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Chance found evidence that Phyllis might be alive. Summer was floored upon learning Phyllis had attended her own memorial. Elena lashed out at Victoria and Nate. Ashley claimed that she and Tucker were engaged. Sharon suspected Cameron Kirsten was behind her anonymous gift. Cameron checked into the Athletic Club.
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Chance found evidence that Phyllis might be alive. Ashley claimed she and Tucker were engaged. Sharon suspected Cameron Kirsten was behind her anonymous gift.
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Summer calls Phyllis and says she needs to come home

Summer calls Phyllis and says she needs to come home

Monday, May 22, 2023

by Nel

In their suite at the Athletic Club, Victoria told Nate it would be fun to obliterate Adam's chances to succeed before he got started. She asked if Nate thought she was callous for wanting to destroy Adam's chances with McCall. Nate said he didn't because he knew what Adam was capable of. He said it was a ruthless move, but he found it a necessary asset in his new career.

Nate asked if Victoria had planned that from the minute that Victor and Adam had bought McCall. Victoria admitted she'd always wanted that company, but she was concerned about what a battle would do to Newman Media. She said McCall's greatest strengths were media and entertainment, and that was where Adam had the most experience. She said if it came to an all-out war, Adam could focus all of McCall's assets and strengths on going after Newman Media.

Nate told Victoria he wasn't worried about that, and there was nothing he wouldn't do for her. Later, he suggested that he and Victoria leave separately, but before he left, he said he was on board with whatever move Victoria wanted to make against McCall. He said he would come up with some ideas of his own, and they could have a strategy session later.

Downstairs in the main dining room, Victor asked Adam about his plans for McCall. Adam ignored the question. Miffed, Victor said he'd offered Adam an enormous opportunity, and a chance to turn around a company that had been run into the ground. Adam said it was the reason he'd agreed to take control of McCall without interference.

Victor told Adam that he'd done turnarounds like that previously, and he asked why Adam wouldn't take advantage of his expertise. Adam reminded Victor he had autonomy. Victor claimed he wasn't looking to interfere and was only offering his help. He said people would pay him handsomely to help them in a situation like that, and he was offering it to Adam for free.

Adam claimed Victor's help came with strings and ulterior motives, and he didn't have the time or energy to figure out Victor's hidden agenda. Victor denied he had an agenda. He asked if Adam had forgotten how well they'd worked together at Newman Media. Adam admitted they had worked well together, but Newman Media was his main competitor -- and a shadow of its former self because of mismanagement.

Adam told Victor he was going to refocus McCall into its original mission, which was entertainment and media. He said he would sell off the rest and reinvest the capital into core divisions and become a strong competitor to Newman Media. Victor asked why Adam would go up against Newman Media. Adam said he saw Newman Media as a threat to his success at McCall.

Victor said going after Newman Media was a big mistake, and Adam was basing his decision-making on emotion because he was pissed off that Victoria had replaced Sally with Nate. Adam claimed it was a solid move, but Victor claimed it was a stupid move. Adam said if he sold off the dead weight and reinvested the capital to shore up the media business by going after Newman Media, he would be unstoppable, and nothing was going to stop him from taking that shot.

Victor warned Adam that Newman Media was a very strong and solid company with deep pockets. He advised Adam to go after the smaller fish, but Adam claimed he would squash Newman Media. Victor spotted Nate at the door. Adam noted his competition was without a gym bag, and he wondered what Nate was doing at the club so early.

Victor told Adam that Nate was probably on his way to the office, which Adam should also do if he was serious about outmaneuvering Newman Media. Adam left, and Victoria arrived. She joined Victor. He asked why Victoria was there so early.

Victoria told Victor she'd had a business dinner that had gone late, and she'd decided to take a room there. Victor asked what was going on between her and Nate. She admitted she and Nate were involved. She claimed it wasn't anything serious, and they enjoyed each other's company. Victor said Nick was concerned about Nate's intentions, and he asked if Nick should be concerned. She said it was none of Nick's or anyone else's business.

Victoria told Victor that Nate was ambitious, and Nick didn't understand that because he lacked that killer instinct. She said she loved Nick, but he wasn't ruthless or cutthroat. She said she liked that Nate was developing that edge, but perhaps he'd had it all along. Victor advised her to keep her edge because Adam intended to go after Newman Media. Confidently, she claimed that she and Nate could handle it.

In the park, Chelsea told Billy she'd missed him the previous day because it had been the first time they hadn't seen each on a daily basis. Billy admitted he'd wanted to call her several times, but he'd figured she'd wanted space. Sitting close to Billy, she said that was all the space she needed.

Billy told Chelsea that Jack was overwhelmed by Diane's case, Kyle and Summer were basically out of commission, and Jabot and Marchetti still needed to keep going. He said he made sure both companies kept running. Chelsea commented that he was stable in his personal and professional life. He said it felt good being good at his job and doing what he felt his father would have wanted him to do -- protect the family and the company, as well as stepping up in a crisis.

Chelsea told Billy she felt the same way and that Daniel respected and valued her work ethic. Billy said Daniel wasn't his number one fan, but he was a good guy. Billy asked when he could see her again. After checking their schedules, they settled on dinner the following evening. Billy said dinner could work, but Katie had ballet first. Chelsea asked if Katie ever felt left out of the family dinners. Billy said she didn't, and she took every opportunity to steer clear of Johnny.

At Crimson Lights, Daniel told Lucy he wished she could stay. Lucy said she knew Daniel really missed Phyllis, and she admitted she also did. Daniel told Lucy he had something strange to tell her.

After he'd told her the story, Lucy asked if Daniel believed Phyllis was alive and why Phyllis had pretended to die. Daniel said he didn't know. She asked if Phyllis had set someone up to take the blame for her murder. Daniel said Phyllis had a good heart but had fallen into a dark place the way he had, but Phyllis had spiraled a different way. He said Stark had taken advantage of her, and he'd forced her to go through with that crazy plan.

Daniel told Lucy that Phyllis hadn't been blameless, but she wouldn't have done anything like that had she been in the right state of mind. Lucy asked when Phyllis would return, since she couldn't stay on the run the for the rest of her life. Daniel said they were doing their best to find her and to bring her home so she could tell her side of events. He said the police would try to protect her.

Lucy said she was worried about Daniel because he had that same look he'd had when things had gotten bad. She said he looked like he was somewhere else. He assured Lucy he was fine, and he wasn't anywhere else.

Lucy asked about Daniel's boss/friend. He said Lily was good and had offered him time off, but he'd refused because he needed the distraction. He said things were progressing, development was in overdrive, and it was going to be amazing. Lucy said she hoped he'd fixed the glitch in the beta he'd sent her of Princess Alessa. Chelsea arrived and told Daniel she recognized the young woman as video game royalty, and it was an honor to meet Princess Alessa.

Lucy asked how Chelsea knew about Princess Alessa, because she thought it was top secret. Daniel said Chelsea was working with him on another exciting game. He told Chelsea that Lucy was about to give him a harsh critique about the Princess Alessa beta. Lucy said she loved Princess Alessa, and she saw a lot of him in it. Chelsea suggested they all get together for dinner before Lucy left. Daniel and Lucy loved the idea.

At the Abbott home, Jack told Diane that Michael was figuring out how to handle their recent evidence. Kyle announced that Chance would arrive shortly. Diane said once the police confirmed the DNA, Christine could drop the charges. Diane griped that her ankle monitor felt like a ball and chain. Kyle said he wanted the charges dropped and the nightmare over. Jack warned that the DNA might not be enough.

Summer entered, and she acknowledged that the latest news was overwhelming. Diane said she couldn't imagine how Summer felt, realizing what Phyllis was capable of, but she didn't hold Summer responsible for any of it because Summer was an innocent victim, as well.

Summer told Diane she wasn't a victim. Diane claimed she wasn't asking Summer for an apology. Summer questioned what she would apologize for. Diane claimed nothing at all. She said Summer wasn't responsible for Phyllis' actions, and as far as frame jobs went, Phyllis and Jeremy's had been very convincing. Diane said Summer was aware that Diane hadn't been to blame for Phyllis dying.

Diane wanted to know when Chance would arrive. Summer said he'd stopped by the previous evening. She said she'd gotten rid of him quickly because she kept hearing Daniel saying not to contact the authorities until they could figure out a way to help Phyllis. She said they'd apparently changed their minds. Diane asked how else they could clear her name. Jack said he was sorry there would be charges against Phyllis, but they couldn't protect Phyllis at Diane's expense.

Chance arrived. Summer told Chance she'd told everyone that they'd spoken briefly, and she'd excused herself to attend to Harrison. Chance confirmed they'd chatted briefly. Jack said they'd discovered that Stark had rented a motel room after Phyllis had supposedly died. He said they'd found strands of red hair in that room, and they'd been compared and tested against Summer's hair; they were a familial match. He said it proved Phyllis had been there and was alive.

Chance told Jack the hair could have been there before Stark had checked in. Jack commented that Phyllis had stayed in that room beforehand. Chance said she could have stayed there the night before she'd died to keep her marriage quiet. He said the hair could have been on Stark's clothing. Jack said he'd found the hair in the drain. Chance asked why Stark would need to go back to a sleazy motel room alone when he had a room at the Grand Phoenix. Jack suggested perhaps it had been a place for Phyllis to hide.

Chance asked when Jack had found the hair. Jack admitted he had found it the previous day. Chance asked if the room hadn't been cleaned since Stark's death. Diane interjected and claimed Phyllis was probably living it up somewhere. Summer shouted that wasn't true; Daniel had described her as a wreck. Jack said it was proof Phyllis was alive.

Chance asked how he would know Jack had gotten the hair from the motel room and hadn't pulled it off Phyllis' hairbrush. He said Jack should have known the hair wouldn't be enough to clear Diane. Angry, Kyle harshly said that it should be enough for Chance to reopen the case and do his "damn job" instead of having them do it for him. Diane asked if Chance could see what that horrible lie was doing to all of them. Chance admitted he did, but he also saw two people who weren't above faking evidence.

Jack said even if the hair wasn't enough to get the charges dropped, Chance had to take the DNA evidence seriously. Kyle demanded that Chance follow up with Christine and reopen the investigation. Chance said he knew Christine would say the DNA wasn't solid evidence because she'd surmised that Daniel's supposed information had been because of a leak in the department.

Diane told Chance that Michael wouldn't agree. Chance suggested that Michael use that DNA in court. Kyle barked that they planned to do just that. Chance wished them luck. He said the chain of custody of the hair had been compromised, and there was no one to corroborate Daniel's story or verify how Jack had gotten the hair. Chance blamed Jack for the evidence being questionable because the son and fiancé of the accused had done their own search.

Chance asked why Jack hadn't told him about the motel room or allowed the police to search the place and Chance to do his job. He said even if everything was true, they'd screwed themselves by going rogue again. He said the DNA wasn't the solution they were looking for, and he left.

Kyle shouted that they were worse off than before; they'd alienated Chance and brought the evidence into doubt. Jack admitted he was to blame for the setback because he hadn't gotten the police involved. He claimed Chance would realize they'd put enough doubt in his mind that he and Christine would have to pursue it on their own. Summer slowly and quietly left the house. Jack insisted they would do whatever it took to clear Diane's name. He said there had to be more evidence out there.

Kyle told Jack they had to check all the surveillance cameras around the motel at the time Phyllis had been hiding out. Diane said that after Chance's warning, it should be handled by the police. Jack said they needed to hire an independent investigator. Diane claimed Phyllis wasn't dumb, and she would have been in disguise and kept a low profile. Kyle said Summer could pick Phyllis out by her walk. He turned to ask Summer for confirmation, but she was gone.

Jack told Diane and Kyle that he hated that Phyllis had put everyone through the mill. Diane asked what would happen if Phyllis had covered her tracks too well. She said Phyllis was clever enough that they might never find her. Diane said she'd done it, and it had been her example that had set the whole thing in motion.

Jack told Diane they knew Phyllis was alive, and Chance would have to track her down. Diane griped that she was trapped in the house, and she asked how she could help. Jack suggested she start planning their wedding. He said Phyllis and Stark had robbed them of their engagement, and he promised Diane would have the wedding of her dreams.

In the park, Audra commented that she didn't usually see Nate on her way to work. She noted that he was wearing the same suit he'd worn the previous day. He said he'd stayed at the Athletic Club. She asked if he'd spent more time with Victoria. Nate said he didn't like what her tone implied. Audra claimed that spending more time with the boss was good for both of them. Nate suggested Audra keep her thoughts about his relationship with Victoria to herself. He said if being with Victoria helped him, that was great, but the connection between them was real.

Audra told Nate not to forget the endgame and reminded him they were in it together. She said she could be a valuable asset as another set of eyes and ears at Newman. She said without her, Nate wouldn't know what people were saying about him and Victoria. Nate said when he rose in the ranks, he would see to it that Newman Media was hers.

At Society, Summer thanked Chance for not saying anything about their discussion in front of everyone. He said it hadn't been his place to put her on the spot or reveal how long she'd known Phyllis was alive. As someone who'd had secrets wreak havoc on his relationship,Chance suggested that if she kept what she knew from Kyle, it could spell big trouble for her marriage.

Summer thanked Chance for giving her the space she needed, and she admitted she'd been serious when she'd asked for his help. She said he was the only person she could count on to help her find Phyllis and help clear Phyllis' name. Chance said he needed to know what had happened, and he asked if there was anything she wanted to tell him. She said she had nothing more to say. Chance said he would be in touch with any updates.

Outside, Summer called Phyllis and told her everything had hit the fan, and Summer couldn't do it anymore. She said Phyllis needed to return home.

Nick notices something creepy about Sharon's gift

Nick notices something creepy about Sharon's gift

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

At Devon and Abby's penthouse, Abby rambled about how Dominic never ceased to amaze her, but Devon seemed preoccupied. Abby guessed it was about work, and Devon informed her that he was catching up on things while Lily was visiting Charlie in New York. Devon insisted that everything was good, and Abby loved seeing him excited to go back to Chancellor-Winters. She considered it a blessing that he'd avoided getting wrapped up with Tucker and McCall Unlimited. Devon was happy Tucker's company was someone else's problem.

Abby inquired whether Devon had any regrets about turning down Tucker's offer. Devon swore that the only regret he had was not having enough time to spend with her that morning before he went to work. Abby playfully scolded him for the way he was looking at her, since she had to go to Society. He groaned that the honeymoon phase was over, but she assured him it had just begun. Abby reasoned that she didn't feel bad kicking him out because they'd have plenty of time to make love later. They pledged their love, and he headed to the door. Devon stopped short when he found moving boxes in the hallway.

In Chancellor Park, Audra greeted Tucker and voiced surprise that he was still in Genoa City. He recalled that she'd said the town had its appeal, but she doubted that the place's charm had kept him there or that he'd been spending his time playing pickleball. Audra surmised that he was still pining for the love of his life, and she questioned where Ashley was. Tucker contemplated whether Audra was trying to convince him she wasn't jealous or if she was attempting to give him the impression she was covering her intense jealousy.

Audra scoffed at the idea of being jealous of Tucker's "puppy adoration" for a woman who clearly didn't feel the same way about him. Tucker bragged that he was living at the Abbott mansion at Ashley's request, and he wondered if Audra was still banging her head against the wall with Nate. She shared that she'd hoped for more entertainment, but the situation had worked out better than she'd planned. Tucker noted that Audra was most productive when mixing business with pleasure, but she insisted that she'd been keeping things strictly business.

Audra marveled that Nate was hungry, smart, and decisive, which was exactly the kind of partner she needed and wanted at that stage of her career. She pointedly added that Nate was the opposite of a man who was mildly charming and only occasionally useful but so indecisive and weak-willed that he'd lost everything he had in an embarrassing fashion. Tucker thought she'd forgotten who she was talking to. Audra conceded that her past collaborations with Tucker had been beneficial for both of them, since they'd both gotten something out of it -- in and out of the bedroom.

Audra doubted that Tucker would have put up with her if he hadn't respected her abilities and ambition. Tucker admitted that was true, and he supposed it was a parting of the ways for them. They wished one another well, and he warned her not to get too cocky because Nate had proven on more than one occasion that he wasn't above ruthlessly turning on those he was closest to. Tucker predicted that Nate wouldn't let Audra get in his way if she was no longer useful to him. Tucker kissed Audra's cheek and left.

At Crimson Lights, Devon approached Elena on the patio and said it was good to see her. He mentioned the boxes he'd seen outside her apartment, and he wondered if she and Nate hadn't told him they were moving. Elena clarified that the boxes were hers and not Nate's. Devon flatly asked what Nate had done. Devon was floored when Elena informed him that Nate had been sleeping with Victoria.

Elena confided that she'd thought Nate would go back to being the man she'd loved, so she'd given him a chance to turn his life around, but he'd thrown her trust back in her face. Elena recognized that Nate had become obsessed with money and success, and he'd found a woman with the same priorities. Devon mused that Nate had clearly changed over the past year, and he hoped Elena knew she deserved better. She declared that she was relieved to finally be done with Nate. Elena quipped that Nate was swimming with sharks, and Victoria would eat him alive the minute she smelled blood in the water.

Later, Audra entered the coffeehouse and ranted to Elena that she couldn't believe Nate had been acting like nothing had changed. Elena pointed out that Audra couldn't have expected him to walk into work and shout from the rooftops that he was sleeping with his boss. Audra mentioned that Nate and Victoria still hadn't gone public with their relationship, and she refused to keep her mouth shut. Elena told Audra not to worry about her, and Audra voiced surprise that Elena didn't want people to know how badly Nate had treated her. Audra speculated that Elena was more interested in thinking about payback.

Elena opted not to waste her energy when Victoria and Nate would probably hurt one another more than Elena ever could. Audra imagined that Elena had told them off when she'd found them together in L.A. Elena recounted that Victoria had made herself scarce, but Elena had thrown a drink on Nate. Elena hardly remembered it because it had been a blur, but she knew she hadn't wanted to make a public scene. Elena realized that she still had a lot to say to Victoria. Audra pointed out that Victoria was likely in her office without many people around.

At Newman Enterprises, Nate informed Victoria that he'd researched McCall's subsidiaries, and he'd found a lot of vulnerable weak spots they could take advantage of. She smirked and purred that she loved a proactive business partner who took initiative. He credited her for inspiring the best in him. Nick interrupted and asked to speak with his sister.

Nick rolled his eyes as Victoria instructed Nate to increase the marketing budget on their podcasts. After Nate exited, Nick claimed that he and Victoria needed to discuss budget issues with Newman's newest acquisitions. Victoria waited for Nick to give her another lecture, and he complained that he'd just happened to walk in on her and Nate yet again. Victoria griped that Victor had interrogated her after Nick had riled him up, and she would have appreciated the opportunity to tell Victor about her relationship with Nate herself. Nick defended that his concern had been for the company.

Victoria pointed out that Nick had been seeing Sally when they'd been working together, yet he considered Victoria and Nate a recipe for disaster. Nick argued that there was one big difference -- Sally had never been gunning for his job. Nick wondered what made Victoria think Nate wouldn't do the same thing at Newman that he'd tried to pull at Chancellor-Winters. Victoria defended that Nate had been acting on Newman's behalf at his old company, so there was no reason to hold a grudge. Nick suggested that she ask what Elena, Lily, and Devon thought about what Nate had done.

Nick questioned why Nate was always having meetings with Victoria instead of getting stuff done in his own office. Nick contended that Nate had been making himself familiar with every division of Newman when he should be focused on his own division. Victoria scoffed at the idea of penalizing Nate for broadening his knowledge of their company when he should be commended for it. Nick couldn't believe she didn't see the giant red flag right in front of her face, since they'd been there before. Victoria firmly stated that there would be no repeat of the Ashland Locke affair, and she ordered Nick to drop it because he was the only person there who had a problem.

Nate strolled through the park and ran into Devon. Nate thanked Devon for including him in the celebration for Neil, and Devon wished Elena could have been there. Devon revealed that he'd just found out why she hadn't been, and he admonished Nate for ruining the only good thing Nate had had left in his life. Nate swore that he wasn't happy about the relationship ending, and Devon testily questioned whether someone had forced Nate to have sex with his boss. Nate hoped Devon wasn't about to lecture him from the glass house he lived in, noting that Amanda had literally caught Devon cheating with his pants down.

Devon recalled how Nate and Elena had gotten together. Devon thought neither he nor Nate could judge one another, but it was clear Nate had lost his way in life. Devon barked that Nate wasn't the man he'd been a year earlier, and he speculated that perhaps the real Nate had finally been unleashed. Nate insisted that he was the man he'd always been, and he supposed Devon hadn't noticed that, because Devon always made things about himself.

Nate griped that he'd always been on the sidelines as the convenient cousin to turn to when Devon needed medical advice, but Devon had never accepted or respected him at Chancellor-Winters. Devon spat that Nate had gone behind their backs to sell out their family company to his new girlfriend, but Nate thought Devon should shoulder some of the blame. Devon hoped climbing the corporate ladder kept Nate warm at night. Nate proclaimed that Devon had never known him at all, and he stalked off.

Nate returned to Victoria's office and asked what had been going on with an increasingly intense Nick. Victoria reported that her brother had gotten it into his head that Nate was angling for Nick's job. Victoria chalked it up to Nick having a hard time getting past other people's transgressions, even though he'd had a few of his own. Nate conceded that he didn't hate the idea of rising to the top one day, and he cooed that he could think of much worse things than working alongside Victoria. There was a knock at the door, and Elena entered. "Well, would you look at this. The two of you together -- and you have clothes on," Elena sarcastically marveled, asking, "Special occasion?"

Nate politely asked if there was something he could do for Elena, who smiled and confirmed there was. He invited her to go somewhere and talk, but Victoria prompted Elena to say what she was there to say. Elena observed that the two of them seemed very in sync, and she wondered if they really didn't think people realized what had been going on in the office or that they'd shared a room in L.A. Elena imagined they hadn't, since having a dirty little secret was what made it exciting. She clucked that it was pretty careless to ruin their professional reputations over a tawdry affair.

Elena announced that she was there to quit her podcast, and she expected Victoria and Nate to let her out of her contract with no questions. She added that she didn't want to hear any nonsense about the noncompetition clause, since it wouldn't matter because she intended to put her full attention back on medicine. Elena asserted that it was a career that changed and saved lives rather than destroyed them, and it didn't only care about bank accounts.

Elena realized that she should have known Nate was a lost cause when he'd left medicine because he hadn't been able to handle not being a rockstar surgeon anymore. She mocked him for thinking his job, position, and office really meant something, "It just means that you're pathetic. The both of you are so damn pathetic," she spat. Elena walked out.

At Society, Billy provided Jack with updates about Jabot, but Jack clearly wasn't listening. Billy saw no point in meeting to talk about business when Jack could only think about Diane. Jack apologized for being distracted, and he mentioned that he was working on something that gave him hope they'd be able to clear her name. Jack pledged to focus on Jabot, and he asked what he could take off Billy's plate. Billy divulged that the most important thing Jack needed to know was that Ashley might be planning a coup.

A stunned Jack refused to believe Ashley was planning on making a move against him. Billy revealed that she'd floated the idea of convening the board to take action against Jack because she was concerned about the way Diane had wormed her way back into Jack's life in record time. Billy added that he'd heard rumblings about Ashley gathering the troops to vote against Jack because of his unwavering devotion to Diane. Billy cautioned that others would see it as a sign of weakness that Jack was too invested in a woman who might end up in jail for a long time. Jack inquired whether Billy also thought Jack should step down.

Billy clarified that he had complete confidence in Jack's leadership, and he thought their dad would have been proud. Billy added that he was honored to be there to take some pressure off Jack in a time like that, and he promised that he wasn't planning a coup of his own. Billy believed Ashley was genuinely worried that if Diane beat the murder charges, she would want a piece of the Abbott pie and force Jack to give her a leadership position in their family's company. Jack groused that Ashley was completely irrational where Diane was concerned.

Billy admitted that he'd debated whether to mention anything because he hadn't wanted it to turn into a "shoot-the-messenger" situation. Billy wondered if Jack was aware of how it looked to the outside world that his fiancée had been charged with the murder of Jack's ex-wife just moments after Jack and Diane had announced their engagement. Jack realized that he hadn't looked at it that way, and he thanked Billy for his honesty. Jack pledged to handle everything from there, and he left.

Later, Abby and Billy hugged hello and exchanged pleasantries. He remarked that he was happy he wasn't living at the Abbott house, which was filled with drama and tension. Abby groaned that she could only imagine all the people with their own agendas living under the same roof. Billy voiced concern for Summer. Abby echoed the sentiment, but she was more worried about Tucker completely winning Ashley back.

Jack returned home and found Tucker on the couch, reading a book. Jack yelled for Ashley, and when he received no response, he demanded to know where she was. Tucker compared the manners at the mansion to a truck stop on a Friday night. Jack snapped that he had no tolerance for snide remarks, and he again asked "where the hell" his sister was. Tucker replied that he didn't know, and even if he did, he wouldn't tell Jack because he didn't want an upset Jack going after Ashley.

Jack scoffed at the thought of Tucker being Ashley's protector. Tucker recalled Jack warning him not to hurt Ashley, and he snarled that the warning went double for Jack. "Who the hell are you to give me orders in my house about my sister?" Jack growled. Tucker asked if Jack had forgotten what Tucker was capable of. Tucker warned Jack to back off Ashley because Jack didn't want to make Tucker his enemy.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon asked a clearly agitated Nick what was going on, but he declined to talk about it. She tried to brighten his mood by describing how much fun she'd had babysitting Aria. Nick found it hard to believe Sharon was someone's grandma, since she seemed more like a cool aunt. Sharon gushed that Aria's real aunt couldn't wait to meet the baby in person, and Nick hoped Faith returned home soon for some needed family time. Nick spotted the bottle of Champagne behind the counter, and he inquired whether Sharon was turning the place into a bar. He invited her to pour him a drink.

Sharon explained that the bottle had been delivered anonymously, but she'd confirmed that neither the kids nor Adam had sent it. Nick guessed that Chance had done it, but Sharon thought Chance would have signed the card instead of including a cryptic note. "Memories are what life is made of," she quoted, noting that it didn't sound like Chance. Nick surveyed the bottle and remarked that it was a nice vintage. He pointed out that there appeared to be a smudge of paint on it, but upon closer inspection, he determined that the stain looked like blood.

Nick quickly added that he wasn't a forensics expert, and the splotch was probably just a red wine stain from the store. Sharon thought the color was off for a wine stain, and she pondered who would send her an expensive but damaged bottle of Champagne as a gift. Nick inquired whether she'd called the store that had sent it, but she informed him that the delivery hadn't had any information about a store or a return address. She added that there hadn't been any postage or mailing label, and she hadn't thought to ask the delivery guy anything. Nick advised her not to drink it just to be safe.

Nick found it weird that someone had sent an expensive bottle of Champagne anonymously, but Sharon considered it a shame to waste it. He conceded that it was probably nothing to worry about, but he urged her to err on the side of caution. Sharon agreed that something seemed strange about the gesture, and he teased that it was the bloodstain. He suggested that she get rid of the bottle if it bothered her, and he headed out. Sharon nervously looked around as if she sensed someone watching her. She dumped the bottle in the trash.

Audra and Nate discuss their plans to oust Nick and Nikki

Audra and Nate discuss their plans to oust Nick and Nikki

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

by Nel

At Newman, Nikki asked why Victoria was so radiant, with the energy around her crackling like it would after a victory. Nikki said she'd heard Elena had stormed out of Victoria's office, and she asked if that had been Victoria's victory. Victoria said Elena had told her and Nate exactly what she thought of them, and she'd broken her podcast contract.

Victoria told Nikki the guilt and the sneaking around had weighed on her. She was glad Elena knew about them, so Elena could move on and heal, and Victoria and Nate could have their relationship out in the open. She said Nate was a real part of her life, and Nikki, Victor, and Nick would have to accept it.

Victoria told Nikki that Victor had interrogated her, and Nick wouldn't let up about Nate being too ambitious and untrustworthy. Nikki said those were valid concerns, but Victoria claimed they didn't know Nate the way she did. She said she could be herself around him, and they were in sync with each other.

Nikki reminded Victoria that she'd had the same synergy before. Victoria shouted for Nikki not to mention Ashland, J.T., or her horrible taste in men because Nick had already reminded her of that. Nikki stated that what Ashland had done to Victoria had been devastating, and it had been a long time since she'd considered a romantic relationship. She said Victoria's happiness was most important to her, and she would always look out for Victoria. Nikki conceded it was time for Victoria to look out for herself and trust her instincts and her heart.

In Audra's suite, Nate told Audra that Elena had shown up in Victoria's office while he'd been there. Audra said she'd run into Elena at the coffeehouse, and she'd had a feeling Elena would head to Newman when she'd left. Nate said Elena had ripped into him and Victoria, and she'd quit the podcast. Audra told him it was over and to stop beating himself up.

Nate told Audra it was hard not to feel guilty, and it hadn't helped that he'd run into Devon, who'd also piled it on. Audra told him that when he screwed people over, he didn't get to feel sorry for himself when they dumped on him. He said he was tired of being judged.

Nate told Audra that Nick and Victoria had argued recently, and Nick was worried that Nate was using his relationship with Victoria and gunning for Nick's or Nikki's job. Audra applauded Nick for uncovering Nate's final agenda. She said any fool could see Nate had feelings for Victoria, and it made him vulnerable. She said emotions could mess with one's head, interfere with the best-laid plans, and "blow everything to hell." Nate claimed it wouldn't happen because he was an excellent multitasker.

Audra told Nate she didn't see Nick being nervous as a good thing because he would be more protective of his position, and Victoria would be more suspicious of Nate. She said none of it worked in their favor. Nate said Nick and Victoria's relationship was increasingly acrimonious. He said when Nick attacked Nate, Victoria defended him. He said after their latest battle, Victoria had informed him that Nick was afraid Nate wanted his job. He had said he wasn't averse to moving up at some point, and Victoria hadn't had a problem with it.

Audra told Nate that could be a positive development, because the closer Nate got, the deeper the divide grew between Nick and Victoria. She said it didn't hurt that Victoria already had the idea of Nate moving up in the ranks. He said he hadn't pushed, only finessed it, and that was the key to getting what they wanted. Audra said she'd mentioned to Victoria that someday, she hoped to have Nate's job. Nate said Victoria had warned him about Audra. He said he'd told Victoria that he admired Audra's ambition. He warned Audra that there wouldn't be any unilateral moves.

Nate told Audra that Newman Media might be headed for a showdown with Adam. Audra claimed Newman Media would crush McCall. She said that because of all the years she'd worked with Tucker, she knew everything about McCall, and she would be aware of any back alley moves Adam would make.

Audra told Nate she wanted to focus on a faster timeline, but Nate claimed he understood patience. He said it wouldn't be easy to oust Nick or Nikki from their positions. It would take time, and he intended to use that time to put in the work. He wanted to get a feel for the company, get to know Victoria on a much deeper level, and earn her respect. He wanted to be fully prepared to help Newman Enterprises when the time came.

Downstairs in the main dining room, Summer noted that Kyle seemed on edge. She apologized and blamed herself for the tension between them. Kyle admitted he felt like he was losing a little more of her each day. Summer admitted she'd treated him horribly because she was furious with Diane, and she took it out on Kyle.

Summer said she'd been looking for answers in Phyllis' death, and she thought Kyle was in denial. She said she'd shut him out to protect herself and to punish him. Kyle said Phyllis was alive, and Summer could let go of the pain. She said her grief had turned into terror because she didn't know where Phyllis was, if she was okay, or what would happen if the police couldn't find her. He said he wanted Phyllis at home where she belonged.

Summer told Kyle she hadn't deserved the support she'd received from him. Kyle reminded her that she'd been supportive when Diane had returned to his life. Kyle stepped away to take a business call. Daniel approached and said they had to talk about Phyllis. Summer said she was all talked out, especially with Daniel. He said being angry with each other wouldn't solve anything. Summer stated that there was a lot more to solve since Daniel had opened his mouth.

Kyle returned with Lucy. Lucy told Kyle she was really sorry about what Phyllis and Stark had done to Diane. Lucy said she missed Phyllis, but she didn't know why it would be so terrible hurting "that Stark guy" after he'd faked Phyllis' death and framed Diane for it. Kyle said he and Summer had been talking about how much she needed to see Phyllis face to face. Daniel reminded Lucy she had a manicure appointment. He asked Kyle to show Lucy the way.

Alone, Summer chastised Daniel for telling Lucy. Daniel asked why she wouldn't accept that telling the truth was the right thing to do for their and Phyllis' sakes. Summer retorted that it wasn't if it landed Phyllis in prison or led Phyllis to a life on the run. She said he'd ruined everything for Phyllis. She said if the police looked for Phyllis and found her, she would be thrown into prison before she'd had a chance to clear herself.

Daniel told Summer that Diane would be out from under a murder rap, and she would be free to live her life again. Summer said that wasn't a fair trade. He asked if it was fair for them to sit on that secret, or to lie to Kyle and let him believe his mother might be facing life in prison. Summer said she'd tried to get in touch with Phyllis but hadn't received a response.

Summer said she was worried that Phyllis knew Daniel had told half of Genoa City and that he'd scared Phillis away. Daniel claimed he'd told the people who needed to know in order to get the help Phyllis needed to return home. Summer said Daniel had made everything worse. Kyle returned. Daniel left. Kyle asked when Summer was going to cut Daniel a break.

Summer told Kyle she didn't feel Daniel deserved a break. She said he'd told Kyle and Jack before he'd told her about Phyllis, and he'd tried to convince Kyle not to tell her at all. She asked why she was the only person concerned about protecting Phyllis. Kyle asked what he could do to help. Summer claimed she had to go. Kyle said he thought they were good and asked what was going on.

Summer said she couldn't discuss it. Shouting, Kye said she'd shut him out when Phyllis had died, and she'd shut him out when she was alive. When Summer was about to answer an incoming call, Kyle asked if that was more important than what they were discussing. She walked away to take the call. Kyle stormed out. Summer answered the call, but there was no one there. She immediately received a text message from "Unknown" -- "Meet me in an hour. Location TBD."

At home, shouting, Jack told Tucker that whatever was going on between Jack and Ashley was none of Tucker's concern. Jack wanted to know where Ashley was. Tucker vowed that if Jack was planning to make Ashley's life difficult, Tucker would make Jack's life "a living hell."

Ashley entered and asked what was going on. Jack claimed Tucker was trying to insert himself into something that was none of his business. Ashley told Jack to back off. Jack said he knew she was trying to stage a coup at Jabot. He warned her she would fail miserably, and she would have no standing, lose all credibility, and trash her reputation.

Ashley smiled and told Jack the only enemy the family had was Diane. Jack told her to leave Diane out of it, but Ashley claimed all roads led back to Diane. Ashley claimed she was trying to protect the family's' legacy, and she wouldn't allow their company and family to be Diane's latest casualty. She said she wasn't going to let Diane drag them down.

Diane rushed into the room and said the constant arguing and yelling had to stop. Ashley claimed she had a solution, but Jack shouted that Diane wasn't going anywhere. Diane said they had chased Kyle and Summer into the pool house, Ali had moved in with Noah, and Traci had escaped to New York. She said it wasn't a home but a battleground. She asked Ashley to show a little mutual respect.

Ashley said that was rich coming from Diane. Jack warned her. Ashley said he didn't get to warn her, and Diane didn't get to give her orders. Ashley claimed that with a few adjustments to Diane's ankle monitor, she could move into the pool house and allow Kyle and Summer to move back into the main house. She told Diane the pool house was the same as it had been before Diane had burned it down.

Jack claimed Ashley had only lived there off and on over the years, and he accused her of claiming it was her pied-à-terre. Shouting, he claimed that while she'd been on her adventures, he'd been living in, managing, and maintaining the family home. He said Diane was more family than Tucker would ever be, and if Ashley needed to attack Diane constantly, he suggested that Ashley rethink her living arrangements. Ashley said Tucker was part of their family because Tucker was her fiancé.

Jack asked Ashley if that was a joke. Ashley asked why she would lie about being engaged to the man she loved. Diane claimed Tucker looked as surprised as she and Jack were. Tucker said it was only because they hadn't planned on sharing the news yet. Jack asked if it was one of Ashley's nasty and petty little games -- making a mockery of love and marriage. Ashley denied it.

Jack told Ashley he couldn't believe she would even think of marrying Tucker because everyone knew who he was. Ashley said the old Tucker would have left when he'd realized things weren't going the way he'd wanted them to, but he'd chosen to stay. She'd seen him fight for a relationship with his son and fall in love with his grandson, and she'd seen him vulnerable, loyal, and honest. She said he surprised her daily in his effort to do the right thing. Jack claimed Tucker was conning her, but Ashley told him Tucker had never faked his death. She told Jack not to judge Tucker -- or her for loving him.

Ashley said Jack's obsession with Diane had been nothing but selfishness. She said he'd turned his back on their company, Summer and her grief, and everyone and everything in his life to fixate on being Diane's hero. She warned Jack it wouldn't end well. Before she and Tucker left, Ashley asked Diane to hold on to the bridal magazines because Ashley would need them.

Jack asked Diane how they'd gotten to a place where every encounter with Ashley was a battle. Jack said the only thing missing in that house was peace, and he admitted he was partly to blame. He said maybe he was obsessed with trying to clear Diane's name and had been remiss in other areas, but he couldn't take the unrelenting attacks against Diane. He said if he could throw Ashley and Tucker out, he would.

Diane told Jack not to blame Ashley completely because she didn't know Phyllis was alive, and when she looked at Diane, she saw a murderer. Diane said Ashley hadn't been wrong about everything; Ashley had been right about Diane's past, her choices, and the terrible things she'd done. She said Ashley had every right to be angry, but it didn't take away the importance of family, the one she and Jack shared with Kyle, Summer, Harrison, and Allie, and the one he'd grown up in, which included Ashley. She said they would do their best to love and protect each other, and one day, they might be one big, happy family.

Jack said Diane was a marvel if she could find that generosity of spirit for someone who had treated her so badly. He said it made him love her more.

At Society, Victoria told Adam she'd heard that Newman Media might be a threat to his company. He asked if she denied it. Victoria admitted Newman Media was most definitely a threat to his new company. She walked to the bar. Adam joined her and noted that she'd spoken to Victor. She said Victor had told her Adam intended to go after Newman Media. He said it was good Victor had given her advance warning so it could be a fair fight.

Victoria told Adam it was Victor asking her to take pity on Adam's ramshackle company. Adam claimed she knew McCall's potential because she'd wanted to buy it, and she knew the threat was real. Victoria reminded him that she'd walked away because it hadn't been worth it. Adam claimed she'd run because she'd known Victor was going to put him in charge of McCall, and Victoria couldn't have that. Victoria said it was a pity that Victor had spent so much money buying a company for Adam just so Adam could run it into the ground.

Victoria told Adam that Newman Media was strong and cutting edge, and it had the full backing of Newman Enterprises, whereas McCall Unlimited was a failed company that should have been sold and raided for the few lucrative divisions it had left. She told him to go ahead and pound his chest about coming after Newman Media, but he would be busy keeping McCall off life support while Newman rolled over him on their way to greater success.

Adam told Victoria he looked forward to proving her wrong. She said she looked forward to the bump in the road. He said she underestimated him. She claimed Adam was too emotional. She said business and victory required a very cool head. She claimed Adam was a hothead, he would make mistakes, and he would take McCall down with him.

Adam reminded Victoria he'd been CEO of Newman Media, he knew the company's inner workings better than anyone, and he was prepared for what was ahead. She said it could be fun. Adam suggested they let the battle begin.

In the park, Ashley asked if Tucker believed her sanctimonious, self-righteous, hypocritical brother. She noted that Diane hadn't said much because Diane had known Ashley had spoken the truth. Tucker said the best part for him was where they were engaged.

Ashley said Tucker's idea to mess with Jack and Diane had been brilliant. Tucker said Ashley had said other things, and he asked if that had also been to mess with Jack or to string him along. She asked why she would ask him to move in with her if that was the case. She said she'd seen the good in him, she could see the man he could be, and she cared a lot about that man. Tucker said back at the house, she'd said she loved him. He asked if that had been for dramatic effect or if she could look him in the eye and say it again.

Summer tells Phyllis they are doing things her way

Summer tells Phyllis they are doing things her way

Thursday, May 25, 2023

by Nel

At the Athletic Club, Daniel reflected on his discussion with Summer. Summer told him he'd ruined everything for Phyllis. She said if the police found her, they would throw her into prison before she had a chance to clear herself. Daniel claimed Diane would be cleared of the murder wrap and free to live her life again.

Summer said it wasn't a fair trade, but he asked if it was fair for them to keep such a secret and keep lying to Kyle. Summer said she was worried that Phyllis knew that he'd told half of Genoa City about her, and he'd scared her away. Daniel admitted he'd told the people who'd needed to know to get Phyllis the help she needed to come home. Summer said she lived in reality, and he'd made everything worse.

Lily surprised Daniel when she joined him at the bar and kissed him. Lucy joined them and told Lily that Daniel had missed her. Lily suggested they have dinner together, but Daniel said he and Lucy already had plans. Lucy invited Lily to go with them. He said they were having dinner at Society with Johnny, Connor, Chelsea, and Billy. Lily agreed to join them.

In the jazz lounge, Abby told Devon she was worried that Ashley was thinking about marrying Tucker. She said Jack had been in a sour mood when she'd arrived, and when she'd asked to see Ashley, Jack had said she was out with Tucker, and she had some big news to share. Abby said it might have something to do with that fake engagement. Devon said if Ashley had begun trusting Tucker, maybe he'd given her a reason to. Abby suggested maybe he had Ashley fooled.

Abby told Devon she wanted to think Tucker was a changed man and that he'd evolved, especially for Dominic. She was concerned Tucker would skip town like he always had, and Dominic would lose his grandfather. Devon said he didn't know if he believed Tucker's retirement story. He said he wasn't sure Tucker could live life without having any action in it. Devon suggested that Tucker might have a corporate scheme going on -- with Ashley as the key.

Abby asked Devon if that so-called engagement was part of Tucker's plan. Devon said they were speculating, and he suggested they wait and see if Tucker and Ashley were actually engaged. Abby said Tucker had moved in, and he'd proposed to Ashley; that didn't sound speculative. She said if Ashley and Tucker married, Tucker would be in the perfect position to hurt Ashley again. Devon said Ashley wouldn't let that happen. He said he thought Abby had been warming up to Tucker after their dance the previous night.

Abby told Devon that might have been part of Tucker's scheme because he was charming and got people to let their guard down, and that was when he struck. Abby said Devon was right, Tucker didn't just sell his company and walk away. She wondered if Tucker was after Jabot again. She said he'd done that before, and if that was his plan, she would crush him before she would let that happen.

Devon suggested that Abby stop stressing over something that hadn't happened yet. She said if Tucker was winning Ashley over, they had to do something to protect her. Devon suggested that he get closer to Tucker and build up their relationship. He said once they had it, Tucker might slip and say something about what was going on. Devon said if he found out that Tucker was playing Ashley or going after Jabot, Devon would crush him.

In the park, Tucker apologized to Ashley for putting her on the spot. He said she'd proclaimed her love for him in front of Jack and Diane, and she had informed Jack and Diane about their engagement without warning him first. He asked Ashley if any of that had been real because he deserved to know where things stood. Ashley admitted it had to be confusing for him to hear her talking about their love and their bond. She apologized, but she couldn't tell him what he wanted to hear. However, she said they were obviously more than just friends. She admitted she was attracted to him and enjoyed spending time with him.

Ashley told Tucker she trusted him a little more each day. She said her heart was beginning to open up, but he was asking too much if he wanted her to tell him she loved him. Tucker said he would never give up on them. He wished she could love him for who he was instead of who he could be. Ashley suggested they should focus on their fake engagement. She said they had to prove they were serious, and they should talk about some extravagant wedding plans ad nauseum in front of Jack and Diane.

Ashley said she and Tucker could talk about their fantastic honeymoon in Copenhagen, where they could see the northern lights. Tucker said he was riveted by her, and he knew she hadn't reached the love department yet, but it seemed that a part of her wanted it to be real. She said there was a difference between fantasizing a wedding and fantasizing about a wedding to him. Disappointed, Tucker said everything she'd envisioned didn't include him standing next to her at the altar.

Ashley told Tucker she'd asked him to move in with her because she'd wanted things to work out, and she thought they were. She said it wasn't outside the realm of possibility that the rest could work out. They kissed.

At Society, Christine asked Chance if he had anything to bolster her case against Diane. Chance said the evidence pointed in the opposite direction. He said what Jack had found wouldn't close the case, but there could be more to their case. Chance said he wanted to find out if there was something going on and put their doubts to rest.

Christine asked Chance how they were supposed to know that the long red strand of hair had come from Stark's motel room. She asked if there was security footage to back Jack's story up. Chance said he'd poked the same holes in Jack's story, but something wasn't sitting right with him. He said he would check out the motel room. She asked him to let her know if anything came up. Christine left.

Later, Billy, Chelsea, Johnny, and Connor arrived at Society, and right behind them, Lily, Daniel, and Lucy arrived. Lily hoped they didn't mind her crashing their party. Billy said they were happy she could join them. Lucy suggested the grown-ups have their own table and the kids have theirs.

Billy and Chelsea looked uncomfortable while Lily and Daniel tried to decide what they wanted to eat. Daniel suggested an appetizer. Lily suggested that Billy order his favorite crab enchiladas. Chelsea asked if that was Billy's favorite. Billy replied that it had been. Chelsea asked if Lily had done any shopping in New York. Lily replied that it had been a quick trip, and there hadn't been time. Daniel said it was a shame because he'd heard they'd revived Swing Time. Billy claimed Lily didn't like musicals, but Lily replied that she could make an exception for Swing Time.

Chelsea commented that Lucy was very charming, and Daniel likely loved having her around during such a difficult time. Daniel replied it was always nice having her around. They heard the kids laughing, and it was suggested the adults follow the kids' lead and have some fun. Billy agreed and said it was time for chocolate cake and four forks.

Lucy told Johnny and Connor that Lily had only given her half the story. She asked Johnny to fill her in. Johnny said that he and Connor were brothers, but Chelsea was only raising Connor. Johnny said his mom had been married to his dad, Billy, but they'd gotten divorced, and he lived with his mom and sister, Katie. Connor said Billy and Lily had been a couple, but he was dating Connor's mom, Chelsea. He said he was getting a new baby sister because his dad, Adam, and Adam's ex-girlfriend Sally were having a baby, but Sally was dating his uncle Nick, which was messed up. Lucy said that families were blended and mixed up, and that was the way things were.

Lucy told the boys that her biological mom had been messed up, and thankfully, her dad hadn't stayed with her too long. She said her dad and Heather had raised her, but they'd broken up. Lucy said she lived with Heather in Portugal. She said they were all in a weird messed-up club.

Johnny told Lucy it was cool that she had a video game based on her. She said she was glad Daniel had used his artistic talents for the video game. Johnny asked about boarding school. Lucy said boarding school was mostly lame, but she'd made some friends. Connor said his boarding school had a lot of rules. Lucy asked if he got into trouble a lot. Connor said some, but he has happy to return home. Connor seemed unhappy with the interchange between Johnny and Lucy.

Lucy said it was really great meeting Johnny and Connor, and they said the same about her. Lily suggested they do it again sometime. Johnny and Lucy exchanged phone numbers while Connor watched. Johnny said he and Lucy should hang out while she was in town. Connor looked hurt that he hadn't been included. Billy asked if Johnny was ready to go. Chelsea said she and Connor would walk home. Lily thanked everyone for letting her tag along. Everyone left except Chelsea and Connor. She saw the look on his face, and she asked if he was okay. He said he was fine and asked to go home.

Outside Billy said it had been nice seeing Daniel, Lucy, and Lily. Daniel agreed it had been a nice distraction. Billy said he was glad Daniel had Lily's friendship, especially during his time of loss. Billy left. Lily took Daniel's arm, and they left.

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis stood outside one of the suites, wearing glasses and a black cap. She said, "Okay, Supergirl, your mom needs you." She sent a text message and entered the suite.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon was happy to see Summer. Sharon asked how things were going. Summer admitted to some good and some bad days. Sharon reminded Summer that she had a very large and caring support group. Summer said she knew that. Summer anxiously checked her phone for a message from Phyllis, but there wasn't one. Sharon said that eventually, Summer would find ways of keeping Phyllis' memory alive.

Summer was about to leave when she received a text message from Phyllis: "Room 353. Key card is in your back pocket." Summer was shocked when she found the key card. She turned to leave and almost bumped into Chance. She asked if there was any news. Chance said the investigation into Phyllis' death had officially been closed. Chance said unofficially, he would see what developed, and if there was any progress, they would talk. Summer left.

At the counter, Sharon asked Chance if she owed him a thank you. Chance looked confused. She explained that she'd received a bottle of Champagne with a cryptic note and no signature. She said Nick had advised her to get rid of it, but she'd wanted to see if Chance had sent it, and it appeared he hadn't. Chance said he wished he could take credit for that, but he hadn't sent it. He said once things cooled down at work, he would send her five bottles of Champagne. Chance said it was creepy receiving a gift like that. He asked if she wanted him to look into it. Sharon declined. Chance said he would see her later, and he left.

Summer arrived at room 353. She and Phyllis ran into each other's arms. Phyllis asked if anyone had seen Summer. Summer replied that she'd made sure she hadn't been followed. Summer asked when Phyllis had slipped the key card into her pocket. Phyllis said when Summer had stopped to look at the shoes at Fenmore's.

Summer said she'd brought food because she wasn't sure if Phyllis had been eating out of a Dumpster. Phyllis said Jeremy had set her up with enough money for her to go anywhere in the world. Summer said it was risky for Phyllis to be in Genoa City with all the charges she would be facing. Phyllis knew that, but she said she couldn't run away from Summer after seeing how much pain Summer had been in. She asked what kind of mother would leave her children. Summer said it would be okay if that meant she would be safe. Phyllis refused to do that.

Phyllis told Summer she would never abandon Summer and Daniel again. Summer confessed she'd told Daniel the truth. Phyllis said she'd known Summer had. She said she'd called Daniel because she'd had to hear his voice. She said Daniel kept pleading for her not to be mad at Summer for telling him. Phyllis admitted she couldn't be mad at Summer after putting her in an impossible situation. She said she missed Daniel, and she wanted to tell him she loved him.

Phyllis asked Summer if Daniel had told anyone she was alive. Summer said he'd told Jack, Kyle, and Michael; Jack had told Christine; Christine had told Chance; Diane knew; and so did Lucy. Summer said it was out of control. Phyllis asked if Christine and Chance believed she was alive. Summer said she was surprised Phyllis wasn't furious.

Phyllis told Summer she was upset that Daniel had blabbed, which she said was the reason she hadn't told him. She asked if there was a full-blown manhunt for her. Summer said Christine didn't believe Phyllis was alive. Summer said Jack, Kyle, and Michael were determined to prove Phyllis was alive. Phyllis said that for them, it was about Diane, not her. Summer agreed that if Phyllis was alive, Diane would be free.

Phyllis told Summer that if the D.A. didn't believe she was alive, it bought her time. Summer said when Daniel had confessed, he'd kept Summer's name out of it, and he said Phyllis had contacted him, not her. She said Daniel had boxed her in with another lie, and he'd put Phyllis more at risk. Phyllis said she'd known what he would do, and she wouldn't hold it against him. She said she wanted to see Daniel to give him a hug.

Summer told Phyllis that if Daniel knew where she was, he would go straight to the police because he was convinced that was the only solution. Summer claimed Daniel didn't get to see Phyllis until they knew she would be as free as Diane. Summer told Phyllis they were doing things her way because Phyllis had complicated Summer's life. She begged Phyllis to stay away from Daniel and not to fight her on that issue.

Chance searched everything in Stark's motel room. He removed his gloves and threw them into a trash can and stared at it. Chance went outside to the Dumpsters, and he began searching them. He found the crumpled agenda about Phyllis' memorial. He called forensics and said he knew they could get prints off paper, but he wondered if they could do it if the paper had been sitting around in garbage for a few weeks. He asked if they could get DNA off a tear stain with mascara. He received a positive response and left.

Cameron Kirsten arrives at the Athletic Club

Cameron Kirsten arrives at the Athletic Club

Friday, May 26, 2023

by Nel

At the Athletic Club, Sally told Chloe they'd been rejected again, but they had to remain in circulation and be seen by the people who made things happen.

Devon and Lily arrived and greeted Sally and Chloe. Lily said she was sad they wouldn't have the benefit of Sally and Chloe's design services at Chancellor-Winters. Chloe claimed that she and Sally were extremely busy. Lily and Devon wished them a lovely evening and left. Sally asked what Chloe had done. Chloe said she'd panicked and manifested.

Sally told Chloe that Lily and Devon hadn't been responsible for Jill's decision to put a pause on their plan at Chancellor-Winters. Sally suggested they focus on their future; they needed to keep pitching ideas and putting themselves out there. Chloe said they'd been pitching to some very weird places. Sally claimed it was how they made a name for themselves. Chloe griped that no one could afford them.

Sally told Chloe she wouldn't lower her standards. Chloe asked if she would refuse to lower her standards, even if it got their foot in the door to get their business going. Chloe asked if it would kill Sally to accept Nick's offer to back their business. Sally said she wanted them to do it on their own. Chloe responded that it would only have been a few thousand dollars for them to sprinkle around, help them grow, and branch out. When Sally admitted Chloe was right, Chloe told Sally to pick up the phone and call Nick.

Sally asked Chloe to see her the way a Newman would. She said all trust had been lost after Summer had gone to Milan, they'd chosen to forget she'd designed the most amazing wedding dress for Victoria, she'd had the nerve to have a relationship with Adam even though she'd put Newman Media on the path to success, and since she was pregnant with the newest Newman. She said the Newmans had probably decided that she would use them as her meal ticket.

Chloe told Sally that Nick wanted to give Sally the money because she was good, and he believed in her. Sally said she didn't want to take advantage of her relationship with Nick, not only because of the baby but because Nick had told her he loved her. Chloe said that was "so romantic," and it explained the business decision.

Sally told Chloe that Nick had turned her suite into a romantic oasis. Chloe said she'd been waiting for one of them to finally admit how they felt. Sally said Chloe was a dedicated partner and loyal friend. Sally claimed there was only one way she could pay Chloe back, and that was to give Chloe her freedom.

Sally stated that Chloe had been "so good" to her through the ups and downs, and every time she'd wanted to give up, Chloe had been there. Chloe added that she'd been there to kick Sally in the derriere, which was what she was about to do again. Sally said she loved Chloe too much to keep disappointing her. Chloe said she wouldn't scurry off just because they'd been let down yet again. She said they were a team, and they didn't need Nick's offer. She claimed they had talent, tenacity, and a brilliant business plan. She said Jill had loved it before the budget had come up and bitten her on the bottom line.

Sally told Chloe their mission was to find someone who was visionary enough to hire them -- even though they had no track record, or they could give an old option something new to see.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon greeted Chance. She guessed that he'd discovered new evidence and was on the verge of making a promising breakthrough. Chance said she was right. He claimed he needed a little time and the right test results, and he would solve the case.

Christine was on the patio when Nick arrived. He noted she was working late. Christine admitted that recently, Phyllis had been taking up most of her time. She asked if he was aware of the latest developments. Nick admitted it would be a long time before they got over losing Phyllis. Nick said he'd seen what Summer and Daniel were going through, and he wished they'd had more time with their mom. Christine saw Chance, and she told Nick she had to talk to Chance. She assured Nick that justice would be served.

Chance told Christine he'd found proof Phyllis was alive. Christine told him Nick was unaware Summer and Daniel had claimed Phyllis was alive. She asked if that would be information Summer would have shared with her father. Chance admitted there were some complicated family dynamics at play.

Chance told Christine he'd gone to Stark's motel room, where Stark had registered under an alias. He said he'd found a program for Phyllis' memorial outside the room that appeared to have mascara-tainted tears on it. Chance said a judge could easily discount the hair because they didn't know when it got there or how long it had been there before Jack and Kyle had found it. Chance asked Christine how tears could show up on a program for Phyllis' memorial after her death. He said it was being checked for prints and DNA.

Christine told Chance that Phyllis going to her own memorial was the kind of outlandish thing Phyllis would do. She thanked him for all his hard work. Chance said he wanted to close the case as much as Christine did, but they wanted to get it right.

At the counter, Nick apologized to Sharon for saying it had looked like blood on the Champagne bottle, and he was glad she'd gotten rid of it. She accepted his apology and picked up an envelope. Nick prattled on about Sally and who would teach her all the baby stuff, since she didn't have any family in town. Sharon seemed to ignore him and opened the envelope. She pulled out a postcard that read, "Greetings from Colorado." She turned it over, and the handwritten message read, "Where heaven's a little closer." Nick saw the shock on Sharon's face. He read the postcard.

Sharon told Nick it was the same handwriting that had been with the Champagne. Sharon said it was another kind of torture; Colorado had been where they'd met, and the Champagne bottle was what she'd used to hit him, hence the blood. Sharon said the postcard and Champagne were from Cameron Kirsten. Nick didn't believe it, and he stated there was no signature or return address. Sharon indicated that that was his game. She said he was toying with her and having his twisted brand of fun before he moved in for the kill.

Sharon acknowledged that she'd said both items had come from Cameron, but that had been a knee-jerk response. She told Nick they probably weren't from Cameron. She said a traumatic experience like that never went away, and some of the old fears had cropped up for a second. Nick said he trusted her instincts, and if something felt off, it probably was. Sharon said they needed facts. Nick said they needed Chance. Sharon agreed. Chance was on the patio, and Nick asked for his help.

Sharon told Chance that a number of years in the past, a man had gone to prison for what he'd done to her and others. She said she had the feeling he might be trying to get in touch. Chance asked if she wanted him to look into it. Sharon said please. Chance asked for a name.

In Phyllis' suite, Phyllis asked what she would do without Summer because Summer had stayed one step ahead of anyone who'd tried to best them. She claimed Summer was stronger and fiercer than Phyllis had ever been.

Phyllis acknowledged that Summer had been through a lot in the past few months, and she admitted it was her fault. Summer said Phyllis had disappeared without any warning and with no chance for them to say goodbye. She said she and Daniel had felt guilty for the way they'd treated her and the things they'd said to each other, including things she'd said to Diane, believing Phyllis had died in a horrific way. Phyllis acknowledged Summer and Daniel hadn't moved on before she'd returned with a whole new mess. Phyllis stated that she should have stayed away.

Summer said she was happy Phyllis was with her, but she didn't know how to act. She said Phyllis was alive, but she had to keep it a secret -- and Phyllis couldn't leave the hotel room without being caught and prosecuted. Summer stated that there were many people mourning Phyllis' death. Summer said Phyllis had turned their lives upside down. Phyllis acknowledged that it seemed to be what she always did.

Phyllis said she'd returned because she'd seen how much pain Summer had been in at the celebration of life. Phyllis commented that it hadn't been much of a celebration. Phyllis admitted she'd been there, and hearing herself being eulogized had put things into perspective. Shocked, Summer said if Phyllis had been there, she'd seen what losing her had done to them.

Phyllis claimed she'd needed to know how her children felt about her, and she'd seen how much pain they'd been in. Phyllis said she'd known Summer had had something up her sleeve because she'd held the memorial at the jazz lounge. She said Summer had been fierce and amazing; she had had Diane on a hook, hadn't let go, and had pushed Diane to the breaking point. Phyllis said she'd finally won, but she'd lost her kids in the process. She said she'd seen how much they'd suffered, and she asked if she'd really won.

Phyllis told Summer she'd been wrong being so vindictive. She apologized for what she'd done to their family. Summer said that she and Daniel had tried to help her, but they hadn't known how. Phyllis acknowledged that others had tried to help her, but she'd seen their help as judgmental, and she hadn't known what to do because she'd felt like everyone had abandoned her. She said no one had been willing to help her stop Diane. Summer realized that that was when Stark had stepped in.

Phyllis told Summer that Stark had seen how vulnerable she'd been, and he'd recognized she'd been alone. She said he'd seemed to care, and he'd known exactly what to say to her. She said he'd devised a plan, and she hadn't been able to say no. Summer said Stark had convinced her to fake her own death and frame Diane so that everyone would see how dangerous Diane was. Phyllis said instead, she'd brought "that hellishness" into their family.

Summer told Phyllis there was more than enough blame to go around. Summer said Phyllis had needed their love and support, and she admitted that Diane wasn't trustworthy. Summer said Diane would never be a decent mom. She admitted she'd pushed Phyllis away when she should have held her close. Phyllis said it wasn't Summer's job to take care of her. Summer claimed it was because they were a team, and Phyllis had always had her back. Summer noted what had happened because she hadn't had Phyllis' back.

Summer said Phyllis had done what she'd needed to do to stay alive. Phyllis stated that she'd killed Jeremy. Summer reminded her it had been self-defense because Stark had tried to kill her. Phyllis said it didn't matter; she'd killed him, and the authorities would believe she'd tried to cover it up after faking her own death. Summer claimed Phyllis had done that at Stark's urging and with his help.

Phyllis said she was putting Summer in a position of aiding and abetting. Phyllis insisted that Summer was going home to take care of her family and Daniel. She didn't want Summer involved, and she would watch Summer from afar. Summer claimed it was too late. Phyllis said she would never stop loving Summer and Daniel, but she had to stay away. Summer said Phyllis didn't get to tell her how to handle things, and walking away wasn't an option.

Summer said she was there for Phyllis, and whatever happened to Phyllis, it happened to her. Summer said whatever Phyllis needed, Summer would be there for her.

In the jazz lounge, Lily asked Devon what Neil would have said if he'd been with them at that moment. He said Neil would say," What took you so long? Let's celebrate." Lily admitted she'd hated fighting with Devon. Devon said he'd felt the same way, but they'd gotten through it. He said if Neil were there, he would have said he was the reason they'd gotten through their ordeal.

Lily told Devon she'd survived dinner with Daniel, Lucy, Chelsea, Billy, Johnny, and Connor. Devon asked what was going on between her and Daniel. Lily said they could have had something, but the timing was off. Devon acknowledged that losing a parent threw one's world off kilter. Lily admitted Phyllis had been a powerhouse. Devon said he couldn't believe she was gone.

Sally and Chloe approached Devon and Lily. Chloe said they loved Neil's lounge. Sally said they were happy that Lily and Devon had mended their business relationship. Lily asked what was going on.

Sally said they had a new proposal. Sally said Chancellor-Winters' new gaming platform, Omega Sphere, was receiving a lot of attention, and they would have billions of eyes on them. Chloe said video games were going to revolutionize the industry, and that demanded offices showing the world where new and exciting things happened. She said Chancellor-Winters was a cutting-edge company that was not afraid to make things happen. Sally said it was time to show the world a new Chancellor-Winters. She said they could do it with new colors and fragrances. Devon asked if she was talking about fragrances like perfumes. Sally said aromatherapy to help elevate the space.

Sally told Devon there was nothing more powerful than scent memory. She said to think chilled, sexy, unforgettable -- aromas that made their employees feel like they were enveloped and taken care of. Sally said it was their opportunity to show the world they'd taken the lead, and the world would need luck to catch up. Chloe said they could start small. Sally asked Devon and Lily what they thought.

At the bar, Sally and Chloe waited impatiently for Devon and Lily's response to their pitch.

Lily beckoned to Sally and Chloe. Lily asked when they could start. Sally and Chloe couldn't believe their luck. Chloe chirped that Devon and Lily wouldn't regret it.

Sally told Lily that Sally couldn't tell Lily how excited Sally and Chloe were to be working with Chancellor-Winters on that project. She promised Lily and Devon wouldn't be disappointed, and she assured Lily the baby wouldn't delay them. Lily stated that Sally's baby would change that. Lily said the changes would be amazing and would be "so worth it," but it was a lot.

Lily told Sally everyone would tell her it was magical and intense, which was true, but suddenly, she had this human she was responsible for. Lily said Sally would also experience a love she couldn't imagine. She said all Sally would want to do was to protect her child from the world. She said Sally had to trust that she'd brought her child up strong, and Lily wistfully admitted that she would have to let them go. Sally noted that Lily missed her kids, and Lily admitted she did because they were a part of her. Sally asked about Lily's career. Lily said Sally would find a balance and would know what to do, but she would also have to ask for help. Lily smiled and left.

Upstairs, Cameron Kirsten received a key card from a hostess.

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