in his hand. Spencer noted that Victor still had the pathogen, and he said he needed to go after Victor. Trina pleaded with Spencer not to follow Victor. Spencer handed Ace to Trina, and he promised that he would join her as soon as he took care of Victor.

In the underground bunker nearby, Laura recognized the program that was running on the computer in the center of the room. Laura recalled that it was the same computer and software program that Mikkos had used over 40 years earlier in another underground bunker. "It's all the same. I think there might be another weather machine," Laura marveled.

Laura and Curtis noted that the computer showed a map of the Mid-Atlantic United States. Laura said that the original Cassadine weather machine had been capable of creating an artificial blizzard in a targeted area, and she recalled that Mikkos had aimed the machine at Port Charles in 1981. Laura gasped when she said she thought there might be another weather machine still in existence.

Curtis asked why Mikkos would have recreated another bunker, and he deduced that it was to hold the world hostage with both the pathogen and the weather machine. Curtis suggested they kill the power to the computer, but Laura noted that it wouldn't necessarily kill the power to the weather machine.

The computer started to calibrate its target, and Laura realized with horror that the weather machine's target was the same as it had been in 1981: Port Charles.

Back at the hospital, Elizabeth, Jordan, and Portia stared outside the window in Portia's office. Unaware of what was happening in Greenland, Elizabeth marveled that snow had started to fall over Port Charles because, as Elizabeth noted, the temperature had been in the 70s earlier that afternoon.

At the same time snow had started to fall over Port Charles, Laura told Curtis that the longer the weather machine was in operation, the greater the devastation would be. Laura noted the machine was designed to create a blizzard by using carbonic snow, and she said that she still had the code used to create the carbonic snow.

Laura said the code had been seared into her memory. Curtis worried that if Laura guessed incorrectly, the computer system could lock them out permanently. Laura entered the code, and she and Curtis hugged when they realized the code still worked.

A short while later, as Laura and Curtis started to leave the bunker, they ran into Holly. Holly gave Laura a phone, and she said that Laura and Curtis needed to call Robert and Jordan to say that Victor was attempting to escape.

Curtis used the phone to call Jordan at the hospital. Jordan ordered Curtis and Laura to evacuate Greenland immediately because the WSB had ordered a drone strike on the entire island. Laura said that Victor had taken the pathogen with him and that bombing the island would do no good.

A moment later, Robert told Laura that the strike had been called off. Agent Hursley then told Robert, Felicia, and others that a WSB satellite was in position to attack the Haunted Star because they believed Victor was on board the ship.

Back on the main deck of the Haunted Star, Victor ordered the ship to be undocked, and he said that they were leaving Greenland. Victor poured himself a drink at the bar as he cursed Holly for having caused his medical condition. Victor opened the canister, and he yelled when he realized the canister was empty.

Back in Valentin's cell, Holly burst into the room. Anna yelled for Holly to leave the cell before Holly could be infected with the pathogen. Holly surprised Anna and Valentin when she revealed she had the antidote for the pathogen in her hand.

A short while later, Spencer confronted Victor on the Haunted Star. Spencer ordered Victor to give him the canister. Victor angrily refused. Spencer pushed Victor, whose head struck the side of the bar. Victor was knocked unconscious. Spencer checked for Victor's pulse, and he remarked that Victor was still alive. Spencer then heard the sound of jet engines roaring above, and he looked up.

As Trina waited for Spencer outside, she found Laura and Curtis, who had just left the bunker. Curtis told Trina that the drone strike had been redirected to the Haunted Star. Trina was terrified when she realized that Spencer was on the ship. Trina told Laura that someone had to tell the WSB to call off the air strike.

Just then, Trina and Laura gasped as they witnessed a fiery explosion nearby. "Spencer!" Trina called out. Laura gasped, and she put her hands to her face.

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