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The hospital was evacuated because Olivia Jerome had planted a bomb in the elevator. Nina sided with Valentin in court. Nelle revealed that she was Frank Benson's daughter. Jason and Sam named their baby Emily Scout.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 6, 2017 on GH
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Olivia Takes Robin Hostage Olivia Takes Robin Hostage

Monday, March 6, 2017

In the boiler room at the hospital, an unconscious Robin was handcuffed and had tape covering her mouth. Olivia yelled at her to wake up, and Robin jolted awake. Robin tried to loosen her restraints, but it didn't work. Olivia ripped the tape off of Robin's mouth. Robin wondered why Olivia had decided to return to Port Charles then after so much time away. Olivia cited the murder of "my one true love, Duke."

As Olivia walked around while looking at a map of the boiler room, she explained that she'd tried to return sooner, but she'd been in a "dangerous place" that she hadn't been able to leave. By the time she'd gotten out, she'd discovered that Julian had killed Duke. "I'm back here to right Julian's wrong," Olivia said, explaining, "I'm going to bring Duke back." "To life?" Robin asked in disbelief.

Olivia told Robin that she'd studied "so much" while she'd been away, and she'd seen miracles. As she related that death was only a "transition," she located and opened a hidden door in the room. "This is it!" she exclaimed happily. She explained that the secret room was the lab in which Helena had "breathed new life into her son Stavros." She cuffed Robin to herself and led her captive into the room. She turned on the lights and was delighted to see that the proper machines were still there.

Robin observed that the machines looked damaged, but they wouldn't help anyway. She explained that Helena had had Stavros' body, and he hadn't actually been dead. She broke it to Olivia that Duke hadn't only died, but he'd been cremated. "Are you all science and no faith?" Olivia wondered tearfully. She reached into her shirt and pulled out a small vial. The vial contained a lock of Duke's hair, which Olivia figured would be "enough." Robin understood Olivia's heartbreak due to Robin losing Stone as a teenager, but Olivia refused to give up.

Robin instructed Olivia to live in Duke's honor and be happy, because that was what Duke would have wanted for her. "That's not possible without Duke," Olivia replied. Robin disagreed, citing herself moving on and finding Patrick. Olivia moved to unlock Robin's cuffs, and dropped the vial in the process, shattering it. She hysterically tried to gather up the pieces and accused Robin of destroying the last piece of Duke she had. Just then, Olivia calmed down. She ecstatically remembered that Duke had left another piece of himself behind.

In the hospital parking garage, Elizabeth thanked Franco for dropping her off at work. He wanted to make sure that Elizabeth was safe with Olivia Jerome running around, because "crazy doesn't discriminate." She got the "creeps" thinking about what Olivia was capable of after what she'd done to Sam. Franco warned Elizabeth not to talk about Sam to Jake. Franco updated Elizabeth on his conversation with Jake, and Jake's chilling statement that Sam had a "very bad curse" on her.

Franco believed that Jake still had unresolved issues from being on Cassadine Island, but Elizabeth just wanted Jake to be a kid for a while. She kissed Franco and left, but she returned a few minutes later, having forgotten her phone in the car. He quickly took off a hat when she returned. He sheepishly told her that he was the new parking garage attendant, and she was proud of him. As she kissed him, he leaned up against a car. The couple jumped when they heard a human-sounding noise from the trunk of the car.

Franco and Elizabeth got the car open, and the alarm echoed throughout the garage. Elizabeth called the police. When she was off the phone, she sat down in the driver's seat, and Franco walked to the trunk, wielding a tire iron. She popped the trunk, and Franco looked in. "It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy," he remarked. Elizabeth looked in the trunk and saw an unconscious Julian.

A fully dressed Anna was handling her gun as Dante entered. He remarked that all cops thought they were invincible, but he didn't think that she should leave the hospital. She thanked him for caring, but she refused to hide from Olivia Jerome. Dante thought that Olivia would be after Anna, but that was what Anna wanted in order to "lure" Olivia out of hiding. She thought she was the "perfect bait." "For what?" Griffin asked as he entered the room.

Dante informed Griffin that Anna seemed to have a death wish. Griffin told Anna that neither he nor Finn would be releasing her for a while. Dante advised Anna not to do anything stupid because he would be in court for most of the day. Anna wished Dante luck, Griffin told Dante to "give Valentin hell," and Dante left.

Anna assured Griffin that she was following all the rules she'd been given, even though Finn had noticed that she only followed the rules she liked. Anna countered that a "higher priority has emerged." She told Griffin about Olivia and about her miscarriage years before. She related that she needed to stop Olivia before she targeted Robin. Elizabeth entered the room and told Anna about Julian.

A short while later, an unconscious Julian lay in a hospital bed. Anna suspected that Olivia would know that she was being hunted. She was glad that Olivia didn't know about Griffin because he would have been Olivia's first stop. Anna asked Griffin to direct Robin to Anna's room if he saw her. He left to go on his rounds. "You're like a cat with nine lives," Anna growled at Julian. Julian woke up, and Anna immediately began to badger him about Olivia's whereabouts. "She's here. She never left," he muttered weakly.

Griffin entered the elevator with an armful of files and promptly dropped them. Someone else got into the elevator and asked what floor he was going to. He replied, and the woman said, "Good, we're both going down." When the doors closed, Griffin finally looked up at the woman and recognized her as the woman he'd met in the garage. Olivia was delighted that he remembered her, and she replied that she remembered him as well. As she put a hand on his cheek, she added that he was "just as memorable as the man I love -- your father, Duke."

Nina was on the phone at Crimson as there was another phone ringing in the background. Valentin entered and hung up the ringing phone and told the person she was talking to that she would call them back. He demanded to know why she hadn't returned home the night before. "I thought you'd be with Anna," Nina replied snidely. He told her that he'd been home with Charlotte, waiting for her. He handed Nina a drawing that Charlotte had done for her and added that Charlotte had been asking about Nina.

Valentin reminded Nina that he and Charlotte were a "package deal." Nina replied that she loved Charlotte, but she hated that Valentin kept secrets. He swore that he had no feelings for Anna, who was his past. He added that Nina was his present and future, and they needed to present a united front at the hearing. She answered that she tended to wear her heart on her sleeve, so she wasn't sure that she could hide how angry she was at Valentin. He advised her to think about whether or not she wanted the life she had, because he would "be in court, fighting for it." He stormed out of the office.

Diane sat down at the Metro Court bar next to a woman. She ordered a double espresso and made small talk with the stranger about a big court case she had that day. She was optimistic but surmised that there were always "twists and turns" in any case, especially with a good opposing lawyer like Nora Buchanan. The woman admitted that she knew Diane and remarked that she loved Diane's books. Diane related that she'd had no time for any writing with all the cases she'd picked up. She added that she usually didn't do custody cases, but she was on retainer for a "particular man with a particular reputation" that wanted the best available for his daughter-in-law.

The woman wondered how to win a custody case. Diane explained that a lawyer had to discredit the opposition with being aggressive. Laura, Lulu, and Dante arrived, and Diane wanted to introduce them to her "new friend." She realized that she'd never gotten the woman's name. Just then, Valentin approached and greeted Nora, his lawyer. Nora and Diane acknowledged their respect for each other, and Nora and Valentin walked away to have their meeting.

Diane admitted to her clients that that hadn't been her "finest moment," but she assured them that her oversight would not affect their case. She did remind Lulu that securing sole custody would still be difficult. They needed to present Lulu and Dante as loving, stable parents. Lulu received a text from Maxie, who informed her friend that Nina and Valentin were "on the rocks." Diane thought she could "spin it." Laura excused herself and went straight for the elevator. Diane thought that trying to talk to Nina could either push her further away from Valentin or push her back into his arms.

Nora admitted to Valentin that she was impressed by Diane. She wondered when Nina would be there, but Valentin broke it to Nora that Nina "may not be joining us." She advised Valentin to apologize for whatever he'd done and to make sure that Nina got to court like a devoted wife. She explained that Lulu had a stable marriage and a "stack of affidavits" supporting her as a parents. In comparison, Valentin needed a "warm, loving maternal figure" in order to even out his "questionable past." If Nina didn't show up, he would either be forced to share custody of Charlotte or lose it altogether.

Nina sat at her desk and thought of Valentin. She looked at a picture of her, Valentin, and Charlotte, and decided to call Charlotte. She apologized for not going home the night before and explained that she'd needed to work late. She promised to make it up to Charlotte. She suggested that they sing the song they'd made up together, and Nina sang along tearfully with her voice breaking. When she was off the phone, she saw the hearing written on her calendar. Just then, Laura entered the office. "I have a proposition for you," Laura said.

Olivia Jerome sets a twisted plan in motion

Olivia Jerome sets a twisted plan in motion

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

At Crimson, Laura paid Nina a visit because she had a proposition for Nina. Nina warned Laura that it might not be a good idea for them to talk because of the custody hearing, but Laura noticed that Nina was not at Valentin's side. Laura quickly assured Nina that she had nothing against Nina, especially since Laura and Nina had a lot in common because Laura knew what it was like to lose years of her life. Laura was impressed that Nina had turned things around and become editor in chief to a national fashion magazine. Wary, Nina cut to the chase and asked why Laura was there.

Laura explained that she knew of a way that both she and Nina could have what they wanted. Laura acknowledged that Nina and Charlotte had grown to love each other and admitted that it would be a shame if Charlotte were to lose contact with Nina. Nina reminded Laura that Valentin might prevail in court, but Laura admitted that Maxie had mentioned Nina's marital woes. Laura knew what it was like to be married to a Cassadine, but Nina argued that Valentin hadn't been raised a Cassadine. Laura smiled because it didn't matter -- Cassadines were deceptive by nature.

Laura suspected Valentin had been hiding something from Nina and that Nina would wake up one day, questioning if she truly knew the man she'd married. Nina asked what Laura wanted Nina to do, so Laura asked Nina to testify against Valentin, and in exchange, Laura would use all of her influence to persuade Lulu to let Charlotte continue to spend time with Nina. Nina was skeptical that Lulu would agree.

Nina insisted that her marriage to Valentin was not a sham, but Laura pointed out that there had already been discord between the newlyweds. Laura warned Nina that Valentin would change once he no longer needed Nina, but Nina became agitated and accused Laura of trying to confuse her. To Nina's surprise, Laura didn't deny it. Laura explained that she would do anything to help her daughter have an opportunity to raise her own daughter. However, Laura promised that she hadn't lied to Nina.

Nina asked if Laura expected Nina to stab Valentin in the back even though he hadn't done anything to hurt her, but Laura argued that clearly he had hurt Nina, since Nina was not at his side. Laura made it clear that it was Nina's decision to make -- Nina could testify like a dutiful wife or tell the truth and still remain a part of Charlotte's life. Laura begged Nina to think things over then added that she hoped to see Nina in court. After Laura left, Nina looked at the card that Charlotte had made for her.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Valentin and his attorney, Nora Buchanan, sat in a private seating area and discussed the custody hearing. Valentin admitted that he'd done his research, and he knew that Nora was the best. Nora was flattered, but she was obligated to warn him that his wife's absence might hurt his case. Nora wondered if he and Nina could put their differences aside and focus on what was best for Charlotte, but Valentine admitted there were certain "unchangeable truths" about his past that his wife had been having trouble accepting. Nora decided not to probe, but he assured Nora that he'd told Nina to think things over carefully and not show unless Nina was in it for the long haul.

Nora chuckled and shook her head. She told him that she was familiar with ultimatums because the Buchanans dealt them out far too often, but they rarely ended well. Valentin explained that Nina was passionate, impulsive, and unpredictable. He assured his attorney that he and his wife had had an astonishingly happy marriage, but Nina had reason to be upset with him. Nora decided to spin Nina's dedication to work as something for Charlotte to look up to. Valentin was pleased, but Nora insisted that it would be easier if Nina showed up in court to support him.

Elsewhere at the restaurant, Diane insisted that Dante and Lulu had to be careful not to overplay their hand. She assured the couple that Nina's absence from the hearing would speak volumes.

A short time later, Diane, Dante, and Lulu entered the courtroom. Diane happily announced that she'd received a glowing report from the social worker who'd done a home check on Dante and Lulu. Lulu was curious if the judge had read the report, but Diane wasn't certain and decided to check with a clerk. After Diane walked away, Lulu promised that she genuinely believed that she and Dante could give Charlotte a fuller, richer, warmer, and happier life than Valentin. Lulu became distracted when she noticed that Laura hadn't arrived yet.

Later, Valentine and Nora entered the courtroom. Lulu glared at Valentin, prompting Diane to quietly remind Lulu to remain focused and rein in her temper. Lulu agreed, but she couldn't take her eyes off Valentin or hide her expression of loathing.

Meanwhile, Nora smiled with confidence as she softly encouraged Valentin to continue doing what he'd been doing because they wanted the judge to see him as someone who was calm and stable. Nora warned him that Diane was a worthy opponent who was a master at introducing innuendo and rumor into record then referencing it later as fact. Nora promised to do her best to stop Diane, but he needed to be prepared that Diane would have dirt on him. Nora urged Valentin not to rise to Diane's baits.

Diane offered Dante and Lulu words of encouragement as Laura arrived. Lulu was relieved when she saw her mother. Laura hugged Lulu and apologized for being late. Lulu was curious what had kept Laura, but Laura would only say that she'd had something to take care of. Moments later, Judge Rawles entered the courtroom and took her place behind the bench before inviting Lulu to make an opening statement.

Lulu talked about what it had been like to find out that she had a daughter and how she'd grieved for the time she'd lost with her child. However, Lulu assured Judge Rawles that she'd also felt an intense love for Charlotte that only a mother could feel for a child. Lulu revealed that she'd felt an instant bond with Charlotte the first time she'd looked into her child's eyes -- which had been before Lulu had learned the truth about Charlotte. Lulu admitted that she couldn't imagine a life without Charlotte and asked for a chance to finally be a mother to her child.

After Lulu sat down, Valentin was given an opportunity to address the judge. Valentin reminded Judge Rawles that all the affidavits had been submitted detailing the circumstances of Charlotte's conception. Valentin explained that neither he nor Lulu had been willing participants, but he'd been determined to give his child life when he'd learned about the frozen embryo. Valentin talked about finding a surrogate, being in the delivery room when Charlotte had been born, and the joy of witnessing each of Charlotte's first important milestones. According to Valentin, Lulu was attached to the idea of Charlotte being her daughter, but it was an abstract idea because Lulu didn't know anything about what Charlotte liked or what made her laugh.

Valentin ended his emotional speech with a reminder that Charlotte was not a possession. He described Charlotte as a vibrant little girl who needed consistency and stability from a loving father. Valentin added that Charlotte's needs were more important than either Valentin or Lulu's. After Valentin sat, Diane told the judge about the social worker's report. The judge called a short recess to review the document.

Laura asked how Lulu was holding up. Lulu admitted that it had been difficult to hear Valentin's lies. Diane advised Lulu to remain strong and have faith. Moments later, Nina entered the courtroom.

At the hospital, Andre was surprised when he saw Jordan, Valerie, and another police officer exit the elevator. Jordan explained that they'd received a report that Julian had been found in the trunk of a car. Andre offered to take Jordan to Julian's hospital room.

Elsewhere, Alexis asked Lucas for an update on Sam. Lucas assured Alexis that both Sam and the baby would make a full recovery. Alexis was relieved, but Lucas warned her that Sam would have to take it easy for a while. Alexis doubted that Sam would heed the advice with a newborn daughter to care for. Alexis admitted that she was still shaken that she'd almost lost both Sam and the baby because of Olivia Jerome, and she was furious that Julian had lied again. Lucas empathized because it had been a shock to learn that his aunt was alive.

Lucas was startled when Alexis mentioned that Olivia had posed as her A.A. sponsor. Lucas started to question Alexis about the admission, but Alexis changed the subject by expressing her relief that Sam was safe. Moments later, Valerie exited the elevator and stopped when she saw Alexis and Lucas because she'd been looking for them. Valerie explained that she needed Alexis and Lucas to follow her, but Alexis wanted an update on the search for Olivia. Valerie revealed that Olivia remained on the loose, so Alexis demanded to be taken to Julian because she intended to give him a piece of her mind.

In Julian's hospital room, Julian was weak as he told Anna that his sister Olivia was still in the hospital. Anna wanted to know why, so he explained that Olivia wanted the hospital. Anna was confused, but Julian's eyes drifted closed. Seconds later, Jordan and Andre entered. Anna told Jordan about Olivia Jerome and what Julian had revealed. Jordan assured Anna that she was aware of the situation and asked Anna to back down because it was Jordan's investigation. Jordan started to question Julian, but Andre explained that Julian had suffered dehydration and was in and out of consciousness.

Moments later, Julian opened his eyes and mumbled that Fred Gray had botched things up. Andre revealed that Fred was a board member who had pushed for the members to sell to the developer. Jordan was curious if Fred and Olivia had been in cahoots, but Julian shook his head and explained that Olivia had used Julian to broker the deal. Anna asked why Olivia had wanted the hospital, but Julian clarified that Olivia sought what was hidden under the hospital. Jordan and Anna were frustrated when Julian lost consciousness, but Andre warned both women to take what Julian said with a grain of salt because he might be delirious. Andre was curious if Olivia had ever been a patient at the hospital, so Anna told him that Olivia had once been admitted to the psychiatric ward.

Satisfied, Andre decided to check the hospital records to gain some insight on Olivia. He invited Jordan to accompany him, so Anna announced that she would search the hospital for Olivia. Andre immediately objected because Anna was in no condition to chase after Olivia. Alarmed, Jordan asked what was wrong with Anna. Andre carefully explained that Anna was on blood thinners and could easily bleed out if she were injured. Anna appreciated Andre's concern and promised not to do anything reckless.

Later, Anna stood at the nurses' station as she left Robin a voicemail message asking Robin to stay away from the hospital because a "situation" had unfolded. Anna insisted that she was fine, but she added that she'd sent police officers to the house to keep watch over Robin. Anna asked Robin to check in then ended the call. Seconds later, Anna spotted Lucas and called out to him. Anna filled him in about Olivia's desire to get her hands on what was beneath the hospital and was surprised when Lucas had an idea what Olivia might be after.

Lucas explained that his father, Tony Jones -- the man who had raised him -- had once worked in Helena's secret laboratory beneath the hospital because he'd been blackmailed. Anna wondered if it was possible that the lab was still beneath the hospital. Lucas recalled hearing that the access to the lab had been sealed, but he reminded Anna that a fire had completely destroyed the hospital in 2009. Moments later, Lucas was paged to the emergency room.

At the nurses' station, Jordan hovered behind Andre's shoulder as he checked the computer for Olivia Jerome's medical records. He found what he'd been looking for and quickly filled Jordan in on what the records had revealed. Andre told Jordan that Olivia had been sent to Ferncliff when one of her brothers -- not Julian -- had tried to kill her. "Quite the bloodthirsty gene pool," Andre said as he scanned the pages and discovered that Olivia had once slipped into a coma before waking up believing that she was a child of seven or eight.

Andre read that Dr. Steve Hardy had attributed Olivia's regression to brain damage, but Andre explained that it sounded more like a psychosis stemming from an emotional trauma that Olivia's mind hadn't been able to handle. Valerie approached Jordan to report that they'd conducted a thorough search of the floor, and every doctor and patient had been accounted for except for Griffin Munro.

In Julian's hospital room, Alexis approached Julian's bed and demanded to know how long he'd known that Olivia had been alive. Julian tried to explain that things hadn't been that simple, but she cut him off to inform him that Sam's daughter had been born in the cold because of Olivia. Julian smiled as he realized that he had a granddaughter, but Alexis advised him to forget about the newborn because he would never see the child nor be allowed near Alexis' family again. Lucas entered the room to check on Julian as Alexis told Julian that she intended to go home and throw out the safe deposit box key that he'd given her.

Shortly after Alexis left, Jordan and Andre entered the room. Jordan told Lucas that Olivia might have targeted Griffin, so Lucas filled Jordan in about his conversation with Anna and about the secret lab. Julian explained that Olivia was in the lab.

In the secret lab, Griffin woke up and discovered that he'd been strapped to a hospital gurney and his shirt had been removed. Moments later, Olivia appeared and smiled with delight because he was awake. She'd been confident that the bump on his head wouldn't keep him down because he was like his father, Duke. Griffin was horrified when he realized who his captor was. Olivia confirmed that she was Olivia Jerome. "The person you're going to spend the rest of your life with," she added with a maniacal grin.

Olivia told Griffin that he was in Helena Cassadine's old lab. Worried, Griffin called out to Robin, but Olivia advised him not to worry about her. Olivia stared at Griffin and admitted that he was a lot like his father. She was curious if Duke had ever mentioned her, but Griffin explained that he'd never met his father and only knew about the stories Anna had told him. Olivia's temper flared because she didn't want the lab tainted by the sound of Anna's name.

Olivia began to ramble about Duke's soul remaining locked in the walls of the hospital, but Griffin insisted that his father was resting in peace. Olivia noticed Griffin's necklace and realized that he was a Catholic. "A priest," Griffin clarified. Olivia ignored the revelation as she told him that she'd been halfway around the world when she'd felt Duke die and his spirit cry out for vengeance. Olivia insisted that Duke had never been avenged, and Duke's killer remained free to roam the earth.

However, Olivia was determined to free Duke's soul and give him a second chance at life by providing him with a vessel. Griffin's eyes rounded with horror as Olivia lit a candle and outlined her plan to use him as the vessel for his father's soul. Olivia poured a cup of freshly brewed tea as Griffin argued that people could not be brought back from the dead. Olivia was disappointed by Griffin's lack of faith. She revealed that she'd spent her time in exile studying different religions and cultures until she'd had the knowledge to bring back the love of her life.

Olivia vowed that Duke would return when the candle went out and instructed Griffin to drink the tea. Griffin refused and demanded to know what was in it. Olivia revealed that it was known as the "Unflavored Tea of Forgetfulness" and added that a new soul couldn't enter a body unless it had been properly cleansed. Griffin refused to drink the tea, so Olivia fetched a funnel and shoved it into his mouth before pouring the tea down his throat. Next, Olivia picked up a scalpel and pressed it to Griffin's chest as she promised him that it would be over soon. After Griffin passed out, Olivia pricked his skin and put a drop of blood on the candle.

Seconds later, Olivia's hope soared when she heard approaching footsteps. Her smile instantly vanished when Anna rounded the corner with a gun aimed at Olivia. Olivia took advantage of Anna's shock at seeing Griffin and dashed over to the table to press the scalpel to Griffin's throat. Olivia ordered Anna to drop the gun. Anna reluctantly complied when she saw a drop of blood appear on the tip of the blade, but she sprang into action when Olivia's attention strayed to Griffin as he groaned. The women struggled for the scalpel for several minutes until they jumped apart to catch their breath. Olivia held the scalpel and victoriously pointed out that Anna was bleeding.

Anna saw the gash on her hand, but she ignored it and lunged for Olivia again. Eventually, Olivia gained the upper hand when she grabbed the gun and pointed it at Anna. Anna fell to her knees. Nearby, the candle went out as Griffin took a deep breath. He quickly broke free of the straps and rounded the corner as Olivia prepared to shoot Anna. "Olivia," Griffin softly said. Olivia's face lit with joy as she turned and asked if he was real. "Yes, Olivia. It's me, Duke," he replied.

Duke urges Olivia not to kill Anna

Duke urges Olivia not to kill Anna

> Duke urges Olivia not to kill Anna

Duke urges Olivia not to kill Anna

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

At Nelle's apartment, Nelle packed as she reminded herself that it was time for her to leave town because there was nothing left in Port Charles for her. She spotted the keychain with the ice-skate charm that Michael had given her and picked it up as she recalled their evening at the cabin and how she'd called Michael her hero. Nelle wiped away tears and set the keychain down when she heard a knock at the door. It was Carly dropping off Nelle's last paycheck.

Carly brushed past Nelle and made it clear that there would be "hell to pay" if Nelle ever went near Carly's family again. Nelle closed the door as Carly added that she hoped to never lay eyes on Nelle's lying face again. Carly noticed the boxes and asked if Nelle was headed to Atlanta or Florida, but Nelle pointed out that it was none of Carly's business. Carly conceded that Nelle was right then cut to the chase and asked if Nelle had simply made up everything about Carly or if Frank had filled Nelle's head with the lies. Nelle denied that her father had been a deadbeat and showed Carly the baby rattle that Frank had kept and treasured.

Carly scoffed and informed Nelle that Frank had told Nelle a bunch of garbage because he'd taken everything of value when he'd left her adoptive mother -- including Virginia's engagement ring and family heirlooms. Carly suspected that the rattle hadn't been of any value when Frank had tried to pawn everything -- or he'd forgotten that he'd had it. Carly assured Nelle that Frank Benson had never cared about his adopted daughter until Carly had been grown, married, and rich. Nelle took the rattle away from Carly and insisted that Frank had always loved Carly and had desperately wanted to introduce Nelle to her big sister, but Carly laughed and clarified that Frank had only been interested in introducing Nelle to Carly's fortune.

Nelle produced a stack of letters that Frank had written to Carly and Carly had returned unopened. Carly was curious if Nelle had bothered to read the letters because Frank had always asked for a handout. Furious, Nelle assured Carly that she'd read everything including Carly's response to Frank's first letter when Carly had coldly informed Frank that she'd wanted nothing to do with Frank or his "little brat." Nelle angrily accused Carly of quickly changing her mind when Carly had needed a kidney to save Josslyn's life. Carly denied that she'd ever asked Frank for Nelle's kidney and pointed out that it said a lot about the kind of man Frank had been that he'd sold his own child's kidney.

Nelle continued to defend her father, but Carly reminded Nelle that Carly had turned to Jason when they'd thought Jake had died to ask Jason to donate a kidney to save Josslyn's life. Carly insisted that she'd always believed that Jake had been Josslyn's donor, but Nelle didn't believe Carly because Josslyn had received Nelle's kidney. Carly admitted that she had no idea how the switch had transpired, but she was adamant that she hadn't had any part in it. Carly realized that Frank had done quite a number on Nelle because it was clear that Nelle continued to believe Frank's version of events.

Carly admitted that she didn't blame a child for believing her father's lies, but targeting Carly's family, sleeping with Sonny, and lying had all been choices that Nelle had made. Carly regretted that Nelle hadn't been honest from the start because Carly would have helped Nelle. She advised Nelle to continue packing and leave, or Carly would make certain Nelle knew what true payback felt like. After Carly left, Nelle angrily shoved the letters into the box then picked up the keychain. She decided to give Port Charles a second chance.

In the hallway, Carly made a phone call and told the person that they needed to talk right away.

At ELQ, Michael sat in his office and looked at a photograph of him and Nelle that he'd saved on his phone. He quickly put his phone down when Sonny walked in and greeted him. Michael tensed as he asked why Sonny was there. Sonny admitted that he'd wanted to apologize because he knew Michael had been hurt when he'd learned about Sonny and Nelle's one-night stand. Michael insisted that he and Nelle hadn't been in a relationship, but Sonny was aware that Michael had had strong feelings for Nelle. Michael advised Sonny to apologize to Carly because Sonny had betrayed her.

Michael couldn't understand why Sonny had thrown everything he'd had with Carly away after everything Sonny and Carly had been through, but Sonny explained that it had never been a conscious choice. Sonny insisted that Nelle had taken advantage of the situation because Sonny had been in a very bad place and drinking heavily. Michael conceded that Nelle had fooled them all and had used their grief over losing Morgan to manipulate them. Sonny thought Michael had been lucky to find out the truth about Nelle before it had been too late, but Michael resented Sonny not warning anyone about Nelle.

Michael pointed out that Sonny had known for months that Nelle had been lying, but Sonny had kept it to himself. Sonny insisted that he'd kept quiet because he'd hoped to spare Carly -- and the rest of the family -- more pain. Michael suspected that Sonny had only been worried about himself. Sonny expected Michael and Carly to hate him, but Michael admitted that he didn't hate Sonny -- Michael was disappointed because Sonny had made the family vulnerable to Nelle's schemes. Sonny promised to do better in the future, but Michael was tired of talking and decided to head home. Sonny nodded, but he knew that Michael had a gift for forgiveness and implored him not to forgive Nelle because she was dangerous, a liar, and a user.

In the courtroom, Nina appeared in the doorway during a short recess. Valentin was happy to see his wife, but Nora reminded him to remain calm and stable. Meanwhile, the judge's clerk approached Nina to ask if he could help her. Nina explained that she was Valentin's wife and wanted to make a statement. Seconds later, Judge Rawles returned to the courtroom and immediately saw Nina. Judge Rawles was not pleased that Nina had arrived in the middle of the proceedings, but Nina apologized and assured the judge that she was ready to testify. Judge Rawles invited Nina to take the stand.

Nora anticipated that Nina would testify on Valentin's behalf. Nearby, Lulu feared the worst, but Laura told Lulu to have faith because Laura was confident that things would work out the way they were supposed to. All heads turned to the front of the courtroom as Nina sat down and began to speak. Lulu's fears were quickly realized when Nina assured the judge that Nina's marriage to Valentin was not a sham. Nina insisted that she and her husband loved each other and were married for the right reasons. Nina went on to sing Valentin's praises and accused Lulu of being blinded by her dislike for Valentin.

After Nina left the stand, Lulu begged Diane to prove that Valentin was an unfit parent. Diane revealed that she had a "nuclear" option, but it was brutal and final and had zero room for compromise. Lulu and Dante urged Diane to do whatever was necessary to get Charlotte away from Valentin and his "lying wife."

Meanwhile, Nora thanked Nina for testifying. Nina looked at Valentin as she assured Nora that she'd simply told the truth. "And the truth will set you free, right?" Nina asked. Nora's phone rang, so she excused herself. Valentin smiled at Nina, prompting her to add that it had been important for her to keep their family together. She conceded that she was not happy that he'd kept secrets, but she believed their marriage was worth fighting for.

Nearby, Diane announced that she wanted to file an emergency petition to remove Charlotte from Valentin's custody because he'd committed a felony. Nora immediately objected and reminded the judge that all the charges against Valentin had been expunged from his record. Diane clarified that she'd been referring to Valentin kidnapping Charlotte -- not the numerous crimes he'd been accused of through the years. Valentin jumped up and denied the allegation. Judge Rawles asked Valentin to take the stand because she wanted to get to the bottom of things. After Nora confirmed that Valentin's name was on Charlotte's birth certificate and that he was the legal custodian, Diane addressed the kidnapping matter.

Diane pointed out that the legal definition of kidnapping including one parent intentionally keeping another parent from their child then asked when Valentin had first learned that Lulu was Charlotte's mother. Nora insisted that Valentin had done everything in his power to facilitate a relationship between Charlotte and Lulu, but Diane argued that Valentin had only done so in recent months after Lulu had confronted him with the truth. Diane was curious when Valentin had first learned that Lulu was Charlotte's mother. Valentin was forced to admit that he'd known from the beginning when he'd first learned of the embryo.

Nora claimed that providing an egg hadn't given Lulu special rights. Offended, Lulu insisted that she had a right to be a part of her child's life. The judge warned Lulu not to interrupt the proceedings, but Diane argued that Valentin had denied Lulu a relationship with Charlotte during Charlotte's formative years. Diane acknowledged that Valentin was the only parent that Charlotte knew and that he knew all of Charlotte's favorite things because he'd deliberately denied Lulu a chance to be a mother.

Judge Rawles decided to take a short recess to review everything, but she warned everyone to remain close because she intended to make a decision. Laura seized the opportunity to approach Nina. Laura realized that Nina hadn't taken their talk to heart, but Nina disagreed because Laura had made Nina take an honest look at her marriage. Valentin joined his wife as Laura told Nina that she hoped Nina could live with the choice that she had made. After Laura walked away, Valentin asked Nina what Laura had been talking about, but Nina assured him it was nothing.

Nearby, Diane advised Nora to persuade Valentin to back out gracefully while he still had the chance, but Nora chuckled. Nora pointed out that Diane's ridiculous attempt to accuse Valentin of kidnapping only illustrated how desperate Lulu was because Lulu's case was weak. Diane wasn't sure how they did things in Llanview, but she assured Nora that they went for the kill in Port Charles.

Moments later, Judge Rawles returned to the courtroom. The judge conceded that both sides had a valid argument because of the unique circumstances of Charlotte's birth. However, the judge wanted to hear from Charlotte, so she decided to appoint a psychologist to talk to Charlotte and make an assessment. Judge Rawles denied the petition for emergency custody and rebuked Diane for the stunt. The judge threatened to report Diane the next time Diane pulled something like that in Judge Rawles's courtroom.

After the hearing, Nora was confident that things would go Valentin's way, provided neither he nor Nina had any skeletons in their closet. Nearby, Diane told Dante and Lulu that the judge's decision was to their advantage. Laura agreed and reminded Lulu that the social worker had given Lulu and Dante's home a glowing recommendation.

In Julian's hospital room, Jordan informed Julian that the hospital's basement had been searched, but there hadn't been any sign of Olivia. Julian explained that Olivia wouldn't be found in the basement because his sister had been after what was beneath the hospital. Julian warned Jordan to find Olivia because Olivia wouldn't hesitate to hurt Anna. Jordan was curious what exactly Olivia was after, but Julian had no idea. However, he acknowledged that his sister had been obsessed.

Jordan admitted that Griffin had vanished and wondered if he might be in danger. Julian was certain of it -- if his sister knew that Griffin was Duke's son. Alarmed, Jordan pulled out her walkie-talkie to alert her police officers to be on the lookout for both Anna and Griffin. A doctor entered the room as Jordan left. Julian's eyes rounded with concern when Rudge closed the door, but Julian managed to press the call button without Rudge realizing it. Rudge approached Julian's bed, grabbed a pillow, and tried to smother Julian as Julian struggled valiantly. Seconds later, Felix appeared in the doorway and immediately shouted for help when he saw what was going on. Rudge fled as Julian instructed Felix to call Jordan.

In the basement, Jordan looked around and noticed a set of smudged fingerprints on a pipe. She leaned in to take a closer look at the dark imprints, but her phone rang. It was Felix reporting that someone had attacked Julian. Jordan raced to Julian's hospital room to find out what had happened. Julian and Felix told Jordan about Rudge's attempt on Julian's life. Julian warned Jordan that no one was safe because Olivia had a lot of thugs on retainer -- some of whom worked in the hospital.

Jordan left Julian's hospital room and decided to shut down the hospital. Moments later, Felix approached her to let her know that he'd seen Rudge slip into the stairwell. Jordan pulled out her walkie-talkie to let her police officers know that she was in pursuit of a suspect and instructed everyone not to make a move until she gave the signal.

In Helena Cassadine's underground lab, Olivia prepared to shoot Anna, but Griffin appeared and greeted her. Stunned, Olivia looked at him and asked if he was real. "Yes Olivia, it's me -- Duke," Griffin told her. Olivia's eyes filled with tears while Anna huddled in a corner with an expression of disbelief on her face. Olivia saw Duke rather than Griffin standing before her as he told her that he owed his life to her. She suddenly frowned when she realized that she hadn't said the incantation, but "Duke" explained that her passion had been enough to draw him back.

"Duke" seductively slid Olivia's scarf from around her neck as he praised her for always being a strong woman who had proven everyone wrong by bringing him back from the dead. Olivia's expression filled with joy because "Duke" had returned to her. Olivia told him that she'd searched for years to find a way to get him back. "Duke" acknowledged that he'd treated Olivia poorly in life and thanked her for sacrificing all to be with him. Touched, Olivia hugged him, providing Griffin an opportunity to drop the ruse and motion to Anna to flee. Anna remained frozen in place as Olivia pulled away and gazed at "Duke" with love.

Griffin suggested that he and Olivia leave, but she suddenly recalled Anna's presence and told him that Anna had to die. Griffin insisted that Anna had nothing to do with them. He conceded that Anna had been his first love, but he'd grown beyond his love for Anna, and his heart belonged to Olivia. Griffin wrapped Anna's wounded hand and helped her up, but Olivia explained that she couldn't risk Anna going to the police because Olivia had done a lot of illegal things to get "Duke" back. Olivia aimed the gun at Anna, but Griffin remained calm as he gently persuaded Olivia to give him the gun because he wanted to be the one to end Anna's life.

Touched, Olivia handed "Duke" the gun. She was stunned when he turned and aimed it at her. Anna explained that Griffin had been pretending to be Duke. Furious that she'd been duped, Olivia lunged at Griffin. The gun clattered to the ground as Olivia caught Griffin by surprise. Anna grabbed something to bind Olivia's hands with and quickly pulled Olivia off of Griffin. Griffin picked up the gun and aimed it at Olivia as Anna tied Olivia's hands behind her back. Olivia warned Anna not to alert the police, or Anna would never know what Olivia had done with Robin.

Meanwhile, Jordan approached the secret door to the lab and managed to open it. However, someone appeared behind her and struck her on the head with a pipe.

A hidden bomb puts lives in danger

A hidden bomb puts lives in danger

Thursday, March 9, 2017

At Nelle's apartment, Nelle paced the living room as she spoke to someone on the phone about adding her name to the substitute teacher roll. However, she was told that she needed to have a degree to qualify. Frustrated, Nelle ended the call and answered a knock at the door. It was Josslyn. Josslyn frowned when Nelle opened the door and she saw what Nelle was wearing. Nelle wondered what Josslyn was doing there, so Josslyn held up two concert tickets as she reminded Nelle that they'd had plans to attend the Shawn Mendes concert and travel in the limousine that Carly had arranged for them.

Nelle was curious if Carly knew that Josslyn was there, but Josslyn admitted that she hadn't talked to her mother all day. Nelle realized that Josslyn had no idea about the falling-out and told Josslyn that it would be best if Josslyn left. Concerned, Josslyn asked what was going on, but Nelle evaded the question and firmly told Josslyn that they were no longer friends. Josslyn's eyes filled with tears as Nelle closed the door.

At ELQ, Michael ended a business call as Carly entered his office. Michael warned her that Sonny had already talked to him, prompting her to ask what Sonny had said. He revealed that Sonny had warned him not to forgive Nelle then told Carly about the rest of the conversation. Carly agreed with everything that Sonny had told Michael because Michael was a lot like his great-grandmother Lila, who'd had a generous spirit that many had taken advantage of. Carly warned him that Nelle didn't deserve forgiveness because she'd lied and had tried to destroy their family. Michael reminded his mother that Nelle had also been lied to, but Carly insisted that Nelle hadn't been a victim.

Michael assured Carly that he hadn't been taken in by Nelle's lies, but he couldn't hate her, either, because Frank had done a number on Nelle. Carly started to argue, but Josslyn appeared in the doorway and tearfully told them that something was wrong with Nelle. Michael decided it would be best for Carly to explain and excused himself. Josslyn told Carly about the concert and Nelle's reaction when Josslyn had stopped by to pick Nelle up. Josslyn couldn't understand what she'd done wrong or how to fix things, but Carly admitted that Nelle's issue was with Carly.

Josslyn asked her mother to elaborate, but Carly didn't think it would be appropriate to share the details with Josslyn. Josslyn wasn't satisfied and pushed for answers until Carly admitted that Nelle had lied and had misrepresented herself to get close to the family and sabotage them. Josslyn was curious why Nelle would do that, but Carly refused to share the details. Josslyn decided to talk to Sonny, but Carly objected. Josslyn quickly put the pieces together and realized that Sonny and Nelle had slept together. "That's so gross," Josslyn said with disgust.

Josslyn couldn't believe that Sonny had cheated on Carly and asked if Carly intended to divorce him. Carly admitted that she hadn't made a decision. Josslyn was hurt that Nelle had betrayed them, but she wondered why Nelle would target their family. Carly insisted that it didn't matter because Carly refused to let Nelle hurt them again.

At the Floating Rib, Nelle ordered a drink, but the bartender asked her to give him a minute because they were short-staffed, and he needed to take care of something. Nelle perked up and told him that she was looking for work. The bartender invited her to fill out an application and promised to pass it along to Felicia Jones. Nelle's spirits sank because she knew that Felicia would never hire her. She asked the bartender to give her a heads-up if Felicia made an appearance because she would need to leave. Michael suddenly appeared and made a snide remark about Nelle running away.

The bartender set Nelle's drink down as she glanced at Michael. Michael was curious what she was drinking, so she told him it was a vodka tonic. Michael was surprised because he hadn't seen Nelle drink alcohol before. Nelle admitted that she was trying to drown her sorrows then mentioned that she'd sent him several text messages. Michael acknowledged that he'd received them, but he didn't think there'd been much to say. Nelle disagreed because she needed to explain things to him. Michael assured her that he understood her desire for vengeance because something terrible had happened to her.

Nelle wondered if Michael had forgiven her. "No. Never," Michael replied. She conceded that she hadn't expected him to forgive her. However, she promised that the night they'd been stranded in the cabin had made her realize that she could have a future with him. Nelle insisted that she'd wanted to stop everything, but Michael didn't care because the goal of her revenge had been to see his mother suffer. "Yes," Nelle quietly confirmed.

Michael wondered if Nelle thought Carly -- and Sonny -- hadn't suffered enough when they'd lost their son. Nelle looked away, but Michael wasn't done. He appreciated that she'd been fed a lot of lies that had made her want to punish Carly, but his mother had been shattered when Morgan had died. Michael was baffled that Nelle could see Carly's tremendous pain and still want to punish her more. He was furious that she'd feigned empathy and had used Sonny's grief to trick Sonny into bed. Nelle argued that it hadn't been like that, but Michael scoffed.

Nelle grabbed Michael by the shoulders and told him that there was something he needed to know, but he pushed her away and advised her to ask herself it she merely wanted to unburden herself or if what she had to say would help heal the family she'd hurt. Nelle didn't have an answer. "Yeah, that's what I thought," Michael said.

At Ava's apartment, Ava slid on a pair of slippers, put her feet up on the table, and leaned back on the sofa with a sigh of contentment. Moments later, Kiki arrived. Ava was surprised that her daughter had stopped by, but Kiki explained that Valerie had called to let Kiki know that all the charges against Ava had been dropped. Kiki wanted to make peace with her mother because she regretted that she'd been quick to believe the worst of Ava. Ava wandered over to the bar and grumbled that she didn't have any olives -- or alcohol -- to make a martini.

Kiki smiled and surprised her mother with a bottle of booze, which Kiki pulled out of a bag. After Ava made a drink, Kiki asked about Olivia. Ava explained that she'd never met her older sister because Julian had supposedly killed Olivia years earlier. Horrified, Kiki decided that their family was insane, but Ava insisted that Olivia had tried to kill Julian first. Ava added that she only knew Olivia by reputation -- Olivia was ambitious and insane. Ava was glad that their paths had never crossed, but Kiki pointed out that Ava had been charged with Olivia's crimes.

Kiki apologized for not believing Ava when Ava had denied planting the bomb that had killed Morgan, but Ava understood why Kiki had had doubts. Kiki argued that she should have given her mother the benefit of the doubt because they were family, and Ava had been trying to be a better person. Ava smiled, but she changed the subject to ask about Kiki and Dillon. Kiki admitted that things were good between them and that she'd had plans with him for later that evening. Kiki invited Ava to join them, but Ava declined because she wanted a relaxing evening at home. However, Ava offered to walk Kiki to the car because Ava was worried about Olivia.

In the underground lab, Anna secured Olivia Jerome's hands and vowed to make certain that Olivia faced justice. Olivia smiled and informed Anna that Anna would never learn what Olivia had done with Robin if Anna followed through on the threat. Stunned, Anna demanded to know what Olivia was talking about, but Olivia cryptically told Anna that Anna's history with Olivia had returned to haunt Anna. Griffin held the gun firmly aimed at Olivia as Olivia tried to set ground rules for information about Robin in exchange for Olivia's freedom. Anna violently shoved Olivia against a wall.

Griffin urged Anna to take it easy, but Olivia noticed that Anna was bleeding heavily. Anna suddenly stumbled backwards and collapsed. Griffin rushed over to check on Anna as Olivia made quick work of freeing her bound wrists then started to flee, but Griffin ordered Olivia to stop as he pointed the gun at her. Olivia taunted that Griffin's options were limited because he could save Anna or he could turn Olivia over to the police and risk Anna bleeding out. Olivia feigned concern as she looked at Anna.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Dante tried to question Finn, but Finn was eager to leave because he'd worked a fourteen-hour shift. Finn added that he didn't know Olivia Jerome and couldn't provide any information that might help the search. Finn stopped short when he saw the police tape blocking anyone from entering the elevators. Dante explained no one was allowed in or out of the hospital until Olivia had been captured. Furious, Finn demanded to talk to Jordan, but Dante told him that Jordan was busy. Dante advised Finn to take a "chill pill" and relax.

After Dante walked away, Brad strolled up and taunted Finn about not having any "chill pills." Brad suspected that Finn needed a fix of "Zen-Zen." Finn didn't mince words as he asked what Brad wanted for a dose of Zekenestrol. Brad was surprised that Finn hadn't had the foresight keep an emergency dose with him, but Finn wanted to know what it would take to make a deal. Brad reminded Finn that they'd had a deal about the Blackwood's syndrome serum until Finn had decided to cut Brad out when Finn had sold the serum.

Finn insisted that he'd done what had been necessary to save the hospital, but Brad didn't care. Finn reminded Brad that by saving the hospital, he'd also saved all of their jobs. Brad argued that he wouldn't have needed to worry about a job if Finn had honored their deal. Finn was unapologetic and reminded Brad that Brad had only done a day's work on the serum. Brad insisted that he'd deserved recognition for his work, so Finn agreed to put Brad's name on the research paper when it was published. Brad wasn't satisfied and threatened to report Finn to Monica because Finn was a danger to the patients.

Finn called Brad's bluff, but he warned Brad that an investigation would be launched, and there would be questions about why Brad hadn't reported Finn sooner. Brad seemed unconcerned, but Finn admitted that he'd done his homework on Brad and knew about Brad's "ethically challenged" ways prior to meeting Lucas. Finn was curious if Brad's marriage would survive if Lucas learned that Brad had blackmailed Finn. Brad immediately backed down and agreed to provide Finn with a dose of medicine, but Brad made it clear that it would be the last time he helped Finn.

Elsewhere, Monica saw Dante as he rounded the corner. She was eager for an update, so he told her that they had police officers covering every exit and search teams going floor to floor, doing sweeps. Monica was pleased, but she was also curious why Jordan hadn't given her the update. Dante promised to track Jordan down and send her to Monica. After Monica left, Dante called one of his fellow police officers to ask if there had been any sign of Jordan.

In Sam's hospital room, Sam woke up as Jason quietly talked to their daughter. Sam smiled and asked to see her daughter. Jason assured Sam that he had everything under control and urged her to rest, but she admitted that reality was better than any dream. Jason lifted their daughter out of the bassinette and handed her to Sam. Sam cradled her beautiful daughter in her arms as she admitted that the infant seemed curious like Jason. Jason agreed that their daughter lived up to her name, but Sam frowned. She was concerned that Jason had filled out papers naming their daughter Scout.

Jason was confused because he thought that Sam had wanted to name the baby Scout. Sam liked the name, but she thought it was a bit plain and better suited as a middle name. Jason realized that Sam had another name in mind. Moments later, Monica entered the room to meet her granddaughter. Monica smiled when she saw Scout, but Jason and Sam revealed that they had decided on another name for the baby. Jason told Monica that they wanted to name the baby Emily. "After my Emily?" Monica asked as she welled up with tears.

Monica was touched by the gesture and thanked Jason, but he made it clear that it had been Sam's idea. Sam explained that she knew how special Monica's daughter had been to everyone, including Jason. "Emily Scout," Monica said with a grin as she gazed lovingly at her granddaughter. Monica was certain that Emily was smiling down with approval. Moments later, a police officer appeared in the doorway to let Monica know that Dante had an update for her. Jason was curious what was going on.

Monica reluctantly explained that the hospital had been put on lockdown because Olivia was on the loose. Sam feared that she and the baby were in danger, but Monica explained that Olivia was after something beneath the hospital and assured Sam that police officers were stationed on each floor. After Monica followed the police officer into the hallway, Jason closed the door and promised Sam that he would keep Sam and the baby safe. Sam knew that Jason wanted to hunt down Olivia. Jason admitted that it was true, but Sam and the baby were more important. However, he decided to call Sonny to let Sonny know about Olivia.

A short time later, Monica returned to announce that she had good news and bad news. According to Monica, Olivia had managed to escape the hospital, but they had no idea where Olivia had gone.

In Anna's hospital room, Griffin helped Anna get settled in bed and checked her vitals. Dante entered and explained that he needed to talk to Griffin. Griffin admitted that Olivia had escaped because he'd been focused on saving Anna. Dante was eager to see the underground lab, so Griffin gave the nurse instructions and followed Dante out.

A short time later, Dante and Griffin entered the lab where Olivia had held Griffin captive. Griffin told Dante about Olivia's plan to resurrect Duke and her threats to kill Anna. Dante asked if Olivia was armed, but Griffin shook his head because he'd managed to take Olivia's gun before she'd escaped. However, Griffin warned Dante that Robin was in danger.

Meanwhile, Finn entered Anna's hospital room. Anna remained unconscious as Finn pulled on a set of gloves and prepared to fill a syringe with a serum to help Anna. Brad appeared in the doorway and watched as Finn's hands shook. Concerned, the nurse asked if Finn needed help, but Finn declined and managed to fill the syringe and inject Anna with the serum. He assured Anna that she would soon be as good as new.

Brad walked away and approached Griffin as Griffin and Dante returned from the underground lab. Brad asked to talk to Griffin, but Griffin explained that he was busy. Brad insisted that it was important, so Dante left to check on Anna. Brad confessed that he was concerned about Finn because Brad didn't think Finn was in any condition to treat patients. Griffin realized what Brad was alluding to and marched to Anna's hospital room to ask Finn to join him in the hallway for a private word.

After Finn stepped out of the room, Griffin announced that he intended to report Finn's addiction to Monica.

In Anna's hospital room, Anna regained consciousness and implored Dante to find Robin.

At Ava's apartment, Ava returned from the parking garage and froze in the doorway when she saw her sister seated on the sofa. "Hi, sis," Olivia said with a bright smile as she held up her martini glass and added that Ava was out of olives.

At the hospital, a bomb had been hidden in an elevator. The bomb had a timer ticking down from fifty-four minutes.

Chaos at General Hospital

Chaos at General Hospital

Friday, March 10, 2017

Ava arrived at home and found Olivia sitting on the sofa in the darkened apartment. Olivia introduced herself, held a gun on Ava, and demanded to know where she might be able to find Julian, their "traitorous" brother. Ava advised her older sister that she had no clue as to where Julian might be. The last time she'd seen him, she'd been in jail for Olivia's crimes. Olivia mentioned that he had been in the trunk of a car, but she had taken his phone. She wanted Ava to track Julian down creatively. Olivia lamented that she had failed Duke and her mission to get him back. Ava tried to console Olivia and mentioned that everyone had failures at one time or another.

Curtis frantically tried to track down Jordan, and after hearing her phone ringing in a nearby hospital closet, he quickly opened the door. Jordan was lying unconscious on the floor. He managed to get her up and asked what had happened. Jordan surmised that Rudge had knocked her out.

Curtis revealed that Olivia had escaped. As they left the closet, they ran into a wandering Julian, who was looking for Olivia. He stated that he would turn her in if he knew where she could be found. He announced that he would look in on Sam instead.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Jason and Sam spent time with their new baby. Alexis arrived for a visit, and Jason left the room. Alexis complained that she had told Olivia everything about the family in Olivia's fake role as Alexis' sponsor. She was also angry that Julian had known about Olivia. Sam blamed Julian for all that had gone wrong. Alexis revealed that Julian was in the hospital after Olivia had injured him. Sam could tell that Alexis was worried about him.

Alexis was more concerned with the safe deposit key because she believed that Julian had been protecting Olivia. Sam felt that Julian had been protecting his family. The baby fussed, and Sam revealed that they had named the baby Emily Scout Morgan. Alexis fed the baby and confirmed that she resembled Molly.

An agitated Anna planned on leaving her hospital room to look for Robin. Dante did his best to persuade Anna to stay put as Anna ordered him to look for her daughter. When Jason walked in, Anna told him, "Robin's in trouble." She was certain that Robin was somewhere in the hospital, and she persuaded Jason to allow her to accompany him. She stopped at the barricaded elevator door and had a flashback. "My past with Olivia is coming back to haunt me," she said. Anna was certain that Robin was in the elevator.

In another hospital corridor, Elizabeth found Griffin and Finn having an argument. Griffin was in Finn's face, up against the wall. She advised Griffin that one of his patients needed him. "This isn't over," Griffin snapped as he stormed off. Spying a tray full of patient medications, Finn picked one up. Elizabeth spotted him in the act and accused him of stealing the pills. He accused her of leaving the tray unattended in the hallway. Finn claimed that he was checking on his patient's dose, and while Elizabeth admitted her mistake, she accused him of being a user.

As Elizabeth advised the doctor that she couldn't allow him to treat patients, Hayden walked by. Elizabeth told her sister what she'd seen and that she suspected that the doctor was an addict. Hayden confessed that she knew. Elizabeth rattled off the signs, noting that she'd had experience with her husband Lucky. Elizabeth was concerned that Finn would ruin Hayden's life and break her heart. Hayden thanked Elizabeth for her concern and advice.

Hayden dragged Finn into a nearby room so they could chat. She gave him an ultimatum and told him that either he cleaned himself up or she would have him banned from the hospital.

Julian was walking by the nurses' station and overheard the nurse on the phone, talking about him. He identified himself, and the nurse handed him the phone. It was Ava, and she begged him to get home. She told him she had a problem. Olivia snatched the phone from Ava's hand.

Jason pried open the elevator doors, which revealed a terrified Robin standing there, attached to a bomb. Anna promised to get Robin out, but Jason dissuaded her. He reminded her that she'd nearly passed out earlier. They'd be in big trouble if Anna did so again and jostled the explosive device.

Alexis and Sam heard an alarm, and Alexis took off to see what was happening. Jason stepped into the elevator gingerly and removed Robin's gag and handcuffs. Alexis spotted Jason, who urged her to get Sam and Emily out of the hospital.

As Jordan walked unsteadily because she'd been bumped on the head, Curtis updated Dante. Suddenly, an alarm went off, and there was an immediate need to get the hospital evacuated. Curtis sprung into action and ignored Jordan's attempts to get him to leave. She granted him a one-time dispensation to help.

Jason noted that the plate that Robin was standing on needed pressure in order to prevent the bomb from going off. Anna and Jason argued over whose duty it was to step in. Robin advised Anna that Anna wasn't strong enough to take her place, and Anna reluctantly agreed. Jason slowly traded places with Robin, one foot at a time. "It's time for you to go now," Jason advised the women. He ordered them to go away.

Jordan and Curtis got to the elevator, and Anna explained the bomb setup. Jordan ordered everyone out, but Curtis refused to leave. Jordan announced that the bomb squad would be landing on the roof. "Do you mind asking them to hurry up?" Jason declared. Finally, he had an idea. He would release the emergency stop and take the elevator up to the roof with the bomb. Curtis jumped onto the elevator. He planned on accompanying Jason.

Elizabeth found Griffin with his patient and advised him that everyone needed to evacuate the hospital. Griffin refused, citing the extreme condition of his patient. He advised Elizabeth to leave while she could.

Finn and Hayden heard the alarm and assumed it was just a drill until they heard Jordan over the loudspeaker, ordering an evacuation. They attempted to leave, but they were in an area where all of the medications were kept. The doors were all automatically locked. Finn was unable to use his phone. They were trapped.

Hayden asked Finn to promise her that he would get help if they survived. Finn told her he loved her, but he refused to use his possibly last moments to talk about his situation.

Sam and Alexis argued because Sam didn't want to leave without Jason. Alexis finally convinced her that they needed to head outside. Once there, Sam continued to search for her husband, to no avail. They spotted Anna, who informed Sam of Jason's whereabouts. Alexis went off to text Jason, and a gloved hand covered her mouth and pulled her away.

Julian arrived at the penthouse. He found Ava tied up in a chair. He quickly untied her as Ava declared that Olivia was crazy and "unhinged."

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