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Christine dropped the charges against Diane and vowed to seek justice against Phyllis. Kyle was stunned when he found Summer, Daniel, and Phyllis together. Cameron orchestrated bumping into Faith in the park. An obsessed Cameron confronted Sharon at Crimson Lights, but Nick intervened. Sally learned she had preeclampsia.
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Christine dropped the charges against Diane. Kyle found Summer, Daniel, and Phyllis together. An obsessed Cameron confronted Sharon at Crimson Lights.
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Christine seeks justice after learning Phyllis is alive

Christine seeks justice after learning Phyllis is alive

Monday, May 29, 2023

Lily entered the Athletic Club, and her brow furrowed with concern when she spotted Daniel. She greeted him and cautioned that the only thing he'd find at the bottom of his coffee cup was a case of the jitters. Lily surmised that Daniel still hadn't been sleeping, and she invited him to join her at her yoga class. He declined, and she reminded him that he could call her anytime. She wished there was something she could do to help him, and he looked thoughtful for a moment. Daniel requested that Lily go up to his room with him because he had to tell her something.

In his room, Daniel struggled with how to say what he had to tell Lily. He questioned whether she'd noticed that he hadn't been grieving as much as he had been at first, and she reasoned that it was natural for everyone to grieve differently. Daniel protested that there was nothing natural about it, since some things had happened that he'd had no control over, and he regretted that he hadn't done something. Daniel explained that he hadn't told Lily the truth because he'd been sworn to secrecy, but it was driving him crazy. "My mother is alive," he confessed.

Lily was speechless after Daniel told her the whole story. He pushed her to say something, but she was afraid he'd end up hating her if she did. He insisted that would never happen. Lily angrily questioned what had made Phyllis think it was okay to fake her own death. Daniel defended that Phyllis had wanted to end the charade, but Stark had tried to kill her, and she'd had to stop him in self-defense. A floored Lily realized Phyllis had killed Stark. Daniel pointed out that Stark had attacked Phyllis first.

Lily thought she shouldn't say anything, since Daniel was obviously happy to have his mother back. Daniel argued that he'd asked Lily there because he wanted to hear what she had to say. Lily ranted that mothers should protect their children and show them how to behave in the world, but Phyllis had let her kids grieve. Lily continued that Phyllis had also killed someone and framed Diane, and she called Phyllis a selfish coward for refusing to clear Diane unless Phyllis got off scot-free.

Lily worried that her words had sounded harsher than she'd meant them to be, but Daniel appreciated her honesty. Lily said she understood Phyllis' instinct to run away, but she chided Phyllis for taking the easy way out. Daniel was certain that his mother would be back, one way or the other, since the alternative was unthinkable. He asked what it had been like for Lily after the accident with Hilary. Lily recounted that going to prison had been awful, but she'd known she wouldn't be able to look herself or Devon in the eye if she hadn't paid for what she'd done.

Lily pointed out that the silver lining had been that she'd met a lot of amazing women and helped a few of them. Daniel doubted many people would have done what she had, but she disagreed. Daniel recognized that his mother had been willing to frame an innocent woman and let Diane go to prison for murder, and Summer wasn't much better. Lily agreed, but she offered Daniel her full support because she knew he loved them. He didn't know if love was enough anymore, and he questioned how they were ever supposed to be a family again.

Lily insisted that Daniel help Summer get their mom back because it was the only way to move forward. Lily encouraged him to let a judge and jury decide what should happen, but Daniel protested that there was no way Phyllis and Summer would allow it. Lily lectured that he wasn't responsible for their choices, only his own. She stressed that the important thing was to fix things with his family, and she knew he would never regret showing them forgiveness and grace because it was who he was.

Daniel and Lily returned to the lobby, and she promised she wouldn't say anything to anyone. She warned that she wasn't the only one who knew the truth, and there would be fallout when the news was made public. Daniel anticipated that no one would look good, including him. Lily assured him that she knew who he was, and they kissed. They joined hands and left.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria cheerfully wished Billy a good morning, and he observed that she seemed decidedly different than he'd seen in a long time. He complimented the pep in her step, and she chalked it up to the shoes she'd had flown in from Milan. Billy sensed it wasn't the shoes. Victoria inquired about how things were going at Jabot, but he refused to let her change the subject. She grumbled that she'd been having a lovely morning until she'd run into him. Billy implored her to tell him what he wanted to know, and he would go away. He added that they knew one another well, and he asked when he'd get to meet the guy.

Victoria confirmed that she was seeing someone, and Billy was happy to hear it, noting that the "hell" she'd gone through with "he who shall not be named" had been enough to put anyone off love and romance. Billy asked who the guy was, and Victoria named Nate. Billy noted that it was the same name as the man living with Elena, but Victoria indicated that it wasn't the case anymore. Victoria assured Billy that she had no intention of introducing Nate to the kids anytime soon, and she wondered if she was about to get a ticket from the "Billy Abbott morality police."

Billy proposed that he and Victoria set aside any relationship talk and discuss their kids instead. Victoria reported that Johnny had been going on and on about the big family dinner with the eclectic guest list. Victoria mentioned that she'd heard Lucy's name around the house a few times, and it seemed like the young woman had made an impression on their son.

Billy declared that they were all following their hearts -- as it should be, since they never knew what life would throw their way. Billy inquired whether Victoria was happy, and she smiled broadly and confirmed she was very happy. He said he was happy for her. She was glad because she hated having to hide anything in her life, especially when things kept getting better and better.

At the Abbott mansion, Summer tried to quietly creep out of the house with a large paper bag. Diane walked in and asked where Summer was sneaking off to. Summer fibbed that she'd put some donations together for a clothing drive at the women's center. Diane expressed interest in adding a few things, but Summer claimed the event was for kids' clothes. Diane wished she could tag along to help, since she was going crazy being stuck in the house.

Summer said she planned to go for a long drive afterward to clear her head. Diane stopped Summer from leaving and apologized that her situation was causing stress between Summer and Kyle. Summer insisted that they'd be fine. Diane swore that she wanted her case resolved as much as Summer did. Diane recognized that she had issues with Phyllis and the horrible position Phyllis had put them all in, but she stressed that she'd be there for Summer and Kyle. Summer coolly thanked her and headed out.

Diane placed a photo of Ashley facedown on the mantel. Billy entered the mansion, looking for Jack. Diane informed him that her fiancé was off on an adventure to buy her a book. She envisioned the simple pleasures Jack would experience, like seeing cars passing by or hearing bits of conversation that had nothing to do with her court case. Diane invited Billy to tell her everything about Jabot, and he guessed she was running out of ways to spend her time.

Billy inquired whether there had been any new developments in Diane's case. Diane proclaimed that she was still innocent, and she couldn't wait for everyone else to know it, too. Billy voiced concern that if she didn't end up a free woman, it might destroy his brother and possibly the entire family. Diane declared that she had truth on her side, and Billy muttered that people in prison said the same thing. He wondered if she knew something her lawyers didn't. Diane proclaimed that she had no intention of going to prison for Phyllis' murder, and she was determined to clear her name because her future with Jack depended on it.

In a hotel suite, Phyllis sat at a laptop, poring through Stark's online trail to find something to help clear her name. Phyllis muttered that everyone left breadcrumbs, and she imagined there had to be some sketchy search or email that Stark had forgotten to encrypt. She vowed to find something that proved she'd done the right thing by defending herself. She quickly hid behind the door when she heard someone opening it, and she was relieved when Summer appeared.

Summer explained that she'd taken the stairs to avoid anyone seeing her, and she asked what Phyllis had found out. Phyllis divulged that she'd been trying to dig up something about Carson, the EMT who Stark had paid off. Summer speculated that Carson was living on a tropical island because Stark had paid him well. Phyllis scarfed down some of the food Summer had dropped off and prompted Summer to talk about her "monster-in-law."

Phyllis imagined that Diane had been raking Phyllis over the coals, but Summer indicated that Diane had restrained herself. Phyllis supposed that Christine still didn't buy Daniel's story that Phyllis was alive. Summer refused to talk about her brother because he'd opened his big mouth to the wrong people before they'd found ironclad proof that Phyllis' actions had been justified. Phyllis urged Summer to look at it from Daniel's perspective, but Summer huffed that she'd never understand it.

Phyllis said she hated that her kids were at odds. Summer complained that she'd only asked Daniel to do the simplest thing. Phyllis figured it was because Daniel was Danny's son, and Danny's moral compass was stuck at doing the right thing. Phyllis thought she and Summer were more about doing what was necessary to get the job done, and she believed Daniel would be more like them if she'd raised him. Phyllis contended that they were still a family; sometimes they disagreed and fought, but they always made up.

Summer hoped Phyllis had a backup plan that didn't involve disappearing if things didn't go Phyllis' way. Phyllis blamed herself for ruining Summer and Daniel's relationship and was determined to repair it. Summer snapped that her mother didn't get to tell her how to feel about Phyllis' other child. Phyllis scolded Summer for not referring to Daniel by name. Summer ordered Phyllis to concentrate on cleaning up the mess she'd created.

Phyllis argued that Stark had created the mess and that he'd manipulated her. Summer worried that Phyllis' mistake would land Phyllis in prison if they didn't handle things right. Phyllis intended to do a deep dive into Stark's emails to find something to support her claim of self-defense. Summer buried her head in her hands, but Phyllis pleaded with Summer to trust her. Phyllis added that the two of them were smarter than Stark had ever been, and she pledged to find something that would get her off the hook.

Phyllis raved about the snacks Summer had dropped off, and Summer grumbled that everything tasted better when one was in hiding. Phyllis gushed that Summer had even picked up the products Phyllis loved, but Summer informed her that they were the same items Phyllis had left behind at the Grand Phoenix. Phyllis promised to spend the rest of her life trying to make it up to Summer and Daniel. Summer implored Phyllis to get to work on clearing her name. Summer added that the room was Phyllis' prison cell until further notice, and she ordered her mother not to leave the room for any reason.

Chance and Victor ran into one another at Society and exchanged pleasantries. Victor said he often thought about their last few conversations, since he'd gained a deeper understanding of what had happened between Chance and Abby. Victor regretted that he'd said hurtful things to Chance, and he noted that Chance had every reason to raise a fist against him. Chance replied that he'd be foolish to try, and Victor called him a good man.

Victor broached the subject of whether the murder accusations against Diane were true. Chance stated that he wasn't at liberty to divulge information about an open investigation, and Victor wished him a good day. Chance headed out, and Nate approached Victor, who invited him to have a seat. Victor made small talk about the weather and what to order, but Nate was curious why he was there. "Is this a meeting about Newman Media, or is this a barbecue and I'm what's on the grill?" Nate asked.

Victor swore it was just a friendly catch-up. Victor recalled that Nate had seen the Newman family go through ups and downs, and Nate had learned how their family operated. Nate guessed he was there because Nick was opposed to Nate on every level. Victor asserted that he formed his own opinions about people, and it was no secret that Nate's relationship with Victoria had gone beyond professional. Victor wanted to know more about Nate personally. Nate seemed pleased.

Nate revealed that he'd enrolled in business courses in college after picking up a copy of Victor's biography, and he intended to learn more about Victor's company and the man who had meant "so much" to Neil. Victor praised Neil for being one of the few men he'd trusted. Nate marveled at how much Victor had been able to create from practically nothing, and Victor claimed he'd gotten lucky. Nate admired Victor's modesty and the way Victor had nurtured and raised his daughter. Victor suggested that they cut to the chase, and he demanded to know what Nate's plans were for Victoria.

Nate explained that he'd gotten into medicine because he'd wanted to follow the example his mother had set, but he'd needed a new outlet after he'd lost the ability to perform surgery. Nate credited Victoria for helping him discover that he had another gift in business. Nate proclaimed that Victoria had faith in him and accepted him for who he was after his family had turned their backs on him. Victor cited what Victoria had endured during her marriage to Ashland. Nate swore that he would never undermine Victoria or her company in any way, noting that she'd never allow it -- and neither would Victor.

Victor and Nate concluded their meeting in Chancellor Park. Victor thanked Nate for his candor, and Nate gushed that he always enjoyed spending time with Victor. The men shook hands, and Victoria looked on as Nate walked away. Victoria approached her father and asked what she'd missed. Victor pointed out that she could have joined them.

Victoria pressed Victor to share the results he'd obtained from his grilling. Victor scoffed at the idea that he couldn't just have a normal conversation with someone. Victoria laughed, and he called Nate a good guy. Victoria commended Nate for being driven and ambitious, and Victor said he appreciated those qualities. Victoria asked if she had her father's approval. Victor replied that she didn't need it, but she had it.

Elsewhere in the park, Chance answered a call from the lab. A short time later, Christine met Chance on the coffeehouse patio. She asked how bad the news was, and he suggested she sit down. Chance divulged that the program from Phyllis' memorial had been covered in fingerprints and that the lab had managed to get DNA results from the tearstains. He added that everything matched the deceased.

Chance stated that the programs hadn't been printed until after Phyllis' supposed death. Christine realized that it meant only one thing -- Phyllis was alive. Christine snarled that she'd love to get her hands on Phyllis, since she'd never wanted to kill someone as much as she wanted to murder Phyllis right then. Chance remarked that things had been a lot simpler when Phyllis had been dead.

Christine griped that it was supposed to be her great return to the prosecutor's office, but Phyllis had engineered the whole thing. Christine was appalled that Phyllis had attended her own memorial to watch her family grieve. Christine envisioned tears spilling onto the program because Phyllis had been moved by the typesetting, but Chance theorized that Phyllis had grown a conscience. Christine spat that Phyllis had viciously done all of it to make one woman suffer.

Christine was incensed that the big fish in a small pond bent the law to fit their needs, expecting protection and resources when a crime had been committed against them, yet wanting the authorities to look the other way when they were the ones who crossed the line. She vowed to make sure everyone involved got the justice they deserved.

Christine excoriated Phyllis and Stark for fabricating and planting evidence to lead the police directly to Diane. Christine raged that they'd exploited the services of the emergency medical team, created a storm at the morgue, and had the entire town grieving. Chance assumed she bought the evidence. Christine accepted that she couldn't ignore the obvious -- Phyllis was alive. "And she has no idea what she has unleashed," Christine growled.

Christine drops the charges against Diane

Christine drops the charges against Diane

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Christine met Michael at Society, and he surmised that he'd be paying, since she'd picked out the restaurant. He warned that his client would decline any offer involving an insulting plea bargain, noting that the D.A.'s supposed victim was still alive. Christine declined to make a deal, and Michael questioned why she was wasting his time. She informed him that there had been a development.

At Crimson Lights, Summer avoided making eye contact with Daniel when he walked in. He approached her, and she asked if he was getting coffee. Daniel mentioned that he was picking up something for Lucy, and Summer guessed it was a cinnamon bun. Daniel wondered how she'd known, and Summer referred to their family of cinnamon lovers. Daniel pointed out that the craving had skipped him, and Summer muttered, "Like so many other traits."

Daniel asked how Summer was doing. She snapped that her mom was in exile, Jack and Kyle wanted to drag Phyllis back to be arrested, and Diane was dying to be her bestie. Summer groaned that she was living a nightmare, but Daniel pointed out that there was one thing that would make all her worries disappear -- their mom returning home. Summer didn't see that happening anytime soon.

Daniel recalled that he'd talked things through with Lily, who had made good points about accepting responsibility and seeking forgiveness. Summer angrily questioned whether he was incapable of keeping a secret, but Daniel argued that he wanted their mother to be home. Summer countered that Phyllis wouldn't be home if she was in a prison cell, and she was irked that it didn't seem to bother him at all.

Summer asked if Daniel knew what loyalty was or how to keep a secret. Daniel replied that she might be used to that level of chaos and deception, but he wasn't, and he'd needed one person to talk to who would see his side of things. Daniel condemned Summer for turning it into a huge betrayal, and Summer hoped Lily was better at keeping a secret than he was. Summer warned him to be careful because other people finding out the truth might put their mom in serious danger.

Summer reiterated that Phyllis had to stay hidden until they could prove their mother had been in a situation where she'd had to kill or be killed. Daniel wondered how Summer intended to do it, and she proposed they find the EMT and get him to corroborate Phyllis' story. Daniel imagined it was upsetting for Kyle to watch his mother suffer, but Summer felt no sympathy for Diane, who was living in the lap of luxury, surrounded by family. Daniel argued that Phyllis had started it, and Summer defended that people made mistakes. Summer clammed up when she spotted Chance, who announced that he had news.

Chance told Daniel and Summer that the lab had confirmed Phyllis was alive, just like Daniel had said. Daniel surmised the charges against Diane would be dropped. Summer imagined both Diane and Daniel were thrilled, but she was more concerned about what would happen to her mother. Chance said it was out of his hands, but Phyllis would face charges when the police found her. "If you find her," Summer clarified.

Chance guaranteed that Christine wouldn't let Phyllis get away with it, and Summer complained that Christine had always held a grudge against Phyllis. Chance cited the money, manhours, and embarrassment that Phyllis' actions had cost the authorities, and he warned that Phyllis was about to become the poster girl for what happened to the rich and powerful when they bent the law. Chance stressed that everything was up in the air until the police got Phyllis' statement.

Summer inquired whether there had been any evidence at the motel that proved Phyllis had killed Stark in self-defense. Chance explained that the room hadn't been preserved, so any sign of a struggle was long gone. Summer begged Chance for guidance about how her mother could return home without facing an extended prison stay. Chance agreed to do what he could within the bounds of the law, but he insisted that Phyllis had to provide her version of the events.

Jack entered the Abbott mansion and asked Kyle if he'd seen Diane. Kyle deadpanned that he was sure she was around there somewhere, but Jack wasn't amused. Kyle inquired whether Jack had seen Summer, but Jack hadn't. Kyle bemoaned that he'd felt he and his wife had been reconnecting, but she'd left without a word to him. Jack figured that they were all under pressure, so there was no telling how anyone would react.

Diane entered the room, and Jack presented her with a book he'd purchased for her. Becoming agitated, she envisioned being able to walk into a bookstore and actually speak to people. Jack offered to take her anywhere she wanted to go once she was a free woman. A stir-crazy Diane headed toward the door and proposed that they go right then.

Kyle cautioned that Diane would set off alarm bells if she bolted. Diane realized that she had too much at stake to risk leaving the house, but she was bitter that Phyllis was probably on an island somewhere, sunning herself. Diane lamented that time was running out, since the longer it took to find Phyllis, the further away Phyllis would get. The doorbell rang, and Kyle invited Christine and Michael in. Michael proclaimed that he'd wanted to see the look on Diane's face when she got the news. Christine announced that her office was dropping the charges.

Jack, Diane, and Kyle rejoiced. Christine explained that the lead detective had found evidence that Phyllis had been alive at the time of her memorial. Michael chirped that there was no body, no murder, and no crime. Christine and Michael revealed how the fingerprints and DNA found on the program from the memorial had proven Phyllis was still alive. Diane wondered what would happen to Phyllis.

Christine pointed out that Phyllis was guilty of fraud and obstruction of justice at the very least, and there was also Stark's murder to consider. Michael argued that it had supposedly been a case of self-defense. Christine expected the list to get longer once they dug into the staging of the ambulance accident and the switching of the bodies. Kyle realized he had to find Summer to tell her the news.

Diane thought about the one person who could give her what she wanted. Chance arrived, and Diane exclaimed that he was right on cue. Christine headed out, and Chance removed Diane's ankle monitor. Kyle extended his thanks and apologies to Chance, and Jack regretted that he hadn't been his best self. Diane rubbed her ankle as Chance declared her free to go. Diane thanked all of them for helping her to get her life back.

Jack gushed that it felt like Christmas. Kyle was sure Summer would be worried about what was next for Phyllis legally, but Summer hadn't been responding to his messages. Diane recalled that Summer had planned to drop off a bag of donated clothing, and Kyle decided to try to catch up with his wife. Diane cried that she didn't know what she would have done without Kyle's love and faith in her, and they hugged. Jack teased that Kyle hadn't been the only one, and Diane wiped away tears of joy and said she'd never forget what they'd done for her. She said she intended to spend the rest of forever showing them how much they meant to her. They shared a group hug.

Jack realized that he hadn't seen Diane's gorgeous smile for what had seemed like a lifetime. She planned to put on a nice dress that showed off her monitor-free ankles and go out on the town. Jack asked if she preferred to go anyplace in particular, and she marveled that she wanted to go everywhere and talk about their wedding. They kissed.

Back at the coffeehouse, Daniel hoped that wherever Phyllis was, she would stay safe. Summer found it rich that he was worried about their mother when he'd been the one to put her in danger. Summer griped that she'd told Daniel that Phyllis was alive in confidence, and he sarcastically apologized for having a conscience. Summer wailed that Christine was out for blood.

Daniel asked whether Summer was going to keep going off on him or if they could figure out a way to work together to help Phyllis. Daniel suggested that he leave Phyllis a message to let her know the police were looking for her. Summer snapped that if he did that, Phyllis would run and never look back in order to protect them. Daniel noted that it sounded like she knew what was going on in their mom's head. Summer figured that she and Phyllis thought alike, but Daniel sensed that Summer knew where their mom was.

Daniel pleaded with Summer to at least tell him Phyllis was okay. Summer replied that Phyllis was a survivor who could take care of herself. Daniel contended that they all needed one another, whether Summer admitted it or not, and he thought Phyllis knew it, too. Summer confided that she knew where Phyllis was, but their mother was not going to turn herself in until she was sure she could get her life back. Summer flatly stated that Phyllis was safe, and that was all Daniel needed to know. Summer insisted on handling it on her own -- without his special brand of help.

Daniel guessed that Summer was trying to pass Phyllis' loyalty test. Summer maintained that it was her choice, and she didn't trust him. Daniel argued that it was too big and risky to do it on her own, and he urged her to let him in. Summer refused to risk their mom's freedom, and she ordered him to back off. Kyle walked in and observed that the siblings looked intense, and he wondered what they'd been talking about.

Nate delivered lattes to Audra's hotel room. He informed her that he had updated numbers, but he'd forgotten to grab the printout because his breakfast with Victor had distracted him. Audra asked how bad it had been. Nate reported that it had been going great, and then Victor had started talking about his daughter and Nate's future. Audra was impressed that Nate had gone toe-to-toe with Victor and lived to talk about it.

Nate recounted that he and Victor had first talked about Nate's past as a physician before Victor had mentioned Victoria, and Nate had known the only way out had been to be totally honest. Nate shared that Victor had recalled a time when Nate had done Victor a favor, and it had almost cost Nate his medical license. Nate admitted he'd been furious about it at first, but he'd eventually grown to understand Victor and the Newman family better. Audra noted that it sounded like Victor trusted Nate and that Nate had Victor's blessing to see Victoria. Nate huffed that there was just one problem -- Nick.

Nate revealed that Nick had had it out for him ever since Victoria had given Sally's job to Nate. Nate recalled that Nick hadn't trusted Ashland, and Nick considered himself to be "Victoria's noble protector." Nate was determined to handle the problem, but Audra anticipated that handling a Newman would be a delicate operation. Nate said that was where she came in.

Over the phone at the cottage, Sharon informed Nick that her special guest hadn't arrived yet. He promised to stop by later, and he inquired whether she'd heard anything from Chance about Cameron's location. Sharon replied that she hadn't, but she was grateful that she also hadn't received any other creepy deliveries. She speculated that Cameron was still in prison and that the twisted gifts were the last desperate acts of a man who was locked away from society.

Nick contemplated why Cameron would reach out then, but Sharon opted to set the topic aside for the day. Nick urged her to err on the side of caution until she heard from Chance, since Sharon would have to protect herself if Cameron had been released. Nikki overheard Nick's end of the conversation, and Nick told Sharon to call him if she learned anything. Nikki demanded to know where "that monster" was.

Nick informed Nikki that it was just speculation that Cameron had been released, and he promised he would tell her if anything changed. Nick said he and Nikki needed to talk, since Victoria and Nate's relationship was a disaster waiting to happen. Nikki considered it a shame that Elena had been hurt, but she pointed out that Victoria seemed very happy. Nick grumbled that Victoria had also been happy about Ashland, and they knew how that had turned out.

Nikki reasoned that there had been no way to know what a monster Ashland had been, and they'd all welcomed him into the family. "Not all of us," Nick lectured. Nikki questioned what Nick had against Nate, who they'd known forever. Nick warned that Nate had become someone different once he hadn't been able to operate anymore, since Nate had started stabbing everyone in the back. Nick predicted that it wouldn't end well for any of them.

Cameron sipped a drink in his hotel suite. He entered the bathroom, rinsed his face, and gazed intently into the mirror. "Hi there, you handsome devil. And since no one's told you yet, welcome back to Genoa City. It has been way too long," he said to his reflection.

Cameron stared at a photo of Sharon and flashed back to a prior encounter with her. Cameron told Sharon that money didn't have much of a conscience, and he compared his conscience to a lawyer or accountant in that he'd consult it, but he wouldn't always follow its advice. Sharon threatened to tell the world what a "sicko" he was if he ever mentioned to her husband that they'd met before. Cameron ominously stated that he had nothing to hide, but she seemed to have quite a bit to lose.

Sharon pleaded that her children were young and needed her, and she questioned what possible pleasure he'd get out of harming them. She realized that it was a stupid question, and he said he liked the fact that she'd gone looking for him. Sharon begged Cameron to call off his dinner plans with Nick, and Cameron inquired whether he'd get something in return. Cameron lay back on the bed and continued staring at Sharon's photo.

Meanwhile, Sharon heard someone trying to enter through the front door, and she grabbed a fireplace poker. Faith walked in and asked if that was how Sharon was going to welcome her daughter. Sharon claimed that she'd been cleaning up, and they embraced. Faith announced that someone from school hadn't had anywhere to go, and she hoped Sharon didn't mind that Faith had invited him home.

Sharon protested that she would have straightened up the guest room if she'd known. Faith insisted that her friend could fall asleep anywhere and that Sharon would love him. Faith stepped out to the porch and returned with a cat in a pet carrier. Faith introduced Sharon to Borgnine, and Sharon welcomed him. Mariah and Tessa appeared in the doorway with baby Aria. Sharon took Borgnine up to Faith's room, and Faith squealed that she'd waited a long time to meet Aria. Faith anticipated being the one to take Aria for her first tattoo or concert, but Tessa remarked that it was a long way off.

Faith fawned over Aria and begged for an update on everything that had been happening in Genoa City. Mariah referred to the gala and Phyllis. Faith mentioned that she'd tried to reach out to Summer, but her sister had never responded. Sharon advised Faith not to take it personally because Summer needed time. Faith inquired about how her dad was doing, and Sharon indicated that Faith would see for herself soon. Sharon plastered on a smile and claimed that there was otherwise nothing unusual to report.

Nick arrived at the cottage. He declared that they'd sent away a little girl and gotten back a scholar, and he and Faith embraced. He told her not to stay away that long the next time, claiming that Noah had taken off because he'd gotten tired of waiting. Faith defended that it wasn't her fault Noah had opened a Glam Club in the UK. Faith mentioned that Allie was running the ropes at Jabot's lab in Paris, and Sharon found it sweet that the couple took turns taking the train to visit one another every weekend. There was a knock at the door, and Nick and Sharon exchanged a nervous glance.

Nick claimed to have heard Aria fussing. Faith said she hadn't heard anything, but Mariah, Tessa, and Faith turned their attention to the baby. Sharon checked the door and found a package on the porch. Nick silently watched as Sharon carried it in, and Mariah hoped it was a pizza delivery. Faith thought it might be an order she'd placed for cat food. A shaken Sharon crossed the room and set the box down.

Over the phone, Chance asked someone if they had information about Cameron Kirsten.

Cameron sank into a chair and propped up his feet. He put a cigar in his mouth and flicked on a lighter, appearing to be mesmerized by the flame.

Meanwhile, Faith happily babbled about Borgnine. Sharon discovered that her latest delivery was a cigar box. She opened it and found a matchbook from a hotel inside.

Faith accidentally bumps into Cameron in the park

Faith accidentally bumps into Cameron in the park

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Summer told Kyle he'd been right about Diane's innocence, and Chance had proof that Phyllis was alive. Summer apologized for blaming Diane for a murder that hadn't happened. Kyle said he knew what it felt like being wracked with grief. Summer said he also knew what it felt like to find out it had all been a lie. Kyle said all the clues had pointed to Diane because that was what Stark had wanted.

Kyle told Summer his mom was free. Daniel said Kyle had to feel vindicated because what Phyllis had put everyone through had been brutal. Summer asked Daniel if Phyllis had said that Stark had lured her in, manipulated her, and threatened to kill her when she hadn't complied with his wishes. Daniel agreed, and he added that Stark hadn't expected to die. Summer said if Stark had had his way, Phyllis would have died. She said Phyllis and Diane had been Stark's victims.

Kyle said his family owed Daniel a debt of gratitude for coming forward after he'd heard from Phyllis. Kyle acknowledged that Daniel wanted to protect Phyllis at all costs, but he'd done the right thing by coming forward to set Diane free. Daniel said he couldn't stay quiet when someone's future was at stake. Kyle commented that when Phyllis came forward and explained to Christine why she'd done what she had, he was sure the police would try to be fair. He knew that Daniel and Summer were worried about the repercussions. He stated Phyllis would get through it because she was "tough as hell."

Summer told Kyle there shouldn't be any repercussions because anything criminal Phyllis had done had been in self-defense; Phyllis wasn't a murderer, and the D.A. had to see that.

At Society, Lucy asked Lily if it was true that Lily and Daniel had been married when they'd been kids. Lily asked Lucy who'd told her that. Lucy evaded a response and asked if it was true. Lily said it had been a very long time before, and she asked if Lucy had spoken to Daniel about it. Lucy said she hadn't, but she would if Lily wasn't comfortable talking about it. She said Daniel would tell her the truth, even if it was awful.

Lily assured Lucy it hadn't been awful. She admitted they hadn't been old enough to be married. Lucy claimed it was crazy that Lily was Daniel's ex-wife, yet they acted like old friends. Lily said she and Daniel had been married for almost a year, but they'd been too young to handle the responsibilities they'd been faced with. Lucy asked if that had made them a first love to each other. Lucy called it romantic. Lucy said Daniel and Lily, the star-crossed lovers, were finally together.

Lily told to Lucy the only thing they'd been destined for was failure. Lily admitted they'd been very much in love. Daniel suddenly appeared.

Lucy commented that Daniel's tech team was on fire, and she couldn't wait to see the animation when it was finished. Daniel suggested Lucy go to the bar and order the pie she was so obsessed with. She asked if she should eat it there so he and Lily could talk, and she left. Daniel told Lily that Chance had found proof that Phyllis was alive, and the charges against Diane had been dropped.

Lily told Daniel that doing the right thing had paid off. Daniel said he had no idea how things would turn out for Phyllis. He said he doubted Phyllis would come out of hiding to face the consequences of what she'd done. He said Summer knew where Phyllis was but wouldn't tell him. He said it drove him crazy that Phyllis might be close by, and he couldn't see or talk to her. He said he would give anything to hug her and tell her he loved and missed her. Lily said no matter what, he'd done the right thing, and he'd given Diane her freedom. Daniel agreed.

Lily told Daniel that Lucy knew they'd been married, and she'd been thrilled because she felt they were star-crossed lovers who were destined to be together again. Later, Daniel told Lucy he wished she didn't have to leave so soon. Lucy said she was going to meet up with Heather and return to Portugal.

At Society. Cameron was having a drink at one of the tables, but when he saw Adam enter, Cameron slinked out.

Sally was walking through the park when suddenly she felt ill and had to sit down. Cameron saw her, and he asked if she was okay. Sally said she was fine, and she'd had a little double vision. Cameron asked if he could call someone for her because he didn't feel right leaving her alone. Sally assured him she was okay, and there was someone she could call. She called Adam and asked him to come and get her because she needed to see her obstetrician.

When Adam arrived, Sally apologized for interrupting his day. She said she'd had some double vision, but it had passed once she'd sat down. Adam said it wouldn't hurt to get her checked out. Sally looked around and told Adam there had been a guy who'd been very helpful, and he had refused to leave until she was okay. She wanted to thank him, but he was gone.

At home, Sharon stared at the box she'd received. Faith asked why Sharon was so distracted. Sharon claimed it was because she was lucky to have all of them. She told Faith that Nikki and Victor were dying to see her. Mariah and Faith left.

Sharon gave Nick the box. He opened it and found a book of matches with "The Southside Motel" written on the cover. He recognized it as the motel where Cameron had attacked Sharon. Sharon wanted Nick to confirm that Cameron was in prison. Nick said Cameron shouldn't be out on the streets ever again. She said Cameron was up to something, and she asked Nick what message Cameron was sending her. Chance arrived. He said Cameron had been released after serving his original sentence, and he'd relocated to Los Angeles. Sharon asked if Cameron was still in L.A. Chance said he'd been arrested for assaulting his girlfriend.

Nick missed a call from Sally.

Chance showed Sharon a photo of Cameron's girlfriend, who happened to look like Sharon. Nick asked if Chance knew where Cameron was. Chance said Cameron had been released six months earlier, and his whereabouts were unknown. Nick asked why Cameron didn't have a parole officer keeping tabs on him. Chance said he'd read the report on Cameron, and it was clear he was dangerous and out of control. He asked Sharon to tell him what Cameron was capable of.

Sharon told Chance she'd met Cameron when she'd been in Denver. She said she and Nick had been together at the time, but their marriage had been in trouble. She admitted she'd tried to drown her troubles in alcohol, and Cameron had taken advantage of that. She said Cameron had become violent, and she hadn't wanted Nick to find out what Cameron had done to her. She said she hadn't gone to the police because she'd been going through so much at that time. She remarked it had been a dark time in her life, and she'd wanted to forget it had ever happened, but she hadn't been able to because Cameron had shown up in Genoa City.

In a flashback, Sharon recalled Cameron showing up in her room and choking her. She told Cameron she'd been a different person when he'd seen her at the bar. Cameron asked if that had been when she'd been sitting on that barstool, slamming tequila shots. Sharon explained she'd been running away from her own life, and he'd done her a favor by beating her to a pulp. She said she'd realized she needed her family back. Cameron denied ever beating her, and he claimed they'd had a lovely time together. Sharon told Cameron she knew what her face had looked like after he'd been done with it.

Sharon told Chance that Cameron had exploited the fact that she hadn't wanted Nick to know, and he'd blackmailed her into meeting him one night. She said she'd kept telling herself she could handle him.

In another flashback, Sharon told Cameron she was married and had children, and she begged him to leave her alone. Cameron reminded her she'd been married with children when she'd slept with him in Denver. Sharon told him she'd been drunk and horribly depressed, and her life had been a total disaster. Cameron claimed she was the sexiest woman he'd ever met. She asked if Cameron believed she would have let him take her back to his hotel room if she'd known what she was doing or what kind of man he was.

He asked if she thought he was a monster. He claimed he didn't know why things had happened in Denver, but it didn't have to be that way "this time." Sharon asked if he wouldn't beat her up "this time." He warned her not to get smart with him. He claimed he'd wanted her like he hadn't wanted another woman in a very long time. He told her he could be anything she wanted him to be -- gentle, tender, or a little rough if that was what she wanted. She stated she wanted him out of her life.

Sharon tried to leave, but Cameron threw her onto the bed. She tried to get away, but he grabbed her and said she wasn't going anywhere. He repeatedly demanded that she take off her dress. Sharon told him she'd rather die. He called her a whore and punched her in the face. They struggled on the bed, and Sharon managed to kick him off her. She grabbed the bottle of Champagne from the side table and hit Cameron over the head with it.

Sharon told Chance that she'd thought she'd killed Cameron. She said she'd hidden his body and believed the nightmare was over, but it had just been beginning. Nick said he hoped Cameron didn't think he could return to town and weasel his way back into Sharon's life again. Sharon said they didn't know if that would be the case. Nick reminded her that Cameron had been obsessed with her, and, clearly, he still was. Sharon said Cameron had made every moment of her life a living hell.

Sharon told Chance that Cameron had started out by haunting her, outside a window, somewhere in shadows, and she had never been able to get a moment away from her crime or her shame.

In a flashback, Sharon hugged Nick and saw Cameron outside her window with blood on his face, and he was staring at her.

Sharon told Chance she'd been on edge and unraveling. She said one day, Cameron had shown up alive and well. She said Cameron had acted as if nothing had ever happened between them. She said Cameron had returned because he'd wanted revenge, and he'd wanted her to suffer. Nick said Cameron had taken Sharon hostage, and he'd framed her for murder. Sharon said if it hadn't been for Nick, she wouldn't be there.

In yet another flashback, Sharon and Cameron were on a private jet when Nick rushed in and punched Cameron. Nick knocked Cameron onto the floor and continued punching him a few more times before he told Cameron he had everything Cameron had said on tape, and Cameron was going down. Nick gave Sharon a parachute. Sharon asked if he was serious about them parachuting out of the airplane. Nick said it was their last chance to get out of there alive. Nick gave Sharon instructions, and he told her they were taking Cameron with them. Nick pushed Cameron out of the plane, Sharon was next, and then Nick jumped.

On the ground, Cameron stated that Nick and Sharon were "so sure" they'd won. Nick confirmed they had, and Cameron would wish he'd died when it was over. Cameron told Nick to kill him immediately because if he walked out, Nick would be dead.

Sharon told Chance it should have been over after Cameron had been arrested and convicted. Nick said Cameron still needed to be in a cell. Chance said he understood what they were dealing with. Sharon said Cameron was relentless and vicious, and she wouldn't let him terrorize her again. Chance was sorry she'd had to relive that time in her life, and he appreciated that she'd shared it with him.

Nick said Cameron knew that Chance couldn't do anything until Cameron crossed the line. Chance assured Nick that Cameron was on his radar. He said Cameron was a known perp contacting a former victim, and that was a dangerous combination. Chance said if Sharon received any more gifts, she should send them to him. He said he would try to find out where Cameron was since leaving L.A. Nick said he didn't want Cameron anywhere near Sharon or the girls. Sharon thanked Chance and said once he knew where Cameron was, they could decide what to do.

After Chance left, Sharon told Nick that Chance would give them an update on Cameron as soon as he could. Nick said not if Cameron didn't want to be found. Sharon claimed Cameron was screaming for attention, otherwise he wouldn't have sent her those gifts. Nick claimed Cameron was incapable of rational thought. He asked what would stop Cameron from making his way back to Genoa City again.

At home, Kyle and Summer searched for Jack and Diane, but they weren't home. Summer claimed Diane had to be over the moon. She said she was really happy for Kyle. He said there had been moments when he'd been terrified, just like Summer was about Phyllis. He promised they would find Phyllis and bring her home. Summer said she had to leave. Kyle was suspicious about her needing to leave suddenly. Summer said she would return shortly, and they would all toast to Diane's freedom. She said she had some things she needed to check on at the office. She kissed him and left.

Adam brought Sally back to her suite at the Athletic Club. Adam breathed a sigh of relief and said Sally and the baby would be fine. Sally claimed it wasn't that simple. He said the doctor would take care of her, and Sally had to take her meds and ease up on any stress or anxiety. Sally said she'd done everything the doctor had told her. Tearfully, she asked how she could be at risk for preeclampsia when she'd been doing all the right things. Adam stated that she would continue to follow the doctor's orders.

In tears, Sally claimed she'd done something wrong, but Adam said she'd done something very right by calling her doctor when she'd needed to. Sally said that she and Chloe needed to dive into their assignment for Chancellor-Winters, and taking it easy wasn't on the agenda. Adam suggested that Sally delegate and let Chloe shine. It would give Chloe a chance to show everyone how brilliantly talented she was. He said thhat given the chance, Chloe could dazzle Chancellor-Winters. Sally commented that he was acting calm and reasonable.

Adam told Sally that it was only because he was putting Sally and the baby first. Adam said he was glad she'd called him instead of Nick, then he realized she'd called Nick first, and he claimed he was fine with that. Sally asked Adam to stay a little longer.

Summer arrived at the Athletic Club, and Kyle was right behind her. She asked if he'd followed her. Kyle said he had because she'd left the house without her tablet, but he was surprised she hadn't gone to Marchetti. He asked what she was doing at the Athletic Club. She said she'd stopped in to get a gift card for Diane. She said she'd been feeling her way since things had been so ugly and difficult. Kyle said he appreciated Summer doing everything she could to get past what had happened.

Kyle was about to leave, but Summer stopped him and said they would go home together because she wanted to be with him.

Faith was walking through the park, and suddenly, Cameron deliberately stood up so Faith would bump into him. She apologized. He said it was no problem at all.

Cameron sends another message to Sharon through Faith

Cameron sends another message to Sharon through Faith

Thursday, June 1, 2023

by Nel

Chloe marched into Sally's suite at the Athletic Club, rambling on about what they needed to do for Chancellor-Winters. She suddenly realized Sally was quiet, and she asked what was wrong. Sally explained she'd had an episode in the park; she'd felt dizzy and had double vision. She said Adam had taken her to the obstetrician, who had said she was at risk for preeclampsia and that she had to take it easy for a while.

Sally told Chloe there was "so much to do," and if they didn't impress Chancellor-Winters, their company was dead in the water. She said she needed Chloe to take the lead. Chloe assured Sally that she would keep Sally involved by bring all the samples for Sally to sign off on. Chloe said she would do the in-person meetings until Sally got the doctor's all clear. She wanted Sally to take care of herself, and she promised to keep the job on track.

Chloe said she knew what Sally was going through because she'd fallen off a ladder while pregnant with Delia, and she'd thought she was going to lose her. Chloe said eventually, Delia had entered the world during a snowstorm, miles away from a hospital. Chloe said she'd fought with everything she had to keep Delia safe, and she knew Sally had the same fight in her. Chloe said it wouldn't be the only crisis Sally would have to deal with in her little girl's life.

Chloe said she was surprised Sally had called Adam and not Nick. Sally replied that she'd called Nick, but he hadn't answered, so she'd called Adam. Chloe said that didn't sound like Nick. Sally agreed, and she hoped everything was okay. When Adam arrived, he said if Sally would be staying in, then she needed snacks. He said he'd checked with a doctor friend who had recommended salt-free snacks and bottled water.

Adam admitted it had been an excuse to check on Sally, but he saw that she was in good hands with Chloe. Sally told him she was doing fine, and she had strict orders from Chloe not to stress about work because Chloe had them covered. Chloe said she had to get to a meeting, and she was happy Adam was there. When Chloe left, Sally thanked Adam for returning.

Adam told Sally their daughter would be strong and fierce, like the Spectra women. He shared that his mother, Hope, had also been strong. Sally said that nothing about Adam said he'd grown up on a farm, shoveling manure. Adam told her he'd delivered a calf, and he claimed he would be a rock star in the delivery room. Sally said she didn't want to keep him because she knew he was busy at McCall. Adam said nothing was more important than Sally and the baby.

At Sharon's, Nick was on the phone, beefing up security around Sharon's home. Sharon thanked him but claimed she didn't want to overreact. Nick assured her that where Cameron was concerned, there was no such thing as overeating. Sharon said she was convinced it had been blood on the Champagne bottle.

Nick asked Sharon to try not to let Cameron get into her head, but she asked how when the gifts had been hand-delivered, and Cameron might already be in town. Nick said Cameron could have paid someone to deliver them. He agreed the cigar box had been hand-delivered, but he didn't think Cameron would be brazen enough to hand-deliver that cigar box with all of them there. Sharon said she wished she could agree, but she remembered what that monster was capable of -- and he wasn't easily intimidated.

At the park, when Cameron saw Faith heading his way, he stood up so she could bump into him. He asked if Faith was okay. Faith claimed she was an idiot for walking and texting. He asked if she was Faith Newman. She admitted she was and asked if she knew him. Cameron said he was an old friend of her parents. Cameron said he'd done some work with Nick at Newman Enterprises years earlier, and he and Sharon went way back. He introduced himself as C.K. He told Faith his phone had died, and he asked Faith to give him directions to an address on a piece of paper.

At Society, Ashley spotted Diane and asked Tucker "what the hell" Diane was doing there. Ashley was going to call the police. Tucker told her to wait because it would be better to collect all the facts first, but Ashley insisted the facts were clear: Diane was in violation of her house arrest. Ashley claimed Diane had been going stir-crazy, and she knew Jack would do anything for her. Tucker suggested they talk to Diane and see what she had to say for herself.

Ashley confronted Diane and asked "what the hell" she was doing there. Diane asked if Ashley was going to call the police. Jack approached and told Ashley not to think about it. Ashley asked if Jack had lost his mind. Jack informed her that Christine had dropped all charges against Diane. Diane gloated that she'd been innocent from the start. Tucker said the only way she would be free was if the real killer had confessed. Jack said there hadn't been a killer. Diane announced that Phyllis was alive. Jack said Chance had been able to prove that Daniel had seen Phyllis, and she was alive.

Diane informed Ashley that Chance had found a program from Phyllis' memorial, and they'd pulled DNA and fingerprints from it to prove Phyllis had been alive after her memorial. Diane said if she was someone who'd thought the worst of everyone like Ashley did, she might had thought it had been a plan hatched by the coven consisting of Ashley, Nikki, and Phyllis. Diane said they'd been out to get her since she'd returned to Genoa City, and she wouldn't put it past them to try to frame her.

Ashley said it was a wonderful thing for Daniel and Summer that Phyllis was alive. Diane said she hated that Summer thought the worst of her, when it had been her mother that had been in on the plan with Stark, and Phyllis had admitted as much to Daniel. Ashley asked why Phyllis would have been driven to do such a thing, since Diane had done the same thing herself. Jack accused Ashley of hurling accusations at Diane for weeks and said it had all been proven false. He asked if Ashley couldn't cut Diane a break.

Tucker told Ashley he had to hand it to Phyllis to plan the perfect revenge. Jack insisted Phyllis was definitely going to be punished for what she'd done. Diane said it was time to celebrate, and she invited Ashley and Tucker to join them for some Champagne. Ashley declined.

Alone, Ashley told Tucker she was thrilled Phyllis was alive, but she was worried Diane would think she was invincible. She said Diane had convinced Jack that she deserved some kind of reward for everything she'd gone through. Tucker said he'd noticed that Jack had doubled down on his defense of Diane. Ashley claimed Diane would use that to get her claws into Jabot. She claimed she had to protect her family. Ashley said she needed Tucker as an ally and partner, and she had to do something before Diane married Jack and had more power.

While Jack and Diane toasted each other, Ashley told Tucker it was nauseating to watch Jack and Diane, and she had to focus that much harder on her plan. She said they could use their fake engagement to their benefit, since it would be a perfect distraction to make their move against Diane. She asked Tucker to work with her at Jabot. Tucker claimed that Ashley was taking the situation far too seriously, and she was risking alienating her brothers -- and possibly the rest of her family if battle lines were drawn.

Ashley told Tucker she had to make the family realize the cost would be huge if they allowed Diane to get what she wanted. Tucker suggested that Ashley let Jack and Diane have their happiness. Ashley absolutely refused because that would give Diane a stronghold at Jabot. Tucker said Ashley didn't need Jabot. He said that together, they could build something that would tower over Jabot.

Tucker said with Ashley making all the sound business decisions, they would be unstoppable. Ashley said it sounded enticing, but she didn't want Diane to win. Tucker said he had money from the sale of McCall, and she could have Jack buy her out at Jabot. He asked her to think about what they could do. He said she could pursue all those innovations she'd dreamed of -- without answering to the board or CEO. Ashley said she wasn't sure if it was a pitch or seduction. He claimed it would be the best business decision she'd ever made, and Ashley would forget all about "what's her name." Ashley suggested that he make his case someplace a little more private.

After Tucker agreed and he and Ashley left, Jack commented to Diane that he had a feeling Tucker and Ashley were up to something. Diane asked who cared and said she wanted to keep celebrating.

At home, Sharon heard a key in the lock. She told Nick it was Faith. She suggested they not alarm Faith until they knew there was something to worry about. Faith entered and said she'd run into an old friend of theirs. She said he'd recognized her somehow, but she'd never met him. She said he went by his initials, "C-something." Sharon asked if they were C.K. Faith affirmed they were.

Sharon pulled up a photo of Cameron on her laptop. Faith confirmed it was C.K., and she noticed the article said he'd been arrested. Faith asked why they'd called Chance after she'd mentioned his name. Nick informed her C.K. was extremely dangerous. Sharon told Faith to steer clear of him. Nick told her to call them immediately if she saw C.K. again and then to call Chance.

Chance arrived, and he asked Faith to tell him what had happened. Faith explained that she'd been texting and walking, and she'd bumped into him. She said he'd asked about Nick and Sharon, then he asked for directions to an address on a piece of paper because his phone had died. She showed Chance the address. Chance called the station, and he asked that an officer go to a bar on the south side of town. He said he would send over a picture of the guy they were looking for and the address.

Sharon told Nick the bar was near the motel where... Nick interrupted and claimed there was no way Cameron was there, only sending one of his sick messages. Faith asked what was going on. Sharon explained that Cameron was part of her very painful past, and it was very difficult to talk about. Faith said she was worried. Nick asked her to give Sharon some time and accept that C.K. was a very dangerous person. He said C.K. was to be avoided at all costs. Faith agreed.

Chance told Nick and Sharon he'd received confirmation that Cameron wasn't at the bar, and according to the bartender, he hadn't been there that day. Nick asked if Chance had enough because the run-in with Faith had been planned, and Cameron was taunting Sharon. Nick asked Chance to find out where Cameron was staying. Chance said if they wanted to put Cameron away for good, they had to go by the book. He said he didn't have enough to arrest Cameron, but there was enough to question him.

Chance told Nick and Sharon he would get some units to canvass the hotels and motels in the area and go from there. Nick said he would get Victor's security team on it, as well. Nick picked up his phone and saw that Sally had been trying to reach him. He called her and left her a voicemail. Sharon told Nick to go; she had Chance with her, and security had been alerted. Nick said he would return after he checked in with Sally, and he left.

Sharon said Chance had to get to work, and she assured him they would be fine. Chance said security was outside, and he'd checked the windows and doors. He told Sharon to lock the door behind him and stay on high alert.

After Chance left, Sharon stated that Faith deserved to know what they were dealing with and who that monster was.

Nick arrived at Sally's and asked what had happened. Adam told Sally he would check in later. Sally thanked him, and Adam left. Sally told Nick she'd had a scare: a little dizziness and double vision. She said the doctor had told her she was at risk for preeclampsia, and she'd been ordered to take it easy. Nick said he owed Adam a big thank you. Sally admitted Adam had been great. She said she was following the doctor's orders.

Nick said he felt awful that he hadn't been there for Sally. She asked why it had taken him so long to get her messages. He said he'd been dealing with some family stuff. Sally said she and baby were part of that family, and she asked him to fill her in. He claimed it had been some boring Newman business, and he reminded her that she wasn't supposed to have any negative thoughts. Sally said Nick was brilliant at making her feel like everything was going to be okay. Fully clothed, they lay down together.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea told Adam she needed to talk to him about Connor. She asked if Adam had noticed Connor had been on edge lately, and his moods had been all over the place. Adam assumed it was just a phase. Chelsea asked if it was something they should be concerned about. Adam snapped at her and asked what she wanted from him. Stunned, Chelsea turned to walk away, but Adam apologized and explained there might be a problem with the baby.

Chelsea said it had to be difficult for Adam to watch Nick with Sally, and he probably felt like an outsider. Adam said he'd been there for Sally because she hadn't been able to reach Nick, but it stung that he hadn't been her first call, because he was the baby's father. Adam suggested his situation might be confusing for Connor, and that might be what was going on with Connor. Adam said it wasn't an ideal way to bring a baby into the family. Chelsea said Adam was doing everything he could to support Sally and not getting into it with Nick.

Adam told Chelsea he was supposed to be focusing on fixing the wreck of a company Victor had entrusted him with, but he couldn't think about McCall at all. He said his thoughts were about Sally and the baby.

In his suite at the Athletic Club, Cameron recalled an event from the past. Sharon told him Nick Newman was her husband. She said when she'd seen him in Nick's office, she'd hope he wouldn't remember, but Cameron said he remembered. She told Cameron she wasn't the woman he'd met in Denver, but Cameron claimed she was. Sharon stated she hadn't been herself, but Cameron said she was the same woman she'd been then, and she was very hot. Sharon asked if he was going to tell Nick.

Cameron said it depended, because he lived life the way he did business; a good deal was when everyone got something and everyone gave up something.

Inside a private jet, Cameron told Sharon the night they'd met in the hotel, he'd thought they would hook up, but she'd decided to hit him over the head with a bottle. Sharon said he'd been trying to rape her. He said he couldn't believe a little girl like her could drag him down all those stairs. Sharon said she'd believed he was dead. He said he'd regained consciousness, covered in snow and frozen, behind a Dumpster a couple of hours later. He said he'd never been angrier in his life. Sharon said that was when he'd decided to destroy her.

Cameron said he didn't want to destroy Sharon; he wanted to have his dream girl, but she hadn't been that cooperative. He said he needed to talk to Gabe about Frank's demise. He stated that was all in their past, they were together, and he loved her.

He snapped out of his reverie, and he looked at a recent photo of Sharon on his phone. He remembered watching her at the coffeehouse telling Adam the bottle of champagne looked very familiar to her.

Sharon comes face to face with Cameron

Sharon comes face to face with Cameron

Friday, June 2, 2023

by Nel

At the Athletic Club dining room, Diane giggled. She told Jack that while interacting with the outside world, she'd forgotten her martini at the bar. Diane became somber, and Jack asked where she'd gone.

Diane told Jack that on the night of the gala, Kyle had lost his phone there, and that had set off the chain of events that had become a nightmare. Diane said she was worried what that nightmare had done to Summer and Kyle. She said they seemed to be disconnected and living separate lives. Jack said with Phyllis alive and Diane's charges dropped, he hoped there would be some semblance of normalcy for everyone.

At home, Summer received a text message from Daniel: "Big bro prays for family peace." Kyle brought Champagne in an ice bucket to toast Diane's freedom when she and Jack returned home. Summer said she needed to talk to Daniel. Kyle protested because it was late, and Jack and Diane would be home soon. Summer said things had been a mess between her and Daniel, and they had to clear up the animosity between them before they saw Phyllis. Summer said she loved him. Kyle said he would be waiting when she returned. She kissed him, and she left.

At Society, Daniel received a text message from an unknown number, and he wondered if it had been sent by Phyllis.

Daniel recalled a conversation he'd had with Summer: Summer said she knew where Phyllis was, but Phyllis wasn't turning herself in until they could be sure she could get her life back. He asked what they needed to do. Summer told him Phyllis was safe, and that was all he needed to know. She stated she would handle things alone without his special brand of help.

Daniel picked up his phone and read the message again, and he left.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon remembered a conversation she'd had with Nikki about Cameron: Sharon told Nikki that Cameron had started causing problems the moment he'd arrived in town. She said Cameron wanted her, and he'd made it evident that if the deal was going to happen with Nick, she needed to chip in a little on the side. Nikki asked why Sharon hadn't told Nick about the ugly game that guy was playing. Sharon asked how she could tell him, but Nikki asked how she couldn't. Nikki said that guy was coming after Sharon, and she asked if Sharon thought Nick wouldn't support her.

Sharon jumped in fear when she heard a noise. She was relieved it was Nick. He said he would drive her home, and she had no say until Kirsten was out of their lives. Nick locked the door to the coffeehouse. Sharon asked if Sally was okay. Nick said Sally was at risk for preeclampsia, but Sally was going to scale back her work and rest more. Sharon told Nick to leave because he needed to be with Sally. Nick said Sally was safe, and he would feel better once Sharon was home and on high alert.

Sharon told Nick she blamed herself for Faith's encounter with Cameron. She said she'd left Faith vulnerable because she hadn't warned Faith to be careful after Cameron had delivered the cigar box. She said Faith could have run in a different direction when she'd seen Cameron in the park.

Sharon told Nick she'd told Faith everything about Cameron. Nick agreed that Faith needed to know the truth and remain vigilant at all times. Sharon admitted that every time she opened the door, she was afraid she would find another one of Cameron's sick gifts, and his games were just beginning.

Nick told Sharon it bothered him to know that creep could get near her or Faith. Sharon asked him to promise not to do anything. Nick asked if she meant like throwing Cameron's "ass" out of the airplane again. Sharon said she'd blocked all those memories, but lately, they'd returned. She said she'd been young and foolish, and she was ashamed that her choices had brought that madman into their lives. Nick assured her they would beat Cameron once again.

Sharon admitted that at that time, she'd been terrified Nick would discover what Cameron had done, and she'd been afraid to go to the police, which had made things worse. Nick admitted that when he'd discovered what Cameron had done to her, he'd wanted to break Cameron in half. He smiled and claimed he'd become much smarter. He said they would let the police make sure Cameron was returned to prison.

Nick told Sharon that Cameron wasn't untouchable because he had a record, despite all his millions. Sharon claimed Cameron didn't care. Nick didn't want to talk about Cameron, and he proclaimed it a Cameron-free zone. Nick asked what he could do to help her close up. Sharon sent him to the back room for sugar duty while she grabbed the sugar containers from the patio.

Diane picked up her drink at the bar. Cameron told her she shouldn't leave her drink unattended because no one would notice if a creep dropped something into it. He claimed she couldn't trust anyone. She said she and her husband frequented the place, and they knew everyone there. She excused herself to return to Jack but changed her mind, and she asked the bartender to make her another drink. Cameron said it was a smart move, and he left.

Moments later, Victor and Nikki approached Jack and Diane's table. Victor asked how Diane had done it. Nikki claimed Diane had to have lied through her teeth to convince the D.A. to set her free. Diane said she hadn't lied because she was innocent. Jack saw Summer enter and called out to her. Victor asked Summer to join them.

Summer explained that she was there to see Daniel. Victor said it had to have been a shock when Diane had been set free. Nikki said the authorities would realize their mistake, and Diane would be back in her ankle monitor.

Nikki and Victor were shocked when Summer told them Phyllis was alive. Summer said Phyllis had contacted Daniel. Phyllis had told him she'd been in a really vulnerable place, and Stark had manipulated her into marrying him and had faked her death to frame Diane for murder. Victor asked where Phyllis was. Summer replied that she didn't know and that Phyllis was on the run. Summer told them Phyllis had killed Stark in self-defense. She said Phyllis had realized what a huge mistake she'd made. She'd wanted to come home, but Stark hadn't let her. She said Stark had attacked Phyllis, and she'd been terrified of the charges she would face.

Summer said she held on to the fact that her mom was alive, and that was why she was there to see Daniel. She said they had to figure out what came next. Victor claimed that what came next was for Phyllis to meet face to face with Summer and Daniel and then face the consequence of her actions. Summer said it was very complicated. Summer left.

Victor stated that Phyllis had allowed her children to mourn her, and he asked "who the hell" would do that. Nikki called it Diane's area of expertise. Nikki asked if Diane was pleased with herself because Diane had pushed Phyllis to the edge, and that had been the outcome. Diane asked if Nikki thought it was her fault. Nikki said it wouldn't have happened if Diane hadn't returned to Genoa City. Diane stated it was ironic that Phyllis had tried to frame her for murder, yet Phyllis had actually committed one. Jack and Diane left.

Nikki told Victor that as angry as she was at Phyllis for what she'd put Daniel and Summer through, Diane was right up there with her insufferable gloating and freedom to create havoc on the town again. Victor said Diane was Jack's problem, and he told Nikki to ignore her. Nikki admitted she couldn't do that. She said Diane had Jack so besotted, he didn't know which way was up. Nikki said once Diane married Jack, she would use Jack's name to open as many doors as she could, and she would begin her reign of terror.

Jack and Diane entered the jazz lounge, and Jack commented that it was the room where her life had changed in an instant. Diane said that night, she'd been the happiest she'd ever been. She said she'd been engaged, loved, in Jack's arms, dancing, excited about their future -- and then Jeremy had bumped into Jack and Phyllis had collapsed. Jack said she'd returned to the scene and faced her past. He wanted to take her home, but Diane wanted to dance.

Jack said he'd never seen Diane look more beautiful, radiant, or alive. Diane said it was because she was going to spend the rest of her life with the love of her life. Jack said he'd promised her the wedding of her dreams, and he asked if she'd made any plans. Diane said she didn't care because she just wanted to be his wife -- the sooner the better.

On the patio, Sharon picked up a sugar container. She dropped the sugar container in shock when she turned and saw Cameron standing in front of her. Sharon said they were closed, and he wasn't welcome. Cameron said he'd imagined that moment "so many times." Sharon suggested they could have a conversation the next day at the police station. She told him to leave. Cameron said she still had that fire, and it still burned bright.

Cameron told Sharon he'd missed the way she said his name. He claimed they'd had some good times. Sharon denied it, and she told him to get out. He said he'd never forgotten a single thing about her. He said he'd prayed to forget, but it had been impossible. She asked why he was there. He asked if that was her only question, and he asked if she was curious how and where he'd been or what he'd been doing for the past 20 years.

Cameron admitted no one had ever touched him the way Sharon had. While caressing her face, he said their connection had been real, and he knew she'd felt it. Cameron was about to kiss her when Nick rushed in and pushed him away. He warned Cameron to stay away from everyone in his family.

Nick demanded that Cameron leave before he tore Cameron apart. Cameron said, "Nothing to see here, boss, just stopped in to say hi." He told Nick he'd met Faith, and she was "such a little beauty, just like her mama." Nick warned Cameron not to talk about Faith. Cameron said he'd come in peace. He asked if Nick was threatening violence. Nick said it wasn't a threat, just a promise. Nick asked what Cameron wanted, but Cameron said that was for another time. He wished them a nice night, and he left. When Sharon broke down in tears, Nick comforted her.

In Phyllis' suite at the Athletic Club, Phyllis sent Summer a text message: "Summer, I'm getting desperate. Please, please answer me."

Later, when Summer entered Phyllis' suite, Phyllis said she wanted to talk about Summer and Daniel, but Summer claimed Phyllis wanted to see Daniel. Summer had warned her that if Daniel knew where she was, he would go to the police because he was all about the truth, and Phyllis would go to jail. She refused to let Phyllis see Daniel.

There was a knock at the door. Phyllis claimed she didn't want to make things worse. She said it was her fault that Summer and Daniel were at odds, and she'd had to take matters into her own hands. Daniel was surprised when Summer opened the door. He asked if she'd sent him that weird text message. Daniel was stunned when Phyllis opened the door wider and greeted him.

Phyllis and Daniel hugged. He said knowing she was alive had been one thing, but seeing her was amazing. Phyllis chirped that she'd been right to reach out to Daniel, and everything was going to be okay. Phyllis said she would tell Daniel what she'd told Summer. She apologized for what she'd done to him and promised she would spend the rest of her life making it up to him.

Daniel said Phyllis could have ended things prior to the memorial service, but she'd chosen to let them grieve. He accused her of choosing revenge over her family, but Phyllis claimed she'd been confused. Daniel said she hadn't been confused because her choice had been very clear to him. Phyllis admitted that the memorial service had made her realize how important she was to him and Summer. She said he'd painted that gorgeous portrait of her. Daniel said he'd painted it from memory because it had been his way of keeping her alive, yet she'd been there the whole time.

Phyllis said that portrait had made her realize how much Daniel loved her, it had given her strength, and it was the reason she couldn't throw everything away. Summer stated that Phyllis had thrown it away because Chance had found it. He'd gotten Phyllis' DNA. Summer told Phyllis there was an APB out for her. She said the murder charges against Diane had been dropped.

Phyllis said it was amazing that Diane had had the charges dropped and gotten away with it again. Daniel said that Diane was innocent. Phyllis said that while she faced a huge mess, Diane would have her fairy tale life. Daniel reminded Phyllis she'd created that mess. Phyllis said she regretted it. Daniel asked if she regretted it because what she'd done was wrong or because her plan had fallen apart. Summer told him to focus on what they needed to do to get out of that mess without telling the police they knew where their mom was.

Daniel told Summer the sneaking around had to end, but Summer said not unless Phyllis was behind bars. He asked if they should say nothing, and Summer agreed. Daniel asked about Kyle. She told Daniel to leave Kyle out of it. Daniel said he couldn't because he was Summer's husband who loved her, and he was worried about her. He said Kyle deserved to know. Summer replied that Kyle would know when the time was right. Daniel asked what that timetable looked like. He asked if she believed her marriage would survive it. Summer said it was better than telling the police to help themselves to Phyllis.

Phyllis told Daniel and Summer to look at what she'd done to their family; they shouldn't be at odds because they loved each other. She said they fought, but they protected each other. Phyllis said she would disappear and take care of things on her own. Summer and Daniel protested. Phyllis stated that they were accessories to a crime. Summer said they needed to protect their loved ones at all costs. She reminded Phyllis that was what Phyllis had taught her, and that was what they were going to do. Daniel said whatever it took. Phyllis asked if Daniel was sure. He said he was.

Phyllis commented that Christine wouldn't be happy until she saw Phyllis in handcuffs. Daniel said Phyllis had been horrible to Christine back in the day. Summer asked them to focus because they had another situation. She said she'd told Nikki and Victor that Phyllis was alive, and she'd told them about Stark. Phyllis asked why Summer had done that. Summer said they'd been downstairs in the dining room with Jack and Diane.

Daniel said Summer had told Nikki and Victor, but she hadn't told Kyle. She said Daniel had already told everyone, and she wanted them to hear it from her. Phyllis said it meant Victor would get his personal security on her, and they would find her immediately. She said she should just turn herself in. Daniel claimed it would be the right thing to do. Summer told Daniel to stop with the "right thing." She said the right thing was to protect their mom until they could clear her of Stark's murder. Phyllis agreed.

Daniel asked if Phyllis had a plan. Phyllis said she did. She said she'd hacked into Stark's personal records and accounts, but she needed to find the paper trail to show the person Stark had been. She said Stark had planned to keep her a prisoner in that room, and it had boiled down to his life or hers. She said she needed to find the EMT whose name was Carson, and they needed all the help they could get.

Summer asked Daniel if his conscience was going to be a problem. Daniel said things were moving fast, and they needed to get ahead of them. He said they needed to find Phyllis a new place to hide that was isolated and a lot safer than the Athletic Club. He asked if Summer had any ideas. She said she needed to sleep on it. She said she needed to get home because she didn't want Kyle to worry about her. Summer opened the door, and Kyle was standing there. He asked, "What the hell?"

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