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Adam anonymously set up a memorial foundation in Delia's name. Adam and Chelsea made love. Fen contemplated going on the run. Jill and Jack plotted to take down Victor. Jill sold her music box online, but it was mysteriously shipped back to her.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 9, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, December 9, 2013

At the Newman ranch, Paul was present with Victor and Nikki when she received a phone call from the lab confirming that Dylan was her son. Victor walked to a window and peered out as if he were separating himself from the conversation between Paul and Nikki. Paul proclaimed that learning the truth about Dylan was a good first step for Nikki. Nikki said that all Dylan wanted was to know the truth, so he could move onward with his life. Paul replied, "He might want to get to know you." Nikki cried that she would lose her son all over again.

Victor told Paul and Nikki that Dylan might wreak havoc on Newman family. Paul whirled around to face Victor and asked, "Why do you always think the worst about everyone?" Victor replied, "Bitter experience." Nikki signaled that it was time for Paul to leave by thanking him for stopping by. Paul reminded Nikki and Victor that they could always count on him as a friend.

After Paul left, Nikki limped over to the piano and supported herself against it. Victor inquired about Nikki's health. Nikki replied, "I'm all right physically, but are we going to be all right?" Victor poured himself a drink. Nikki reminded Victor that she'd just lost Katherine and had been in deep mourning from her loss when the letter from Katherine had been delivered. Nikki recalled that Katherine's letter had provided clues about and urged her to search for the baby. Nikki reminded Victor that he hadn't been forthcoming about his letter from Katherine.

Nikki turned the tables on Victor and asked if he would've told her the truth about Dylan had Victor's investigators unraveled the mystery. Nikki added that it had been the one and only time she'd felt so strongly about preventing Victor from intervening. Nikki explained that at one time during her search, she'd been told that the child had died at an early age. Victor said he still couldn't understand why Nikki had kept him in the dark.

Nikki cried that looking back, she would have done things differently. She added, "I don't regret finding Dylan. It took such a burden off of my heart, but I do regret that it brought another burden to our family." Victor, grim-faced, replied, "You have."

Nikki told Victor that facing her health crisis and mortality had prompted her to search for her firstborn. Nikki added that her biological child should know about his familial history of MS. Victor protested because Nikki had turned to Paul. Nikki reminded Victor that he'd recently pledged to love her despite any difficulty. Victor said he still loved Nikki.

Victor checked his wristwatch. Nikki seemed hurt when Victor said he had business to take care of. After Victor left, Nikki seemed troubled as she gazed at framed photos of her family members. Nikki later phoned Dylan and left a message. Nikki said that she assumed Dylan had learned the results of the DNA tests, and she said she'd be happy to talk to him whenever he was ready.

At Chancellor Park, Avery tried to console Dylan. A frustrated Dylan refused to discuss his parentage. Avery sighed and tried to make Dylan understand that his parents had kept mum about the adoption because they loved him. Dylan said that he'd never once questioned his blood ties to the man and woman that had raised him. Avery told Dylan that his adoptive mother couldn't have loved him more even if he had been her own flesh and blood.

At Adam's penthouse, Chelsea panicked when she returned home and discovered that Chloe had mysteriously left with Connor. After searching her home upstairs and down, Chelsea breathlessly cried aloud, "Chloe, what have you done?" Chelsea seemed paralyzed about what she should do next. Chelsea became frantic after she phoned Kevin and learned that Chloe had abruptly canceled plans to have dinner with him. Chelsea cried, "Chloe took off with my son!"

At the police station, Kevin thanked Christine for helping Michael get released from prison. Christine reminded Kevin that others had been involved with Michael's case and had offered assistance. Christine noted that Carmine Basco's murder case hadn't yet been solved. Kevin said he wished the department would focus its resources on locating the hit-and-run driver that had killed Delia. Sounding worried, Kevin cried that Chloe desperately needed to find peace.

After Paul returned to his office, Christine pointed to a stack of papers on his desk. Christine asked Paul why he was going over Carmine Basco's autopsy report again. Paul pointed to the medical examiner's signature and explained that neither the head examiner, Howard, nor his direct underling, Jimmy, had conducted the examination. Paul explained that he was waiting to hear from the coroner's office because he had questions about the substitute examiner.

Sensing that Paul was troubled, Christine asked Paul what was wrong. Paul explained that while Christine had been away, he'd been involved with an investigation for Nikki to help her find a child she'd given up for adoption years before. Paul said he didn't want Christine to think he was being dishonest. Christine replied, "It was a deeply personal investigation for you and for Nikki, and you never said one word about it to me." Paul paused and nodded in agreement.

Paul explained to Christine that he and Nikki had both been involved in the New World Commune, though Nikki more so. Paul added that he and Nikki had been much closer at the time. Christine asked Paul why he hadn't told her about Nikki's search for the child. Paul replied, "It wasn't my secret to tell." Paul asked Christine if she was upset with him. Christine replied, "I understand that you were just being the man that I fell in love with." Christine tightly embraced Paul and noted that she was lucky to have him as her husband.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Michael provided roses and ordered a special dinner. Smiling and gazing into Lauren's eyes, Michael proclaimed that it was a special evening to celebrate his and Lauren's wedding anniversary. Lauren cried that she wasn't in a celebratory mood because Fen was still in prison. Michael noted that Fen, a precious gift, shouldn't be associated with pain and stress. Lauren seemed too distracted with her concern about Fen's safety.

As Lauren and Michael reminisced, they reflected back to a day long before spent at a casino. Lauren had been sitting at a gaming table when Michael had produced two playing cards. The word "Marry" was printed on one, and the word "Me" was printed on the other. Lauren recalled telling Michael that he couldn't be serious. Lauren had reacted with joy when Michael had presented her with a stunning engagement ring. Michael had replied, "I've never been more serious about anything in my life."

After the couple reminisced, reality set in, and Lauren became emotional. She rose from her seat and tried to leave. Michael pleaded with Lauren to stay and let him demonstrate how much he loved her. Lauren relaxed and joyfully remembered the day she'd told Michael that he would become a father. Reality set in again, and tears welled in Lauren's eyes as she considered the fate of her beloved son, now a young man in grave trouble.

Lauren's phone rang. She answered, but the caller said nothing. Exasperated, Lauren said she should change her number to stop the nuisance calls. Recalling gifts the couple had exchanged for their anniversary in the past, Michael said his gift was a solemn promise to return Fen safely to his family. Christine phoned and told Michael that Fen would be released in two days. She reminded Michael that Carmine Basco's murder investigation was still open. After the call ended, Lauren cried tears of joy. She said, "Our family is going to be home for the holidays!"

In the prison yard, Womack approached Fen. Womack reminded Fen that Fen owed him a favor because Womack had rescued Fen from a group of thugs that had been beating Fen earlier. Womack pressed his face close to Fen's and said, "Remember that friends take care of friends." Fen explained that he would soon be released and wouldn't be around to return any favors. Womack replied, "Turns out I'm getting out of here pretty soon. Don't worry. I'll find a way for you to pay me back on the outside." Fen, his arms tightly crossed around his chest, appeared to be terrified.

Kevin raced to the penthouse to check on Chelsea. Kevin calmly assured a distraught Chelsea that a problem had to have arisen for Chloe to have suddenly left with Connor. Chelsea wanted to phone Adam, but Kevin advised her not to. Kevin said, "I'm sure there's a very logical explanation for this." Chelsea recalled that Chloe had become irritated after Chelsea had admitted that she and Adam were becoming closer again. Chelsea cried, "She said that I needed to protect Connor from Adam. Did Chloe think she could be a better mom to Connor after what happened?"

Kevin assured Chelsea that Chloe would never do anything to hurt Connor. Chelsea picked up the phone to summon the police, but Kevin pleaded with Chelsea to let him locate Chloe and Connor. Chelsea nervously ran her fingers through her hair and cried that she'd already experienced the horror of having someone take her baby away. Kevin explained that holding Connor seemed to be the only thing that had helped Chloe feel better. Kevin's words provided no comfort to a distraught Chelsea.

Just as Kevin was rushing out the door to search for Chloe, she returned. Chloe was calmly cradling a sleeping Connor in her arms. Chelsea cried, "Oh, my God!" Chelsea immediately took her baby, kissed him, and checked to make sure he was all right. Chloe seemed stunned by Chelsea's reaction and explained that she'd taken Connor out for a ride in the car. Chloe added that she had sometimes taken Delia for rides and had taken Connor out because he had been fussy. Chloe apologized for not leaving a note and explained that her phone battery had died.

Chloe said she'd intended to make it back before Chelsea returned. Chloe suddenly realized that Chelsea had believed Connor had been kidnapped. Chloe cried, "Did you think that I'd taken Connor to replace Delia?" Kevin attempted to defuse the tense situation and noted that Chelsea had become concerned when she'd returned home to an empty house. Chloe was offended after she realized that her mental state was being questioned. Chloe cried that she'd never attempt to replace her own child with her best friend's infant. Chelsea apologized and assured Chloe that she'd never again question her friend's trust.

At Crimson Lights, Raven asked Summer about Fen. Summer was reluctant to share information, but she said that Fen was holding up pretty well in prison. Raven said, "Next time you see him, will you tell..." Summer interrupted the young woman sporting black lipstick. Summer said she wouldn't relay any messages from Raven to Fen. Before Raven left, Summer warned her to stay away from Fen because he no longer needed Raven or her drugs. Raven glared menacingly at Summer before exiting the coffee shop.

Summer joined Noah and Courtney. Noah asked Summer about her plans for Christmas. Summer said she was uncertain, due to her confusing family situation. Courtney was excited about spending the holidays with Noah and his family. Summer asked about Courtney's family's plans. Courtney claimed that her family would be away.

After Noah went to place an order, Summer asked Courtney about the man named Zach that had been sending her text messages. Courtney replied, "Why would I be spending the holidays with some guy from work?" Summer noted that she'd learned from Abby that Courtney didn't work with a man named Zach.

Nervously, Courtney glanced at Noah, standing far away at the counter. Courtney said that Summer didn't know the whole story. Summer replied, "I've been getting a weird vibe from you and haven't stopped wondering about Fen's claim that you're a drug user." Courtney claimed that Zach was a family member in trouble. Courtney swore that she wasn't doing anything wrong. When Noah returned with hot drinks, he was curious about the somber mood and asked, "What did I miss?" After Summer left, Courtney assured Noah that nothing was wrong, and she kissed him.

Summer approached Dylan and Avery at the coffeehouse. After Dylan walked away, Summer told Avery that there had been no change in Phyllis' condition. Summer then approached Dylan, who was working behind the counter. Summer told Dylan that she wanted to talk to him about his new family. Dylan sighed. Summer commiserated with Dylan and said that at one time, she'd been ready to write some people out of her life forever. Summer assured Dylan that he'd "lucked into a great family." Dylan replied, "You call this lucky?"

Summer assured Dylan that he was fortunate. Summer added that she was concerned about Nick. Dylan grimaced. Avery stuttered and thought about intervening, but she remained silent. Summer attested that Nick was truly a good man. Avery sighed and looked down at the floor when Summer mentioned that Nick had been deeply hurt by Dylan and Avery. Before Summer walked away, she said, "Before you write her off, my grandma's a really awesome person."

After Summer walked away, Avery told Dylan that he should try to find out more about his biological father. Avery noted that she'd avoided learning the truth about her father for too long. In the end, Avery added, the truth had helped her understand Phyllis' actions. Avery said, "Maybe some good could come out of learning more about Ian Ward." Dylan said he just needed some time alone to reflect. After Dylan left, Avery conducted a search on the Internet for information about Ian Ward.

Just as Dylan entered through the revolving door at the Genoa City Athletic Club, his phone signaled that he had a message. Dylan paused and studied the screen of his phone. Ominously, Victor approached Dylan. Dylan turned and met Victor's intimidating gaze. Victor said, "You stay away from my wife, okay?" Dylan replied, "I intend to do just that." Victor claimed that one day, Dylan might want something from Nikki or desire to reach out to her for one reason or another. Victor added, "Resist that temptation for her sake and yours." After Victor walked away, Dylan sighed heavily.

Later, at Crimson Lights Kevin and Chloe stopped for coffee. Upset, Chloe said, "What I need is for people to stop thinking that I'm a mental case." Kevin explained that Chelsea had already been through a lot with Connor and had overreacted. Chloe, stressing each word, replied, "Okay, but I need people to know that I am okay." Kevin embraced Chloe and said he knew she was okay. Chloe was still fuming as Kevin gently rocked her and reiterated that he knew she was okay.

Summer later rejoined Noah, who said that Courtney had left. Noah asked Summer what he should get Courtney for Christmas. Summer replied, "I don't know." Noah, confused, noted that Summer, as Courtney's best friend, should know. Summer replied, "Well, I don't really know everything there is to know about Courtney, and I'm guessing that you don't, either." Noah seemed baffled.

At Chancellor Park, Raven loitered near a dimly lit area against a brick wall. Courtney approached and handed Raven a wad of cash. Raven produced a bag of pills contained in a small bag and said, "Good doing business with you, Courtney." Courtney snatched the bag of pills and replied, "Just don't make our 'business' anybody else's business." After Courtney hurried away, Raven put her hands in her pockets and scurried away in the opposite direction.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

At Crimson Lights, Victoria, Billy, and Johnny stopped in for drinks after an interview at Johnny's preschool. Billy declared that their kid was perfect and that the school would be lucky to have Johnny, and Victoria thought that the Newman name alone would guarantee Johnny's acceptance. Billy countered that Johnny was an Abbott, and the Abbott name would open just as many doors. Billy added that Johnny had a legacy, since it was the same school that Delia had attended.

Victoria understood that it was hard for Billy to talk about Delia and the school, but he pointed out that he'd promised to be present for Victoria and Johnny. Billy fondly remarked that Delia had been a weird kid who had loved school, and he thought Johnny would be happy if he liked it half as much. Billy griped that the school would make them jump through hoops all over again to have their child admitted, and Victoria wondered if a school with fewer memories might be a better option.

Billy said that his heart had skipped a beat when the interviewer had asked about his and Victoria's hopes for their child's future, and he added that the school Johnny went to wasn't the issue, because Billy would never forget Delia. Billy apologized for putting a damper on Johnny's big day, and Victoria remarked that it was their first time out as a family since Delia had died. They agreed that they were doing pretty well, and Kelly approached and said hello to "Veronica." Victoria corrected her, and Kelly apologized and fawned over Johnny. Kelly asked if the tot was still teething, and Billy thanked Kelly for the good tip about a frozen washcloth.

Kelly commented that her own freezer was still dead, and Billy said that he had a restaurant contact who could help. Victoria surmised that group therapy had given Billy and Kelly a chance to chat, and Kelly mentioned that they'd run into one another outside of the sessions, too. Kelly said she had something for Billy, and she gave Billy a book of inspirational quotes. Kelly hoped that she hadn't overstepped the way she had with Chloe, and Victoria asked whether Chloe had joined the group session. Billy explained that they'd run into Chloe outside of therapy, and Kelly asked if they were back from the preschool interview.

Kelly inquired whether Billy had been okay going back to the school, and Billy replied that he and Victoria had managed by going together. Billy offered to give Kelly the freezer guy's information at the next group session, and Kelly commented that Johnny had "angel hair," just like Sam. Billy asked if Kelly was okay, and she replied that she'd see Billy soon. Kelly left, and Billy called Kelly a champ. He thought that the trick was getting back out in world and doing normal things, and Victoria commented that he and Kelly seemed to know a lot about one another.

Billy said that sometimes he and Kelly debriefed after therapy, because the sessions could get very intense. Billy explained that Kelly had been in the same hellhole and had climbed out, and Victoria realized that Kelly represented proof that Billy could survive. He said that it sounded silly, but Victoria was grateful to everyone in the group for getting Billy to the point where he had been able to go to the school and be there with her and Johnny. Victoria wanted to thank Kelly personally for helping Billy.

Across the coffeehouse, the barista who had previously rebuffed Mason's advances went out of her way to talk to Mason, who she called "Mr. Hamilton." She reminded him that she'd rung him up on her first day, and he said that he hoped that her boss knew how valuable she was to the team. Mason asked the barista what her plans were that evening, and she replied that she'd scored an invitation to the opening of a new club. He said that he might see her there.

The barista returned to work, and Mason called the club to request a spot on the guest list, but when he provided his name, the club hung up on him. Mason tapped Devon's credit card on the counter, and he called the club again. He pretended to be Devon's assistant, and he successfully snagged a spot on the guest list for the opening. The barista flirtatiously waved to him from across the room.

At Jabot, Jill found herself on the elevator with Hilary. Jill coldly suggested that Hilary step off between floors, and Hilary stated that she was on her way to see her boss. Jill inquired whether Hilary had sharpened her pencils to be ready for backstabbing, and Hilary retorted that she used pens, because they were permanent. Jill warned Hilary not to drag Jabot into the gutter, but Hilary contended that she'd meant it when she'd apologized, and she wouldn't make Jack regret that he'd given her a second chance. The elevator suddenly stopped.

Hilary and Jill argued and each accused the other of doing something to cause them to get stuck. Hilary barked at Jill not to use up all the oxygen, and Jill instructed Hilary to hold her breath for ten minutes. The music box went off in Jill's purse, and Jill pulled it out to silence it. Hilary called the trinket beautiful, but Jill huffed that it was a piece of junk. Hilary remembered that she'd had something like it when she'd been a kid, and she recalled that she'd pestered her parents until they'd promised to sign her up for dance lessons, but it had never happened. Jill begrudgingly asked why it hadn't.

Hilary questioned why Jill wanted to know about her childhood, and Jill warned her not to mistake Jill's boredom for interest. Hilary told Jill to find another way to entertain herself, but Jill ranted that Hilary had broadcast Lily and Cane's news to the world, so it was Hilary's turn. Jill asked why Hilary hadn't had ballet lessons, and Hilary revealed that her dad had been arrested, so there had been no money. Jill remarked that the story sounded familiar. Jill thought that Hilary had made up a deadbeat dad story for Jill's benefit, and Hilary searched for some earphones so they didn't have to talk.

Jill asserted that Hilary had dug into Neil's past, and she surmised that Hilary had also found out that Jill's dad had been useless. Hilary testily stated that she hadn't intended to bond in a "bad daddy club," and she just wanted to get out of there. Hilary admitted that she'd read about Jill's father, and she knew that Jill had been raised with nothing other than a loving mother and a lot of guts, just like Hilary had been. Jill snarled that she'd paid her dues, and Hilary contended that she had, too, but she hadn't had a string of rich ex-husbands. Hilary conceded that Jill had proved that Jill deserved what she had and that she admired Jill for it.

Hilary asked why Jill carried around the music box if Jill hated it, and Jill said that it reminded her of a crone who still tormented her from the grave. Jill added that she'd hated Katherine almost as much as Jill had loved her, and she groused that the harpy had sent Jill chasing all over the planet. Jill said that maybe the new owner would find value in the music box, and she disclosed that she'd sold it in an online auction. Jill crowed that she'd made a point to put it out there for a nickel, but she'd received an offer for $10.25. Jill considered the buyer demented, but Hilary examined the music box and noted that October 25 was the date on the box.

Jack summoned Devon to his office, and he informed Devon that he was fired. Devon assumed that it was because he'd refused to spy on Victor, but Jack asserted that he was doing Devon a favor, since Devon had been looking for a reason to walk away. Devon defended that he had always been on time and had met his deadlines, but Jack countered that he didn't want employees who just punched a timecard. Jack understood that inheriting Katherine's money hadn't been an easy thing, and Devon grumbled that Roxy had left him and that Jack was forcing him to walk away from all he had left.

Devon argued that people won the lottery and went back to work, and he didn't want to be fired. Jack mentioned that Devon had admitted that Jabot was a resting stop until Devon found something he loved, and he urged Devon to go out and find what that was. Jack recalled that he'd wasted years, trying to get out of John's shadow rather than finding himself. He encouraged Devon not to stay just because Devon wasn't ready to figure out who he was, and he implored Devon to get out there and start living his life.

Devon said that he'd told himself that the money wouldn't change him, because he knew what it was like to have a new life after growing up with nothing, and he wondered why having cash had messed with him. Jack pointed out that it was a lot of money, and Devon asked where he could begin to find himself. Jack commented that it was the hardest thing for a man to do, and it wouldn't happen overnight. Jack advised Devon to choose a path and take a first step, and Devon would find his way if he kept putting one foot in front of the other. Devon said that he'd once thought that music was his path, but he would still be doing it if he needed it. Jack urged him to keep looking, but Devon didn't know if he wanted to find out who he really was.

Jack suggested that Devon take a sabbatical to try different things for a month. Jack mentioned that Phyllis had wanted to go to Istanbul, and Jack had objected, but the trip had been magical. He recalled that it had been one of the greatest adventures of his life, and he couldn't believe that he'd tried to stop it from happening. Devon asked about Phyllis' recovery, and Jack replied that she was a fighter and would be back, but he wouldn't let Devon change the subject. Jack stated that it was a big world out there, and he told Devon to go out and grab it. Jill and Hilary entered, and Jill ordered Jack to fix the elevator.

Later, Devon entered the elevator with Hilary, and he grumbled that he would have taken the stairs, but he was in a hurry. She said that it would be better exercise than sparring with Mason, and she warned that Mason would take Devon eventually, just not in the way Devon thought. Devon contended that Mason had only done what he'd needed to do to stay on Hilary's good side, but Hilary cautioned that Mason had his own agenda. Devon pointed out that Hilary seemed stingy with second chances despite getting one herself, and she claimed that she wasn't the same girl who'd wanted to see everyone suffer, but there was only so much she could do to keep it from happening.

Jill informed Jack that she'd checked every Chancellor file and account that Victor had inherited to see if there was a dud, and Jack said that they needed a weak spot to drive the spike in. Jill realized that they had a great plan but bad execution, and she thought that they were looking in the wrong place.

In the park, Abby sarcastically told Tyler that their trip to Los Angeles had been huge fun, but she wanted to go back to the office. He thought that she was hiding something, and he asked if she was trying to avoid talking about the trip. Abby said that L.A. had been warm, but Genoa City was freezing, and Tyler mumbled that he wouldn't make a joke about her being an ice queen. She became incensed, and he explained that the trip had been to thank her for Thanksgiving, but she had barely talked to him.

Tyler mentioned that he'd thought that Abby had loved living in L.A., and Abby said that she had, in spite of all the things people hated about it. He referred to the restaurants and museums they'd gone to, but he'd noticed that she'd had the same expression on her face the entire time. She accused him of just wanting to take a trip down memory lane by doing the things he'd done with Mariah, and she pushed him to admit that he had wanted to relive the past and had dragged Abby with him.

Tyler questioned whether Abby had exes, and she countered that she'd never been engaged. Tyler revealed that Mariah had cheated on him, and he reiterated that he'd blocked Mariah's calls. He questioned whether he should assume that Abby had been with another guy at every place she'd been to in New York, and she incredulously asked if he was calling her a slut. Tyler refused to argue with Abby, but she accused him of implying that she'd slept her away around New York. He contended that if she was looking for reasons to be mad, she could blame him for the cold weather, because she wasn't making any sense.

Abby huffed that Tyler had fed her the same soufflé that he'd fed Mariah, and she ranted that she was just a stand-in for the love of his life. Tyler pointed out that Mariah hadn't even known his real name, and he blamed himself for thinking that Abby would have a good time in L.A. Abby explained that she'd been obsessing that Tyler didn't really like her, but she didn't want him to pledge his love again. He realized that she was scared, and he admitted that he was scared of losing someone like her. She worried that a lot of things could go wrong, and he wondered if that was why she wanted to bail. She said that she was glad he understood, and he asked if she was breaking up with him.

Abby said that she'd thought she and Tyler had been making progress, and she asked if he wanted to break up. Tyler wondered if she had been pushing him away because she was afraid to get close, like she had with Alex. Abby said that she and Alex had broken up because they'd had no reason to stay together, unlike her and Tyler. Tyler promised that they wouldn't blow it, and she asked if they were fighting. He clarified that they were just talking about important things, and he implored her to remember that they were good together. She said that it would be easier if they could go someplace warm, and they left together.

At the hospital, Lily wondered to Cane why the doctor had freaked her out by making her wait instead of telling her what was going on over the phone. Dr. Kershaw entered, and Lily begged him to tell her why she was there. The doctor reported that he'd seen something of concern on her tests, but he cautioned her not to let her mind race to a dark place. Dr. Kershaw explained that her CA-125 blood levels were mildly elevated, but he didn't know what it meant yet. He instructed her to schedule an MRI to get more answers, and Lily surmised that he thought that the cancer was back.

Dr. Kershaw said that he'd need the MRI results before he knew more, and it might not be cancer, but he was looking for new lesions. Lily said that the point of the surgery had been to remove her reproductive organs so that the cancer wouldn't return, but the doctor confirmed that it was possible that it would. He added that the test results might be unrelated to her medical history, and he asked her to schedule an MRI that week. The doctor assured Lily and Cane that he wasn't overly concerned, but he pointed out that she was already at the hospital. Cane suggested that she get it done right away, and she agreed to get it over with.

Later, at the Athletic Club, Lily insisted that she was fine, and she said that usually the news was great for a former cancer patient, but sometimes there had to be more tests. Cane imagined that it had been overwhelming to be in the MRI machine with nothing to do but think, but Lily asserted that she had nothing to think about until they knew the results. She added that they had plenty to do for Christmas, because the twins had outrageous lists, and Cane called her amazing for always putting the kids first, even before they had been born. Cane pledged his love and told her that it was all right if she was scared. Her voice broke as she admitted that she was, and he tenderly kissed her hand.

Cane suggested that he and Lily go home, but she refused to hide, and she pointed out that there had been a time that she hadn't thought that she'd live long enough to see the twins being born. She thought that she'd become greedy, because she wanted to be there for every single moment. Cane assured Lily that she'd done everything right, but she chided herself for taking a side trip to fear and self-pity. He said that it was part of the journey, but he'd hold her hand and help her through it. She said that he'd been doing it for years, and she doubted that they had the marriage he'd expected.

Cane swore that he'd appreciated every second he'd had with Lily, and he was adamant that he had everything he wanted. Lily sympathized that people had had their hearts ripped out when they'd lost Delia and Katherine, and she'd thought that their family was safe from tragedy. Cane assured her that they were, but Lily argued that her body might not agree. Cane asserted that they had that moment, and he promised that they'd get through it if they focused on their family. She said that they were supposed to be starting the adventure of a lifetime, and he replied that they were already on it together.

Wednesday, December 12, 2013

Abby visited with Victoria. They discussed Billy and his growing relationship with Kelly. Abby worried because she thought that Billy should turn to Victoria for comfort, but Victoria said that no one, who had not lost a child, really knew how it felt. Victoria said that Kelly, who had lost her son two years before, had been a great help to Billy, who was returning to his family a little more each day and had even gone back to work. Victoria said that all she wanted was for Billy to heal, and she was okay with anyone who could help speed the process.

Victoria asked Abby about Tyler, and Abby said that they had said the L-word to each other. Victoria asked why Abby seemed so sad. Abby said that it was because that was the point where she always screwed up a promising relationship.

Neil met Jack at the Athletic Club. Neil had assumed that it was a business meeting but learned quickly that Jack was worried about slipping and needed support. They talked about the disappointment that both Jack and Summer had experienced after the Thanksgiving trip to see Phyllis. Jack feared that Summer was losing hope.

When Neil asked about Jack, Jack said that he had not lost hope but had assumed that it would be easy to stay clean once he shook his addiction. Instead Jack had found that it was an ongoing battle. Neil agreed and reminded Jack that he would always be available whenever Jack needed to talk. Jack said he had had a good Thanksgiving because most of his family, including Ashley, had gathered.

When Jack asked about Neil's holiday, Neil said that it had been great and that it had been a long time since Neil had been so happy. Jack told Neil that he deserved happiness. Neil showed Jack the ring that he had purchased for Leslie.

Sharon stopped by Jack's office on her way to fill out paperwork with Human Resources. Instead of Jack, she found Hilary. They sparred a little at first, but Sharon was very friendly and very sympathetic to Hilary's plight. Sharon said that she felt lucky to have gotten a second chance and that Hilary should too. Sharon told Hilary that Hilary had to forgive herself instead of worrying about what other people thought.

Hilary said that it was easier said than done, and Sharon agreed. After Sharon left, Hilary, who was looking for a notepad to leave a message for Jack about Sharon's visit, found a bottle of addictive pills in Jack's desk drawer. When Jack arrived back in his office, he noticed that Hilary seemed very distracted as she gave him departmental reports.

When he asked what was bothering her, Hilary told him about looking for a notepad and finding the pills. Jack said that his concern for Phyllis had almost caused him to slip, but he had not because he'd had help from his support system. Hilary advised Jack to get rid of the pills, and Jack said that he planned to do just that. Hilary told Jack that he was very lucky to have such a good support system.

Nikki went to Crimson Lights to see Dylan, but Dylan was not interested. He was polite but distant. When Nikki pushed, Dylan said that he had a life and that his parents were great. Dylan was very blunt when he told Nikki that Penny would be the only mom in his life. Dylan said that he was not open to having Nikki in his life, regardless of what the DNA test had proven.

Nikki was hurt but said that she understood. Nikki told Dylan that if he changed his mind, she would always be open to having him in her life. Avery approached Dylan after Nikki left. He thought that Avery would encourage him to give Nikki a chance. Avery said it was the last thing that she would do. Dylan was relieved that she was not dispensing advice. Avery said that she thought that Nikki was trying to make up for lost time, but Dylan said bitterly that the time was not lost; rather, Nikki had given it away.

Dylan said that he was not an orphan with a void in his life and he wondered out loud why Nikki had decided to tell. Avery replied that Nikki had felt that Dylan deserved to know the truth. Avery then presented Dylan with the research that she had done on his biological father, Ian Ward, but Dylan did not want to know anything about him either. He told Avery to throw away all her research.

Avery said that it could give Dylan closure, but Dylan said that he was tired of being jerked around and everyone telling him what to feel and where he belonged. Avery was frustrated but left the folder on the counter as she departed for work. Dylan picked up the folder and began to read.

Leslie met Tyler at a nearby table and talked about their love lives. Both were in a good place. Leslie kidded Tyler that Abby was the "one," and Tyler agreed that Abby well could be. Tyler said that Abby was as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside. Leslie felt the same way about Neil.

Leslie left to meet Neil, and Abby joined Tyler. She told him about her visit to Victoria and then apologized for freaking out the previous day. Abby told Tyler that he had been right when he said that she was looking for an excuse to bail. Tyler said that he was glad that she had not. Abby said that it was different this time because she felt comfortable being herself, and she knew that she could always be honest. Tyler said that he felt the same way. Abby said that she had not been jealous of Mariah, just a little afraid.

Tyler said that his parents' marriage had been one big lying, cheating mess and he had never understood how people could have an honest open relationship. "Until now?" queried Abby. "Until now," confirmed Tyler as he took Abby's hand.

Neil was practicing his proposal when Leslie arrived at the Athletic Club to meet him. Neil complimented her clothing and told Leslie how beautiful that she was. Leslie wanted to know what Neil was hiding behind his fake innocence and told him to spill the beans. Neil said that it was a surprise, and Leslie would have to wait for hers until Christmas, just like when she was a child.

Leslie responded that the holidays, especially Christmas, had never been a happy time for her because her parents had constantly been screaming and arguing. Neil said that he was going to change that. Leslie replied that he already had. Neil smiled as he told Leslie that she had not seen anything yet.

Nick went to the ranch to see Nikki but found Victor instead. Victor wanted a commitment from Nick to spend Christmas with the family, but Nick caught Victor's manipulative undertones and confronted Victor. Nick accused Victor of trying to get Nick to side with Victor against Nikki. Nick said he refused to lay a guilt trip on Nikki despite the fact that Nick understood that Victor was mad at Nikki for keeping her secret son to herself.

Nick continued that a lot irritated Victor, and Nikki had been worried about how Victor would react. Nick said that Victor did not know what Nikki was going through. Victor replied that if Nikki had only been honest, they would not be going through anything. Nick said that he would not judge his mother by her actions, but added sardonically that it was clear that Victor intended to do just that.

Nikki arrived home at the end of Nick and Victor's interchange. Nick hugged Nikki and told her that he was sorry for his actions. Nikki said that she could have handled the situation better and that she had not intended for Nick to find out in such a shocking manner. Nikki said that she appreciated Nick's understanding, but he asked rhetorically what kind of hypocrite he would be if he did anything else.

Victoria burst in and asked if it was a bad time. Victor said that any time his family was together it was a good time. Victoria noted that some family members were absent. Nick said he had to leave, and Victoria offered to walk him out. Victoria told Nick that Dylan had been a very good friend to Billy, and she appreciated it. Victoria reminded Nick that what had happened to him had not been Dylan's fault, and she hoped that Nick could get over his upset with Dylan and that they could be a family.

Victoria said that Nick was her hero and best friend because he had always had her back. Nick asked about Dylan. Victoria said that she would like Dylan to be a friend and part of her family. She added that it would not change anything between Victoria and Nick, but Nick said that it felt like it already had.

Victoria shared the gist of that conversation with Nikki and Victor. Nikki was delighted that Victoria was willing to accept Dylan into the family, but Victor was not. Victoria's claim that Dylan had been a good friend to Billy had Victor fuming as he said that hell would freeze over before he accepted ether man into his family. Victoria merely replied that Dylan would always be welcome in her family. Nikki and Victor remained distant from each other as Victoria headed for home.

Nick helped Sharon get Christmas decorations from her attic. Sharon mentioned how quickly the year had seemed to pass. Nick told Sharon that she had progressed a long way in a year. Sharon said that she had been a wreck before, but she wanted to focus on having a nice Christmas and moving forward with her new job. Nick said that he was glad that Sharon would be there for Summer.

Sharon said that she was sorry for all of Nick's woes. Nick ruefully admitted that he was to blame for all the problems he was having with the women in his life. Sharon said that was not true. She told Nick to stop beating himself up for things that were not his fault. Sharon reminded Nick that he was a good man who did not deserve what had happened to him. When Nick thanked her, Sharon added that she wished that she could do more.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

At the Underground, Summer participated in a photo shoot with another model, Esmerelda. Sharon wanted to confirm that the girls were drinking root beer and not alcohol, and Chloe stepped in to perform a sobriety check. Sharon informed Nick that Faith wanted some pictures to see what a photo shoot was like, because Faith was dying to walk in her big sister's shoes, and Nick commented that it seemed like Summer had just been playing dress-up. Chloe overheard and recounted that Delia had done the same thing, and she marveled that Delia had wanted to be everything from an actress to an astronaut.

Chloe apologized for mentioning Delia, but Sharon understood the instinct to try to put people at ease, and Chloe realized that Sharon and Nick had lost a child, too. Nick assured Chloe that there was no right or wrong way for her to feel, and he encouraged her to mourn however she needed to. Sharon suggested that Chloe share stories about Delia, and she admitted that she still got emotional when she spoke about Cassie, but it made her happy to share what she remembered. Sharon urged a grateful Chloe to hold on to her memories of Delia.

Nick praised Sharon for being great with Chloe, and Sharon said that she still thought about what she could have done differently on the night Cassie had died. Nick sadly remembered sitting in the hospital room, holding Cassie's hand and watching her take her last breath. He said that he'd fought hard to hold on to Summer because he hadn't been able to stand the thought of saying goodbye. Sharon sympathized that he'd had a difficult year, and he blamed himself for wanting to be the father Summer deserved and the man Avery loved, when both women had belonged to other people.

Chloe asked if Summer was all right, because Summer didn't look focused. Summer insisted that she was fine, and Chloe offered to let her take a break whenever she needed one. Summer asked if Jack had called, and Chloe promised that it wouldn't be a repeat of the last shoot. Summer said that she could handle it and that she didn't want special treatment just because her dad was the CEO. Summer added that she wanted to work to take her mind off of the drama in her life, and Chloe said that she understood, but she wished that other people did, too.

Esmerelda offered Summer a contact number for pick-me-up pills, and she noted that it looked like Summer could use one. Summer said that she wasn't into drugs, but Esmerelda insisted that it was just an energy pill and that Summer would need if it she wanted to keep her job. Summer replied that it wouldn't be a problem, and Esmerelda remarked that Summer's daddy would find a place for her, but it wouldn't be in front of the camera if Summer kept taking lousy pictures.

Nick asked Sharon how it felt to be in the modeling world again, and she said that although it was painful on her feet, it was good. He remembered that her feet had always hurt after photo shoots, but she said that it was worth it to have a purpose. Summer stopped by their table to say goodbye, and Nick commended her for doing a good job. Sharon asked what Esmerelda had wanted, and Summer claimed that the model had offered some tips on Summer's photos. Sharon said that Summer didn't need tips or anything else from Esmerelda, and Nick said that he hoped to see Summer again soon.

Summer hastily exited, and Nick thanked Sharon for looking out for Summer. Nick lamented that it would be a long time before Summer trusted him again, and he asked if Sharon could try to get Summer to open up. Sharon inquired whether there had been any update about Phyllis' prognosis, and Nick contemplated how many times Jack had gone to Georgia, praying to see the strong, vital woman Jack had been about to marry, only to return home alone. Nick added that Avery and Phyllis had just been starting to repair their relationship, and Phyllis' accident hadn't been fair to anyone. Nick continued to speak about how he couldn't make up for his mistakes unless Phyllis awakened, and Sharon snapped at him to shut up.

Sharon apologized for her reaction, but she said that it was hard to listen to Nick put Phyllis on a pedestal while tearing himself down. She pointed out that Phyllis had ruthlessly blackmailed and cheated, and then Phyllis had made Nick out to be a terrible person because of the switched paternity test, but Phyllis had drugged Danny and led him to believe that Daniel had been his son for years. Sharon contended that while what Nick had done hadn't been right, it had been no worse than what Phyllis or Sharon had done. Later, over the phone, Nick ordered a dollhouse and arranged for delivery. He decided to throw in a heated foot spa, too.

At Sharon's home, Cassie appeared and chided Sharon for almost blowing it. Sharon incredulously asked what Cassie was doing there, and Cassie reprimanded her for going off about Phyllis. Sharon said that she wasn't supposed to see Cassie anymore, but Cassie mentioned that Sharon had just told Chloe to think about her daughter. Cassie added that Sharon had needed Cassie to return, because Sharon felt guilty for what had happened with Phyllis and for letting Nick believe that Summer wasn't his daughter.

Sharon declared that she had nothing to feel guilty about, because Phyllis' fall had been an accident. Cassie argued that changing the paternity test hadn't been, but Sharon didn't want to talk about it, because she was on her meds and her life was on track. Cassie warned that Sharon would be haunted by her secret every day of her life, and Sharon questioned whether Cassie thought that she should tell Nick the truth. Sharon worried that Nick would hate her, but Cassie said that it was the only way for Sharon to get better.

At the penthouse, Chelsea returned from the photo shoot, and she was surprised when she spotted a bare pine tree across the room. Adam explained that it was their son's first Christmas, and he thought that they should do it right, even though Connor was too young to appreciate it. Chelsea gushed that it was never too early to start making happy memories, and Adam replied that it was never too late, either. He mentioned that the prior Christmas hadn't gone very well because he'd been a jerk, and he wanted to make up for it. He added that there was a lot he'd do differently if he could go back and do it over again.

Chelsea rattled off a long list of decorations she wanted, including a gingerbread house and a "baby's first Christmas" ornament. Adam showed her the string lights and ornaments that he'd found in the storage closet, and she surmised that they had been Victor and Nikki's decorations. Adam went to check the storage closet again to see if there was anything else, and the doorbell rang.

Chelsea invited Kevin in, and he asked how things had been between Chelsea and Chloe at the shoot. Chelsea reported that it was as if the prior day hadn't happened, and Kevin said that he understood why Chelsea had been worried about her child being missing. Adam overheard and demanded to know what had happened, and Chelsea hesitantly revealed that Connor had been gone just long enough for her to consider calling the police.

Chelsea said that she'd jumped to conclusions, but Connor had never been in danger. She explained that she'd called Kevin after she'd returned home to an empty house, but Chloe had simply taken Connor for a drive when the baby had been fussy. Kevin regretted alarming Chelsea by saying that Chloe shouldn't spend time with Connor, and he said that he'd only voiced his concern because he was tired of seeing Chloe in pain. He apologized for sticking his nose in, and he left. Adam wondered why Chelsea had called Kevin instead of Adam, and she claimed that she hadn't wanted to press the panic button. Chelsea asked if everything was still okay between her and Adam.

Adam said that he wanted Chelsea to be open with him, and he contended that Chelsea could have told him that Chloe had taken Connor. Chelsea admitted that she had been afraid that Adam would think that she'd been a bad mom, because it had been her choice to leave Connor with Chloe. He asked if Chelsea had expected him to try to cut her out of Connor's life or resume his fight for custody, and she pointed out that he'd done it before. Adam declared that he knew what he wanted, and he wouldn't let anything stop him from getting it.

Later, Chelsea reported that all the bulbs were working, but she voted buy new ones the following year, because she didn't want untangling lights to become a tradition. Adam put on his coat and said that there was something he had to do, and she complained that they were supposed to decorate together. He offered to pick up a "baby's first Christmas" ornament while he was out, and she jokingly told him not to return without a gingerbread house.

At the police station, Paul guzzled coffee, and Christine urged him to go home and get some sleep. He asked how he was supposed to rest when two of his closest friends were in the middle of a murder investigation, but she thought that clearing his head could help. She focused on the fact that Michael and Fen were out of prison, but Paul wondered how long it would last, because he was sure that one of them would end up back in prison for killing Carmine. Christine pointed out that the Baldwins had been wrong to take the law into their own hands, but Paul argued that Carmine had needed to be stopped.

Christine contended that a civilian couldn't expect to gun someone down and walk away unpunished, but Paul countered that the shooter had most likely killed Carmine in self-defense. Christine grumbled that it would be next to impossible to prove due to Michael's interference, and she suggested that they go through the night of the murder one more time. They rehashed that only Michael's prints had been found on the gun and that Michael had shot the wall to test positive for gunshot residue. Christine guessed that Michael had done it to divert suspicion from Fen, and she asked about the crime scene photos, but Paul reported that they were still missing.

Paul mentioned that a medical examiner's apprentice had done a careless job with the autopsy report, and the whole case had been a sloppy mess, in part because Paul had instructed Alex to mark it closed. Paul recognized that Michael had just been protecting his family, and Christine knew that Paul was familiar with being in that position. Paul said that he couldn't change what had happened to Ricky, and he hoped that things would be different for Fen, but he didn't think that it would end well for anyone involved.

Christine said that the case didn't add up, and Paul acknowledged that the evidence might not point to anyone but Michael. Christine opined that it wouldn't be a bad thing if the case never got solved, but Paul recalled that he'd taken an oath, and he owed it to the public to find the truth. Christine called him a good guy, and they kissed. Later, Paul went through the evidence list, and he pulled bagged pieces of evidence from a box. One of the bags contained a sobriety chip.

At Crimson Lights, Lauren asked if she should be offended that Fen had preferred to go there instead of having her cook for him at home. He remarked that the coffeehouse's food had taste, and Lauren defended that she'd been watching Michael's high blood pressure by cutting back on the salt. Fen said that he'd never complain about her food again after being in jail, and Michael concurred that the prison had terrible food, but it wasn't even remotely the worst part about being there. Fen insisted that Michael never should have confessed, but Michael replied that he would do it again to protect Fen. Fen said that the only way out was for him to disappear.

Fen argued that Christine and Paul would dig until they found out that Michael wasn't guilty, and Fen would wind up back in prison. Fen fretted that it was only a matter of time until the police pieced it together, and he thought that the only option was to run away. Fen continued that he'd barely made it through his sentence, and he couldn't face years of incarceration. Michael warned that Fen's sentence could be doubled if Fen forced the cops to go on a manhunt, but Fen swore that he'd rather die than go back. Fen reasoned that he'd be dead either way, but at least running would buy him some time.

Fen sullenly pushed his plate of uneaten food away, and Michael said that Fen was tougher than Fen thought. Fen argued that rehab had taught him otherwise, but Michael pointed out that he'd seen how Fen had handled himself with the other inmates. Fen pointed out that it had been before everyone had found out that he was the son of the former D.A., and every guy who Michael had put away had wanted to send Michael a message at Fen's expense. Michael swore that Fen wouldn't have to go back, and he asked Fen to promise not to run.

Kevin arrived and congratulated Fen on his release. Fen's phone rang, and he said that he wanted to meet Summer. Michael insisted on spending time with Fen, but Lauren allowed Fen to go. After Fen left, Kevin asked why Fen had seemed miserable, and Michael explained that it would take Fen a while to adjust, but Kevin suspected that Michael was holding something back. Michael said that he was worried about Fen going back to prison, but Kevin asserted that no one had believed Fen's confession, because it didn't make sense that someone of Fen's size could overpower Carmine. Michael replied that all that mattered was what the police could prove.

Chloe found Kevin at the counter at Crimson Lights, and Kevin reported that Fen had gotten a better offer from Summer. Chloe voiced her concern about Summer, and she looked over at Michael and Lauren and noted that everyone seemed anxious. Chloe asked if Kevin had plans later, because she wanted to make up for canceling dinner the night before, and she suggested corn dogs and indoor miniature golf. She explained that Delia had tried hard to get them back together, so it was only fitting that they go to one of Delia's favorite places. Kevin thought that Delia would have liked the idea.

Lauren conceded that Fen might have a point, and she thought that living on the run could be better than prison. Lauren suggested that she and Michael go with Fen, and Michael asked if she'd lost her mind. She said that she wanted Fen to be safe, and Michael advised her not to jump off the deep end, because Fen might never be convicted. Lauren worried that Fen had confessed, but Michael argued that there was no physical evidence linking Fen to the murder.

Lauren hesitated to put her family's fate into a justice system that had allowed Carmine to escape, and she wished that the police would realize that Fen had done the world a favor. Michael wanted to stand and fight, because they had money and friends who could help acquit Fen. Michael cited various precedents that had been set when killers had walked because of the victim's crimes before the murder, and Lauren kissed him and praised him for never giving up. Michael proclaimed that he never would when his family was involved.

Summer and Fen walked through the park, and he nervously looked around. She noticed that he seemed quiet, and he compared himself to a mouse, just like his nickname in prison. He carefully eyed a stranger walking by, and Summer observed his odd behavior and asked if he was using again, because he was fidgety and anxious. He swore that he wasn't on drugs, but he couldn't let his guard down for a second. Summer insisted that no one would jump him in the park, but he said that everyone who Michael had put away was after Fen.

Summer assured Fen that the convicts were in jail, but Fen worried that the prisoners had friends on the outside. Fen thought that he had to leave town and disappear, because the cops would lock him up again for what he'd done to Carmine. Summer asked what had happened to him in prison, but Fen replied that it was better if he didn't tell her. He tried to walk away, but she begged him to stay and fight. Fen said that it wouldn't help, because there were people after him and others who he owed, and he couldn't be there when they wanted to collect.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Adam visited the nonprofit organization where Kelly worked, and he asked to have some paperwork processed as soon as possible. Kelly recalled that she'd interrupted Billy and Adam's conversation at On the Boulevard, and she introduced herself as Kelly Andrews. She remembered overhearing Adam say something about tracking down the person responsible for Delia's accident, but Adam turned the topic back to the paperwork. She looked at the documents, and she was stunned to learn that Adam wanted to establish a memorial foundation in Delia's name.

Kelly noted that Adam had selected a worthy cause and had provided a generous donation to start the foundation. He asked if that was it, and Kelly said that he needed to write a mission statement to explain why he'd started the foundation. She made an offhand suggestion about what the statement might say, and he said that it was perfect and quickly scribbled it down. She remarked that Delia's parents would appreciate the gesture in their daughter's memory, but Adam was adamant that he didn't want anyone to know that he'd had any part in it.

Kelly wondered why Adam wanted to remain anonymous when he and Billy were friends, but Adam simply asked if it could be done. Kelly pointed out that she'd want to know if someone were doing it for her, and she mentioned that she'd also lost a child. Adam said that he was sorry for her loss, and she explained that when someone went through such a tragedy, the feelings of frustration could be overwhelming, but it helped to know that there was good in the world. Kelly recognized that her job was just to process the paperwork, and she stated that it was his choice to remain anonymous.

Kelly informed Adam that the foundation would be up and running in a few days and that Delia's parents would be notified once it was. Adam insisted that no one ever know of his involvement, and she confirmed that it would be kept confidential. She asked if he had children, and he replied that he had a son. Kelly said that Adam's son would be proud, even if his son never knew what a hero his dad was.

At the penthouse, Chelsea decorated the tree, and as she searched through boxes from storage, she found a jewelry box with a set of wedding rings inside. Chelsea slipped on one of the rings and flashed back to saying her wedding vows to Adam and to his pledge to always love her. She took off the ring and put it away.

Adam returned home, and Chelsea proudly presented him with the tree. He complimented her efforts, and she asked where the "baby's first Christmas" ornament was. Adam claimed that the place he'd stopped by hadn't had one, and she noted that he'd been gone long enough to go to three places. She wondered where he'd been, but he silenced her with a kiss. Chelsea said that it was fine if Adam didn't tell her where he'd been, because she didn't have the right to ask, since they weren't together, but he asserted that they could be anything they wanted to be.

Adam mentioned that he and Chelsea had agreed to take things slowly, but they loved Connor and shared a home, and they looked like a family to him. He suggested that they make it a real one, because he didn't want to go on thinking that he didn't deserve them. Adam acknowledged that he could never wipe the slate clean and that the bad things he'd done would always outweigh the good, but he could try to balance things out. He said that he felt as if a weight had been lifted, and he could see what was possible. "What do you say?" he asked. She leaned in and kissed him again, and they began to make love.

Cane stopped by the ranch to see Victor to discuss a business matter that was also personal to Cane. Victor reminded Cane that they'd severed business ties when Cane hadn't stayed on at Newman-Chancellor, and he clarified that the job offer was no longer open. Cane explained that when he'd headed up Chancellor, he'd been inspired to expand the biotech division after Katherine had gotten sick. Victor mentioned that the division was in the red, but Cane asserted that the research gains outweighed the financials. Victor argued that he was in business to make money, but Cane countered that the positive press could create a halo effect, and he'd set up the division for Chancellor to find solutions to common health crises, like new cancer treatments.

Victor said that everyone had been touched by someone's cancer in some way, and he immediately thought of Delia's leukemia. Cane mentioned that a company he'd acquired had experienced success with patients who hadn't had positive results with conventional treatments, and while he understood the company wasn't profitable, he implored Victor not to cut it loose. Instead, Cane urged Victor to increase funding so that they could find a breakthrough, and Victor agreed that he would take a look into it at the beginning of the year. Cane blurted out that they couldn't afford to wait, and Victor asked if Lily's cancer had recurred.

Cane said that he wanted to make sure that Lily stayed cancer-free, and Victor mentioned that Ashley was also a cancer survivor. Victor said that he was already funding research for MS, and he would gladly write a check if he knew it would result in a cure, but he understood that it could take a while for research to bear fruit. Victor promised that he would pull the files for Bonaventure Industries and take a look at them the next time he was in the office.

At the Athletic Club, Lily informed Devon that she'd seen a blurb about how he'd been a party animal at a club opening the night before. Devon replied that he hadn't attended, and she assumed that he didn't want to discuss his big night out, but he insisted that there was nothing to tell. She rambled off a list of things she had to do, and he questioned whether she had to complete everything that day. Lily said that she felt like she did.

Devon asked why Lily was acting more manic than usual, and she replied that she had a lot on her mind. Hilary arrived, and Lily huffed that the club would let anyone in. Hilary recognized that there was nothing she could say or do to make up for the hurt she'd caused, but she pointed out that they were bound to run into one another, and she suggested that they agree to ignore each other. Hilary added that life was too short to spend it fighting, and Lily testily inquired whether Hilary had been snooping around again. "Why don't you get your skinny ass on your broomstick and fly out of town?" Lily hissed.

Lily contemplated how Hilary had never been punished when good people had to go through all sorts of trials, and Hilary insisted that she was ashamed of her actions, but she was trying to turn her life around. Lily ranted that she could never get back the hours she'd wasted being angry over the evil lies Hilary had posted, and Hilary calmly advised Lily not to cause a scene. Lily flew into a rage, and Devon told Lily to back off. Hilary admitted that what she'd done had been deplorable, but she defended that pain could make a person do crazy things. She cautioned Lily not to let anger blind her regarding what really mattered, and she walked away.

Devon pointed out that Lily's anger wasn't good for anyone, and Lily explained that she had a problem that she couldn't solve, but she had been looking for answers in the wrong place. Lily reported that her MRI hadn't turned up any lesions, but she had to repeat her blood test in a month. Devon sympathized that she had to wait that long to feel relieved, and he commented that he'd hoped to never mention cancer again. She said that she was trying to stay positive, because she had every reason to believe that everything was okay.

Devon took Lily's hand and called her a rock star, and she replied that she didn't feel like one, but she thanked him. He asked what he could do, and she asked him not to tell Neil, because Neil would only worry about what might be nothing. Cane arrived and asked Lily how she was doing, and she informed him that Devon knew everything, but she felt fine, especially because of the support from two of her favorite men. Cane remarked that she had more support than she was aware of.

Billy and Victoria took Johnny to see Santa, and Billy told Johnny not to be scared, but if the tot cried and screamed, then they'd just laugh at the picture when he got older. Victoria said that she was glad that Billy had joined them, but she understood if he had changed his mind. Billy refused to miss the chance to see Santa, and Victoria asked what Billy wanted from Santa for Christmas.

Billy and Victoria returned home, and she reported that the visit with Santa had worn Johnny out. She noticed that Billy was staring at the unassembled Christmas tree stand, and he explained that he'd started putting it together so they could get a tree later, but he just hadn't been able to follow through with it. He said that plastering a fake smile on his face during Johnny's visit to Santa had hurt, and he felt like someone else's voice had been speaking from his mouth. Billy admitted that he was only going through the motions, and he didn't know how to celebrate the holidays without the one person who had loved them the most.

Victoria insisted that she and Billy didn't have to get a tree or presents, and she reasoned that Johnny wouldn't realize what day it was. Billy said that Johnny deserved to have Christmas and all the trimmings, but he didn't know if he could be a part of it. He swore that he was trying to be the man she needed him to be, but he was lying to everyone by pretending to get better, and the only place he was honest was at the support group. Billy disclosed that there was a meeting that afternoon, and he was thinking about going. Victoria encouraged him to attend, and he kissed her. She declared that she didn't need the tree and all the trimmings, because Billy was all she had ever needed.

Victoria stopped by the ranch and showed Victor a picture of Johnny with Santa. Victor asked if everything was all right with her and Billy, and she pointed out that Billy was going through a lot. Victor invited Victoria and Johnny to spend the holidays there, but she insisted on staying home with Billy to celebrate the way the holidays were meant to be celebrated, in the spirit of compassion and love. Victor said that he had compassion for a lot of people, but it was hard to have positive feelings for certain others.

Victoria carried Johnny into Crimson Lights, where she observed the festive decorations and a plate of complimentary cookies on the counter. She tearfully cuddled Johnny and said that she loved him.

In the park, Billy told Kelly that it had been tough to listen to everyone's accounts of the first holiday season after losing a kid, and Kelly confessed that she was dreading the next few weeks. She pondered going someplace where no one celebrated the holidays or throwing herself into work. He asked whether she thought about returning to teaching, and she replied that she might if she could spend eight hours around children without thinking about Sam. Kelly added that her nonprofit work reminded her that there were good people in the world, and Billy didn't blame her for not going back to her old job. She commented that a place that once had felt right had suddenly felt very wrong, and Billy compared it to how he felt when he was in his own home.

Billy said that he should get going, and Kelly asked if something was wrong when he didn't get up. He confided that he didn't think he was ready to go home yet, and he asked if she wanted to get some coffee. She said that she was tired of coffee, but she was in the mood for something stronger. He announced that he knew the perfect place for a drink, and she told him to lead the way.

Jill summoned Jack to the Chancellor mansion to talk about how to topple Victor's empire. She contended that Newman-Chancellor was a behemoth, and while they didn't have enough dynamite to blow it all up at once, there was no reason why they couldn't dismantle it brick by brick. Jack marveled at the thought of joining forces with Jill to take down "the Moustache," and she remarked that it would be a first for them to work on the same team. They reflected upon their rocky past, and Jack hoped that they both got what they wanted. Jill thought that they could accomplish anything if they worked together, even if their bond was over hatred toward Victor.

Jill informed Jack that after Katherine had named Cane CEO, Cane had asked Jill to head the biotech division. Jill grumbled that Cane had merely thrown her a bone after Katherine had screwed her over, and Jack noted that Jill was still bitter. Jill groused that she could barely pay for an enormous estate that she couldn't sell, and the music box hadn't been worth the time to dust. Jack pointed out that Katherine had called the box her most prized possession, but Jill declared that she was over its metaphysical meaning, and she announced that she'd sold it online to get it out of her life for good.

Jill said that putting a mole in Victor's organization hadn't been a bad idea, but searching through a huge enterprise like Newman-Chancellor was like navigating the forest without a map. She stated that the solution had been sitting in front of them the whole time, and she revealed that Cane had been adamant that Chancellor acquire Bonaventure Industries. She said that Bonaventure hadn't been performing well and had been hemorrhaging cash, but Cane had thought that in time, it would turn a profit. Jill divulged that the scientists hadn't been accustomed to having pressure from deadlines, so they'd started to cut corners.

Jill explained that Katherine had died before Jill could voice her concerns, and then Victor had inherited Chancellor. Jack realized that Bonaventure was the weak link in Newman-Chancellor, and Jill suggested that with the right spin, they could portray it as an unethical subsidiary that did shoddy research and prematurely pushed drugs into human trials. She speculated that the FDA might be interested, and she contended that it was their public duty as concerned citizens to tip them off. Jill added that even if the FDA found nothing, the damage in the press would be done.

Jill said that she and Jack could have Kyle get current information about Bonaventure, and Jack imagined the possibility that Victor's clients would bail upon reading the bad press, destabilizing Newman-Chancellor in the process. Jack mused that once the first domino fell, the rest would follow, and Jill declared that they would swoop in and pick up the pieces.

Later, Victor ordered tequila at the Athletic Club bar, and Jack amicably greeted him. Victor suspiciously asked when Jack had ever been happy to see him, and Jack attributed it to holiday cheer. Victor crowed that Victor had had a wonderful year, and Jack said that he looked forward to changes in the future. Victor implied that Jack would hit the bottle or pop pills, but Jack simply wished Victor a happy holiday, because Jack intended to have a jolly one.

Hilary stopped by the Chancellor mansion, but Jill informed her that Jack had just left. Hilary handed over a package she'd found at the front door, and Jill remarked that she hadn't been expecting anything. Jill opened it and found the music box inside.

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