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Caroline and Rick had an intimate holiday wedding. Aly took action in Liam's defense, and Katie warned Hope that she might lose Liam. Liam declared it was time for Hope to show her commitment to him. Quinn put Donna on notice, and Donna warned Eric to be leery of Quinn.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 2, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, December 2, 2013

At the mansion, the Forrester family and their friends gathered in the living room for coffee and conversation after dinner. Talk turned to when Caroline and Rick would get married, and Brooke thought that Christmas would be a good time. Rick said he and Caroline couldn't wait that long, and he and Caroline would get married "right now."

The surprised group cheered, and Rick said that Carter had agreed to officiate. Eric offered to play the piano, and Rick let Caroline know that there was a surprise for her in the guesthouse. Rick asked Maya and Dayzee to help Caroline get ready.

As the ladies left, Aly remarked that impromptu weddings were romantic, and Hope should have one with Liam. Liam rendered a conspicuous look, and Hope took off to help the bride.

Quinn stood alone beside Stephanie's portrait. She said that she and Stephanie wouldn't have liked each other. "All those tributes they made...I understand you could be a royal pain," Quinn told the portrait. Eric walked up, and Quinn remarked that it was a lovely picture of his wife.

Brooke ambled onto the terrace, where Bill approached her to say that he wasn't giving up on them. Brooke told him that it was over. She tried to return to the house, but he stepped in her way and said he knew that she still loved him. He added that it might seem impossible at the moment, but they would get there. He returned inside the house, and Brooke looked conflicted.

Pam and Charlie rushed into the kitchen to get to baking because Pam refused to let anyone order a cake. Charlie remarked upon Pam's twinkling eyes, and she dropped the eggs she'd been holding. The two continued flirting as they baked a cake and made frosting. Charlie saw some frosting on Pam's lip, and he kissed it off of her.

In the guesthouse, Maya asked if Caroline was okay with getting married without her mothers. Shrugging sentimentally, Caroline said they'd want to kill her, but they'd understand. Maya put her hand over Caroline's hand, and Caroline smiled.

Hope arrived, and Dayzee led the ladies into the bedroom to see Rick's surprise. Caroline tearfully gasped when she opened a garment bag containing her wedding gown.

Later, Bill arrived to say that he'd gotten Caroline's text message, and he'd be happy to walk her down the aisle. Caroline tried to hug him, but he claimed to draw the line at public displays of affection. Hope, Dayzee, and Maya hugged Caroline and exited. Bill told Caroline that Rick was a lucky man. "If I had a daughter -- and I kind of feel like I do -- she would be just like you," he added and hugged her.

Back at the house, Rick had put on his tuxedo, and Maya wished him well. He gazed poignantly at her when she walked away. Brooke and Eric approached to wish Rick well. Pam announced that the bride was on her way, and Eric began to play at the piano.

Bill and Caroline entered the house. Caroline wore a strapless, ivory basket-weave gown. At mid-hips, the figure-hugging gown flared into a feathery skirt, and a birdcage veil sat upon her upswept hair. Brooke gave Caroline flowers from Aunt Caroline's garden, and Bill took Caroline down the aisle to Rick, who uttered that she looked beautiful.

Carter began the ceremony, and as Hope stood between Liam and Wyatt, Liam put his arm around her. Wyatt gave Liam a sharp look, and Liam triumphantly grinned back. The bride and groom exchanged traditional vows, and Carter assumed that the two weren't prepared to say personal vows to each other. "Who needs to be prepared when it's coming from the heart?" Rick asked.

Rick recalled meeting an exquisite, beautiful, talented, and bratty woman the day that Caroline had stepped out of the limousine. He joked about her brattiness but said she was always classy and determined. "And, well, you're my Caroline," he emotively added, and she began to shed tears.

Rick said he'd almost given up on them, but Caroline never had. He felt that every moment with her was truly a gift, and he intended to cherish her for the rest of their days. He asserted that he'd always loved her, and he would love her forever.

Caroline joked that Rick should be proud of her for not blogging her way down the aisle, but she was sure people would die upon seeing her gown. She was excited that the Logans and Forresters would be her family. Bill grunted, and she added that she'd always be proud to be a Spencer. Caroline said that Eric and Brooke had always been welcoming, and Hope was the sister Caroline hadn't ever had.

Still shedding tears, Caroline said that she adored Rick, who fascinated her, challenged her, and reined her in when she got out of hand. She felt that Rick had a way of centering her. She warned that she wouldn't be a typical wife but promised that it would make their lives interesting.

Caroline believed that they'd look back on their lives and know that they wouldn't have done it any other way or with anyone else. She called Rick her best friend and her partner. She asserted that she'd always loved him, and she'd love him forever.

Rick became tearful as he and Caroline exchanged rings, and Carter pronounced them husband and wife. The couple kissed, and everyone cheered.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

by Pam

The Forresters gathered in the kitchen to clean up after Rick and Caroline's wedding, which had taken place after Thanksgiving dinner. Eric congratulated Hope for pulling off a great family dinner on a holiday. Liam, Wyatt, Quinn, Donna, Hope, and Aly gathered to do dishes.

Hope said that she had been proud of the way everyone had managed to get along. They all agreed the family had made progress on that front. Eric received a message on his phone and said he had to make a call. He apologized that everyone had to clean up, but he'd sent the staff home so they could enjoy the holiday with their own families. Eric excused himself.

Quinn told the rest of the crew to relax in the living room because she and Donna would finish the cleanup. Quinn laughed that she had not meant to speak for Donna, but Donna said it was fine.

After everyone left Donna and Quinn alone, Donna noted that Quinn had never married. Quinn said that she had devoted her life to talking care of her son. Donna was surprised that Quinn spent her life alone.

Donna congratulated Quinn because Wyatt had turned out to be a wonderful young man. Donna added that Wyatt seemed to be taken with Hope. Quinn said that Wyatt and Hope were a perfect match, but Donna noted that Wyatt would be a good match if Liam hadn't been in the picture. Quinn argued that Liam had had many chances.

Donna wondered if Quinn were attracted to Eric because Quinn clearly liked to be near him. Quinn teased that it bothered Donna, but Donna was unthreatened. Quinn said that she had learned that Eric had been the love of Donna's life. "Is," Donna corrected.

Later, Eric returned to the kitchen. He wondered if everyone had left. Donna said almost everyone had gone. Eric wondered if Quinn had left. Donna said Quinn seemed to have gone without saying goodbye.

Donna had made tea for Eric, and she promised to add honey for her honey bear. Eric laughed but declined the offer.

Donna said that she wanted some honey, and she squeezed some on Eric's finger and licked it off. She reminded Eric of what they had together at one time. She recalled memories of getting married in the house, much like Rick and Caroline had done. Eric agreed they were good memories. Eric said he was going to get comfortable and read. He thanked her for the tea.

Quinn had witnessed the entire exchange from the shadows. "What the hell was that," Quinn inquired. She noted that Donna had sucked honey off Eric's finger. "I'm sorry, but I have to call a slut a slut," she said.

Donna scoffed, but Quinn started on a rant of how Donna had slept her way to the top and then divorced Eric and sold her interest in the company to Bill for huge piles of money. Quinn sneered that Donna had nothing to do all day, so she played secretary but shared a desk with Pam. Quinn bragged that she had used her own talents and her intellect to achieve success.

Quinn warned that Eric's granddaughter was only one room away and could have entered to witness the disgusting display. Donna shot back that Quinn knew nothing about Donna or Donna's relationship with Eric. Donna added that Quinn had spied on a playful moment between Eric and Donna.

Quinn didn't let up. Quinn declared herself an essential part of Forrester and an important part of Eric's business. Donna boasted that she had been a Forrester for a long time, and she had seen many women come and go at Forrester.

Donna reminded Quinn that Quinn had done a commendable job in raising Wyatt. However, Donna added that there was something "really off about you." "You are nothing but trouble." Quinn said with a smirk.

In the living room, Hope, Liam, Wyatt, and Aly discussed that Rick had surprised them all with the wedding.

Liam said that Liam and Hope had attempted numerous weddings before Caroline and Rick had ever met. Wyatt teased that Liam had been distracted along the way with all the failed wedding attempts with Hope. Aly noted that Rick had even had a dress made for Caroline, and Liam said that Rick had been resourceful and had gotten a lot of help in pulling the entire thing off as a surprise.

Hope joked that the Forresters could throw weddings together overnight. Hope and Liam recalled their impromptu Malibu wedding at his home. Wyatt teased that it had been another unsuccessful wedding. He added that they had planned weddings "all umpteen times," but none of them had succeeded.

Wyatt noted that Brooke had been the wedding planner for most of them. Hope agreed. Wyatt added that when he married Hope, they would plan their own wedding.

Liam looked furious, and Hope said nothing. Wyatt thanked Hope for a wonderful day. Wyatt held one of Hope's hands, and Liam held the other. Hope removed both of her hands.

Wyatt said it had been a weird experience to see both of his parents at the same table. Wyatt credited Hope for her ability to pull off impossible tasks. Liam rolled his eyes.

Hope said that she was ready to leave. Wyatt and Liam offered to take her home, but Hope had her own car. Wyatt asked Hope to accompany him to return the diamond necklace to Charlie, but Hope said that she planned to return home to her mom's house alone.

Wyatt left, and Hope prepared to follow. Liam begged Hope not to go anywhere with Wyatt, and Hope promised that she would not go anywhere with Wyatt.

Aly told Liam that Hope was an amazing woman, but Aly had been surprised that Hope had treated Liam poorly. Aly noted that Liam was funny and cute. Liam laughed and thanked Aly.

In the guesthouse, Rick carried Caroline over the threshold and surprised her with candles and champagne. Caroline was surprised, and she thanked Rick for surprising her. She tenderly asked him to continue to surprise her throughout their marriage.

Rick liked the sound of "my wife." He teased that he was looking for his wife, and Caroline promised that Rick would never have to look far for his wife. "I will always be right by your side," she said.

Later, Caroline called her moms and told them that she was "beyond happy." After she had hung up, Rick wondered if her moms had been disappointed that they had missed the wedding. Caroline said they were happy for Rick and Caroline.

Rick wondered if Caroline regretted that they had not had a huge wedding with doves and caviar. Caroline said that she had always envisioned a huge wedding with all the fanfare, but she said that none if of it mattered because she had found what was important to her. "All that mattered was becoming your wife," she said.

Rick and Caroline danced, and a path of red rose petals covered the floor and created a path into the bedroom where a heart of rose petals decorated the bed. They fell onto the bed and made love.

Later, Caroline told Rick it had been the best day of her life. Rick promised to top the day, and she smiled and told him to make it a personal challenge. Rick said that he loved her smile. He called her Mrs. Forrester.

In the main house, Donna waited in the living room for Eric. He said that he'd thought everyone had left. Donna said she wanted to see him alone. She reminded him that the happiest days of her life had been in that house. He agreed.

Donna was glad that Thorne and Aly had moved in. Donna had worried about Eric being alone in the house. Donna encouraged Eric not to rush into anything with anyone like Quinn.

Donna said that Quinn had called Donna a slut. Donna thought that Quinn was dark and possibly dangerous. Eric seemed concerned. Donna worried that something could happen to her honey bear. They embraced and kissed awkwardly.

Quinn had been hiding in the shadows and watched the entire exchange with an evil look on her face. Eric went to bed, and Donna turned out the lights before she left. She passed by a framed picture of Eric and Donna, and Donna smiled.

Later, Donna heard something break, and she noticed the picture of Donna and Eric had been broken. Donna turned in fear as Quinn stood outside on the patio in the shadows.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

by Pam

At Spencer, Liam sat in his office and looked worried. Katie entered and wondered what was wrong. Liam worried that Wyatt had some great idea about a photo shoot with new jewelry. Liam sarcastically wondered if Wyatt had become the head of PR at Forrester. Katie told Liam to stop worrying about Wyatt. Liam asked, "Why do I feel like I am losing her."

Katie noted that Liam had lost the old Hope but not to Wyatt. "She's not the same," Katie said. Katie explained that Hope had lost Liam many times, and she had learned to cope. Katie added that Hope had experienced success with her clothing line followed by failure and success again. It had all forced Hope to grow up. "You want it to be the way it used to be," Katie said.

Katie warned that Hope needed time to enjoy success. Katie suggested that Liam needed to figure out what he needed. Liam said that he realized they had both grown older, but he said that Hope was still the same girl he had fallen in love with.

Katie changed the subject and said that it was time for a review. Liam worried that every time his dad had given him his annual review, Bill had said that Liam "sucked less this year than last year." Katie joked that Bill should have been a motivational speaker.

Katie confided that she wanted Liam to give her a review. Katie asked if she had been a basket case at dinner on Thanksgiving. Liam responded that Katie had been more composed than Brooke or Bill. Katie quizzed Liam about Bill. She wondered if Bill had said anything about Katie.

Liam was uncomfortable. Katie wondered if Bill and Brooke spent any time together at Liam's house, but Liam said that Brooke had never stopped over. Katie wondered if Hope had said anything about Bill and Brooke, but Liam said that Hope rarely talked about her mom to him.

Katie worried that Bill was still lovesick over Brooke. Liam said that he knew nothing. Katie asked what Bill did all day, and Liam said that Bill awakened every day, ready to lead an army into battle, but there was no army. Katie worried that Bill still wanted Brooke, and Brooke had better watch out because Bill always won.

At a Hope for the Future photo shoot, Oliver photographed Hope in a black dress with jewelry while Wyatt watched. Maya, dressed in white, joined Hope in the photo shoot, and Wyatt encouraged them to behave like sisters and then like rivals. Next, he suggested they were best friends. Hope and Maya hammed it up for the camera. Wyatt teased that a catfight was on the way. Wyatt worked his way into the photo to break it up.

Hope liked the idea of Wyatt in the photo, and she encouraged Aly to ask Brooke or Thorne to find some wardrobe pieces for Wyatt because Wyatt had been wearing a plaid shirt and jeans and needed something more formal for the photos. Aly returned with wardrobe, and Wyatt posed with Maya and Hope. Oliver teased that Hope had discovered Wyatt, and Wyatt said that Hope had found him in the woods.

Hope and Wyatt got into some sexy shots, and Aly looked uncomfortable. Wyatt kissed Hope passionately. Aly was surprised. After the photo shoot, Aly said that she thought the shoot would have taken longer. Hope commented that they had a good team, and they knew what they wanted and worked well together.

Aly said that some of the shots with Wyatt were unusable. Hope noted that Wyatt had taken things a little too far, but Hope said that it was part of his charm. Aly disagreed and was surprised that Hope would have been charmed by Wyatt. Hope looked uncomfortable.

Hope advised that Wyatt wasn't taking advantage of Hope. Aly wondered what Liam would think. Aly said that it was unfair to Liam that Wyatt had clearly liked to upset Liam.

Hope explained that for a long time, Hope had constantly worried about Steffy ruining her relationship with Liam. Hope said that she had finally decided to concentrate on herself rather than her relationship with Liam. Aly wondered if Hope would choose a relationship with Liam once the line was successful. Hope answered with a quirky response that Liam had a cheerleader in Aly.

Aly, Oliver, Wyatt, and Hope all looked at the photos from the photo shoot. Hope enabled Aly's phone to access the Forrester server so that Aly could view the photos from her phone. Wyatt loved the photo of him passionately kissing Hope, but Hope skipped over it and claimed she had deleted it.

Later, Aly was alone in the office and accessed the photo of Wyatt kissing Hope. She sent the photo to Liam. At Spencer, Liam picked up his phone and saw the photo of Hope and Liam. He grimaced.

At Forrester, Brooke sat in an office, and Bill entered. Brooke wondered if Bill had arrived to see Rick or Eric. Bill ignored her. Brooke insisted that Bill leave the door open, but he closed it and locked it.

Bill said they had unfinished business in regard to Brooke's Bedroom. Brooke told Bill they would never again be in her bedroom. Bill insisted that the clock had been ticking on the relaunch of her line, which had been one of Forrester's most successful lines.

Brooke said that her line had not been a priority. Brooke reminded Bill that Hope had resurrected Hope for the Future successfully -- twice -- from the grave. Bill recalled that Brooke had planned to relaunch Brooke's Bedroom, but Brooke reminded Bill that she had painfully had to withdraw as the spokesmodel because she had been pregnant with his child.

Bill admitted that he had screwed up, but he refused to crawl back to Brooke and beg for forgiveness. Bill said that he had missed Brooke. He touched her arm and gently held her hand. Brooke removed her hand and said she refused to allow herself to return to a relationship with him. Brooke emotionally begged Bill to leave.

Bill said there had to be a way to be in the same room together. Brooke reiterated that there had to be a way to get what he wanted was what he meant. Brooke reminded Bill that they had made a mistake. "Now it's over," she said. Bill refused to believe that they would never be alone again and in bed again. Bill refused to accept that he would never touch Brooke again.

Bill asked Brooke what she thought of when she was alone at night, because Bill said that he thought of Brooke. Brooke turned to Bill and said "Goodbye, Bill. That's what I tell myself." Bill exited, and Brooke closed her eyes and cried.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

At Spencer, Hope stopped by Liam's office and encountered Katie, who notified Hope that Liam had left for the day. Hope assumed that Liam wasn't too happy with her, and Katie replied that he was hanging in there but losing patience.

Hope claimed to not know what to do about it, and Katie noted that Hope had been spending a lot of time with Wyatt. Hope said it was just for work, and Liam understood that, after what he'd put her through with Steffy, Hope needed time for herself.

Katie was proud of Hope's accomplishments and remarked that her line was number one in Hope's demographic. Hope conveyed that she liked where her life was, and though she loved Liam, she liked putting herself first. Hope credited Wyatt for some of her success and added that Aly was also on board, making it an exciting time at Forrester.

Hope praised Aly, whom Hope called her loyal shadow. After assuming that Aly hadn't done much dating, Hope said she looked forward to helping Aly out of her shell. Hope revealed that Aly could speak her mind and had expressed her concern that Hope was stringing Liam along. Hope stated that Aly had been cute about it but probably too young to understand what was going on.

Katie, however, said that Aly just might have a point. Katie noted that Hope had wanted to marry Liam for a long time, and nothing was standing in their way. Hope remarked that Wyatt cared about her, and he was fun and gorgeous -- without the Steffy baggage. Hope wondered what was wrong with enjoying spending time with him. "But do you love him?" Katie asked.

Katie wondered if Hope could see herself married to Wyatt. Hope was unsure that she wanted to marry anyone at the moment. Hope claimed that she wasn't out to punish Liam, but she didn't think that patience was too much to ask for. Katie said that it was about balance. Using herself as an example, Katie cited that, even though she had her career and son, she was lonely.

Katie figured that it was easy to be drawn to the newness and excitement of Wyatt, but "at what price?" She relayed that Liam was struggling, and she didn't want to see Hope lose him. Taken aback, Hope doubted that it would get to that point. She reasoned that she and Liam might still get married, and he'd be okay with giving her the time she needed.

At the cliff house, Liam looked at the picture that he'd received of Wyatt and Hope and flashed back to the troubles he'd had with Wyatt kissing her at other times. Aly arrived. She assumed that Liam had gotten the photo, and he replied that he'd been looking at it -- again.

Aly apologized for sending it. She felt that it had been wrong of her to get involved; however, Liam was a good guy who'd had a right to know. She asked if her concern weirded him out. He replied that the only person who did that was his brother. "Half-brother," Aly corrected, and Liam chuckled.

Liam said Hope had made it clear that she wasn't in a commitment, which meant that she could do what she wanted. He also noted that Wyatt had kissed Hope other times -- and even in Liam's house. Liam stated that Hope was enjoying the attention, but there was only so much a committed man could take. "Something's gotta give, right?" he asked.

Aly wasn't surprised that the men were fighting over Hope. She remarked that Hope had always been good to her, and Hope was a wonderful role model.

As Aly mentioned seeing pictures of the Italy wedding, Liam received a text message from a buddy of his who had to cancel on their tennis match that afternoon. Aly offered to hit with Liam, but he remarked that playing with a guy might be too intense for her. Unconcerned about that, Aly replied that she had workout clothes in the car, and Liam agreed to meet her on the court.

When Liam and Aly met on the court later, Aly warned that she might be rusty. Liam served her the ball several times, but she missed them all. He suggested that she serve, and Aly began serving him balls that he couldn't hit back. Liam figured out that she'd hustled him about her ability, and he playfully declared that he quit.

On the overlook after the game, Aly apologized again for sending Liam the photo. She said that he was sweet and funny, and most guys weren't like him. "If I was Hope..." Aly started to say. Bashfully, she asked him to forget she'd said anything. Liam told her that it was forgotten, and she stared at him as he gazed out to the ocean.

At the sky lounge, Wyatt showed his mother the pictures from the photo shoot. Seeing the kiss photo, Quinn said Wyatt knew how to work it. She believed he was much better suited for Hope, and she urged him not to give up. Wyatt said Liam had to accept that Wyatt wouldn't go anywhere.

Quinn remarked upon Bill and Liam's displeasure upon seeing her and Wyatt on Thanksgiving. Wyatt expressed his delight about seeing his parents sitting together at the table for the first time, but Quinn quipped that it wouldn't happen again. She remarked that Hope had thrown together a special holiday dinner, and Wyatt replied that everything Hope did was special.

Quinn felt that the Forrester Thanksgiving had been a defining moment for her and Wyatt, and she said they couldn't lose their opportunity. Wyatt wondered how that would happen. He stated that they were only just beginning, and there was no limit to where they could go from there.

Quinn said that Liam didn't see it that way, and Wyatt launched into a tirade about the way Liam "saw" things. Wyatt said Liam couldn't believe that Hope wasn't bending over backwards to marry him. Quinn and Wyatt agreed that Liam wasn't good for Hope, and Wyatt added that Hope would have already walked down the aisle if she'd thought otherwise.

Quinn guessed that the Steffy video had put an end to the wedding plans. Wyatt felt strongly that Hope wasn't ready -- at least where Liam was concerned. Quinn complained about Liam's impatience. Wyatt said that Hope needed time, but he was beginning to think his decision to play it cool with Hope might be a mistake.

Wyatt flashed back on the times he'd shared with Hope. He decided that he needed to make a move, but he also wanted to respect Hope's feelings. Quinn replied that no one got anywhere without taking risks and being proactive.

Wyatt decided that he needed to plan something romantic and meaningful to show Hope how he felt about her. He recalled that she still talked about the Mexico trip, so he figured that he needed to do something just as big and memorable for him and Hope.

Friday, December 6, 2013

At Brooke's house, Hope looked at pictures of herself with Wyatt and then with Liam. She reflected upon her romance with Liam, thought of the encounters she'd had with Wyatt, and sighed.

At the Forrester sky lounge, Quinn wondered what could be more romantic than the quest for Ricardo's diamond. Wyatt replied that Hope expected great things from him, and he'd deliver.

Quinn and Wyatt agreed that he had to strike while Liam was showing his true colors by whining and pouting. Wyatt whipped out his phone to call Hope and invite her to dinner that evening at his place. Hope seemed hesitant, but when he claimed that he had a surprise, she agreed to meet him.

After the call, Quinn was eager to help with the dinner, but Wyatt said he had it covered. She asked what he knew how to cook besides bacon, and she readily began making a grocery list. Snatching her pen away, Wyatt insisted that he had a plan, and though his mother being around wasn't involved, bacon actually was. He claimed that he had plenty of bacon available in case he was a good enough host to make Hope want to spend the night.

Quinn figured that Hope would soon have her fill of Liam. Wyatt believed that Hope was ready to let go, but she needed a little more encouragement. Quinn argued that Hope and Liam weren't a good match, and Liam was holding the strong and confident Hope back.

Wyatt responded that Hope had outgrown Liam. Quinn figured that after Liam threw his temper tantrums, he'd concede that he and Hope hadn't been compatible, and he'd be free to return to Steffy. Wyatt joked that Steffy had gotten clean already, because he'd heard that it only took twenty-eight days to get Liam out of a woman's system.

The two realized they needed to get to a meeting, and Quinn was thankful that a little camping trip had led to them being at Forrester and had enabled them to hand out raises at their business. With their company succeeding and Wyatt about to get the girl, Quinn decided that the solar shower had been the best investment she'd ever made. "You? I -- I bought it..." The puzzled Wyatt replied as they exited.

Outside at the cliff house, Liam stared at the ocean. Aly remarked that she understood why Hope was enjoying her time with Liam and Wyatt, but it still wasn't right. Liam became frustrated and walked off. Aly followed him and found him deep in thought in his living room.

Aly again apologized for sending Liam the picture. She figured that Hope would hate her for it, but Liam doubted that. Aly couldn't help wondering why Hope would put him through "this." Liam replied that it was because he'd put her through a lot worse.

Figuring that Liam meant an eye for an eye, Aly replied that it wasn't right, and it wasn't who Hope was. "At least who she used to be. You deserve better," Aly concluded.

Liam stated that Aly had been at school and hadn't seen what Hope had put up with. Assuming that he meant Steffy, Aly said she hadn't known what to think when she'd first learned about Hope's situation with Liam and Wyatt. It had seemed cool at first. "But the more I thought about it..." Aly said.

Liam interjected that Hope had given him many chances, but he'd blown them. Though it was hard for him, he was trying to understand what it was like to be the unsure one in the relationship. Aly asked if being with someone was supposed to be about competition.

Though she'd been young when her mother had died, Aly could still remember the love, loyalty, and devotion her parents had shared. Aly said she'd taken for granted that Liam and Hope had that kind of connection. Liam uttered that they did, but Aly replied that someone needed to tell Hope that.

In quiet revelation, Liam chuckled and agreed. He picked up the phone and called Hope to say that he needed to see her. Hope replied that she'd be at home from then until that evening.

After the call, Aly asked what Liam would say to Hope, but Liam had no idea. "I feel responsible," Aly bit out. He said that she wasn't, but he thanked her for reminding him that he was.

Later, the somber Aly arrived at work, and Thorne assumed that something was bothering her. Her father prodded her, and she wondered how long she'd have to shadow Hope. Thorne asked if Aly wanted a new assignment. Aly replied that she'd been learning a lot from Hope, but Aly didn't know if she liked what Hope was teaching.

Thorne became concerned and said he'd thought Aly looked up to Hope. Aly claimed that she did; however, she was concerned about Hope's choices and how they affected people. Aly figured that Hope wanted what she wanted, even if it hurt someone else.

Thorne remarked that Hope was one of the nicest people he knew, and he asked what in specific Aly was talking about. Aly said it was hard to explain; however, Hope was different, and it hadn't been what Aly had expected or remembered about Hope.

Back at Brooke's house, Liam arrived and asked how Hope's day had been. Hope explained that she'd had a photo shoot, and he asked if she'd done it alone. She revealed that Wyatt had jumped into a few photos and asked Liam not to be mad. "What are we doing?" Liam asked, and Hope sighed.

Liam told Hope that he didn't want to live that way any longer, and Hope asked what he wanted. Liam acknowledged that Wyatt had happened along at a time when she'd felt the need to prove something to Liam, and she'd enjoyed having two guys chase her. Liam conveyed that he'd put her through things no one should have to endure, and he was lucky that she was still talking to him.

Liam figured that Hope was still around because she loved him and wanted to marry him. He said he'd proven his loyalty, but she'd been playing games with him. He believed that they belonged together. "So enough of this. No more Wyatt. Let's make this happen," Liam said.

Liam led Hope outside, and he began to scout out locations. Hope wondered why he doing it. He responded that it could happen in the living room or the bathroom, but it was time that they exchanged vows. "Oh...Liam..." Hope gravely replied.

Liam said Hope had asked him to give her time, and he'd done that. "But time for what, exactly? To give Wyatt the wrong impression?" Liam asked. He felt that he'd shown his commitment to Hope, and she needed to show him hers.

Hope murmured that she wasn't saying she and Liam wouldn't get married eventually. Liam replied that "eventually" was no longer enough. He felt that it was time they moved on and time that she cut ties with Wyatt and his company. Hope claimed that she couldn't make that decision, but Liam countered that it was her line and her call.

Liam figured that he and Hope could do a low-key ceremony before the holiday with family and friends right on the spot where he'd proposed to her. He said it would be that easy with no more asking, heartache, or bended knees. "I'm taking what I want, and I'm taking it now," Liam declared and swept Hope in for a deep kiss. Pulling back to gaze at her, he asked, "Am I making myself clear?"

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