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Logan Hayes
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Actor History
March 7, 2007 to July 9, 2008

In the mob (works for Sonny)

Former employee at the Metro Court

Former army soldier



Marital Status

Single/Never Been Married

Past Marriages



Jacqueline Hayes (mother)

Scott Baldwin (father)

David Bordisso (biological grandfather)

Lee Baldwin (adoptive grandfather)

Meg Bentley (grandmother; deceased)

Gail Adamson Baldwin (adoptive step-grandmother)

Robert "Franco" Frank (half-brother)

Karen Wexler (half-sister; Deceased)

Serena Baldwin (half-sister)

Christina Baldwin (adoptive sister)

Brooke Bentley (aunt)

Audrey March Hardy (great aunt by marriage)

Thomas Baldwin Sr. (adoptive great uncle)

Thomas Hardy Sr. (adoptive second cousin)

Thomas Hardy Jr. (adoptive third cousin)



Flings & Affairs

Lulu Spencer (lovers)

Maxie Jones (one-night stand)

Crimes Committed

Blackmailed Scotty Baldwin with the alliance of Maxie Jones and Cooper Barrett [Mar 2007]

Planned to bed Lulu Spencer as part of a bet with Maxie Jones [May 2007]

Health and Vitals

Died after Lulu stabbed him during a struggle [Jul 9, 2008]

Coma after Lulu hit him with a pipe wrench [Feb 19, 2008]

Injured during the cellar shootout [Apr 13, 2007]

Brief Character History

Logan Hayes arrived in the Port Charles on March 7, 2007. He is an ex-army buddy of Cooper Barrett from Hollingsbeck, Texas. Soon after Logan's arrival in Port Charles, he and Cooper became involved in a plan hatched by Maxie Jones to blackmail Scott Baldwin. The three had information that showed that Scott is the one who really killed Rick Webber almost five years ago and let ex-wife Laura Spencer take the fall for it. The three of them made it seem to Scott as though Laura's daughter, Lulu Spencer, was behind the scheme, although Logan's developing feelings for Lulu had him second-guessing the plan. Lulu discovered their racket when Scott confronted her, and it seems as if the blackmailing may be finished.

Logan was shot in the leg during an ambush at The Cellar that targeted mobsters Jason Morgan and Sonny Corinthos. He was operated on at General Hospital and recovered. As a way to show his gratitude, Sonny paid Logan's hospital bills.

Lulu saved Logan from harm in a shootout with Alcazar's men. In turn, he has tried to protect her on multiple occasions, defending her against threatening characters like Scott Baldwin. As for Lulu, she has grudgingly revealed that she finds Logan at least "tolerable." Logan thinks that she's got feelings for him ... "she just doesn't know it yet." In early June, Logan forcefully kissed Lulu in Sonny's coffee shop; she did not reciprocate, and he was forced to apologize profusely for his actions. Since the kiss, the two of them have grown closer, in part because Logan has provided a friendly ear for Lulu's many problems and in part because of Logan's new arrangement with Maxie Jones.

Logan then began a flirtation with Maxie. In late May 2007, he suggested that the two of them would begin a sexual relationship when she tires with her current boyfriend -- his friend Cooper. After seeing Cooper and Lulu conversing, Maxie made a bet with Logan: if he gets Lulu into bed, she'll sleep with him. Logan agreed and promised to not tell Coop.

Logan's paternity became a central part of his storyline; Lulu suspected that his father was Scott Baldwin, who was revealed to have fathered a son in Texas around the time that Logan was born. Baldwin and Logan had a contentious relationship even before they were revealed to be father and son; Logan hates Baldwin not only because he needles Lulu but also because Baldwin ruined Logan's family with a bad business deal years before. On June 29, 2007, Logan confirmed that Baldwin is indeed his biological father.

It took some time, but eventually Logan and Scotty began to forge a relationship. Things with Lulu didn't fare as well. When Lulu learned that Logan had made a pact with Maxie, which involved Logan seducing Lulu and then tossing her aside in exchange for bedding Maxie, Lulu was hurt. She ended the relationship and stormed out of Logan's apartment. Logan tried to explain that his feelings for Lulu had changed since he had made the agreement but Lulu couldn't get past the infidelity. Unfortunately for Logan, that night Lulu met someone new who caught her interest; bad boy Johnny Zacchara.

Logan desperately tried to win Lulu back but a serial killer on the loose complicated matters. Lulu began to suspect Logan of being the Text Message Killer. One night, Lulu slipped into Logan's apartment and found, what appeared to be, damaging evidence. Logan tried to explain that he had been trying to frame Lulu's new beau, Johnny, for the crimes but Lulu didn't believe him. The confrontation between the two ex-lovers escalated until Lulu, in a moment of fear, reached for a pipe wrench and hit Logan on the head. Logan sustained severe head trauma and was rushed to General Hospital where he lingered in a coma for several weeks. Meanwhile the Text Message Killer struck again. Lulu was filled with guilt and remorse for falsely accusing Logan and hurting him. She sat at his bedside until he woke up. To Logan's dismay, her feelings for him had not changed. Lulu still wasn't interested in rekindling their romance.

In May 2008, Logan went to work for Anthony Zacchara as his personal assistant. Anthony was wheelchair bound and not pleased with the idea of depending on someone to care for his physical needs. Logan ignored the constant insults and outbursts that Anthony subjected him to. It appeared Logan put up with it so that he could keep tabs on Lulu who was dating Anthony's son, Johnny. In July of 2008, Logan's obsession with Lulu flared into stalking. Logan would turn up in odd places and begin begging Lulu to give him another chance. Lulu told Logan on several occasions that they were over and that she was fully committed to Johnny but Logan refused to give up. As his obsession with Lulu grew so did his hatred for Maxie. Logan blamed Maxie for his relationship with Lulu falling apart.

Things reached a crisis point when Logan attacked Maxie in the offices of Crimson, after everyone had left for the evening. Lulu, happened to see the incident when she stepped out onto Johnny's penthouse balcony and looked into Crimson's offices. Logan saw Lulu and abandoned his attack on Maxie. Logan raced next door, to Johnny's penthouse, hoping to stop Lulu from calling the police. When Lulu didn't answer his knock, Logan took and axe and broke the door down. Lulu was terrified and tried to get away. Logan insisted that he just wanted to talk but it was clear that he was agitated and unstable. Lulu had grabbed a knife to protect herself. During a brief struggle, Logan was fatally stabbed.

While Liesl and Faison guarded Robin at Wyndemere, Faison captured Anna's lover Duke Lavery and planned to trade Duke's life for Anna's love. Liesl was disgusted by Faison's continued obsession with Anna and spoke out against Faison. He was angered by Liesl's comments and imprisoned her in the catacombs of Wyndemere. Eventually Anna and Robert located Liesl and she was taken into police custody.

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Who's Who in Port Charles

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