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Olivia St. John
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Actor History
Tonja Walker
April 1, 1988 to 1990; January 17, 2017 to Present

Date of birth was revealed to be April 7, 1945 [per a PCPD file shown in October 2013]

Presumed dead after being shot [1990]

Revealed to be alive on January 17, 2017

Other Names

Liv Lowry

Oscar Jessup


Member of the Jerome family crime syndicate

Self-proclaimed "cloud hacker"

Owner of Ko Sing, an Asian herb market

Former owner of pawn shop


D'Archam Asylum for the Criminally Insane

Marital Status


Past Marriages

None known


Victor Jerome (father; deceased)

Unknown mother

Julian Jerome (brother)

Evan Jerome (brother; deceased)

Ava Jerome (half-sister)

Dino Antoinelli (half-brother; deceased)

Evan Jerome, Jr. (nephew, via Evan)

Lauren "Kiki" Jerome (niece, via Ava)

Avery Jerome (niece, via Ava)

Leo Jerome (nephew, via Julian)

Samantha McCall (niece, via Julian)

Danny Morgan (great-nephew)



Flings & Affairs

Duke Lavery (deceased)

Colton Stone

Crimes Committed

Mobster for the Jerome mob family

Kidnapped Robin Scorpio [1988]

Had a poisoned snake delivered to Anna Devane [1988]

Caused Anna Devane to miscarry her unborn child in an attempt to kill Duke Lavery [1988]

Tried to kill Duke Lavery [1988]

Had Julian Jerome shot [1988]

Ordered that a car bomb be placed in Julian's car that ultimately killed Morgan Corinthos [revealed Jan 17, 2017]

Gave Leo Falconeri sugar pills in open bottle of aspirin to scare Julian [Jan 19, 2017]

Slapped Julian hard across the face [Feb 13, 2017]

Kidnapped Sam and pushed her over the footbridge [Feb 23, 2017]

Drugged Laura to prevent her from voting on the hospital board [Feb 24, 2017]

Handcuffed Julian to a radiator [Feb 27, 2017]

Charged with a litany of crimes on March 22, 2017, including

Health and Vitals

Shot and rendered comatose [1988]

Institutionalized after suffering a severe brain injury caused by her brother, Dino Antoinelli [1988]

Shot and presumed dead [1990]

Brief Character History

Crime boss Victor Jerome's brassy blonde daughter Olivia took a strong interest in Duke Lavery while working with him to try to clean up the "family business." In reality, Olivia wanted to rule the mob -- not clean it up. Only a handful of people knew that Olivia had ordered the hit that killed her brother, Julian.

Olivia wanted Duke for herself, but the more Duke become entangled in the mob business, the more he worried that it would threaten his relationship with Anna Devane. Eventually, Anna learned how deep Duke had sunk in his involvement with the mob, and she left him. Olivia moved in, hoping to pick up the pieces of Duke's broken heart. She seduced him with her feminine wiles and a bottle of vodka, and the two landed in bed together. Olivia claimed that the one-night encounter had resulted in her getting pregnant.

A mortified Duke confessed everything to Anna. Anna forgave Duke, and their bond grew stronger when Anna learned that she was pregnant with Duke's child.

Meanwhile, Julian turned up very much alive at his own gravesite and learned from his former love Cheryl Stansbury that Olivia had been the one who'd ordered his death.

Olivia's pregnancy turned out to be a false alarm, and she seethed at seeing Duke happy with Anna. Olivia had a poisonous snake delivered to Anna and even kidnapped Robin. Eventually, though, Olivia realized that she would never be able to win Duke's heart -- so she decided to kill him. Olivia rigged an elevator so that it would crash, but it was Anna who ended up inside the elevator, not Duke. While Anna survived the fall, she ultimately lost her unborn child.

Nearly everyone in town had a motive for wanting Olivia dead. On the night of a combined mob summit and Victor's birthday party, Olivia was gunned down in her hotel suite. When the police arrived on the scene, they found Anna holding a gun and standing over Olivia's body. Olivia was not dead and lingered in a coma for some time. Anna was charged with attempted murder. During the trial, a former Jerome henchman, Dino, detonated a bomb and abducted Cheryl, who had been preparing to give testimony that would have exonerated Anna. It was later revealed that Dino had been the one who'd shot Olivia. He was not merely a henchman -- he was the illegitimate child of Victor Jerome. Dino had hoped that if Olivia were killed, Victor would give him control of the mob.

When Olivia regained consciousness, she acted "childlike" and was sent to a sanitarium for treatment.

Upon Victor's death, Julian took over the reins of a weakened mob. Julian had two objectives: to kill Duke Lavery and to "neutralize" Olivia. Olivia was already facing a trial for her crimes against Duke and Anna. Duke, however, had been "reborn" in Brazil with a new face and a new name.

Anna was stunned when her friend Colton Stone posted Olivia's bail. Olivia knew that with Colton by her side, she'd be cleared of all the charges against her. As her trial was set to begin, Olivia suddenly vanished. Everyone assumed that she had bolted, but in reality, Julian had kidnapped her. Julian planned to frame his sister for Duke's soon-to-happen death. Olivia learned what Julian had planned and knew that she needed to warn Anna.

While Colton addressed the court on Olivia's behalf, a gun-toting Olivia burst into the courtroom. She had managed to wrest free from her captors and make it to the court just in time to tell Anna what Julian had planned. Olivia exclaimed, "Anna, there's something you have to know!" Just then, a shot rang out, and Olivia collapsed. In the ensuing chaos, no one noticed that it was Julian who had shot his sister. Olivia tried to atone for her crimes by telling Anna to find Duke. "You must be with him. Go to him. Prison," Olivia stammered before passing out.

Colton rushed Olivia to the hospital. With her dying breath, Olivia told Colton that his love for her had changed her. She hadn't run -- and she loved him. She appeared to died in Colton's arms.

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Who's Who in Port Charles

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