General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 9, 2013 on GH

Scott and Lucy had a one-night stand. Carlos claimed to be Lily's brother. Franco stabbed Heather and then buried her. Dante and Lulu were told that their frozen embryos were missing.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 9, 2013 on GH
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Monday, December 9, 2013

Sabrina was stunned when she opened her apartment door and found Robin, who asked if Robin and Sabrina could talk. Once inside, Robin saw Sabrina's wedding dress and complimented it. Sabrina explained that the dress had belonged to her mother, who had passed away when Sabrina was very young.

Robin noted that Sabrina's story mirrored Emma's. Robin said that she understood why Sabrina had been so close to Emma. Robin said that one of the reasons that she was there was to thank Sabrina for taking such good care of Emma. Robin said that Emma loved Sabrina. Sabrina replied that she had never tried to take Robin's place with either Emma or Patrick. Robin said that she had heard from Emma how much Sabrina had done to keep Robin's memory alive.

Robin responded that Sabrina had not replaced Robin but had found her own place in Patrick and Emma's hearts. Robin said that she was very grateful to Sabrina for taking care of her family, which reminded Robin of the second reason for her visit. Robin asked for Sabrina's help in getting her family back. Sabrina said that the choice was up to Patrick, but Robin disagreed and told Sabrina that the choice was hers.

Robin said that she had seen the wedding, and she knew how much Patrick loved Sabrina; since they both knew Patrick, they both knew that Patrick would be reluctant to hurt either woman and would be unable to make a choice. Robin said that for two years, she had dreamed that her family was waiting. If not for that, she could not have survived.

Robin insisted that despite the fact that Patrick had done what she had asked on that DVD, Patrick would never have fallen in love with Sabrina if Patrick had thought that there was any possibility that Robin was alive. Robin asked Sabrina to make it easy on Patrick. Robin told Sabrina that Robin had given Patrick a push the previous day when she had sent him to Sabrina, and she was asking Sabrina to return the favor and push Patrick in Robin's direction.

Robin asked Sabrina to do the right thing for all of them and break up with Patrick. Sabrina noted ironically that she was conversing with Patrick's not-dead wife, who was asking Sabrina to break up with Sabrina's almost husband. Robin replied that the only things that had kept her alive during her captivity were thoughts of Emma, Patrick, and their family. Robin begged Sabrina to let them be a family again.

Shawn told Sonny that Carlos Rivera was not related to Sonny's late wife, Lily. Sonny and Shawn decided to take Carlos for a ride. Meanwhile, Patrick gave Carlos a punch in the face and warned him about taking advantage of Sabrina. Carlos taunted Patrick and told him that it would take bigger cojones than Patrick had. Patrick did not fear Carlos' mob connections and did not back down, but he did leave without getting into another brawl. As Carlos fondled a piece of Sabrina's left-behind lingerie, he gloated that he would be there for Sabrina to pick up the pieces.

Carlos' reverie made him careless, and he opened his door without checking first. When he saw Sonny and Shawn, Carlos tried to reach his gun, but Shawn stopped him. Sonny asked if it was a bad time, and then told Carlos that they were all going for a ride.

Maxie returned to her apartment just in time to hear Ellie say that they "couldn't do that to Maxie." After telling them that Robin was alive and learning that they already knew via Mac, Maxie wanted to know what Ellie and Spinelli had been talking about.

Reluctantly, they told her about Ellie's job offer, but both Ellie and Spinelli assured Maxie that they would never take her daughter away from her. Maxie surprised both Ellie and Spinelli when she encouraged Ellie to take the job and told Spinelli that it would be best for all of them if he took the baby and moved to Portland with Ellie.

Ellie and Spinelli protested, but Maxie was adamant that it was in the best interest of their child, and it would be easier for Maxie to obey the court order if Spinelli and the baby were thousands of miles away. Maxie added that she knew she was making the right choice because she felt good and knew inside that she was doing the right thing.

A.J. wanted to testify in his own defense, but Diane said that he was making a big mistake, and she would resign if A.J. testified. A.J. fired Diane. In the courtroom gallery, Michael and Kiki were stunned by A.J.'s decision, and Scotty chortled as A.J. took the stand and Diane walked out.

A.J. told his story, how he had been a failure his whole life and had always run away when he got in trouble. He said that he had returned to Port Charles, ready to be a better man and a better father. A.J. said that little by little, he had taken control of his life along with ELQ, but the best part had been bonding with his son, Michael. A.J. said his life had spiraled out of control, and he had lost ELQ when Connie had printed the article claiming that Kiki was not a Quartermaine.

A.J. said that he had blamed Connie and had started drinking to make the pain go away; he had eventually blacked out. A.J. said that he remembered nothing about the actual murder, but he did remember thinking about getting rid of Connie, and he had a vague recollection of taking the gun from the safe. A.J. also remembered entering Connie's office, but he swore that he absolutely did not remember killing her. A.J. said that he could only pray that he was not the kind of man who would kill a defenseless woman in cold blood. A.J. admitted ruefully that he just did not know.

Scott asked a few questions that A.J. answered truthfully with a yes or no. When the judge asked if A.J. would call anyone else, A.J. rested his case. When the judge asked for summations, A.J. passed and said that he had made his statement.

After Scott had his say, the jury went away to deliberate. Scott thanked A.J. for helping the state's case. Kiki and Michael comforted A.J., who said that Scott was probably right that A.J. had torpedoed his own case, but Michael told A.J. that he was proud of his father. Before Kiki and Michael could leave the courtroom, Scott stopped them and was practically crowing when he announced that the jury had reached a verdict.

Heather, with knife in hand, opened the door to the bathroom where Carly was taking a shower. Before Heather could enter, Franco stopped her, took the knife and held Heather by the throat. Heather was surprised to learn that Franco had caught on to Heather's phone call, a ruse meant to separate Franco from Carly. Franco called Heather a "miserable psychopath" and asked how Heather had escaped, since the guards that had taken her away the previous time had promised to plug the holes in security.

Heather acknowledged that those guards were the holes in security. Heather told Franco that he needed her because she was keeping him safe and watching over him. Heather said that she had watched him drop off his résumé and had watched Carly go to his room. Heather said that she was there to end the threat that was Carly. Franco reminded Heather that he had promised to end Heather if she did not leave Carly alone.

When Heather said that Franco would not do that to his own mother, Franco stabbed her in the stomach. Heather was surprised and asked how Franco could stab his own mother. Heather told Franco that she forgave him and would always love him. She lost consciousness and appeared dead. Franco immediately told the comatose Heather that he had warned her and then panicked when he realized that if Carly found out what he had done, she would have a good reason to think that he was a murdering psycho.

Franco wrapped Heather and the knife in a sheet and managed to get her body in a laundry cart. As he waited for an elevator, Diane saw him and wondered what he was doing. Franco told her that he was working as a housekeeper to earn his keep since his art show had flopped. Diane said that it was Heather's fault. Diane added that she was glad that Heather was locked up and had gotten what she deserved. Todd and the cart got in the elevator, and there was no room for Diane. Franco got a text message from Carly wishing him well on his job interview.

Sonny and Shawn took Carlos to the cemetery and explained that they were going to kill Carlos as a message for the Jeromes, because Sonny could not kill either Ava or Julian. Carlos, on his knees, was defiant and told them to do it. Sonny said not yet. Shawn stood Carlos up and put a shovel in Carlos' hands. Sonny joked to Carlos that he had to dig his own grave first.

Epiphany saw Patrick at General Hospital and told him that it looked like someone needed a hug. Patrick said that he was fine, but Epiphany disagreed. She knew that Patrick loved both Robin and Sabrina and that Patrick was committed to both women for different reasons. Epiphany sympathized and said that she wished she could tell him what to do. Epiphany reminded Patrick that it was only human for him to spare both women pain. Patrick said that Epiphany was right about one thing; Patrick did need a hug. They embraced.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

At the Quartermaine mansion, Monica entered the parlor as Tracy watched television and nibbled on crackers and pickle-relish. Monica scowled at the television then ordered Tracy to turn off the "drek" because Monica didn't want her migraine to return. Tracy muted the show, but then changed her mind when she noticed that there had been late-breaking news regarding A.J.'s trial. Tracy turned the volume back on in time to hear the newscaster announce that the jury had reached a verdict.

Meanwhile, Scott returned to the courtroom to inform A.J. that the jury had made a decision. Michael was surprised because the jury had adjourned minutes earlier to deliberate the case. Scott bragged that it didn't take long to make a decision with a "slam-dunk" case. A.J. swallowed nervously and then sat down.

Moments later, the judge returned to the courtroom. Monica slipped in just as the judge asked the jury if they had reached a verdict. The foreperson formally confirmed that they had, so Michael leaned forward to assure A.J. that he loved A.J.

A.J. braced himself as the judge asked the foreperson to read the verdict. "Not guilty," the woman replied.

Outraged, Scott accused the jury of making a mistake. The judge invited Scott to poll the jury, so Scott approached the jury box. The foreperson stood to reveal that she had voted not guilty. Furious, Scott began to berate the foreperson until the judge ordered Scott to sit down.

Monica, Michael, and Kiki congratulated a stunned A.J. A.J. admitted that he hadn't expected the verdict to be in his favor, so Michael reminded A.J. that Diane had insisted that there hadn't been any evidence against A.J. and that what little evidence the prosecution had, had been circumstantial. After the judge told A.J. that he was free to go, Scott reminded A.J. that not guilty was not the same as innocent, which meant that A.J. would have to spend the rest of his life with the knowledge that A.J. had killed Connie.

At the mansion, Tracy smiled when Luke entered the parlor and greeted her with a quick kiss. He admitted that he had passed Monica in the hallway, so he was curious why Monica had been riled up. Tracy made a snide remark about Monica's mercurial moods and then revealed that the jury had decided A.J.'s fate. "It's curtains for A.J.," Tracy said with glee.

Tracy insisted that her "deadbeat" nephew would be getting exactly what he deserved for killing her friend. Luke warned Tracy that A.J.'s conviction might have a negative impact on ELQ's stock, but Tracy didn't care because some things were more important than a stock portfolio. Luke coughed as he nearly choked on a cracker and then suggested that she not be too hasty.

Tracy was confident that Luke didn't care about her money as much as he pretended to because he was loyal to those he cared about, including her. To illustrate her point, she asked how Sean Donely fared. Luke revealed that Tiffany had assured him that Sean had shown an immediate improvement when Tiffany had injected Sean with the life-saving serum. Tracy wondered if there had been any sign of Jerry Jacks, so Luke shook his head. Tracy couldn't understand how Jerry could have walked away after falling from the Metro Court Restaurant's balcony.

Luke admitted that he suspected that Ava had helped Jerry because Luke had spotted Ava skulking in the alley where Jerry had landed. Tracy doubted that Ava would get involved with Jerry, but Luke pointed out that Jerry had had ties to organized crime and that Ava's brother was Julian Jerome. Luke conceded that he had never met Julian Jerome, but he had heard that Julian was bad news. Tracy could tell by the spark in Luke's eyes that Luke was intrigued, so she warned him to stay out of "it." Luke innocently asked what "it" was, so she clarified that she did not want Luke to get involved in whatever Jerry's connection was to Ava and Julian.

Luke tactfully changed the subject by suggesting that they focus on celebrating. Tracy pointed out that both of their families were going through difficult times. Luke agreed, but he assured Tracy that Lulu was a Spencer and would get through the pain of losing Connie. Luke poured them each a glass of champagne as he explained that his brush with death had given him a new appreciation for life, so he wanted to savor the good times.

Tracy agreed that she and Luke had reason to celebrate because both Luke and Sean had survived the polonium poisoning. She also anticipated A.J. going to jail where A.J. belonged. Tracy explained that all she had to do was to get Monica out of the house, so Tracy could have everything to herself.

Monica strolled into the parlor and smugly informed Tracy that the house belonged to Monica. Tracy decided not to argue with Monica because she knew that Monica was upset about A.J.'s conviction. Tracy's smile vanished when A.J., Michael, and Kiki walked in. "What the hell?" Tracy snarled as she glared at A.J. "You were saying?" Monica asked.

Michael explained that the jury had acquitted A.J. because there hadn't been any evidence that A.J. had shot Connie. Tracy argued that they all knew that A.J. had murdered her friend in a drunken rage because A.J. had wanted to blame someone for his failures. According to Tracy, A.J. didn't have the character or integrity to admit what he had done and face the consequences. Michael pointed out that there had been reasonable doubt of A.J.'s guilt.

Luke admitted that he would be furious if he had gone to jail for saving a child from a psychopath while a man had gone free for shooting a defenseless woman. Tracy insisted that Connie had deserved better and that the justice system had failed her friend.

After Tracy and Luke left, Monica advised A.J. not to listen to Tracy because Tracy was a "poisonous shrew." Monica wanted to celebrate A.J.'s freedom, so she suggested that they have Cook II prepare all of A.J.'s favorite foods. Michael and Kiki decided to go to the kitchen to get things started.

In the hallway, Kiki stopped to ask if Michael was okay. Michael recognized that not everyone would be happy for A.J., especially Sonny.

Meanwhile, A.J. sat alone in the parlor, so he turned on the television to watch a reporter interview the jury's foreperson about the verdict. The woman admitted that most of the jurors had been certain that A.J. had killed Connie, but there hadn't been sufficient evidence to convict A.J. A.J. turned off the television, looked to make certain that the coast was clear, and then drank a glass of champagne that Luke had left on the coffee table.

At the cemetery, Carlos panicked when he realized that Sonny intended to shoot him. Sonny assured Carlos that Carlos wouldn't die "yet" and then handed Carlos a shovel with instructions to start digging. Sonny explained that he intended to send Julian a message because Sonny planned to end what Julian had started. Carlos balked at digging his own grave, but Shawn made it clear that Carlos didn't have a choice.

Later, Sonny ordered Carlos to stop digging. Carlos pleaded for his life, but Sonny was unmoved and admitted that he had delayed Carlos' execution long enough because of Carlos' last name. Carlos was puzzled by the remark, so Sonny explained that he had to make certain that Carlos hadn't been related to Sonny's late wife. Sonny ordered Shawn to finish things, so Shawn raised the gun and prepared to shoot Carlos.

Carlos begged Sonny to spare his life. Disgusted, Sonny suggested that Carlos "man-up" and accept his fate, but Carlos explained that Sonny had been wrong; Carlos was Lily's brother. Sonny didn't believe Carlos because Sonny knew that Lily had been an only child. Carlos admitted that his mother had been Hernando Rivera's mistress and that Hernando had given his last name to Carlos because Hernando hadn't had any legitimate sons.

According to Carlos, Carlos' mother hadn't wanted Carlos to follow in Hernando's footsteps, so she had gone into hiding with Carlos. Shawn accused Carlos of lying, but Carlos assured Sonny that it was true. Carlos revealed that his sister had known about Carlos and had respected Carlos' mother's wishes, so Lily had kept quiet about her brother.

Carlos accused Sonny of being the reason that Lily and her unborn child had been killed. "You're really going to kill her only brother now?" Carlos asked. Shawn insisted that Carlos was lying, so Sonny demanded to know why Lily hadn't confided to Sonny about Carlos. Carlos pointed out that it would have been too dangerous because Sonny had been poised to take over Hernando's criminal organization.

Sonny suddenly jumped into the grave with Carlos and shoved Carlos to the edge. Sonny agreed to stash Carlos in a safe place until Sonny ferreted out the truth. However, Sonny made it clear that he would kill Carlos himself if he found out that Carlos had lied.

After Shawn took Carlos away, Sonny's phone rang. It was Michael. Michael revealed that A.J. had been acquitted of Connie's murder. Sonny was stunned, so Michael explained that there hadn't been sufficient evidence to convict A.J. Michael then quietly admitted that he hoped that Sonny wouldn't take the law into his own hands. Sonny didn't make Michael any promises, but he told Michael that he loved him.

After Sonny ended the call, he looked down at Lily's headstone. Sonny promised Lily that he would not kill Carlos if Carlos were revealed to be Lily's brother.

In Metro Court's parking garage, Franco pushed the laundry cart that contained Heather's body towards his car. He thought about the moments before he had plunged the knife into his mother, but returned to the present when Lucy called out to him. Lucy explained that she wanted to talk to Franco about Heather, but Franco insisted that he didn't have time.

Lucy assured Franco that she wasn't one to meddle in other people's business, but she thought that he needed to know that Heather was "certifiably dangerous." Lucy advised Franco to cut Heather out of his life for good. Franco appreciated Lucy's concern, but he assured her that she need not worry about him. Franco started to leave, but Lucy insisted that they discuss Scott.

Lucy asked Franco to give Scott a chance, but Franco explained that Scott wasn't interested in having a relationship with Franco because Scott was concerned that it would tarnish Scott's political career. Lucy was surprised and decided to have a talk with Scott. Franco assured her that it wasn't necessary, but Lucy was undeterred.

After Lucy left, Franco pushed the laundry bin to his car and then transferred Heather's body into the trunk. Franco explained that Heather had forced him to kill her because she had refused to stay away from Carly. Franco admitted that there wasn't anything that he wouldn't do to keep Carly safe.

A short time later, Franco entered the cemetery and was surprised when he spotted an open grave. He whispered his thanks as he dragged Heather's body, which had been wrapped in a sheet, to the edge of the grave and then rolled her into it. Next, he dropped the knife into the grave with his mother and then picked up the discarded shovel to cover her body with dirt.

In Scott's suite, Scott poured himself a drink and then toasted to the "twelve blind idiots" who had failed to convict A.J. He quickly set the drink down when he heard a knock at the door. After adjusting his tie, he opened the door and saw Lucy standing on his doorstep. Lucy marched into Scott's suite and immediately began to lecture him about throwing Franco to the "curb." Lucy was furious that Scott would choose his political career over his own son.

Lucy insisted that Franco's tumor had driven Franco to do horrible things, but Scott argued that Franco's attitude hadn't changed. Lucy was curious if Scott had ever considered that things might have been different for Franco if Franco had had a father around to spot the warning signs of the psychosis caused by the brain tumor. Scott scoffed at the suggestion, prompting Lucy to remind Scott that Franco was the only son that Scott had and that Franco had been reduced to working a menial job because Franco had lost everything.

Scott explained that he had bigger problems than Franco because Scott had lost the case against A.J. Scott added that his political career had been neutered and his wife was gone, so he had nothing left except Lucy. Lucy smiled, but Scott tensed and suggested that she go home. Lucy admitted that she had moved out because she had been sleeping on the sofa for weeks. Surprised, Scott smiled and then kissed Lucy. Passion quickly flared between Scott and Lucy as they fell to the bed and made love.

In Julian's suite, Julian was startled when he saw his sister sitting in a dark corner, waiting for him. He demanded to know how she had gotten in, so she reminded him that she had her ways. Ava explained that she was there because she was concerned about Carlos, who had dropped out of sight. Julian reminded Ava that Carlos' ex-girlfriend had gotten married the previous day, so perhaps Carlos had gone somewhere to lick his wounds or to have someone "lick his wounds for him." Ava hoped that Julian was right.

Julian pointed out that Carlos was a big boy who was perfectly capable to taking care of himself. "Then why can't I shake this bad feeling?" Ava asked. Julian ignored the remark and shifted gears by broaching the subject of Sam. Julian told Ava about his encounter with Sam the previous evening and Sam's remark about someone named Lucas. Ava wondered who Lucas was, so Julian admitted that he wanted to know the same thing.

Julian was curious if Ava had another sibling that he didn't know about, but Ava assured Julian that her mother, Delia, had lost interest in their father after Ava's birth. Julian explained that he had checked, but Sam wasn't related to anyone named Lucas. Ava suggested that Julian had read too much into what Sam had said, but Julian insisted that he had a strong feeling that Lucas was important to him in some way.

Ava admitted that the only Lucas she knew was Lucas Lorenzo Spencer. Julian doubted that Sam had been referring to Luke, so Ava advised Julian to ask Sam. Julian doubted that his daughter wouldn't cooperate, so he needed to find the answer himself.

In Franco's suite, Carly made sure that everything was in place for an elegant celebratory dinner that she had arranged for Franco. After she dismissed the bellman, Carly checked her phone, but there hadn't been any word from Franco.

Moments later, someone knocked on the door. Carly tensed, but then reminded herself that it didn't matter if anyone learned about her relationship with Franco. She immediately relaxed when she spotted Franco's keycard on the table, so she ran to the door, expecting to see Franco. Her smile disappeared when Sam greeted her and then entered the suite to explain that she needed to talk to Carly about Julian.

Carly explained that she was busy, but Sam insisted that it was important. Sam admitted that she had had an encounter with her father and had inadvertently mentioned their brother's name in the heat of the moment. Carly was livid and demanded to know what exactly Sam had said. Sam told Carly about the exchange, but reiterated that she hadn't meant to say anything about Lucas.

Annoyed, Carly told Sam about Bobbie's reaction to the news that Julian was alive. Carly revealed that her mother had been terrified that Julian would find out about Lucas. Sam apologized and assured Carly that Julian didn't know much. However, Sam conceded that Julian had learned enough to make him curious.

Sam promised that she would do whatever Bobbie, Lucas, and Carly wanted her to do, but Carly assured Sam that Sam had done enough. Sam was curious how Lucas had taken the news about Julian, so Carly admitted that she doubted that Bobbie had called to tell Lucas. Sam wondered what Lucas' reaction had been to learning that Sam was his sister.

"I'm his sister," Carly barked with irritation and then suggested that Sam leave. Sam resented Carly's attitude, but then suddenly noticed Carly's cocktail dress and the romantic dinner for two. Suspicious, Sam asked whose suite they were in. Carly insisted that it was none of Sam's business, but Sam guessed that it was Franco's suite.

Sam was stunned when Carly admitted that she was dating Franco. Sam immediately expressed her concerns, but Carly didn't want to argue with Sam. Sam insisted that Jason wouldn't approve of Carly becoming involved with Franco, but Carly argued that Franco was a changed man. Carly appreciated that Sam didn't approve of Carly's decision, but Carly's mind was made up. Sam feared that Carly had made a poor choice.

After Sam left, Carly called Franco. She was relieved when he answered the phone, so she asked him why he was so late. Franco claimed that the job interview had gone longer than he had expected. Carly believed him, so she told him that she had a surprise waiting for him in his suite. Franco turned to leave as he promised Carly that he would be right there.

After Franco left the cemetery, the dirt above Heather's grave began to shift as Heather's hand slowly pushed to the surface.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

In Metro Court's parking garage, Duke bumped into Kevin. Kevin was curious if Duke had seen Lucy, so Duke admitted that he hadn't. Concerned, Duke wondered if everything was okay. "Far from it," Kevin replied as he pressed the button for the elevator. Duke reminded Kevin that Lucy had been working closely with Scott, so he suggested that Kevin check with Scott. Kevin appreciated the advice and entered the elevator with the intention of paying Scott a visit.

Meanwhile, Anna had a clandestine meeting with Robert in another area of the parking garage to discuss Faison. Robert assured Anna that no one would ever find Faison or learn what they had done to the diabolical criminal. Anna warned Robert that no one could ever discover their secret because the consequences would not only affect them, but also their daughter and Robin's family. Robert wondered if Anna could be wound any tighter, so Anna reminded Robert that there would be questions because Faison had last been seen in their custody.

Robert conceded that Anna had a point, so he suggested that they practice their poker faces. Anna assured Robert that she intended to take their secret to the grave.

Moments later, Duke rounded the corner. Anna's expression clouded with guilt, but Duke was too focused on Robert to notice. Duke confronted Robert about helping Julian Jerome escape prosecution for the things that Julian had done to Duke and Anna. Robert explained that he hadn't been given a choice in the matter because the World Security Bureau had been in charge, but Duke insisted that Robert had owed Anna the truth. Robert argued that he had protected Anna by not telling her that Julian was alive because Robert had known that Anna would have hunted Julian down.

Duke pointed out that Robert's secret hadn't done anyone any good. "Secrets rarely do," Duke added. Robert refused to apologize for how he had handled the situation with Julian and then suggested that Duke take some responsibility for the years that Duke had been imprisoned because Duke had made the choice to work for Julian. Anna immediately defended Duke by making it clear that Duke had distanced himself from organized crime a long time before.

Duke suddenly recalled Sonny's job offer to help Sonny neutralize Julian, but he didn't share the news with Robert and Anna. According to Duke, Julian was best left for the police to handle. Duke added that Anna would be able to focus on taking Julian down because Faison and Obrecht had been captured. Robert assured Duke that they would not be hearing from Faison again.

In Scott's hotel suite, Lucy woke up when the alarm clock beeped, so she slapped it until it stopped blaring and then told "Doc" that it was time to wake up. Reality intruded when she snuggled up to the man next to her and noticed that he was hairier than her husband. Scott greeted Lucy with a smile. Horrified, Lucy jumped out of the bed, certain that she was caught in a nightmare.

Lucy refused to believe that anything had happened between her and Scott, but Scott gloated that something had happened "several times." Lucy desperately tried to deny that she and Scott had had sex, but her memories told her otherwise. Scott urged Lucy to calm down, but she couldn't because she had cheated on her husband. Scott pointed out that Lucy's marriage to Kevin was over, but Lucy clarified that she wasn't legally separated from her husband, much less divorced, which made her an adulteress.

Scott reminded Lucy that Kevin had disappeared for weeks on end and had continually ignored her. He questioned what kind of husband neglected his wife's basic needs. Lucy argued that Kevin was the kind of husband who had married a woman who had been a proven cheater. Scott argued that Lucy had had good reason to kick Kevin to the curb, so she was better off without her husband. Lucy objected to Scott talking trash about Kevin, but Scott insisted that Lucy could do better than Kevin.

Lucy was curious who Scott had in mind. "Me," Scott replied. Lucy insisted that she and Scott had merely had a one-night stand, but Scott wondered why they couldn't have more. He reminded her that they had once had something good, but Lucy insisted that it had been a fling. Scott argued that they had also been married, but Lucy countered that their marriage hadn't been their finest hour.

Lucy realized the direction of their conversation, so she asked if Scott were suggesting that they get married again. Scott quickly assured her that he wasn't ready to head down the aisle, but he wanted her to be his "gal." He pointed out that he knew a lot about Lucy, and he liked what he knew. Lucy reminded Scott of Laura, so Scott explained that he had made the mistake of trying to recapture the past with Laura, but that past had been long gone.

Scott insisted that Lucy was the one who had always been by his side and that she was the one he could always turn to. Lucy admitted that she had always depended on Scott, too, so Scott suggested that they were partners in crime. Lucy appeared to soften, so Scott seized the moment and kissed her, but their lips had barely touched when Kevin began to pound on the door, demanding to talk to Scott.

Lucy shrieked as she jumped up in a panic. She was certain that Kevin knew that she had slept with Scott, so Scott suggested that they face Kevin together. Lucy refused to hurt Kevin by having him find her in Scott's suite, so she quickly collected her things and then dashed into the next room with instructions for Scott to get rid of Kevin.

After Lucy disappeared around the corner, Scott opened the door. Kevin explained that he was looking for Lucy, so Scott covered for Lucy by claiming that he hadn't seen her. Kevin revealed that Lucy had walked out on their marriage, but Kevin refused to give up on Lucy.

Kevin conceded that he hadn't been available to his wife because he had put his marriage on the backburner to focus on his practice. Scott suggested that perhaps Kevin and Lucy's marriage had reached the end of the road, but Kevin disagreed and insisted that he loved Lucy. Lucy listened as Kevin sang Lucy's praises and then admitted that she was everything to Kevin. Kevin asked Scott to let Lucy know that Kevin loved her and had been looking for her.

After Kevin left, Lucy got dressed. Scott suggested that he and Lucy grab a bite to eat, but Lucy was determined to find Kevin, so she could make a full confession to her husband about sleeping with Scott.

In Franco's hotel suite, Franco had a nightmare about dumping Heather's body into a grave and burying his mother. He woke up with a start, which startled Carly awake. Alarmed, Carly asked if Franco was okay. He tried to dismiss the dream as nothing, but Carly claimed that she knew what was really going on. She tried to talk to Franco about it, but Franco jumped out of bed on the pretense of starting the day.

Carly followed Franco into the living room to talk about the nightmare. She reminded him that it had happened before when she had spent the night with him following the fiasco at the art show when he had learned that Heather and Scott were his parents. Carly assumed that Franco had had another nightmare about her leaving him, so she promised Franco that she didn't intend to go anywhere.

Franco appreciated Carly's assurance, but he confessed that his nightmare hadn't been about her leaving him. Carly frowned, so Franco explained that the nightmare had been about what he had done the previous evening. Franco pushed the images of his mother's burial out of his mind as he carefully explained that he had lied about his job interview. Franco claimed that it hadn't gone well, so he wouldn't be offered a job at Port Charles University.

Carly was disappointed that Franco had lied, but not that he hadn't been hired, so Franco claimed that he had no idea why they had called him for an interview given his criminal background. Carly quickly reminded Franco that his brain tumor had been the killer, not Franco. She suggested that he forget about the job at PCU and go to work for her by giving the lobby a makeover. Franco pointed out that she had made it clear that he had lost his talent, but Carly countered that she had liked his artwork far more than Heather's.

At the hospital, Kevin decided to lighten his workload, so he called a colleague to discuss his plans. Franco appeared behind Kevin, snatched the cell phone out of Kevin's hand, and then ended the call. Kevin was not amused, but Franco explained that he needed Kevin's help.

Meanwhile, Carly called someone to ask for their help.

At Wyndemere, Britt ignored her breakfast as she stared longingly at the doorway. Nikolas assured her that Lesley would arrive soon with Spencer and Ben, so he urged Britt to eat something. Britt jumped up when she heard a door slam shut, but the butler entered the room instead of Lesley and the boys. The butler held a large package that had been addressed to P.K. Sinclair. Nikolas wondered who P.K. Sinclair was, so Britt revealed that it was an alias that her father had used.

Nikolas ordered the butler to return the package to the sender, but the butler revealed that he had already signed for it. Nikolas took the package from the butler and then dismissed the man. Britt objected when Nikolas started to tear open the package, but Nikolas assured her it was safe. He pointed out that Cesar knew that Ben lived at Wyndemere, so Cesar would never risk harming his own heir.

Nikolas tore off the paper from the package and stared at the abstract painting in confusion. He read the back of the painting, which noted that the painting was called "Egg Salad" and had been painted by Heather Webber. Nikolas admitted that he couldn't see why the painting had been called egg salad, so Britt turned the painting around until Nikolas saw that it was actually a painting of an egg salad sandwich.

Britt was curious if Heather Webber was related to Elizabeth. Elizabeth suddenly appeared in the doorway as Spencer ran to hug his father. Britt smiled when she saw Ben in Elizabeth's arms, so Elizabeth handed the baby to Britt and explained that Heather had once been married to Elizabeth's father, Jeff Webber. Nikolas greeted Elizabeth and then asked why Lesley hadn't dropped off the boys. Elizabeth revealed that Lesley had had plans to have breakfast with Monica, so Elizabeth had volunteered to take the children to Wyndemere.

Nikolas was surprised that his grandmother was spending time with Monica because he knew that Lesley and Monica had never been on good terms. Elizabeth assured Nikolas that nothing had changed; Lesley "totally hated" Monica because Monica had once blackmailed Lesley and then had stolen Lesley's husband. Nikolas was curious why Lesley and Monica were suddenly chummy, so Elizabeth gave Nikolas a knowing look as she replied that some people would swallow anything.

Nikolas looked away in embarrassment because he realized that Elizabeth had been referring to his friendship with Britt. Britt covered the awkward silence by thanking Elizabeth for dropping off Ben and then left to get the baby settled in. Spencer scampered off, so Elizabeth asked Nikolas why Britt was still there. Elizabeth realized that Nikolas had felt obligated to help Britt when Britt had been pregnant and homeless, but she pointed out that Britt's baby had been born and Britt's "maniac" parents had been captured.

Nikolas reminded Elizabeth that Wyndemere was his home, so he could invite anyone he wanted to stay. Elizabeth was surprised that Nikolas would allow Spencer to be around a woman who had terrorized Emma.

Meanwhile, Britt lurked in the hallway and eavesdropped on Nikolas' conversation with Elizabeth. Nikolas conceded that Britt had done some terrible things and that she had her faults, but he had gotten to know Britt beyond that and had grown to like her. Nikolas refused to write Britt off simply because his close friend, Elizabeth, didn't approve. He reminded Elizabeth that they had both done things, even with each other, that they had regretted.

Britt smiled when Elizabeth questioned Nikolas about his relationship with Britt and he admitted that he and Britt were a couple. Elizabeth warned Nikolas that he was making a big mistake because Britt would hurt him. Nikolas recalled a time when people had said the same about Elizabeth, but they had been wrong. Elizabeth hated to admit that she and Britt might not be all that different, but she realized that perhaps that was why her instincts about Britt were so strong. She explained that she didn't think that Britt was ready to change.

Britt appeared in the doorway as Elizabeth turned to leave. Britt stared at Nikolas as Elizabeth breezed past her. Nikolas hoped that Britt hadn't been hurt by what she had overheard, but Britt assured him that all that mattered was that he had told Elizabeth that he and Britt were a couple. Nikolas assured Britt that he had defended her because he thought that she was worth defending. Britt smiled and then kissed him.

In Anna's suite, Robin and Emma were curled up on the sofa. Robin promised her daughter that they would go home soon. Emma wondered what would happen to Sabrina, but a knock on the door spared Robin from having to answer the awkward question.

Emma was delighted when she saw her father standing on the doorstep. Patrick greeted Emma with a big hug and then smiled at Robin. Emma wanted to know if Patrick had missed them, so he assured his daughter that he had. After Patrick sent Emma to the bathroom to brush her teeth, Robin asked Patrick if he was there to take them home. Patrick admitted that he was still trying to figure things out. Surprised, Robin wondered if he had talked to Sabrina.

Patrick revealed that he had seen Sabrina the previous morning, so Robin confessed that she had hoped that Patrick and Sabrina had made a decision about where they stood with each other. Patrick wished that they could go back to the way that things had been, but he couldn't pretend that nothing had happened because things were too complicated. "Not for me," Robin replied.

Robin immediately apologized because she knew that she hadn't been fair to Patrick. Patrick knew that Robin was eager to have her family back. "It's our family," Robin reminded him. Patrick explained that he, along with everyone else, had believed that she had died in the explosion, so he had struggled to get past the tragedy. Patrick tearfully revealed that he had thought about Robin constantly and had held onto the plane tickets that he had given to her on her birthday.

Surprised, Robin wondered why he hadn't thrown the tickets out, so he confessed that he had hoped and prayed that Robin would return one day. Robin smiled softly as she pointed out that she had. Patrick explained that he had watched Robin's video countless times simply to hear her voice, but eventually he had been forced to move on with his life. "Right before I came home," Robin quietly realized.

Moments later, Emma returned and asked if she and her mommy would be going home with Patrick. Robin explained that they weren't ready, but she assured Emma that Patrick was there to spend quality time with Emma before school. Robin gave her daughter a quick kiss and then left.

After Robin left, Emma confessed that she was confused about why Patrick couldn't take her and her mother home. Patrick admitted that he and Robin needed some time to get to know each other again, but Emma argued that her mother hadn't changed. Emma wondered if Patrick wanted to be with them, so Patrick quickly assured her that he did. "Then what are you waiting for?" Emma asked.

Patrick confessed that it was complicated, but it had to do with Sabrina. He revealed that he didn't want to hurt Sabrina or Robin, but Emma became even more confused because she couldn't understand why they couldn't all live together as a family. Patrick explained that he could only have one wife, but he promised Emma that he and Emma would always be a family. Emma wanted to know if they would be a family with her mother or Sabrina.

Patrick helped Emma with her coat as she wondered if he would have an answer by Christmas. She was concerned that Santa might not find her if they didn't hang their stockings, but Patrick promised Emma that Santa would always find her. However, he assured his daughter that he would have everything figured out by then. Emma wanted him to pinkie-promise, so he agreed.

At the hospital, Sabrina told Felix about what had transpired at Carlos' apartment when Patrick had arrived. Felix smiled with delight, but Sabrina assured him that things had not been as fabulous as Felix seemed to think. Felix suggested that Patrick might fall to his knees and declare that Sabrina was the only woman he loved.

Sabrina assured Felix that it would not happen because she intended to break things off with Patrick. Stunned, Felix demanded to know why. Sabrina explained that as bad as things were for her, they were worse for Patrick. "How do you figure?" Felix asked. Sabrina reminded Felix that Robin was Patrick's wife and Emma's mother and that the only thing keeping them apart was an accident of fate.

Felix explained that fate had nothing to do with it; Robin had been kidnapped by a bunch of "psychos." Sabrina thought that it was all the more reason for Sabrina to step aside. Felix wondered who had put that idea into Sabrina's head, so she confided that Robin had paid Sabrina a visit. Felix was curious how that conversation had gone and then snidely wondered if Robin had thanked Sabrina for keeping Robin's side of the bed warm before ordering Sabrina to "take a hike."

Sabrina accused Felix of being unfair because Robin had only said what Sabrina had been thinking. Sabrina revealed the details of her conversation with Robin and then confessed that she would have felt the same way if she had been in Robin's shoes. Sabrina didn't see any reason to put off the inevitable, so she intended to find Patrick and end things with him. "Over my dead body," Felix replied.

Felix resented Sabrina "hopping on the cross" and asking for nails. He conceded that Robin had been through more trials than Job, but he objected to Sabrina sacrificing her own happiness for Robin. Felix insisted that Patrick loved Sabrina and had been happy with her, but Sabrina argued that things had changed when Robin had returned.

Felix suggested that if things had been as clear for Patrick as they had been for Sabrina then Patrick would have ended things with Sabrina and returned to his wife. Felix pointed out that Patrick hadn't done that, so Sabrina shouldn't assume that she was less worthy of Patrick's love than Robin. Felix insisted that Patrick was his own man who could make his own decisions about his life, so Sabrina shouldn't allow Robin to push Sabrina around.

According to Felix, Robin wasn't Sabrina's boss. "Neither are you," Sabrina replied with a soft smile. Felix assured Sabrina that she was free to believe that if it made her feel better, but he urged her not to allow Robin to cajole her into doing something that she didn't want to do.

Moments later, Robin exited the elevator and spotted Sabrina. Sabrina and Robin went to an unoccupied examination room to talk privately. Robin apologized for tracking Sabrina down, but Robin wanted to make certain that they were both on the same page about Sabrina breaking things off with Patrick. Robin explained that Patrick was at Metro Court, so she was certain that Epiphany could give Sabrina some time off.

Sabrina admitted that she had had a change of heart about ending things with Patrick. Sabrina appreciated that Patrick and Robin loved each other, but Sabrina reminded Robin that Patrick also loved Sabrina. Robin wondered if Sabrina thought that Robin should step aside. Sabrina quickly clarified that it should be Patrick's choice, not theirs.

Robin confessed that she already knew who Patrick would choose, so she was certain that things would end badly for Sabrina. "I guess we'll see," Sabrina quietly replied. Robin urged Sabrina to reconsider because Robin genuinely didn't want to see Sabrina hurt more than she had been.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

At the penthouse, Spinelli was playing with his daughter on the sofa when Sam entered the living room. Sam smiled and noted that Spinelli's daughter appeared to be settling in. Spinelli agreed, but he suspected that the baby also missed Dante and Lulu. Spinelli noticed the box that Sam had been carrying, so Sam explained that she had cleared out the office because she thought that Spinelli would like to use the room as a nursery for his daughter.

Spinelli admitted that he might not need the nursery because Ellie had been offered a job in Portland, Oregon. Sam was surprised when Spinelli revealed that he was considering moving with Ellie. Sam warned Spinelli that Maxie would "freak," but Spinelli explained that Maxie had encouraged the move because Maxie had been afraid that she wouldn't be able to stay away from the baby if Spinelli and the baby remained in town.

Spinelli confided that Maxie had tried to see the baby, but Spinelli had been forced to turn Maxie away because of the court order. Sam confessed that she would advise Spinelli against leaving town. Spinelli smiled because Sam and Jason had been the first people to make him feel as if he truly belonged, so they had become his family. Sam conceded that Ellie seemed perfect for Spinelli, but she wondered if Spinelli could picture himself raising a family in Portland. He admitted that he could, but he was reluctant to leave his Port Charles family behind.

At Maxie's apartment, Maxie was looking at the photograph of her daughter when someone knocked on the door. Maxie opened the door and smiled with joy when she saw Robin standing on her doorstep. She hugged Robin and admitted that she still had difficulty believing that Robin was truly alive. Robin smiled and then asked Maxie how Maxie was doing. Robin was concerned that Maxie might still have thoughts of hurting herself, but Maxie assured Robin that things were better because she had Robin back.

Robin promised Maxie that Maxie would get through being separated from the baby and then pointed out that the baby was only across town. Maxie told Robin about Spinelli's girlfriend, Ellie, and Ellie's job opportunity in Portland. Robin hoped that Maxie had made it clear that Spinelli couldn't move across the country with the baby. Maxie explained that she had urged Spinelli to move with Ellie to Portland because it would be too difficult for Maxie to stay away from the baby.

Robin wondered if Maxie was prepared to live with that decision. Maxie revealed that the judge had been furious with Maxie, so it was unlikely that he would grant Maxie visitation with the baby. Robin thought that Maxie showed incredible strength by letting her daughter go, so Spinelli wouldn't lose custody of the baby if Maxie violated the court order. Maxie reminded Robin that they had both promised each other that they would survive, so that was what Maxie intended to do.

Maxie shifted gears to ask how things were between Robin and Patrick. Robin confessed that she had done something really stupid by asking Sabrina to let Patrick go. Maxie thought that it was understandable, but Robin argued that Robin didn't have the right to think that she was more important than Sabrina. Maxie disagreed because Robin was Patrick's wife and Emma's mother. Robin countered that it had been two years since Robin, Patrick, and Emma had been a family, so Patrick might decide that he wanted to be with Sabrina. Maxie disagreed because Patrick loved Robin and always had.

Maxie and Robin's conversation then drifted to Maxie's daughter, so Maxie showed Robin a picture of the baby. Robin was surprised by the baby's uncanny resemblance to Maxie's sister, Georgie. Maxie admitted that she had thought the same thing. Moments later, a knock at the door interrupted them. Maxie decided to fetch a tissue, so she asked Robin to answer the door.

Robin smiled brightly when she opened the door and saw Spinelli. They exchanged warm greetings as Spinelli entered the apartment. Spinelli welcomed Robin home and admitted that it was amazing to see her. Robin congratulated Spinelli on the birth of his daughter and then added that she knew about Ellie's job opportunity in Portland.

Maxie returned in time to overhear the exchange, so she asked if Spinelli had made a decision. Spinelli admitted that he had doubts about moving, so Maxie assured him that she thought that it would be best for everyone if he went with Ellie to Portland. Spinelli relented and agreed to move.

At Volonino's gym, Dante was pounding a punching bag when Sonny walked in. Sonny greeted his son and then remarked that Dante appeared to have a lot on his mind. Dante admitted that he was worried about losing his wife, Lulu.

Sonny realized that things hadn't been easy for Dante and Lulu since they had lost custody of Connie, so Dante revealed that his marriage was in crisis. Dante explained that he had hoped that he and Lulu would get through the heartbreak together, but Lulu refused to look at Dante or talk to him. Sonny urged Dante to keep trying to get through to Lulu, but Dante admitted that Lulu blamed Dante for the judge's decision to grant custody of the baby to Spinelli.

Dante explained that Lulu was upset because he hadn't backed up Lulu's lie on the witness stand, even though Dante had once committed perjury to protect Sonny. Dante realized that he should have backed up Lulu's lie at all costs, but Dante knew what it was like to live with the knowledge of committing perjury, so he had hoped to spare Lulu of the guilt.

Sonny confessed that he hadn't held out much hope that Dante and Lulu would retain custody of Connie, so Dante admitted that he had known that they would lose Connie. However, Lulu couldn't accept that, so she refused to let Dante help her. Dante explained that he had been going through a difficult time himself because he missed his daughter and ached for her.

Dante confided that the loss of his daughter had left an emptiness in him that Dante couldn't fill, but he had been forced to deal with it alone because Lulu refused to talk to him. Sonny assured his son that Dante could lean on him. Dante appreciated his father's support and admitted that it had felt good to talk to Sonny. Sonny urged Dante to find a way to take action and jumpstart things with Lulu, but Dante had no idea what to do. Sonny was confident that Dante would figure things out.

At the loft, Lulu's eyes were filled with tears as she packed up Connie's clothes and toys. A knock on the door interrupted her sad task. Lulu wiped away a stray tear and then opened the door. Carly smiled and announced that she needed Lulu's help. "With what?" Lulu asked. "Franco," Carly answered as she entered the loft.

Lulu realized that Carly hadn't heard about the judge's decision to grant custody of Connie to Spinelli, so she filled her cousin in. Carly immediately apologized for being so wrapped up in her own life rather than being there for Lulu during such a difficult time.

Lulu resumed the packing, so Carly helped her cousin. Carly was curious if Lulu could visit the baby, but Lulu pointed out that Connie was no longer her daughter. Carly imagined that the custody hearing had been brutal, so Lulu filled her in on the ugly highlights that had led the judge to decide that neither Maxie nor Lulu were fit to raise the baby. Carly conceded that Spinelli was a nice guy, but she couldn't understand why the judge had given Spinelli custody of the baby.

Lulu confessed that she had panicked when she had learned about Maxie and Spinelli's petition for custody, so she had fleetingly considered running away with the baby. Lulu added that she had mentioned it to Maxie, so Carly realized that Diane had likely used the information to paint Lulu in a bad light. Lulu admitted that she had lied on the witness stand about it, but Dante had told the truth.

Lulu was surprised that her cousin wasn't laughing at Lulu because Lulu had been both smug and self-righteous in defending Dante's decision to tell the truth to the judge about Michael's role in Claudia's death. Lulu hadn't appreciated at the time what it was like for a parent to fight to for their child, so Lulu regretted that she hadn't shown Carly more understanding when Carly had lied on the witness stand to protect Michael.

Carly knew that losing a child was the worst pain a person could feel, so she recognized that Lulu wanted to lash out at someone. However, Carly was certain that Dante was hurting too. Lulu tearfully explained that she missed holding and loving her daughter, so she didn't know what to do without Connie because it felt as if a piece of her heart had vanished.

Carly hugged her cousin and promised that Lulu would get through it, but Lulu needed Dante's help. Lulu wiped away the tears and changed the subject by asking why Carly had needed Lulu's help with Franco. Carly carefully explained that she had hoped that Lulu could give Franco a bartending job on the Haunted Star.

Lulu reminded Carly that Franco had kidnapped Lulu, strapped her to a chair with a bomb, and then had threatened to blow Lulu up. Carly insisted that Franco's brain tumor had driven him to do the awful things that he had done, but Lulu admitted that she simply couldn't give Franco a job. Carly begged Lulu to think about it, so Lulu reluctantly agreed.

Carly thanked Lulu and then urged Lulu not to push Dante away because Dante and Lulu needed each other. Shortly after Carly left, Dante arrived home and announced that he had something to say. He knew that Lulu blamed him for losing custody of Connie, but he insisted that they needed to pull themselves together, so they could start healing. Dante admitted that he might know how they could accomplish that. Lulu was curious how, so Dante told her that they needed to try to have another baby.

In Scott's hotel suite, Lucy announced that she intended to tell Kevin about her tryst with Scott. Stunned, Scott advised Lucy against it, but Lucy insisted that she owed it to Kevin because of all of the wonderful things that Kevin had said about her during his talk with Scott. Scott realized that Lucy wanted to reconcile with Kevin, so she conceded that she did want to save her marriage.

Scott reminded Lucy that she had left Kevin because her husband had neglected her, but Lucy argued that people made mistakes. She pointed to their night of passion as an example. According to Lucy, Kevin had owned up to his mistakes and was ready to change. Scott was surprised that Lucy had believed Kevin, so Lucy explained that she and Kevin loved each other.

Scott wondered where he fit into Lucy's plans and if their night together had meant anything to her. Lucy's eyes filled with tears as she assured Scott that she would always treasure what they had shared and that they would remain connected to each other through their daughter, but they could only be friends. Lucy hoped that Scott could accept that, so Scott reluctantly admitted that he would settle for friendship to keep her in his life. Relieved, Lucy thanked Scott.

Scott urged Lucy not to tell Kevin about spending the night in Scott's bed because Kevin would object to Lucy spending any time with Scott out of fear that she would be cheating on Kevin. Lucy conceded that Scott had a good point. After Lucy left, Scott spotted the scarf that she had left behind, so he picked it up and breathed in her scent as he thought about their night together.

At the hospital, Kevin objected when Franco suddenly snatched the cell phone out of Kevin's hand and abruptly ended the call. Franco explained that he needed Kevin's help, but Kevin revealed that he wasn't accepting new patients. Franco couldn't imagine what could be more important than Kevin's work, so Kevin admitted that he wanted to spend more time with his wife.

Franco revealed that his problem was bigger than Kevin's marital issues, prompting Kevin to offer to refer Franco to a colleague. Franco followed Kevin into Kevin's office to plead his case. Franco insisted that only Kevin would do because Kevin had had his own struggles in the past, so Franco could trust Kevin not to run screaming out of the room when Franco talked about the horrible thing that Franco had done.

Kevin was curious what Franco had done, but Franco wanted assurance that their discussion would remain confidential. Kevin assured Franco that it would, so Franco confessed that he had killed someone. Kevin was familiar with Franco's history, so Franco admitted that he didn't know if the brain tumor had driven him to kill. Franco had hoped that it had, but he had doubts because he had stabbed his mother to death the previous evening.

Kevin assumed that Franco had been referring to Heather rather than the woman who had adopted Franco. Franco and Kevin talked about Franco's reaction to learning that Heather and Scott were Franco's parents. Franco hadn't realized that Kevin knew Scott, so Kevin revealed that Lucy had a close friendship with her ex-husband, Scott. Franco was surprised that Lucy had been married to "that cold fish of a jerk" and could tell that Kevin didn't like Scott either.

Kevin reminded Franco that their discussion wasn't about him, so he asked Franco to talk about what had happened to Heather. Franco revealed that Heather had lured Franco out of his hotel suite, so she could slip in and kill Carly. Kevin was certain that the police had ruled that the killing had been justified, but Franco confessed that he hadn't alerted the police because he had feared that they would throw him in jail for life regardless of the circumstances.

Kevin was curious what Franco had done with Heather's body, so Franco revealed that he had taken Heather to the cemetery where Franco had discovered a freshly dug grave to bury her in. Franco feared that he might have divulged too much information to Kevin, but Kevin assured Franco that Kevin was bound by doctor/patient confidentiality and couldn't say anything unless Kevin believed that Franco was either a danger to himself or others.

Franco admitted that he had no idea if he was a danger to anyone, so Kevin wondered if Franco felt different than before the tumor had been removed. Franco confessed that he felt different about everything and that he hadn't felt any urges to kill. However, Franco had stabbed his mother to death, so Franco feared that the removal of the tumor hadn't changed anything after all. Franco suggested that perhaps he was simply "psycho" because Heather had been insane.

Kevin countered that Scott wasn't psychotic. Franco agreed and wondered what Kevin's initial assessment was. Kevin admitted that his first impression of Franco was that the killing had been an isolated incident. However they could explore the rest in future sessions. Franco was relieved when he realized that Kevin would help Franco sort things out. Franco admitted that he didn't want to lose Carly because she was the best thing that had ever happened to him.

Later, Franco exited the elevator at Metro Court but froze when he spotted a laundry bin in the hallway. He was startled when Carly suddenly tapped him on the shoulder. She wondered if he was still rattled from the nightmare, but he assured her that he was fine. Carly was curious if Franco's job search had gone well, so he admitted that he had talked to someone who had given him hope.

At the hospital, Kevin was surprised when Lucy entered his office and told him that she had heard that he had been looking for her. Kevin realized that she had talked to Scott, so Lucy claimed that she had seen Scott briefly, and he had told her what Kevin had said. Kevin promised Lucy that he wanted to fix their marriage, so Lucy admitted that she wanted the same thing. Kevin vowed that he would never let anyone or anything get between them again, so she tearfully promised that she wouldn't either. Kevin smiled and then kissed his wife.

Friday, December 13, 2013

At Wyndemere, Britt helped Spencer decorate the Christmas tree as Nikolas and Lesley unpacked ornaments. Britt and Spencer decided to fetch more candy canes for the tree, so Nikolas seized the opportunity to ask if something was troubling Lesley, who had been quiet throughout the afternoon. Lesley admitted that the only time that she had been angrier at someone had been when she discovered that Monica had slept with Lesley's husband, Rick.

Lesley was livid that Nikolas had told her that she had mistaken Alfred for Faison on Halloween. Nikolas apologized and explained that he had been trying to protect Robert and Anna as well as keep Lesley and Spencer safe, so it had been necessary to mislead Lesley. Lesley conceded that she hadn't given Nikolas any warning of the visit, so Nikolas had been in a difficult situation. However, she had thought that she had been losing her mind. Nikolas assured his grandmother that he was sorry for deceiving her, so Lesley forgave him.

Meanwhile, Britt and Spencer returned to the parlor with candy canes and began to hang them on the tree. Spencer confessed that candy canes were his favorite treat, so Britt surprised him with a Hershey's candy cane bar that she had picked up at the Christmas tree festival earlier that day. Spencer thanked Britt and then asked if she was married. "No," Britt replied.

Spencer ran over to Nikolas to announce that he knew what he wanted for Christmas. "What?" Nikolas asked. Spencer revealed that he wanted Nikolas to marry Britt because she was pretty and nice, had helped decorate the tree, and had given Spencer a candy bar. Nikolas agreed that they were great reasons, but he reminded Spencer that Spencer already had a long Christmas wish list, so it would be best to wait for another time to ask for Nikolas to marry Britt. Spencer accepted his father's decision, but admitted that he still wanted an Xbox for Christmas.

A short time later, everyone clapped when Nikolas plugged in the Christmas tree's lights. Afterwards, Lesley reminded Spencer that it was time for them to visit Uncle Sonny. Spencer dashed off to grab his coat, so Nikolas told Lesley that he had an early Christmas gift for her. Lesley smiled until he presented her with Heather's painting titled "Egg Salad." Lesley graciously accepted the gift, but it was clear she hadn't been impressed.

After Lesley left, Britt asked how Nikolas could have done that to his grandmother. Nikolas explained that Lesley had been worked up earlier about the incident with Faison, so Nikolas had wanted to have a little fun at her expense. Britt warned him that Lesley might be furious if she learned that the painting had belonged to Faison, but Nikolas assured her that everything would be fine. Besides, he added, Faison had a reputation for having impeccable taste in art.

Later, Nikolas and Britt chatted as they wrapped Christmas presents. Britt was curious how Nikolas felt about Spencer spending time with a mobster like Sonny. Nikolas explained that Spencer had a right to know Courtney's side of the family and Lesley had assured Nikolas that Sonny was good with Spencer. Britt was curious if Nikolas participated in any of the visits, so Nikolas admitted that he didn't because he and Sonny didn't get along.

Nikolas changed the subject by thanking Britt for helping him with the wrapping. Britt confessed that she enjoyed it because she had never had anything like that when she had been a child. Britt explained that her mother hadn't seen the point of Santa, so Liesl would wrap packages with newspapers and twine and then put them by the hearth. Nikolas was stunned when Britt revealed that she would open the packages only to discover that the boxes had been empty. Britt explained that it had been Liesl's way of teaching Britt that nothing in life was free.

Britt told Nikolas about an incident when she had been six years old. Britt had put out a stocking in the hopes that Santa would leave her something, but Liesl had dropped a lump of coal in it. Nikolas felt bad that Britt's childhood Christmases had been bleak, so Britt smiled and told him that she wanted to make certain that Spencer didn't have any empty gifts.

Later, Nikolas and Britt started to carry the gifts out of the room until Britt noticed mistletoe hanging over the doorway. Nikolas smiled and then kissed her. Things quickly heated up, so he breathlessly told her that he knew where they could hide the presents. Britt realized that he was talking about something else entirely, so she quietly invited him to show her. Nikolas admitted that he would love to, but he wanted to be certain that she was ready. Britt assured him that she had never been more ready, but she needed to tell him the truth about her son first.

At Volonino's gym, Olivia walked in as Sonny removed his boxing gloves after a workout in the ring. She sensed that he had been a million miles away, so he told her that he had talked to their son earlier and that Dante and Lulu were having problems. Sonny explained that Lulu had been shutting Dante out, so Olivia pointed out that Sonny did the same thing when he was troubled. Sonny conceded that Olivia had a point.

Sonny confessed that he wasn't looking forward to Christmas without Connie, but he refused to get lost in his own grief, so he had given their son similar advice and had urged Dante to take things one step at a time. Olivia was grateful that Sonny and Dante finally had the type of relationship that permitted Sonny to help their son. She regretted that Sonny and Dante had lost out on a father/son relationship while Dante had been a child, but Sonny assured Olivia that he knew that she had been trying to protect their son.

Sonny admitted that Olivia had raised a great son, but Olivia wanted Sonny to know that she had never meant to hurt Sonny by denying him the opportunity to be a part of Dante's life when Dante had been a child.

Later, Sonny and Olivia were kissing when Lesley and Spencer arrived. The couple pulled apart as Spencer ran up to greet his uncle. Spencer was eager to open his Christmas presents, but Sonny insisted that the presents couldn't be opened until Christmas. Spencer was disappointed, so Sonny decided that Spencer could open one of the presents. "Good idea," Spencer said with a smile as he followed his uncle to fetch the gifts.

Olivia confessed that Spencer was cute, so Lesley smiled and then asked if she had interrupted Sonny and Olivia. Olivia assured Lesley that Lesley's timing had been perfect because Olivia thought that spending time with Spencer had been exactly what Sonny had needed.

Later, Spencer showed his great-grandmother the boxing gloves that Sonny had given him. Lesley admitted that she abhorred violence, but she was happy that Spencer liked the gift. Sonny explained that boxing wasn't about violence and then revealed that the sport was also known as "the sweet science." Sonny helped Spencer put on the gloves and then offered Spencer a boxing lesson as Lesley and Olivia watched. Spencer smiled with pride as Sonny praised his nephew's skill and then feigned being knocked off his feet when Spencer caught him in the side with a jab.

At the loft, Dante told Lulu that he knew that she was hurting, but he pointed out that he was in pain too. He admitted that he had an idea that might start the healing process, so Lulu asked him what it was. She was stunned when he suggested that they have another baby. Lulu told him that it was a terrible idea and then wondered if it was really that easy for him to replace Connie.

Dante made it clear that Connie could never be replaced, but he thought that they should try to have a child of their own. Lulu was curious what had given Dante the idea, so he told her about his talk with Sonny and Sonny's advice not to get mired in the past. Lulu argued that she missed their daughter and that everything was still very much in the present for her.

Dante assured Lulu that they would never forget Connie, but he insisted that they needed to move forward with their lives. He reminded her that they had started out to expand their family, so he didn't see why they couldn't try again. Lulu argued that she couldn't think about that, but Dante pointed out that they had been through the process already, so it should be easier because they wouldn't have to harvest the eggs or risk having his mother walk in on him during the "critical moment."

Lulu smiled as she conceded that it would be an improvement. Dante reminded her that they still had two frozen embryos waiting for them, but Lulu confessed that she was scared to go through the whole process only to end up childless after nine months. Dante appreciated Lulu's concerns, but he pointed out that it was a risk that every couple faced. Dante admitted that having a baby with her was worth the risk, so he urged her to take a leap of faith with him.

Lulu capitulated, so Dante whooped with joy and kissed her. Lulu smiled as Dante hugged her tightly and then began to make plans to get the process started. They decided to head to the hospital to make certain that the frozen embryos were still viable.

In the hospital's laboratory, Ellie assured Spinelli that she would gladly give up the job in Portland, Oregon, if Maxie could be with the baby. Spinelli believed Ellie, but he pointed out that the judge had made it clear that Maxie couldn't be near the baby. Ellie wondered how Maxie was doing, so Spinelli admitted that Maxie had put on a brave front, but he could tell that losing custody of the baby had taken its toll. However, he assured Ellie that they could proceed with their move.

Ellie revealed that there had been a slight snag; the lab wanted her to start work the following day, so they would have to leave that evening. Stunned, Spinelli pointed out that they hadn't made any travel plans or even packed. Ellie explained that the lab had booked their airline tickets and would send movers to pack everything up for them. Spinelli reminded Ellie that she still had to give notice, but Ellie argued that she didn't owe Brad anything.

Ellie wondered if Spinelli had second thoughts about leaving, but he quickly assured her that he knew that it was the right move for them. Spinelli admitted that Port Charles had become his home, but he was eager to build a life with Ellie and the baby in Portland and make new memories. Relieved, Ellie kissed him.

Later, Ellie ended a call with the lab in Portland and then told Spinelli that everything was set. She explained that a car would be sent in a few hours to take them to the airport, so Spinelli decided to go home to get his daughter ready. Ellie told him that she would meet up with him after her final shift. She admitted that she wouldn't miss Brad, but she had enjoyed her time at General Hospital.

Later, Dante and Lulu entered the lab. Ellie told them about her new job in Portland, so Lulu realized that Spinelli would be taking Connie across the country. Ellie saw the sadness in Lulu's eyes, so she apologized to Lulu and explained that everything had happened quickly. Ellie was surprised when Lulu assured Ellie that she hoped that Spinelli and Ellie would be happy in Portland.

Ellie thanked Lulu and then asked what she could do for Dante and Lulu. Lulu explained that she and Dante had decided to try for another baby, so they wanted to check on the remaining embryos that they had frozen. Ellie was delighted for Dante and Lulu.

Ellie admitted that she felt something akin to parental pride for the frozen embryos because she had performed the actual fertilization and had stored the two remaining embryos herself. Ellie went to check on the embryos, but her smile quickly faded. "That's strange," Ellie said when she returned to Dante and Lulu. Dante and Lulu were stunned when Ellie revealed that the embryos were gone.

At Sam's penthouse, Silas turned up on her doorstep, sporting a Santa hat. Sam had Spinelli's daughter perched on her hip as she invited Silas in and told him that Danny was napping. Sam was curious why Silas was wearing the Santa hat, so he revealed that he had been at the Christmas tree festival. Sam was surprised because he hadn't seemed the type to enjoy a fun event like that.

Silas confessed that he had gone to the festival to pick up a Christmas tree for Sam and Danny. Silas opened the door and then invited Rafe and Taylor in. The teens carried the Christmas tree into Sam's living room and then set it up next to the fireplace. "Don't ever doubt Santa," Silas told Sam with a grin.

Later, Silas and Rafe decorated the tree as Sam and Taylor unpacked the ornaments. Silas quietly asked his nephew if things were serious between Rafe and Taylor. "I guess," Rafe replied as he focused on hanging ornaments on the tree. Silas recalled that Rafe had been interested in Molly not too long before, so Rafe reminded his uncle that Molly liked T.J. Silas knew that it "sucked" to love someone who didn't return the feeling.

Rafe agreed and claimed that was the reason that he had moved on. Silas confessed that Rafe and Taylor hadn't seemed like a couple at the festival, so Silas wondered if their romance was just for show.

Nearby, Sam questioned Taylor about her feelings for Rafe because Sam had noticed that Taylor only seemed interested in Rafe when T.J. was around. Taylor was relieved when Sam became distracted by a knock on the door.

Rafe tensed when he saw Molly and T.J. standing on Sam's doorstep. Molly glared at Taylor when Taylor began to affectionately play with Rafe's hair. Molly explained to her sister that they had stopped by to drop off some presents for Danny, so Taylor quickly invited Molly and T.J. to stay to help decorate the tree. Molly agreed, so Taylor and Rafe made a show of flirting and acting like a couple in love.

T.J. and Molly watched Taylor and Rafe's antics with matching expressions of disgust until T.J. told Taylor and Rafe to drop the act. Molly suggested that Taylor and Rafe admit that their relationship had been an act designed to make T.J. and Molly jealous. Silas and Sam decided to let the teens work things out for themselves, so they slipped into another room.

Meanwhile, Taylor innocently asked why T.J. and Molly would be jealous of Rafe and Taylor's relationship. Molly quickly denied that she was jealous, but T.J. accused Molly of acting upset. Molly countered that T.J. hadn't seemed pleased, either, so T.J. conceded that it had bothered him that Taylor had been hanging all over Rafe. Taylor suggested that someone who was happy in their relationship wouldn't care.

Rafe shocked everyone when he freely admitted that his relationship with Taylor had been a ruse to get a reaction out of T.J. and Molly. Taylor sputtered with frustration, but Rafe pointed out that clearly their plan had worked.

Later, Spinelli entered the penthouse and greeted Sam and Silas. Spinelli was curious what was going on with T.J. and Molly because the teens had been arguing in the lobby about someone being jealous and a fake relationship. Sam smiled as she explained that it was what teens did and then warned Spinelli that his own daughter would be a sixteen-year-old teenager one day. Spinelli took his daughter from Sam's arms and then announced that he had news.

Sam was shocked when Spinelli revealed that he and Ellie would be leaving for Portland later that evening. He filled Sam in about the change of plans and then admitted that he wished that they had more time to say goodbye. Sam's eyes misted with tears as she hugged Spinelli, but she was determined not to cry. She promised Spinelli that she would visit him often, so Spinelli reminded her that they could also remain in touch through Skype.

Later, Silas and Sam were alone in the living room as they gazed at the tree. Silas liked the results, so Sam picked up a star for the top of the tree. Silas noticed that she seemed quiet. Sam explained that the previous year, she had been dealing with Jason's death, so her mother and sisters had put the Christmas tree together for her and Danny. Silas worried that he might have pushed Sam by arriving with the tree when she wasn't ready, but Sam assured him that it was fine.

Sam decided to put the star on the top of the tree, so Silas helped her by giving her a boost up. After Sam placed the star on top of the tree, Silas wrapped his arms around her, and together they gazed at the results of their handiwork.

At Maxie's apartment, Mac and Felicia arrived with a small Christmas tree for Maxie that they had picked up at the Christmas tree festival. Maxie wondered why her parents were wearing reindeer antlers, so Felicia explained that they had given away free Santa hats and reindeer antlers at the festival. Felicia confessed that the antlers had seemed "hipper" than the hats as she handed a set of antlers to Maxie.

Maxie knew that her parents were trying to distract her from thinking about her daughter, so she assured them that it wasn't necessary because she was fine. Mac appreciated that Maxie was a strong person, but he admitted that he knew that she had tried to see the baby. Maxie was curious how he had found out, so he revealed that Ellie had told him when he had stopped by to tell Maxie that Robin was alive.

Felicia imagined that it had been awful for Maxie when Spinelli had turned Maxie away. Maxie explained that it had been a "stupid selfish" impulse on her part, but she assured her parents that it wouldn't happen again. Felicia had her doubts, so Maxie told them about Ellie's job offer in Portland. Felicia and Mac were stunned when Maxie revealed that she had encouraged Spinelli to move to Portland with Ellie because it would make it easier for Maxie to stay away from her daughter.

Maxie explained that she couldn't risk Spinelli losing custody of their daughter, so the move was for the best. However, she was troubled by the idea of not saying goodbye to her daughter. Felicia suggested that Maxie try to sneak in a visit, but Maxie refused to risk it. Felicia hated that Maxie couldn't see the baby one last time.

Later, Maxie unpacked a box of ornaments and found two baby bottle ornaments. One had Maxie's name and birth date written on it and the other had Georgie's name and birth date. Maxie insisted that Felicia take them home, but Felicia wanted Maxie to keep them as a memento of the Christmases that Maxie and Georgie had shared together. Maxie admitted that it would be nice to have the memories to get her through the holiday season, since she wouldn't be able to spend "baby's first Christmas" with her daughter.

Later, Mac placed the decorated tree on a table, but he thought that it could use more ornaments. Felicia insisted that the tree was perfect. Maxie thanked her parents, so Felicia promised Maxie that they would have a great Christmas together with lots of food and surrounded by family.

After Mac and Felicia left, Maxie's expression turned sad until she heard a knock on the door. Maxie assumed that her mother had returned, so she assured Felicia that she was fine as she made her way to the door. Maxie was startled when she opened the door and saw Spinelli standing on her doorstep with their baby in his arms. Spinelli explained that he had wanted Maxie to see their daughter.

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