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Carly confronted Sonny and Nelle about their one-night stand. Sam gave birth to a baby girl. Jake talked to Franco about Helena. Finn helped the Quartermaines save the hospital. Robin had an encounter with Olivia Jerome.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 27, 2017 on GH
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The Hospital Board Takes a Vote The Hospital Board Takes a Vote

Monday, February 27, 2017

At the Metro Court, Jason asked Alexis if Sam was with her. He explained that Sam had texted him the previous night, saying that she was spending the night at Alexis' because Alexis had been struggling. Alexis refuted the claim, showing Jason her thirty-day sobriety chip. He suggested that someone else had Sam's phone and called it. Alexis was surprised to hear it ringing in her purse and took out Sam's phone.

Jason wondered who else Alexis had seen that day. She'd only seen her sponsor, "Liv," and she'd only left her purse unattended for a minute in order to take a call from Diane. Jason showed Alexis an old picture of Olivia Jerome, and Alexis exclaimed that the woman in the picture was her sponsor. Jason suspected that the woman had been "pulling Julian's strings for a while now." Alexis was furious that Julian had known about his sister being Alexis' sponsor and hadn't said anything. She was horrified to think that Olivia had done something to Sam.

Olivia returned to her room. "Is that you, you psycho witch?" a muffled Julian called out angrily. She answered that she'd thought it best for some of her people to pick Julian up so they could wait out the hospital board vote together. A hooded Julian was handcuffed to the radiator. She continued that Laura, who was going to vote with the Quartermaines, had been "temporarily sidetracked." She ripped his hood off, and he demanded to know what she'd done to Sam.

Olivia claimed that Sam had attacked her. There had been an "accident," and Sam had fallen off a bridge. She assured Julian that the snow had probably softened Sam's fall. He wondered how she could be so heartless as to hurt her pregnant niece. She hadn't intended to hurt Sam, but she reasoned that Julian deserved everything she threw at him. Just then, Julian's phone rang, and Olivia saw that it was Alexis. She ignored the call.

Alexis left Julian a message angrily informing him that his sister had done something to their daughter. When she hung up, she offered to call Olivia, claiming to be having a crisis. "Not yet," Jason replied. Alexis called the police station and was furious that they'd taken a report but refused to act yet. "It's up to us," Jason stated. He found a picture in Sam's phone of the charm hanging on Olivia's rearview mirror. He realized where Sam was. Before leaving, he instructed Alexis to tell Jordan about Olivia and to call Curtis in order to verify the story.

Sam was sprawled out unconscious on the ground. She stirred and heard a siren. "They're coming for us, Scout," she weakly told the baby. Flashing lights appeared, but they quickly faded away. Just then, Sam got a sharp pain, and she recognized it as a contraction. She begged the baby to wait until she could get to a hospital. She got another contraction and feared how fast they were happening. She was practicing her breathing when Jason arrived on the bridge. He called out for Sam, and she weakly called back to him.

Bobbie and Felicia sat at a coffee shop, and Bobbie wanted to clarify that Felicia was sure about Nelle's "big secret." Felicia explained that she'd found one of Nelle's friends at the school where Nelle had worked in Atlanta. Felicia had lied that she was interviewing Nelle's friends for a Crimson article, and the friend had opened right up.

Carly informed Sonny that they'd been in bed "all day," but she had to go. He didn't want her to leave, but she explained that she was going home to pack up her and Josslyn's things in order to move back to Sonny's permanently. A joyful Sonny had never thought that he and Carly would get back to a good place. He suggested that they renew their vows. "For a sixth time?" Carly cracked.

Sonny liked the ritual of renewing vows, and he proposed that Griffin perform the ceremony. Carly agreed as long as Griffin was willing. Just then, Carly got a text from Bobbie, who needed to see her right away about something important. Sonny instructed Carly to "ease" Bobbie into the idea of Carly moving back in with Sonny. "She likes you most of the time," Carly replied jokingly. Sonny promised to keep making Carly happy. He kissed her, and she left.

Nelle and Michael arrived at her apartment, and she related how she'd had a kind of epiphany after the talk they'd had at the cabin. She realized that dating a married man wasn't what she wanted, and she wanted to focus on her future. She told him that that included spending more time with him. She related how she felt like a new person, and he told her not to change too much. She had a few things to take care of then they could do whatever they wanted. He promised to see her later and left. Nelle picked up her flash drive and threw it out. She opened her computer and deleted the audio file of Sonny talking about having slept with Nelle.

A short while later, Nelle arrived at Carly's office and looked through the mail for the flash drive she'd sent Carly. A young man arrived with that day's mail, and Nelle asked what had happened to the previous day's mail. He remembered Bobbie wanting to organize the mail for Carly. She demanded to know what Bobbie had done with it, but the man didn't know. When he was gone, Nelle tore apart the office for the envelope and finally found it. "Everything will be okay," she said to herself, relieved, adding, "Now Carly's never gonna know."

Carly sat down with a grim Bobbie, who'd needed to see Carly about Nelle. She explained to Carly about Felicia's trip to Atlanta. She revealed that the "S" signature on Nelle's flowers had stood for Sonny. Nelle's friend had told Felicia that Nelle had been involved with "her boss's husband," and that it was "serious, but she was terrified for her boss to find out." Bobbie was sorry for her daughter but pointed out that there had been suspicious signs. Carly thought it was a lie or that there had been a misunderstanding. She intended to prove it and left.

Carly knocked on Nelle's door. When there was no answer, she got the key from under the welcome mat and let herself in. She walked around until she noticed the open computer with a dialogue box saying, "Sonny Audio File Deleted." Carly sat down at the desk, dropping the key in the process. She noticed the flash drive in the trash and plucked it out of the can. She put it into the computer and saw the same "Sonny Audio File." She played the file and heard Sonny's voice talking about sleeping with Nelle.

At the hospital, Sonny approached Griffin, who was stacking food trays. Sonny remarked that the work seemed below Griffin's pay grade. Griffin took a break to talk to Sonny, who wanted to ask if Griffin could officiate Sonny and Carly's vow renewal ceremony. Griffin wondered if it had anything to do with Sonny's infidelity. Sonny called it a "clean slate" used for moving forward.

Griffin warned Sonny that secrets rarely stayed kept. "Are you sure it won't come out?" he wondered. Sonny didn't trust the woman he'd cheated with. He explained that he had planned to tell Carly the night before, but she'd been so happy that he hadn't wanted to cause her any pain. He agreed with Griffin that Sonny had to be the one to tell Carly.

In the conference room at the hospital, Tracy observed that Hayden was in a bad mood. Just then, Finn entered and asked Tracy for some privacy with Hayden. Tracy left, and Finn sat down with Hayden. He swore that he would get help and get clean, and he begged her for another chance. She told him to leave so she could do her job, so he left.

Outside the conference room, Monica wondered if they had enough votes to save the hospital. "If Laura shows up," Tracy replied. "She was supposed to be here half an hour ago." Fred approached and thought it was time to start the meeting, but Tracy told him that Michael and Laura were on their way. Michael arrived, and Tracy suggested postponing the meeting for Laura. The suggestion was shot down.

Hayden made her presentation to the hospital board about the two groups vying for control of the hospital. Tracy wanted Hayden to review the figures again, but Fred thought that Tracy was stalling. Hayden and Monica left the room for the vote, and Liesl appeared, wondering how the vote was going. Tracy and Michael emerged from the room, looking for Laura, because the vote was "deadlocked." "This is where I come in," Liesl announced.

Liesl explained that, as chief of staff, she'd appointed herself as an alternate board member in the case of a tie. Michael explained to everyone's surprise that the move was valid and legal. Liesl commented that privately owned hospitals tended to turn away the neediest patients. Tracy made a snide comment about Liesl suddenly caring about charity. She changed her tune thanks to Monica and assured Liesl that she was most concerned about the less fortunate citizens.

Finn entered the Metro Court and sat down at a table with Shane Healey from the pharmaceutical company that wanted to buy Finn's cure. Finn thought that the company was more concerned with "greed than healing." Finn thought that the company would take his formula and tweak it in order to treat a "first-world illness," since the people who needed it in developing countries wouldn't be able to afford it. "Thanks, but no thanks," he concluded.

Shane slid a folded piece of paper across the table to Finn, and he looked at the offer. Shane explained that, with that much money, Finn could spend the rest of his life at a "state-of-the-art lab," finding cures for other diseases. "No. Never," Finn replied about selling his formula without having control over how it was used. Shane took the paper back, wrote on it, and slid it back over to Finn. "Wow, now that's a lot of money," Finn remarked. He promptly ripped the paper in two. Shane handed Finn his card, "just in case you change your mind," and he left.

A short while later, Finn returned to the hospital and asked how the vote was going. "Not good," Monica replied. "Not good at all," she repeated.

Back in the conference room, Liesl was asked for her vote. She believed that the hospital "going under" was inevitable, despite the money the Quartermaines wanted to throw at it. When the hospital went down, she didn't want it under Quartermaine control. She remembered Tracy lobbying the hospital board to fire Liesl back when Liesl had been chief of staff. She told Tracy that that had been a "big mistake." For those reasons, Liesl voted in favor of the real estate developer. As Michael sadly took Tracy's hand in comfort, Fred texted Julian under the table.

Olivia wondered about the vote and reminded Julian that it would decide whether Julian lived or died. He wondered what she planned to do with the hospital once she had it. "You'll see," she answered, calling her plans "epic." A text appeared on Julian's phone, and Olivia excitedly congratulated Julian on his "stay of execution." Julian demanded that Olivia let him go so he could find Sam.

Carly learns about Sonny and Nelle's secret

Carly learns about Sonny and Nelle's secret

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

In the hospital conference room, the board members mingled after the vote to sell the hospital to a developer. Liesl shook Fred Gray's hand and told him that it had been a pleasure working with him. Nearby, Tracy was upset that the board had voted against the Quartermaines. Michael reminded his great-aunt that they needed to find a way to live with it and move forward. On the table, Michael's phone lit up as Nelle called, but he didn't notice it because the phone had been put on silent for the meeting.

Michael assured Tracy that they had done all that they could, and his grandfather would be proud. Tracy informed Michael that Edward had never had time for failures then turned her anger on Liesl because Tracy was curious how much Liesl's vote had cost. Liesl denied selling her vote and suggested that the Quartermaines build a hospital if they wanted to own one. Tracy explained that Port Charles didn't need a new hospital; it needed General Hospital. Tracy was determined to find a way to save the hospital and stormed out. Fred reminded Michael that they needed Tracy's signature to certify the votes, so Michael agreed to fetch his aunt.

In the hallway, Finn looked at the business card the pharmaceutical representative had given him. He quickly tucked it away when he noticed Monica and Hayden round the corner. He was eager for news, but Monica and Hayden explained that they hadn't heard anything yet.

Moments later, Tracy walked up and announced that the board had voted to sell the hospital to the developer. Monica was stunned when Tracy filled them in about Liesl's vote because Liesl had voted herself out of a job. Hayden couldn't believe that the vote had been binding, since Laura hadn't cast a ballot, but Tracy explained that they had only needed a majority of the board to participate. Concerned, Finn asked when the vote would be finalized. Tracy expected the votes to be notarized within a few minutes, but Finn asked her to stall the board to buy him fifteen minutes. He rushed off without elaborating.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Sonny left Carly a voicemail message. After he ended the call, he bumped into Michael. The two exchanged greetings and discussed the vote. Sonny was disappointed that the Quartermaines had lost the bid and offered to pitch in some money, but Michael explained that it wouldn't help because it had been a political decision rather than a financial one. Sonny suggested they grab a drink, but Michael declined when he saw he had a missed call from Nelle. Sonny was surprised when Michael talked about meeting Nelle later that evening.

Michael revealed that he and Nelle had grown closer when he'd accompanied her to the cabin to help her get it ready for Sonny and Carly's romantic getaway. Michael smiled as he added that he and Nelle had spent the night talking and getting to know each other. Sonny carefully hid his concern as he tried to talk to Michael about Nelle, but Tracy marched up to inform Michael that they still had work to do to save the hospital then dragged him away.

In the conference room, Fred was pleased when Tracy and Michael returned. Liesl objected to Hayden and Monica accompanying the two board members, but Fred assured Liesl that it wouldn't impede the certification process. Tracy announced that she couldn't add her signature to the vote because new information had surfaced that had put Hayden's financial projections in question. Michael claimed that he'd asked someone else to take a look at the numbers, and the results had differed from Hayden's because Hayden had used the worst-case scenario when she'd calculated the expenditures. Hayden acknowledged that she'd been conservative, but Michael opened a folder and began to talk about the vast differences between her numbers and the ones he'd received during the short break.

Frustrated, Fred reminded everyone that the board had already voted, but Tracy argued that nothing had been finalized. Moments later, Finn entered the conference room and announced that he'd sold his serum for Blackwood's syndrome to a pharmaceutical company for a sizeable fortune. Finn promised to sign over every penny of serum's profit as a gift to the hospital if the board agreed to accept the Quartermaine family's offer. Liesl was skeptical that Finn had the money, so he produced a contract that the pharmaceutical representative had faxed to Finn. The contract was passed around for the board members to see as Michael called for a new vote. The board, including Liesl, voted to accept the Quartermaines' offer and keep the hospital open.

At Olivia's secret hideout, Julian was handcuffed to a radiator in Olivia's bedroom. He begged his sister to set him free and let him help his daughter because Sam was pregnant, but Olivia angrily blamed Sam for the fall. Olivia insisted that Sam had instigated the fight, and Olivia had been forced to defend herself by pushing Sam off the bridge. Olivia knelt down next to her brother and made it clear that she would never harm a child. Julian calmly repeated his request to get Sam to the hospital, but Olivia resented his concern for everyone in his family except her. Olivia was furious that Julian had never tried to make amends for shooting her in the back, but he argued that he'd been helping her for months.

Olivia reminded Julian that she'd been forced to blackmail him. Olivia was hurt that Julian had never once tried to make things right with her, but she assured him that it was no longer necessary because she was a new woman and no longer a pushover. Olivia made it clear that she was sick and tired of arguing with her brother, but she'd been the better person because she could have killed him months before. Astonished, Julian reminded her that she'd tried to kill him by planting a bomb in his car. Olivia argued that she'd ultimately changed her mind, but she regretted it because Julian had been responsible for Duke's murder.

The conversation turned nasty as Olivia accused Julian of being a disappointment to their father. She pointed out that Julian had emerged from the witness protection program, but he'd wasted the opportunity to be a true Jerome. Olivia was glad that their father hadn't seen how low Julian had fallen. Julian insisted that it didn't matter because Gray would call Olivia to confirm that her bid to buy the hospital had been accepted, and Julian would finally be out of her hair for good. Olivia muttered that it was a pleasing thought.

Moments later, Olivia's phone chimed with a text message from Gray, letting her know that the deal had fallen through, and the board had accepted the Quartermaines' bid. Livid, Olivia informed Julian that he had failed her.

On the footbridge, Jason repeatedly called out for Sam, but he was met with silence. He decided to call for a search party because there was too much ground for one man to cover.

At the bottom of the bridge's embankment, Sam heard Jason call for her, but she was too weak to yell for help as another painful contraction washed over her. She weakly begged Jason not to leave then passed out.

Meanwhile, Jason ended the call and debated what to do. He begged God for a sign just as the clouds parted and the full moon illuminated the bottom of the embankment. Jason followed the light and was shocked when he saw his wife on the ground. He immediately called for an ambulance then slid down the embankment to Sam. Sam roused as Jason held her in his arms and begged her to wake up. He decided to carry her to help, but she cried out in pain when he picked her up. Sam explained that her contractions were too close together, and they would never make it. Jason tried to calm his wife, but the contractions were too painful.

Sam feared that something was wrong and begged Jason to take their baby to safety as soon as she delivered it. Jason was reluctant to make the promise, but Sam demanded that Jason put their unborn child first. Eventually, Jason agreed to take their baby to safety, but he assured Sam that everything would be fine because help was on the way. Moments later, Sam cried out. Jason checked and realized that he could feel their baby's head. He told Sam that she would have to push, but she admitted that she was too tired, and it hurt too much.

Jason reminded Sam that she was a strong woman and asked her to take his hand because she was his "phoenix," and together they could accomplish anything. Sam smiled weakly, took his hand, and then pushed with all her might. A few minutes later, Jason had the baby wrapped up in Sam's scarf, but Sam was concerned because she noticed that their daughter hadn't cried. Jason quietly admitted that the newborn hadn't taken a breath, and he began CPR. Sam watched anxiously as she begged Jason to save their daughter's life. As soon as the infant took a breath, Sam fainted. Jason desperately called out to his wife as he cradled their infant daughter.

In Carly's office, Nelle twirled the flash drive between her fingers as she left Michael a voicemail message assuring him that she'd taken care of everything and looked forward to seeing him later that evening. Nelle smiled happily as she picked up her purse and coat then went to the door. Her smile vanished when she opened the door and saw Bobbie. "Oh, look, it's you," Bobbie said in a snide tone as she entered Carly's office. Nelle pasted on a polite smile and told Bobbie that Carly wasn't at the office.

Bobbie assured Nelle that Bobbie was fully aware of Carly's plans. Nelle promised that she hadn't meant to imply that Bobbie and Carly's relationship was lacking, but Bobbie made it clear that Nelle would never be as close to Bobbie's daughter as Bobbie was. Nelle tried to change tactics by acknowledging Bobbie's dislike of her and suggesting a truce for Michael's sake. Bobbie laughed because she wondered what her grandson had to do with it.

Nelle smiled confidently as she admitted that Michael had a different opinion of her than Bobbie did, but Bobbie smiled back and promised that he would soon have a change of heart when he learned the truth about Nelle. Frustrated, Nelle acknowledged that things had gotten heated between her and Bobbie once, but she had hoped that she and Bobbie could put it behind them. Bobbie conceded that her grandson might have bought Nelle's "goody-two-shoes" act, but Bobbie refused to allow "sneaky snakes" to hurt her family.

"I destroy them," Bobbie added. Nelle and Bobbie continued to trade words as Nelle revealed that she knew Felicia had been sent to spy for Bobbie. However, Nelle promised to move past it because Nelle truly wanted what was best for Carly and the family. Bobbie scoffed and coldly asked if sleeping with Sonny had been best for Carly. Shaken, Nelle tried to deny the affair, but Bobbie told Nelle to give it a rest because Felicia had tracked down Nelle's "bff," whom Nelle had foolishly confided to. Nelle insisted that it was a lie, but Bobbie didn't believe her and revealed that she'd told Carly everything.

Outraged, Nelle accused Bobbie of not knowing what Bobbie had done, but Bobbie's temper flared. Bobbie doubted that Nelle fully grasped the ramifications of Nelle's actions or the damage that Nelle had caused. Nelle was furious because things might have been different if Bobbie had kept her mouth shut, but Bobbie cut Nelle off to remind Nelle that Carly and Sonny had lost their son and had been fighting just to survive when Nelle had taken advantage of Sonny's grief. Nelle cried, but Bobbie wasn't impressed with Nelle's "crocodile tears" and told her to return to whatever "Florida swamp" she'd crawled out of. Bobbie assured Nelle that no one -- least of all Michael -- would care if Nelle disappeared.

After Nelle ran out, Bobbie called Carly, but the call went to voicemail. Bobbie left her daughter a message warning Carly that she'd had an encounter with Nelle and had confronted Nelle about the affair with Sonny. Bobbie admitted that if Nelle were smart, then Nelle would already be on a bus out of town.

At the hospital, Michael approached the elevator and was surprised when he saw Nelle exit. He warmly greeted her and told her that he had good news to share, but his smile faded when he noticed Nelle's worried expression. Concerned, Michael asked Nelle what was wrong.

In Nelle's apartment, the lights were off as Carly sat on the sofa and listened to the audio recording of Sonny on Nelle's laptop. Her eyes quickly welled up with tears and her expression clouded with pain when she heard Sonny tell Nelle that Carly could never know that he and Nelle had had sex. "Oh, my God. It's true," Carly whispered. Her phone rang, but she let it go to voicemail when she saw it was Sonny. Carly continued to listen to the recording as Nelle tearfully suggested that they tell Carly the truth, but Sonny had refused to consider it and took full responsibility for what had happened.

Tears streamed down Carly's face as she suddenly slammed the laptop shut then paced the living room. She desperately tried to make sense of the betrayal and when it had started. She recalled how she'd helped Nelle and even defended her at times, but she also recalled Nelle dropping subtle hints about the man in Nelle's life. Carly realized that Nelle had been referring to Sonny and remembered Nelle mentioning that she intended to pay Carly back. Carly grinned with malice as she vowed that Nelle would find out the true meaning of payback.

Carly's anger mounted when she remembered questioning Sonny about two glasses of wine on his coffee table over Thanksgiving and how he'd claimed that Laura had stopped by. Carly recalled talking to Sonny about the man in Nelle's life and Sonny's odd reaction when they'd talked about her assistant's lover. Her memories then turned to how hard she and Sonny had fought to get past the grief of losing Morgan and working on their relationship.

Furious, Carly went to the door, but she stopped in her tracks when she saw Sonny on Nelle's doorstep. Sonny was equally startled when he saw Carly and asked why she was there. Carly reminded him that Nelle was her assistant and asked why he was at Nelle's place. Sonny evaded the question by suggesting that he and Carly go home, but Carly shut the door and told him that she wanted to talk to him about renewing their wedding vows. Sonny became increasingly uncomfortable as Carly talked about their relationship.

Sonny repeatedly tried to get Carly to leave with him, prompting her to ask why he seemed anxious. Sonny claimed that if felt like an invasion of Nelle's privacy to be in the apartment without Nelle. Carly agreed that it was not a good idea for him to cross any boundaries and added that he wouldn't want to offend Nelle by being there without her. However, Carly didn't care. "It sure as hell offends me that you've been screwing her," she told him. Sonny's eyes filled with regret as he realized that Carly knew about his one-night stand with Nelle.

Olivia Jerome evades the police

Olivia Jerome evades the police

> Olivia Jerome evades the police

Olivia Jerome evades the police

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

In Elizabeth's bedroom, Franco smiled after he and Elizabeth made love. He was grateful that she'd sent the boys to spend the night at her grandmother's house and suggested that he and Elizabeth remain in bed, since neither of them had to work. Moments later, the phone rang. Franco halfheartedly asked her to ignore it, but she answered the phone. It was Monica asking Elizabeth to return to work because the hospital crisis had been averted.

After Elizabeth ended the call, she told Franco about the new development. Franco was curious if it meant that he would get his job back, too, but she had no idea. Franco decided to accompany Elizabeth to the hospital to find out if he still had a job. Elizabeth smiled, and the two made love again.

Later, Monica greeted Franco and Elizabeth as they approached the nurses' station. Elizabeth was eager to hear how the hospital had been saved, so Monica explained that Finn had sold the patent for the Blackwood's syndrome serum he'd developed and had donated all the money and revenue he earned from the serum to the hospital, provided the board accepted the Quartermaines' offer. Elizabeth imagined that Hayden was thrilled with what Finn had done, but Franco wondered if his job was safe. Monica broke the news that she could not reinstate Franco as an art therapist because some cuts had been necessary, and the art therapy program hadn't been deemed essential.

Disappointed, Franco asked if Monica thought he'd done a good job as an art therapist. Reluctantly, Monica conceded that he'd been amazing. However, she insisted that it was out of her hands and suggested that he look at other job openings the hospital had posted. After Monica walked away, Franco glanced at the job listings on the corkboard, but he quickly realized that he wasn't qualified for any of the positions. Elizabeth thought it was a sign that he should return to his art full-time, but he revealed that it was impossible because every penny he made would get sucked into the civil case pending against him. He also reminded her that his assets had been frozen.

Elizabeth felt bad for Franco, but she advised him to hang in and promised to discuss it with him after work. After Elizabeth left, Franco returned to the corkboard and found a job listing that piqued his interest.

At the footbridge, Jason was at the bottom of the embankment, holding his newborn daughter, who'd been swaddled in her mother's scarf. Unaware that Sam had collapsed, Jason assured his wife that their daughter was breathing. Jason told his daughter that she was beautiful and praised her strength. He turned to say something to Sam and noticed her on the ground next to him. Worried, Jason called out to his wife and gently shook her until she roused. Sam's eyes drifted open as she asked about "Scout." Jason assured her that their daughter was fine, but Sam reminded him that he'd promised to take their daughter to get some help.

Jason made it clear that he would not leave without Sam and reminded her that help was on the way. Jason shifted gears and asked how Sam felt. She admitted that she was tired and drifted off again, so Jason checked and realized that she'd started hemorrhaging from giving birth. Desperate, Jason shook Sam until she woke up and instructed her to hold their baby tight because he intended to carry both of them to safety. Sam objected because she wanted Jason to focus on their daughter, but he handed the baby to Sam then picked his wife and daughter up.

A short time later, Jason walked across the footbridge with Sam and his newborn in his arms. He and Sam heard the sirens draw close, but Sam's strength faded, and she passed out again. Alarmed, Jason ran toward the oncoming ambulance, calling for help.

At the hospital, Franco approached Elizabeth at the nurses' station to let her know that he'd decided to apply for a janitorial position at the hospital. Elizabeth was surprised, but Franco insisted that the job was perfect because it would allow him to be close to her. Elizabeth was touched, but she urged Franco to find work in a field that he would enjoy. Franco explained that he preferred spending time with Elizabeth because she had inspired him to change, and he wanted to hold onto the feeling.

Moments later, Jason, Sam, and their baby arrived by ambulance. The emergency room doctor quickly assessed Sam's condition as the paramedics filled him in on Sam's unexpected delivery. The doctor called for Elizabeth to assist him while another medical team arrived to whisk away the newborn baby. Sam begged Jason to go with their daughter, but Jason wanted to stay with his wife. The doctor ordered Jason to wait as Sam was taken to an examination room. Jason objected, but Franco stopped Jason from following Sam.

At the police station, Curtis entered Jordan's office without knocking. Jordan resented him barging in and demanded to know what was going on. He reminded her that he'd been working on solving Morgan Corinthos' murder, but Alexis suddenly appeared in the doorway, begging for Jordan's help because Sam had vanished. Concerned, Jordan asked Alexis to elaborate, so Alexis asked if Curtis had told Jordan about the recent developments in Jason and Curtis' investigation. Curtis admitted that he'd been about to, and he turned to tell Jordan about the likelihood that Olivia Jerome was alive and had planted the bomb in Julian's car. Curtis advised Jordan to put an APB out on Olivia, but Jordan pointed out the absurdity of searching for a dead woman.

Alexis revealed that Olivia had been posing as a woman named "Liv Lowery" and that Liv had inserted herself into Alexis' life by posing as Alexis' Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor. Alexis told Jordan about Sam's sudden disappearance, Jason's concerns, the bruise on Olivia's cheek, and how Olivia had dropped Sam's phone into Alexis' purse. Alexis was certain that Olivia had abducted Sam, so Jordan agreed to take action. Jordan wondered if Julian knew what Olivia had been up to. Alexis conceded that she'd introduced Julian to "Liv," but she'd sensed that Julian had been terrified of Olivia. Curtis agreed and added that Julian had likely been taking orders from Olivia for quite some time.

Jordan thought the best chance of tracking Olivia down was to get the elusive Jerome on the phone. Curtis agreed, but Alexis thought it would be a mistake because Olivia had intended for Alexis to find Sam's phone and would question why Alexis was calling. Curtis argued that Alexis had last seen Olivia a little over an hour earlier, which meant that Olivia might not expect Alexis to have found the phone yet. Alexis conceded that he had a point and agreed to make the call because she was desperate to find her daughter.

At Olivia Jerome's hideout, Julian remained handcuffed to the room's radiator as Olivia put her phone down, glared at him with loathing, and then poured herself a drink. After she took a long swallow of the alcohol, she told her brother that she didn't have the one thing that she truly needed. She put down her drink then picked up a switchblade and advanced on him. Olivia kneeled down to look Julian in the eyes as she berated him for being a "crappy brother." Agitated, Olivia began to pace the bedroom as she hurled insults and cried because Julian had repeatedly betrayed her. She talked about how he'd shot her in the back once and had failed to secure the hospital for her.

Olivia complained that she'd been forced to resort to blackmailing Julian and threatening his family because he'd selfishly refused to lift a finger to help her. Julian argued that her actions had made her an equally "crappy sister," but Olivia was tired of trading barbs with Julian. She knelt back down and quietly reminded him that he'd recently tried to poison her. "That's strike three. You. Are. Out," Olivia added with menace as she pressed the sharp blade against his throat. To Julian's surprise, Olivia stood up and announced that she needed to go in a different direction.

Julian readily agreed to help Olivia in any way possible and assured her that they would find another hospital for her to purchase. Olivia explained that it had never been about the hospital or building condominiums or even getting her hands on a valuable piece of real estate. "It's what lies beneath," Olivia cryptically added. Julian was curious what was beneath General Hospital that she wanted, but Olivia's phone rang. She chuckled when she saw that it was Alexis and suggested that Alexis had found Sam's phone. Olivia let the call go to voicemail then offered to listen to the message with Julian, but Alexis immediately called back.

Olivia wondered if Alexis had always been a big pain, but Julian advised Olivia to answer the call. Olivia debated what to do because she suspected that Alexis either wanted to confront her or trick her. Eventually, Olivia answered the call. Alexis sounded frantic as she thanked Olivia for taking the call and explained that Sam was missing. Alexis begged Olivia to meet her because Alexis was about to enter a liquor store. Olivia calmly advised Alexis to find a meeting and promised to catch up with Alexis as soon as possible.

After Olivia ended the call, she told Julian that Alexis' call for help had been a ruse. Olivia decided that it was time to move things to the next level because Alexis was onto Olivia. Julian nervously asked what the next level was, but Olivia remained silent.

At the police station, Jordan announced that they'd been able to pinpoint Olivia's location, and she ordered both Alexis and Curtis to stay put. After Jordan left, Curtis asked if Alexis wanted to wait. She shook her head and followed Curtis out the door.

A short time later, Jordan and a police officer entered Olivia's hideout, but Olivia and Julian were gone. Jordan noticed the handcuffs by the radiator as Curtis and Alexis entered the room. Jordan demanded to know what they were doing there, but Curtis and Alexis were eager for news. Jordan admitted that Olivia had managed to remain a step ahead of the police and could be anywhere.

At the hospital, Michael pulled Nelle aside to find out why she was upset. She explained that she'd done something terrible, so he offered to help her fix things. Nelle's eyes filled with tears as she admitted that it was impossible, but Michael wanted to be the judge of that and asked what she'd done. Before Nelle could reply, Monica walked up to hug Michael and to thank him for everything he'd done to save the hospital. "Well done," Monica told him and walked away.

Nelle was curious what Michael had done, prompting him to fill her in about the board's vote and how Finn had saved the hospital from being sold to a developer. Nelle was impressed that Michael had stepped up, but she attributed it to him being a good person. Michael assured Nelle that she was a good person, too, but she disagreed as fresh tears filled her eyes. According to Nelle, she needed to return to Atlanta to take care of a good friend who'd been sick for quite some time. Nelle claimed that she'd known of Leanne's illness, but Nelle had been too self-absorbed with her life in Port Charles to help her friend.

Nelle was startled when Michael suggested that he go to Atlanta with her. She objected, but he assured her that he wouldn't interfere when she spent time with Leanne. Michael explained that he just wanted a chance to be with Nelle and get to know her better. Nelle smiled and agreed. Pleased, Michael notified his office that he would be out of town for a few days and requested that the jet be prepared. Nelle smiled with delight because she was certain that all she needed was some time alone with Michael to make him understand her side of things.

Moments later, Monica exited the elevator. Michael told his grandmother about his trip with Nelle then asked for a few minutes of Monica's time because he wanted to go over a few things regarding the hospital. Nelle asked if she could use Michael's phone because her phone's battery was dead. Michael handed Nelle his phone then stepped away with Monica. Nelle quickly scanned the messages, turned off the phone, and then dropped it into her purse because she needed a few hours alone with Michael. Michael returned to fetch Nelle and asked for his phone, but she insisted that time was of the essence and promised to give it to him once they were on their way.

At Nelle's apartment, Carly confronted Sonny about sleeping with Nelle. Sonny was shocked, but he opted for the truth and confessed that he'd slept with Nelle. Carly's eyes filled tears as she angrily asked when Sonny and Nelle had slept together. Sonny reluctantly admitted that it had happened on Thanksgiving when he'd been grieving Morgan's death and had believed that Carly and Jax had been on the verge of reuniting. "It just happened," Sonny added, but Carly wasn't satisfied because an ongoing affair never "just happened."

Sonny quickly clarified that he'd only slept with Nelle once, but Carly didn't believe him. She reminded him of the flowers he'd sent to Nelle, but Sonny assured his wife that he'd never sent Nelle any flowers. Carly refused to play games and decided to play a part of the audio recording on Nelle's laptop. Sonny was furious. "That bitch set me up from the start," Sonny growled, but Carly scoffed.

Sonny pointed out that Nelle's decision to record her conversations with him was proof that Nelle had been playing both him and Carly. Carly pointed out that the recording suggested that Nelle had wanted Sonny to be honest with Carly, but Sonny had refused. Sonny argued that Nelle had known what he would say because he had wanted to avoid hurting Carly more than she'd already been hurt. Sonny admitted that he had wanted to tell Carly the truth, but he'd fought the instinct because he'd been concerned about Carly. Sonny was curious how Carly had found out, but Carly informed him that it didn't matter because Nelle was a "liar and cheat," just like Sonny.

Sonny acknowledged that he hadn't been innocent, but he warned Carly that Nelle had been spinning things to her advantage. Sonny was apologetic, but Carly was unmoved. She couldn't understand how he could betray their wedding vows. Sonny reminded her that he'd been in a bad place and hurting because he'd mistakenly thought Carly and Jax had reconciled. Sonny quickly added that she was not in any way to blame for his choices, but the tryst had happened in a moment of weakness. However, he warned Carly that it had been an entirely different matter for Nelle because the audio recording meant that Nelle had planned things out.

Sonny explained that he had no memory of sleeping with Nelle and had only realized what had happened when he'd woken up in bed with her the next morning. He acknowledged that -- in hindsight -- he'd played right into Nelle's hands. Carly insisted that Sonny had been lying to her for months and argued that the flowers suggested that it had been more than a one-night stand. Sonny pointed out that he would never have been foolish enough to send flowers to a public place with his initials on the card. Sonny was certain that it had been a setup and added that Nelle had done more than send flowers to herself. Sonny opened up about the bra he'd found in his bed and his theory that Nelle had planted it for Carly to find.

Carly admitted that she believed Sonny, but she was furious that he had done nothing to stop Nelle. Carly pointed out that he'd kept his mouth shut to protect himself, which had given "that little slut" time to work her way further and further into their family. Carly resented that he'd let her depend on and trust Nelle, knowing that Nelle had lied. Sonny conceded that he should have told Carly, but he was curious if she would have forgiven him. Carly admitted that they would never know because he'd never given her the chance. Sonny begged Carly to let him fix things, but she wanted to be left alone and went to the door. Carly threw open the door, but froze when she saw Nelle and Michael standing on the doorstep.

Jake talks about the curse on Sam

Jake talks about the curse on Sam

Thursday, March 2, 2017

At Metro Court Restaurant, Tracy smiled with delight when she, Finn, and Hayden exited the elevator and saw that her table was ready and the Champagne had been chilled. Finn, Hayden, and Tracy sat down as Tracy expressed her gratitude to Finn for saving the hospital. She admitted that her father would have said that Finn had pulled their fat out of the fire, but she conceded that Edward would have used more colorful language. Finn assured Tracy it wasn't a big deal, but Hayden grew annoyed and suggested that they drink their Champagne and be on their way.

Annoyed, Tracy asked Finn and Hayden to put their lovers' spat aside because Tracy wanted to celebrate their victory, and she didn't have anyone else to enjoy it with because Monica was busy at work, and Michael had left for a romantic getaway. Tracy grumbled about Laura not showing up and leaving the hospital's fate in Liesl's hands, but both Finn and Hayden remained quiet. Frustrated, Tracy accused them of being as much fun as "a spoonful of botulism" and wondered if the thrill between the couple was gone. Hayden claimed it had been a long day, and she still couldn't get over the shock of Finn selling the patent for the serum as quickly as he had without any legal counsel.

Finn assured Hayden that he'd known what he'd been doing, but she reminded him that he'd been against selling the patent to Biospen Pharmaceuticals -- and other large corporations. She wondered what part of his soul he'd sold to save the hospital, but he assured her that his soul remained intact. Finn revealed that he'd persuaded Biospen Pharmaceuticals to produce a low-cost generic version of the serum for patients in underdeveloped countries. Hayden was impressed, but she was curious how he'd managed to get it done. Finn cryptically explained that he'd advised the company's owner to repurpose the drug so they could market it to the masses.

Hayden was surprised that Finn had done all of that to save the hospital. Finn conceded that his relationship with the hospital had been rocky, but he explained that working there had given him a reason to remain in Port Charles. Finn looked pointedly at Hayden as he added that the town had grown on him, and he wanted to stick around. Tracy raised her glass and thanked Finn and Hayden for what they'd done for the hospital. Tracy hoped the couple sorted out their differences because if they couldn't, then there wouldn't be hope for any of them.

Tracy decided to order appetizers, but Finn excused himself to make a call. He claimed that he'd been consulting with a doctor in California on a case and needed to check in. Hayden was suspicious but remained silent. Tracy cut to the chase and asked Hayden what had really been going on between Finn and Hayden. Hayden reluctantly revealed that Finn was addicted to Zekenestrol, and Hayden was concerned because he'd used ELQ's jet to fly out of the country to get more "Zen-Zen" instead of meeting with the pharmaceutical company in New York City. Tracy was furious that Finn had put ELQ at risk to get the drugs.

Hayden pointed out that she and Tracy didn't know the real Finn because the man they had gotten to know had always been high. Hayden didn't know if she could have a relationship with a stranger, but Tracy warned Hayden that they needed to make certain that Finn understood that Zen-Zen put his very life at risk. Seconds later, Finn returned to the table in an upbeat mood and offered to buy another bottle of Champagne. Hayden's expression clouded with concern as Tracy confronted Finn about his drug addiction. Finn glared at Hayden, but he insisted that he had everything under control and intended to quit using Zen-Zen.

Tracy scoffed because Finn sounded like every other drug addict she'd encountered. Tracy reminded him that his drug use put the hospital's patients at risk, but Finn insisted that he was fine. Tracy ordered Finn to quit immediately, or she would make his life "hell." Hayden joined forces with Tracy and vowed to do the same.

In Laura's car, Laura was in the passenger seat as she slowly opened her eyes and looked around in confusion. She heard the sound of jet engines in the distance as she saw a long-term parking sign with "JFK" at the top. Seconds later, a man approached the car and opened the driver's door. Laura screamed until she realized that it was Kevin. Kevin slid into the driver's seat and assured Laura that she was okay. He handed her a cup of coffee as she shakily told him that she had no idea how she'd ended up where she was.

Concerned, Kevin asked about the last thing Laura recalled doing. Laura remembered entering the parking garage to go to the board meeting, but nothing beyond that. Kevin's brow furrowed, and he quickly examined her. He noticed that her eyes were dilated, and he realized that she might have been drugged when she complained of feeling dizzy. Kevin insisted on taking her to the hospital, but he was curious if she recalled anything out of the ordinary prior to the blackout.

Laura suddenly recalled the vote, but Kevin assured her that the hospital had been saved. Laura relaxed and remembered bumping into a man who'd accidentally knocked her purse over. She realized that something had been off with the man because he'd kept urging her to drink the coffee. She couldn't imagine why the man would drug her, but Kevin pointed out that there had been a lot at stake with the hospital on the chopping block. Laura agreed, but she wondered how Kevin had managed to find her. Kevin explained that he'd received a text message from her that had simply read, "JFK."

Laura didn't recall sending the text message, but she was surprised that Kevin had found her in the parking garage. Kevin confessed that he'd used an app to locate her phone. Laura was impressed, but Kevin was touched that she had reached out to him despite being in a stupor. Laura smiled as Kevin tenderly kissed her.

At the nurses' station, Franco physically stopped Jason from charging into Sam's examination room. Infuriated, Jason grabbed Franco by the shirtfront and shoved him against the nurses' station. Moments later, Robin appeared and implored Jason to let Franco go. Jason continued to growl at Franco until Robin warned Jason that someone might call security. After Jason released Franco, Robin demanded to know what Franco had done to antagonize Jason. Jason conceded that Franco had not been to blame, and he pulled Robin aside to tell her about Sam's abduction.

Robin was shocked to hear that Olivia Jerome was alive and stunned when Jason told her that he'd delivered his daughter after Olivia had pushed Sam off the footbridge in Roebling Park. Moments later, Elizabeth walked up to give Jason an update. Elizabeth assured Jason that his daughter appeared healthy and was expected to make a full recovery. Relieved, Jason asked for news about Sam. Elizabeth's expression turned guarded as she gently broke the news that Sam had been rushed into surgery because she'd been hemorrhaging, and there appeared to be internal bleeding.

Elizabeth told Jason and Robin where to wait for updates then went to the nurses' station. She noticed Franco leaning against the wall and asked if he'd overheard. Franco nodded and approached her. Elizabeth explained that she had to cover on the tenth floor and asked him to go to her house and wait for Audrey to drop off the boys. Franco assured her that he'd take care of everything then shifted gears to admit that he felt bad for Jason because Franco would have gone nuts if he'd seen Elizabeth wheeled away like Sam had been. Franco admitted that he'd never looked forward to his life as much as he did at that moment.

Later, Jason called Alexis and left her a voicemail message to let her know that Sam was in the hospital. After he ended the call, Robin handed him a cup of coffee then led him to a bench, where they sat down and chatted. Robin was surprised when Jason mentioned that he'd also called his partner because she hadn't realized that he'd been working with someone. Jason explained that his partner had helped him prove Olivia Jerome was alive. Robin admitted that she didn't want to talk about Olivia, prompting Jason to ask about Anna.

Robin revealed that her mother had been slowly improving, but Robin didn't want Anna to know about Olivia because she feared that it might set Anna back. Jason and Robin looked up and saw Elizabeth walk up. Elizabeth assured Jason that the doctors were doing everything possible to save Sam, but Sam was in critical condition because she had "coded" on the table. Jason had no idea what the term meant, so Elizabeth reluctantly told him that Sam's heart had stopped. Elizabeth promised to keep Jason updated, and she left.

Robin assured Jason that it was far more common than he realized for people to code on the operating table, but the doctors had a way of bringing people back while they worked on the trauma. She urged Jason to trust the doctors and to have faith in Sam because Sam knew that she had two children who needed her. Jason appreciated Robin's words of encouragement. However, he insisted that he'd failed to protect his wife, and Sam might die because of it. Jason felt helpless, but Robin reminded him that he could still pray and remain positive by imagining a happy life with Sam and their children. Robin promised that faith in her family had been the most powerful ally she'd had during her darkest hours. Robin and Jason prayed together when she assured him that it would help.

Later, Jason and Robin went to the neonatal unit to visit his daughter. Robin was surprised when Jason picked his infant daughter up and referred to her as Scout. Jason explained that it had been Danny's idea, and he sat down to cradle his daughter. Robin was touched by the image. Jason reminded her that in the past, he'd been alone for a long time, but things had changed, and he had a family to lose. Robin added that he could also love and fight for his family.

Jason explained that he'd thought he'd been incapable of love until he'd met Sam. He credited his wife with making him a better father and holding their family together. Jason admitted that he wouldn't know how to make it without Sam. A few minutes later, Jason returned his daughter to the bassinet and told her to sleep tight. He hoped that Scout would see her mother when she woke up.

In the hallway, Elizabeth approached Jason to tell him that Sam was out of surgery and had been moved to the Intensive Care Unit. Jason wanted to know what was going on, but Elizabeth urged him to go to his wife.

At Elizabeth's house, Franco talked to Jake in Jake's bedroom. Jake admitted that he was worried about his father, so Franco carefully explained that Jason and Sam had had their baby, and Jake had a new baby sister. Jake was delighted, but his smile faded because he sensed that something was wrong. Franco assured him that his infant sister was fine, but he admitted that Sam was sick. Franco reminded Jake that Sam was strong, but Jake was troubled and stood up to look out the window. Franco tried to get Jake to open up about what was bothering him, but Jake remained quiet.

Franco decided not to push and invited Jake to pick a movie to watch. Instead, Jake confessed that he felt terrible because of the way he'd treated Sam the previous year. Franco assured Jake that Sam had forgiven Jake because she loved him and knew that he'd been going through a difficult time. Jake feared that Sam would have a tough time, too, because she'd had a "very, very bad" curse put on her. Franco frowned and asked who had put a curse on Sam. "Helena Cassadine," Jake answered. Jake revealed that Helena had hated Sam and had once told him that bad things would always happen to Sam if Helena died.

"It sounds like she was right," Jake added.

In Nelle's apartment, Carly confronted Sonny about his sexual encounter with Nelle. Carly insisted that Sonny had kept quiet to protect himself, not Carly. Sonny disagreed, but Carly reminded him that he'd known that Nelle had been "a lying bitch" and had allowed Carly to depend on her. Sonny wondered if Carly would have forgiven him if he'd told her about the one-night stand. Carly pointed out that they would never know because he'd opted to lie. Disgusted, Carly told Sonny to stay away from her and marched to the door.

However, Carly froze in her tracks when she saw Nelle and Michael on the doorstep. Michael immediately sensed that something was wrong and asked why his parents were in Nelle's apartment. Nelle tensed as Carly told Michael that she had no idea where to begin to tell him what was wrong, but Carly decided that it wasn't her story to tell. Michael explained that he needed an answer because he and Nelle were headed out of town to visit Nelle's sick friend. Carly's eyes narrowed as she glared at Nelle and coldly asked if it was the same friend who'd talked to Felicia. Michael's frustration mounted because he had no idea what was going on.

Finally, Sonny stepped forward and confessed that he'd slept with Nelle. Sonny explained that he'd been grieving for Morgan and had gotten drunk on Thanksgiving when Nelle had stopped by to check on him. Sonny admitted that he'd blacked out and only remembered waking up with Nelle the next morning. Michael was stunned as he looked at Nelle for confirmation and saw tears shimmering in her eyes. Sonny revealed that he'd immediately apologized to Nelle and had explained that the encounter had been a mistake.

However, Sonny was certain that Nelle had set him up. Stunned, Michael asked Sonny to elaborate. Sonny insisted that Nelle had agreed to keep their night together a secret to spare Carly and the rest of the family further pain, but Nelle had recorded her conversations with Sonny. Sonny angrily demanded to know if Nelle had intended to blackmail him, but Nelle refused to answer. Michael argued that none of it made sense. Carly agreed -- she, too, had found it difficult to believe that the wonderful and selfless young lady whom Carly had grown to love as her own daughter had wormed her way into Sonny's bed.

Nelle started to speak, but Carly cut her off and told Michael about the flowers that Nelle had sent to herself to make it appear that Sonny had sent them and the bra that Nelle had planted in Sonny's bed in the hopes that Carly would find it. Carly was disgusted with herself because she'd fallen for Nelle's angelic act. Furious, Nelle headed for the door, but Carly grabbed Nelle by the arm to stop her from leaving. Michael stepped in to give Nelle a chance to explain her side of things. Carly wandered over to the laptop and offered to play the audio recording of Sonny and Nelle talking about the affair, but Michael told Carly that it wasn't necessary because he believed his parents.

However, Michael wanted to hear from Nelle. Nelle tearfully apologized, but Michael wanted to know if she'd been referring to her affair with Sonny when she'd told him that she was a terrible person. "Yes," Nelle answered and added that she had tried to stop what she had put into motion. Nelle believed that Michael deserved to know what had really happened, but Carly wanted to know what game Nelle had been playing. Nelle insisted that she'd had a change of heart, but Michael was skeptical because he knew Sonny would never send flowers to a woman Sonny was secretly sleeping with to a public place.

Michael wanted to know why Nelle had tried to make it look like an affair when she'd only slept with Sonny once. Meanwhile, Carly remained angry with Sonny because he had kept his "dirty little secret" without concern to how vulnerable it had made his family. Sonny insisted that Nelle had been the least of his problems because he'd been shattered by their son's death and consumed with finding Morgan's killer. Carly wasn't satisfied because Sonny was supposed to have loved his wife and not lied.

Carly accused Sonny of helping Nelle by remaining silent. Michael turned to Nelle to give her an opportunity to tell her side of things. Michael told Nelle that if any part of their friendship had been real, then she would be honest with him. Nelle tearfully talked about his kindness and caring nature, which had made her believe that she could be a better person. Nelle was adamant that she'd wanted to stop it all until Bobbie had revealed that Carly knew the truth. Michael realized that was when Nelle had decided to run. Nelle cried, but Carly claimed they were crocodile tears and demanded to know what Nelle's end game had been.

Disgusted, Carly wished that Josslyn didn't have any of Nelle's "cold blood" running inside of her. Nelle's temper flared as she reminded Carly that it was too late for that. Carly realized that Nelle would have never donated a kidney to save Josslyn's life, but Carly pointed out that what Nelle's parents had done to Nelle was on them, not Carly. Nelle growled that it was because of Carly -- not Nelle's parents -- that Nelle was the way she was.

Nelle Reveals The Truth

Nelle Reveals The Truth

Friday, March 3, 2017

Jason walked into Sam's room at General Hospital and spoke to his unconscious wife. He apologized for not finding her sooner. He told her that she was tough and always rose above like the phoenix. He added that she was the strongest person he'd ever met, but he was scared. Jason spoke about their new daughter and begged Sam to open her eyes.

Robin fussed over Anna and ordered her back to her hospital bed while filling her in on Sam's ordeal. Robin confessed that she'd tried to comfort Jason, but sometimes doctors had to guess at what to do for a patient. Anna apologized for sulking over her own condition, though Robin admitted to being scared of her mother's diagnosis. Anna was sorry that Robin didn't have a sibling to share things with and disclosed that she had frequently thought about the children she'd lost. Anna and Robin chatted about Duke and the Jeromes, including crazy Olivia Jerome, who had rigged the elevator to cause Anna to lose her child.

Anna continued to talk about Olivia, noting how consumed the woman had been with Duke. Olivia had considered Anna to be an obstacle. Anna was just happy that that was all in the past. Anna thought that Robin had another secret, and Robin confessed that she was exhausted. She had a mother who wouldn't stay in bed. Anna accused her of emotional blackmail but promised to be good if Robin would rest.

At the police station, Alexis walked with Jordan as the police commissioner continued her frantic efforts to locate Olivia Jerome. The top cop wondered if Julian was Olivia's accomplice or a victim. Alexis felt certain that her ex-husband was a victim because she had a key to a safe deposit box where Julian had left a letter. She couldn't access it unless Julian was dead or missing. Jordan was sure that she'd be able to obtain a search warrant under the circumstances. Alexis received a call from Monica about Sam and her new baby, and she left for the hospital.

After Alexis left, Ava was ushered into Jordan's office. Jordan asked Ava about her sister Olivia, and Ava seemed confused. She wondered why the commissioner was asking her about a dead woman. Jordan informed her that Olivia might be alive and had been working with Julian. Ava was surprised and advised Jordan that in that case, she'd been falsely imprisoned. She didn't know anything about Olivia, and she hadn't committed any crime. The only thing she knew was that Julian had called Olivia a "whack job" who'd been unstable and obsessive about Duke Lavery. Ava suggested that Jordan talk to Anna.

Alexis arrived at the hospital, and Monica updated her on Sam's condition as well as Alexis' new granddaughter. Alexis headed for Sam's room and told Jason that the police were searching for Olivia. He asked Alexis to only talk about positive things, and he left so that she could visit with Sam. "Mom's here," Alexis murmured.

Alexis spent some time with her daughter then she left. Jason returned to sit with his wife. He told Sam that he wished he could help her, but it was all up to her. He had done his best to find her, and he still felt guilty over events from their past. He had also done some bad things and felt he didn't deserve to be happy. He was selfish, though, and wouldn't give up. Alexis returned with the new baby. "Someone wants to see her mother," Alexis announced.

Jason took his new daughter from Alexis' arms and placed her gently on top of Sam. Suddenly, Sam moved her arm and opened her eyes. "Welcome back," Jason said as he smiled. Alexis was thrilled to see her "cookie" awake. Sam enjoyed her miracle.

Olivia took a bag out of her car trunk in the General Hospital lot and told a bound and gagged Julian that he'd gotten off easy. Just then, Griffin walked by, and Olivia slammed the trunk shut. Griffin asked if she needed help with her bag, and Olivia thanked him. She told him it wasn't necessary and that she merely had some books for a friend in the hospital. She asked Griffin if they'd met previously because there was something about his eyes that looked familiar. She admitted to being in Port Charles in the past. Griffin assured her that they hadn't met. "Maybe you knew my father, Duke Lavery," Griffin suggested.

Trying her best to hide her shock, Olivia stated that she knew Duke's name but had never met him. Griffin went on his way, and Olivia opened the trunk. "How could you not tell me that Duke Lavery had a son?" she screeched at Julian. He mumbled through his gag, "I was too busy taking your orders." Olivia demanded to know what other secrets Julian had been keeping from her. She had been thinking she would trust him again, but that would no longer be possible. It was just like him to not tell her about Duke's son, she added. Olivia raged that Julian was cruel, and he never gave her what she wanted.

At Nelle's apartment, Carly told the young woman off. Nelle told Carly that she was "messed up" because of Carly and that Carly had gotten everything she'd deserved. Sonny wondered what Carly had done because she had welcomed Nelle into their home and family. He asked what Nelle's goal had been. Nelle revealed that her last name was Benson, the same as Carly's, and they had much in common. "Oh, my God, you're Frank Benson's daughter," Carly sputtered. Nelle clarified that he was their father, but Carly denounced him as a deadbeat who had walked out on her and her adoptive mother.

Nelle revealed that she'd had a tough life after her mother had died because Frank hadn't been able to manage their money, but Carly refused to give her any sympathy, since Nelle had slept with Sonny. Nelle complained that her father had asked Carly for money, and Carly had refused. Carly clarified that Frank had asked her for a handout. Nelle added that Carly had only paid attention to him when she'd been looking for a kidney. Carly quickly confirmed that she had never asked Frank for a kidney, though Nelle insisted that Carly had called him. Michael and Carly both denied that a call had been made, and they both stressed that they'd believed for years that Josslyn had had Jake's kidney.

Michael asked for proof of a phone call, and Sonny uttered that Nelle had screwed up their lives for a lie. Nelle accused Carly of lying and seeking revenge as she always had in the past. Carly had slept with her mother's husband, so Nelle had slept with Carly's husband. "What goes around comes around, bitch," Nelle snapped. Carly slapped Nelle's face hard. As the women started to grab at each other, the guys pulled them apart. Nelle accused Carly of only caring about herself, while Sonny noted that Nelle's father had screwed with Nelle, not Carly.

Sonny thought it had been easier for Nelle to blame Carly rather than face the truth. He added that Nelle should have been thanking Carly, but Nelle was a spoiled and vindictive brat. Michael stated that Nelle's father had lied to her, but she had been a young kid at the time. He asked why she hadn't questioned her father. The Corinthos clan had bent over backwards for Nelle. Carly announced that Nelle had tried to take her down, but "better women have tried." She had wanted to believe that Nelle was sweet, but she was really a snake who had had her opening after Morgan had died. She had used their grief, Carly continued.

"The pain you caused is coming for you like a runaway truck. I promise you that," Carly concluded. She walked out. "You made a bad enemy. More than one," Sonny added as he walked out behind Carly. Out in the hallway, he asked Carly what she would do. Carly confessed that she wanted to rip out Nelle's hair and beat her, but there wasn't any point. She also couldn't stand to look at Sonny.

Nelle told Michael that she had tried to stop her plan, and she had thought she might be on her way to a future with Michael. He stated that he'd believed in the future, too, and they had both been wrong. Michael accused Nelle of playing chess with his family. "Enjoy the victory," he said as he walked out.

Griffin stopped by Anna's room as Robin left. Anna admitted that she'd been depressed but also thankful that her condition wasn't worse that it was. She was also very lucky to have so much support in her life. Jordan arrived to speak to Anna about Olivia Jerome, and Anna thought it strange, since she'd just been talking about the woman.

Griffin was paged and had to rush out, and Anna advised Jordan that Olivia had been dead since 1990. Jordan revealed that she had new evidence to indicate that the woman was still alive.

After telling Julian off, Olivia slammed the trunk again. Just then, Robin was walking by on her way to her car. She spotted Olivia. "Oh, God, it's you," Robin gasped.

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