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Heather Grant
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Actor History
Georganne LaPiere
1976 to 1977
Mary O'Brien
1977 to 1979
1980 to 1983; June 25, 2004 to December 3, 2004; April 2, 2012 to Present

Other Names

Diana Taylor (alias used while in Shadybrook)


Former gossip columnist for the Port Charles Sun

Former nanny for Peter and Diana Taylor


D'Archam Facility, a maximum-security facility for the criminally insane and the most secure one in Northern New York

Formerly Shadybrook psychiatric care facility

Formerly Miscavige maximum security psychiatric care facility

Formerly Wyndemere Castle, Spoon Island

Formerly Ferncliff psychiatric care facility

Formerly the Nightlight Motel, Room 203, Port Charles, New York

Formerly an apartment in Port Charles (Steve's apartment)

Formerly Ferncliff psychiatric care facility

Marital Status


Past Marriages

Larry Joe (divorced)

Jeff Webber (divorced)

Edward Quartermaine (annulled)


Alice Grant (mother)

Susan Moore (cousin)

Jason Morgan (first cousin once removed)

Robert "Franco" Frank (first cousin once removed)

Jason Morgan (first cousin once removed)

Daniel Edward Morgan (cousin once removed)


Steven Lars Webber (with Jeff)

Robert "Franco" Frank (with Scott Baldwin)

Unnamed Child (miscarriage; with Jeff; deceased)

Flings & Affairs

Joe Kelly

Scott Baldwin (one-night stand)

Jeff Webber (lovers)

Scott Baldwin (lovers)

Edward Quartermaine

Luke Spencer (kissed)

Scott Baldwin (kissed)

Crimes Committed

Provided a false letter of reference to Diana to get the job as nanny [1976]

Adultery; Lured Jeff into her bed and got pregnant [1976]

Sold her baby on the black market and then told Jeff that the baby had died at birth [1977]

Tried to get drive Diana crazy with LSD in order to get her baby back [1980]

Suspected of killing Diana Taylor [1980]

Gave one of Susan Moore's newborn sons away to a nurse in exchange for the payment of hospital bills [1981; date later changed to 1974]

Murdered Ross Duncan [July 2004]

Framed Skye Quartermaine for the murder of Ross Duncan [July 2004]

Drugged Edward Quartermaine and caused his blood pressure to spike [Sept 2004]

Hid a catatonic Laura Spencer in the attic of the Quartermaine mansion [Oct 2004]

Conspired with Tracy Quartermaine to have Edward committed to a mental institution [Oct 2004]

Tried to choke Tracy Quartermaine [Nov 2004]

Tried to poison and smother Edward Quartermaine [Nov 2004]

Held a knife on Skye Quartermaine and took her hostage [Nov 2004]

Injected Skye Quartermaine with a hallucinogenic [Dec 2004]

Switched the results of a paternity test for Sam McCall's baby [Apr 2012]

Murdered Maggie Wurth by serving her poisoned iced tea [May 2012]

Disposed of Anthony Zacchara's body [May 2012]

Switched Téa Delgado's deceased baby with Sam McCall's baby [Jun 2012]

Hit Luke Spencer over the head, kidnapped him and held him in an abandoned cabin [Jun-Jul 2012]

Hired a forger to forge letters from Luke Spencer to Lulu Spencer and Anna Devane [Jul 2012]

Injected Olivia Falconeri with a syringe of LSD [Jul 2012]

Clobbered Anna Devane over the head [Jul 2012]

Shot Luke Spencer while aiming at Anna Devane [Jul 2012]

Murdered a nurse at Ferncliff [Sep 2012]

Escaped from Ferncliff and used the alias of Susan Moore [Sep 2012]

Kidnapped Sam McCall's baby [Oct 2012]

Clobbered Steven Lars Webber over the head [Oct 2012]

Pushed Olivia Falconeri down a flight of stairs [Oct 2012]

Escaped from Ferncliff [Nov 2012]

Held a knife to Skye Chandler Quartermaine's throat in an attempt to take her hostage [Nov 2012]

Hit Kevin Collins over the head with a flower pot and rendered him unconscious [Feb 2013]

Escaped from Ferncliff psychiatric care facility [Feb 5, 2013]

Kidnapped Sam McCall's son [Feb 14, 2013]

Stabbed Steven Lars Webber in the stomach while attempting to stab Olivia Falconeri [Feb 26, 2013]

Stabbed Olivia Falconeri in the arm [Feb 26, 2013]

Turned herself in to the authorities and was committed to Miscavige maximum security psychiatric care facility [Feb 27, 2013]

Confessed to switching Téa Delgado's deceased baby with Sam McCall's son and for solely planning the escape from Ferncliff which resulted in charges being dropped against Todd Manning [Mar 8, 2013]

Escaped from Miscavige [Multiple occasions between Apr 2013 and the present]

Arrested on February 11, 2014 for the following crimes:

Held Jordan Ashford and Shawn Butler captive [Oct 30, 2014]

Shot Max Giambetti in the chest [Nov 4, 2014 (Oct 31, 2014 on the show)]

Held a gun on Carly Jacks [Nov 5, 2014 (Oct 31, 2014 on the show)]

Pushed Nina Clay into a door and attempted to inject her with a syringe of LSD [Feb 2, 2014]

Health and Vitals

Institutionalized by Jeff after going crazy during her plot to get her baby back [1980]

Suffered broken vertebrae and lapsed into a coma after jumping from the roof of the hospital [Oct 2012]

Rendered briefly unconscious after being hit over the head with a bat by the Quartermaines' maid, Alice [November 21, 2012Nov 21, 2012]

Stabbed in the stomach and buried alive by Franco [Dec 9, 2013]

Briefly presumed deceased after Caleb Morley (also known as Stephen Clay) choked her and threw her into the Port Charles harbor [Feb 14, 2013]

Stabbed in the leg by Franco [Feb 11, 2014]

Brief Character History

Heather Grant came to town in 1976. She secured the job of nanny for Peter and Diana Taylor's little girl Martha by supplying a fake reference letter. Soon, Heather set her sights on Jeff Webber. After Jeff and Monica had a huge blowout over Monica lusting after Jeff's brother Rick, Jeff sought solace in Heather's bed, much to Heather's delight. Their night of passion created a baby, but Heather didn't share the news at first. She finally told Jeff about the baby when he was recovering from a bullet to the brain. He insisted she get an abortion so that he could stay with Monica. Furious, Heather faked a suicide attempt to try to gain Jeff's love. But Jeff paid no attention so Heather tried to order Jeff to leave Monica. When that didn't work, Heather decided to enact her plan to trade her baby for money to start a new life. She offered to sell her baby to Diana Taylor, who desperately wanted a sibling for Martha, for $10,000 but Diana ultimately said no. On the rebound after Monica filed for divorce, Jeff asked Heather to marry him. He later took back his proposal when Heather's ex-husband Larry Joe came to town and filled Jeff in on Heather's past exploits.

Heather finally gave birth to a boy in New York City and then sold it on the black market for $10,000. Heather's landlady arranged for Diana Taylor to adopt the boy without revealing Heather to be the mother. But once the sale went through, Heather's cut of the money was very small. Jeff tracked Heather to the Big Apple and Heather told Jeff the baby had died at birth. They bonded over her lie and Jeff proposed again. But their upcoming marriage was instantly tainted by the amount of time Heather spent with P.J. Taylor, Heather's son. She had become his nanny, but when Peter and Diana noticed her intense interest in their son, they fired her. Jeff and Heather wed in 1978, but Jeff's long hours at the hospital drove a wedge even further between the newlyweds.

When Heather became pregnant again, Jeff proclaimed that if it was a boy he wanted to name it Steven Lars. But Heather miscarried the baby while trying to prevent Jeff from learning the truth about their first child. She then became obsessed with regaining her baby from the Taylors. She managed to make Diana incredibly dependent on her and then planned to finish her off by putting LSD in her drink to drive her insane. Heather's plan backfired when she confused the glasses and drank the tainted one herself. She suffered hallucinations and Jeff had her institutionalized.

Diana then found out that P.J. was Jeff's son and she desperately decided she had to marry Jeff in order to keep P.J. But Jeff fell in love with Anne Logan and wanted to marry her. Jeff couldn't actually marry anyone since he was still married to Heather. Heather faked catatonia and escaped from the mental institution. She made her way back to Jeff's house where she spotted Jeff in Anne's arms through the window. Hurt, she returned to the institution for a while before being released. But she soon began another plot to remove Diana from the picture. She faked hysteria in order to be returned to the institution to covertly carry out her plan. Before being institutionalized again, she had stolen a gun from the Webber house, and once she was locked up again, she hid the gun in her friend's doll. She later escaped the institution once again, intent on killing Diana. This time she found Jeff and Diana in bed together. Diana later told Jeff that he was P.J.'s father, and he stormed out. Heather quietly made her way back into Diana's apartment to kill her. Instead, she found Diana was already dead. She quickly decided to frame Anne for the murder by writing Anne's name in Diana's blood. Anne nearly went to jail for killing Diana but was later cleared. Jeff left town with his son to keep him safe from Heather. He later asked Heather for a divorce in order to marry someone else.

Detective Joe Kelly then turned to Heather as his prime suspect but fell in love with her instead. Heather confessed her intention to kill Diana, but she couldn't remember actually pulling the trigger. The real killer turned out to be Heather's mother, Alice. Alice had killed Diana to keep her from killing Heather and claimed that she had struggled with Diana over the gun Diana had pulled when it went off. Heather got six months of probation for attempted murder and her mother got off for mental reasons.

Heather tried to seduce Scott Baldwin, but he was more interested in her cousin Susan. Alan had given Susan a large amount of money as part of a settlement with her. When she was later killed trying to blackmail the Quartermaines for more money, Heather teamed up with Jimmy Lee Holt. They tried to gain custody of Jason, Susan's baby, and Jason's trust fund.

Heather returned to Port Charles in 2004 under the guise of wanting to reconnect with her family. She convinced Lesley to allow her to move into the Spencer home so she could help Lesley care for Lulu Spencer in Luke and Laura's absence.

Heather's true intentions behind her return to town involved the recently widowed Edward Quartermaine and his money. Heather offered her condolences regarding the death of his wife Lila and spent time with Edward and supported him through his grief. Secretly, Heather fantasized about marrying Edward and then murdering him after she had a legal entitlement to his funds. Heather placed herself in closer proximity to Edward by offering to care for Lila's rose garden and he agreed.

Edward's daughter Tracy sensed that Heather's intentions toward Edward were not sincere after she witnessed a kiss between Heather and Edward. Tracy accused Edward of moving on too soon after Lila's death and Heather took the blame for the kiss, although Edward defended her. Tracy later tracked Heather down and offered her a large sum of money to leave town quietly instead of pursuing Edward but Heather did not take the money.

In the weeks after the initial kiss, Edward and Heather grew closer and shared another kiss until Edward pushed Heather away on his anniversary to Lila. He accused Heather of teaming up with Tracy so he would lose the contest Lila had set up in her final will and testament to determine the most worthy Quartermaine heir. Heather denied the accusations and was frustrated when Edward believed Lila's ghost was haunting him to keep him away from Heather.

Heather kept her distance from Edward until Tracy invited her to a family dinner at the Quartermaine mansion. Tracy hoped that Heather would seduce Edward into losing the contest as the most virtuous heir. Heather used the opportunity to convince Edward to give their relationship another chance and their evening ended with a kiss. A storm raged outside and knocked the power out so Edward offered Heather a room so she could spend the night.

Due to the chaos of the storm and the foreboding sense of danger, Heather pretended she had channeled Lila's spirit. The Quartermaine family doubted Heather's claim that she had been overtaken by Lila's spirit until she shared a few code words of significance that only Lila and her family would have known. In her trance, she claimed that Lila wanted Edward to move on and gave her blessing to a relationship between Heather and Edward. Later, Heather thanked the Quartermaine housekeeper Alice for keeping her secret that she had overheard the special words.

Edward remained unconvinced that Lila wanted him to move on and hesitated in his relationship with Heather. She responded by spiking Edward's drink during a family meeting and he collapsed as he clutched his heart. His family assumed that he was faking a heart attack to gain sympathy and ignored him but Heather responded. She made sure he received medical attention and accused his family of not caring about him. Heather remained by Edward's side while he was hospitalized and she ran into her son Steven. He wanted nothing to do with her but their heated exchange was overheard by Felicia Jones, the trustee of Lila's estate.

Heather tried to do damage control with Felicia but she decided to keep Heather away from Edward until she conducted a full investigation into her past. She was pleased when Edward invited her to move in to the mansion to care for him after he was released from the hospital and he and Heather became engaged. After she settled in, she arranged for Laura Spencer to be moved in her comatose state into the attic of the Quartermaine mansion. Heather sneaked away when she was able and visited Laura and revealed she had a plan to bring Luke out of hiding and back into town. Heather promised Laura she would keep Luke away from Skye Quartermaine. Despite Heather's meddling, Luke and Skye reconnected and they realized Heather had been intercepting their messages.

Edward was suspicious of Heather's frequent trips to the attic but she produced a portrait of Lila and claimed it was another sign that she blessed their union. Edward and Heather married at the Quartermaine cabin, although Tracy tried to interrupt the wedding. Heather was eager to consummate the marriage after the ceremony but Edward dozed off and called out for Lila in his sleep. When Monica learned of the union, she threw Edward and Heather out of her house and they moved into an apartment above Kelly's diner. Edward gave away his money and ELQ shares and took a job at Kelly's. He insisted he did not need money, only Heather, to make him happy.

The decision Edward made to give up his money bothered Heather and she worried about Edward's mental health. Tracy agreed with Heather and the women conspired to have Edward's mental health evaluated without his knowledge. The psychiatrist declared Edward mentally sound so Tracy and Heather bribed him to have Edward committed to a mental institution. After Edward was committed, Heather returned to the mansion to check on Laura, unaware that Tracy's son Dillon had spied on her.

Heather realized Laura had been discovered and moved her to another secret location. She also confronted Luke and assured him she would make sure Skye was out of the way for Laura's sake. Heather denied Luke's insinuations that someone had framed Skye for the murder of a police officer named Ross Duncan. Skye was frustrated with Heather's antics after she learned Heather had invested two million dollars of Edward's money in the Haunted Star and she went to Tracy.

Behind Heather's back, Tracy and Skye decided Edward needed to see how Heather was acting in his absence and they arranged for his release. Edward was disappointed with Heather and filed for an annulment. Luke tricked Heather into admitting she planned to kill Edward and he pretended that he would help her. When Heather made her move against Edward, Luke took his place and Heather was shocked to realize she had almost choked Luke. Skye, Edward, and Luke heard Heather profess her love for Luke and she admitted to killing Ross Duncan and framing Skye.

Once Heather realized she was caught, she held a knife on Skye and took her hostage. The women hid at Wyndemere and Skye tried to reason with Heather, but she insisted she was actually Laura. Heather silenced Skye by injecting her with a hallucinogenic drug. Luke found the women and he questioned Heather about where she had taken Laura. Heather promised she would tell Luke after they were married and she went along with Luke's decision to marry her at the Quartermaine estate.

Heather was confused when she arrived at the mansion and saw several guests and Emily Quartermaine in a wedding gown. Luke explained that Emily had dressed up because she wanted to be just like Heather. Luke stalled the ceremony by suggesting that Skye should be present to witness their nuptials. Heather agreed and relayed Skye's whereabouts. While Heather was out of earshot, Luke updated the police on Heather's crimes and she was declared insane and taken to Ferncliff. She did not reveal Laura's location.

In 2012, Heather received a visit at Ferncliff from Jason Morgan's wife Sam. She asked Heather several questions about Jason's birth since Heather had been the birthing partner for Jason's mother. Sam claimed that she needed to know about Jason's birth since she and Jason were expecting a child of their own. Heather agreed to share what she knew about Jason's birth in exchange for Sam's promise to deliver a letter from Heather to Steven Lars. Heather shared that Susan had passed out after giving birth to Jason and only a nurse had been present at the delivery. While Susan was unconscious, she gave birth to a second son and Heather sold the child to the nurse without ever telling her cousin Susan about the other child. Sam garnered Heather's wrath after she heard the information but did not take Heather's letter to Steven Lars.

Shortly after Sam's visit, Heather was declared sane and released from Ferncliff into the care of her son. Steven Lars informed his mother he went by the name Steve and he agreed to take responsibility for her and she moved in with him. Heather was glad to be free but she was not pleased with everyone she encountered after her release. One person Heather did not care for was Steve's girlfriend Olivia Falconeri. Olivia sensed Heather's dislike of her after

Heather made a few snide remarks to her. Olivia spoke to Steve and advised him to obtain a second opinion about Heather's sanity. Steve did not immediately agree with Olivia until he saw Heather interact with Luke and his roommate Anna DeVane at Kelly's. Heather made cutting comments toward Anna and insinuated that she and Luke shared a special past together. When Luke did not respond favorably toward Heather, she spilled a drink on Anna. Steve witnessed his mother's actions and decided to seek another opinion regarding Heather's mental health and he took her to the hospital to meet Dr. Ewen Keenan.

While Heather was at the hospital meeting Dr. Keenan, she ran into Sam and she saw that Sam had an order for a paternity test. Heather pieced together that Jason's twin might be the father of the child and that Jason was unaware that he had a brother. Heather threatened to share the news herself with Jason to repay Sam for reneging on her promise to bring the letter to Steve. Sam countered with her own threat to inform Steve about Heather's actions in the sale of Jason's brother. Heather decided to remain quiet but she told Sam she hoped the baby was not Jason's.

Heather's focus shifted from flirting with Luke and threatening Sam after she learned that Steve had been arrested by the Memphis police and was charged with the murder of a patient. Heather overheard a conversation between Olivia and her son Dante in which Olivia explained that Steve had intentionally allowed his patient to die so a patient of Dr. Maggie Wurth's could live. Heather was shocked by what she heard but she vowed to fix the situation for her son.

Heather had met Maggie briefly when Maggie caught her looking at confidential hospital records. Heather fought Maggie for the papers and Maggie made a comment about Heather being crazy. After Steve's arrest, the women were cordial to one another and Heather asked Maggie to write a letter of recommendation on Steve's behalf. She also asked Maggie to give her a ride home.

Unbeknownst to Maggie, Heather had stolen a lethal dose of medication from the hospital and she mixed the medication in a glass of iced tea. Maggie ingested the poison and died. Heather cleaned up the evidence and forged a suicide note in which Maggie confessed that she, not Steve, had killed the patient in Memphis. As Heather had planned, Steve was released from jail.

Once Steve's legal problems were behind him, Heather focused on her animosity toward Sam and her amorous feelings toward Luke. She believed she was helping Luke out when she took the deceased body of Tracy's husband Anthony Zacchara and decided to bury it. Heather assumed that Luke had been involved in Anthony's death but she figured that if there was no body, Luke would not be charged with a crime.

Heather buried Anthony's body on a stormy night and afterwards she ran into a man with a newborn baby boy. The man asked for Heather's help to save the baby but they were unable to do so. The man was Todd Manning and he had Tea Delgado's son with him. Sam also gave birth to a boy that same evening and Heather found Sam unconscious after she had tried to find help for her son. Heather saw an opportunity to punish Sam and she switched Sam's son with Téa's deceased child.

Afterwards, Heather moved forward with her plans to obtain a job and win Luke's heart. She decided she would like to be a gossip columnist for the newspaper after she learned that Todd had purchased the local paper. Todd balked at the idea of hiring Heather until she threatened to reveal his involvement in the baby switch. Once Heather had secured a job, she overheard a conversation between Luke and his daughter in which Luke admitted that he had feelings for Anna.

When Luke was alone, Heather confronted him about Anna and confessed that she had disposed of Anthony's body to ensure he would not be charged with murder. Heather expected Luke to be grateful but instead he announced that he had not killed Anthony and they should go to Anna, the newly appointed police commission, immediately. Heather was not pleased with Luke's response so she hit him over the head and knocked him unconscious. She took him to an abandoned cabin in the woods and tied him up. When Luke regained consciousness, she explained to him that he would be staying there until he fell in love with her.

While Heather had Luke tied up in the cabin, she was temporarily detained by the police after Olivia teamed up with Spinelli and they linked her to the disposal of Anthony's body. While she was held for questioning, she blackmailed Todd into caring for Luke in her absence. Heather was pleased when Steve stood by her and believed in her innocence. She was able to produce an alibi and released afterwards.

When Heather returned to Luke, she realized that the women in his life, mainly Lulu and Anna, suspected that he had not left town on his own free will so she hired a forger to write letters to Lulu and Anna from Luke which explained his disappearance. Despite the letters, Luke insisted that Anna would not stop searching for him. Heather told Luke that Anna would not be a problem for much longer since she planned to inject Anna with enough concentrated LSD to make her lose her sanity. Luke begged Heather to spare Anna and offered to take the LSD instead and then have sex with Heather.

Heather turned down Luke's offer and moved forward with her plan for Anna but she was intercepted by Olivia. She injected the LSD into Olivia instead after Olivia informed Heather that the police were onto her. Heather raced back to the cabin and discovered that it was on fire with Luke still trapped inside. Anna was already there and about to rescue Luke but Heather hit her over the head and briefly knocked her out. Heather told Luke they needed to flee immediately but Anna recovered and got to Luke.

Anna instructed the authorities to apprehend Heather but before they were able to handcuff her, she fired a gunshot at Anna. She shot Luke instead when he jumped in front of the bullet. Heather was taken into police custody and she called on Todd once again for assistance. While she waited for him to respond, Anna confronted Heather about the charges against her. Heather advised Anna to treat her well because she had information that pertained to Anna's presumed-deceased daughter Robin. Heather told Anna that Robin was still alive.

Heather's plan to win Anna's favor and avoid a return to Ferncliff was unsuccessful. She reached out to her son as a deadly toxin inflicted Port Charles but he refused to have any contact with her. Heather was wounded by Steve's rejection and escaped from Ferncliff with a plan to prove that she could be a good mother. She made her way to Llanview and reconnected with Téa, the woman that was raising Sam's son. Heather introduced herself as Susan Moore and offered to work as Téa's nanny. Once Heather had access to the child she kidnapped him.

While Heather was on the run with the baby she contacted Steve again and asked him to run away with her and the child. Steve did not respond in the way that Heather had hoped and she clobbered him over the head and took off again. The baby required medication so Heather sneaked into General Hospital with the child and planned to steal the medicine. While she was there, she ran in to Olivia in a stairwell and the women argued. Heather pushed Olivia down a flight of stairs and escaped onto the hospital rooftop with the baby. The baby's biological parents, Sam and Jason, confronted her there and demanded that she hand over their child. Heather refused and jumped off the roof of the building while holding the baby. Jason pulled the baby to safety but Heather fell to the ground. She sustained injuries from the fall and was hospitalized.

Heather briefly lapsed into a coma but emerged in the presence of Todd Manning. The two exchanged threats of blackmail until Heather changed her tactic and pretended to believe that she was Susan Moore. She was sent back to Ferncliff but she escaped and learned that Edward Quartermaine had passed away. Heather sneaked into the Quartermaine home and read Edward's Will. Before she could disappear, Skye found her. Heather held a knife to Skye's throat and planned to take her as a hostage until the Quartermaines' maid Alice intervened and hit Heather over the head with a baseball bat. Heather was taken back to Ferncliff but prided herself on the knowledge she had procured by reading Edward's will.

Heather received company in Ferncliff when Todd and Lucy Coe were placed there for psychiatric care. The three of them teamed up and made their escape from Ferncliff and took refuge at Wyndemere. Heather sneaked away and kidnapped Sam's son. She planned to leave Port Charles with the child but she was stopped by a man named Caleb Morley. They argued over the child and Caleb choked Heather and tossed her into the harbor. She was briefly presumed deceased.

When Heather resurfaced, she attacked Steve's fiancée Olivia with a knife. As the women struggled, Steve entered and tried to protect Olivia. During the struggle, Heather stabbed Steve in the stomach and grazed Olivia in the arm. As the paramedics arrived, Heather fled the scene and returned to Wyndemere. Caleb was also there with Sam and her child and Heather thought about taking off with the child. Instead, Heather decided to put Steve first and turned herself in.

Heather was assigned to the Miscavige maximum security psychiatric care facility. Before she was transported there, she and Todd shared a close moment. Todd helped her place a call to Steve and in return and she agreed to confess that she had switched the babies and orchestrated the escape from Ferncliff without Todd's help.

While Heather resided in Miscavige, she kept in touch with the very much alive Franco and delighted in his decision to return to Port Charles. She also received visitors at the institution when Sam's son was diagnosed with leukemia and required a bone marrow transplant. Although she was a distant relative, she made a deal to be tested as a donor in exchange for sandwiches from Kelly's. When the deal for sandwiches was not honored, Heather started to sneak out from the psychiatric care facility to visit Franco and dine off the menu at Kelly's. She declared herself to be Franco's biggest fan and supplied him with paintings that she had created upon his request. Heather also advised Franco against pursuing a relationship with Carly Jacks.

Unbeknownst to Heather, Franco planned to pass the artwork off as his own. When Heather learned of Franco's deceit, she showed up at the art show but tried to prevent Franco from revealing the truth about the paintings. Franco admitted that the artwork was created by Heather and the new district attorney, Scott Baldwin, threatened to charge both Heather and Franco with fraud. Heather prevented Scott from arresting Franco and announced that Franco was Scott's son and that she was his mother. She supplied a birth certificate and a DNA test which supported her claim and told Franco that she loved him.

Despite Heather's warning, Franco continued his dalliance with Carly and forced Heather's hand. She planned to stab Carly but Franco intercepted her. He stabbed his mother in the stomach with her own knife and buried Heather, unaware that she was still alive. She emerged from her presumed death and kidnapped Carly and planned to kill her after she had framed Franco for murder. She hid Carly at the Quartermaine boathouse until Luke happened upon them. Heather's accomplices, orderlies from Miscavige, sedated Luke and locked him up in the maximum security psychiatric care facility. Meanwhile Heather relocated Carly to the stables at Wyndemere and then the catacombs where she put the finishing touches on her plan.

As Heather waited for the right time to kill, she talked about the BLT from Kelly's and explained that their sandwich tasted almost identical to the ones her father used to make. Heather recalled happy memories from her childhood in which her father doted on her until he left Heather and her mother for another woman. Carly tried to use Heather's story as a connection between them and pointed out that she had been unwanted by her biological parents. Heather refused to see any similarities and remained faithful to her plan to slay her son's lover.

Franco was arrested for Carly's disappearance just as Heather had hoped but as she prepared to end Carly's life, Franco escaped police custody. He rescued Carly and charged Heather with a knife until she stopped him with a gunshot to the abdomen. As Franco battled for his life, he remained protective of Carly until the authorities arrived to take Heather away. While Franco's life hung in the balance, Heather hoped that her son would survive and insisted that Carly had driven her to the drastic measures she had taken.

Heather was taken back into psychiatric care but she received word that Franco had survived. Several months later, Franco paid her a visit and he admitted that she had been right about Carly. He promised that he would break Heather out and that they would work together to avenge the wrongs that Carly had done to him. However, Sonny's enforcer Shawn Butler broke Heather out of Ferncliff first. When Heather realized that Shawn was not acting on behalf of her son, she held both Shawn and Jordan Ashford captive. Heather shot Sonny's bodyguard Max as payback and she planned to deal with Carly next. However, Franco turned on her and locked her up with Shawn, Jordan, and Carly until the police arrived and she was taken to Shadybrook.

A few months later, Franco's friend Nina Clay arrived at Shadybrook and Heather befriended her. When Franco checked in on Nina, Heather informed her son that she would be enacting her revenge against him through Nina. She planned to inject Nina with LSD but Franco arrived in time to interrupt her plans.

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