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Victor's body was recovered. Spencer and Trina were reunited. Willow began the process for a bone marrow transplant. Michael decided not to use the incriminating video of Sonny. Dex was advised to leave town. Curtis received a job offer from the WSB. Diane walked in on Robert and Holly kissing.
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Victor's body was recovered. Spencer and Trina were reunited. Willow started the transplant process. Diane walked in on Robert and Holly kissing.
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Trina and Spencer share a warm reunion just in time

Trina and Spencer share a warm reunion just in time

Monday, May 8, 2023

In Sonny's office at Pozzulo's, Sonny told Diane that he wanted to help with Carly's troubles with the SEC. Diane told Sonny about Carly's case in hypothetical terms, and she shared that she felt the SEC could prove insider trading if the case went to trial. Sonny replied that the case couldn't go to trial.

Diane said it was impossible to make the case go away. Sonny proposed that he and Diane learn who had tipped off the authorities so that they could "discredit" the source. Diane recalled that Carly had been in possession of privileged information because of Carly's personal relationship with Drew. "That is the textbook definition of insider trading," Diane said.

Sonny surmised that Drew was the SEC's primary target. Diane said that Drew had been the one who had violated SEC rules by disclosing news about the Aurora/ELQ merger. Sonny asked if the authorities would offer Carly a deal to give up Drew. Sonny said anything he did was in Carly's best interests. Diane wondered if Carly would do the same for Sonny if the situation was reversed. "No doubt," Sonny said.

At the hospital, Carly pressed Dante for information about what the SEC might have against her. Carly brought up Sonny's involvement in having Drew's flight itinerary scrambled to mislead the SEC. Carly claimed to hate that her family was divided, but she said she still didn't accept Sonny's choices.

Dante wasn't interested in hearing Carly recall any of her and Sonny's troubles from the past year. Carly said she wasn't surprised that Sonny had helped her. Dante said he suspected the SEC had a good case against Carly.

Nearby, Nina asked Sam to tell her about Willow's wedding. Sam said that the wedding had been perfect until the SEC officials had shown up. Sam said the person who had tipped off the SEC at the time of the wedding had been "heartless."

Sam recalled that Carly had become a "friend and mentor" to Willow. Nina protested that she was still Willow's mother. Sam recalled that she and Alexis hadn't gotten along at all when Sam had learned many years earlier that Alexis was her mother.

Nina asked how Sam and Alexis had eventually bonded. Sam said it had taken a lot of time to form a mother-daughter bond. Nina said that time was something she and Willow didn't have. Sam said that Carly could help. Nina said that Carly would never help her. Sam suggested that Nina "step back," apologize, and ask Carly for help. Sam wished Nina good luck, and she walked away.

Afterwards, Sam ran into Dante, and the two kissed in the hallway. Sam and Dante said they loved one another. Nearby, Nina and Carly came face to face again.

In Willow's room at the hospital, Willow asked if Michael still had the footage Dex had obtained that incriminated Sonny. Michael said he did, but he added that he hadn't turned the evidence over to the FBI. "Good. I want you to delete it," Willow said.

Michael complained, and he continued to blast Sonny. Willow said that if Michael turned Sonny in, Avery and Donna would also be losing Michael, as well as Sonny. Willow said that if Sonny were sent to prison, Michael's siblings would blame Michael and "hate" him. Michael mentioned Kristina, and he blasted her for believing the best about Sonny.

Willow said that keeping their family "whole" was more important than bringing Sonny to justice. Just then, Deanna appeared, and she shared that Drew and Liesl had landed in Port Charles and were on their way to the hospital. Deanna said that it was time to get Willow prepped for the first step in the transplant.

In Dex's apartment, Josslyn broke into tears over Spencer's disappearance. Josslyn said she couldn't wrap her head around the idea that Spencer could be gone. Josslyn spoke of her and Dex having a chance to figure out what they meant to each other. "A chance that Trina and Spencer will never have," Josslyn said.

In Greenland, Trina held Ace in the lobby of a WSB office. Valentin appeared, and he said there had been no sign of Spencer. Valentin marveled that Liesl had saved his life, and he said there was a plane waiting nearby to take them home. "No! No, I'm not leaving without Spencer! He's still out there. I can feel it!" Trina insisted.

Just then, a man from the WSB appeared. The man said that a body had been recovered from the wreckage. Trina and Valentin were led to a nearby shed to identify the body. Trina expressed her relief when she saw the dead body was Victor. "It's not him. It's not Spencer! He could still be alive!" Trina said as she exhaled.

Valentin's eyes widened as he stared at Victor's dead body. Trina left to return to the WSB lobby. Valentin stayed behind to speak some final words to Victor. Valentin said he was grateful that he hadn't been raised by Victor, and he claimed that the Cassadine name belonged to Valentin, since Victor was dead. "I'll make sure it's one that future generations of Cassadines can be proud of," Valentin swore.

Trina returned with Ace to the lobby, and she held him as she talked about Spencer. "Can I tell you something about your big brother? He can be a real pain in the a-- butt. But he's definitely worth it," Trina said.

Trina smiled as she flashed back to having spent Christmas Eve with Spencer and having wiped snow from his face. Trina also flashed back to the first time she had met Spencer, as well as the couple's first kiss at the Jerome Gallery and their most recent kiss on board the Haunted Star. "Definitely," Trina said again.

Valentin returned with the man from the WSB. Valentin said there were no survivors and that the WSB had searched through the wreckage. "Then search it again!" Trina ordered.

Trina said through tears that she couldn't leave Spencer and that she would have "felt it" if he hadn't survived. Valentin sympathized with Trina, but he said there was nothing left for them to do and that it was time to go home.

Later, on the frozen ground outside, Laura put her arms around Trina. Valentin held Ace, and the group walked to a nearby plane. Trina turned, and she spotted someone behind a rock "Spencer? Spencer! Spencer!" Trina said, and she made a running leap into Spencer's arms. Spencer smiled, and the two kissed as they held one another tight. Nearby, Laura and Valentin were amazed that Spencer was alive.

Drew sucker-punches Ned

Drew sucker-punches Ned

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

In Robert's office, Robert apologized to Diane for having used her in his and Holly's plan to fool Victor months earlier. Robert said that he and Diane had become more than friends. Diane said she wanted to spend more time with Robert, who proposed a toast. As the two prepared to toast, Diane received a work call.

After Diane left, Robert started to leave with a Champagne bottle. Robert saw Holly at the door. "It looks like I'm just in time to celebrate," Holly said with a smile.

Holly teased Robert with memories of the two drinking Champagne at all hours of the day during the marriage in the 80s. Robert asked Holly how she and others had stopped Victor in Greenland. Holly proudly told Robert that she had been responsible for Victor's erectile dysfunction. "Payback is a bitch," Robert quipped.

Holly added that she had played her part in helping save Valentin and Anna from the deadly pathogen. Robert said that Anna was "reckless" with her life. Holly thought that Robert might be jealous of Anna's relationship with Valentin, but Robert said that it was Anna's mistake to make.

Holly said that there had been times in Greenland when she had thought she was going to die. "And there was only one thing I wanted to do... this," Holly said softly. Holly put her arms around Robert, and the two kissed. Robert soon put his arms around Holly in return.

Diane had returned, and she scowled as the two continued to kiss.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Brook Lynn and Olivia angrily accused Ned of having turned Carly and Drew in to the SEC for insider trading. Ned said he hadn't contacted the SEC. Brook Lynn and Olivia both refused to believe Ned, and the two spent the next hour accusing Ned of having "sold out" his family.

Ned grew tired of Olivia and Brook Lynn's squawking, and he yelled for peace. After Ned entered the living room of the mansion, Tracy also assumed that Ned had called the SEC. "And good for you," Tracy added.

Ned said again that he hadn't tipped off the SEC, but he reminded everyone that Carly and Drew had engaged in insider trading. Olivia laughed at Ned when he tried to defend himself, and she screamed that Ned was "turning into Edward."

Tracy took offense at Olivia, and she reminded Olivia that Edward had been a good man and a good father. Just then, Josslyn and Dex appeared. "Oh, good lord. What are they doing here? Has Monica instituted an open-door policy where anyone can just walk right in?" Tracy scoffed.

Josslyn quipped that she and Dex weren't staying. "Because you're not invited," Tracy pointed out. Josslyn said that she and Dex had gone to pick up Wiley and Amelia because Michael wanted to see the children at the hospital.

In Willow's room at the hospital, Deanna said that Willow would have to be in isolation in the lead-up to Willow's transplant. Deanna explained the process to Michael and Willow, and she said that it was important for friends and family to keep their distance and have no physical contact with Willow because treatment would weaken Willow's immune system, and she needed to be protected from any bacteria.

Also at the hospital, Nina told Carly that she was sorry for having blamed Carly for Nina's estranged relationship with Willow. Nina groveled for Carly to help her. Just then, Liesl and Drew stepped off the elevator. Liesl called Drew "a hero."

Drew greeted Carly. Before Carly had a chance to tell Drew that he was under investigation from the SEC, two agents showed up to question Drew about the insider trading allegations. Drew volunteered to go with the agents.

Afterwards, Nina and Liesl appeared in Willow's room. Michael shared that Willow had been transferred to an isolation unit on a different floor, where Willow was to be prepped for the transplant.

Liesl left to get prepped for her bone marrow donation. Michael thanked Liesl, who reminded Michael that Willow was Liesl's family, too. Soon afterwards, Carly, Josslyn, Wiley, Amelia, and Dex appeared at the hospital to comfort Michael.

Josslyn told Dex about her extended family, and she said she wanted him to know more about her family. Dex said that he had loved getting to meet Wiley and Amelia.

Upstairs, on the third floor of the hospital, Carly and Michael stared in at Willow from outside a thick glass window. Nina approached momentarily, but she walked away. Michael held Wiley, who waved at Willow.

In the investigation room at the Port Charles Police Station, the SEC agents brought Drew up to speed on their suspicions of insider trading. Diane appeared, and she smirked and gloated again when she told the agents that Drew had nothing to say to them.

Diane said the interview was over. Outside, in the precinct, Drew thanked Diane for her "representation." Diane laid out the facts of the insider trading allegations against both Drew and Carly, and she said that the tip to the SEC had been anonymous.

Nearby, Sam joined Dante in the police station lobby. Sam was concerned that Drew could be in long-term trouble, and she said that Carly was convinced that Ned had been the one to turn Drew and Carly in to the SEC.

Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy said that Drew and Carly had brought the SEC investigation onto themselves. Olivia yet again refused to believe Ned when he insisted that he hadn't called the SEC. Just then, an angry Drew stormed into the mansion. Drew rushed at Ned, and he sucker-punched him in the face. Ned collapsed to the floor.

Curtis brings Trina home

Curtis brings Trina home

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned denied tipping off the SEC, but no one believed him. Tracy thought it had been a smart business move, while Brook Lynn wondered why anyone should believe Ned, since he had double-crossed Drew and Michael by siding with Valentin. Ned conceded that he had thrown in his lot with Valentin. "But that is standard Quartermaine family politics," Ned said. He insisted that he would never betray his family. "The Q's stay loyal to each other," Ned said.

"You talking about me behind my back?" Drew asked. Ned started to speak as Drew walked up and punched Ned in the face. "You want a war? You got one," Drew said. Olivia rushed over to check on her husband, while Brook Lynn jumped in front of Drew to stop things from escalating. Drew was furious that Ned had called the SEC, but Ned denied the accusation.

Drew didn't believe Ned because Ned had threatened to report Drew to the SEC in the past. Olivia warned Drew that anger wasn't an excuse for violence, but Drew was disappointed that Olivia had sided with Ned. "I thought Carly was your friend," Drew said. "For the last time, I didn't contact the SEC!" Ned shouted. Drew accused Ned of being a backstabber and a coward. Furious, Ned shot back that Drew and Michael had tried to "screw" Ned out of ELQ by merging with Aurora Media.

Ned resented that Drew acted like Ned had been the only one making deals behind the other's back. Drew argued that Ned's ego had gotten in the way of everything else. Drew snidely congratulated Ned for getting what Ned had wanted at the expense of Drew and Carly possibly going to prison. "I had nothing to do with it!" Ned shouted. Disgusted, Drew stormed out, and Tracy followed.

On the front stoop, Tracy told Drew that she was grateful for his actions in Greenland because they had saved Willow and avenged Drew. Tracy admitted that Drew had a free pass from her, but she was curious what Drew intended to do about the SEC. He made it clear that it was between him and his attorney. Tracy asked if Drew had considered that the SEC might really be after "Carly Corinthos" rather than a former decorated Navy SEAL. "Spencer," Drew said.

Tracy pointed out that it didn't matter what name Carly used because Carly was the ex-wife and confidante of the most powerful mob boss in the state of New York. "Don't you think the SEC might be interested in hearing any dirt she has on Sonny?" Tracy asked. Stunned, Drew asked if Tracy was suggesting that he turn on Carly to save himself. Tracy insisted that she was only trying to look out for a member of her family. "Do me a favor -- don't help," Drew said.

In the living room, Ned continued to bristle at being falsely accused, but Brook Lynn and Olivia weren't swayed. Olivia assured Ned that she would stand by him because he was her husband, but she was not okay with what Ned had done. Ned swore on his grandmother Lila's memory that he was innocent. "Tell me you believe me," Ned said. Rather than answer, Olivia decided to fetch an ice pack for Ned.

After Olivia left, Brook Lynn asked if Ned had meant it. Ned assured his daughter that he would never swear on his grandmother's memory if he had been lying. Satisfied, Brook Lynn told her father that she believed him. Relieved, Ned hugged her. Meanwhile, Tracy silently watched from the doorway. After Ned left to look for aspirin, Tracy called Brook Lynn a "real humanitarian," but Brook Lynn knew it hadn't been a compliment.

Tracy reminded Brook Lynn that she owed her grandmother a favor in exchange for Tracy helping Chase. Tracy revealed that there was something that Brook Lynn could do as a way of settling the account.

At Maxie's apartment, Felicia was concerned as she watched Maxie get ready to leave. Felicia held out an ice pack as she assured Maxie that it would help Maxie's sinus infection, especially if Maxie rested instead of going to work. Felicia was certain that Maxie needed antibiotics, so Maxie agreed to rest later, since Spinelli had the kids. Felicia wasn't satisfied, but Maxie explained that she couldn't reschedule things because she couldn't pass up the opportunity to pitch Deception's new product on the Home Shopping Channel.

Maxie admitted that Deception's stock prices had stabilized, but they wouldn't stay that way unless Maxie took Deception to the next level. Maxie insisted that a last-minute cancelation would get Deception blacklisted. Felicia reminded Maxie that Sasha's on-air meltdown hadn't been Sasha's fault. Maxie agreed, but Deception had branched out to an at-home skin care device called "the Deceptor," which Maxie intended to launch during the appearance on the Home Shopping Channel.

Maxie explained that Brook Lynn had stepped down from Deception to focus on music, and Lucy had lost all credibility by faking her own death, so it was up to Maxie to debut the hot new product. Frustrated, Felicia realized that she had to leave to meet Mac, but she urged Maxie to delegate because Deception couldn't ride solely on Maxie's shoulders despite how brilliant and capable Maxie was. After Felicia left with a promise to return with soup, Maxie rehearsed, but she quickly realized that she sounded horrible because of her stuffy head.

At the hospital, Carly and Sasha greeted each other with a hug. They talked about Willow's transplant and the trouble Carly had with the SEC. Carly acknowledged that the timing couldn't be worse, but she was focused on Willow. Sasha admitted that it had been a miracle that Drew had rescued Liesl. When Carly asked about Gladys, Sasha explained that Gladys was on the phone, dealing with a customer service issue.

Nearby, Gladys spoke to a hotel manager as she tried to get a refund for canceled reservations. Gladys explained that it had been a family emergency, but her mood soured when she was told that she could not get a refund.

Meanwhile, Carly reminded Sasha that it was important for Sasha to take care of herself first before Sasha could help others. Just then, Gladys walked up. Gladys told Carly how sorry she was about Willow. Sasha sensed that Gladys was upset, so Gladys told Sasha that she had been unable to get a refund for their canceled getaway, and rescheduling would cost extra because it was peak season for the hotel. Sasha instructed Gladys to reschedule because they could afford it. Gladys immediately perked up, and she excused herself to make the phone call.

"What would I do without Gladys?" Sasha asked. Carly wondered how the guardianship was going. Sasha conceded that there had been one serious incident, but things had gone smoothly since. The conversation was cut short when Sasha's phone buzzed with a text message from Maxie.

Nearby, Gladys asked for an upgraded package and new dates. After Gladys ended the call, she received a text message from Selina informing Gladys that a seat had opened for a game later that evening, and the buy-in was "$5K."

Later, Drew caught up with Carly at the hospital. Carly was eager for news about his talk with the SEC. Drew revealed that Sam had called Diane, and Diane had cut the meeting short. However, Drew warned Carly that they would need to discuss their next steps. He filled her in about his confrontation with Ned -- and Ned's denials. Carly reminded Drew that only Michael, Josslyn, and Sonny had known about their relationship.

"And Olivia," Drew said. Carly pointed out that Ned had been the only one who had stood to gain by tipping off the SEC. As Drew and Carly walked to the elevator, he realized there was a bright side to things -- they no longer had to hide their relationship. Carly smiled as Drew leaned down and passionately kissed her.

At Maxie's apartment, Maxie thanked Sasha and Gladys for getting there quickly. Maxie was dressed in a robe and clutching a tissue as she explained that she was not fit for television. Gladys suggested that Maxie reschedule, but Maxie insisted that was impossible. Maxie revealed that their choices were limited. "It's got to be you, Sasha," Maxie said.

In Robert's office, Diane walked in on Robert and Holly during a heated kiss. Diane cleared her throat, prompting Holly and Robert to pull apart. Robert was startled, but Holly giggled. "There's something about saving the world that makes a woman act on impulse," Holly said. Diane smiled. "How exhilarating -- and so modest," Diane said. Holly confessed that the only thing missing from the adventure had been Robert.

Robert smiled awkwardly as he rambled about being busy at the time. Diane wasn't interested in hearing Robert and Holly's stories, so she turned to leave. Holly asked Diane to stay because Holly had been on her way out. After Holly left, Robert began to apologize, but Diane cut him off. "I'll settle for the truth," Diane said. Robert told Diane that he had been taken aback when Holly had kissed him, so Diane clarified that she refused to build a relationship with a man who didn't want to be with her.

Robert assured Diane that he enjoyed their time together, but Diane laughed. "Well, consider me swept off my feet," Diane said in a sarcastic tone. Robert admitted that he was not good at "touchy-feely stuff," so Diane decided to make it simple. She told him that she had no desire to be in competition for Robert's feelings, especially when the other woman was the love of Robert's life. Robert explained that he and Holly had a lot of history -- and he would always love Holly in some sense -- but Holly was a part of his past. Diane wondered if Robert had really left Holly behind.

Robert admitted that Holly's "death" had hit him hard -- and he had felt lighter knowing that Holly was alive -- but he insisted that knowing Holly was living her life was a lot different than wanting to live that life with Holly. Diane told Robert that it was clear that he needed time to figure things out. She urged him to take all the time he needed but not to call her until he knew what he wanted.

In the squad room, Felicia was surprised when she saw Holly. After the friends exchanged a warm hug, Felicia asked about Ethan. Holly assured Felicia that Ethan was well, and he had returned to Australia. The conversation turned to Victor and how his death had impacted Holly. Holly admitted that she felt like a whole new woman, and nearly losing everything had clarified what was important. Holly revealed that it was the reason that she had wanted to talk to Robert.

Felicia was happy for her friend, but she warned Holly that Robert had been seeing someone. Holly realized that Felicia had been referring to Diane, which explained the expression on Diane's face when Diane had walked in on Holly and Robert. Felicia assured Holly that Diane was a good person. Holly explained that she had returned to Port Charles because of unfinished business with Robert. "I want to tell Robert exactly how I feel about him," Holly said.

Holly insisted that life was too short. Felicia was happy that Holly was sure about her feelings. "But do you know if he feels the same way?" Felicia asked. Holly admitted that the spark had still been there when she and Robert had kissed. Holly realized that Robert needed time, but Holly was back, and there was nothing to stand in their way.

At the hospital, Taggert apologized to Portia for not being there sooner. "Thank goodness you're back. It's been a nightmare," Portia said. Taggert explained that he had tried to get his field office involved; however, they had balked, and he had lost his temper. Taggert admitted that he had wound up getting detained. Portia filled Taggert in about Robert's trouble with the WSB. Taggert regretted that he hadn't been able to help Curtis and Laura.

Portia reminded Taggert that everything had worked out, and Trina was on her way home. "Yes, but I still could have helped her more," Taggert said. Portia admitted that he still might be able to because Trina would never be safe while Spencer Cassadine was in Trina's life. Portia and Taggert went to Portia's office, where Portia ranted about Spencer and how he had been trouble from the start, and he had dragged Trina into the mess with Esme. Portia feared that Spencer would continue to put Trina in dangerous situations, and Trina would always forgive him.

Taggert agreed that Spencer and his family were bad news, but he advised Portia against pushing Trina to stay away from Spencer. He suggested that he and Portia just be grateful that Trina was safe, but Portia argued that Trina would never be safe as long as Spencer was in Trina's life. Portia worried that Spencer would pull Trina into his custody battle with Esme, and he would persuade Trina to help him raise his brother. "What if Nikolas comes back?" Portia asked.

Taggert urged Portia to slow down. Taggert reminded Portia that Nikolas faced criminal charges and that they couldn't tell Trina what to do. He promised that he didn't approve of Trina's relationship with Spencer, but they would make things worse if they tried to forbid Trina from seeing Spencer. Portia was surprised because she knew that he had hated the Cassadines since his sister Gia's involvement with Nikolas. Taggert agreed, but he was certain it would backfire if Portia raised an objection to Spencer.

"You do it then," Portia said. She reminded Taggert that Trina was sensitive to him, and she might listen to him. "And have her pull away from me, too?" Taggert asked. Taggert insisted that they needed to be realistic and take into account what Trina and Spencer had been through. Portia worried that Spencer's influence on Trina would keep growing, and Spencer would take Trina away from her when Trina was most vulnerable.

Taggert reminded Portia that Trina had called her mother because Trina had known that Portia would help, and Trina had wanted to hear her mother's voice. Portia wanted to believe Taggert, but she feared that she had damaged her relationship with Trina beyond repair.

On a flight to Port Charles, Curtis sat next to Laura. "Well, we did it. We saved the day," Curtis said. Laura reminded him that the WSB would make certain the world never learned about what had transpired in Greenland. Curtis was satisfied knowing that they had won. "Winning exacts a high price. I can't help but think about what I've had to pay to reach this moment," Laura said.

Laura was glad that everyone had gotten through the ordeal unscathed, but she knew from personal experience that psychological scars took longest to heal. Curtis glanced at Trina, and he wondered if Laura had been referring to Spencer and Trina or herself. "Both maybe," Laura said. Laura opened up about dealing with the Cassadines for the past 40 years and the weight that she had carried around. She admitted that the Haunted Star had been her last link to the past, and it had exploded. "Does that lift the weight?" Curtis asked.

Laura pondered the future, and she suggested that she might find the peace that she had been chasing. Curtis admitted that he knew the race well, but he reminded Laura that it was more like a marathon. He offered to cheer her on whenever she needed. "Yeah, well, right back at ya," Laura said. She credited Curtis with saving both of her grandsons.

Curtis confessed that he'd had selfish reasons for wanting everyone to make it home. Curtis and Laura looked at Spencer and Trina, who were seated next to each other with Ace in Spencer's lap. Curtis talked about his strained relationship with Trina, and Laura confessed that she'd seen how much Trina cared about him. Curtis appreciated Laura's kind words, but he admitted that Trina was not ready to take a DNA test -- and she might never be. Curtis confessed that he didn't want to pressure Trina because he wasn't the one who had raised her. Laura shifted the conversation by asking where things stood between Portia and Curtis, but he didn't have any answers.

Laura reminded Curtis that Portia had raised Trina. She explained that she tried to balance her anger with Nikolas' poor choices by focusing on the good -- Ace. Curtis admitted that it was easier said than done. "It is, but we should still try," Laura said.

Across the aisle, Trina rested her head against Spencer's shoulder as he gently bounced Ace on his knee. "We made it," Trina said. Spencer told Trina about his final moments on the ship, and how he had heard Trina's voice. Curious, Trina asked what she had said. "You said, 'Spencer, you idiot. What are you doing? Get off that boat. Jump!'" Spencer replied. Trina burst out laughing.

Spencer's tone turned serious as he recalled thinking about Trina's face, her voice, and her laugh, and how he had been determined to get back to her. He recounted diving overboard, seeing the explosion, and feeling the shockwaves going through the water. According to Spencer, thoughts of Trina had driven him to swim, so he credited Trina with saving him.

Trina confessed that she had felt compelled to follow Spencer onto the Haunted Star, and she feared what might have happened if she hadn't. Their conversation turned to Ace as Spencer talked about how much he loved his baby brother. Spencer vowed to give Ace a normal life. "I'm more certain than ever that I will be my brother's guardian," Spencer said.

Later, Laura, Curtis, Spencer, and Trina entered the hospital. Portia and Taggert rounded the corner and stopped short when they saw Trina. Trina ran into her mother's arms, and Taggert wrapped his arms around Portia and Trina. Nearby, Curtis watched the family reunion.

Esme is reunited with Ace

Esme is reunited with Ace

Thursday, May 11, 2023

At the Quartermaines', Tracy informed Brook Lynn that she'd thought of something Brook Lynn could do to "settle our account" after Tracy had helped Chase get reinstated. She wanted Brook Lynn to go back to work at Deception as soon as possible, but Brook Lynn talked about how she had some real opportunities opening up in the music business. She wondered what Tracy was really after.

Tracy explained that she needed Brook Lynn to find out what was happening in the Research and Development department. Tracy would check in every so often, and Brook Lynn needed to tell Tracy what the "next big thing" was going to be. "Sounds like corporate espionage to me," Brook Lynn commented. Tracy wondered how Chase would react to knowing that he owed Tracy instead of Brook Lynn for getting his badge back. Brook Lynn called Tracy's bluff, but Tracy took out her phone.

Chase arrived at the PCPD to applause from his coworkers. Dante welcomed him back and handed him a large stack of files. Chase opened the top file and saw that it was Cody's case. He commented that things looked bad for Cody, but Dante replied that things weren't always what they seemed. Dante wanted to "dig into" the SEC's case against Carly and Drew, and he wasn't convinced that Ned had turned them in. He added that he also wasn't sure that Cody was guilty, either.

Just then, Chase's phone rang, and he answered the call from the unknown number. Tracy announced herself and congratulated him on his reinstatement. She told him that she was back in town with a great interest in the community. She invited him out for lunch and said that she would be in touch. When she hung up, Chase told Dante about the call and asked Dante to translate what it meant from a Quartermaine. Dante figured she had an agenda, so he suggested that Chase be a detective and have lunch with Tracy.

"Do you take the deal, or do I take the lunch?" Tracy asked Brook Lynn. "As always, you win," Brook Lynn replied with a sigh. She asked when Tracy wanted her to return to work at Deception.

At Maxie's, Maxie asked Sasha to take her place at Home & Heart for the release of Deception's new product. She thought that Sasha was the only one who could do it, but Sasha feared that she would embarrass herself again. Maxie knew that Sasha was stronger than before, and she added that people loved a redemption story. Gladys stepped in and declined for Sasha. Maxie believed that Sasha needed to face her fears. Sasha thought that Maxie could be right, but Gladys was dead set against it.

Sasha remembered how her friends and partners at Deception had stood by her, so she decided that she was ready to return the favor and start living her life again. "There's the Sasha I know and love!" Maxie exclaimed. Gladys figured that she wouldn't stand in Sasha's way if Sasha believed that she was ready. When Gladys was gone, Maxie reminded Sasha of how strong and capable she was. Sasha admitted that part of her wanted to hide, but she concluded, "I'm in!"

At the Savoy, N'neka served Selina a drink and advised her that the back room had been reserved for Brad's birthday party. Cody approached and asked to join the next poker game, but Selina refused, as her clients wouldn't want to play with a "common criminal." He insisted that Gladys had framed him so he wouldn't blow up her scam to Sasha. Gladys appeared and urged Selina not to listen to Cody. Selina divulged that she was thinking of getting rid of them both, so they could consider themselves warned. She informed them that they had places at the table that night, and she walked away.

At the hospital, Portia thanked Curtis for getting Trina home safe, but he acknowledged the "whole team." Trina chimed in that she wouldn't be there, especially if it hadn't been for Spencer. Laura wanted to get Ace checked out. Trina offered to accompany them, but Spencer thought it was best for her to be with her family, and he, Laura, and Ace left. Trina divulged that she needed to talk to Taggert, so the two walked away. Portia thought that Curtis should get checked out, too, but he insisted that he was fine. Just then, Agent Hursley approached and asked to talk to Curtis alone.

Outside of an exam room, Laura made a call. She told someone that they would probably want to be at the hospital, and she hung up. She entered the exam room where Spencer was holding Ace. He figured that Esme had every right to be there. Before Laura could admit that she'd called Esme, Esme burst into the room and, crying, took Ace from a reluctant Spencer. Esme thanked them for getting Ace back home, and Spencer commented that Trina had also done a lot for Ace. She was glad the nightmare was over, and Laura agreed that the world was a better place without Victor.

There was a knock on the door, and Austin entered the exam room. Laura and Spencer left the room so that Austin could examine Ace. A short while later, Austin assured Esme that Ace was all right. They left the room and informed Spencer and Laura that Ace was ready to go home.

In Portia's office, Trina wanted to tell Taggert first that she'd changed her mind and decided to go through with a DNA test. She assured him that, no matter what it said, he would always be her father. She refused to ever let a secret tear apart her family again. She figured she would forgive Portia one day, but she refused to repeat the mistake. Taggert understood, and he appreciated her telling him. She admitted that she wanted his blessing, and he gave it to her. He assured her that it would never change how he felt about her, and he hugged his daughter.

Curtis wondered why Agent Hursley wanted to talk to him alone, as he'd already been debriefed in Greenland. Hursley informed him that the WSB was impressed with how Curtis had handled himself in Greenland, and Curtis chimed in that he would do it again. "We call that initiative," Hursley added. Seeing where the conversation was going, Curtis figured that the WSB had already done a background check on him and found that his past wasn't all good.

Hursley knew that Curtis had been a good cop before he'd made some bad choices, but it had been a long time before, and the WSB could use a man like him. Curtis reminded the agent that he already had a job. Hursley explained that the WSB couldn't be everywhere at all times, so they needed "assets in the field," off the book, who were ready to help when needed. Curtis admitted that part of him enjoyed it, but part of him wanted to run his nightclub and let someone else be the tough guy. Hursley didn't need an answer right then, so he texted Curtis his contact information and advised him to think about it.

A short while later, Curtis returned to Portia, who made sure that he was all right. "Nothing I can't handle," he replied. Trina and Taggert returned, and she announced to them that she'd decided to go through with a DNA test. Portia and Taggert were proud of her for wanting to know the truth. Spencer, Laura, Esme, and Ace returned, and Spencer assured Trina that Ace was all right, so they were going home to Laura's.

Ava advises and reassures Nina

Ava advises and reassures Nina

Friday, May 12, 2023

In the isolation room at the hospital, Willow received a call from Liesl, who stood outside the glass window. Liesl said she had already donated her bone marrow. Liesl added that Willow was family, even if Willow didn't know much about Liesl. Liesl called Willow a "survivor."

Later, Scott and Liesl shared an awkward reunion nearby. Scott wanted to get their relationship back on track. Liesl said that it was hard to look at Scott because he had helped Elizabeth, who Liesl still blamed for Britt's death.

At the Savoy, Ava tried to cheer up a despondent Nina, who continued to beat herself up for having called the SEC on Carly and Drew. Nina said she needed to "mitigate the damage," and she proposed telling Willow the truth.

Ava told Nina that it was a bad idea, and she noted that no one in Carly's family or circle of friends were forgiving people -- including Willow. Ava also reminded Nina that Carly and Drew were guilty. "They committed an actual crime. All you did was report it. If they didn't want to go to prison for insider trading, then maybe they shouldn't have done it," Ava noted.

Ava warned that Nina could lose Willow and Sonny forever if Nina confessed. Nina asked what would happen if she was caught. Ava deduced that Nina had nothing to worry about because the tip couldn't be traced back to Nina.

Ava added that Aurora owned Crimson, and she asked why Nina would undermine her own magazine. "Nina, you've gotten away with murder. Don't tell anybody where to find the body," Ava boasted.

Later, Scott joined Ava and Nina. Scott shared that Liesl had rejected him. Ava and Nina encouraged Scott to give Liesl more time. Scott left to grab a martini. Afterwards, Nina agreed that Ava was right about keeping quiet about turning Drew and Carly in to the SEC.

At the hospital, Josslyn met Carly and Drew. Carly brought Josslyn up to speed on the SEC investigation. Carly asked why Josslyn had appeared at the hospital with Dex in public. Before Josslyn could explain, Diane appeared.

Diane told Carly and Drew that things would get worse for the two of them before they got better. Diane shared that Carly's assets would remain frozen, and she advised Drew not to loan Carly money. Diane added that she couldn't represent both Carly and Drew. Drew told Carly to have Diane represent her. Diane agreed, and she left. Later, Drew said that he and Carly could "take on the world" as long as they were together.

On the hospital rooftop, Michael told Dex that he had decided not to use the evidence Dex had accrued to send Sonny to prison. Michael explained his reasons, namely that Willow had asked him not to turn over the evidence. Dex protested, and he deduced that his only options were to keep working for Sonny or have Sonny sent to prison. Michael suggested that Dex leave town.

Dex said that it was only a matter of time before Sonny would learn the truth and have Dex killed. Dex added that he had grown attached to the city. Michael asked if Dex had meant to say that he had grown attached to Josslyn.

Michael left, and a short while later, Josslyn joined Dex on the roof. Josslyn noted that something was wrong with Dex. "I have to say goodbye," Dex said.

At Pozzulo's Restaurant, Sonny had Valentin brought to his office by Frank. Sonny thanked Valentin for having helped save Spencer, Trina, Anna, Laura, and others in Greenland. "Now, can we talk about how your associates nearly got me and my people killed?" Sonny asked as he glared sharply at Valentin.

Sonny mentioned Pikeman, and he noted that a sniper had tried to take him out. Sonny asked if Valentin had known that Sonny might have a target on his back, given that Valentin had helped facilitate the deal with Pikeman.

Valentin said that Pikeman had many enemies, but he swore he hadn't known that Sonny might have been a target. Valentin shared that he had spoken with Pikeman, and he said that Pikeman had expressed their wish to work with Sonny again.

Sonny said that he would not be "collateral damage" to Pikeman. Sonny told Valentin that he might be open to another deal, but he added that Pikeman would need to get its "affairs in order" and figure out who had tried to ambush Sonny. Valentin said he would convey Sonny's wishes to Pikeman. Valentin left.

Afterwards, Sonny was surprised when Frank said that Sonny had a visitor. Sonny looked up and saw Michael.

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