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Nicole declined E.J.'s proposal. Abe suffered a cranial hemorrhage. Talia and Colin fell off the roof. Sloan agreed to keep Nicole's secret, and she offered to collect DNA from Eric. Jada arrested her sister. Gabi gave Li their signed divorce papers. Wendy told Johnny that she was not ready to choose a boyfriend. Shane freed Dimitri, Megan, and Kristen in exchange for Andrew's release. Kristen and Brady argued over Rachel. Dimitri told Chad he was Chad's nephew. Xander offered Chloe a job. Harris moved to Salem. Tony guessed Nicole's secret. Megan and Kristen moved into the DiMera mansion.
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Nicole declined E.J.'s proposal. Talia and Colin fell off the roof. Harris moved to Salem. Megan and Kristen moved into the DiMera mansion.
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Colin orders Paulina to jump off the roof of the Salem Inn

Colin orders Paulina to jump off the roof of the Salem Inn

Monday, May 22, 2023

by Mike

Nicole paced around the living room of the DiMera mansion while trying to decide how to respond to E.J.'s impromptu marriage proposal. "My knee's going to sleep," E.J. eventually complained. "Get up," Nicole evasively responded.

E.J. stood and guessed that the proposal hadn't been elaborate enough, prompting Nicole to clarify that it hadn't been sincere enough. "Why in the hell would I even think about marrying a cynical, opportunistic jackass?" Nicole snapped. "The one and only reason you proposed to me is because your brother proposed to Gabi," Nicole continued. "You're lucky I didn't knee you in the DiMera family jewels!" Nicole continued. "Which reminds me -- the next time you decide to propose to someone, you might want to come prepared," Nicole concluded -- and E.J. seized the opportunity to promise an extravagant diamond ring in the hope of making things right.

E.J. got upset when Nicole scoffed at the peace offering. "Wait -- you're insulted?" Nicole realized. "Why wouldn't I be?" E.J. answered.

E.J. tried to deny that proposing had been a business maneuver, but Nicole was quick to challenge the claim. "All right -- it did have something to do with Gabi and Stefan," E.J. backpedaled after realizing that Nicole wasn't going to drop the matter.

Nicole started to celebrate the victory, but E.J. interrupted to add that there was another reason that the proposal had occurred. "Oh, give me a break -- what other reason could there be?" Nicole protested. "The fact that I happen to love you?" E.J. offered. " me?" Nicole whispered. "Yes? I do?" E.J. responded before giving the matter further thought then repeating the answer with more conviction in the hope of assuaging Nicole's doubts.

Nicole once again struggled to think of a response, drawing a sigh of disappointment from E.J. "You're not in love with me -- it's Eric Brady still, isn't it?" E.J. grumbled. "Eric has nothing to do with the way that I feel about you," Nicole insisted.

E.J. exited the living room after promising to give Nicole time to process what had just happened. "I can't even think about that -- not until I know whether you're his baby or Eric's," Nicole explained to the unborn child once the coast was clear.

Abe tried to tell Rafe about what had just happened at Sweet Bits but passed out again during the tale.

Abe regained consciousness at the hospital but had a seizure while ordering Rafe to focus on the search for Paulina.

Abe's CT scan revealed an intracranial hemorrhage that required immediate surgery, so Rafe helped a doctor get the needed consent from Theo.

Eric paced around the police station as Sloan faced off with Jada in one of the conference rooms. "I didn't know you had a sister," Sloan admitted. "We're talking about you here --" Jada protested.

Sloan interrupted Jada with a laugh. "You don't get to drop a bomb like that and just walk it back," Sloan insisted before demanding to know how Jada's sister was connected to Colin.

Eric continued pacing as Trask entered the police station. "Back to do your paralegal impersonation again?" Trask wondered. "I'm waiting for my girlfriend," Eric snapped.

Trask translated that Sloan had ditched Eric for a criminal who was desperate for a lawyer. "You're bound to find out sooner or later, so you might as well hear it from me -- Sloan's the one who needs a lawyer; she's been arrested," Eric fretted.

Jada emerged from the conference room just then and rushed out of the police station without even acknowledging Trask's attempt to probe for more information about the situation. "Do you have a thing for obnoxious women?" Trask challenged Eric.

Eric ignored the dig and begged Trask for some time alone with Sloan. "How 'bout this -- you tell me what I want to know, and I'll let you be in there when I talk to her," Trask offered.

Sloan was surprised -- and somewhat annoyed -- when Eric entered the conference room a short time later and admitted to having told Trask everything. "This whole arrest was an attempt at intimidation, and I intend to sue this department and the city --" Sloan declared. "Would you knock off the amateur theatrics? It's not like they beat you with a rubber hose!" Trask countered.

Sloan maintained that the police had overstepped, drawing looks of confusion from Trask and Eric. "If the cops are really gonna try to nail me on guilt by association...well, they better be careful, because one of their own is mixed up in this," Sloan elaborated. "Detective Hunter has a sister named Talia -- and she's up to her neck in this," Sloan continued. "Jada let something slip when she was questioning me -- I don't think she meant to -- and then she got a call from someone who was obviously her sister, and that's when she rushed out of here," Sloan continued. "I don't think I need to point out the unfairness," Sloan concluded -- and Trask gave the matter a bit of thought then agreed to drop the charges and release the lawyer.

Rafe phoned from the hospital just then -- and Trask ended the call after a brief conversation then filled Sloan and Eric in on what had been discussed. "This is a nightmare," Sloan fretted. "You're damn right it is!" Trask snapped.

Jada stormed into Colin's room at the Salem Inn and informed Talia that the jig was up. "How did you find out?" Talia sputtered. "I'm a cop!" Jada responded.

Jada started chastising Talia for having participated in Colin's revenge scheme. "Our father would be so ashamed --" Jada noted. "Stop yelling at me and listen for once!" Talia interjected.

Talia showed Jada the scarf that seemed to indicate that Paulina had been in the room with Colin earlier that night. Talia also produced Colin's photo album -- then had an epiphany about Paulina's fate while watching Jada inspect the item.

Sloan and Eric left the police station together then headed over to the town square. "I have to find Colin -- maybe I can talk him into giving himself up," Sloan fretted. "I wish you would have trusted me enough to tell me that you saw him here in town," Eric grumbled. "He's my brother, and he's all the family I have left -- I was just trying to protect him," Sloan explained. "I understand what it's like to protect a sibling -- you haven't met my sister Sami," Eric stressed before warning Sloan that their relationship would only work if they were always open and honest with each other in the future. "No more secrets -- I promise," Sloan responded before hugging Eric in an effort to hide a look of guilt about the pregnancy secret that was still being kept.

Chanel begged Colin not to force Paulina off the roof of the Salem Inn. "I'll do anything you want --" Chanel stressed. "Quite an offer from a young, nubile slut like yourself -- no wonder that my old man couldn't keep it in his trousers," Colin mused.

Colin turned down Chanel's offer and also refused to accept a payoff from Paulina. "What I want is justice!" Colin declared. "You must be out of your damn mind if you think I'm gonna jump off this roof --" Paulina protested. "Then I'll get justice another way -- by making you watch your daughter die!" Colin countered before aiming a gun at Chanel, prompting Paulina to agree to go along with the original plan.

Colin led Paulina to the edge of the roof while trying not to listen to Chanel's attempt to provide a firsthand account of everything that had happened in London years earlier, but the story proved to be difficult to ignore -- and hearing a version of events that didn't portray Mr. and Mrs. Bedford as innocent victims was upsetting enough to inspire a new idea. "I'm gonna kill you both!" Colin snapped.

Jada and Talia arrived just then, but Colin remained determined to punish Chanel and Paulina for what had happened in London years earlier. Colin used Paulina as a shield while lashing out at Talia for having blabbed to Chanel and Jada, seeing that as an unforgivable act of betrayal. Paulina soon passed out while suffering a panic attack, but Colin dismissed the development as an act and refused to allow Talia to provide medical attention. Colin released Paulina then started using Chanel as a shield instead. Talia lunged for Colin's gun, giving Chanel a chance to flee. Jada tried to gain control of the situation, but Talia refused to back out of the fight for Colin's gun.

Colin and Talia eventually got too close to the edge of the roof and fell over it together, both still clutching the weapon.

Colin and Talia survive their fall off the roof

Colin and Talia survive their fall off the roof

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

At the DiMera mansion, Gabi stumbled on the staircase, and Johnny caught her. "Maybe I've had too much to drink," Gabi said. "Celebrating?" Johnny asked. Gabi showed her engagement ring to Johnny. "Anyone you know?" Johnny teased. Gabi scoffed.

"Stefan and I are engaged," Gabi said. "Again?" Johnny countered. Gabi told Johnny that "this time," the relationship would last. Johnny asked about Li. Gabi held up her divorce papers in her other hand. "It's almost as beautiful as the ring," Gabi said.

After Gabi grabbed a second bottle of Champagne, Johnny stopped her before she headed back upstairs. "Was Wendy in the office today?" Johnny asked. Gabi said no, and she asked what was wrong. "The problem is that if she wasn't there, then that means she is still in Seattle with Tripp," Johnny said. Johnny told Gabi about the situation with Wendy. Gabi encouraged Johnny to call Wendy and talk to her.

"I'm already coming off as kind of needy," Johnny admitted. "Don't give up!" Gabi said. Gabi argued that if Stefan could return from the dead, then there was hope for Johnny, too. "Hope and love. That's what makes the world go round," Gabi said.

A bedraggled Wendy returned home to her apartment, and Li asked, "What happened to you?" Wendy told Li about her nightmare trip home from Seattle. "You should have called," Li said. "So you can send the DiMera jet? You don't work there anymore," Wendy snapped. "I'm afraid I'm not the person to cheer you up. Not tonight," Li said. Wendy asked what was wrong.

"I signed the divorce papers today," Li admitted. "I'm so sorry," Wendy said. Li said that he'd hoped for closure, but instead, he still felt awful. "You going to let Johnny know you're back?" Li asked. "I'm not sure," Wendy admitted. Wendy told Li about her visit with Tripp.

"I get so angry with Johnny, but I like him. Tripp, he is just so easy to be with. And I know I have to choose, but I just don't know how," Wendy admitted. Li advised Wendy to date both men and gather more information before she made a decision. "You want to take your sweet time to figure out what you want. They'll both wait. Because you're worth waiting for," Li said. Li smiled at his sister.

After Wendy left the apartment, Gabi visited Li. "I'm probably the last person you want to see," Gabi said. "The last person I expected to see," Li corrected. Gabi told Li that after she had received the divorce papers, Stefan had proposed to her. Li glanced down at Gabi's hand. "And you accepted," Li whispered. Li asked Gabi why she was there. Gabi handed Li the signed divorce papers.

"Must be nice to finally be free," Li said. "It does, but I'm not here to gloat, Li. You're free, too," Gabi said. Gabi told Li that there was a woman out there that would be lucky to find him. "After everything I've put you through, you can't seriously think that anyone would be lucky to find me," Li said. Gabi noted that she had not forgotten the things that she had done.

"I don't get to take the high moral road here," Gabi said. Gabi suggested that they move on and forget the past. "I'm sorry that I hurt you. I got crazy because losing you was the worst thing that ever happened to me," Li said. Gabi noted that it was inevitable that their relationship would have ended, even if Stefan had not returned.

"We were good at the game. You said it yourself -- that's all it was, a game," Gabi said. Gabi kissed Li on the cheek. "You'll realize that when you meet the right woman. And Li, I hope you do soon," Gabi said.

At the DiMera mansion, Johnny called Wendy, and he heard her phone ringing on the front porch. "You're back!" Johnny said. "Yeah! From the trip from hell. Dropped off my bag, and here I am," Wendy said. Johnny told Wendy that he had missed her. As Johnny took a step toward Wendy, she took a step back.

"I wanna say something, Johnny. I'm really glad we got the proposal stuff behind us, because I like you. I like being with you, but I like Tripp, too," Wendy confessed. Wendy told Johnny that she wanted to let him know where she stood. "Where we stood, if there is still a we after that," Wendy added. "So, you weren't shutting me down just then?" Johnny asked. Wendy shook her head no. "I like different things about both of you," Wendy admitted. "It means I'm still in the game," Johnny said. Johnny kissed Wendy. "And frankly, I like my chances," Johnny added with a grin.

On the roof of the Salem Inn, Jada screamed at Colin to drop his gun. Colin clutched Chanel to his body in a chokehold, and he held his gun to her head. Talia lunged for Colin, and she wrestled him for control of the gun. Colin shoved Chanel away so that he could free both hands.

"Get away from him!" Jada shouted at her sister. "Get the hell off me!" Colin shouted at Talia. As Talia and Colin both struggled, they were knocked off balance and toppled over the side of the roof. "No!" Jada and Chanel screamed.

As Eric and Sloan walked through the town square, Sloan promised not to keep any more secrets from Eric. Sloan's phone rang, and while she was on the phone, a loud crash sounded in front of the Salem Inn. Eric and Sloan looked over at Colin on the ground. Sloan rushed to her brother's side. Colin groaned and fell unconscious.

On the rooftop, Paulina told Jada to go check on her sister. Jada promised to send help, and she ran off. Chanel peeked over the edge, and Paulina screamed at her to stay away from the edge. "It's okay. Talia and Colin, they can't hurt us anymore," Chanel assured her mother. "I don't give a damn about them! You need to get to Abe!" Paulina countered. Paulina told Chanel what had happened.

At the hospital, Rafe directed the search for Colin from his cell phone as he paced the waiting area. As Rafe ended a call, Kayla asked Rafe what had happened to Abe. Rafe explained that Sloan's brother had attacked Abe and kidnapped Paulina. Kayla called the OR to check on Abe, but there was no news.

"If he doesn't pull through, I swear to God I'm going to kill that son of a bitch," Rafe muttered. Rafe complained that Sloan had failed to stop her brother. The station called Rafe's phone, and they told him about the incident at the Salem Inn. Rafe called Chanel, and she told him what had happened on the roof. Rafe informed Chanel that Abe was in surgery. "Talia and Sloan's brother, they both went over the edge of the roof, and Jada, she...oh, God!" Chanel stammered. Chanel broke down in tears.

In the square, Colin stirred awake, and Sloan asked him what had happened. "She did this," Colin whispered. "Who is she?" Sloan asked. Eric heard a moan, and he looked over at the awning that had collapsed in front of the entrance. Jada exited the front door, and she gasped when she saw the awning on the ground. "She's under here," Eric said. Eric helped Jada move the awning off Talia. "I'm here. Why, Talia? Why did you do that," Jada said through tears.

At the hospital, Rafe talked to Paulina and Chanel. "[Abe] is still in surgery," Rafe said. Furious, Paulina yelled that Colin had refused to let her call for an ambulance for Abe. Rafe assured Paulina that the hospital would take good care of Abe.

When Eric and Sloan arrived at the hospital, Paulina gasped. "Not her!" Paulina yelled. "Please, Rafe, get her out of here!" Chanel said. Rafe walked over to Sloan, and she demanded to see her brother. "He's in the trauma center. Go, and stay the hell away from Paulina Price," Rafe said. Sloan started to apologize to Rafe, and he yelled at her to go. Sloan walked away.

"You didn't need to talk to her like that," Eric said. "The hell I don't. Look at them! [Sloan] and her brother are responsible for that," Rafe countered. Eric started to protest that Sloan had not been involved, but he thought better of it. With a nod, Eric walked over to Paulina and apologized.

"You're sorry? After what that bitch and her brother did to my Abraham, you think you could just say you're sorry?" Paulina yelled. "What happened to Abraham?" Eric asked. Chanel explained that Colin had hit Abe on the head with a rolling pin. "[Abe] is in surgery. We don't know if he is going to make it. We don't know if Talia is going to make it. We don't know anything!" Chanel added. Eric informed Chanel that the ambulance had driven Talia to the hospital.

"She's alive?" Chanel asked. "I hope so," Eric said. "I hope the brother is dead," Paulina growled. As Paulina recited a prayer, Eric offered to take her to the chapel. Once Eric had wheeled Paulina away, Chanel admitted to Rafe that she was surprised that Eric had been able to calm her mother.

"Your mother's a strong woman. You take after her," Rafe said. Rafe asked Chanel if she was ready to talk about her ordeal, and she nodded yes. Chanel told Rafe about Talia's confession to her. "When I called [Mama], [Colin] answered," Chanel said. Chanel explained that Colin had ordered Chanel to meet him on the roof.

"When I got there, he had a gun, and he said that he was going to make Mama jump. You know, he wanted her to die like his mother died," Chanel said. Chanel told Rafe what had happened on the roof. "So, what you're saying is, Talia saved your life," Rafe said. "No, like hell she did," Chanel objected. Chanel argued that she would not have been on the roof if not for Talia's actions.

"Colin couldn't have done any of this if it weren't for Talia," Chanel argued. "Did she know what he was planning to do?" Rafe asked. Chanel told Rafe that Talia had admitted everything. "[Talia] loves that disgusting creep, and she would do anything he told her to do," Chanel said. Chanel recounted that Talia had been the one to drug the biscuits and copy the key to Paulina's office.

"Do you know that she tried telling me that she felt bad about it all? But she still did it, all of it, and she still needs to pay," Chanel said. Rafe told Chanel that he needed to talk to the D.A. about any charges. "One way or another, Talia Hunter is not getting away with this," Chanel said.

In Talia's hospital room, Jada told her sister that the awning had saved Talia's life. "When I saw you go over that roof," Jada said with a shake of her head. Kayla walked into the room, and Jada hugged her. "This is Kayla. She was a very great friend of Dad," Jada said. Kayla examined Talia.

"We might have a break. We'll know more with an x-ray," Kayla announced. After Kayla left the room, Talia asked about Chanel. Jada confirmed that Chanel and Paulina were fine. Talia sighed with relief. "I've never seen Colin like that before," Talia said. Talia explained that she had not known that Colin had been capable of murder.

"It's obvious that's what he wanted from the beginning," Jada said. "No! It's obvious it just got out of hand," Talia countered. With a grimace, Jada noted that she did not understand Talia's behavior. "He lost both of his parents, Jada. It wrecked him," Talia argued. Jada reminded Talia that many people had been through worse tragedies and had not become murderers.

"And you knew it was all wrong. That's why you called me, and thank God you did," Jada said. Jada asked Talia why she had not let her handle the situation on the roof. "I just wanted to stop [Colin] from hurting Chanel," Talia said. "Why do you give a damn about him?" Jada asked. Talia said she was unsure about her feelings for Colin but that she was upset that she had almost killed him.

"He survived. So now, just forget about him," Jada stressed. Talia asked Jada to check on Colin for her. Before Jada could respond, Kayla returned with an I.V. for Talia. Kayla told Jada that Talia needed to sleep. "Okay. There's something I need to do," Jada said.

Sloan located her brother's hospital room, and she asked the doctor about her brother's status. "No obvious breaks, thanks to that awning, but I've ordered him x-rays and some painkillers," the doctor said. After the doctor left, Colin stirred awake and asked what had happened. "You tell me," Sloan said. "I did what I had to," Colin said. Sloan argued that Colin should have left town.

"You promised me that you would leave them alone," Sloan said. "I lied. I was so close. I was gonna make them pay. And I would have if it wasn't for Talia," Colin whispered. With a look of disappointment, Colin noted that Talia was supposed to have been on his side. "Then she pushed me," Colin muttered.

"Why didn't you leave?" Sloan asked. Sloan reminded Colin that she had threatened to go to the police if he had not left town. "I miss Mom and Dad as much as you do, but there are limits. You can't kill," Sloan said. "You gave up!" Colin countered. Colin asked Sloan how she intended to build a life in the same town where Chanel and Paulina were free to live their lives.

"What kind of life is that?" Colin asked. "I don't know. I just did what I had to, I guess," Sloan said. "And I did what I had to. We're different, Sloan. I can't forget what happened," Colin said. As Colin stared at the wall, he admitted that he would do it all again. Sloan warned Colin not to say anything, because there were police all over the hospital. Jada walked into the room.

"What are you doing here?" Sloan asked. Jada shoved Sloan aside, and she handcuffed Colin to the bed. "Colin Bedford, you're under arrest. And I won't read you your rights, since you already have counsel," Jada said as she glared at Sloan. Jada stormed out of the room.

When Jada walked down the hallway to the waiting area, Rafe jumped to his feet to talk to her. "How are you holding up?" Rafe asked. "Fine. I just arrested Colin Bedford," Jada said. "And what about your sister?" Chanel asked. Jada said that Talia would be fine. "I wasn't inquiring after her health," Chanel growled. Rafe explained that Chanel had told him about Talia's part in Colin's schemes.

"Your sister is just as guilty as Bedford," Chanel said. When Jada hesitated to respond, Chanel announced that she would go find Paulina. "You see, she's worried that her husband might die because he got in Colin and Talia's way. So, if you sister is not arrested tonight, I will be calling the D.A. and alerting the media," Chanel said. After Chanel stomped off, Rafe explained to Jada that Talia had confessed to Chanel.

"I've got no choice but to hold her, okay?" Rafe said. Rafe encouraged Jada to go home and rest, but Jada refused. "I'm still on duty, and I have an arrest to make," Jada said.

When Kayla returned to the waiting area, Paulina, Chanel, and Eric were returning from the chapel. "They just brought Abe into recovery. Dr. Hubbard is cautiously optimistic that the surgery went well," Kayla said. "Can I see him?" Paulina asked. Kayla noted that it would be a short visit, since Abe was sedated. "I just need to see he is alive," Paulina said. With a nod, Kayla escorted Paulina and Chanel to see Abe.

"Is Talia okay?" Eric asked Rafe. "Looks that way," Rafe said. Eric noted that Sloan had had no idea that Colin would have been capable of violence. "She would have stopped him if she had," Eric said. "Don't worry. Your girlfriend's not facing any charges," Rafe said with a smirk. Annoyed, Eric argued that Rafe should apologize for having harassed Sloan. Rafe warned Eric to take Sloan and leave the hospital.

After Chanel left Paulina with Abe, she returned to the waiting area to ask Rafe about Talia. "She's in the process of being arrested," Rafe confirmed. Down the hallway, Jada woke Talia when she entered her hospital room. "Did you see Colin?" Talia asked. "He's not going to die," Jada said. Jada explained that she had arrested Colin. "And now, I have to do the same with you," Jada said. A teary-eyed Jada read Talia her rights, and she handcuffed Talia to the bed.

In Colin's room, he asked Sloan if she would have talked to the police if she had known he had stayed in town. "Are you for me or against me?" Colin asked. Sloan sat down next to Colin, and she leaned in close. "You're my brother. Nothing changes that," Sloan whispered. "I don't need a sister right now. I need a lawyer," Colin said. Taken aback, Sloan told Colin that she could not get him released after he had assaulted the mayor.

"When you came to visit me before, I said that you were a wicked smart barrister, and I meant it. Can I count on you?" Colin asked. "Like I said. You're my brother, no matter what you did. Of course, I'm gonna help you," Sloan said as Eric poked his head into the room.

Kristen and Megan are released from Statesville

Kristen and Megan are released from Statesville

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

At Statesville Prison, Megan boasted to Kristen that Dimitri was negotiating his release from prison in Greece. Kristen asked about Megan's plans if Megan gained her release from Statesville. Megan teased that a return to Salem was her next move.

Kristen reminded Megan that she had promised to take Kristen with her upon Megan's release from Statesville. Megan tried to walk back her promise, but Kristen grew furious. Kristen reasoned that Megan would need Kristen's help if Megan wanted to make a claim to her birthright as a DiMera.

Kristen added that Megan had a choice to make. "Either you include me in my nephew's deal, and you'll secure yourself a valuable ally, or, if you leave me in here, you will gain a sworn enemy," Kristen warned. Kristen added that it was "decision time," and she vowed that Megan would regret turning her back on Kristen.

At a police station in Greece, Steve and Harris confronted Dimitri in an interrogation room. Harris locked the door, and he and Steve demanded that Dimitri tell them where Andrew was. Dimitri said that he wanted immunity for both himself and Megan in exchange for information on Andrew's whereabouts. Dimitri stunned Steve and Harris when he said that Megan was his mother.

Steve stepped into the lobby of the police station, and he placed a call to Shane. Steve learned that Shane had managed to secure immunity deals for both Megan and Dimitri in exchange for information on Andrew's whereabouts. Steve said he would have done the same thing if Joey or Tripp had been abducted.

After Steve hung up, he was approached by Sebastian Alamain. Sebastian said that he planned to take Dimitri back to Alamainia to "rot in prison for the rest of his miserable life." Sebastian produced a court order that stated the Greek authorities wanted Dimitri locked away in Alamainia.

Steve recalled that Billie and Shane had been instrumental in securing the Alamainian Peacock's return to Sebastian's family. Steve said that Andrew's life was in Sebastian's hands, and he asked for Sebastian's help.

Back in the interrogation room, Dimitri tried to goad Harris into turning against Steve. Dimitri said that he and Megan had a "deeper appreciation" for Harris than Steve, John, and others ever would. Harris scoffed that he would have to be brainwashed again to ever work with either Dimitri or Megan.

Steve returned to the interrogation room, and Dimitri remarked that he had overheard Sebastian's voice nearby. Steve warned Dimitri not to go near Alamainia or Salem upon his release. Dimitri's phone rang. Steve noted that Megan was calling. Dimitri told Megan over the phone that they would both be free soon. As Kristen looked on nearby, Megan said she had "one little thing" to add to their deal.

Moments later, Steve and Harris were stunned to learn Megan had insisted that Kristen be released as part of the immunity deal. Harris wondered if the ISA could still salvage the deal. "I don't know, man. I just don't know," Steve said.

In San Francisco, John visited Paul to share that Andrew had been kidnapped. John revealed that Dimitri was responsible for Andrew's kidnapping, and he shared that Dimitri was demanding blanket immunity for both Dimitri and Megan.

Paul was surprised when John said that Dimitri was Megan's son. John told Paul that Kate was still alive, and he said he thought that Andrew had been lured into a trap. Paul noted that his phone had been stolen from a gym locker a week earlier.

John deduced that Paul's stolen phone had been used to contact Andrew to give the impression that Paul had been kidnapped. John hugged Paul, and he promised that they would get Andrew back. John encouraged Paul to have faith in the ISA, and the two men hugged again.

Somewhere in a dark, windowless room in an unknown location, Andrew was tied to a chair with fresh bruises on his face. A series of flashbacks revealed that a man had phoned Andrew shortly after Andrew had extended an invitation for Harris to take part in an ISA mission. Andrew had been told that a kidnapper had abducted Paul. Andrew had left after receiving the call.

A photo of a knife being held to Paul's throat was revealed to be fake. Andrew had tracked Paul's phone to a location that had been meant to lure Andrew into a trap. Inside the dark, windowless room, a bald man had taunted Andrew, who'd sprung from his seat and knocked the man unconscious with an empty bucket. Andrew had tried to escape, but another man had appeared with a gun pointed in Andrew's face. The two men had retied Andrew to a chair.

A short while later, a guard announced that Shane had done his best to have Andrew released.

Later, at Paul's apartment, John and Paul heard a knock at the door. Paul opened the door to Andrew, and the two men shared a warm embrace as they reunited.

At John and Marlena's place, Marlena enjoyed a warm reunion with Kate and Roman after Kate's return to Salem. Kate recalled having been taken hostage by Dimitri. Marlena recalled that she had also been held at gunpoint by Dimitri at the Alamainian Museum before John and Sebastian had taken Dimitri down.

Roman and Kate invited Marlena to breakfast at the Brady Pub. Marlena politely declined, but she and Kate agreed to celebrate once Andrew returned to Salem. Before Kate left, Marlena said she couldn't believe that she, Kate, and Kayla had all survived what Megan had put the three women through. "I can believe it. Because you, me, and Kayla, we are badasses, baby," Kate exclaimed. Marlena, Kate, and Roman all smiled as they wished each other a good day.

After Roman and Kate left, Marlena heard a knock at her door. Marlena opened the door, and she was surprised to see Kristen smugly grinning at her.

At the same time, Roman and Kate sat down to breakfast at the Brady Pub. Roman offered to do anything Kate wanted, since it was Kate's first day in Salem in months. Kate said that she wanted to visit Lucas at Statesville. "I also want to pay a visit to that bitch Megan Hathaway and give her a piece of my mind," Kate added.

Just then, Megan entered the pub in a blue dress. "Looks like I saved you the trouble," Megan said. Kate turned around, and she was startled to see Megan.

Xander offers Chloe a job

Xander offers Chloe a job

Thursday, May 25, 2023

At John and Marlena's penthouse, Marlena was taken aback to learn that Kristen had been granted immunity. Marlena demanded to know what Kristen wanted. Kristen said that she wouldn't leave until she was told when she could see Rachel.

Brady entered, and Kristen said that Rachel had written to her when Kristen was in prison. Kristen gloated about Chloe having moved in with Xander. Brady dismissed Chloe and Xander as "just roommates," but Kristen taunted Brady when she said it was only a matter of time before Xander got Chloe into bed.

Kristen continued to antagonize Brady when she said that his relationship with Chloe would never work out long term. Brady said he sometimes wished that he and Kristen didn't share a daughter. Brady and Kristen argued loudly over Rachel.

Brady said that he refused to let Kristen see Rachel. "Then I will see you back in court to revisit our custody arrangement. And in the meantime, Brady? Go to hell," Kristen seethed as she left the penthouse.

Afterwards, Marlena told Brady that no judge would allow Kristen full custody of Rachel. Brady shared that Kristen had been right when she had said earlier that Rachel would want to see Kristen and that Brady would look like "the bad guy" if he forbade it.

Marlena said that she was worried about Brady. Brady surmised that Marlena thought he might reunite with Kristen for Rachel's sake. "Hell is going to freeze over before I get back together with Kristen DiMera. On my life, on my daughter's life, it's not going to happen," Brady swore as he stood up to leave.

At Chloe and Xander's apartment, a shirtless Xander tried to hang a portrait on a wall. Chloe grabbed a drill from Xander, and she hung the portrait herself. Chloe apologized for not having found a job. Because of that, Chloe wondered if moving in with Xander had been a mistake.

Chloe reasoned that she hadn't been realistic about her job prospects. Chloe shared that she had thought she would reinvent herself by trying something new. Xander charmed Chloe, and he persuaded her not to move out.

Xander surprised Chloe when he asked if she would like to work for him at the Spectator. Chloe said she wasn't qualified to work for a newspaper, but Xander persuaded her. "If Leo Stark can do it, why can't you? Or anyone else, for that matter," Xander quipped.

Chloe asked if Gwen would object to Chloe working at the Spectator. Xander told Chloe not to worry about Gwen, and he offered to give Chloe a tour of the office. Chloe agreed, and she thanked Xander.

Later, in Horton Town Square, Chloe and Xander encountered Kristen, who teased that she hoped Chloe and Xander were happy together.

In Greece, Chad was taken aback when he opened his hotel door and saw Dimitri. Dimitri surprised Chad when he said that the two men were family and that Megan was Dimitri's mother. "Hiya, Unc," Dimitri playfully quipped.

Chad said he didn't care that Dimitri was family, and he called Megan "a crazy bitch with a heart of stone." Chad was further surprised to learn that Megan, as well as Kristen, had also been released from prison. Dimitri said he wanted his side of the family to move into the DiMera mansion.

Dimitri asked Chad to use the family jet to bring the two men back to Salem, but Chad scoffed. Dimitri was undeterred, and he asked for insight into how to gain acceptance into the DiMera family. Chad joked that everyone slept with one eye open in the DiMera family, and he added that he wanted nothing to do with Dimitri.

Dimitri said that, with holidays and other events, he and Chad would be spending a lot of time together. Dimitri awkwardly hugged Chad, and he left.

Also in Greece, Harris told Shawn about Dimitri's release from prison, as well as the fact that Dimitri was Megan's son. Harris said that he wanted to help Shawn's family. Shawn said he needed to find a place where Bo couldn't be tracked down by Megan, Dimitri, Rolf, or Harris. Harris said he understood that Shawn didn't trust him.

Harris said that he planned to return to Salem. Harris recalled that he had grown up in Salem and that the town was the only place he had a real home. Harris added that he had an ulterior motive, and he said that he wanted to keep an eye on Megan.

Shawn said that his top priority was to make sure that Bo was moved to a new location, and he thanked Harris for the warnings about Megan and Dimitri. Before Harris left, he said he would check in with Shawn once they returned to Salem.

At the Brady Pub, Roman and Kate marveled that Megan had been granted immunity. Megan thought that Kate should be more thankful that Megan and Dimitri had "saved" Kate's life in the Mediterranean.

Megan asked about Bo, and she blamed Shawn for having shot Bo. Roman blamed Megan for Bo's shooting, and he added that Bo was a fighter. "And when he wakes up, his heart will belong to Hope -- and only Hope," Roman said. "Then I'll just have to fly to Greece and make sure that doesn't happen," Megan countered.

Roman warned Megan not to go near Bo. Megan said that she wouldn't fly to Greece until Bo was closer to waking up from his coma. Megan added that she had things to accomplish in Salem, and she said that she intended to claim her rightful place as a DiMera.

After Megan left, Kate said that she had lost her appetite. Just then, Roman received a text from Shawn. Roman told Kate that Hope had made plans to keep Bo "off the radar." "Good luck to them. Good luck to all of us. Now that Megan is back in town, who knows what she has in store for us?" Kate asked rhetorically.

At the same time, Megan stepped inside the DiMera mansion. Megan stared up at the portrait of Stefano over the fireplace. "Hi, Daddy. I'm home," Megan said, and she started to laugh maniacally.

Sloan makes Nicole a tempting offer

Sloan makes Nicole a tempting offer

Friday, May 26, 2023

In the town square, Stefan and Gabi sat in the café and toasted to her divorce. Stefan told Gabi that he was excited to make a toast at their wedding. As Stefan kissed Gabi, Kristen walked over. "Any chance I could be your maid of honor?" Kristen asked. Gabi's jaw dropped.

"Judging by the looks on your faces, I'm guessing you haven't heard my news, which is, drum roll, please, I am a free woman," Kristen said. "How?" Gabi asked. Kristen explained that she had secured an immunity deal. Kristen congratulated Stefan and Gabi on their engagement. When Kristen reiterated her offer to act as a maid of honor, Gabi said, "When hell freezes over."

"Where is this hostility coming from?" Kristen asked Gabi. Furious, Gabi reminded Kristen that Kristen had conspired with Li to keep Stefan's resurrection a secret from Gabi. "You brainwashed him to hate me and to love Chloe!" Gabi yelled. Stefan cautioned Gabi to stop talking, but she pressed on.

"Stefan loves me more than you will ever comprehend, and now that you realize your evil manipulations didn't work, you have the gall to ask to take part in our wedding? Why would I ever let you anywhere near me when I am marrying Stefan?" Gabi said. "Maybe you shouldn't make an enemy out of Kristen," Stefan cautioned Gabi. When Gabi argued that Kristen was the enemy, Stefan noted that Kristen was his sister.

"And we also might need her vote," Stefan added. After a moment, Gabi calmed. "I see your point," Gabi admitted. Gabi offered Kristen a glass of Champagne. "So, now that my vote is on the table, suddenly I'm invited to your celebration?" Kristen said. Stefan explained that planning a wedding was stressful. "I'm afraid Gabi lashed out without thinking," Stefan said. Kristen noted that she knew that Stefan had been feuding with E.J. and that Stefan needed her vote.

"Kristen, look, you're right. We have been feuding over DiMera. But honestly, ever since Stefan came back, I've just been worried that I could lose him again. And seeing you, it just triggered me and reminded me of everything that we've been through," Gabi explained. Kristen nodded. Gabi told Kristen that she had not forgotten that Kristen had saved Stefan's life.

"I wasn't thinking clearly when I lashed out," Gabi said. "I can respect that," Kristen said. Kristen admitted that she had behaved irrationally in the past. "But you can make it up to me," Kristen said. Kristen asked to move into the mansion. "You do own the house, don't you?" Kristen said. "Actually, that's up for debate," Stefan admitted. Kristen put her arms around the couple, and she suggested they talk about it on the way home.

Megan walked into the DiMera living room, and like all the DiMera siblings, she talked to Stefano's portrait. "I'm filled with your power and authority. Spent my life searching. Traveling the world. And now, I'm finally home. Where I belong," Megan said. "Who are you, and what the hell are you doing in my house?" E.J. asked as he entered the living room. Megan smiled.

"I have as much right to be here as you do, baby brother," Megan said. "My God," E.J. muttered. E.J. admitted that he had heard about Megan's prison release, but he had not believed she would visit the mansion. "My name may be Hathaway, but I am a DiMera through and through," Megan said. Megan told E.J. that she belonged in the house and in the family business.

"Every one of Stefano's heirs has a right to a piece of his empire and all that comes with it, including a vote in who runs the company," Megan said. E.J. nodded yes, but he pointed out that Megan had been presumed dead for decades. "I'm sure the DiMera lawyers can handle whatever's required to sort that out," Megan countered. Megan suggested that if E.J. was her ally, it would work in his favor.

"Meaning?" E.J. asked. Megan said she knew about the power struggle between E.J. and Stefan. "Considering my vote might mean the difference between your victory or your crushing defeat, I'd guess that you'd want to keep me on your good side," Megan said. E.J. smiled, and he offered Megan a glass of Champagne. Megan noted that the Champagne was Stefano's special reserve.

"It's not every day that a DiMera returns to the familial home," E.J. said. Megan laughed. "I thought you were going to say returns from the dead," Megan said. "Well, that happens with quite regularity around here," E.J. said with a chuckle. Megan asked about the rest of the family. E.J. suggested they have a family dinner.

After Megan went into the kitchen, E.J. was talking to Stefano's portrait when Stefan and Gabi returned home with Kristen. "We've asked Kristen to move in," Stefan announced. "Now that she's out of prison, we thought it only fitting that she be welcomed back," Gabi added. With a grin, Kristen noted that, unlike E.J., Stefan and Gabi had given her a room in the mansion.

"I'm sure Kristen's voting shares have nothing to do with it," E.J. muttered. "Did I hear someone say 'voting shares'?" Megan asked as she walked into the room. Megan introduced herself to Stefan, and he introduced Megan to Gabi. "Did E.J. tell you that I'm moving in?" Megan said. "How could I turn down a DiMera?" E.J. said. "A Hathaway," Kristen corrected. "It's what father would want," E.J. said. Stefan agreed. E.J. announced that there would be a family dinner to celebrate Megan's return. "I wouldn't miss it," Stefan said.

At the penthouse, Brady ranted to Marlena about Kristen's unannounced visit. "My daughter is right in the middle of it," Brady complained. "I know how angry you are. I don't blame you. And I also imagine you wish you never had to see Kristen again," Marlena said. With a sigh, Brady admitted that he would need to talk to Kristen for the sake of his daughter.

"You know what amazes me? How much we endure for our children," Marlena said. Brady chuckled ruefully. "I'm going to have to endure Kristen for the rest of my life. I don't think I really accepted that fact until right now," Brady confessed. Marlena reminded Brady that he had a support system who loved him.

Eric stopped by the penthouse. Brady told Eric that he had just missed Kristen. "It did not go well, to put it mildly," Brady said. "If you need anything, I'm here for you," Eric said. Eric announced that he had some news to share.

"[The police] now know that Sloan is not the one that has been going after Chanel and Paulina," Eric said. "That must be a big relief for her and for you," Marlena said. Brady asked who had attacked Abe at the bakery. "It's someone very close to Sloan. It's her brother, Colin," Eric admitted. Eric added that there were rumors about Sloan's involvement in her brother's schemes, but they were not true.

"It was only a few days ago that she found out that her brother, Colin, what he had been up to. If she'd known, she would have put a stop to it," Eric stressed. Marlena asked about Sloan, and Eric noted that Sloan was worried about her brother's health. "And Colin, he expects [Sloan] to be his lawyer. I'm just trying to do whatever I can to help," Eric said. Eric asked Marlena if she and John still wanted to have dinner with him and Sloan. Eric invited Brady, too. Brady was resistant to go alone, but Eric convinced him to join the group dinner.

After Eric left, Brady asked Marlena if they were "welcoming" Sloan to the family. "I don't think we need to go that far. It's obvious Eric is very attached to her, so I think we've gotta give her the benefit of the doubt for his sake," Marlena said. With a smirk, Brady noted that he believed Sloan would be eager for Marlena's approval. Marlena argued that since Eric was devoted to Sloan, they should give Eric their support.

Nicole was standing in the waiting area near the nurses' station when Anna called her cell phone. "Is something wrong?" Nicole asked. Anna explained that she had wanted to check on whether Nicole had picked up her prenatal vitamins. Concerned, Nicole asked if anyone could overhear Anna's end of the conversation.

Anna glanced around her table at the Bistro, and she confirmed she was alone. "No one is going to hear about this pregnancy from me," Anna said. As Anna looked to her right, she saw that Tony was standing a couple feet away. Anna announced that she needed to go, and a panicked Nicole asked if someone was there. "Just the waiter," Anna said. When Anna ended the call, Tony asked Anna if she wanted to hear the specials. Anna smirked.

"You hung up that phone as if I had caught you with your hand in the cookie jar," Tony said. Tony admitted that he had overheard Anna mention a secret pregnancy. "Do I know this person?" Tony asked. "You know her very well," Anna said. Anna stammered that she was pregnant. Tony laughed.

"When I found out, I was just as shocked," Anna lied. "How did you find out?" Tony asked. Anna told Tony that she had been a guinea pig for Dr. Rolf's fertility experiments. "And who would have guessed it? We hit paydirt!" Anna said. After a moment, Tony said, "This is the most wonderful news." Anna laughed nervously.

"After all these years, that's nothing short of a miracle," Tony said. "You're telling me," Anna muttered under her breath. When Anna went to toast their blessing, Tony took away Anna's wine. "Not a drop of alcohol. We've got to think of our baby," Tony said. Anna forced a smile, and she nodded in agreement. Tony added that she should be abstinent for the full nine months, as well. Anna furrowed her brow.

"You're going to breast-feed our baby, aren't you?" Tony asked. Anna crossed her arms in front of her chest protectively. As Tony listed all the things that Anna would have to give up for the pregnancy, she appeared to look nauseated. With a nervous chuckle, Anna told Tony that he did not need to take time out of his schedule for her doctor appointments, but he insisted. Tony recommended that they go home and throw out everything Anna could not have.

"Then, in the morning, we'll start on the wine cellar," Tony said. Anna's eyes went wide. "But you can't be planning on getting rid of the wine," Anna stressed. Anna argued that the whole family enjoyed the wine. With a shake of his head, Tony listed off the alcoholic beverages that his siblings preferred.

"We wouldn't want you to be tempted. So, we'll take the wine and donate it to charity," Tony suggested. "Do you think people in charity should they be drinking wine?" Anna asked. With a nod, Tony said they would just trash the wine instead. "Parenting is a sacrifice, isn't it, Mummy?" Tony said. Anna sighed, resigned.

"Unless, of course, you are not pregnant at all and that what you were discussing earlier was about someone else's pregnancy. So, would you like to tell me who it is? Before I throw out the Camembert and empty the wine cellar?" Tony said. "I can't!" Anna protested. Anna admitted she had made up the story because she had made a promise to keep the pregnancy a secret. "It's Nicole, isn't it?" Tony asked. "Dang it!" Anna yelped.

"It isn't exactly the work of Hercule Poirot," Tony joked. Tony pointed out that Anna had been Nicole's confidante, so it made sense that the pregnancy was Nicole's secret. Anna admitted that Tony was right, and she asked Tony to keep the secret. "Nicole doesn't know who the father is," Anna confessed. "Oh, dear," Tony said. Anna explained that Nicole wanted to keep the secret until after the paternity test.

"You won't tell anyone, will you?" Anna asked. "I appreciate your loyalty to Nicole, but you must appreciate my loyalty to my brother. He has a right to know that his partner is pregnant," Tony argued. Anna promised that Nicole would tell E.J. the truth after the paternity test. "Until then, can't you just keep this to yourself?" Anna asked. Tony's phone rang with a call from E.J. Tony promised to be home for the family dinner.

At the hospital, Nicole was pacing the waiting area when Sloan stepped off the elevator. "What are you doing here? Picking up more prenatal vitamins?" Sloan said. "Would you keep your voice down?" Nicole hissed. "I see. You still haven't told anyone you're pregnant?" Sloan asked. Nicole said no. Nicole explained that she was there to visit Abe.

"You know, the man your brother violently assaulted? But what do you care? You're probably the one who put him up to it," Nicole muttered. Sloan swore she'd had no part in Colin's schemes. Nicole disagreed. "What's going on here?" Kayla asked. "Nothing. I was just leaving to check on my brother," Sloan growled. Sloan walked down the hallway, and Nicole cursed Sloan under her breath.

"How's Abe doing?" Nicole asked Kayla. Kayla said that Abe was stable. "You want to tell me what that was all about?" Kayla asked. Nicole explained that Sloan had learned about Nicole's pregnancy, and she had promised not to tell anyone. "[Sloan] is just as anxious as I am to find out who the father is," Nicole said. Nicole asked Kayla about the paternity test.

"I can get an accurate result next week," Kayla said. "Okay. As long as E.J. and Eric don't find out about it. I mean, before we get the test results," Nicole said. Kayla told Nicole that she needed a cheek swab from one of the potential fathers. "How am I going to get a cheek swab without explaining what it's for?" Nicole asked. "Maybe you tell one of them the truth," Kayla suggested. Nicole sighed. Kayla gave Nicole a box of supplies, and as she returned to work, she wished Nicole luck.

"What's wrong now?" Sloan asked as she approached Nicole. Nicole explained that she needed to collect a cheek swab from the prospective fathers. With a nod, Sloan admitted that it would be difficult to obtain without having to answer follow-up questions. Sloan suggested that Nicole swab E.J.'s cheek during his sleep.

"And watch him wake up while I'm probing him? How would I explain that?" Nicole argued. Sloan nodded in agreement. "What if I did it?" Sloan asked. Sloan offered to get a sample from Eric. "The man is a very sound sleeper, which I'm sure you remember," Sloan said. After a moment, Nicole declined. Sloan reminded Nicole that she had no one else to help.

"Give me one swab, and we'll both go and try and get a sample," Sloan said. Sloan argued that it would double Nicole's chance at success. "Unless you want to come clean to both Eric and E.J.," Sloan said. With a sigh, Sloan admitted that after recent events, she needed emotional support from Eric. "I can't have him distracted by everything that's going on, thinking that he could maybe have fathered your child," Sloan said. "And if E.J. believes I am carrying another man's child, he will go ballistic," Nicole added.

As Nicole opened the box to grab a swab for Sloan, Sloan saw Eric cautiously approaching them. "What's going on here?" Eric asked. Nicole and Sloan shared a look.

At the DiMera mansion, Tony and Anna were astonished to see Kristen in the living room. Kristen eagerly hugged Tony, and she gave a polite wave to Anna. "E.J. said that we'd be welcoming home a beloved family member, and I suspected it might be you," Tony said. "I have a feeling that I wasn't the prodigal sibling he was referring to," Kristen said. E.J. returned from the kitchen with Megan.

"Megan Hathaway! So, it's true. You're alive," Anna said. With a chuckle, Megan noted that she was not the first family member to return from the grave. "Tony, lovely to see you," Megan said as she hugged her brother. Tony crossed over to E.J. and quietly asked his brother why he was throwing a celebration for their siblings.

"I saw an opportunity to enlist another DiMera vote in my favor, so I extended a warm embrace," E.J. explained. E.J. looked at Kristen, and he noted that it appeared that Stefan had had the same idea. Nervous, Anna took Tony aside to ask him about his conversation with E.J. Tony smiled.

E.J. announced a toast, but Stefan interrupted to raise one for Kristen. "And to our other sister, Megan Hathaway," E.J. said. Megan said she no longer wanted to be a Hathaway. "The purpose of that name was served long ago. I am now claiming to be a DiMera, completely and entirely," Megan announced. "Hear, hear! To Megan DiMera!" E.J. said. Tony thanked E.J. for his toast. "But now, E.J., there is something that I would like to say to you," Tony said. A look of worry crossed Anna's face.

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