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Holly left town. Sasha faced her fears. Scott approached Cody with a proposition. Selina demanded payment for Gladys' gambling debt. Michael and Sonny reached an understanding. Jordan and Curtis shared a kiss. Esme accepted a job offer from Alexis.
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Jordan and Curtis shared a kiss. Selina demanded payment for Gladys' debts. Esme got a job.
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Sonny and Michael have a talk

Sonny and Michael have a talk

Monday, May 15, 2023

On the set of the Home & Heart Network, Haven told Sasha that she wanted no part of having Sasha return to host a live spot on the air, and she stormed off. Brook Lynn and Lucy joined Sasha for reassurance.

Backstage at the studio, Haven and a producer named Russell hoped that Sasha would have another breakdown, given that the network's ratings had been down. Haven and Russell gloated that everyone on social media was speculating about what could go wrong with Sasha live on TV.

Nearby, Lucy tried to assure Sasha that she would be fine on the air. Sasha looked at the studio set, and she spotted Flora, who revealed that she had a new line of bath salts called "Change Your Moody."

Flora said that she felt terrible for having inadvertently played a part in Sasha's on-air breakdown a year earlier, and she wondered why she had been scheduled to appear with Sasha that night. "Because someone is trying to push Sasha over the edge," Brook Lynn said as she stared at her phone.

Brook Lynn surmised from her social media feed that the network was hoping that Sasha would have another on-air meltdown to boost ratings. Flora grew angry, and she wanted no part in the network's plans. Flora wanted to call off the appearance, but Sasha vowed to show that Haven was making a mistake.

A short while later, Sasha was joined on the set by Haven and Flora. Sasha boasted over the air that Haven's viewers were in for a treat. As Sasha started to introduce Deception's new product, the Deceptor, she heard the sound of a baby crying in her earpiece.

At the Savoy, Gladys' gambling debts continued to rise, and Cody gloated that Gladys had just lost an even larger amount of money in poker. Gladys excused herself, and Cody approached Scott. Cody wanted Scott to represent him for the alleged theft of the bracelet that Gladys had stolen. Cody swore his innocence, but Scott maintained that he wasn't interested in defending Cody.

Scott joined Mac and Felicia at a table nearby. Felicia and Mac filled Scott in on the fact that Holly's death had been staged to fool Victor. Scott tried to learn the location of the Ice Princess necklace because, he surmised, it was worth $35 million. Mac said the necklace was worth nothing because it had been destroyed by the WSB.

Nearby, Gladys sat alone drinking. Selina approached, and she told Gladys that the two needed to discuss Gladys' latest debt. Selina revealed that Gladys had borrowed another $85,000 that evening. Selina reminded Gladys that Sasha had the kind of money that Gladys owed.

Gladys said that she wouldn't steal from Sasha, but Selina reminded Gladys that she had already sold Brando's garage. Gladys said she couldn't hurt Sasha again. "Then it would appear you and I have a problem," Selina said sternly.

Gladys wondered how she could get the money to Selina. Selina replied that there might be another way for Gladys to repay her debt.

At the same time, Scott returned to the bar, and he told Cody that he would represent Cody. Scott stated that the necklace made of diamonds from the Ice Princess had been a part of Dominique's estate. As a result, Scott explained, both Cody and Serena were owed a portion of the money from the necklace. "So, you're saying..." Cody said. "Yeah, we sue the WSB!" Scott exclaimed.

Scott instructed Cody to go to Scott's office the following day to sign an affidavit swearing that Cody was Leopold Taub's son. Scott and Cody spotted Felicia, who had been staring at her phone. Felicia shared that Sasha was on the Home & Heart Network and that the event was being promoted as Sasha having another on-air breakdown. Cody hurriedly left, presumably to find Sasha.

At Anna's house, Valentin surprised Anna when he hid in the dark before announcing that he was preparing dinner for the two of them. Anna and Valentin kissed before they heard a knock at the door. Anna opened the door to Robert.

Robert poured himself a glass of Chianti wine, and he told Valentin to leave Anna out of things the next time Valentin found himself in trouble. Valentin left to check on dinner. Afterwards, Anna told Robert that she knew what he was going to say. "Good! Then we'll say it together: Anna Devane, what were you thinking?" Robert asked.

On the hospital rooftop, Dex told Josslyn that he was leaving Port Charles because Michael had decided not to turn Sonny in to the authorities. Josslyn offered to run away with Dex, but Dex refused. Dex explained all the reasons why Josslyn would regret running away with him, including leaving her family behind.

Josslyn said she felt conflicted over what to do, but she said she understood why Dex had to leave. Josslyn started to cry, and she said the thought of losing Dex made her hurt. Dex hugged Josslyn closely, and he said he didn't want to lose her, either.

Josslyn whispered for Dex to stay so that they could figure something out. Dex thought about it, and he agreed. "I cannot imagine never seeing you again. I'll stay," Dex said. Josslyn whispered that they would think of something.

At the hospital, Nina thanked Drew for having helped Liesl in Greenland. Nina said that she would "desperately" love to be a part of Willow's life. Nina added that Willow had asked her to "start fresh" with Carly. Drew said that it wasn't an option. Drew added that a "quick-fix solution" wasn't possible, and he said that Nina had to "acknowledge her mistakes" before people could find a place for Nina in their lives.

In Sonny's office at Pozzulo's Restaurant, Michael said that he was there to call off the "war" between Michael and Sonny. Sonny noted that it had never been Sonny's war to begin with. Michael said that he could make peace with Sonny for his family's sake, and he credited Willow for pushing him to "make peace." Sonny reminded Michael that he had always wanted peace between them, and he asked about Nina.

Michael said that he understood and respected Sonny's relationship with Nina, and he asked Sonny to respect whatever relationship, if any, Willow wanted to have with Nina. Sonny agreed, and Michael asked Sonny to have Nina "back off." Sonny agreed to let Nina and Willow figure out their relationship on their own terms.

Michael agreed, Before Michael left to return to the hospital, Sonny said that he was there if Willow needed anything. Sonny added that he and Nina would keep their distance from Willow.

Sonny said that he would light a candle for Willow at the hospital chapel. Michael said that both he and Willow appreciated the gesture. Sonny and Michael agreed that they would see one another the next day.

Robert asks Anna for help

Robert asks Anna for help

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

At Carly's mansion, Nina apologized to Carly, but the two soon started to argue again over Willow. Nina said that she was glad that Willow had had Carly to lean on. Carly agreed to "help" Nina with Willow by supporting Willow's decision.

Carly said she wouldn't "advocate" for Nina, who said that she regretted having groveled to Carly. Carly accused Nina of ignoring Willow's boundaries, and she lectured Nina. Nina called Carly a "hypocrite." Carly said that Nina would have to be a mother to Willow on Willow's terms. Nina grew tired of arguing, and she started to leave. "Good luck with the SEC, Carly," Nina said as she left.

On the set of the Home & Heart Network, Russell ordered someone backstage to turn up the sound of a baby's cry in Sasha's earpiece. Sasha struggled to continue. Cody appeared, and he ordered Russell to cut the sound. Cody removed his shirt, and he threatened to cause an FCC violation by appearing naked in front of the camera.

Sasha eventually steadied herself, and she told the audience about Deception's new product. Haven "thanked" Sasha. Afterwards, Sasha confronted Haven, and she said that Haven would be hearing from Sasha's lawyers.

Sasha then told Lucy and Brook Lynn that the sound of a baby's cry had been an attempt at manipulation from Haven. Nearby, Brook Lynn spotted Cody, and she invited him to join her, Sasha, and Lucy at the Savoy for a celebratory round of drinks. Cody thanked Brook Lynn, but he politely declined.

Later, Cody confronted Haven, and he told her to never threaten Sasha again. "Honey, are you threatening me?" Haven asked. "Why, yes, ma'am, I am. And you don't want to see me make good on any of my threats," Cody said.

At Anna's house, Robert asked if Anna had thought about Robin, Emma, and others before Anna had left for Greenland. Anna scolded Robert for accusing her of putting Valentin before her family. Anna surmised that something else was on Robert's mind. Robert shared that he had feelings for both Holly and Diane.

Robert said that every time he saw Holly's face, he felt at home, and he asked for Anna's advice. Anna said she couldn't tell Robert what to do, but she called Robert "quite the catch." Anna started to tease Robert by incessantly gushing over him. Robert grew uncomfortable. "Tell what's-his-face I said goodbye!" Robert quipped as he stormed out.

Afterwards, Valentin appeared, and he asked what Robert had wanted. Anna said that Robert had asked her for help in making a decision. Valentin shared that he had finished making dinner for him and Anna. Valentin took Anna into his arms, and the two kissed as they fell backward onto the couch.

At the Savoy, Holly met Felicia for a girls' night out. Holly said that she hoped to stay in Port Charles permanently, and she shared that Ethan had already returned to Australia. Holly and Felicia soon spotted Diane with Alexis at a nearby table.

Holly and Felicia approached, and they asked to join Alexis and Diane. Diane asked to speak with Holly alone. At the bar, Alexis confided to Felicia that the Invader wasn't what she had hoped it would be and that her dream for it hadn't come true. Felicia received a text from Maxie, and she vaguely said that Alexis had given her a lot to think about. "Same here," Alexis muttered after Felicia walked away.

Alone at a table, Holly told Diane that she had strong feelings for Robert. Holly recalled that she and Robert had been "dancing around one another" for 30 years. Holly shared that she felt things would work out for her and Robert because there were no obstacles.

Diane antagonized Holly over Holly's past mistakes, and she implied that things would never work out between Holly and Robert. Diane stood up, and she quipped that perhaps she would defend Holly in court one day. Holly said that she wouldn't trust her freedom to anyone else. Diane rejoined Alexis at the bar, and she admitted that she thought she actually liked Holly.

Elsewhere at the Savoy, Selina said that Gladys had "connections" that could prove beneficial to Selina. Gladys realized that Selina was referring to Sonny's business. Gladys said she didn't know anything about Sonny's line of work, but Selina was insistent. Selina said that Gladys had until the following day to pay her gambling debts. "And if you can't pay? Perhaps Sasha will," Selina gravely warned.

Nearby, Sasha thanked Lucy and Brook Lynn for their support at the Home & Heart studios. Brook Lynn praised Sasha, who shared that she thought it was time to end the guardianship with Gladys. Sasha, Lucy, and Brook Lynn toasted to Sasha's success as Gladys looked on with worry.

Back at her table, Selina warmly welcomed Holly back to Port Charles. Selina asked if Holly would be interested in doing more business together. "Our last venture proved fruitful to us both, did it not?" Selina asked. Just then, Robert entered the Savoy, and he observed Holly raising her glass to Selina.

Invitations to the reading of Victor's will are sent out

Invitations to the reading of Victor's will are sent out

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

At Anna's residence, Anna called out for Valentin as she descended the stairs. She smiled when she saw a bouquet of red roses on the foyer table. The flowers were accompanied by a note from Valentin explaining that he'd gone to work at ELQ, but it had been heaven waking up beside Anna. She was still smiling when she answered a knock at the door. It was Holly. Holly explained that she needed Anna's help.

Holly revealed that she needed a job, and she asked Anna to put in a good word with the WSB. Anna was curious why Holly would want to work for the WSB when Holly had barely escaped Victor's crosshairs. Anna insisted that it was not worth it, but Holly explained that it was her best option. Holly told Anna about Ethan's trouble in Australia and how some of the men that her son had been indebted to wanted Ethan dead. Holly acknowledged that Ethan was a skilled card player, and he would target rich men to win the money needed to clear his debts.

Anna realized that Ethan would incur a new set of enemies from the losers at the card games. "If I don't settle his debts, my beautiful son is a dead man walking," Holly said. Anna reminded Holly that Robert would want to help because Robert considered Ethan the son that Robert had never had. Holly insisted that she couldn't put both Robert's reputation and career at risk. Anna was surprised when Holly mentioned that Diane had asked why Holly believed that things might work out for Robert and Holly when they hadn't in the past.

Anna conceded that Diane had made a point, but Anna warned Holly that Diane had a "horse in the race." Holly revealed that she was aware of Diane's feelings for Robert, which was why Holly was determined to find a legal way to earn the money needed to help Ethan. Anna confessed that the new WSB director was not fond of anyone who had been associated with Frisco Jones, but she agreed to talk to a few other connections. After Holly left, a messenger delivered a small envelope to Anna.

At the police station, Robert asked if he had received a delivery from Judge Taylor's office. The desk sergeant checked, but he didn't find anything addressed to Robert. Annoyed, Robert advised the police officer to take the initiative and track down the warrant that Robert had been looking for. Nearby, Dante overheard the tense exchange, so he approached Robert. Robert revealed that he'd been waiting for a warrant as part of a RICO investigation at the Savoy. Surprised, Dante asked if Robert suspected Curtis of wrongdoing.

Robert clarified that his interest was in Selina. "So, Selina and Curtis are in business together?" Dante asked. Robert recalled seeing Selina talking to Holly at the Savoy the previous evening, but he pushed the memory away. When Robert saw the desk sergeant, he asked for an update. Robert's mood soured when he was told that the warrant had not been delivered. Dante questioned why the police hadn't been notified of the investigation, but Robert reminded Dante that Robert was at the top of the chain of command.

At Metro Court's restaurant, Felicia was delighted to have some quality time with her husband, but she wondered what had happened to the romantic man that she had married. Mac looked up from his phone and explained that he hadn't heard from Robert, despite Mac having sent several text messages. When Mac saw Diane, he called out to her and invited her to join him and Felicia for breakfast. Diane tensed when Mac explained that he had questions about his brother.

Diane was careful not to say anything, and she relaxed when she realized that Mac had simply been looking for Robert. Mac had hoped Diane could tell him where Robert was, since they worked together. Diane reminded Mac that she didn't keep tabs on Robert, but she admitted that Robert had some "issues" to work out. Mac asked Diane to elaborate, but she walked away. Moments later, Dante called Mac.

After Mac left, Felicia walked over to Diane's table and sat down. Diane insisted that she was busy going over notes before court, so Felicia cut to the chase by reminding Diane that Robert and Holly's relationship had spanned over 30 years. However, Felicia admitted that Robert might not be ready to upend his life for Holly. Diane argued that Holly was the love of Robert's life. "End of story," Diane said.

Felicia admitted that she wanted both Robert and Holly to be happy, but Felicia knew that Diane cared about Robert. Felicia confessed that she'd seen Robert with Diane, and -- knowing his complicated history with Holly -- she wasn't certain if Robert and Holly were meant to be together.

Meanwhile, Robert was in a foul mood when he returned to the squad room because Judge Taylor had refused to sign off on the warrant. Robert's mood didn't improve when he saw his brother standing next to Dante because Robert suspected that Dante had called Mac. Mac demanded to speak to Robert in private, so Robert followed Mac to the interrogation room. After Mac shut the door, he told Robert to forget about the warrant because the Savoy was off-limits. Stunned, Robert reminded his brother that Selina was a regular at the nightclub.

Mac was livid when he realized that Robert's interest in Selina stemmed from concern about Holly. Mac informed his brother that he couldn't risk Robert jeopardizing the surveillance that Mac had put in place at the Savoy. Surprised, Robert demanded to know why he hadn't been told about the investigation. "I'm telling you now. Stay out of it," Mac said. To Mac's frustration, Robert refused to back down, so Mac reminded Robert that Robert didn't have a signed warrant.

"Screw the warrant," Robert said. Mac watched helplessly as Robert stormed out of the squad room.

At the Savoy, Curtis looked at his phone and saw a text message from Agent Hursley reminding Curtis that the job offer with the WSB was still open. As Curtis set his phone down, Selina entered the bar. "Welcome home, stranger," Selina said. She asked if a ticker tape parade was planned to celebrate his heroics in Greenland. The conversation took an unpleasant turn when Selina revealed that she had heard that Curtis might be Trina's biological father.

Selina questioned if Curtis wanted the DNA test to reveal that he was Trina's biological father. Curtis' expression turned stormy as he made it clear that he had no desire to compound one lie with another lie because he loved Trina. Selina assured Curtis that she believed him, but she pointed out that he was a man who liked to take risks, and she was certain that the mission in Greenland had impressed the WSB, since Curtis had accomplished what the WSB hadn't been able to. Selina suggested that having a daughter might get in the way of the kind of life that Curtis wanted.

Curtis doubted that Selina cared if he was Trina's father or not, but he was certain that she wanted something from him. Selina reminded him that they were already joined at the hip because they were business partners. "For now," Curtis said. Curtis warned Selina not to tamper with the DNA tests. He handed her the tab for the previous evening and left.

A short time later, Robert entered the bar. Selina told him that Curtis had left, but Robert revealed that he was there for her. "What is the hold you have over Holly Sutton?" Robert asked. Selina looked past Robert's shoulder as she advised him to ask Holly. Robert turned and saw Holly standing behind him.

At Metro Court's restaurant, Portia thanked Ava for meeting her. Ava asked about Trina, so Portia explained that she intended to make certain that Trina remained safe. Ava assured Portia that she would help in any way possible. Pleased, Portia admitted that her relationship with Trina was strained, so she hoped that Ava would be able to get through to Trina about Trina's poor choices. Ava was curious what poor choices Portia was referring to.

"The one she made to be with Spencer Cassadine," Portia answered. Portia explained that she feared that Spencer was like Nikolas -- entitled and reckless. Portia questioned the content of Spencer's character, and she reminded Ava that Nikolas had slept with his son's girlfriend because Nikolas had been spoiled and oblivious to the consequences. "That's why I'm so afraid for Trina," Portia said. Ava assured Portia that there was good in Spencer, and Nikolas' influence over Spencer had ended.

Portia argued that the damage had been done because Nikolas had raised Spencer. Portia insisted that Spencer was a danger to Trina because Trina had acted out of character when she had thrown common sense out the window and followed Spencer onto the Haunted Star. Ava appreciated Portia's concerns, but she cautioned Portia against trying to drive Trina and Spencer apart. Before Portia could reply, a messenger approached Ava and handed her a small envelope.

After Ava tucked the envelope under her purse, Portia confessed that she was surprised by Ava's lack of concern, since Ava knew firsthand what a wrecking ball the Cassadine family was. Ava conceded that some of the Cassadines were bad, but Ava had seen a change in Spencer since the birth of his baby brother. Ava urged Portia to leave things alone and to allow Trina to make her own decisions. "Do better than I did," Ava said. Ava promised that she wasn't trying to tell Portia how to parent, but she hoped that Portia learned from Ava's mistakes. Portia thanked Ava, but Portia refused to stand by and lose Trina.

After Portia left, Ava recalled the envelope that had been delivered. She opened the envelope and pulled out a card.

At the hospital, Trina approached a lab tech and asked how much longer she had to wait for the DNA test. Trina reminded the lab tech that she'd been waiting for nearly two hours, so the lab tech apologized and promised that it wouldn't be much longer. Just then, Spencer walked up. He overheard the exchange, prompting him to inform the lab tech that Trina's mother was a doctor on staff. Trina rushed to assure the lab tech that she didn't want any special favors. "But we will take them if you have them," Spencer said.

The lab tech promised to see what she could do. After the young lady walked away, Trina told Spencer that she didn't need him to fight her battles, but he reminded her that they had promised that they would always help each other. Trina admitted that she was frustrated because she wanted to get the DNA test over with. "No matter what the DNA results say, Marcus Taggert will always be my dad," Trina said. Trina added that she hoped that Curtis would always be a part of her life -- regardless of the DNA results.

Spencer confessed that he wished he could say the same thing about Esme. Trina quietly admitted that watching Spencer leave with Esme, Ace, and Laura had been difficult because they had looked like a family. Spencer assured Trina that he would give anything for Esme to give him custody of his baby brother. Trina revealed that she felt sorry for Esme because Ace was all that Esme had. Spencer looked at Trina as a smile spread across his face. "Trina Robinson, you're a genius," Spencer said.

Spencer explained that Esme would never relinquish custody of Ace as long as Ace was the focus of Esme's world. Spencer was certain the key to changing Esme's mind was to expand Esme's horizons. Spencer suddenly realized how selfish he had sounded by talking about his problems, but Trina assured him that she hadn't minded. "So, I guess we're stuck together," Spencer said in a playful tone. "Looks like," Trina replied as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Spencer kissed her.

Later, Curtis stopped the lab tech because he had questions about the lab's safety. Trina saw Curtis and the lab tech, so she approached them. Curtis explained that he had been asking about the lab's safeguards because he wanted to be certain that the tests were accurate. The lab tech assured Curtis there was nothing to be concerned about, and she promised that Curtis and Trina would have their tests soon. Curtis apologized to Trina for sticking his nose in things, but she assured him that he had a nice nose. "I wonder if it runs in the family," Curtis said.

A short time later, Portia rounded the corner and stopped short when she saw Curtis, Spencer, and Trina chatting. She approached the group and greeted them. Curtis reminded Trina that Trina was not alone, and Spencer agreed. "Then we're all in agreement. Trina comes first. Always," Portia said.

At Laura's apartment, Laura greeted Alexis. The two women sat down as Laura explained that she had concerns about Esme because tensions had been high despite Laura -- and Spencer's -- efforts to make Esme feel at home. As if on cue, Esme walked through the living room with Ace on her hip. As she neared the door, Laura called out to Esme to point out that Ace's Great-Aunt Alexis had stopped by for a visit. Esme smiled politely, but she insisted that it was a bad time because she was on her way out. Laura was curious where Esme was going with Ace.

Esme asked why it mattered. "Anywhere but here," Esme said. Laura realized that living with four people had left little room for privacy, but she reminded Esme that Esme couldn't just take off. Esme reminded Laura that Esme was an adult, and the charges against Esme had been dropped. Laura pointed out that Esme didn't have any money, so Esme questioned why she had been locked out of her trust fund. Laura agreed that Esme should be able to access the money, but until then, Esme had to put Ace's needs first. Esme insisted that Ace was her world, and there was nothing that Esme wouldn't do for her son.

However, Esme was adamant that she needed her independence because she couldn't continue to live with people who constantly looked at her "sideways" and waited for her to commit a crime. Esme complained that she felt suffocated. Laura empathized, but she asked Esme to have a little patience. Esme assured Laura that she appreciated all that Laura and Kevin had done for her and Ace, but Esme wanted to live her own life on her own terms. To everyone's surprise, Alexis revealed that there might be a way. After Esme put Ace down for a nap, Alexis told Esme that the Invader had a job opening for a receptionist.

Disappointed, Esme asked if Alexis hoped to keep Esme in town by chaining Esme to a desk, but Laura pointed out that some people would see the job offer as an opportunity. Laura admitted that she had when she had been Esme's age and taken a job as a receptionist at ELQ. Ace started crying, so Esme excused herself to check on the baby. Laura admitted that she was worried about Alexis because Esme might not be able to remember all the terrible things that Esme had done, but it didn't mean that Esme wouldn't revert to her old behavior.

Alexis assured Laura that she was aware of what she was getting herself into, but Alexis was concerned about Laura. Laura explained that her hands were tied because Esme controlled Ace's fate. Esme returned to the living room and announced that she would take the job. While Alexis told Esme about the job benefits, Laura answered a knock at the door. Esme was overjoyed to learn that the Invader had an on-site daycare.

After Esme went to the bedroom, Alexis noticed the envelope in Laura's hand. Just then, Laura's phone rang. It was Anna. Anna asked if Laura had received a delivery by messenger. Laura confirmed that she had, but she told Anna that she hadn't opened the envelope. Anna revealed that she had received the same envelope -- it was an invitation to the reading of Victor's will.

Trina and Curtis take a DNA test

Trina and Curtis take a DNA test

Thursday, May 18, 2023

At the Port Charles Police Station, Jordan left a voicemail for T.J., as she hadn't heard from him in a while. She invited him and Molly out for dinner soon. She urged him to call her back, and she hung up.

In an exam room at the hospital, Molly asked T.J. to relax, as she was nervous enough for both of them. Dr. Navarro entered the room and confirmed that Molly did have a severe case of endometriosis. She continued that they'd also done a fertility test, as Molly had asked, and it wasn't good news. She reminded Molly and T.J. that there were many options to have a child, and getting pregnant wouldn't be impossible for Molly, just unlikely. She figured that she would give the couple time to talk, and she left.

A crying Molly knew logically that she and T.J. could have a child, and they would love the child whether she carried it or not. However, she was heartbroken, and T.J. couldn't imagine what she was going through. A few minutes later, Molly had already changed back into her street clothes when T.J. returned with lots of information about endometriosis. She replied that she wasn't ready yet. He promised her that they could and would grow their family. "Just not in the way we thought we would," she said, and the two embraced.

Alexis showed Esme around the Invader office and was surprised to find Sam in her office. Esme remembered Sam from Spring Ridge and accused her of lying about being a private investigator. Sam insisted that she hadn't lied, and she was there because Alexis was her mother. Esme accused the two of trying to manipulate her like every other Cassadine. "I'm out," she said, kicking herself for continuously getting "fooled by you people."

Alexis insisted that her only motive for giving Esme a job was keeping the family intact, as Esme was extended family because of Ace. She advised Esme to complete the necessary paperwork at HR so she could start working immediately. Esme left, and Alexis closed the door behind her. Alexis promised a concerned Sam that her eyes were wide open. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and a courier arrived with an envelope for Alexis. When he was gone, Sam produced her own envelope inviting her to the reading of Victor's will. Sam didn't think it boded well when all the people invited were people that Victor had hated.

Sam commented that the story Alexis had done about Greenland was amazing, and Alexis admitted that Gregory had helped her. Alexis informed a surprised Sam that he'd told her what he'd been dealing with, but she hadn't heard from him since. Sam urged her mother to reach out and let Gregory know that Alexis was there if he needed her.

At the Savoy, Robert demanded to know what Holly was up to with Selina. As they argued, N'neka arrived and wondered who had let them in, as the club was closed. Robert explained that he was the district attorney, there on official business, but Holly invited him to talk somewhere more private. A few minutes later, the two were on the docks. Holly explained everything to Robert about Ethan and why she needed money for him -- and fast. Robert insisted that he could have helped, but Holly didn't want to get the man she loved in trouble.

Holly continued that she was in love with Robert and wanted to be with him, but she needed to help Ethan first. She also acknowledged that she couldn't keep asking him to cross the line for her, so she would handle it on her own. "Where does this end?" Robert asked quietly. He didn't know what kind of relationship they could have if she continually had to hide things from him. He realized that they weren't meant to be, and she lamented missing her chance. He promised that he loved her, and he would always be there for her.

"What now?" Robert asked. A crying Holly replied that she had to help her son. He wondered how, but she advised him not to ask questions he didn't want the answers to. She vowed to take care of it and told him not to worry about her. She added that letting go of him was the hardest thing she'd ever had to do. She insisted that she wanted him to be happy. They shared a kiss, and she left. "Goodbye, Holly," he muttered when she was gone.

At the hospital, Trina told Portia, Curtis, and Spencer how happy she was to know that she had people supporting her. Just then, a courier arrived and had Spencer sign for an envelope. Spencer opened it and saw that it was an invitation to the reading of Victor's will. Spencer and Trina walked away, speculating what Victor could have possibly left him. Portia lamented Trina's involvement with the Cassadines, but Curtis informed her that he'd witnessed how Spencer had stepped up for Trina in Greenland. Just then, Taggert arrived.

Trina and Spencer were still speculating about Victor when she noticed that Taggert had arrived, and she and Spencer walked over. The lab tech approached and announced that she was ready for them. She asked who wanted to go first, and Curtis volunteered. When he was gone, Trina feared what would happen if Curtis turned out to be her father. Taggert insisted that nothing would change, as she would always be his little girl.

A few minutes later, Trina admitted that she was glad Portia was there, even though she'd been hard on her mother. Portia was sorry that she'd put Trina in the position in the first place, and she admired Trina's courage. Trina admitted that, while she was still angry, she wasn't as angry as she had been, and the two embraced. Spencer was watching the interaction when Esme stepped off the elevator. She explained that she was there for a drug test for her new job, and she told Spencer about Alexis' offer.

Trina and Portia approached, and Spencer updated them. Esme knew that Alexis had an agenda but insisted that "I can play the game, too." She figured that she would need money if she wanted to move far away with Ace. Spencer informed her that wherever she went, he would be right behind her. When Esme was gone, Trina reminded Spencer that the job would at least keep Esme in Port Charles.

Portia watched as Spencer and Trina talked, and Taggert approached. She commented that she saw history repeating itself, but she would be ready "this time." Trina walked over to give Taggert a hug, and she took Spencer's arm so he could walk her to the lab. When the kids were gone, Taggert advised Portia that nothing good would result from warning Trina about Spencer. Portia replied that it was time for action. She refused to watch Spencer take Trina down, and she vowed to make sure that he was out of Trina's life for good.

At the Savoy, N'neka gave Curtis status updates for that night, and he asked her to meet the delivery truck out back. When she was gone, he looked at his paperwork from the hospital. Jordan entered and could tell that something was wrong with Curtis. He wondered if it was a mistake to go through with the DNA test because, if he turned out to be Trina's father, he could be "upending a perfectly happy family." Jordan insisted that he wasn't responsible for that, as Portia had made her choices.

Curtis admitted that he wanted to be Trina's dad more than anything, and the only thing that would hurt worse was if he wasn't. She was sorry that he was hurting, but she knew that he was strong enough to make it through anything. She reminded him that he wasn't alone. The two got closer and shared a kiss.

Josslyn makes a plea to Sonny

Josslyn makes a plea to Sonny

Friday, May 19, 2023

At the Savoy, Jordan believed that Curtis was strong enough to weather anything that happened, and she reminded him that he wasn't alone. The two shared a kiss until Curtis pulled away and suggested that they "get out of here." While she was tempted, she wanted to know why, as their feelings were always strong, there had also been other feelings that Curtis hadn't been able to get past. She admitted that she'd been ready to fight for their marriage, but he'd walked away. She said she'd accepted her part in things, but she'd never stopped loving him. She asked if she was only a rebound or if they had a real second chance.

Curtis replied that his life was up in the air. While he was proud of making the Savoy a success, he wondered if there was more to life, and he felt that it wasn't enough. He continued that he cared too much about Jordan to promise something that he wasn't sure he could deliver. He asked for time to figure things out. "Take the time you need. You know where to find me," she said. He kissed her on the cheek, and she left.

In Portia's office, Taggert warned that gunning for Spencer would backfire on Portia. He urged her not to blow all the progress she'd made with Trina and to instead focus on her own life. Portia admitted that worrying about Trina had distracted her from all the mistakes she'd made with Curtis. Taggert advised her to fight for her marriage before it was too late. Portia said she needed to protect Trina from Spencer. Taggert reminded her that Trina was no longer a little girl, and they couldn't make her do anything she didn't want to. Portia thanked him for stopping by and insisted that she appreciated what he'd had to say. She continued that Curtis had to want to make the marriage work, too, but in the meantime, she wouldn't take her eyes off of Trina.

At Crimson, Nina was looking through the new ads for the Deceptor when Sasha arrived. A few minutes later, Sasha made some suggestions for the ads, but Nina was clearly distracted. Nina admitted that she couldn't stop thinking about Willow. Sasha offered to talk to Carly and Michael on Nina's behalf, but Nina didn't want to put Sasha in that position. Sasha related that she'd been feeling confident, and she'd decided to petition the court to end her guardianship. Nina was proud of her, and Sasha was honored. Nina talked about the irony of their relationship, and Sasha hoped Willow changed her mind about Nina. She added that Nina was the mom she'd always wished for, and the two embraced.

A short while later, Sasha met Maxie at Haven Bistro, and she wondered what was so important that she'd had to leave Nina. Maxie informed Sasha what Cody had done at Home & Heart, as she figured Sasha would want to know. A shocked Sasha excused herself to go take care of something as she ran out.

Outside Kelly's, Scott informed Cody that the best way to stake a claim on the necklace was for Cody to sign an affidavit swearing that he was Leopold Taub's son. They entered the restaurant, where Liesl was treating James to a sundae. Cody excused himself to go talk to them, and Liesl introduced them. She commented that James was going to a camp that summer, but he was afraid of horses, which they had at the camp. Cody told James about his adventures with Dante, James's godfather, at summer camp when they'd been kids. He insisted that James would love it.

Just then, Scott approached with a box of cupcakes, and he told Liesl that he and Cody had to get back to their legal business. Cody took James over to the counter to pick out some brownies, and Scott sat down. Liesl wondered what their legal business was, but Scott replied that he didn't want to "ruin the surprise." A few minutes later, Cody told James that they would figure out a time James could visit the stables with Leo, and James left with Liesl.

Scott followed Liesl and James out and offered to drive them home. Liesl coldly agreed, and Scott was happy that things were "looking up." Inside the diner, Sasha arrived to see Cody.

There was a knock on Sonny's office door, and Frank escorted Josslyn in. Sonny was surprised to see her and made sure that everything was all right. She remembered him saying that he would do anything for her, and she was there to take him up on the offer. She asked Sonny to fire Dex so that he was free to make his own choices. Sonny replied that Dex could ask Sonny himself if that was what he wanted. He revealed that he had an "understanding" with Michael, and he hoped he could have one with Josslyn, too. "I'm game," she answered, and she continued that he could start by letting Dex go. "If that's what Dex wants, he knows where to find me," Sonny stated.

Dex was talking to Frank outside Sonny's office when Gladys arrived and pushed her way through. Frank informed her that Sonny was in a meeting. Frank handed Dex an envelope filled with cash and added that Sonny had said that Dex had earned it. Gladys eyed the money and muttered, "Nice work if you can get it." Josslyn emerged from Sonny's office, and she and Dex were surprised to see each other. He wondered what she was doing there. "Not here," she replied, and they left Pozzulo's.

Outside, Josslyn recapped her conversation with Sonny for Dex, and Dex was furious that she'd gotten herself involved. He insisted that he didn't need her to try to rescue him. Cooling down, he said that he appreciated her, but they were supposed to be in it together. She'd thought that he wanted to free of Sonny. "You know I do," he said, and he kissed her. He stated that they had to trust each other, and she agreed. She quickly excused herself, and he asked where she was going. "Trust me," she replied.

Gladys ran into Sonny's office and told him that it was his lucky day. She revealed that, thanks to dealing with Sasha's finances, she had a knack for finances, and she was "letting you in on the ground floor of an amazing opportunity." She talked about a new line at Deception that was sure to be a hit, and he wondered what was in it for her. "A finder's fee," she suggested, and he laughed. He assured her that his portfolio was fine. He left the office and asked Frank to get her a box of biscotti, and he left Pozzulo's. She asked Frank about the envelope he'd handed to Dex. "You know better than to ask," Frank replied politely. Gladys left with her biscotti and called Selina. "I might have something more valuable than money," she said.

At the hospital, Michael told someone on the phone that he was honoring Willow's wishes by making sure that Nina got nowhere near her. When he hung up, Dante was there, and he wondered if that was Willow's wish or Michael's. Michael replied that it was none of Dante's business, but Dante hoped things changed. Michael admitted that he was in a better place with Sonny, but he was counting on Sonny to choose his family over Nina. Dante had to go, and Michael thanked him for checking in. He urged Michael to not make Sonny choose between Michael and Nina, and he left. Just then, Josslyn entered and asked to talk to Michael in private about Dex.

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