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Johnnie Whitaker
Teddy Quinn
Tony Camp
Don Clarke
Johnny Jensen
1977-1980; 1981-1984; 1988-1993 [on General Hospital]; June 1, 1997 to September 2000 [on Port Charles]; September 22, 2000 to February 23, 2004; January 30, 2007 to November 12, 2008; February 19, 2013 to present [on General Hospital]

District attorney of Port Charles


Member of the board of directors at General Hospital

Formerly Lucy's business partner in her dress line


Metro Court Hotel, 1420 Quartz Lane, Port Charles, NY 16543, New York

Formerly Paris, France

Formerly 777 Douglas Street, Port Charles, New York (The Firehouse)

Marital Status

Single/Divorced from Laura Webber [Engaged: Feb 2013; married May 20, 2013; estranged: Aug 28, 2013; divorced: Jan 8, 2014]

Past Marriages

Laura Webber (divorced)

Susan Moore (dissolved by her death)

Dominique Stanton (dissolved by her death)

Lucy Coe (divorced)


David Bordisso (biological father)

Lee Baldwin (adoptive father)

Gail Baldwin (adoptive mother)

Meg Bentley (mother; deceased)

Thomas Baldwin Sr. (adoptive uncle)

Thomas Hardy Sr. (adoptive cousin)

Thomas Hardy Jr. (adoptive first cousin once removed)


Robert "Franco" Frank (son, with Heather Webber)

Karen Wexler (daughter, with Rhonda; deceased)

Logan Hayes (son, with Jacqueline; deceased)

Serena Baldwin (daughter, with Dominique)

Christina Baldwin (adopted with Lucy; daughter of Frank Scanlon and Julie Morris-Devlin)

Flings & Affairs

Rhonda Wexler (affair)

Bobbie Spencer (engaged)

Heather Webber (lovers)

Laura Templeton (lovers)

Lucy Coe (affair)

Tracy Quartermaine (lovers)

Jacqueline Hayes

Jessica Holmes (lovers; deceased)

Katherine Bell (dated; deceased)

Eve Lambert (lovers; deceased)

Laura Webber (dated)

Bobbie Spencer (dated)

Laura Webber (engaged)

Heather Webber (kissed)

Bobbie Spencer (kissed)

Lucy Coe (affair)

Bobbie Spencer (lovers)

Crimes Committed

Helped Rick Webber cover up the fact that Laura had accidentally killed Theresa Carter

Assaulted Luke Spencer upon learning that Luke was Laura's rapist [1980]

Tried to discredit Luke during Luke's campaign for mayor of Port Charles [1983]

Suspect in "murder" of Luke Spencer when Luke was presumed dead

Tried to get Susan Moore to drink herself into oblivion with Heather Webber

Married Susan Moore to gain Jason's million dollar trust [1982]

Tried to sabotage Bobbie's marriage to Jake [1988]

Exposed Bill Eckert to carbon disulfide, which made Bill disoriented at a child custody hearing

Falsely accused of kidnapping his daughter Serena [1997]

Held D.V. Bordisso captive and was later framed for shooting him [Sep 1999]

Had Luke falsely arrested for Rick Webber's murder [Sep 2002]

Blackmailed Carly into signing a statement saying she saw Alexis and Sonny in bed together [Oct 2002]

Illegally listened in on a conversation between Jax and Brenda involving the Luis Alcazar murder [Dec 2002]

Attempted to suppress evidence in the Alcazar murder trial in order to make sure Jason and Brenda were convicted [Dec 2002]

Planted illegal listening device on Skye Quartermaine [Feb 2003]

Accepted bribe from Alcazar to drop the charges against him [Jul 2003]

Teamed up with Alcazar to rob the patrons of the Haunted Star on opening night [Dec 2003]

Used the Port Charles Hotel fire to escape an Internal Affairs investigation of his wrongdoings by faking his death [Feb 2004]

Impersonated a fireman [Feb 2004]

Assault; hit Skye Quartermaine over the head and stole Azure Key's treasure from her [Feb 11, 2004]

Went on the lam with his daughter Serena to travel the world [Feb 23, 2004]

Threatened to make Lulu Spencer pay for the death of Logan Hayes through the use of anonymous notes which compromised Lulu's sanity [Sep-Oct 2008]

Blackmailed Laura Webber into leaving town with him [Nov 2008]

Helped Franco hide from the police and lied to the police on Franco's behalf [Feb 7, 2014]

Health and Vitals

Kidney transplant as a youngster

Drugged by Rex Stanton to make him appear to be an unfit father for Serena [1997]

Caught the superflu virus created by Chris and Frank [1998]

Drugged while held captive in Miscavige Psychiatric Care Facility by Heather Webber's coconspirators [Feb 10, 2014 to Feb 20, 2014]

Had part of his ear reattached after Luke Spencer bit it off [Mar 5, 2015]

Brief Character History

Scotty Baldwin has had ties to Port Charles since he was a child. He came to the town with his mother Meg and half-sister Brooke when he was young after his father Lloyd's death. His mother married Lee Baldwin who became Scotty's father and sole caregiver after his mother died a few years later. Many years later, Scotty decided to go away to law school and left Port Charles. When Lee returned to Port Charles after the death of his second wife Caroline, he spent a lot of time in the company of Gail Adamson. As Gail struggled to comfort Lee in his grief, she contacted Scotty to come home to his father. Scotty returned and went to work at GH where he met and fell in love with Laura Webber.

Scotty and Laura married in a small ceremony, but their marriage ended in divorce only a couple of years later because Laura had fallen in love with Luke Spencer. After nursing his broken heart out of town for a while, he returned to Port Charles just in time to catch Laura's bouquet at her wedding. Since his romance with Laura ended, Scotty has had many torrid affairs and romances. In 1982, he married Susan Moore to get at her son's trust fund. But he left Port Charles to take a job elsewhere after his father fired him for trying to discredit Luke in his campaign for mayor. He made his return rescuing Bobbie Spencer from jail in Florida. A few years later, he had an affair with Lucy Coe while she was married to Alan Quartermaine. Lucy ended up leaving town, and Scott married and fell in love with the love of his life Dominique Stanton Taub. When she revealed that she had a fatal brain tumor, they renewed their vows in a touching ceremony in front of family and friends. They desperately wanted a child, and Lucy became their surrogate mother. Scott delivered the baby in a cabin and later rescued Serena from being kidnapped. Then Scotty fled to Canada with his child.

A few years later, he returned to Port Charles because Serena had been kidnapped. Scott accused Lucy of being the kidnapper because of Lucy's strong attachment to Serena. But Scott soon realized Lucy was innocent and they teamed up to get Serena back. The true culprit was Rex Stanton, Dom's uncle, who wanted Serena's trust fund. As the Nurses Ball approached, the kidnappers gave their payment instructions: buy five million dollars in jewels and have them sewn onto a ball gown. Lucy dropped the jeweled gown into a dumpster and Danielle, Dom's half-sister and Rex's unwilling accomplice, retrieved it. The ransom paid, Scott and Serena were reunited. But Scotty was still determined to discover who had kidnapped Serena. So Rex fabricated evidence to frame Scott as the kidnapper. Then he drugged Scott to make him appear unfit to be a father. Scott was arrested and Rex and Danielle moved to gain custody of Serena. Scott, out on bail, was only allowed supervised visits with his daughter. Danielle finally gathered the courage and told Scott the truth, but she died in a car accident soon after. So Scott's friends came up with a plan in which Kevin and Lucy would pretend to break up so that Lucy could charm her way into Rex's confidence. As Scott waited for the plan to work, he also sought out the help of Dominique's ghost. But Lucy's plan was taking too long. So Kevin, Jake, Scott, Eve and Lucy devised another plan. This time they would make Rex think that Danielle wasn't dead and that they had been keeping her alive in the catacombs. Their scheme worked and Rex was arrested.

Through all of this, Scott and Eve had been growing closer. After Serena returned home and Lucy had recovered from Rex's poisoning, Scott and Eve began dating. Scott represented Eve when she was caught breaking into the lab to steal back research the interns were working on. They produced a female witness that claimed to have once had an affair with Bennett, who had locked Eve out of the lab. Jealous of Eve's relationship with Scott and Serena, Lucy wanted to prove her theory that Eve had killed Bennett. Unable to do that, she vowed to discredit Eve in Scott's eyes. After Lucy's plan to siphon gas from Eve's car went horribly wrong and accidentally caused Serena to go blind, Scott blamed Eve and Lucy couldn't get up the nerve to tell Scott the truth. Scott tried to help Serena become less dependent on him and allowed Eve to visit Serena since Serena missed Eve very much. But Scott refused to allow Lucy to see Serena. Serena then began to show great improvement in her recovery.

During the General Homicide murders, Scott and Lucy went to Florida to search for Kevin and Eve, who were actually on Jasmine Island. Scott's plane malfunctioned and he and Lucy landed in the swamp land. After a series of mishaps and near-death experiences, they found their way to an abandoned house where they made love before being rescued. Kevin and Victor had traveled to Florida to find them and wound up finding them in bed together! Scott and Lucy discovered that they felt conflicted over their feelings for each other and for their significant others, Eve and Kevin.

When Scott, Lucy and Serena found a dress pattern on the back of a map from Florida, Lucy decided to market a line of dresses. Scott became her business partner and they made plans to market the dress line on television. But the dresses were ruined when the sprinkler system came on and Scott realized foul play was involved. Soon after, suave business man D.V. Bordisso came to town and wanted to buy the line away from them. They refused. Scott started to suspect mysterious D.V. of setting off the sprinklers. Lucy and Scott made a second line, but D.V. planted a story about Scott and Lucy using underage labor in sweatshops to manufacture the dresses. So Scott and Lucy traveled to New York City to investigate D.V.'s past. Scott got his hands on damaging info about D.V. but was mugged and the info was stolen. Lucy went missing while there and Scott was afraid that D.V. was responsible. Scott rescued an amnesiac Lucy and flew her home. Her memory returned and Lucy happily accepted Scott's marriage proposal, although Lucy failed to mention that she had slept with D.V.

At the annual Nurses Ball, Julie's daughter Christina was left in the care of Lucy and Scott, who hoped to adopt her as their own. Months later, Scott sent Lucy, Christina and Serena to stay with Lucy's Aunt Charlene after the Firehouse was ransacked and Lucy and Christina were involved in a car accident. Scott came close to killing D.V. and held him captive while taunting him over his love for Scott's biological mother Meg. D.V. sent Scott psychic images to convince Scott that Lucy was double-crossing him, leading Scott and Lucy to believe that D.V. was using psychic espionage. Kevin suggested that all of them break up and he and Lucy pretend to get back together so D.V. would let his guard down. All were reluctant, but agreed. Scott and Lucy uploaded a virus and successfully destroyed D.V.'s evil Cobra Project. D.V. then kidnapped Lee but Scott and Kevin got him back. When Scott was arrested for shooting D.V., everyone knew that he was being framed. Kevin and Eve found a corrupt cop that had been paid to plant evidence against Scott. Eve got the cop's confession on tape and Scott was cleared. Through all of this, D.V. Bordisso was revealed to be Scott's biological father!

Scott and Lucy's New Year's Eve wedding didn't go as planned when Christina went missing, but they remained engaged. When Julie fired her attorney during her murder trial, Scott agreed to temporarily represent Julie, since Julie had "found" Christina on New Year's Eve. But the Judge ordered Scott to remain Julie's counsel for the remainder of the case. Unsure of her innocence and about defending her, Scott resolved to do his best and she was acquitted. Upon her release, she rushed to the courthouse where Scott and Lucy's adoption of Christina was taking place. Julie decided to keep quiet and the adoption went through. When cancer patient Neil was in need of a bone marrow transplant, Christina was tested for a match. Realizing Christina was Neil's only chance of living, Scott and Lucy allowed Christina's bone marrow to be extracted for a transplant. Scott and Lucy asked Kevin to be Christina's godfather, and he agreed.

Scott was given a seat on the hospital board after successfully negotiating a proposal between the hospital and the nurses on strike. When Lucy was campaigning against Rachel for an open seat on the board, she tried to uncover Rachel's secrets and even followed Rachel to Van Wyck. On the way back, Scott and Lucy met Jamal when he ran his bike into their car. Jamal offered to "settle" with Scott, but Scott wasn't about to be conned. During a party celebrating Lucy's seat on the hospital board, Julie barged in and announced she was Christina's mother and wanted her back. Scott and Lucy prepared for a fight and even quickly got married to better their chances at keeping Christina. But their marriage soon became shaky when Lucy blamed Scott for not being named as Christina's adoptive mother. Scott promised her that Christina would not be taken from her. Scott's adoption of Christina was ruled still valid but Julie was also granted visitation which Lucy wasn't happy about. Around this time, Scott met Claire, a patient who suffered from the same condition that had killed Dominique. Scott helped Claire in her fight to die with dignity and in reuniting with her father. Claire was eventually released from the hospital and Scott later received word that Claire had died peacefully at home.

The strain on Scott and Lucy's marriage increased when Lucy's petition to adopt the baby was denied and Lucy blamed Scott. However, Scott and Lucy put aside their differences to celebrate Christina's first birthday. A depressed Julie kidnapped Christina in the park. Lucy blamed Scott because Scott had allowed Frank to see Christina alone in the park. Scott attempted to find their daughter, but failed at every lead. Lucy continued to push Scott away as she fell deeper into her grief and worry. Scott told Lucy to pull herself together or he wouldn't let her see Serena. When Karen returned to town, she was upset that Scott hadn't told her about the situation with Christina. Scott took Lucy to the headquarters he had set up in the search for Christina. Lucy joined in the search but they still couldn't find Christina. Although they were still friends, Scott and Lucy agreed to end their marriage. Lucy was touched when Scott said he wanted her to adopt Serena and become her mother in the eyes of the law. Scott, Lucy, and Serena celebrated Lucy's adoption of Serena with a tea party.

Scott was hired to represent Luke in the murder trial of Stefan Cassadine. Against the idea at first, Luke finally agreed to let Scott represent him although they constantly fought over Scott's handling of the case. Sensing that Felicia knew more than she let on, Scott convinced her to testify for Luke. Felicia's testimony helped get Luke acquitted but devastated his relationship with Laura. Scott was there to pick up the pieces and suggested that Laura take over Deception if she really wanted to make a change in her life. He even offered her the money to buy the company. But she decided to seek Sonny's backing instead.

Scott supported Laura in her efforts with Deception, even the re-launching of the "Face of Deception" ad campaign that Dominique had been a model for. He also tried to help Laura deal with Carly by trying to convince Sonny to sell his portion of the company to Laura. Laura wasn't happy that Scott had gone behind her back, but she forgave him. After she finally announced Gia as the new spokesmodel for her company, she thanked Scott for letting her make her own decisions and supporting her in them. Laura finally gave in to her attraction to Scott and they started dating. But Luke continually went to Laura for help with the Cassadine/Spencer feud that was heating up, making Scott extremely jealous and fearful of Laura's safety. When Laura finally told Scott about Lucky's programming, he surprised her by volunteering to help in any way he could.

Intent on having a real future with Laura, Scott pushed her to finalize her divorce with Luke. After she did, he took her to Hollywood where they reenacted famous movie scenes on a sound stage. But upon their return, Laura had to leave town for a few weeks to be safe from Helena, which upset Scott. After she returned, she was upset to learn that Scott hadn't told her that Luke had been missing. When Luke was found suffering from the bio-toxin he'd been injected with, Scott was incredibly jealous of the attention Laura lavished on Luke. Bobbie tried to encourage Scott not to compete with Laura's love for Luke but to try a different approach. So Scott did his best to support Laura in her efforts with Luke despite his personal feelings about Luke. Scott wanted Laura to be with him by her choice, not by default. Laura was forced to reveal that Stavros was alive after Scott refused to leave her when she tried to push him away. When Luke informed him that Laura had gone off to fight the Cassadines, he blasted Luke for putting Laura in harm's way. When Scott went with Roy and Jax to rescue the numerous hostages, including Laura, from Helena and Stavros, he was forced to pull Luke up from the edge of the bottomless hole, saving his life.

After the Cassadines were defeated, Scott sensed competition from Luke and blurted out a marriage proposal to Laura. However, in the end Laura chose Luke over Scott. Hurt, Scott tried to talk Laura out of marrying Luke again to no avail. When Christina returned to Port Charles just in time to be the flower girl for Kevin and Lucy's wedding, Lucy was ecstatic. But Scott didn't find out right away, which didn't please him. However, he managed to work out visitation with Lucy and Kevin. Then Scott moved on, or really back to, Bobbie Spencer, his ex-girlfriend from several years ago. They cautiously began a relationship. When Carly was in a car accident, Scott broke the news to Bobbie and fended off AJ from trying to get at Michael. When Carly turned up alive, Scott deduced that AJ was behind the body and DNA evidence that indicated that Carly was dead. With Carly alive and safe, Scott was able to reheat his relationship with Bobbie.

Scott wasn't happy when Laura's adopted father, Dr. Rick Webber came to town earlier than expected to give Laura away at her wedding. It seemed that Scott and Rick had a secret between them that they didn't want revealed to anyone. In an attempt to protect that secret, Rick put in a good word for Scott with high-level public officials, getting Scott on the ballot for District Attorney. As Scott tried to keep Laura from discovering the secret, his behavior looked suspicious to Luke who saw Scott and Rick constantly in conference with each other. Panicked over Laura's sudden flow of returning memories and Luke's digging into the past, Scott and Rick dug up a grave in the Scorpio's yard, but a dog ran away with the skull. Scott managed to retrieve it and hide it. But all their actions didn't stop Laura from eventually remembering that on that night long ago, she had accidentally killed Rick's mistress. Scotty had come upon the scene at the time and helped Rick calm Laura down. Then he helped Rick bury the body.

When Laura finally remembered this and confronted Rick, he wound up dead. Hoping that Luke was behind Rick's death and fearing that Laura was actually responsible, Scott used his best crooked tricks to track down Luke and lock him up. When he finally did capture Luke, he questioned Laura and taped her confession of killing Rick. Scott played the tape for Luke, who agreed to take the wrap for a mentally ill Laura. Scott blamed Luke for pushing Laura to remember and causing her mental breakdown. Luke got sentenced to life in prison, but was able to escape by tricking Scott into a fight and knocking him out.

Scott played dirty against Alexis in the race for D.A. After highlighting the fact that Alexis was an unwed mother-to-be, he blackmailed Carly into signing a statement saying she had witnessed Alexis in bed with Sonny. Scott gleefully produced the signed statement at a televised debate, proving that Alexis was literally in bed with the mob. But Sonny showed up and denied the statement and Bobbie broke up with Scott. Not long after, Luke returned to Port Charles and was placed back in custody. As Scott boasted to the press of this conquest, Nikolas got his hands on Laura's taped confession. Alexis then used it to blackmail Scott into dropping the charges against Luke. But Scott didn't give up without a fight. He agreed to drop the charges if Alexis dropped out of the race. She agreed and Scott won the D.A. race by default. When Luke continually tried to get himself arrested as punishment for Laura's condition, Scott refused to comply and had Alexis get Luke declared mentally unstable. Then Scott had Luke committed for destroying Laura.

When mobster and arms dealer Luis Alcazar was murdered, Scott decided to try Brenda and Jason for the murder, despite a lack of hard evidence, to get to Sonny and destroy him. As new evidence continually surfaced and witnesses constantly changed their stories, Scott molded what evidence he could to fit his case against Brenda and Jason and hid anything that didn't. Scott's efforts were rewarded when Brenda and Jason were found guilty and sentenced to prison. But the real killer came forward at the last minute and gave information that only the real killer could know. So the charges against Jason and Brenda were dismissed. Scott became determined to find Alcazar's real murderer and get a conviction one way or another. Focusing in on Skye as the next suspect, Scott illegally put a microphone in Skye's purse lining and overheard Jax tell her in secret that Alexis killed Alcazar. Scott went to confront Alexis, and she revealed an alternate personality to him. Her other personality wielded a knife at Scott and promised to protect Alexis no matter what she had to do. Scott had her arrested and put under police guard at GH where she received psychiatric care from Cameron Lewis. He taunted Alexis with his promise to put her away for the rest of her life. Around this time, Scott found out that Summer had been seeing Luke and Lucky at the same time and happily informed Luke as a way to hurt Luke. Scott warned her to stay away from both Spencer men since they are not all there and she deserved better.

Scott watched a tape of Alexis' alternate personality and realized that Alexis was faking her disorder. So he harassed her in her hospital room and got Edward's help in tricking Alexis in court to reveal that she really was faking her disorder. Scott was disappointed when the judge found her not guilty by reason of temporary insanity. The judge also removed Alexis' new baby from her custody, which Scott felt a little guilty about but wouldn't admit to. When baby Kristina later disappeared from the Quartermaine Mansion, Scott accused Alexis of being responsible. When he caught Cameron at the hospital getting some drugs for a mysterious patient, Scott grew suspicious that Cameron was also in on the kidnapping. So he had Cameron arrested. But when Emily and Zander were brought in while trying to return the baby, Alexis confessed. Cameron was able to finagle a deal with Edward and Scott to keep Alexis out of jail and allow her visitation of her daughter. Scott continually taunted Alexis with the idea of taking her down if she makes one false move.

As District Attorney, Scott abused his position at every chance he got to go after his enemies in Port Charles: Sonny, Jason, and Luke. But on occasion, Scott would try to do something to make himself look good to the press. When Ric gave Scott evidence to use against Sonny, Scott gleefully had Sonny's holdings searched. But he didn't find anything. He got another opportunity courtesy of Ric, this time to go after Jason. Again Scott failed. So Scott told Ric to quit bugging him with his plots of revenge against Sonny. Scott begrudgingly gave Sonny credit for stopping the recent flow of drugs in town. But the new drug lord in town, Lorenzo Alcazar kidnapped Sonny and demanded his drugs returned to him. Scott arrested Jason as he was trying to return the drugs, so Jason appealed to Scott's ego and made a deal to trip up Alcazar so Scott could arrest him. But Alcazar was able to bribe Scott to get the charges against him dropped.

Scott saw another possible opportunity to jail Luke when Stefan returned to town. Scott warned Stefan that Luke would be coming after him. When Summer later plunged to her death from the cliffs, Scott tried to pin Summer's murder on Luke despite a lack of true evidence. So Lucky set about trying to prove that Stefan was framing Luke. Scott was also juggling the case involving Carly's kidnapping. He arrested Jason for violating a restraining order filed by Ric and later supervised Jason removing the surveillance equipment from Ric's house.

Scott was devastated when his daughter Karen died after being hit by a car. During her memorial service, Lucy comforted Scott and Kevin rudely interrupted and caused a disturbance. Scott told Kevin off and then stormed out. Lucy was able to convince him to return and he lit a candle for his daughter. Later on Scott vented more of his grief on Sonny at Carly's club. Sonny tried to express his sorrow over Karen's death, but Scott didn't want to hear it.

Scott still wanted to take Alexis down and made a deal with Skye: she would get him proof that Alexis was a murderer and in exchange he would get Ned and her full custody of Kristina. The proof came loud and clear when Alexis, who had been impersonating a male butler at the Quartermaines' to be close to Kristina, admitted to her crimes in front of Scott and the judge. Scott wanted to arrest her for perjury since she couldn't be arrested twice for murder. But Ned came to Alexis' rescue and forced Scott to drop the issue.

When Ric suddenly disappeared after Alcazar kidnapped Carly from him, Scott accused Sonny of being responsible. Ric was later found alive and Scott went after Sonny in a different way: he dropped the kidnapping charges against Ric. He hoped that Sonny would then kill Ric and get put in prison for murder. In the meantime, Lydia was able to get Stefan to confess that he was behind Summer's fall from the cliffs and taped the conversation. This finally convinced Scott to arrest Stefan for Summer's murder. But Alexis was able to get Stefan released from jail. So Luke took matters into his own hands and Stefan wound up dead. Scott had Lucky arrest Luke for Stefan's murder, but Luke later escaped. Scott didn't get to send Luke to prison because Nikolas later found a suicide note left by Stefan and the charges against Luke were dropped. But Scott didn't have much time to be disappointed over that because a few weeks later, he was able to arrest Sonny for attempted murder. Sonny had shot Alcazar and then taken Sam hostage to flee the scene. But Sam lied about being taken hostage and the jury found Sonny not guilty.

Scott turned to truly underhanded dealings by pairing up with Alcazar to rob the Haunted Star Casino on opening night. The night of the Port Charles Hotel fire, a body was discovered in the electrician's closet in the basement. At first identified as Zander Smith, the body was later identified as Scott Baldwin. When Bobbie heard the news that Scott had died, she thought back on all the happier times she'd had with him. But as all the mysteries surrounding the fire began to unravel, a video tape was sent to Luke. Scott Baldwin was alive after all. During the fire, Scott had impersonated a fireman and knocked out Skye to steal the treasure from her. He hid it in a dumpster where some one else found it. Facing an investigation by Internal Affairs for corruption, Scott took Serena and fled town. His final words to Luke stated that he intended to go see Laura and maybe bust her out of the institution. Scott's exact whereabouts were unknown until he resurfaced shortly after Laura relapsed into a catatonic state. Scott had been keeping tabs on Laura's condition over the years. Unfortunately by the time he learned that Laura had awakened from her catatonic state, it was too late. Laura's condition was temporary and Scott arrived in Port Charles shortly after Laura became catatonic again.

Scott soon learned that before relapsing, Laura told her daughter Lulu that she was certain that she had not killed Rick Webber. Lulu was determined to prove her mother innocent of the crime and began investigating. Eventually she would gather enough information to rightfully speculate that Scott had actually killed Rick Webber. Unable to prove it and realizing that it could likely destroy her father, Lulu was forced to keep the secret.

Scott shocked everyone when he petitioned the courts for guardianship over Laura. No one believed that he stood a chance but they underestimated Scott's determination. Scott not only managed to win guardianship but he also revealed Luke's deepest darkest secret to Lulu. Lulu was devastated when she learned that her father had raped her mother and it caused a temporary rift in her relationship with Luke. That was further complicated when Luke, equally determined to keep Laura out of Scott's clutches, kidnapped Laura and whisked her away to a secret location. Scott immediately pressed charges making Luke a fugitive.

Scott was in for a big surprise when friend of Lulu's claimed he was Scott's son. Scott denied knowing Logan's mother much less abandoning her when she was pregnant but eventually a paternity test would confirm Logan's story. Scott was shocked. He insisted that he never would have turned his back on his son if he'd known. By this time, Lulu and Logan had become involved then went through a messy break up. In an effort to make amends, Scott offered to drop the charges against Luke and turn over custody of Laura to Nik if Lulu would give Logan a second chance. Lulu agreed. Despite being hurt over learning that Logan had made an agreement to seduce Lulu in exchange for Maxie's sexual favors, Lulu saw Logan's regret. She believed him when he told her that his feelings for her were genuine.

Initially Logan was upset with Scott's interference but grew to understand that Scott was doing his best to be the father he never was. However, Scott started to regret his decision to keep Lulu and Logan together after Lulu suspected that Logan was the Text Message Killer and hit him over the head with a pipe wrench. Logan was rendered unconscious and Scott was furious with Lulu's actions. Lulu ended her relationship with Logan and starting dating another man. Scott wanted Lulu to be punished for what she had done to his son, but Logan but he refused to press charges.

Despite Scott's insistence that Lulu was trouble, Logan became obsessed with Lulu stalked her. Logan's life ended when he was fatally stabbed and Lulu confessed that she had killed him in self-defense. Scott refused to believe that Logan had ever intended to harm anyone, much less the woman that he had loved. Lulu suffered a mental break and was taken to Shadybrook for psychiatric care. Meanwhile, Scott was furious that Logan's death went unpunished and sought his own revenge. He threatened Lulu while she was at Shadybrook and vowed to see her face the death penalty. Scott was shocked when Laura emerged from her catatonic state and protected her daughter.

Laura begged Scott to leave Lulu alone and he agreed on the condition that Laura leave town with him immediately. She agreed. As they fled town, Scott explained why he had allowed Laura to believe that she had killed her step-father. He insisted that he had only tried to protect her. He also revealed that Laura's previous wedding to Luke was a sham because Luke was married to Tracy Quartermaine. Luke located Scott and Laura in Los Angeles, the city where Scott and Laura had originally honeymooned. Luke took Laura away from Scott but she chose not to reunite with Luke. Instead, she chose to seek medical treatment in Paris.

Unbeknownst to Laura's family, Scott joined Laura in Paris. Years later, Laura and Scott returned to Port Charles and announced their engagement. Scott feared that Luke and Laura would reunite and tried to rush Laura to the altar before she learned that Luke was single. With Lucy's help, Scott planned an impromptu ceremony at the courthouse. Laura saw through Scott's rush to marry her but she agreed to marry him immediately. However, the ceremony was disrupted before it began when they received word that Lulu had been kidnapped.

Laura left town with Luke in search of their daughter and Scott feared that he had lost Laura yet again. However, upon Lulu's safe return, Laura pledged her love to Scott and they married at Wyndemere. Shortly after they exchanged wedding vows, Laura learned that Luke was sick and she left Port Charles in search for him. When she returned, Scott asked Laura for a divorce and he set his sights on reclaiming his position as the district attorney. With unexpected help from Julian Jerome, Scott was elected but immediately feared for his public image after Heather Webber escaped from the psychiatric care facility. She claimed that the artist Robert "Franco" Frank was the product of a night she and Scott had shared years ago.

Scott tried to distance himself from Franco and claimed that any familial association could hurt his career. Lucy chastised Scott regarding his attitude toward Franco but she still turned to Scott when she believed her marriage to Kevin was over and they slept together. Afterwards, Scott admitted that he cared for Lucy and wanted them to be together but Lucy chose to fix her marriage. However, Lucy could not fight her attraction to Scott and repeatedly ended up in his bed.

As Scott tried to convince Lucy that they belonged together, Franco was named as a suspect in the disappearance of Carly Jacks. Scott stalled to charge Franco after his son swore his innocence. Scott was forced to arrest Franco but he offered his assistance when Franco escaped from police custody. He helped Franco hide from the authorities and followed up on Franco's theory that Heather had escaped from the Miscavige psychiatric care facility to frame him. Scott visited Miscavige and found Luke wearing a wig and heavily sedated inside of Heather's room. Heather's coconspirators, orderlies at Miscavige, drugged Scott and held him captive as well. After Scott was rescued, Lucy welcomed him home and he asked her to divorce Kevin.

Lucy remained married and Scott made another attempt to woo Lucy backstage during the Nurses Ball. She admitted that she still pined for him and they shared a passionate kiss, unaware that the curtain had opened and everyone had seen and heard the exchange. Kevin immediately declared that he was finished with Lucy and Scott assumed that he and Lucy would be together. However, she pushed him away and claimed that she wanted her marriage to work. In time, Scott moved on with Bobbie Spencer and they became lovers. Bobbie ended their relationship after Scott chose to press charges against Carly after it was revealed that she had known the truth about the death of A.J. Quartermaine.

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