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Brady found Nicole and Holly just in time and offered to help them stay on the run. Adrienne's friends rallied around her. Chad was on a mission to take down Deimos. Jade told Joey that she loved him. Jade talked Hal down to save Kayla. Steve told Kayla and Joey that his son with Ava was alive. Eduardo and Chloe shared a common goal.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 6, 2017 on DAYS
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Brady gets a lead on Nicole's whereabouts Brady gets a lead on Nicole's whereabouts

Monday, March 6, 2017

by Mike

After a disastrous date with someone she had met online, Ciara returned to her apartment and found Theo napping on the couch with Claire, whose head was resting on his chest. Theo soon woke up and carefully worked his way off the couch so he could greet Ciara without disturbing Claire.

Theo joined Ciara in the kitchen and immediately deduced that something was bothering her. Claire awoke in time to overhear Ciara explaining to Theo that her latest experience with online dating hadn't gone very well. Theo optimistically assured Ciara that her next date would probably be much better. "You're a great person, Ciara. You know, any guy would be lucky to be your boyfriend," he stressed.

Claire rolled her eyes then plastered a smile on her face and greeted Ciara. "Hey. Thought you were sleeping," Ciara replied. "Yes, I was -- and it was a very deep, comfy sleep, thanks to my boyfriend. Nothing beats a little cuddle nap," Claire confirmed as she joined Theo and wrapped an arm around his waist. Changing the subject, Claire admitted to Theo and Ciara that she had overheard part of their conversation. She encouraged Ciara to keep trying online dating, reasoning, "Who knows? Mr. Right could be just around the corner."

Later, after Theo and Claire went to the Brady Pub to get some food, Ciara received a visit from Hope, who was on a break from the police station. Ciara was delighted to hear that Hope had been reinstated. As Hope looked around the apartment in admiration, she wondered where Ciara's roommates were. "They're either in class or with their boyfriend or girlfriend," Ciara replied as she slumped down on the couch.

Hope guessed that something was bothering Ciara. When Ciara admitted that she had recently signed up for online dating, Hope expressed concerns about the associated risks. Ciara assured her mother that she was being careful. She added that although she hadn't had any particularly promising dates yet, she was trying to keep an open mind about the whole thing because Theo had warned that it might take a while to find the right guy. "How pathetic is that? I mean, the guy that I'm supposed to be with is giving me dating advice! And then Claire wakes up from her 'cuddle nap' and says all these gushy things about him. Mom, I hate this!" Ciara fretted.

After accepting a hug from Hope, Ciara admitted that she felt guilty because she wanted Theo to break up with Claire despite the fact that Claire was family. "Mom, do they even seem right together to you?" Ciara asked. When Hope didn't respond right away, Ciara continued, "That's what I thought." Hope carefully revealed that she had always assumed that Ciara and Theo would probably end up together one day because of the special connection they had always shared with each other. "What happened, anyway?" Hope asked. Sighing, Ciara explained that she had pushed Theo away one too many times.

When Ciara revealed that Julie had advised her to talk to Theo about her feelings, Hope suggested that talking to Claire might be a better idea. "She's your family. I think that she would understand if you told her the truth. In fact, you know what, honey? She probably isn't even aware that she's hurting your feelings [by flaunting her relationship with Theo in your face]," Hope reasoned. Ciara doubted that Claire would care one way or the other, but Hope urged her to give Claire the benefit of the doubt, predicting, "I really think the Claire that we both know and love [will] be much more sensitive to your feelings than you think."

At the Brady Pub, Claire recorded a quick video for her YouTube followers while Theo was paying for an order at the bar. After finishing the recording, she grumbled, "Two hundred viewers is a freaking joke. What am I gonna do with two hundred viewers -- I don't know, not be famous?" She didn't look up from her phone when Theo rejoined her at their table, and when he started to complain about being unprepared for a pop quiz that one of his professors was reportedly making all students take that day, she insisted, "Sorry, Theo, I -- I just do not have time to deal with that right now, okay? I have problems of my own."

As Ciara entered the pub, Claire clarified that she hadn't meant to make it sound like Theo's problems weren't important. "It's just, you know, right now, I'm dealing with a lot, too," she continued, fretting that her singing career was on the fast track to oblivion -- and, on top of that, she was losing YouTube viewers because her focus on "stupid, pointless" college classes was preventing her from being able to provide enough content to keep them satisfied. Theo argued that college classes weren't pointless. "All right, fine, maybe not -- but they are all stupid!" Claire maintained.

Theo dropped the subject and excused himself so he could head over to the library to study for the pop quiz. After he left, Ciara approached Claire and revealed, "I need to tell you something, and it can't wait." Claire dismissively insisted that whatever Ciara needed to tell her would have to wait. "Right now, I have a career to deal with," Claire added before rushing off.

Eric summoned Jennifer to his place to let her know that he had decided to turn down her job offer. She tried making various changes to the offer, hoping that he might reconsider if his involvement with the Horton Center was kept confidential and he was given assurances that he wouldn't have to work directly with people until he was ready to do so, but he insisted, "No means no! Stop being so stubborn!" Scoffing, she countered, "I'm being stubborn? The fact that you will not even meet me partway is maddening!"

Jennifer soon received an alert on her cell phone. Eric started to show her out, hoping the message was about something she wouldn't be able to wait until later to deal with, but when she revealed that it was about Nicole, he changed his mind and asked her to tell him everything. He was disturbed to hear about what Chloe had done to Nicole, knowing that Nicole had always wanted a child of her own more than anything else in the world.

"I think Nicole would be really touched to see that you care so much," Jennifer mused. "I doubt that," Eric replied. Jennifer wondered if Eric was ever going to stop torturing himself for the mistakes he had made in the past. He insisted that his mistakes had ruined lives, but she argued that he wasn't responsible for what Chloe had done to Nicole -- or how Nicole had reacted to the custody ruling. She guessed that if he could figure out a way to take responsibility for every single person's problems, he probably would. "I mean, heck, I'm unhappy and frustrated, and you are definitely to blame for that right now," she added with a chuckle.

"Stop trying to save me, Jennifer!" Eric snapped. Jennifer told Eric that she would never stop trying to save him because she believed in him and knew that, deep down, he was a good man. She insisted that he needed to stop isolating himself from his family and friends, but he maintained, "I can't be around anybody right now -- especially not you." Fed up, she showed herself out, unwilling to spend another minute watching him squander the second chance at life he had been given. After she left, he opened his laptop and entered Nicole's name into a search engine.

At the hospital, Brady recognized Dr. Lee as the doctor who had performed Chloe's in vitro fertilization procedures. After starting a conversation with Lee, Brady quickly realized, based on the doctor's shifty behavior, that he was hiding something. Brady forced Lee to admit that he had received a phone call from Nicole earlier that day. Lee thought it might be best to tell the police about the call, but Brady convinced him not to do that.

After leaving the hospital, Brady met with Paul in a secluded section of the town square and asked him to trace the call, hoping to narrow down the list of possible hiding places Nicole could have chosen. While waiting for Paul to return with the results of the investigation, Brady had an encounter with Chloe, who got defensive when he referred to Holly as Nicole's child. Chloe warned that she would make Brady pay if she learned that he was helping Nicole hide from the authorities, prompting him to protest, "Chloe, come on. You know me better than that. Stop it."

"Oh, do I? Really? 'Cause even when Nicole is so obviously wrong, you always side with her! Why is that, Brady? It's because you're in love with her -- again," Chloe countered. Brady insisted that his feelings for Nicole were irrelevant to the debate about whether Holly was Nicole's child or Chloe's, but Chloe disagreed, arguing that his feelings for Nicole were the only way to explain his defense of her indefensible actions.

Scoffing, Brady countered, "'Her indefensible actions'? Really? Really? Indefensible for her -- the woman that we know? The only thing she's ever wanted in her life is to have a baby. We've seen the grief that she's gone through. How many babies has she lost? Is it indefensible for her to really go to extremes because she wants to lay claim to a daughter that's biologically hers in the first place, from the man that was the love of her life, Daniel, who is now dead? And Holly is the last thing that she has left of him? Are you kidding? Would you sit on your ass and let someone else take your baby away from you? Your one and only baby?"

Chloe argued that Holly was her child because she was the one who had conceived her, carried her, and given birth to her. "And the court sided with me!" she added. Frustrated, Brady countered, "Who cares about the court? It doesn't matter! You're being -- you're being cruel. You're being malicious. And it's not like you to be like this." Brady added that Chloe didn't need Holly to provide her with the satisfaction and joy of being a mother because she already had Parker. "So, what, your logic is if you already have a child, then you should just give up your other one to someone who doesn't have one?" Chloe asked incredulously.

Chloe guessed that Brady was siding with Nicole because he was hoping to get together with her and raise Holly as his own child. Although Brady insisted that his feelings for Nicole were none of Chloe's business, he stressed, for the record, that he only cared about Nicole as a friend, and he had no idea where she was. He vowed that he was going to find Nicole and convince her to return to Salem with Holly.

"Well, you'd better get cracking, 'cause I just left the police station, where I lit a bonfire under their asses to get [them] moving on [their own search]," Chloe revealed. She stormed off after warning that if Brady managed to find Nicole first and decided to help her stay hidden instead of doing the right thing, he would one day pay for that decision. Later, Paul returned and provided Brady with the address for the cell tower from which Nicole's call to Lee had originated. Paul offered to accompany Brady to the address, but Brady insisted that he needed to handle the matter on his own.

While Nicole was hiding out in a hotel room with Holly, she received a visit from one of the hotel's other guests, who introduced herself as Tiffany and explained that she was looking for a clean towel because it had been days since the hotel's housekeeping staff had last provided her with one. Nicole took a liking to Tiffany, seeing a lot of her old self in the woman. When Tiffany offered to do something to thank Nicole for giving up one of her spare towels, Nicole decided to send Tiffany out to get some supplies for her. Nicole claimed that she couldn't go out herself because she was trying to avoid her baby's jerk of a father.

After Tiffany left, Nicole happily told Holly that they had found a new friend. Meanwhile, Tiffany met with her boyfriend in an alley and assured him that Nicole was totally loaded -- and she knew exactly where the money was hidden.

Nicole's friend kidnaps Holly

Nicole's friend kidnaps Holly

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

At the hospital, Kayla greeted Hal before his surgery. Hal groused, "About time that kid did something for me." Kayla reminded Hal that he should be grateful that Jade had agreed to donate part of her liver. With a nod, Hal said he was thankful.

In Jade's hospital room, Joey cautioned Jade to be sure that she wanted to go through with the surgery. Joey added that Jade did not need to agree to the surgery just because Hal was her father. With a tired smile, Jade thanked Joey for his support and for his family's support. Jade asked for a hug, and Steve walked in just as Joey hugged Jade.

After loading Jade into a wheelchair, Steve wheeled Jade into the hallway. Jade quietly said hello to her father. Hal played nice and said, "You did good, Jade." Pleased, Jade thanked Hal. After Hal was wheeled down the hall to prep for surgery, Joey, Kayla, and Steve assured Jade that she was in good hands.

While Kayla handled the liver transplant, Steve and Joey waited in the lounge. Steve cautioned Joey to make sure that Jade understood that she and Joey were just friends. Joey said he believed that Jade understood that their relationship was over. With a nod, Steve stressed to Joey that he needed to make sure not to give Jade any mixed messages because she had already been hurt enough in life.

After the surgery, Steve and Kayla talked in the hallway about Jade. Steve told Kayla that he had watched Joey hugging Jade. Optimistic, Kayla suggested that Joey had been reassuring Jade. Steve explained that he had looked at Jade's face during that hug, and it had been clear that Jade felt more than friendship. Steve told Kayla about his conversation with Joey. With a sigh, Steve said that Joey had said that helping Jade had helped him deal with his guilt over killing Ava. Steve blamed himself for introducing Ava into their lives. Kayla reminded Steve that Ava could no longer hurt them.

Talk turned to date plans, and Steve suggested that he and Kayla drive up to Chicago for jazz and drinks. When Kayla smiled faintly, Steve asked her if she was too tired. Kayla admitted that she was. Steve suggested takeout and a foot massage. Grinning widely, Kayla said she was excited to leave work.

Steve's phone rang. After a curt conversation on the phone, Steve told Kayla that he would meet her at home. Kayla asked if Steve had a new client. Steve shrugged noncommittally. When Steve arrived at the Brady Pub, he met with an old acquaintance named Raymond. Raymond told Steve that they needed to talk about Ava.

In Jade's hospital room, Joey sat at Jade's bedside until she woke up. Joey told Jade that the surgery had gone well and that her scar would heal in time for swimsuit season. Flirting, Jade asked Joey to help her apply skin cream to her scar to speed up the heeling. As Joey stared sheepishly, Jade asked him to stay and keep her company. Joey agreed, but he proceeded to stare at his phone.

Jade expressed her relief that Joey would be able to help her recover at the loft, but Joey corrected her and said everyone at the loft would help take care of her. As Jade nodded awkwardly, an announcement on the hospital speaker said that there was a code blue in room 318. Panicked, Jade yelled out that 318 was her father's hospital room.

At the Salem Inn, an unwell Adrienne was curled up on the couch when Anne stopped by the room to check on her. Alarmed by Adrienne's appearance, Anne refused to leave Adrienne until Adrienne admitted what was wrong. Adrienne apologized for forgetting to inform Anne that she would not be in to work that day because she had a chemotherapy treatment. Anne offered to help Adrienne, but Adrienne refused the help and asked Anne to leave her alone. As Anne turned to leave, Adrienne asked her to tell the front desk that she was still waiting for bottled water from room service.

At the Brady Pub, Justin was annoyed to see Lucas eating at a table. Justin asked Lucas why he was not with Adrienne after her chemotherapy appointment. Confused, Lucas said that he thought it was Justin's turn to sit with Adrienne. Groaning, Justin complained that Adrienne seemed to have lied to them to keep them away. Lucas reasoned aloud that since it was the last chemotherapy treatment before her surgery, Adrienne likely wanted to face it alone. Justin agreed that that reasoning sounded like Adrienne. Anne called Lucas on the phone and told him that Adrienne needed his help. Worried, Lucas and Justin ran out of the pub to see Adrienne.

In her hotel room, Adrienne shivered on the couch under a blanket. In the hallway, Lucas pretended to be room service so that Adrienne would open the door. Adrienne was surprised to see Lucas, Justin, and Anne in the hallway with a tray of fruit and water. With a groan, Adrienne told Anne that she was fired. Justin and Lucas were worried about dehydration so they peppered Adrienne with questions about what she had taken that day. Lucas suggested broth, and Adrienne said she would make an effort to drink broth. Anne offered to drive Lucas to the pub, and they left.

Justin stayed behind with Adrienne, and he asked her if her nausea was worse than the time she had been pregnant with Sonny. Chuckling at the memory, Adrienne said the nausea was almost as bad. Justin noted that watermelon juice had helped calm Adrienne's stomach back then, and he gave her a glass. As Adrienne delicately sipped the juice, she reminisced about how watermelon juice had helped their sons' feel better when they had suffered a bad bout of stomach flu.

Breaking down into tears, Adrienne admitted that she was scared about the mastectomy surgery. Adrienne cried and said she was sad about how her body would change. Through tears, Adrienne noted that Justin had told her that her chest was beautiful. Justin touched Adrienne's face and stressed that she was beautiful. Justin added that no matter how Adrienne's body changed, a cancer-free body was more beautiful than anything else. Justin kissed Adrienne softly.

Chuckling, Adrienne promised that she had brushed her teeth. With a grin, Justin said he had heard Adrienne brushing in the bathroom. "How romantic," Justin joked. Justin recounted Adrienne's love of garlic and the many times he had kissed her in the morning before she had brushed her teeth. Laughing, Adrienne thanked Justin for cheering her up. Adrienne admitted that she felt better after drinking the watermelon juice. Justin asked about crackers, and Adrienne said she would eat a cracker. After a cracker and some water, Adrienne smiled in relief as she kept the food down.

At the Brady Pub, Lucas assured Anne that Adrienne had no intention of firing her. Lucas added that Adrienne clearly liked Anne. Relieved, Anne thanked Lucas for not telling Adrienne that she had attempted to kiss Lucas at Club TBD. With a shrug, Lucas wondered aloud why he would tell Adrienne when Anne had only acted out because of her obsession with her romance novel. Anne nodded in agreement.

After retrieving broth from the pub, Lucas and Anne returned to Adrienne's hotel room. Lucas was pleased to see that Adrienne appeared revived. Adrienne explained that Justin had remembered that watermelon juice had previously helped her with nausea. Adrienne apologized to Anne for firing her.

After a deep breath, Adrienne asked everyone to leave so that she could be alone. Reluctantly, Justin, Lucas, and Anne left. Once alone, Adrienne rested fitfully on the couch. In the town square, Lucas, Justin, and Anne talked about Adrienne. The group felt helpless, and they wondered aloud what they could do to help Adrienne through the surgery.

At the Dew Drop Inn, Nicole's motel neighbor, Tiffany, returned with supplies for Nicole. Tiffany handed Nicole her change, but Nicole urged Tiffany to keep the money. While Nicole placed the bags on the table, Tiffany swiped Nicole's room key and pocketed it. Tiffany told Nicole that she should keep the money, since she was on the run with a baby. Tiffany also urged Nicole to take a bath and relax. With a wave goodbye, Tiffany left.

After checking on Holly, Nicole went into the bathroom and ran a bath. Tiffany returned with her boyfriend, Tobey, and they quietly sneaked into the room while Nicole was in the bathroom. Tobey grabbed the money and the groceries. As Tiffany threw the duffel bag over her shoulder, she urged Tobey to take the baby. Tobey balked at the order. Tiffany explained that Nicole would pay handsomely for the return of her baby. After refusing to change diapers, Tobey agreed to the kidnapping. Tiffany grabbed Holly in her car seat, and the two left the room with Holly.

When Nicole finished bathing and changing, she was shocked to find that Holly was gone. Terrified, Nicole ran out of the room, desperate to find Holly. Nicole caught up with Tobey and Tiffany in a nearby alley. Crazed, Nicole yelled at Tiffany and snatched Holly back. Tobey and Tiffany ran off, and Nicole retreated back to her room at the motel. Nearly in tears, Nicole wondered aloud what she would do, since she had lost their food and supplies.

"I would die without you," Nicole said to Holly. Nicole told her daughter that she hoped Holly would not hate her for taking her away from Chloe and exposing her to a rougher life. Blaming herself, Nicole argued that she never should have closed the door to the bathroom and left Holly alone. Nicole added that Chloe would never have left Holly alone to get kidnapped. With a sigh, Nicole talked about worst-case scenarios, and she ruled out returning to Salem. Nicole gathered up her remaining belongings and wiped all her prints off the surfaces in the room. With Holly in her arms, Nicole left.

Brady made several calls to Paul to coordinate information on Nicole's whereabouts. As Brady walked down the alley that he had pinpointed using cell tower information from Dr. Lee's phone call with Nicole, Brady saw a black duffel bag by a trash can. Brady saw a Basic Black label in the bag. Inside the bag was a piece of paper with Dew Drop Inn written on it. When Brady arrived at the motel, he found Nicole's empty room. Brady looked around and found a pacifier on the floor. Nicole returned to the room in search of the pacifier, and she was surprised to find Brady waiting for her.

Steve receives stunning news

Steve receives stunning news

> Steve receives stunning news

Steve receives stunning news

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

by Mike

Abigail went to Club TBD to ask Dario if she could host a fundraiser there. She knew that the idea of a DiMera working with a Hernandez was a bit radical, but she argued that the project -- which would require them to spend a lot of time working together -- would be the perfect way to prove that a truce between the two families was possible.

Without really giving Dario a chance to confirm that he was okay with the idea, Abigail began checking the club's dimensions to find out how big her decorations could be. She climbed onto a couch to give herself a better shot at reaching the ceiling with her tape measure, but as she was stretching her arms and legs in an effort to gain the last few inches she needed, she lost her balance and fell backward.

Dario caught Abigail and held her in his arms for a few seconds, fantasizing about kissing her. "Dario? Are you gonna let go of me?" she eventually asked, snapping him back to reality. Laughing awkwardly, he pulled away from her and explained that he had simply wanted to make sure she was all right first. "I am, thanks to you. It's weird -- you just keep rescuing me," she mused.

Changing the subject, Abigail invited Dario to attend the fundraiser, adding that if he was seeing someone, she was welcome to attend, too. He claimed that he was seeing someone but didn't want to invite the woman to the event because he didn't want her to find out that he was a horrible dancer. Abigail found that hard to believe but offered to teach him a few moves so he could impress his girlfriend.

After sharing a dance with Dario, Abigail went back to making plans for the fundraiser. "'re still gonna have to pay for this," he pointed out. Scoffing, she assured him that wouldn't be a problem because Chad was good for the money. "Must be nice being him," Dario muttered. She protested that Chad's life was far from easy; in fact, as a DiMera, he always had one strike against him the second he introduced himself to someone, and he was also in constant opposition with his company's board members, who expected him to be willing to break laws for the sake of greater profits because his father had never had a problem doing so.

Dario skeptically asked if Abigail was positive that Chad wasn't breaking any laws in the name of business. She assured him that she was, insisting that the Orwell debacle had been Andre's idea, not Chad's. "Chad wants to do the right thing -- always. I believe in him, and I support him," she continued. Dario conceded that Chad deserved Abigail's support if he was indeed taking the high road in all his business dealings. "He works toward that every single day, and I know that he's not gonna ever do anything illegal ever again," she stressed.

Later, after Abigail left, Myron joined Dario at the bar and revealed that he had witnessed the dance that had occurred earlier. Myron wondered why Dario had led Abigail to believe that he needed dance lessons when he was actually a great dancer. Dario dodged the question, advising Myron to focus on figuring out new ways for them to make a ton of money. "[Actually], as long as you're here, there's an idea I want to run by you," Dario added.

Chad contacted Gabi and asked her to meet him at the DiMera mansion so they could discuss something. When she arrived, he started to explain that he wanted to talk to her about the photographs they had seen in the safe at the Kiriakis mansion, but she quickly interrupted, reminding him that they had already had that conversation. "You know, we can't keep doing this, Chad. It has to stop -- now," she continued.

Chad said that he didn't know what Gabi was talking about. "Of course you don't," she skeptically replied, adding that he was a horrible liar. Stressing that she had gone out of her way to show respect for his marriage, she insisted that he needed to stop making up excuses to see her. "It's hell for me to be alone with you, okay? You can't -- you can't keep trying to make that happen. Please," she continued.

Chad apologized, conceding that the situation was awkward. "Among other things," Gabi agreed. He continued that although he knew she valued her friendship with Abigail, he was hoping he could still be her friend, too. She assured him that wouldn't be a problem. "As long as we're not alone in the same room together?" he guessed.

Chuckling, Gabi clarified, "We don't have to get weird about it [and put] down a bunch of rules; we just have to stop having little meetings, secretly hoping that they're gonna turn into something. Because they will. We both know they will. So that can't happen." Chad confirmed that he understood. He added, however, that since he had already dragged Gabi into another one of those meetings, it couldn't hurt for her to take a look at some photographs of antiquities that had been reported stolen. She agreed, unable to resist the opportunity to take down Deimos.

Gabi quickly singled out a photograph as one she had seen before -- in the safe at the Kiriakis mansion. Pleased, Chad revealed that she had chosen the same photograph that looked familiar to him. He explained that the pictured antiquities had been stolen from archaeological digs in Egypt, Iraq, and Romania -- taken, in each case, while they had been en route to a museum for display. Having linked Deimos to at least one of the stolen antiquities, Chad explained to Gabi that their next step was to identify Deimos' source. "Then we can cut off the supply," he continued. "And maybe get Deimos implicated [in the process]," she added.

Chad and Gabi celebrated with a fist bump then stared at each other in awkward silence. Finally, Chad cleared his throat and thanked Gabi for her help. "That's what I -- that's what I -- that's all I needed," he stammered. "You sure?" she asked. He confirmed that he was, and he assured her that he wouldn't forget what they had talked about earlier. Nodding, she started to show herself out. He considered stopping her but decided not to.

Later, Chad told Andre his theory about Deimos being involved in the trafficking of stolen antiquities. "I've dealt with stolen antiquities quite a few times. It's quite a lucrative field," Andre revealed. He recognized two of the stolen antiquities as ones that had been discovered the previous year at Taposiris Magna in Alexandria. He thought it would be difficult to figure out where they and the others were being stashed -- but not impossible.

"If we can get our hands on these artifacts, and we can deliver them back to whatever government they came from... I mean, the reward money would have to be massive," Chad mused. Andre conceded, "That's certainly one way to go." Andre stressed, however, that it would be far more profitable to sell the items to the highest bidders. Chad shot Andre a glare of disapproval, prompting Andre to add, "It was just a thought!"

After promising to make a few phone calls to see if he could figure out who Deimos' source was, Andre changed the subject, expressing concerns about Chad's continued involvement with Gabi. Chad dismissively insisted that he was still committed to his marriage. "You're my brother, Chad. I worry," Andre explained.

Deflecting, Chad told Andre, "I have a few worries about you, too, you know -- like what you're gonna do when we get these stolen goods from Deimos." Andre assured Chad that they both wanted the same thing -- to destroy Deimos. "And [make] a little fortune in the bargain," Andre added with a sly grin, prompting Chad to walk away in frustration. Later, Chad considered calling Gabi but decided not to.

At the police station, Lieutenant Raines caught J.J. and Lani flirting with each other and threatened to implement a no-fraternization rule if they didn't take things down a notch while on the clock. "Commissioner Brady made it clear a long time ago that that rule was history," J.J. protested. "You mean ex-Commissioner Brady?" Raines countered, revealing that Roman had retired and that he was the new commissioner. Raines added that J.J. and Lani wouldn't have time for fraternization, anyway, because he planned to make them work a lot harder than Roman ever had.

After Raines left, J.J. shook his head in disbelief, sadly musing that Roman had been like a mentor to him. Lani wished she had known about Roman's retirement before she had decided to accept a job within the Salem Police Department. "Well, you could still change your mind. I mean, your dad is the mayor," J.J. reluctantly pointed out. Lani assured J.J. that she wasn't going to bail on him.

Later, J.J. caught Gabi crying in the town square and seized the opportunity to apologize for how their last conversation had gone. Scoffing, she observed, "You're just -- you're amazing. You always think it's about you." He tried to get her to tell him what was really bothering her, but she insisted that she couldn't talk about it with him. "If you ever change your mind..." he replied, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder.

After Gabi left, Lani, who had emerged from a café in time to witness the interaction, questioned J.J. about his relationship with his ex. "'Ex' is the key word there," he stressed. She expressed skepticism but acknowledged that she didn't really have a right to be upset, since she'd only had one date with him at that point. "We could call this date number two, if you're interested," he suggested before giving her a kiss.

At the Brady Pub, Steve met with Raymond, the man he had tracked down during his search for answers about Ava's baby. Although Raymond had claimed, back then, that the child had died before being given up for adoption, he no longer believed that was the case. "Your son is very much alive," Raymond told Steve, explaining that a young man had recently reached out to him for help, and he had discovered, while looking into the young man's background, that Steve and Ava were his parents. Raymond told Steve how to contact the young man, who was residing in Arizona, so a DNA test could be performed to confirm the connection.

At the hospital, Joey went to check on Hal for Jade. Kayla told Joey that Hal might have a blood clot, but she would have to run some tests before she could provide more information. She advised Joey to keep Jade calm in the meantime. Later, after performing surgery to clear the blockage, Kayla regretfully informed Hal, "I'm afraid it was too late. There's been extensive necrosis to the entire area."

"Including my liver?" Hal asked. Kayla confirmed that Hal would need another liver transplant. "And I'm not gonna live long enough to see another liver, am I?" he guessed before releasing a scream of frustration that Joey and Jade heard in Jade's room. Joey went to find out what was going on. As Kayla was explaining the situation to Joey, Hal began lashing out at her, insisting that she was responsible for his predicament. Joey started to defend Kayla, but she rushed him out of the room, assuring him that she could handle Hal herself.

Joey returned to Jade's room and repeated what Kayla had told him. Fearing that Hal was going to die, Jade reached for Joey's hand and asked him to stay with her. She sadly recalled the good times she'd had with Hal before he had started drinking too much. Later, after a nurse gave Jade a sedative to help her rest, Steve peeked his head in the room and asked Joey if she was doing okay. Joey explained that Jade was fine, but her father wasn't. Steve was sorry to hear that. Changing the subject, he wondered if Joey had seen Kayla lately. Joey guessed that Kayla was probably still in Hal's room.

Meanwhile, Hal continued lashing out at Kayla, believing that she had botched his surgery. He vowed to make her pay for her mistake. Excusing his agitation as a side effect of the anesthesia, she went to prepare a sedative to calm him down. While her back was turned, he climbed out of his bed and put her in a chokehold. He reached for another syringe that had already been filled with something. Guessing that it was the epinephrine she had prepared earlier in anticipation of his heart stopping, he warned that, as a medic, he knew that if he injected her with the drug while her heart was working properly, it would explode.

As Hal raised the syringe to Kayla's neck, Steve appeared in the doorway and made eye contact with her, raising a finger to his lips to keep her quiet.

Steve tries to save Kayla

Steve tries to save Kayla

Thursday, March 9, 2017

by Mike

Valerie found Eli at the Brady Pub and told him she had been looking everywhere for him. She wondered why he had been ignoring her text messages. "Because I have nothing to say to you," he replied.

Sighing, Valerie stressed that she had never meant to hurt Eli; she had simply done what she had thought was right. He struggled to understand how she could possibly believe that keeping him away from his biological father his entire life had been the right thing to do. "Now he's dead, and I'll never get a chance to meet him. What kind of mother does that?" he asked incredulously.

Valerie assured Eli that her decision had not been an easy one to make. She added that she had considered telling him the truth countless times over the years but had always decided to put it off until later. "'Cause you were only thinking of yourself. You know, for someone who heals people for a living, you are the most selfish person I know," he spat.

Valerie insisted that she had kept the truth from Eli in an effort to prevent David from being able to hurt him. "[He] was a good man, but he was never cut out to raise a family. He was restless, [and] he never liked being -- being tied down to anything or anyone," she explained. Eli suggested that David might have simply needed a reason to stay in one place -- like a son, for instance -- but Valerie countered that David's other son, Scotty, had never been enough to stop him from moving around all the time.

Valerie apologized for hurting Eli, stressing that she had never intended to do so. She urged him to return to Washington, DC, with her so they could try to work things out. He refused, reminding her, "My family is here." As if on cue, Julie entered the pub. After revealing that she and Doug had just returned from visiting Scotty, she wondered why Eli had asked to see her. "I hope everything's okay," she added.

"Everything is not okay," Eli replied, shooting Valerie a glare. Sensing the tension, Julie wondered what was going on. "Well? Are you gonna tell Mrs. Williams the news, or should I?" Eli asked Valerie expectantly. When she tried to stall, he scoffed and muttered, "I don't know why I'm surprised."

After apologizing to Julie for all the mystery, Eli explained that he had asked to see her because hearing her speak at her son's memorial service had been a moving experience. He noted that it seemed like David had been a great person. Nodding in agreement, Julie wished she had told David that back when she'd had the chance to do so. "But...well, your mom will tell you -- when you lose somebody you really love, there are always regrets," she added with a heavy sigh.

"She knows all about regrets," Eli replied, smiling wryly at Valerie. Misinterpreting the comment, Julie took Valerie's hand and assured her that David had never stopped loving her. Julie wished Valerie would stay in Salem awhile longer, admitting that it was comforting to have her around. "I always thought of you like a daughter. In my heart of hearts, I used to imagine what it would have been like if you and David had been able to make it work; if the two of you had had a family of your own," Julie continued.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Julie started to excuse herself, admitting that she wasn't ready for such conversations yet. "Wait, please! They did have a family," Eli revealed as Julie was exiting the pub. Stunned, she wondered what he was talking about. "Your son and my mother -- they had a family. They had me," he explained.

Julie studied Eli's face and slowly began to see the resemblance to David. Confused, she turned to Valerie for answers. Valerie tearfully explained, "David and I -- we broke up and got back together and broke up [again] so many times. So many times, he'd come in and out of my life, and then -- and then the last time, he never came back. And that's when I realized I was pregnant."

"But you never told him?" Julie asked incredulously. "Or me," Eli added. Valerie explained that she had been all alone, and when her best friend and neighbor, Terrence, had learned that she was pregnant, he had offered her his love and support. Julie asked Eli if Terrence had been good to him. "He was my hero...until he died in the line of duty," Eli replied.

Julie told Eli she was sorry. Glaring at Valerie, Eli replied, "Why? She was the one who lied my whole life. I never got to meet David, and he never knew he had a son." Julie struggled to think of things to say to Eli. Meanwhile, Valerie tried to apologize, insisting that she had never intended to hurt anyone. "I can't. I can't. I can't, I can't, I can't, I can't!" Julie shouted before fleeing from the pub.

"Still think you did the right thing?" Eli asked Valerie before chasing after Julie, passing Abe just outside the pub. Valerie accepted a hug from Abe and broke down in his arms. Later, after regaining her composure, she told him everything. He tried to assure her that Eli would forgive her eventually, but she expressed doubts, fretting, "What if I've lost my son for good?"

Eli caught up with Julie in a secluded section of the town square and wondered if she was okay. "I don't know. I'm feeling so many things right now," she replied. She wished David had known about Eli, suspecting that if he had, a lot of things might have been different. "Yeah, well, my mom took that away from all of us," Eli grumbled.

"I can't think about what your mother did right now. Valerie made her choices, and [it's] safe to say [that] you and I just don't agree [with those choices]," Julie replied. Eli confirmed that he definitely did not agree with what his mother had done. Julie tearfully continued, "But look what's happened! I've been so hopelessly sad since David died, and now I have a grandson -- someone [who's] strong and sensitive and a good man."

Eli wondered how Julie could be certain that he possessed those qualities. "Oh, honey, when you've lived as long as I have, you know things," she replied. She added, "I've been so angry at God for taking your father away. [But] then God gave me this gift. I woke up this morning, [and] my heart was empty, [but] I look at you, [and now] my heart is so full [again]." She reached out for a hug and smiled as Eli wrapped his arms tightly around her.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad happily informed Abigail that he had figured out who was supplying Deimos with stolen antiquities. She was surprised to hear that Chad was planning to lure the supplier away from Deimos instead of simply handing the case over to the ISA. "Yeah, Andre thought maybe we'd be better served if we took over the business," Chad explained.

"But it's illegal," Abigail pointed out. Chad conceded the point but argued, "Essentially, it is a victimless crime. And -- and -- I think I have a plan to make it less wrong -- maybe even turn it into something good." Abigail seemed to have reservations, but Chad urged her to trust him.

As Chad was giving Abigail a kiss, Gabi entered the mansion and joined them in the living room. She watched for a few seconds before clearing her throat to announce her presence. "Harold let me in. He probably should have given me a warning, or a bell, or something," she explained with an awkward laugh. She assured Chad and Abigail that she would knock the next time.

Abigail quickly changed the subject, wondering if Gabi was ready for their belly-dancing class. Hearing about the class for the first time, Chad wondered what had prompted Abigail and Gabi to sign up for it. Abigail explained that she was hoping it would be a good way to exercise. Gabi added that she had been reluctant to agree to the idea at first but had ultimately decided that the experience could serve as a nice topic for discussion on her lifestyle blog. As Abigail and Gabi exited the mansion together, Chad received a phone call from Andre, who revealed that Deimos' supplier, Grigor Grozdan, was actually in Salem at that exact moment.

With Andre's help, Chad quickly arranged a meeting with Grigor, who was from Bulgaria. When Grigor arrived at the mansion, Chad explained that DiMera Enterprises was looking to get into the antiquities business. Grigor declined the opportunity to be DiMera Enterprises' exclusive supplier, explaining that he was already working for Deimos Kiriakis. Chad said he was aware of that but was prepared to make Grigor a better offer. Chuckling, Grigor replied, "It would have to be exceedingly good, because betraying Deimos Kiriakis is taking your life in your hands."

"I'm willing to take that risk if you are," Chad countered with a shrug. Chad tried to stress that he loved fine art and wanted to give Grigor's antiquities the care and attention they deserved, but Grigor wasn't convinced, guessing that Chad loved money more than fine art. Quickly adopting a different approach, Chad offered to see to it that all the antiquities were eventually returned, anonymously, to their respective countries of origin. Grigor said he would love to see that happen; he wondered, however, why any buyer would want to take such a risk.

Chad pointed out that the rewards for stolen antiquities were often greater than the actual value of the items in question, simply because the countries they had originated from cared that much about getting them back. "Wouldn't it be amazing to -- to give these -- these works of art -- these treasures -- sanctuary in a proper museum, where they belong?" Chad continued. Grigor admitted that he did like the sound of that idea. "Andre was right. You are a man of integrity, and that means something to me," Grigor added.

Despite having taken a liking to Chad, Grigor maintained that he could not and would not betray Deimos. "Look, if -- if -- if honor and integrity mean that much to you, you must know [that] Deimos has neither. He -- he has stolen from my family, kidnapped me, locked me up, nearly had me killed..." Chad protested. "Then you understand my dilemma," Grigor concluded. Chad argued that if Grigor had been properly documenting his dealings with Deimos, he could simply threaten to send that documentation to the ISA if Deimos ever tried to go after him.

As Grigor was giving the matter some thought, Chad excused himself, explaining that he wanted Grigor to see something before making a decision. Chad stepped into the foyer and started to retrieve a folder from the drawer of a side table. Meanwhile, Abigail and Gabi entered the mansion, still wearing the costumes they had donned during their belly-dancing class. Chad lingered in the foyer for a few seconds to chat with them.

Grigor eventually got impatient and started to excuse himself. When he stepped into the foyer and spotted Abigail and Gabi, he asked Chad, "This is your surprise?" As Chad stammered in response, Grigor continued, "To convince me to do business with you, you're offering me these dancers?" Gabi was confused, but Abigail played along, confirming Grigor's suspicion.

Delighted, Grigor revealed, "My late wife, Anta, was a belly dancer. I met her at a wedding, and it was love at first sight." Turning to Chad, he guessed, "But you knew this, didn't you? You did your homework!" He thanked Chad for honoring him in such a thoughtful way then encouraged Abigail and Gabi to proceed with their performance. Abigail told Chad and Grigor to turn on some music and wait in the living room for the show to begin.

Once the coast was clear, Gabi quietly asked Abigail, "Are you out of your mind?" Abigail insisted that she and Gabi needed to help Chad close his business deal. "We only took one class at the Y!" Gabi protested. Chuckling, Abigail reminded Gabi that the instructor had praised them as naturals. "What does she know? She's teaching a class on belly dancing at the Y!" Gabi countered. Abigail dismissively assured Gabi that everything was going to be fine. Groaning, Gabi warned Abigail, "You owe me so big for this!"

When Abigail and Gabi began their dance, Chad seemed to have trouble deciding which woman to focus on. After a quick performance, Abigail and Gabi retreated from the living room, leaving Chad alone with Grigor, who happily agreed to sever ties with Deimos and begin an exclusive partnership with DiMera Enterprises. Delighted, Chad promised that Grigor would never regret that decision.

After Grigor left, Chad shared the good news with Abigail and Gabi. After a quick celebration, Gabi excused herself, claiming that she wanted to get started on her blog entry right away. Chad thanked Gabi for the help. "[If Deimos] thought losing the Orwell was bad, wait 'til he loses all of his cash flow," Chad happily added. Gabi watched awkwardly as Abigail leaned in to give Chad a kiss.

Sonny met with Paul in the town square to see if he had managed to dig up any dirt on Deimos yet. Paul revealed that Deimos was trafficking stolen antiquities to keep Titan's profits high. Sonny wanted Paul to help him prove that so they could send Deimos back to prison, but when a search of Deimos' email account turned up nothing of value, they realized that Deimos was probably handling everything the old-fashioned way to avoid leaving a trail of evidence. Undeterred, Sonny decided to keep tabs on Deimos and catch him in the act. "If [he] finds out that you're trying to destroy his life, you're not even gonna be safe in your own home," Paul warned.

When Sonny returned to the Kiriakis mansion later that day, Deimos was in the middle of a phone conversation with Grigor, who was revealing that he had decided to sever ties with Deimos -- and wouldn't hesitate to send proof of Deimos' crimes to the ISA if Deimos tried to retaliate. Although Sonny could only hear Deimos' end of the conversation, he delighted in watching the meltdown that followed the phone call.

At the hospital, Hal spotted Steve and threatened to inject Kayla with epinephrine if Steve got any closer. As Steve was trying to reason with Hal, Joey arrived and tried to lunge forward to protect his mother. Steve held Joey back as Kayla assured him that everything was going to be okay. Hal explained that he wanted to be moved to the top of the transplant list immediately -- and if his demand wasn't met, he would kill Kayla.

"It's bad enough you were a terrible father to Jade, [but] now you threaten my mom's life?" Joey asked incredulously. Hal countered, "What about my life, huh? I need a transplant -- now!" Kayla informed Hal that his body wasn't capable of handling another transplant yet -- and even if it were, a national registry dictated the order in which patients who were waiting for transplants received their requested organs.

Hal insisted that Kayla could pull strings to get him moved up the list, just as she had previously pulled strings to save Brady's life. Kayla protested that she had nearly lost her license the last time she had ignored the established transplant protocols. "So I'm not important enough, huh? Because I'm not rich? 'Cause I'm not one of your friends?" Hal angrily concluded. He warned again that he would kill Kayla if he didn't get what he wanted.

Steve told Joey to go find Seth Burns. Kayla tried to explain to Hal that Burns was the guy who put in the requests for organs, but Hal refused to let Joey leave. Hal threatened to take Kayla as a hostage and hide out with her somewhere until a liver was found for him. "Are you insane? The cops are gonna grab you the second you go into surgery," Joey pointed out.

Steve guessed that Hal was scared, not insane. Steve began talking to Hal about regrets, knowing what it was like to make mistakes as a father. Hal ignored Steve, instead turning his attention to Joey. Hal complained that Joey had turned Jade against him, but Joey protested that Hal had done that without any help. "Is this who you want to be? Is hurting my mom, the woman who tried to save your life, how you want Jade to remember you?" Joey asked.

Scoffing, Hal countered, "Remember me? I'm already dead to you people, aren't I? So I have nothing to lose." He dragged Kayla into the waiting area, warning the nearby nurses and security guards not to try anything foolish. As he was trying to escape with Kayla, Jade appeared and warned that if Hal hurt Kayla, he would lose her forever. Sobbing, Hal reluctantly lowered the syringe, which Steve quickly seized from him.

After Hal was arrested and taken away, Jade hugged Kayla and apologized for what Hal had done. Kayla thanked Jade for managing to get through to Hal. "I want you to know that I still love my dad, but you're my family," Jade told Kayla before allowing Joey to escort her back to her room. After Joey and Jade walked away, Kayla thanked Steve and assured him that he didn't need to keep beating himself up for the mistakes he had made in the past. "You have more than made up for them -- to all of us," she stressed.

Later, Kayla told one of the police officers that Hal's behavior had likely been a side effect of anesthesia. Steve was shocked that Kayla was standing up for Hal after what Hal had tried to do to her, but she explained that she was simply looking out for Jade. She thanked Steve again for saving her life, and he replied, "Well, you saved me all those years ago. I'm just trying to climb back to even."

Changing the subject, Kayla wondered why Steve had returned to the hospital in the first place. He explained that he had gotten some surprising news earlier. "Good surprise or bad surprise?" she asked. "Depends on your perspective, I guess," he replied. He told her about his meeting with Raymond. "He made a mistake when he told me that the baby Ava and I had together was dead. Turns out he's alive. The boy's alive," he revealed.

Deimos tracks down Nicole

Deimos tracks down Nicole

Friday, March 10, 2017

At the pub, Steve doted on Kayla, worried about the effects of Hal's attack with the syringe. Kayla swore she was fine, thanks to Steven's interference. Kayla asked Steve about his son. He explained that Raymond had given him bad information before but had since found evidence that Steve's son was alive. Steve told Kayla about the evidence he had learned from Raymond and the birth certificate.

Steve said he had attempted to tell Joey about his half-sibling, but Joey had been helping Jade through the aftermath of her surgery. As Steve talked out loud about how difficult it was to tell Joey about his brother, Joey walked in and overheard Steve. Steve explained that he had fathered a child with Ava, and it was possible that the child was alive. Steve said the child's name was Tripp Dalton, and he had no choice but to look for the boy.

"If this Tripp is my brother, he's gonna find out that I killed his mom," Joey confided. Steve reminded Joey that he had been attempting to protect his parents. Kayla added that Joey had been remorseful. Joey asked if Steve planned to lie to Tripp about how his mother had died. Angry, Joey walked out of the pub. Kayla cautioned Steve to let Joey cool off.

Turning his attention to Kayla, Steve asked her if she was okay with the ramifications of searching for Tripp. He asked for her approval. Kayla admitted that she did not want to talk about Ava, but it was important for Steve to find his son. Worried, Steve said he did not want to repeat his past mistakes and run off, leaving Kayla behind. With a tired smile, Kayla said that their past had made them stronger in the present. Laughing, Steve reminded her that they were honeymooners. She said they had their whole lives to love one another.

"I promised that I would love you completely and unconditionally," Kayla said. "Come rain or come shine," Steve added. Laughing, Kayla kissed him. She asked when they would start investigating. As Steve raised an eyebrow, Kayla stressed that they would work as a couple to find Tripp.

At the Hernandez house, Kate stopped by to return Eduardo's gift. Kate said she did not want anything from him. Noting that the box was unopened, he asked her if she was curious about the contents. Kate reiterated that she was not interested in gifts. With a nod, Eduardo said he was hopeful. She advised him to return the gift. As Eduardo opened the box, he explained that he could not return the bracelet because it had the initials of her children and grandchildren on it. As Kate softened, Eduardo gently put the bracelet on her wrist.

Eduardo said he understood that Kate was independent and that her children were her "lifeblood." Frustrated, she said their relationship could not work because there was no trust. Eduardo argued that Kate trusted him where it counted and that their past problems had been games and business. She shook her head no. He countered that there was no such thing as impossible. Eduardo told Kate that she could do anything if she wanted it badly enough.

Kate asked Eduardo to take back the bracelet. Shaking his head no, Eduardo said she could wear the bracelet and continue to ignore him. Growling, Kate told Eduardo not to send her any gifts. He agreed but added that he would continue to buy her gifts, even if he did not send them to her. With a smile, Eduardo said he would wait for Kate to realize that she wanted to be with him. He said she was too scared to admit that she liked him. Struggling, Kate whispered, "I don't get scared."

In the Kiriakis living room, a livid Deimos yelled at an investigator on the phone for failing to find Nicole or Holly. Chloe walked in, startling Deimos. Chloe refused to leave until she had her baby back. Growling, Deimos told Chloe she was not welcome. She threatened him if he had helped Nicole kidnap Holly. Angry, Deimos told Chloe that she was the real monster because she had stolen her best friend's daughter.

Chloe turned to leave, but Deimos blocked her exit. When Chloe asked Deimos to move, he lashed out at her and said that she had schemed to take Holly from her mother. Chloe argued that she was Holly's mother because she had given birth to her. Deimos yelled that Holly was not Chloe's baby. Chloe screamed that Deimos was not Holly's father. Crying out, Chloe said that Holly was her daughter, and she would keep Holly away from Nicole and Deimos.

Deimos grabbed Chloe's arm and swore that he would do anything to keep Holly with Nicole. Frightened, Chloe pulled away, but Deimos clutched her arm tighter. She ordered him to let go of her, but he pulled her closer. Maggie cried out to let go of Chloe. Seeing Maggie in the doorway, Deimos let go. He stalked out of the living room. Shaken, Chloe asked Maggie if she had witnessed Deimos threaten her. Frustrated, Maggie yelled that she was worried about her granddaughter. Maggie asked Chloe to find a middle ground with Nicole or else they might never see Holly again.

In the Dew Drop Inn motel room, Brady returned with food and news. He said the thieves had already moved out of the motel. Brady warned Nicole that she could not run forever. When he asked about her plan, she admitted that she did not have one. Nicole explained that all she could think about was her baby and Daniel. She said that there was a piece of Daniel in Holly, and she could not let her go. With a nod, Brady admitted he would have done the same thing for his son.

When Nicole said Holly was all she had left, Brady reminded Nicole that she had him. Holding Brady's hand, Nicole thanked him for being there for her again. Brady suggested that they find a safer place to regroup and make a plan. Wiping away tears, Nicole asked Brady for help. He agreed but said the only condition was that Nicole let him go with her. She worried aloud that he could end up in prison. Brady shrugged and said that they would not get caught.

When Nicole asked about Tate, Brady assured Nicole that Tate would be fine until they figured out how to fix their situation. With a nod, Nicole agreed. Staring into Nicole's eyes, Brady said that Nicole was worth the risk. He explained that he would tell the family that he was leaving town on business. Nicole warned that Deimos would be suspicious. Curious, Brady asked Nicole if she still loved Deimos. Nicole said that after all that Deimos had done, he was not fit to be a part of Holly's life.

"I need someone who is strong and honest and decent. Someone who will put me and my daughter first," Nicole said. As Nicole sat on the bed next to Brady and fussed over Holly, Brady stared at Nicole. With their faces close together, Brady sighed and stood up. Nicole asked him if he was sure he wanted to help them.

"I've never been more sure," Brady stressed. Nicole thanked Brady for being such a good friend, and she hugged him.

In Club TBD, Chloe stopped by for a drink. Eduardo fixed Chloe a drink on the house when he saw the worried look on her face. Chloe said she was easing back into alcohol since giving birth. Recognition on his face, Eduardo said he was sorry to hear that her daughter had been taken. He assured Chloe that his son Rafe would find Chloe's baby and convince Nicole to return home. With a nod, Chloe said that Nicole had other friends that would make sure Holly never returned home.

Chloe told Eduardo about Deimos' connection to Nicole and that Deimos would kill for her. Chloe and Eduardo toasted to the day that karma caught up with Deimos. After a few drinks, Eduardo offered to help Chloe find Holly. Eduardo explained that he would do anything to "stick it to Deimos Kiriakis."

In the Kiriakis living room, Maggie sat on the couch. When Deimos returned, he grumbled about Chloe. Maggie warned Deimos that he could not threaten Chloe. Maggie begged him to stop making the situation worse. When Deimos said he needed to help Nicole, Maggie asked him if Nicole wanted that. Maggie warned him to stay out of the situation. Calmed, Deimos said he understood. He said Maggie was one of the only people in the world with whom he could be honest.

With a sigh, Deimos said he knew that it would be better if he gave up looking, but he could not stand the thought that Nicole was alone. Deimos said he wanted to help Nicole. Touched, Maggie said she knew that Deimos loved Nicole. When Maggie asked Deimos if he loved her more than Helena, Deimos reluctantly admitted that he did. Deimos said he did not want to lose Nicole. With a nod, Maggie said that Deimos might not have a choice.

Deimos argued that Chloe and Brady had turned Nicole against him. Maggie warned Deimos that he would continue to get hurt and hurt others if he did not accept that Nicole was gone. As Maggie walked out, Deimos' phone rang. The caller gave Deimos an update on the search, and Deimos ran out of the house.

After packing up Nicole's hotel room, Brady opened the door to leave. Deimos was standing in the hallway. He calmly said hello to Nicole.

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