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Hope agreed to sever ties with Wyatt and marry Liam. Steffy arrived for a quick visit, and Quinn hopped on the Forrester jet to convince Steffy to fight for Liam. Ridge returned to Los Angeles.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 9, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, December 9, 2013

In the Forrester CEO's office, Ricardo met with Eric, Quinn, and Wyatt to collect the diamond. Satisfied that Wyatt had gotten notoriety for the stone, Ricardo announced that some of his contacts in India wanted to meet Hope and Wyatt immediately to discuss showcasing more pieces. Wyatt was delighted with the prospect of getting away with Hope.

After Ricardo took off with the diamond, Wyatt remarked that he'd told Hope that he'd give her that diamond someday, but it had left the building. The talk with Ricardo had given Wyatt some ideas for his evening with Hope, and he was anxious to get to work on them.

Eric asked if things were going well with Hope. Wyatt believed they had a long way to go, but he had the incentive he needed through all he and Hope had accomplished. Wyatt said that, with Hope by his side, the sky was the limit. For Wyatt, it was more than chemistry; it was his future, and he planned to fight for it. "There's no way I'm giving up the best thing that's ever happened to me," he concluded.

Wyatt left, and Eric wondered what was next. Quinn guessed that it was India for Hope and Wyatt. Eric asked what was next for Quinn, and Quinn showed him a small box. She opened it to reveal some gold-crafted cufflinks with his initials on them.

As Quinn fastened the jewelry to his cuffs, Eric asked if she was contemplating cufflinks for the men's line. She thought it was a possibility but said their partnership could go places that they hadn't even thought of yet. Eric said the cufflinks were stunning, but she'd thanked him enough. Quinn didn't think it was possible to thank Eric enough.

Eric said he'd given Quinn the chance, but she'd run with it. Quinn felt that she couldn't have gotten the international exposure on her own and said she'd finally replaced her gas-guzzling car with an electric car, thanks to Eric. Eric was glad to have helped the Fullers and the planet at the same time.

Quinn said Eric had inspired her and Wyatt. She'd never seen her son so determined. She knew that Wyatt would do all he'd promised to do for Hope. Eric asked if Quinn were convinced that there was a future for those two. Quinn was, and she believed that Hope would be, too, by the night's end.

In Brooke's backyard, Liam declared that he was ready to make it official with Hope before anything else could get between them. He was over all the waiting, Wyatt's games, and Quinn's obsessions. Gasping, Hope said that Liam was giving her an ultimatum in which she'd either severe ties with Wyatt and marry Liam, or -- "Or don't," Liam concluded with a simple tone.

In Brooke's living room later, Hope told Liam that she wanted very much to agree to his request. Liam asked her to give him a reason not to. She said she'd realized that she'd let the thing with Wyatt go on for too long; however, business was involved, and Quinn and Wyatt had worked very hard.

"Harder than us?" Liam asked. Hope started to say that Quinn and Wyatt were finally in a place; however, Liam completed her sentence with, "where they could have everything they've ever wanted in their lives..." He asked if it sounded familiar to Hope. Liam was done waiting and felt that they either had to move forward, "or..." Sighing, Liam said she had to cut Wyatt out.

Hope decided that Liam was right, and there was no good reason that they couldn't get married. Listing Steffy, Bill, and Amber, Liam concluded that his and Hope's problems had ended, and he wanted to spend his life with only Hope. Liam felt that they had nothing to prove to each other anymore, and they just had to cut out the distractions and focus on each other.

Liam said he was focused on Hope, which was all she'd ever wanted from him. Sighing, he decided that he'd asked her one more time. Before he could speak, Hope stated, "Nothing. I'm not waiting for anything. So let's do it. Let's get married."

Liam grinned and asked if Hope was sure. Smiling back, Hope asserted that she didn't want to wait any longer, and she wanted to marry him. Liam quickly swept her in for a kiss. Incredulously, he asked if there were really no reservations. "Not about you, but..." Hope replied.

Hope asked if breaking the contract with Quinn and Wyatt was really necessary. Liam replied that he wished he could trust the mother and son for Hope's sake, but he just didn't. Hope said that Wyatt had promised to respect her marriage. Liam responded that he was unsure about Quinn.

Hope admitted that Quinn had taken things a little far. Liam remarked that once Quinn heard about the wedding, she'd probably think she hadn't gone far enough. He also thought that Wyatt would go after Hope even harder. Hope offered to have Caroline become the liaison with Quinn's company, but Liam said that Caroline could also find another jewelry designer.

Hope was worried because the partnership had been huge for the Fullers, but Liam reasoned that it could be huge for someone else who deserved it. Hope added that Eric really liked working with Quinn. Liam remarked that Quinn probably had the same ideas about Eric as Wyatt had about Hope.

Liam felt that something was wrong with Quinn and Wyatt, and cutting them out was the only way to keep them from harming Hope and Liam. Hope was still worried about the Fullers' business, but Liam figured that the business was going so well that Quinn and Wyatt didn't even need Forrester any longer. "Not like I need you," Liam added.

"...Okay..." Hope decided. Liam kissed her, and she said she'd talk to Wyatt that night when she saw him. Liam stiffened, asking if she and Wyatt had plans. Hope said Wyatt had wanted to see her, and Liam asked if he should go with her to be the bad guy. Hope assured Liam that she could handle it. Liam asked Hope to "come home" afterward, where they'd celebrate and talk about the wedding.

Hope decided that Liam was right; everything had been dealt with, even Steffy. Hope didn't feel as if she was sharing him anymore, and she promised that he wouldn't have to share her, either.

At Wyatt's place, Wyatt busily decorated his living room with India-inspired décor. He also had Indian food, Bollywood movies, and India-themed music.

When Hope arrived, she was amazed by Wyatt's elaborately decorated home. She called it exotic, but he said he'd been going for romantic. It looked like the Taj Mahal to her, and he asked if she wanted to go there. Wyatt excitedly revealed that they'd been invited to India, and he asked if she wanted to do another getaway with just the two of them.

Wyatt conveyed that Ricardo and his friends had been impressed by Wyatt and Hope. Wyatt imagined that it was just the beginning because jewel holders worldwide wanted to see them. There were many places he wanted to show Hope, and talking to Ricardo had filled Wyatt with possibilities.

Wyatt took Hope's hands and said they were at the beginning of something. Hope quietly slipped her hands away. He figured she was sad about having to return the diamond, but he assured her that there were other jewels for them to find. Hope replied that it wasn't about the diamond.

Hope relayed that she and Liam had talked earlier about their wedding, and he'd given her an ultimatum. Wyatt said that it sucked, and he was sorry. She replied that she was, too, but she had to end her relationship with Wyatt and his company. Wyatt said Liam had tried that before, but Hope insisted that she couldn't work with Wyatt.

Wyatt got upset, saying he and Hope were a great team, and profits were good. Wyatt stated that Liam couldn't do it. "I'm doing it. Not him. I'm doing it," Hope asserted.

Hope grew emotional and said everything that they'd done to that point had put things in motion business-wise. Wyatt insisted that it was the reason they had to keep going. Hope responded that he could keep going, but he and his mother didn't need Forrester anymore.

Wyatt asked about him and Hope. Hope wished that she and Wyatt could be friends, "but Liam thinks -- " Wyatt cut her off, saying he didn't care what Liam thought. Hope replied that she cared what Liam thought because he'd be her husband. She declared that she and Wyatt had to end it professionally and personally, and she couldn't see Wyatt anymore.

Wyatt stated that it was "so wrong," but Hope responded that what she'd done to Liam had been wrong. Wyatt said that spending time with him had made her happy, but she replied that it hadn't been fair. Wyatt argued that "this" wasn't fair to her or to him.

Hope insisted that she and Wyatt couldn't see each other anymore, but Wyatt refused to accept it. He kissed her, and she kissed him back. When Hope pulled away, Wyatt declared, "Not a chance."

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

by Pam

At Wyatt's place, Wyatt begged Hope to reconsider her decision to marry Liam and break all ties to Wyatt and Quinn -- including business ties. Wyatt refused to believe that Hope could let everything they had go. Wyatt noted that he and Hope had had many happy months together.

Hope agreed, but she pointed out that she'd had happy years -- not months -- with Liam. Hope told Wyatt that Liam was going to make a great husband and father, and she loved him. Wyatt objected, but Hope said, "I am ready for this."

Wyatt called Liam Yoga Boy, and Hope interrupted that Wyatt's disrespect for Liam wasn't funny. Wyatt begged Hope not to allow Liam to pressure Hope into marriage. Wyatt reminded Hope that Liam had always found a way to break his trust with Hope.

Hope told Wyatt that he was funny and handsome and easy to fall in love with. Wyatt refused to give up. He said that he knew they had something special. He could feel it every time they kissed. Hope agreed, but she announced that she was marrying Liam.

Wyatt maintained that their relationship was not over. It had only just begun, and he wanted to be closer to her. He had wanted to touch her, grab her, and he knew she wanted the same thing. Wyatt encouraged Hope to go with her feelings and not feel guilty because of Liam. Wyatt blamed Liam for stringing Hope along for years. Wyatt maintained that he had fallen in love with Hope with only one kiss. "There will never be a Steffy with me," he said.

Hope advised that Steffy was no longer a threat to Hope. Wyatt reminded Hope what Liam had done to her, and Hope said that she had punished Liam for it, but she wanted that to end.

Wyatt maintained that he had wanted to travel with Hope and have fun. Hope said that Wyatt would be a wonderful catch for someone else. Wyatt insisted that they belonged together. He kissed her passionately, and they fell back on the couch, groping each other.

"This is wrong," Hope said, insisting, "We have to stop." Wyatt argued, but Hope announced that she was marrying his brother.

Wyatt tried to persuade Hope that they needed to explore their relationship because of the feelings they had for each other. Hope said that Wyatt was special and wonderful. She regretted disappointing him, but she had made up her mind. Hope promised that Quinn and Wyatt would have other contracts. Wyatt argued that it wasn't the business he had been worried about.

Wyatt professed his love for Hope, and Hope admitted that she loved Wyatt. "But I love your brother more," she said. "I'm sorry. Goodbye, Wyatt," she insisted. Hope left and cried outside his apartment.

At Liam's house, Bill and Liam discussed their living arrangements. Liam said that one of them would have to move out because Liam was getting married. Bill teased that he wondered where Liam would live. Liam explained that he had given Hope an ultimatum about marriage and booting Quinn and Liam out of Forrester.

Bill congratulated Liam for standing his ground. Liam noted that Wyatt was receiving the unhappy news while Bill and Liam were chatting. Bill warned that Wyatt would fight for his relationship with Hope. Liam said that it didn't matter because Hope was marrying Liam.

Bill questioned Liam's decision, and Liam noted that Bill had always maintained that Steffy was the whole package for Liam, but Liam said that Hope was the package he needed. Bill agreed to support Liam no matter who he chose to marry. Bill added that Liam should not underestimate Wyatt -- who would not give up without a fight.

Bill asked for help in sending an email with an animated stallion in it to Brooke. Liam said that it made him terribly uncomfortable, but Bill insisted that Liam had to help him. Liam refused after he had seen what Bill wanted. Bill was insistent, and Liam showed him how to send the animated horse, but Liam left the room and said he needed a shower. He warned Bill to take a cold shower and stop sending emails.

Bill sent the message with the animated stallion to Brooke. Bill laughed and was quite satisfied with himself.

At Brooke's, Donna and Brooke looked at the stallion emails that Bill had sent recently when the new one showed up in Brooke's email files. Brooke told Donna that Bill had behaved like a teenager. Brooke maintained that it had to stop. Brooke called Bill via face chat and told him to stop.

Bill whinnied at Brooke. She wondered if it was some kind of courting ritual like a horse. Bill wondered if had worked, and Brooke laughed. "Bill, what I am I going to do with you?" she asked. Brooke hung up.

Brooke talked to Donna about the emails, and Donna noted that Brooke had been flattered. Brooke agreed, but she said her relationship with Katie was more important. Donna left, and Brooke recalled Bill kissing her at Big Bear and Bill undressing her in Italy. Brooke smiled at the memories.

Bill also recalled times kissing Brooke. He smiled at the memories.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

by Pam

At Forrester, Eric walked into Brooke's office and noticed that she was hard at work. Brooke said that she knew that Hope's line had been front and center, but Brooke wanted to be prepared to shift focus in a different direction -- to the Brooke's Bedroom line -- at the right time. Brooke admitted that she loved basking in her daughter's success.

Eric agreed that Hope for the Future had been successful, and it was no wonder that Hope had two extraordinary young men fighting over her. Eric said that he understood that Wyatt had been making big moves to win Hope's heart away from Liam. Brooke looked curious and asked what moves Wyatt had made.

Eric explained that Quinn had said that Wyatt had planned a special evening for Hope the previous night. Eric admitted that he had always been impressed with Liam, but Eric added that Wyatt was a very special guy, and Wyatt had made a big contribution to Forrester. Brooke looked thoughtful.

Eric was convinced that Wyatt would go a long way in business. Eric and Brooke agreed that they had been very happy with the collaboration between Quinn Artisan Jewelers and Forrester. Eric suggested it could be a problem if Hope and Liam finally got married.

At Liam's place, Hope entered, and she said that she had passed his dad on the way. Liam asked how things had gone the previous night when Hope had needed to tell Wyatt that it was the end. Hope teased that Liam had gone all Neanderthal on her laying down conditions. Liam objected, but Hope teased that it had been a little bit of a turn on. They laughed and kissed. Hope said she was happy they were getting married before Christmas

Liam wondered if Hope had completely cut ties with Wyatt and with Quinn and her company. Hope was evasive. Liam explained that Quinn had been a creepy mom who had tried more than once to mess with Hope and Liam's relationship. Hope agreed, and she admitted that it couldn't have gone on the way it had.

Hope acknowledged that Wyatt was delivering the bad news to his mom. Hope told Liam that Quinn would not go quietly. Liam announced that it was time for Quinn to stop interfering in their lives for good.

Liam and Hope cuddled on the couch. Liam asked Hope if Wyatt had done everything in his power to change Hope's mind about ending it with Wyatt and the company. Hope flashed back to her passionate kisses with Wyatt. Liam said that he knew Hope had made it clear. He wondered if Wyatt's mother would let it end.

Liam pulled Hope's engagement ring out of his pocket and asked if he could place it back on her finger. Hope smiled and sighed. She thanked him, and they kissed.

In Wyatt and Quinn's office at Forrester, Wyatt broke the bad news to Quinn of what had happened with Hope. Wyatt admitted that Liam had clearly grown a backbone and forced Hope to make a decision or end things for good between Liam and Hope. Wyatt told his mother that Hope also wanted to end the relationship between Quinn's company and Forrester Creations. Quinn refused to believe that Hope had made that decision on her own. Quinn hugged Wyatt, but she looked determined.

Quinn advised Wyatt not to give up on Hope because they were in love. Wyatt said that Hope loved Liam more. Quinn insisted that Liam was forcing Hope to make changes because he knew that Wyatt had advanced his relationship with Hope. Wyatt agreed.

Quinn said that Hope had to have been confused because Wyatt was everything Hope would have wanted in a man while Liam was weak and insecure. Quinn praised her son as handsome and a man of his word -- everything that Liam was not. Quinn reminded Wyatt not to give up because she knew that Wyatt had fallen in love with Hope the minute he had first seen her and kissed her at Big Bear.

Quinn believed that Liam had let Hope down before, and he would do it again. Quinn said "we" could turn this around. Quinn wanted Wyatt to pursue Hope and maintain ties with the company "for both of us," she said.

Wyatt apologized for losing business for the company, but Quinn said they would find a way to make it work. Wyatt wanted to maintain the business relationship because they had worked so hard to achieve success. He noted that they had been able to expand and give their employees things they had deserved in addition to not denying themselves as many things as they had in previous years.

Wyatt didn't want his mother to give up her new electric car. Wyatt angrily insisted that he would not allow Liam to screw with the business. He announced that he planned to visit with Liam, and he left.

Later, at Forrester, Brooke visited Hope and asked about her evening with Wyatt. Hope shared what had happened and that she had ended it with Wyatt and his company. Brooke asked if Hope had been sure that it was what she wanted and that Hope hadn't made the decision because Liam had forced her into it.

Hope assured her mother that it was the right thing to do. Hope acknowledged that she didn't want Wyatt around Forrester because she had a strong attraction to him. Hope didn't want to be tempted because she loved Liam. Hope maintained that it was the best thing for everyone. Brooke wondered if it had all been Hope's decision or if Hope had bowed to what Liam had wanted, because it had sounded like Liam had given Hope an ultimatum.

Hope announced that she and Liam planned to get married at Brooke's house before Christmas. Brooke said that she was happy for Hope, but Brooke looked thoughtful.

In Eric's office, Quinn entered. Eric thanked her for the cufflinks she had made for him. Quinn gushed that she had been inspired. Eric asked about Hope's approval of the items that Quinn had designed for the spring line. Quinn grew serious and said that they had a problem. Quinn announced that Hope and Liam were getting married right away. Eric was surprised.

Quinn explained that Hope had broken all ties with Wyatt and the company the previous evening. Quinn knew that Hope had broken all ties with Wyatt and Quinn's company in order to appease Liam. Quinn added that the Hope's marriage was conditional on the premise that Wyatt and Quinn could no longer work at Forrester.

"You can imagine how heartsick my son is," Quinn said. She added that it was their chance to be successful. Quinn said that she understood that it was Hope's line, but she wanted to talk to Eric. She realized that she probably shouldn't have gone to Eric, but Eric interrupted. He said that he was glad that Quinn had informed him of what had happened. Eric promised to speak to Hope, and Quinn thanked Eric and hugged him.

At Liam's place, Wyatt showed up. Liam refused to listen to Wyatt, but Wyatt begged him for five minutes. "I'm sorry," Wyatt said. Liam paused. Wyatt admitted that he had not respected Liam's relationship with Hope. Liam interrupted, and Wyatt apologized for his total disrespect.

Wyatt promised that he would no longer be a problem. Wyatt promised to respect Liam's marriage, and Wyatt begged Liam not to force Hope to cut ties to Quinn's company. Wyatt confessed that he was hurt that Hope had clearly chosen Liam over Wyatt, and Wyatt professed that he loved Hope.

"I am trying to tell you how it hurts like hell, and I can accept you are who she wants," Wyatt said, but added, "I can't lose her and my job." Liam noted that it was all about Wyatt and his mother -- that was the real reason for Wyatt's sudden apology. "I am truly sorry," Wyatt said. Wyatt explained, "We have employees. Please bro, don't do this to me. Let us keep our partnership. I will stay away from Hope." Wyatt extended his hand, but Liam looked suspicious.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

At Liam's house, Wyatt implored Liam to let Quinn's company keep its contract, and Wyatt vowed to respect Liam's marriage. Liam didn't know why he should believe Wyatt, and Wyatt replied that he was looking Liam in the eye and making a promise that Liam could trust.

Wyatt claimed that he'd given up, and there was nothing he could do to stop the wedding. He admitted that the stories about Steffy and the botched weddings had caused him to judge Liam, and based upon that, Wyatt hadn't felt that Liam would ever do right by Hope.

Liam asked what business it had been of Wyatt's. Wyatt replied that he'd figured out that it really hadn't been his business, but he'd thought the best way to protect Hope had been to keep her from Liam. Wyatt had been certain that Liam would return to Steffy, but it had turned out that Steffy was no longer an issue.

Wyatt swore that he'd learned his lesson. To him, losing Hope had been bad enough without adding Quinn or her employees' suffering to it. Liam hadn't wanted to cause that, but he didn't trust Wyatt. Wyatt swore that he was being sincere, but Liam argued that Wyatt was just saying what he thought Liam wanted to hear.

Liam told Wyatt be grateful for what he'd gained instead of focusing on what he'd lost. Wyatt retorted that he didn't need Liam to remind him to be grateful. Wyatt asked what he'd done that had been so threatening to Liam. "A few kisses? Some flirtation? Big deal. Get over it!" Wyatt yelled back.

Wyatt claimed that he'd done a lot for Hope by foiling a jewel heist and supporting and encouraging her. Wyatt asked what Liam had done for her. Liam asserted that he'd been patient and understanding. Liam added he was the man whom Hope had been in love with for years, and that was the reason she had cut Wyatt from her life. "And you have no choice but to respect it," Liam concluded.

Wyatt argued that he was trying to save his company, and he added that his mother would be devastated over losing the Forrester relationship. Liam replied that he didn't enjoy taking things from others, but the Fullers' contributions to Forrester didn't change what they'd done. Liam asked if Wyatt understood that Quinn was unstable and way too obsessed with her son.

Wyatt claimed that he was all Quinn had. Liam stated that Wyatt had been nothing but cocky since his arrival. Wyatt had insinuated himself into people's lives and disrespected relationships, and things wouldn't have soured if Wyatt had been a real man who'd respected boundaries.

Liam figured that he and Wyatt could have been friends if Wyatt had been different; however, it was over, and the Fullers had no more moves left to play.

In Rick's office with Brooke, Hope revealed that her attraction to Wyatt was strong enough for her to feel uncomfortable around him as a married woman; however, it didn't lessen her commitment to Liam. Hope didn't want things to escalate further, and Wyatt being there was too much temptation.

Hope figured that she and Wyatt might have been happy in another life, but she was totally committed to Liam and ready to marry him. Brooke asked if Hope was sure that she couldn't be married and work with Wyatt at the same time. Brooke was concerned that Liam had made the choice for Hope.

Hope assured her mother it was her decision, and though it wouldn't be easy to let Wyatt go, she thought that it was the best decision for her and Liam. Hope felt that she should have been more sensitive to how Liam felt about her working so closely with Wyatt. Brooke replied that it had probably made Liam understand how Hope had felt about him and Steffy.

Hope stated that it wasn't the same because she hadn't been married to Wyatt, and she hadn't been pregnant with his child. Hope was glad that Steffy was no longer a factor and was happy to have Liam fully focused on Hope. Hope had realized that Wyatt had been hard on Liam, and with the wedding on schedule, she hoped that Liam and Wyatt could get along as brothers.

Later, Liam arrived and kissed Hope. He relayed that Wyatt had visited him, and Hope asked how it had gone. Liam felt that it couldn't have gone better, and Wyatt and his weird mother were out of their lives. Liam preferred to talk about the wedding, not Quinn and Wyatt, and Hope kissed her enthusiastic fiancé. Liam declared that he was going to marry "the hell" out of Hope.

In Eric's office, Quinn hugged Eric and thanked him for agreeing to speak to Hope. Quinn remarked that she and Wyatt would do just about anything to remain in the partnership, and Eric replied that he'd hate to see them go.

Just then, Donna arrived with a surprise for Eric. Steffy popped her head into the doorway, and Eric exclaimed her name. The grandfather and granddaughter hugged, and Quinn's amazed but calculated stare narrowed in on Steffy.

Eric introduced Quinn and Steffy, and Steffy relayed that she was there on a quick trip for a doctor's appointment, and no one even knew she was there. She said that Paris was good, her father was great, and Thomas was as annoying as ever. Quinn's smile faded when Steffy said she'd heard things were going well for Hope, and everything had worked out for the best.

Eric and Steffy chatted about life in Paris. Quinn listened intensely as she worked on jewelry. Eric informed Steffy that Liam and Hope were getting married. Steffy seemed sad, but masking it, she replied that it had been what she'd wanted. Steffy prepared to head out for the airport, and as Steffy and Eric bade each other farewell, Quinn's mind seemed to be churning.

Eric and Quinn continued working, and Quinn pitched the idea for her to take a trip to Forrester International to meet the team and show off her collection. Eric thought it was a great idea and said Quinn could have gone with Steffy. Quinn claimed that she could be ready within five minutes, and Eric excitedly decided to call a car to take her to the Forrester jet before it took off.

Donna peeked into the room as Quinn kissed Eric. Appalled, Donna returned to the corridor. "Shut up, Donna," Quinn rasped as she rushed out of Eric's office, heading out of the building.

Donna scoffed but recomposed herself before entering Eric's office. Donna relayed that to Eric that Quinn was creepy. Eric found Quinn charming, but Donna said Quinn resembled a witch, right down to the raven hair and piercing eyes. Eric called Quinn beautiful, and Donna urged Eric to be careful because Quinn could be after his money or prestige. Donna insisted that something wasn't right about that woman and wished that Quinn's trip to Paris would be one-way.

On the jet later, Steffy was surprised to see Quinn board. Quinn said she'd arrived to stop Steffy from returning to Paris. As the jet took off, Quinn called her son to say she was headed to Paris. Wyatt called it awful timing, but Quinn asserted that the trip was exactly what they needed.

After the call, Quinn told Steffy that there was time to turn the plane around, but Steffy wondered why she'd do that. Quinn stated that Steffy had a whole life back in Los Angeles, but Steffy replied that her life was in the direction in which they were heading.

Quinn revealed that she'd seen Steffy's reaction about Liam's wedding, and she suspected that Steffy still loved Liam. Quinn believed that Steffy was the only one who could stop Liam and Hope's wedding, and Quinn said that it was what Steffy had to do.

Friday, December 13, 2013

At Liam's house, Liam was working when Bill entered after a workout. Liam stated that Hope had been there to talk about Wyatt and Quinn. Liam thought it was a shame that Wyatt and Quinn had blown such a good partnership.

Bill was proud that Liam had handled things like a Spencer. Bill figured that after Hope and Liam were settled, Liam might be open to a relationship with Wyatt, and suspicion about Liam's feelings for Steffy would dissipate.

Liam attempted to object, but Bill insisted that Liam would always have feelings for Steffy. Bill said that Liam had proven that his feelings for Hope were just as strong and worth fighting for. Bill reasoned that after the wedding, the concerns about Steffy would fade away.

Bill asked if Liam had spoken to Steffy. Liam stated that he couldn't have Steffy in his life while demanding that Hope remove Wyatt from hers. Liam understood that Steffy was a sore subject for Hope. There were too many bad experiences, and he refused to do that to Hope again.

Hope arrived at the mansion, and Eric assumed she wanted to talk about Quinn and Wyatt. Hope stated that the partnership dissolution hadn't been what she'd wanted, but they had to cut ties with Quinn Artisan Jewelers. Eric didn't understand it because HFTF had been doing very well.

Hope explained how Liam felt about her working with Wyatt, but Eric said Liam couldn't make choices about her line for personal reasons. Hope asserted if it was important to Liam, then it was important to her, and the Fullers had to go.

Eric asked how she felt about the Fullers and their business. Hope felt bad, but she was sure they'd be fine with the exposure they'd gotten. Eric reasoned that Wyatt didn't represent a threat if Liam and Hope were getting married, but she said they shouldn't ask for trouble. Hope admitted that she didn't want the temptation around, and she couldn't let anything interfere with her wedding.

Later, Hope went to the cliff house, where Liam was alone. He asked how everything had gone and if Eric was onboard. Hope replied that Eric had reluctantly agreed to her decision, and they just had to clear up a few things with the legal department. Liam was glad that they could begin focusing on the wedding. Hope said she and Liam had each proven that the relationship was their priority, and Steffy was finally no longer an issue.

Elsewhere, a tinted, silver Tesla with a Forrester custom license plate traversed the curvy Beverly Hills roads. The car rode through the Forrester mansion's gates, and a man in all black, seen only from the waist down, got out and strode over to the gate. Seen from behind, the dark-haired man touched the "F" design embedded in the iron gate.

The man strode into the courtyard where Liam and Steffy had been married and stared at an odd statue in the garden. Walking by the pool, he tossed a pair of black Speedos on the buttocks of a statue of a naked person lying on her stomach.

Inside the house, Eric poured two martinis and had a conversation with Stephanie's portrait. He said there was a lot of drama around there, and he wished Stephanie and he could enjoy it together. He remarked that it was quiet there without the kids -- and without her, too. Eric missed the old days and said the worst thing about it was drinking alone.

"I can help you with that," a male's voice replied. The shocked Eric turned and saw a man with his hand extended to Eric. "Ridge," Eric stated. The men hugged, and Ridge looked sadly at the portrait.

On the jet, Quinn noted that she and Steffy were about to land but hadn't yet talked about Hope and Liam. Steffy said she didn't know Quinn or Wyatt, and Wyatt's crush didn't matter to Steffy. Quinn stated that Steffy wasn't a mother yet, but someday, Steffy would understand why Quinn was working so hard for her son to have a chance.

Steffy theorized that if Quinn's plan worked, Hope would be with Wyatt, and Quinn's company would be in good shape again. Quinn insisted that Wyatt was her focus. Quinn was upset that Liam, who didn't even work at Forrester, could take away Wyatt's job, and she said Liam was doing it because he was threatened by Hope's connection to Wyatt.

Quinn knew that Steffy had a connection with Liam and still loved him. Quinn was sure Liam still loved Steffy and asserted that Steffy could go back. Steffy declared that she couldn't, and Liam was not hers. Steffy revealed that she'd lost him just like she'd lost their baby.

Quinn said she was sorry because she hadn't known about the baby. During flashbacks, Steffy explained that she'd gotten pregnant, but she'd lost the baby when she'd chosen to ride her motorcycle. Steffy said that she was pregnant one day and then barren the next.

Steffy explained that she'd left to give Liam a chance to have a family. She reasoned that Hope could give Liam what Steffy couldn't. Steffy asked if Quinn really thought Steffy wanted to fight for Liam when he was so close to getting what she couldn't give hm.

Later, Quinn and Steffy arrived at Forrester International. Quinn felt bad because she hadn't known what Steffy had been through, and Steffy hoped it explained why she wasn't returning to Los Angeles. Quinn stated that it had made her even more convinced that Steffy should go. Steffy asked what it would accomplish when things were fine as they were.

Quinn said that they weren't fine for Wyatt or for Steffy, who'd banished herself to another country. Steffy insisted that she wouldn't interfere; she'd done it before and felt terrible for it. Though Steffy believed Quinn that Wyatt might be better for Hope, Steffy had to do what was best for Liam. Quinn claimed to understand and decided to leave.

Steffy received a call from Dr. Caspary, and when Quinn heard the call was from a doctor, she stayed to listen in. Dr. Caspary happily informed Steffy that the procedures had worked, and Steffy was able to conceive and carry a baby to term. Steffy began to cry, and she thanked the doctor. After the call, Quinn watched as Steffy allowed the news to sink in.

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Jamison Belushi makes her debut in new B&B hot plot


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