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Devon and Hilary made love, but they realized their marriage was over, and he signed the divorce papers. Kevin rescued Scott from terrorists in the Middle East. Jill forced Colin to recover the ring that Phillip had wanted her to have.
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Kevin Makes Contact with Scott Kevin Makes Contact with Scott

Monday, March 6, 2017

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Victor and Michael comforted Lauren while urging her to eat. Together, they waited to hear from Kevin about Scott's rescue from the foreign kidnappers. Victor explained that Kevin had faced an arduous journey. Lauren cried that she was sitting safely in a restaurant, waiting for word about Scott, and had no idea whether he'd gone days without food or water.

Kevin phoned from an empty holding cell and told Victor he'd made it to the rendezvous point. Kevin said, "I need to get to those assets on the ground, try and figure out what went wrong, and try and fix this." Victor relayed the message to Lauren and Michael, telling them that Scott wasn't where they'd believed him to be. Victor added that something had alarmed the kidnappers. Lauren panicked.

Victor calmly explained to Lauren and Michael that the rescue mission had encountered a glitch. Lauren said she'd allowed Kevin to follow Victor's plan to deliver the money, but the kidnappers had evidently felt that they'd been double-crossed. Lauren added, "What if my son pays the price for that?" Later, alone while Victor stepped away and Michael went to get aspirin, Lauren remembered a conversation she'd had with Scott. Lauren recalled having expressed her concerns to Scott about him working in the Middle East. Scott had told his mother that he yearned to share stories of incredible bravery. Scott had promised his mother that he'd be careful.

Michael returned and placed two aspirin tablets in Lauren's hand. Lauren, weak and shaky, clutched a water glass with both hands while she took a sip to wash down the medication. Victor returned and used his cell phone to show Lauren and Michael a map where Kevin, Scott, and the kidnappers were believed to be. Victor said, "I'll tell you one thing. The lure of ten million dollars -- they need that money, you know. That's how they finance their war." Victor said the promise of money would ensure that the kidnappers kept Scott alive. If, Victor added, the kidnappers didn't comply, they wouldn't receive a dime. Lauren said Victor seemed more concerned about protecting his cash than he was about her son. Victor was taken aback.

Lauren apologized to Victor for her harsh words and said she was grateful for everything Victor had done to help get Scott released. Victor said he understood because he knew what it was like to have a child in jeopardy. Before Victor returned to his office, he promised to phone when he received an update. Lauren told Michael that just like the first time Scott had been kidnapped when he'd been an infant, the situation was out of her hands. Victor later called and summoned Lauren and Michael to his office. Lauren abruptly stood up and knocked a glass to the floor. The glass shattered. Lauren gasped as if the shattered glass was an ominous sign.

In his office at Newman Enterprises, Victor, with Nikki at his side, received a phone call from Kevin. Victor and Nikki strained to listen to Kevin's call. Though a bad connection cut off some words, Victor and Nikki learned that Kevin had received what he believed to be trustworthy information about Scott's whereabouts. The call abruptly ended. Nikki became frustrated. Victor noted that Kevin's call had gotten cut off because shelling in the area had taken out numerous cell towers. Victor said they'd have to wait until Kevin called them back.

Later, Lauren and Michael rushed into Victor's office. Victor pointed to the screen on his laptop. Lauren, Michael, Victor, and Nikki saw a grainy video. Kevin appeared first, and then Scott came into view. Scott said, "Mom, I'm here. I'm alive."

Scott had a few minor wounds on his face, but he told his mom he was heading home. Lauren cried tears of joy. At the site where Scott was rescued, however, Scott initially told Kevin he would prefer to take a path opposite the one Kevin had indicated. Scott then claimed he was kidding and eventually followed Kevin out of a building.

At Jill's mansion, Colin arrived to speak to Jill. Esther detained Colin while Jill looked on near a doorway. Jill entered the room, and Esther warned Colin not to upset Jill. After Esther reluctantly left the room, Colin nervously asked Jill if she'd received the gift he'd sent via David Sherman. Jill said she'd received a check. Colin said he'd kept his promise to return the money he'd taken from Jill. Colin added that he didn't expect Jill to forgive him immediately, but he pledged his love and said he thought about Jill all the time. Jill scowled at Colin.

Jill moved closer to Colin and said she was aware that he'd robbed her a second time to raise the cash to repay her. Jill demanded that Colin hand over the key to Katherine's safe deposit box. Jill said she knew that Colin had slipped the letter from the safe deposit box into her mailbox because she'd spoken to Murphy about it. Colin, confused, muttered questions about Murphy's role. Jill said she'd learned from Murphy that Katherine had placed the letter in the safe deposit box. Jill held the check toward Colin, so he could read the dollar amount. Jill said she was also aware that something else Katherine had tucked into the box had the same monetary value as the amount written on the check.

When Jill threatened to tear the check in half, Colin quickly begged her not to. Jill asked Colin if he'd give up denying his involvement in the many schemes he'd pulled. Colin replied, "I saw an opportunity -- went for it." Colin explained that when he'd visited a thrift store to recover his clothing, he'd spotted Katherine's music box sitting on a shelf. Jill demanded to know what else besides the letter he'd found in the box.

After Jill learned that Katherine had left her a ring, she sobbed and asked Colin if he'd considered that the piece of jewelry might have meant something more to her than a bauble to be fenced. Jill recalled that Phillip Chancellor had told her about a spectacular ring he'd wanted to give her when he'd proposed. Jill told Colin that she had never seen the ring because a drunken Katherine, with Phillip as her passenger, had driven off a cliff. The accident had killed Phillip, Jill noted, before he'd had a chance to give her the ring. Jill said that Katherine had evidently found and kept the ring out of spite.

Jill told Colin that had Phillip lived, she and Phillip might still be married, so she would've never married Colin. Colin said he'd never heard anything about Phillip Chancellor. Jill cried that she'd adored Phillip, so the letter from Katherine had made her grieve the loss of Phillip anew.

Jill said she'd never had a chance to see the ring that Colin had sold in order to pay her back for the money he'd stolen. Colin insisted that he and Jill were destined to be together. Jill strongly disagreed. Jill insisted that she'd been destined to belong to Phillip, and she wasn't interested in any future involving Colin. Jill gave Colin the check, pushed him out the door, and said she didn't want to see him again until he recovered her ring.

After Colin was gone, Jill stood before Katherine's portrait, yelling that Katherine had had no right to keep the ring. Esther appeared and asked Jill if she was all right. Jill cried that Katherine had denied her something that would've meant all the money in the world. Esther looked on without knowing how to intervene. Jill railed against Katherine and vowed never to forgive her.

At Crimson Lights, Colin met with the man that had purchased the ring. The man said he'd thought Colin might be on a beach somewhere, enjoying his millions. Colin gave the man the check and demanded the return of the ring. The man replied, "Now? It might not be possible." Colin said, "Failure's not an option. Just make it happen."

At Chelsea's penthouse, the morning light illuminated Chelsea's bedroom as she and Nick awoke and turned to face each other. Nick kissed Chelsea's neck and caressed her shoulder. Both agreed that they could skip work. Nick kissed Chelsea on the lips before making love to her. Later, while enjoying coffee, Nick told Chelsea that they had officially moved past the "friend zone." Nick said he'd speak to Faith about his deepening relationship with Chelsea. Nick kissed Chelsea before he left.

At the Newman ranch, Sharon arrived to pick up Faith. Sharon noticed Christian sitting in his playpen and asked if Nick was there. Nikki nonchalantly replied that Christian had spent the night. Nikki gave Sharon permission to approach Christian. Sharon picked up Christian, cuddled him, and said she'd missed him.

Faith entered the room and asked why Nick hadn't picked up Christian the night before. Sharon replied, "I'm sure Nick had something he had to do." Faith noted that Nick had gone on a date. Nikki reminded Faith that it was all right for Nick to date someone they all liked. Sharon replied, "I assume we're talking about Chelsea? Good for them." Faith went upstairs to collect her things.

After Faith left the room, Nikki told Sharon that Faith had called Nick in a panic, claiming that she'd been unable to awaken her grandmother. Nikki added that after Nick had left Chelsea and traveled to the ranch, he'd discovered that Faith had made up the story. Sharon said she was shocked to hear about Faith's behavior. Nikki said Faith believed her parents might have a chance to reconcile because both were single. Sharon insisted she was more grounded than Nikki realized and didn't need a man in her life.

Nick stopped by the ranch to pick up Christian. Nick asked Sharon if she and Faith had plans for the day. Sharon said she was considering taking classes at Genoa City University and thought Faith might enjoy a tour of the campus. Nick replied, "College. I didn't even know that was on your radar."

Nick asked to speak alone with Faith before she and Sharon left. Sharon said she was shocked to hear what Faith had done. Nick blamed himself and said he should've spoken to Faith immediately after it had happened. Nikki disagreed and said Nick had needed to resume his date, and Faith had to learn that her stunt wouldn't work. Nikki left the room.

Sharon said she was aware of Faith's desire to reunite her parents. Sharon suggested that she and Nick together explain to Faith that her parents were just friends. Faith joined her parents and said she knew they wanted to talk to her. Nick and Sharon cautioned Faith against lying about medical emergencies. Faith said she just wanted a normal family. Nick insisted that he and Sharon were only friends. Nick took Christian and left.

At Chelsea's penthouse, Chelsea was elated to receive a call from Nick. They talked about Christian for a time, and Nick said that his talk with Faith had gone well. Chelsea ended the call when she heard someone ringing her doorbell. Chelsea answered the door. It was Sharon and Faith.

Faith apologized to Chelsea. Chelsea graciously accepted Faith's apology and asked if Nick had sent her to apologize. Sharon said Faith had asked to apologize in person. Sharon added that both she and Faith were happy about Chelsea and Nick's relationship.

Ashley sets boundaries for Ravi

Ashley sets boundaries for Ravi

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

At Jabot, Abby dropped off a sugary treat to thank Ashley for her advice about working for Victor. Ashley asserted that Abby had to stand firm to avoid him getting under her skin, and Abby remarked that Ashley looked great sitting behind Jack's desk. Ashley pointed out that it had also been her desk before, and she announced that she'd decided to take a more active role in running the company. Ashley contended that she'd gotten Jabot back on solid ground with Ravi's help, so she deserved to be there. Abby warned that Ashley would break Ravi's heart.

Ashley conceded that Ravi had nursed a little crush, but Abby cautioned that it wasn't in the past. Ashley insisted that she was capable of respecting a colleague's work without making it personal, but Abby was sure that Ravi saw things differently. Ashley anticipated that his crush would fade away once he met someone his own age, but Abby questioned how he'd find such a woman when he spent all his time there with Ashley. Abby urged Ashley to let Ravi down easy before his feelings became more serious. Ashley promised that she'd handle things, and the women hugged goodbye.

Ravi responded to a knock on his office door by yelling to go away because he was working on a fix for the virtual dressing room app. Phyllis barged in, clad in a dress that had looked great on her in the app but was several sizes too big. They agreed that it was an easy fix, and she inquired how his celebration with Ashley had gone. Ravi informed Phyllis that he'd gotten Ashley to throw some credit her way, and Phyllis noted that Ashley took him seriously, but only as a cyber-genius. Ravi realized that Phyllis had noticed his interest in Ashley, and he questioned why no one thought they could be together.

Phyllis conceded that Ashley and Ravi shared a bond, but she warned that it was nothing more than friendship. Ravi mentioned that Abby had also dissuaded him from getting involved with Ashley, but he didn't care that he was younger than Ashley. He recounted that Ashley had opened up to him about the qualities she wanted in a man, and Phyllis pointed out that all the men Ashley had been with had been about power and strength. Ravi argued that those relationships hadn't worked out, and he would never hurt Ashley the way other men had. Phyllis countered that Ashley would have found a nice guy by then if that was what she was looking for, and she urged Ravi to let go of his quest so he could protect his own sanity. Ashley phoned Ravi and asked to see him.

Ravi entered Ashley's office, and she reiterated how much she valued his contributions. He confirmed that she'd been very generous and complimentary, but she hoped that she hadn't given him the wrong impression about their friendship and working relationship. Ravi insisted that he considered her a friend, but Ashley stressed that they'd never be anything more than that. He asked if that was it and headed to the door, but he paused in the doorway. He closed the door and asked why it was impossible for them to be more than friends.

Ravi refused to listen to any excuses about the gap between his and Ashley's ages, but Ashley insisted that it was more than just a number. She referred to her life experiences and heartbreaks, and she thought he couldn't imagine many of the things she'd lived through. Ravi thought it was no different than being from different countries or backgrounds, and he argued that she'd had failed relationships with men her age. Ashley drew the line between work and personal lives, but Ravi jokingly doubted that line existed at Jabot.

Ashley laughed and said she didn't want to lose her rapport with Ravi, but people were already starting to notice how he felt about her. Ashley worried that him thinking about her as more than a friend would complicate things and ruin what they already had. Ravi replied that he respected her wishes, but he noted that she seemed more concerned with what other people thought than what she might actually want. Phyllis spotted a dejected Ravi exit Ashley's office.

At the Ashby home, Colin stared at his phone. He informed Cane that he didn't expect to hear from Jill, but he hoped his appraiser would call. Colin noticed Cane's suitcase, and Cane explained that he was going on a business trip, so he'd be gone for a few days. Colin inquired whether he should pack a suitcase, too, since Lily had no reason to let her father-in-law stick around if Cane was out of town.

Cane was sure that Lily wouldn't throw Colin out on the street, but Colin suspected that her sympathy would only run so far. Colin didn't blame her, but he lamented that he couldn't afford another roof over his head. Cane guessed that things hadn't worked out with Jill the way Colin had hoped, and Colin vowed not to give up. Colin answered a call, and he said he'd be right there. After he hung up, Colin declared that he was about to pay Jill back every cent -- legally.

At the Athletic Club, Lily asked if Neil was there for a foundation meeting. He replied that he'd wanted to spend the morning with his beautiful daughter, but he'd thought she'd be busy spending time with Cane before he left on his trip. Lily bemoaned that she would be losing the buffer between her and Colin, and she was afraid Colin would never leave. She pleaded with Neil to take Colin in, and Neil told her that he'd do anything for her -- except take on that particular roommate.

Lily understood that Neil didn't want to live with a crook, and Neil said he wasn't thrilled about Colin being alone with her and the kids. Lily thought Colin had been defanged, and she selfishly wished that Jill would take Colin back. Neil mentioned that he'd advised Colin to prove his love to Jill if he really wanted her back, but Lily thought it would be a tough sell. Lily thought she would lose it if she couldn't get Colin out of her house.

Later, Abby approached Neil and asked to join him because she'd been stood up. She informed him that a huge corporation that she'd been courting had canceled their lunch, and she'd been doing damage control over text messages and email. Abby loathed the thought of breaking the news to her dad when she got back to the office, and Neil recalled that he'd hated disappointing Victor when Neil had worked at Newman. Abby expected Neil to tell her that she'd never live up to Victor's expectations, but he indicated that he honestly believed that Victor had finally found the right Newman to inherit his throne.

Abby told Neil that she'd researched what had happened during the years that he'd run Newman, and she wondered why the job hadn't worked out for him. Neil explained that it had been his last name, since blood had turned out to be thicker than loyalty and seniority, so he'd left for good. Abby thought the company had suffered without him, and she wondered if she could lure him back. Neil passed, but he volunteered to give her advice informally, and he counseled her to listen to Victor and follow her own instincts. He added that Victor might give her "hell," but if she survived, it would pay off in the end.

Lily returned home and amorously greeted Cane with a kiss. He insisted on talking about his dad, and he informed her that Colin thought she wanted to kick him out. Lily contended that she'd been more than generous, and she thought it would be too much to have Colin there if Cane wasn't around. Lily begged Cane to tell her how much longer Colin would be staying there, and Cane revealed that Colin thought he was close to finding a way to pay Jill back so they could get back together. Lily fretted that Colin had been up to something illegal while he'd been living there, and Cane swore that he'd throw Colin out if he caused any danger. They pledged their love and embraced.

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill stared out the window and looked up at Katherine's portrait. She removed the portrait from the wall and paced. The doorbell rang, and she was irritated when Esther didn't respond. Jill answered the door and was happy to see Devon, who she thanked for the well wishes and the flowers. He wondered why Katherine's portrait had been taken down, and Jill groaned that it was a long story about another letter from the grave and the women's ancient history. Devon figured that Jill had found a way to keep her fight with Katherine alive, but Jill replied that Katherine had been the one to do so.

Jill hung Katherine's portrait back on the wall and told Devon that her relationship with his grandmother had been more complicated than he knew. She griped that the letter had opened up old wounds, and Devon offered her money to replace the funds Colin had stolen, noting that the money had been Katherine's. Jill admitted that she was furious with Katherine, but she'd never had any ill will toward Devon. Devon remarked that Colin was another story, and Jill expected Devon to be happy that she'd expelled Colin from her life. Devon thought it would be arrogant and tacky to celebrate her breakup, and Jill empathized that he'd married a barracuda of his own.

Devon confided that even though Hilary had humiliated and infuriated him, it hadn't stopped him from getting jealous and kissing her. Jill admitted that she'd caved in to the same impulse with Colin before. Devon wondered what Katherine would have said about him and Hilary, and Jill imagined that Katherine would have told him about the mistakes she'd made in her own life. Jill recalled that Katherine had once been married to a good man, but Katherine had treated him worse than Hilary had treated Devon.

Jill condemned Katherine for letting her ego get in the way and never admitting that she'd been wrong until her dying days. Devon wanted to figure things out before he got to that point, and Jill asked what his car accident had taught him. Devon replied that he never wanted to waste a second, and she inquired whether going back to Hilary would be a joy or a waste. He asked if Jill had learned anything from her heart attack, and she agreed that they couldn't afford to waste a single precious moment.

Later, Colin arrived at the mansion and presented Jill with a jewelry box. Jill admonished Colin for trying to win her back by using the wedding ring Phillip had intended to give her, and Colin swore that he'd meant no harm. She opened the box and gasped when she saw the ring. Colin asked if she was all right, and he handed her his handkerchief. Jill tearfully reflected back on the years of torment she'd gone through, and she wailed that the ring could have changed everything. She recognized that despite his selfishness and greed, Colin had done her a huge favor, since she could have died without knowing that the ring or Katherine's final letter had ever existed.

Jill wondered if Katherine hadn't really intended for her to find them, since she'd hidden the key very well. She realized that Colin never would have found the music box or the ring if Billy hadn't donated all of Colin's clothes. Colin assumed that Jill would use the ring to get what she really wanted, since the bauble was worth more than what it would cost to buy control of Fenmore's. Colin anticipated that the ring would make her whole again, and he hoped it would make them whole, too.

Jill cried that the ring was beyond priceless, and she would never consider selling it. She contended that it had been a piece of Phillip, and it proved how much he'd loved her. She thanked Colin for placing the ring in her hands, and he hopefully asked if it meant she'd forgiven him. Jill stated that she could never forgive Katherine for withholding the ring from her, and she couldn't forgive Colin for lying and stealing. Colin swore that he wasn't giving up on them, and he departed. Jill flashed back to Phillip telling her that he would soon be free and that they could be married. Jill smiled and slid the ring on her finger. "Yes, Phillip," she murmured.

At GC Buzz, Mariah pitched an idea to a sexily dressed Hilary about having an ultimate fighting challenge with them in the ring. Mariah assumed from the look on Hilary's face that she hated the idea, and Hilary replied that she loved the idea but hated what Mariah was wearing. Hilary lectured that she'd expected Mariah to put in more effort, and Mariah retorted that not everyone woke up looking perfect. Hilary reminded Mariah that they had a photo shoot with Jordan to take publicity shots. Mariah snapped that she hadn't known that Hilary had scheduled the shoot, and she accused Hilary of going into sabotage mode after they'd finally figured out how to work as a team.

Mariah suspected that Hilary was trying to steal the spotlight, but Hilary implored her to check her email. Mariah was stunned to find two messages from Hilary about the shoot, and she sheepishly realized that she'd forgotten to check her work account. Mariah apologized for jumping down Hilary's throat, but Hilary acknowledged that Mariah had a right to be suspicious. Hilary asked if Mariah had meant what she'd said about finally becoming a team, and Mariah reluctantly confirmed that she had. Jordan arrived, and Hilary offered to stall him while Mariah got ready.

Hilary thanked Jordan for doing the shoot, and he mentioned that nothing had been going on at Brash & Sassy. He added that Lily had been a blast to work with, and he noted that Hilary was related to her. Hilary indicated that she was married to Lily's brother, but they were separated. Jordan imagined that it was hard for Hilary and Devon to work together, and she turned the topic to work. Hilary hoped to put together some promotional packages that were more current than the ones they'd been using, and Jordan surmised she meant hotter. She imagined something sexier but classy, and she flirtatiously surmised that he understood what she meant.

Mariah returned, and Jordan marveled at her transformation. He stepped away to set up his equipment, and Mariah asked what had been going on between Hilary and Jordan, since word had gotten out that Hilary and Devon had locked lips after the last show. Hilary said she had no idea what was going on with Devon, since she hadn't talked to him or seen him since then. Mariah suspected that Devon didn't know what he wanted, and Hilary thought Devon had only kissed her because he'd been jealous of Jordan. Hilary pledged to show the world what Devon was missing, and she sidled up to Jordan.

Devon walked in during the photo shoot, and Hilary posed seductively. Jordan wrapped up the shoot, and Mariah worried that she hadn't known how to do sexy or hot, but Jordan swore that he'd gotten plenty of it. Hilary gushed that Jordan had made them look amazing, and the women stepped aside to get ready for the show. Jordan showed Devon the shots and remarked that Hilary looked particularly hot. Jordan added that Hilary had mentioned that she and Devon were separated, and he inquired whether it would be a problem for Devon if Jordan asked Hilary out on a date. Devon replied that Hilary was on her own, so Jordan could do whatever he wanted.

Mariah asked how Jordan had made her look that amazing, and Jordan replied that he'd only had to aim and shoot with beautiful women in front of the camera. Jordan suggested to Hilary that they go out for drinks later, and she glanced over at Devon. Hilary said she was free that night, so drinks sounded great. An uncomfortable Mariah walked away, but Devon approached her and asked what she'd thought of the photo shoot. Mariah called Jordan an awesome photographer, and Devon mentioned that Jordan had asked for Devon's approval to ask Hilary out on a date. Mariah was relieved that it wouldn't be a big deal that Jordan and Hilary were going out for drinks that night.

Jordan told Hilary that he'd checked with Devon before he'd asked her out to avoid making things weird at work. She masked her disappointment that Devon had given him the go-ahead, and she asked Jordan to stick around and watch the show. Meanwhile, Devon seemed surprised that Hilary had said yes to Jordan's invitation. Mariah pointed out that Devon had given Jordan the green light, and Devon claimed that he didn't have a problem with it, but he hadn't thought Jordan was Hilary's type. Devon refused to interfere if it was what Hilary wanted, but he glowered at Hilary and Jordan as they flirted.

Cane breaks protocol leaving a deal in jeopardy

Cane breaks protocol leaving a deal in jeopardy

> Cane breaks protocol leaving a deal in jeopardy

Cane breaks protocol leaving a deal in jeopardy

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

by Nel

Billy entered Crimson Lights and saw that Reed was focused and doing his homework. Reed greeted Billy and reported that he was no longer grounded. Reed was pleased that Victoria had wanted him to play for her and that she no longer saw Reed as a jerk. Zoey arrived and asked if Reed had been avoiding her; Reed said he hadn't been. Zoey gushed about his video and told him that she'd downloaded the video to her phone.

Reed advised Zoey that he'd be at the Underground for open mic later that evening. He said that he'd get some tickets for her. After Zoey left, Billy asked Reed if Zoey had been the girl on the couch. Reed admitted she had been. Reed told Billy that he had invited Zoey to see him at the Underground later. Billy wished Reed luck, and he left.

Victoria was on video chat with Cane and Juliet, who were in Tokyo. Cane said Sato San was on his way and assured Victoria that she had nothing to worry about. Cane said that Juliet had counseled him on all the protocols. Victoria told Cane that Sato San was the lynchpin to their Asian rollout strategy, and Sato San's distribution company controlled all the markets they wanted Brash & Sassy in. Juliet confirmed Sato San was number one because he had always insisted on dealing with the top brands. Juliet also stated that Sato San was very traditional and dealt with many countries, and he believed the Japanese way of business was the best.

Lily entered Victoria's conference room and had a brief chat with Cane. She told him that the twins were staying with Neil until Cane got home. After the video chat ended, Victoria apologized to Lily for suddenly springing the trip on Cane and hoped it hadn't created issues for Lily and Cane. Lily said that she and Cane were thrilled that Victoria had trusted Cane enough and had asked him to negotiate with the Asian distributor. Victoria said she hoped the sudden trip hadn't put a strain on Lily's marriage. Victoria reminded Lily that the three of them were married to Brash & Sassy, and Victoria needed the relationship to thrive for at least the next quarter or two.

Lily assured Victoria that their issues weren't about their marriage. Lily said that Jill had dumped Colin, who was subsequently staying at Lily and Cane's home. Lily felt that unless Colin's lottery ticket paid off, he might never leave. Victoria sympathized with Lily and suggested they order dinner and go over Lily's schedule.

A short time later, Billy arrived and told Victoria he'd seen Reed at Crimson Lights, and Reed had been working on his homework until Zoey had distracted him. Victoria asked Billy why Reed was still interested in Zoey after Zoey had cyber bullied her on social media. Victoria was upset and stated that Zoey's endgame was to become pregnant with a Newman offspring. Billy attempted to rein in Victoria's rant after he told her that Zoey would be at the Underground later, but Victoria grabbed her coat and rushed out with Billy hot on her heels.

Billy stopped Victoria and said that moms didn't target their sons' girlfriends and give them a tart talk. He said Zoey was cute, but she wasn't all that. Billy assured Victoria that Reed would have girls clawing past Zoey to have Reed write a song about them. Billy suggested they go to the Underground to hear Reed play, but Victoria said she'd promised Reed she'd stay away. Victoria said that she was anxious to hear from Cane and wanted to wait for Cane's call.

Billy sensed that Victoria was second-guessing her decision about Cane meeting with the Asian distributor, Sato San. Victoria said that she had really wanted to go, but she'd hadn't had time to arrange for someone to watch the kids, and she couldn't leave Reed, given their newfound status. Victoria didn't want to doubt Cane's ability to secure the Asian market. Billy suggested that Victoria go to Tokyo and take care of business, and he would take care of the all three kids and the office. However, Victoria said she was sure Cane would do a good job and didn't want to undermine his ability to negotiate the deal. Victoria said that Jabot products were all over Asia, and she wanted to crush Jabot in the Asian market.

Mariah kicked off a new segment of GC Buzz, warning fans they would be shocked because Hilary would be doing some housework. Mariah and Hilary donned rubber gloves and aprons, and Mariah introduced Shelly, the inventor of the new cleaning product "Mega-Klean." Shelley assured them the product was safe, and they didn't need gloves. Hilary deliberately swung the gloves so they would hit Mariah's face.

Shelley poured a ladle of sauce onto Mariah and Hilary's respective tiles. Mariah and Hilary started the cleanup with their mops. Hilary switched to a sponge, and so did Mariah. Hilary declared herself the winner when she was the first to get her tile clean. Hilary stood up and deliberately poured a ladle of sauce onto Mariah's tile. Mariah was not amused.

Jordan told Devon he loved the show and the fantastic chemistry between Hilary and Mariah. When Hilary and Jordan were preparing to leave, Mariah invited Devon to go to the Underground with her for open mic night. Mariah mentioned that Reed would be playing. Devon refused, but when he saw Hilary with Jordon, he changed his mind and told Mariah that he loved a good open mic night.

At the Underground, Jordan told Hilary she'd been amazing on the show and commented that she clearly didn't know how to mop. Hilary claimed she'd mopped in her former life, but she'd married a man with so much money that she didn't have to see a bill or pay one, and she didn't have to mop anything. Jordan asked if Hilary and Devon had met when Devon had hired her for the show. Hilary said that if she had just fallen for the television mogul, no one would have expected them to work. She said she and Devon had gone to GC Buzz together and that Devon had bought the show for her. Jordan asked what had gone wrong, but Hilary just wanted to have a fabulous night with him and didn't want to talk about divorce, Devon, or doomed relationship drama.

Jordan was all for Hilary's suggestion, but he noted that city life might be too small for her and Devon. Hilary turned and saw Devon and Mariah. Hilary claimed Devon had followed them. Hilary suggested they pretend Mariah and Devon weren't there.

Mariah offered to leave with Devon when they saw Hilary and Jordan, but Devon refused. Lily arrived. After greeting Lily, Mariah went to get drinks and suggested that Devon tell Lily who else was there. Devon told Lily that Hilary and Jordan had arrived earlier and that Hilary was on a date with Jordan. Lily was appalled that Devon's wife was dating. Lily thought Jordan had better taste than that. Devon reminded Lily that Hilary could do whatever she pleased, since he and Hilary were estranged. Lily asked Devon to do whatever it took to close out that long and ugly chapter in his life with Hilary.

Hilary advised Jordan she wanted to freshen up. Jordan went to the bar to get more Champagne. Lily approached Jordan and asked if he was completely out of his mind, dating Hilary. Lily advised him that Devon had escaped Hilary's clutches in the nick of time. When Hilary returned, she asked if Lily had gone across town to show off her performance as an insecure shrew. Lily asked if it was possible for Hilary not to sleep with someone Lily knew. Lily wanted to know if Hilary was enjoying her attempts to make Devon jealous. Lily said if Hilary were a toy, she'd be recalled for her toxic parts.

Jordan said things were getting weird, and he suggested that he and Hilary leave. However, Devon said no one was going to leave on his account, and Devon left. Hilary thanked Jordan for taking her out and hoped they could do it again soon, but she needed to settle things once and for all with Devon. Jordan kissed her on the cheek and told her to go do what she needed to.

At the bar, Jordan told Lily he'd never seen that side of her before. Lily apologized and claimed that Hilary drew out the worst in her. Lily said that Hilary was a sociopath and warned Jordan to keep his distance. Lily told Jordan about Hilary's past and included how Hilary had engineered Mariah's faceplant on live television. Lily said it had been purely hateful revenge. When Devon had realized what a vicious monster he had married, he'd had a complete meltdown and sped off in his sports car. Devon had crashed the car and nearly been killed because of Hilary. Jordan said his head was spinning, kissed Lily's cheek, and left.

Noah introduced Reed at open mic. Zoey and her friends were seated at a table. Zoey's friend showed her a funny photo on her phone and they giggled and continued to giggle when Reed began to play. Reed thought they were laughing at him, and he stormed off the stage.

In Tokyo, Juliet quizzed Cane about the traditions, customs, and protocol of the Japanese people. Cane remembered that he shouldn't shake hands, he needed to wait until the most important person was seated before he sat down, and he could not to ask any personal questions. Juliet advised Cane to use the occasional Japanese words because making a small effort would be considered a sign of great respect. Juliet felt Cane was more prepared than a typical American. Cane felt Juliet could have done the meeting herself, but Juliet said absolutely not because Sato San was a very traditional executive and only dealt with other decision-makers. Her main role at that meeting was as an interpreter to make sure Sato San understood Brash & Sassy's market requirements.

Sato San arrived, and Juliet introduced Cane to him. In Japanese, Cane said it was an honor to meet him. Sato San replied in kind, but in English. Cane waited until Sato San was seated before he and Juliet sat down. Sato San opened the conversation, stating that he and Victoria had been in contact for some time. He felt Victoria had shown the same skills and vision as her father.

Sato San acknowledged that the retail numbers for the women's products were very impressive. Cane advised Sato San that Victoria was the sole owner of Brash & Sassy. Juliet stated that until recently, there had been three CEOs -- Victoria, Billy, and Cane.

Sato San asked if Cane had been part of the decision to put the focus on men's products. Cane admitted he had been, as well as being instrumental in the decision-making of their current line, which was a huge success with large orders and positive feedback. Sato San wasn't comfortable with the shift in direction and didn't see a future in men's cosmetics. Juliet pointed out that Sato San was an astute businessman, and he was aware that young men were becoming more westernized. They were interested in ways to impress young women. Cane added that young men cared how their skin felt and how they smelled. Cane said Sato San had an opportunity to have the sole distribution rights to Brash & Sassy's products, including their new men's line, and that would be a coup for Sato San's company.

Sato San admitted that Brash & Sassy had his attention, but the focus on the men's cosmetics was of little interest to him. Sato San was aware he was there to discuss an exclusive distribution agreement, but he had grave concerns about a company that was heavily focused on men's products. Sato San asked why he'd risk retail shelf space on a product he didn't believe in and didn't see as a high retail item. Cane advised Sato San that market research had indicated otherwise. Sato San indicated that outside experts were often wrong, and he had always relied on his instincts.

Sato San told Cane that an exclusive distribution agreement had had great appeal to him and that it had been the purpose of the meeting, but he wasn't interested, since Brash & Sassy had shifted their focus to the new men's line. Cane said they had shifted their focus to be more competitive in the marketplace. Cane also pointed out that the Japanese women would love their men to have smooth, healthy skin, and they would want their men to smell good. That had always been the intent of all Brash & Sassy's products.

Cane explained that their skin creams and body sprays had been designed specifically for men. Cane said that his wife, Lily, was the spokesmodel for the men's line. Cane acknowledged that the products might not sell to the men at first, but they would sell to the wives and girlfriends of these men. When the men realized how much the women loved the products, the sales would be off and running.

Cane told Sato San that there was an expression in America, "Happy wife, happy life." Cane believed the saying was a global truth. Cane acknowledged that Sato San enjoyed the Japanese tradition and culture, but as a leading figure in business, Sato San had to have realized that the world was changing. The attitudes of young people were different, and if Sato San stuck to what was tried and true, he might be left in the dust. Sato San agreed he was an older, traditional man. He acknowledged that he had noticed the younger men in his office were different, and it seemed important to them to please their wives and girlfriends.

Sato San said he admired Cane's determination, and given the weight of Cane's presentation and despite Sato San's earlier reaction to the men's line, his confidence in Brash & Sassy had yet to wane. Sato San stated that the men's cosmetics were not for him, but he'd be remiss to discount the younger generation and agreed that being the sole distributor of all the Brash & Sassy line would be a real coup for his company. Sato San thought Cane was a smart man and thanked him for his persistence. Sato San wanted to move forward with the new partnership.

Sato San said he was proud and honored to be the exclusive distributor of all Brash & Sassy products in all the Asian territories. He said it would be a pleasure to work with Cane. Cane thanked Sato San and gave him a "bro" hug. Sato San stiffly walked away. Juliet told Cane that he'd broken protocol and deeply insulted Sato San with the hug. More than likely, Cane had broken the deal. Cane was horrified.

At home, Devon poured himself a drink when Hilary stormed in and confronted him. Hilary yelled that she needed closure, and she was not leaving until Devon had either forgiven her or signed the divorce papers.

Devon and Hillary have sex

Devon and Hillary have sex

Thursday, March 9, 2017

At Devon and Hilary's penthouse, Hilary demanded that Devon either forgive her or divorce her. He ordered her to get out, but she refused to leave until he made a decision. She picked up the divorce papers and asked why he hadn't signed them, and he snapped that it made no difference, since it hadn't stopped her from moving on -- unless she was just dating Jordan to make him jealous. Hilary pointed out that Devon had been the one who'd kissed her and said he couldn't live without her, but he'd also claimed that he hadn't cared if she'd gone out on a date yet had gotten jealous when she had.

Devon spat that he'd learned how to play games from the best, and Hilary complained that it felt like they were going around and around on a carousel, getting thrown back on the ride whenever they tried to get off. She became incensed when he chuckled, and he explained that it sounded like something Stephen King would write. He considered it to be a perfect metaphor for their relationship, and he joked that they were just missing a scary clown chasing them. Devon mused that no one had ever affected his life way Hilary had, and he didn't think anyone else ever would.

Hilary said Devon drove her crazy, since he wouldn't tell her how he felt, and he wasn't willing to make a decision. She pressured him to tell her what he wanted, and he yelled that he didn't know. He rambled that he loved and hated her, and he didn't want to be with her, but he also didn't want to be without her. He pulled her into a passionate kiss, and they had sex. Afterward, Devon asked if Hilary was okay. She said no, and she doubted that he was, either.

Hilary thought it had been a mistake that she and Devon could add to the list of things they never should have done. They sat close together on the couch, and he remarked that there had always been a push and pull between them. He recalled that they'd tried to stay away from one another, but they'd constantly ended up in the same places. She fondly recounted being stuck in the elevator and having his car break down in the middle of nowhere, and he noted that they'd fought their attraction, but they'd finally given in. They remembered their official first date in New York, and she thought she'd always look back on it and smile, just like she always smiled when she thought about their wedding.

Hilary recognized that she and Devon had gone through one heartbreak after another since their honeymoon, and he acknowledged that they had issues too big to repair. She referred to her ambition and lies, and she understood why he could never trust her. Devon softly stated that he really loved her, and she replied that she loved him and always would, but their marriage was broken. He realized that they had to end it, and she sadly put her head on his shoulder.

Devon stared at the divorce papers. He gently took Hilary's hand in his and caressed her engagement ring and eternity band. She whimpered that some things didn't last forever, and her eyes filled with tears as they stared at one another for a moment. Devon picked up a pen and signed the papers.

At Brash & Sassy, Billy informed Victoria that the domestic figures for Dare indicated that the product line was a hit, and they'd have their best quarter ever if the Asian markets followed suit. She fretted that they needed the distribution deal, and he told her to stop pacing. They considered the best- and worst-case scenarios, and Billy remarked that they were totally screwed if Cane blew it. Victoria groaned.

In Japan, Cane panicked that he'd lost the deal, and Juliet scolded him for deeply insulting Mr. Sato by giving him a "bro hug." Cane pledged to fix it, but Juliet insisted on doing it alone. She warned that if Sato agreed to continue the discussion, Cane would need to eat a huge slice of humble pie, or the deal would be dead. She walked off, and Cane wrung his hands and prepared to call Victoria. He read an anxious text message from Victoria, who had expected to hear from him already.

Victoria put Cane's call on speakerphone, and she asked if Cane had gotten approval to distribute the men's line in Asia. Cane replied that he was still hammering out some details, and Victoria lectured that she'd given him specific instructions because there was no room for a misstep. Cane indicated that he knew what was at stake, and he hoped to have good news for her soon. Victoria instructed him to call back when he had it locked down, and Cane hung up and buried his face in his hands.

Billy guessed that Cane had botched the deal, and he ranted that Victoria never should have trusted Cane. Victoria reasoned that the deal hadn't fallen through, and Billy suggested that they watch Reed's performance at the Underground while they waited for word. Victoria reiterated that Reed had told her that he didn't want her there, but Billy imagined that Reed would be stoked when she showed up to support her son's dream.

Juliet returned and reported that Sato had agreed to speak further with Cane, but she only had a moment with Cane alone. She instructed Cane to apologize, and Cane pledged not to lose the deal. Sato reentered the restaurant, and Cane thanked him for returning and insisted that he'd meant no disrespect. Cane explained that he'd been excited about their potential deal and had gotten caught up in the moment, and he humbly asked for forgiveness for his ignorance. Sato resumed his seat at the table. Cane revealed that Juliet had tutored him in Japanese customs because they'd wanted to work hard to gain Sato's respect and show that they were truly committed to the deal.

Cane pleaded with Sato not to call off the deal just because Cane had made a silly mistake, and he gave his word that it would never happen again. Sato spoke a phrase in Japanese, and he translated that "even monkeys fall from trees." Sato added that everyone made mistakes, and Cane thanked him for understanding. Sato believed that Cane was a man of his word, and he looked forward to working together. Sato extended his hand, and Cane shook it. Sato told Juliet in Japanese not to let Cane go anywhere without her, and he stepped out. Cane asked what Sato had said, and Juliet replied that she deserved a raise.

Mariah joined Reed in the Underground's office, and she presented him with a drink. He hoped it was whiskey, but she informed him that it was diet soda and that he'd have to go back to the bar if he wanted the sugary stuff. Reed protested that there was no way he would go back in after he'd messed up, and he bemoaned that she had no idea what it was like. Mariah doubted that he'd missed her faceplant on live television, and she understood that he was feeling embarrassed and humiliated.

Mariah thought she was the perfect person to give Reed a cheesy pep talk. She pointed out that she could have stayed down or crawled off the set after she'd fallen, but she'd gotten up and finished the show. She added that the audience response had been amazing, with people calling her a hero and an inspiration. Mariah assured Reed that everyone loved a comeback story, and she anticipated that everyone would respect him more if he went back out and blew the roof off the place.

Noah greeted Victoria and Billy at the bar, and he reported that Reed was hiding in Nick's office. Noah explained that everything had seemed great when Reed had taken the stage, but Reed had suddenly walked off, and Mariah had followed him. Victoria wanted to check on Reed, but Billy suggested that she let Mariah try to get through to the teen first. Victoria figured that she'd just talk to Reed at home, but Billy implored her to stay. Her eyes narrowed when she spotted Zoey, and she huffed that the girl was nothing but trouble. Zoey was stunned when Victoria approached her.

Billy intervened and said Victoria just wanted to say hi, but Victoria mentioned that she'd heard Reed had had a rough night. She asked Zoey what had happened, and Zoey replied that she hadn't talked to Reed since he'd disappeared. Reed emerged from the office and asked what his mom was doing there. Billy explained that Victoria had wanted to respect Reed's request, but Billy had made her go there. Billy steered Victoria to get drinks, and Reed guessed that Zoey had been talking to his mom about his epic failure. Reed mentioned that he'd seen Zoey and her friends laughing at him, and he surmised that he'd been wrong about things being cool between them.

Zoey swore that she hadn't been laughing at Reed, and she explained that her friend had shown her a stupid photo. She recognized that they shouldn't have been looking at their phones while he'd been on stage, and she stressed that she was amped to see him sing. She added that she'd even made a deal with her mom to babysit her little sister in order to be there that night because it would be worth it to see him. Reed figured that Zoey was just saying that to make him feel better, but she gushed that she'd watched his video 100 times.

Zoey asked Reed to sing for her, but he balked, worried that he might bomb again. Zoey was sure that he wouldn't, and she planted a soft kiss on his lips. Mariah smiled at the sight of the young couple, but Victoria bristled. Billy thought it was cute, but Victoria griped that Zoey was too much of a distraction for Reed. Victoria suspected that Reed had gone running off the stage because of Zoey, but Billy thought Victoria had been watching too many shows about conspiracy theories and told her to have a drink.

Noah presented Mariah with a drink to thank her for getting Reed out of the office. She wondered where Marisa was, and Noah replied that Marisa had taken a one-way trip to Spain. A shocked Mariah apologized for putting her foot in her mouth, and Noah explained that Marisa had wanted to be closer to her kid, but he hadn't wanted to leave town, so they'd decided to go their separate ways. Mariah asked if he was okay. He admitted that it had been hard at first, but he was focused on other things, like the club's success.

Noah approached the microphone and blamed the earlier problem on a technical issue, and he introduced Reed again to thunderous applause. Zoey beamed up at Reed as he began to sing. Victoria stepped away to take a call from Cane. Victoria asked if Cane had made the deal with Sato, and Cane announced that they'd be finalizing the contract that day. Victoria squealed that it was huge for Brash & Sassy, and she applauded Cane for doing a great job.

The audience clapped when Reed finished his song, and Mariah called him her hero. Reed nervously asked for Zoey's opinion, and she exclaimed that he'd been awesome. Victoria was dismayed that she'd missed Reed's performance, and Billy informed her that Reed had been fantastic. Victoria lamented that Cane had called at the most inopportune time, and Billy assumed that Cane had screwed up. Victoria crowed that Cane had sealed the deal, so the Asian rollout was on schedule. Billy toasted to success for one and all. Meanwhile, Cane and Juliet toasted with sake, and he swore that he couldn't have done it without her.

At the Baldwin home, Scott called out for his mom, and Lauren rushed into the room and cried his name. Lauren embraced Scott as Michael hugged Kevin, and she marveled at the sight of her son being home. Lauren clung to Scott and asked if he was okay, and Kevin reported that a medic had already checked Scott out. Lauren wailed that she hadn't known where Scott had been or what had been going on, and she implored him to tell them what had happened.

Scott recounted that his driver had been taking him to a source, and they'd turned down an alley, but the path had been blocked. Another car had pulled in, and Scott had suddenly been dragged from the car and separated from his driver. Scott recalled his captors putting a hood over his head and tying his hands before tossing him into a vehicle, and he'd been placed in a room with no lights or windows. Scott mentioned that they'd kept moving him to different locations, and he was amazed that Kevin had been able to find him.

Scott thanked Kevin for being persistent and Lauren for paying the ransom, and Lauren informed him that he needed to thank Victor. Scott recognized that there had been other people in the same situation who hadn't been as fortunate, and he wondered if his family had heard anything about his driver, who had always watched his back. Scott begged Lauren to call her contacts to see if the captors still had his friend. Lauren urged him to rest so he could heal.

Kevin prepared to get going, and Michael offered to treat him to dinner. Lauren hugged Kevin and thanked him for getting her son home safely. Scott added that he appreciated everything, and he and Kevin embraced. Michael and Kevin departed, and Lauren noted that it had been a long time since she'd had Scott all to herself. She suggested that they catch up over tea, and she stepped into the kitchen.

Lauren fawned over Scott and offered to get him something to eat, but he replied that he wasn't hungry. He lay back on the couch and said he could fix something if he wanted to eat later, but she insisted that he ask her for anything he needed. She started to cover him with a blanket, but he groused that he wasn't a little kid. She apologized, but she pointed out that she hadn't known if she'd ever be able to fuss over him again. Scott relented, and she tucked the blanket around him.

Scott couldn't believe he was actually there after everything that had gone down, and Lauren clucked that it had been a long time since his last visit. Lauren urged him to tell her about his adventures, and she mentioned the powerful stories that he'd written about what he'd witnessed. Scott commented that he'd seen humanity at its best and its worst, and Lauren figured that he was ready to settle down in one place. Scott refused to stop being a journalist, and Lauren clarified that she didn't expect him to give up his career, but she thought he could pursue stories in the United States. She urged him to stay in town, since it was his home, but he flatly stated that he wouldn't be staying in Genoa City.

At Crimson Lights, Michael inquired why Kevin had chosen to go there instead of having a fancy dinner. Kevin replied that what he'd seen abroad had gotten to him, and he'd realized that he shouldn't take things for granted, like having a club sandwich any time he wanted. Michael wondered when Kevin had turned into an adrenalin junkie. Kevin said he enjoyed the thought of people knowing he'd done something that mattered, especially for his family. Michael sensed that Scott had been holding back earlier, and he asked whether Scott had said anything to Kevin on the jet about what he might be hiding.

Michael imagined that Scott had mentioned details about his kidnapping, but Kevin reported that Scott had slept the whole way home. Kevin added that Scott had tossed and turned. Kevin hadn't been able to make out what Scott had mumbled in his sleep, but Scott was obviously still disturbed. Kevin didn't think it was fair that Scott was still haunted by a nightmare that he couldn't wake up from, and he didn't think Scott would tell his story to anyone until he was able to find some peace.

Victor has a warning for Chelsea

Victor has a warning for Chelsea

Friday, March 10, 2017

At the Baldwin home, Michael prepared to sample the elaborate breakfast Lauren had made, but she smacked his hand away and informed him that it was for Scott. She marveled that her son had slept there safely the night before, and she imagined Scott walking down the hall and seeing the food and coffee. Lauren fretted over whether she should put the meal back in the oven, and Michael chuckled and insisted that everything would be fine. Lauren revealed that she'd woken up in a state of panic, just like she had for weeks, and it didn't seem real that Scott was just down the hall.

Michael figured that Scott would spend the day sleeping, so they probably wouldn't see him until dinner. Lauren went to close the curtains in Scott's room to make sure the light didn't wake him, but she panicked when she discovered that he was gone. Michael suggested that Scott needed time and space, but Lauren recounted that Scott had told her the prior night that he wasn't planning on staying in Genoa City. Lauren wailed that she'd almost lost her son, so she needed him there. Michael told her that the worst was over, and he stressed that they had to give Scott the time he needed.

Lauren wanted to send Scott a text message, but Michael again urged her to back off. Lauren pointed out that Scott could have died, but Michael countered that Scott had just gotten back and hadn't had time to process anything. Michael added that Scott wasn't the kind of man to hastily take off, but Lauren thought neither of them knew that. Lauren rushed to answer the door, but her face fell when she saw Paul, who announced that he was there to welcome Scott home. Paul wondered what was wrong.

Michael reiterated that Scott needed space after everything he'd been through, and Paul sympathized that it didn't make things easier for Lauren. Michael stepped aside to take a call, and Lauren whined that Scott already wanted to leave when he'd barely been home. She lamented that Scott never stayed in one spot very long because of the life and career he'd chosen, and Paul understood that it was hard to know that a loved one might walk back into danger again. They hugged.

Michael noted that his phone call had hardly been a crisis after what his little brother had gone through to get Scott home, and Paul bragged that Kevin had really become an asset to the police department. Lauren credited Victor for his efforts, and she vowed to pay him back for saving her son. She wondered if Scott knew how scared they'd been and what they'd risked to get him home, and she couldn't believe that he wanted to go back. Michael maintained that Scott just needed time to decompress after being through a traumatizing time, and he was sure Scott knew that he'd been given a second chance.

Chelsea delivered a box of pastries to Nick in his office at the Underground, and she observed that he looked intense, focused, and hungry. He replied that he was known for all those things, especially his intensity. He pulled her onto his lap, and they kissed. He showed her an online photo of a lake property outside the city, and he anticipated buying a place to get away from it all. Chelsea imagined that Faith would love it, and Nick thought it would be a good way to get away from Victor.

Nick acknowledged that Chelsea and his dad had become close, but Chelsea understood that Victor had a need to control everyone and everything. Nick recognized that although things seemed calmer for Faith, she was also absorbing his dad's influence, and he didn't want Christian to have the pressure of being the next Newman heir. Nick vowed, as the boy's father, to protect Christian, and Chelsea struggled with her guilt. Nick swore that he'd always look out for Connor, too, and he apologized for making her think about Adam. Chelsea blurted out that she was the one who was sorry.

Nick pointed out that he'd been the one talking about houses and their kids, and he thought Chelsea had reason to be freaked out. She insisted that she wasn't, but he referred to the look on her face, and he thought it had been too soon for that kind of talk. She invited him to talk about anything, since they'd both been through a lot, and what they had worked because they were in exactly the same place. He said he felt the same way, since what they had was good, and he saw her when he thought about his future. They agreed that they were impressed with one another for not freaking out, and they kissed.

At Newman Enterprises, Scott entered Victor's office, and Victor was surprised that Lauren had let him out of her sight that soon. Scott recognized that Victor had put up ten million dollars when neither Scott nor Lauren could pay him back, but Victor insisted that the important thing was that Scott was home. Scott said he appreciated everything Victor had done, but he didn't understand why Victor had done it. Victor displayed one of Scott's articles on a tablet computer, and Scott was skeptical that Victor had handed over millions of dollars because he was a fan of Scott's writing. Victor explained that he was grateful because Scott and people like him put their lives on the line every day when they reported.

Scott asked Victor to help save someone else, and Victor replied that he'd already taken action to find Scott's driver, Ahmed. Scott recalled that Ahmed had helped him immensely, and he mentioned that Ahmed had a wife and kids. Scott felt responsible for anything that had happened to his friend, and Victor reported that he hadn't learned anything yet. Scott wanted to go back to find Ahmed himself, but Victor firmly stated that Scott couldn't go. Scott questioned whether he was supposed to forget about everything Ahmed had done for him, but Victor insisted on looking for Ahmed without help from Scott. Scott requested that Victor keep him posted.

Later, Victor instructed someone over the phone to find out if Ahmed was still alive. Nick arrived to check on Faith, and Victor mentioned that she was with Sharon. Nick remarked that it was good for both of them, and Victor asked if Nick had changed his mind about Faith staying at the ranch. Nick reaffirmed that he was all for making Faith feel happy and secure, but he knew Faith wasn't thrilled with him getting together with Chelsea. Nick said he knew Faith trusted and looked up to Victor, and Victor surmised that Nick wanted him to talk to Faith to smooth the waters. Nick hoped Victor wouldn't interfere at all.

Victor offered to help, and Nick requested that Victor put a positive spin on Nick's relationship with Chelsea if Faith mentioned the topic, but he discouraged his father from trying to engineer the situation. Victor inquired whether things were going well with Chelsea, and Nick replied that they were. Victor imagined that the couple would be a "ready-made family" with their two boys, but Nick insisted that he and Chelsea were just taking it one day at a time.

Kevin met Chloe at Crimson Lights, and she griped that he'd been off on mysterious adventures while she'd been home alone with Bella and his mother. Kevin remarked that Chloe deserved hazard pay, and she hoped he would get something extra in his paycheck for his top-secret job. He revealed that he hadn't been working for the police department and that he'd been in the Middle East as part of the team that had rescued Scott. Chloe incredulously asked why she was just hearing about it then.

Kevin explained that Scott was his friend, and Victor had wanted someone Scott knew to make the exchange. Chloe couldn't believe that Victor had just handed the ransom to Kevin, and Kevin figured that Victor had trusted him. She thought the story was amazing, and Kevin realized that he'd changed into a responsible person. Chloe noted that he seemed different, and he stated that there was a lot she didn't know about him.

Across the coffeehouse, Faith commented to Sharon that coffee smelled good but tasted bad. Sharon noted that a lot of people disagreed, like the customers who had kept the place in business all those years. Sharon recalled that she and Nick had once owned Crimson Lights together, and she thought it was funny how things had changed, since she was running the coffeehouse on her own while Nick was dating Chelsea. Sharon recognized that it had been tough for Faith to accept Nick's new relationship at first, but she knew Faith liked Chelsea. Faith questioned how she could be happy for her daddy when Sharon was all alone.

Sharon stressed that she didn't need someone in her life to make her happy, even though she'd once believed she did. She asserted that she didn't need another person to make her feel complete, since she was a whole person all by herself. Faith asked if Sharon was lonely, and Sharon replied that she was very comfortable living her own life, so she didn't want Faith to worry about her. Sharon added that a relationship could be wonderful with the right person, but there were other things in life, too.

Faith remarked that business was complicated, like figuring out a big puzzle. Sharon realized that she'd turned out to be good at being a boss, business owner, and mom, and Faith added that Sharon had been a good wife, too. Faith thought Dylan shouldn't have left, but Sharon reiterated that he'd done what he'd felt had been right. Sharon admitted that she missed him, but she accepted her new life as her own person. She mentioned that she'd signed up for classes at the university, and Faith hesitantly asked if Sharon was too old to go back to school. Sharon declared that people were never too old to learn.

Scott met Kevin at the coffeehouse, and Kevin voiced surprise that Scott hadn't slept for a week. Scott said it had been too quiet with no gunfire, and he hadn't been accustomed to a real bed. Scott mentioned that Victor was looking into Ahmed's whereabouts, and Kevin assumed that terrorists would let a local guy who didn't have the money for a ransom walk. Scott indicated that it wasn't how it worked, and he needed to go back. Kevin imagined that Victor wouldn't arrange for Scott to travel back there after Scott had just gotten home. Scott grumbled that it didn't feel like home to him, and he wasn't sure it ever would.

Kevin suggested that Scott help Ahmed from there by telling their story, and he imagined Scott writing about how ruggedly handsome Kevin was. Sharon approached and asked if Kevin had a minute, and Kevin introduced her to Scott. She realized that Scott was Lauren's son, but Scott didn't recall meeting Sharon. Sharon said it had been years earlier, and she was sure his mom was thrilled to have him back. Sharon welcomed Scott home, and Kevin led her aside to speak privately.

Sharon asked if Kevin had heard from Dylan since he'd gotten Dylan settled in, and Kevin replied that he hadn't and wouldn't, since that was how witness protection worked. Kevin urged her to be grateful that she hadn't heard anything from Dylan, since even one slip wouldn't be good. Sharon recognized that it had to be enough that Dylan was safe. Scott ended a call as Kevin returned to the table, and Scott reported that he'd been fired because he was considered a security risk. Scott lamented that being a journalist was in his blood, and he didn't know what he would do without his job.

Nick entered the coffeehouse and jokingly ordered a drink from Faith, who said he'd made the name of the drink up. He remarked that she was too old and smart, since she was killing his jokes. He asked how running the place was going. Faith proclaimed that she was going to be just like her mom when she grew up by not needing anyone else to make her happy, since she could be a whole person all by herself.

Sharon informed Nick that she'd explained to Faith that Sharon had a good, full life with room to grow and change, and she was ready for what happened next. Faith envisioned doing the same thing herself, and Nick said nothing was cooler than a girl who was strong and independent. Faith chirped that her mom was super cool, and Nick commended Sharon for running the coffeehouse and taking classes. Faith said she was proud of Sharon, and Sharon added that she was proud of herself, too.

Scott returned to the Baldwins' apartment, and Paul greeted him as Lauren rushed over to see her son. Lauren informed Scott that she'd made him breakfast, but she guessed that he was still in a different time zone. She offered to make a sandwich, but Scott said he was okay. Scott added that he might stay for a while if it was fine with her, and she struggled to hide her elation. Lauren asked what had changed, and Scott explained that he'd called his editor to find out his next assignment, but they no longer needed him. He recognized that he'd made it out alive when others hadn't, and Lauren said he shouldn't feel guilty for it.

Scott left to shower, and Michael assured Lauren that Scott wasn't going anywhere for a while. Michael suggested that they help Scott adjust, and he stepped away to take another call. Lauren wondered how she was supposed to help her son adjust when he'd lost his job after being kidnapped and held for ransom. Paul recognized that Genoa City might not be enough for Scott after all he'd been through, and it wasn't about her or anyone else. Paul advised Lauren to be prepared for the possibility that Scott might want to leave.

Chelsea returned home and smiled as she flashed back to making love with Nick. Chloe called to her and mentioned that the door had been wide open while Chelsea had apparently been daydreaming. Chloe realized that Chelsea was blushing, and she assumed that "it" had happened between Chelsea and Nick. Chelsea refused to talk about it, but Chloe insisted that she could tell she was right by the look on Chelsea's face. Chloe pressed to know if it had been everything Chelsea had thought it would be, and Chelsea confided that it had been even better. Chloe squealed that Chelsea and Nick were perfect for one another.

Chelsea tried to steer the topic away from her romantic life, and Chloe wondered if Chelsea felt like she was betraying Adam. Chloe insisted that Chelsea wasn't, since he was gone, and Nick made Chelsea happy. Chelsea said it didn't mean things would work out for them, but Chloe contended that it was a good thing that two people who'd had their hearts ripped out had found their way to one another. Chelsea mused that sometimes bad things happened when people got close, and Chloe scolded Chelsea for focusing on what could go wrong when she'd just had mind-blowing sex. Chloe added that something good was finally happening in Chelsea's life, and she encouraged Chelsea to embrace it or she'd regret it.

Later, Kevin got into his car, and Chloe suddenly jumped in and ordered him to tell her everything she didn't know about him. She thought he'd changed into someone confident and fearless, and he noted that fear hadn't been an option when he'd flown into a warzone to rescue a friend from terrorists. Chloe realized that he liked flirting with danger, and Kevin joked that he was living with her and his mother. Chloe contemplated what would have happened if he hadn't returned home to her, but Kevin swore that he always would. She cooed that she loved his "badass" side, and she wanted to live dangerously. She passionately kissed him.

Victor stopped by Chelsea's penthouse and informed her that he'd just seen Nick, who'd told him that things had been going well for the new couple. She admitted that she cared deeply for Nick, but she hated being dishonest by keeping a massive secret from him. Victor instructed her to keep it a secret and forget about it, but Chelsea couldn't forget that Adam was Christian's biological father. Victor told her to take it to the grave with her, and she asked what would happen if she couldn't go along with that plan.

Victor urged Chelsea to think about the consequences, since Nick was developing feelings for her, and he loved being a father to Christian. Victor imagined that it would tear Nick's heart out if he learned the truth, and it would be bad for everyone. Victor claimed that he'd just wanted to tell her that, but he didn't intend to interfere. Victor walked out, and a torn Chelsea tearfully stared out the window.

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