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Charlie and Katie moved closer to exposing Quinn and Ridge. Brooke was appalled by Katie's accusations. Coco barely kept her internship after a forklift barely missed R.J. Saul and Sally schemed to make Coco an unwitting spy for Spectra.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 6, 2017 on B&B
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Ridge and Steffy aren't cuckoo for Coco Ridge and Steffy aren't cuckoo for Coco

Monday, March 6, 2017

At Spectra, Sally couldn't find one good word online about her business after Jarrett's article had blasted them. Saul wished they'd held off on the preview, but she said time was the enemy unless there was a miracle. Shirley said she spelled miracle "C-O-C-O."

Sally wasn't thrilled about poaching designs and returning to being a knockoff shop. Saul had heard Coco clearly, and stealing designs wasn't who Coco was. Sally argued that it wasn't who any of them were, but Shifty would knock on the door soon. Saul said they couldn't make Coco steal. Shirley asked if Sally wanted to disappoint her great aunt before it even started.

Sally didn't know if they had a choice after Jarrett's review, and she refused to use her little sister if Coco was adamant about not stealing. Shirley replied that there was "using," and there was being used without knowing it. Saul guessed it had to do with a job Shirley had had him do.

Shirley beamed that Saul happened to be a techie. Saul replied that she'd told him that what she'd had him do had been for security. "Job security," Shirley replied, and Sally asked what was going on. Shirley explained that they could plant devices on Coco without her knowing it, and Coco would be their unwitting spy. Sally clearly didn't like taking such an action, but she admitted that it might work. The three stacked their hands in the center of their circle of agreement.

In the Forrester design office, Steffy entered and groaned about how many times she had to tell her brother that it wasn't a locker room. As Thomas pulled on a shirt, he advised her to knock. Steffy began talking about her destination wedding and asked if he'd go to Australia.

Thomas asked if Steffy wanted him to go. Steffy wanted her brother to be a part of it and implored him to go. He figured that someone had to stay back and run the company. She claimed Rick would do it, and Thomas asked if Rick would be designing, too. Thomas figured they should hire an inexperienced team off the streets to run the company in their stead.

Steffy gleaned that Thomas' attitude had to do with the tension between them. She asked him to go to the wedding again, and he said he'd think about it. He asked who'd attend the event. Steffy remarked that Ivy would be there. Ivy had been helping Steffy out a lot, and they'd gotten closer, according to Steffy. Steffy said Brooke and Ridge would elope there, too.

Thomas replied that it was good to know. Apologizing, Steffy told him to act surprised when the pair announced it. He figured Eric would go with Quinn, who was the reason Steffy had her position. Steffy rolled her eyes, and Thomas asked about Bill. She replied that Liam's father would go, of course. When Thomas asked about Liam's brother, Steffy replied that Wyatt wouldn't be there, for obvious reasons. She said that was it, and Thomas repeated that he'd let her know his decision about it.

Steffy was glad not to have to worry about Sally Spectra crashing the wedding to pull a publicity stunt. Steffy figured that Sally should have been more focused on designing. Steffy grinned, reveling in the memory of Jarret's review, but Thomas hopped to Sally's defense. Steffy asked if Sally would close the business. He figured it would happen if Spectra defaulted on their loans. He said a developer was waiting for it to fold so the developer could move in on the building.

Thomas told Steffy that Sally had a little sister named Coco. Steffy couldn't care less about the info, but he asked if that would change if he said Coco was the new Forrester intern. Steffy got upset, but he insisted that Coco was smart and sharp. Steffy believed Coco was one in a long line of thieves, but Thomas said that type of thing was long in the past.

Thomas believed in Coco, but Steffy believed Coco would funnel designs to the enemy. Thomas said Spectra was on life support, and Rick had already grilled Coco. Thomas added that someone else was also impressed with Coco -- R.J. Steffy mirthlessly replied that it was great.

Thomas started to say something about Spectras being born without silver spoons, but Steffy interjected that it was more like plastic spoons. Thomas continued that it didn't mean they lacked talent, and he believed Coco had potential. Steffy didn't like the risk. He claimed it was the past. "Besides, I made the decision," he said.

Steffy said Thomas had done it to appease Coco's sister. Thomas figured that Steffy's issue was that he'd decided without Steffy's approval. Steffy told him not to go there. It wasn't about his judgment. She said she, not he, was the one Sally Spectra chose to harass. Steffy told him that Coco could stay, but any fallout would be on Thomas' head.

In the backstage area, R.J. ended Coco's tour of the building. He'd shown her everything but the stream room because he liked to keep his tours G-rated. He let her know they had to do some sorting of a big shipment. Coco was up for it and to learn as much as she could. He asked what she'd learned. She replied that one should avoid the steam room, "and how nice the Forresters are." The two grinned at each other.

R.J. got to work out front, and Coco sorted items behind some clothes racks. Brooke and Ridge arrived after a late breakfast. They reminded R.J. that Steffy was getting married in Australia. R.J wished he could go, but he didn't want to miss school during midterms. He added that he was also in charge of interns. Brooke announced that Ridge and she would elope in Australia, too.

R.J. was ecstatic. He hugged them, and Coco grinned behind the clothes rack as she listened. R.J. was proud of his father for reuniting the family and asked what the plan was. Ridge and Brooke explained that they'd do something private, away from the others. "So no one can derail it," R.J. deduced. Brooke didn't want R.J. to feel cheated by the elopement. R.J. wasn't upset. "I got midterms and taking care of everyone," he said.

Coco sneezed, and Ridge asked who was there. R.J. invited Coco into the open for introductions. Ridge extended his hand but retracted it when he heard the name Coco Spectra. Coco revealed that she was Sally's sister, and Ridge asked if it was the same Sally who'd crashed Nicole's wedding and had smeared cake all over Steffy for press time.

R.J. asked Ridge told hold on, but Ridge told him to hold on. Ridge wanted to know how the internship had happened without his approval. R.J. indicated that Thomas and Rick had signed off on it. Ridge believed they should have known better and told Coco to get her stuff because she had to leave.

R.J. said Ridge was overreacting and told Brooke to back R.J. up. Brooke, however, understood Ridge's concerns due to the history. R.J. claimed it was in the past, but Ridge cited Sally's actions against Steffy. Coco apologized for her sister and said Sally just wanted Spectra to be a success. Ridge asserted that Sally wanted publicity at his daughter's expense. R.J. argued that Steffy had given as good as she'd gotten and noted that Sally had wound up facedown in a cake.

Coco acknowledged that her sister got carried away at times, but she wasn't her sister and vowed to never betray Forrester. Coco just wanted to work there and learn. Ridge couldn't let Coco work there. He said Coco's great aunt had been a thief, and he had no reason to believe the new generation would be any different. R.J. balked at his father's decision, but Coco told R.J. that Ridge was just doing what he thought was best.

Coco left to clear her locker, and the argument about her continued in her absence. R.J. didn't know what was wrong with extending a hand in friendship. Brooke called Thomas and Rick's choice na´ve, and Ridge asserted that if R.J. had lived through what Ridge had, then R.J. wouldn't even be asking his question. Brooke said Ridge would help R.J. find another intern. "One with a different last name," Ridge added.

Down in shipping and receiving later, R.J. caught up to Coco to apologize for his father. On the landing above, Ridge stopped and observed the conversation. Coco understood Ridge's decision. R.J. hated to see her go but believed she'd have a good future. The two bade each other farewell.

Behind R.J., a forklift stacked with boxes rolled closer to him. Coco turned to wave, and she cried out R.J.'s name to warn him of the danger.

On-screen, memorable moments of seasons ten, eleven, and twelve of The Bold and the Beautiful played, Eric proposed to Sally, and C.J. and Rick began a teenaged rivalry. Amber slept with Usher.

Sally opens up

Sally opens up

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

by Pam

At Forrester, Ridge watched from the top of a staircase at the loading docks while R.J. escorted Coco out of the building. Ridge had insisted earlier that Coco couldn't work at Forrester because she was a Spectra. Coco and R.J. said their goodbyes, and Coco headed for the door, but she noticed a forklift loaded with boxes behind R.J. It was headed directly at him.

Coco screamed at R.J. to move and then dived at him to push him out of the way. Ridge turned and saw Coco save his son. The forklift missed them, but they had been thrown into a wall of boxes. After Coco pulled R.J. to safety, they stared at each other in shock. Ridge rescued them both and thanked Coco for saving R.J.

Later in Ridge's office, Ridge and R.J. doted on Coco. She had cut her head when she'd saved R.J. Ridge encouraged her to apply pressure to it. He quizzed her to make sure she hadn't suffered a concussion. Brooke entered and expressed concern. She said she'd heard that R.J. had been in an accident.

Ridge explained that a worker had lost control of a forklift that had been headed for R.J., but Coco had pushed him out of the way in the nick of time. "We can never thank you enough," Brooke said. R.J. advised his parents that Coco was a good person. He encouraged his father to reconsider his decision that she couldn't work there. "I shouldn't have judged you by your last name," Ridge admitted. However, he still insisted that she couldn't work there.

R.J. was angry and reminded his dad that he could be dead. Brooke also defended Coco. R.J. and Brooke insisted that they could not remove her because of her name. R.J. said the families had to put their feud to rest. Brooke added that Coco had proven her loyalty.

Ridge caved in to the pressure. He told Coco that she could stay. She thanked him, Brooke, and R.J., and then Coco and R.J. left. Brooke reminded Ridge that Coco had risked her life to save R.J. "Thank you, Ridge, for letting her stay," Brooke said. Ridge replied that it would be his good deed for the year.

Ridge said he didn't like the idea of having a Spectra there. Brooke told him to be more trusting. Ridge said he had a strange feeling about her working there. Brooke argued that Coco was a good girl. She sat on Ridge's lap and told him he was too suspicious. "I always have a reason," he said.

At Spectra, Saul and Sally discussed that they needed to find a way to get Coco to spy for them. They discussed that Shirley had suggested a camera, and Sally scoffed. Saul said it wasn't far-fetched. He had already purchased the camera at Shirley's suggestion. Sally wanted to see it. Saul showed her the miniscule camera and said they could put it in Coco's sunglasses or a brooch. Sally scoffed again that she wasn't going to be wearing sunglasses indoors, and brooches weren't fashionable for teenagers.

Saul suggested a necklace, and Sally agreed. She selected one that Coco had admired earlier. Sally agreed it could work. Saul installed the camera and told Sally that the tiny camera could record for hours, and they could watch it live. Sally realized they could see all the fabrics and designs without anyone knowing. Sally tried on the necklace and matching earrings and said it could work.

Saul admired Sally and fantasized about her calling his name. Sally snapped him out of his reverie. "Are you listening to me?" she asked. Saul stammered that he was listening. He told her that he had found some old pictures after he had cleaned out desks. He said that his grandfather had had a thing for her great-aunt.

Saul and Sally smiled, and Saul said that his grandfather had proposed to her great-aunt. Sally was surprised, and a flashback showed Saul proposing to Sally. "I really do care about you. You are my oldest and dearest friend," Sally had said to Saul. "I want you to be my wife. Take and wear this ring," Saul had said.

Saul and Sally talked about family, and Sally explained that her grandmother had raised her and Coco because her parents hadn't been around much. Saul asked about her parents. Sally explained that they had been "carnies" and had been in shows all over California and Nevada. She said it got worse because her parents had gotten into being scammers with card games and "some sketchy stuff on the side."

Sally recalled that her parents had done almost anything to make extra money, and they'd started dealing in more than cards. "Grams always says Spectras are survivors. But we're swindlers -- a long line of swindlers and con artists," Sally said.

Sally added that eventually her parents had been unable to care for their kids. Shirley had taken them in, or they would have been in the system. "She worked hard at the bakery and scratched and clawed for every buck," Sally said.

Sally lamented that she would be making knockoffs, but Saul said there was nothing wrong with knockoffs. Sally disagreed. She said Coco didn't deserve to be dragged into that business. Then she reasoned that Coco was "destined to become one of us."

Sally said Coco had grown up with very little trust of others. Saul pointed out that Coco was their only chance to hold off the loan sharks. They had to pay the bills. "It means I'll be deceiving my sister. Lying to her face," Sally said. Saul reasoned that starting a business meant one had to do some things one didn't want to in order to survive.

In another office at Forrester, R.J. and Coco chatted, and Coco explained that she had fantasized about working there for years. She admired a row of gowns. She and R.J. laughed that they couldn't have predicted a "near-death experience." R.J. promised there was never a dull moment at Forrester. Coco said there was no place she'd rather be. She thanked him for going to bat for her with his dad.

R.J. confessed that from the first time he had seen Coco, he'd had a feeling he was supposed to meet her. "You saved my life," he said. Coco said that anyone would have done exactly the same thing. They kissed.

Coco receives a gift

Coco receives a gift

> Coco receives a gift

Coco receives a gift

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

by Pam

At Forrester, after R.J. had kissed Coco, they giggled and flirted. She thanked him for an amazing day, and he thanked her for saving his life. Coco left.

In Ridge's office, Ridge met with Thomas, Rick, Maya, and Nicole. They discussed that Steffy and Liam planned to marry in Australia, and he and Brooke had similar plans. However, they were eloping there in a secret spot.

Ridge, Thomas, Rick, Maya, and Nicole discussed Coco, the new intern, and Ridge refocused the meeting to security and how important it was for the company to protect designs that they would present in an impromptu fashion show in Australia. Ridge stressed that he wanted no security lapses.

R.J. joined the meeting in Ridge's office. Everyone expressed their concern for R.J. and the close call he'd had with the forklift. Ridge reminded them that they had to stay focused on Australia and security.

Later, in his office, Thomas worked on sketches, and R.J. entered. He and Thomas discussed that Ridge seemed paranoid about security. "When's the last time anyone stole anything from us?" R.J. asked.

Thomas answered that he remembered the days when Spectra had stolen designs. He defended their father. "He's got a history with the Spectras," Thomas said. R.J. defended Coco and said she wanted to contribute -- it wasn't her fault that her last name was Spectra.

Thomas marveled that R.J. had changed their father's mind and persuaded him to allow Coco to stay at the company. Thomas admired R.J.'s negotiating skills. R.J. said it was because he was the youngest. Thomas laughed and said he was spoiled. R.J. laughed and agreed. He also confessed that he had kissed Coco. Thomas was surprised and teased that they should tell their dad.

Later, R.J. visited his dad's office. He thanked Ridge for allowing Coco to stay at the company. Ridge smiled and acknowledged that R.J. appeared to have a crush on her. R.J. didn't want his dad to lecture him. Ridge agreed. He warmly grabbed R.J.'s shoulders. "Be careful, son. She's a Spectra," Ridge advised.

At Spectra, Saul and Sally clued Shirley in on how he had installed video cameras in a necklace and in matching earrings as well. The jewelry cameras would enable them to watch anything Coco saw in real time when she was wearing them. Shirley was impressed and added that she was glad Sally was on board.

Sally lamented that they had to use Coco at all, but Saul pointed out that Coco was their only chance to hold off the loan sharks. Darlita and Coco entered, and Coco shared the details of her first day at Forrester.

Coco said it had been great, but she noted that it had started off rocky when she'd met Ridge and Brooke. She said Brooke had been kind, but Ridge hadn't wanted her there and had asked if she was Sally's sister. Ridge had told her that Sally was a stalker.

Coco said she'd told the Forresters she'd never do anything dishonest. "He fired me," Coco said. Shirley was shocked. Coco shared that Ridge and R.J. had escorted her out to the back door, where R.J. had apologized for his father. She said she'd headed for the door, but she'd turned back and seen that a runaway forklift had been headed directly for R.J. Coco said she'd pushed him out of the way and saved him.

Saul, Sally, Darlita, and Shirley were happy for Coco, but Coco said Ridge had still fired her. Shirley asked if the day had had a happy ending, and Coco said it had. She said R.J. had defended her and stood up for her. Eventually, he'd persuaded his father to allow her to stay.

"My heart can't take much more," Shirley said. "There's more," Coco said. She explained that when she'd been alone with R. J., he had kissed her. Darlita said she couldn't stand it -- such a romantic story. Darlita left.

"Working it just like your Great-Aunt Sally," Shirley said. Coco's phone rang, and she left to talk to R. J. He wanted to make sure Coco was all right. He thanked her for an awesome day, and they agreed they couldn't wait to see each other the next day. "Stay away from runaway forklifts," Coco advised.

Inside the office, Sally said she couldn't use the necklace. She didn't want to involve Coco. Shirley argued that she was willing to fight "until they drag us out of here." Sally maintained it was cruel to use Coco.

Saul justified that it was necessary. Sally was unhappy about it. Shirley reminded her that Coco had seen many thousand-dollar dresses, and if Spectra designed a look-alike and sold it at a fraction of the price, they were helping other women.

Sally snarked that Shirley made them sound saint-like. Shirley countered that Sally seemed to think it would be better to go belly up. Shirley wondered what Sally's great-aunt would think when she had asked Sally to resurrect the company. "We can do this," Saul said. Sally shook her head and said they were hurting Thomas too. "Thomas is good and honest," she said.

Shirley said Coco would save Spectra. Sally said Coco had a chance to make it at Forrester, but Shirley and Saul argued that Thomas and R.J. were not from the same world as the Spectras. "You need someone you can depend on," Saul said. Shirley teased that that would be someone with a tape measure around his neck, referring to Saul.

Coco returned. Sally gave Coco the necklace and earrings. Coco thanked her. Sally told her to show the necklace to Darlita. Thomas called Sally and said that his brother and her sister had had a crazy day. "He and Coco really hit it off. She's a great girl and going to make her mark over here. I look forward to seeing you again," Thomas said. Sally agreed. They hung up, and Shirley and Saul noted that Thomas was a rich boy with a pedigree. "He can afford to share it with us," Shirley said.

Outside the office, Coco and Darlita talked about the necklace and Darlita's dress. Darlita told Coco she would look hot wearing her new jewelry to Forrester. In the office, Saul, Shirley, and Sally watched the video of Coco talking to Darlita -- thanks to the camera installed in the necklace. "It works!" Saul said. Shirley added that they were Spectras. "It's what we do. Once a knockoff shop, always a knockoff shop," she said.

Katie catches a moment between Quinn and Ridge

Katie catches a moment between Quinn and Ridge

Thursday, March 9, 2017

In the Forrester corridor, Charlie arrived with a metal suitcase full of precious gems. He made a big show to Pam of the importance of it, and Pam said Ivy and Quinn were in the design office. Charlie decided it was a good time for Quinn to explain "this." Charlie whipped out the lipstick napkin, and the upset Pam asked if he was really still carrying it around.

Charlie didn't know any other method of matching it to Quinn's lipstick. Pam reasoned that Quinn didn't wear the same lipstick everyday. "Why not?" he asked. Pam asked if he wore the same socks every day. "Do not start with the sock thing again!" Charlie replied. Pam said that, even if Charlie matched the lipstick, he couldn't prove that Quinn had wiped it off Ridge's lips instead of Quinn's own lips. Charlie said they'd see about that.

In the design office, Quinn and Ivy worked on a necklace, and Quinn trusted Ivy to make the right adjustments to her own style because Quinn had realized that imposing her style on Ivy hadn't worked out in the past. Ivy liked the evolution of their relationship. She felt respected and valued, but she hoped the change wasn't because Quinn was afraid of what Ivy would tell Eric.

Quinn knew Ivy was looking out for Eric's happiness. Ivy asked if Quinn had considered coming down with an illness to avoid the Australia trip. Quinn replied that not taking the trip wouldn't change the fact that she worked with Ridge daily. Quinn didn't want Eric traveling alone, either, and she thought she'd satisfactorily explained what Ivy had seen with Quinn and Ridge.

Ivy said Quinn had. Ivy was about to add a "but;" however, before she could, Quinn insisted that she didn't have an irresistible pull toward anyone but Eric. Quinn was happily married and said Ridge soon would be, too. Quinn felt that it should be enough assurance for Ivy.

Charlie entered with the metal suitcase. Quinn tried to relieve him of his responsibility for the gems, but he insisted that he needed to stay. Quinn opened the case, and Charlie noted that one of the red gems was the same shade as her lipstick. Quinn said it wasn't, and she and Ivy quizzically glanced at each other. Charlie replied that he'd meant her other lipstick.

Scoffing, Quinn said she didn't recall encouraging Charlie to inspect her lipstick. Charlie noted that the women were packing for Down Under, which was the home of his favorite instrument, the didgeridoo. Quinn and Ivy exchanged amazed glances as Ivy said it filled her with national pride. Charlie remarked that he'd never heard one, and Quinn decided he needed to go.

Charlie tried to stay longer to watch the jewels, but Quinn hustled him out. Quinn locked the door and asked Ivy, "What was that? My 'other lipstick?'"

In the corridor, Charlie told Pam that he had Quinn on the ropes, and the mere mention of lipstick had made her apoplectic. Pam asked if she wanted to hear more about it. Charlie grabbed her and kissed her. He gave her a napkin and instructed her to wipe his lips. "Aha! Just as I suspected," he said. She asked what he meant. Charlie said it was a question of blotting or smearing.

Later, Pam took Charlie into the unoccupied design office and said he couldn't go around blotting and smearing people's reputations for no good reason, even if it was Quinn. Charlie compared the smear napkin from his kiss with Pam and the napkin from Eric's bathroom trash. Charlie then asked for Pam's lipstick. She refused to give him a tube, so he pretended to put on lipstick with a marker and pretended to press his lips on an invisible napkin.

Charlie showed Quinn's napkin again and said it didn't have the pattern of pressed lips. He concluded that it was a smear because Quinn had wiped away the big wet one she'd planted on Ridge. Pam reasoned that Quinn could have been in a hurry, had a crumb of lipstick on her mouth, or had smeared the pattern when she'd crumpled the napkin for the trash.

Pam declared it should have stayed in the trash because "this" was crazy talk. Charlie said Pam thought all his time in detective school had taught him nothing. Pam told him that he was cut off if she ever saw that napkin again.

In the CEO's office, Brooke and Ridge invited Katie to go with them to Australia. Katie figured that she could leave Will with Donna, but Katie didn't understand why the couple wanted her at the wedding. Ridge said that the three had experienced some rocky times, and he was hoping that spending time together might help them get the closeness back.

Katie said she couldn't resist an explanation like that, and she agreed to go to Australia. Ridge, Brooke, and Katie hugged and chuckled. After discussing wedding plans a little, Katie noted that she'd attended way too many of Brooke and Ridge's weddings. Katie had begun to wonder if Ridge could settle down. Ridge replied that he considered himself to be the marrying kind.

Agreeing that he was, Katie hoped, for her sister's sake, that Ridge was the "staying-married" kind. Ridge replied that he always thought it was forever. Brooke said it had always been that way for them because there they were again. Brooke and Ridge kissed, and Brooke excitedly took Katie's hand to take her to see the wedding dress.

In the gown storage area later, Brooke thumbed through the garment bags hanging on a rack in search of her gown. Brooke remarked that Margerie, Ridge's favorite seamstress, who'd do anything for Ridge since he'd been a boy, had just finished the dress.

Katie asked why there was a need for a fancy dress for an elopement and said no one would see the garment. Brooke chuckled, saying everyone wanted to dress up for their wedding, and Ridge had wanted to design her something special.

Katie located the gown, and noted that it was heavy. Brooke found it strange because she'd wanted something light for a possible beach wedding.

Katie saw that the gown wasn't white, and Brooke said it wasn't her first wedding. Katie said not to see it as another wedding to Ridge but a continuation of the first one. Brooke agreed and said she didn't care if people said she got married too much, as long as it was to Ridge.

Katie wanted to take a picture, but she had left her phone upstairs. Brooke was sure Pam was going through it at that moment. Katie hoped not and left to retrieve it.

Back in the CEO's office, Ridge had a model on a foot pedestal by a long mirror. He had her turn to and fro, and he pinned the red sheath gown she wore. Quinn arrived to run something by him, and he cloaked the model's gown with a robe around her shoulders before the model left.

Quinn wondered if she should close the door, but Ridge didn't think it mattered. Quinn left it cracked and neared Ridge. Standing by the mirror, she said Charlie was stalking her. Ridge offered to involve Pam, but Quinn replied that she'd then have Pam stalking her, too.

The conversation turned to Ridge's decision not to use pearls for a photo shoot. He'd thought they'd be dull in sunlight. Quinn said he could pair them with a black cocktail dress that she considered one of his best pieces. Ridge said it was summer in Australia and too hot for one to wear black. Quinn stated that she would wear black. He quipped that she was a vampire, but Quinn showed him that she could see her reflection in the mirror.

Quinn asked about the wedding plans, and Ridge joked that he and Brooke would have a crowd bigger than the opera. Quinn said they deserved it. He replied that it was a nice thing to say, but he wondered what he truly deserved. She knew about feeling unworthy and advised him to surround himself with people who would tell him that he did deserve things.

The conversation turned to changes in a necklace design. Quinn bent over to open a case to retrieve the piece, and Ridge watched her backside as she did so. The necklace was either the new one, or like the one that Quinn and Ridge had stood in the mirror with right after their return from San Francisco. Ridge flashed back to that time and decided to view the piece under the light.

In the corridor, Katie looked for her phone on Pam's desk and overheard Ridge and Quinn talking. Katie looked through the crack in the doorway. Quinn asked Ridge if the necklace was familiar. He asked why it would be. She said she'd thought he'd recognize it. Ridge asked from where. Quinn didn't reply, and he asked if he could put it on her to see it better.

Katie watched as Ridge put the necklace on Quinn. Quinn and Ridge faced the mirror, and Ridge recreated the moment in which he and Quinn had viewed the necklace upon its arrival in the design office. Ridge repeated what Quinn had said about the stones being antagonistic, but Quinn knowing they'd work together because sometimes misfits -- "Just fit. You do remember," Quinn concluded.

Ridge said he remembered everything. Katie watched as Ridge touched Quinn's chin. He said, "It's not easy, is it? Being human."

The Bold and the Beautiful's anniversary scenes from seasons nineteen to twenty-one played on the screen. Bridget and Nick held each other in the rain. Battling cancer, Felicia got her head shaved. Eric and Stephanie had a pillow fight at Big Bear.

Steffy and Liam get a surprise wedding shower

Steffy and Liam get a surprise wedding shower

Friday, March 10, 2017

Outside the CEO's office, Katie peered between the crack in the door as Ridge and Quinn intimately discussed the necklace she wore. Touching the necklace, Ridge uttered that, from the way it looked on her, that particular necklace would be his favorite of the ones going with them on the trip. Katie rendered an incredulous look at them.

The conversation turned to the fun Ridge would have in Australia. Ridge said Quinn didn't have to pretend to be happy for Steffy and Liam. Quinn replied, "I'm not," and added that Wyatt would find someone else. Ridge asked if Wyatt would go on the trip. Quinn doubted Wyatt would want to torture himself that way. Ridge said Wyatt was wise to know that some couples were meant to be together. Quinn stated, "Like you and Brooke."

The topic moved to Ridge's private wedding. He said it would be semi-private because Katie would be there. Quinn was surprised to hear it and guessed Katie's job was to provide all the borrowed, new, old, and blue stuff.

Ridge sat in the chair behind the desk. Quinn turned to the mirror and began removing the necklace. Looking in the mirror, she was shocked to see the half moon shadow of Katie's face in the doorway. "Katie?" Quinn exclaimed, and Katie entered the room.

Ridge invited Katie in, but Katie was leery of interrupting "something." Ridge and Quinn explained that they were wrapping up their meeting about jewelry for the Australia photo shoot. The three chatted about Katie going to Australia with them. "So why did you stop by, peeking through a crack in the door?" Quinn asked.

Katie claimed she hadn't meant to eavesdrop. Ridge stated that she had been "kind of lurking." Katie said it wasn't that; she'd been trying to find her purse because she'd wanted her phone to take a picture of Brooke and her gown. Katie found her purse on the conference table and said she'd see Quinn and Ridge around.

"I don't like that," Quinn told Ridge the moment Katie had gone. Ridge didn't think there was more to it than Katie had said, but Quinn wondered how long Katie had been watching. Quinn reasoned that they hadn't been doing anything wrong. Ridge replied that they'd been discussing a photo shoot. Quinn figured he'd been standing too close, but he asked if doing so was a crime.

Quinn wanted to know what Katie had seen or heard -- and if she'd been spying on them. Ridge doubted it, but Quinn was worried about what Katie had seen. Ridge teased that maybe it had been the way he'd touched the necklace or the way Quinn had looked at him.

Quinn asked about the way Ridge had looked at her. Ridge claimed that he looked at Quinn as his father's wife. He said they were designers working together, and that was it. Quinn asked if it meant they were fine. He repeated that they were fine. He said they'd done nothing wrong.

Downstairs in the backstage photo shoot area, Brooke asked Steffy and Liam if Katie could attend their wedding. Brooke said she and Ridge had asked Katie to witness their elopement, and Brooke wanted to get permission for Katie to attend Steffy and Liam's wedding because Brooke knew Katie and Steffy didn't always get along. Steffy and Liam were fine with Katie attending their event.

Brooke showed her bagged dress to Steffy, who thought Brooke would look fabulous in it. Brooke said she was waiting for Katie to get her phone to take a picture, but something had probably distracted Katie, who had yet to return.

Later, Katie was deep in thought in the photo shoot area. Brooke rounded some curtains, wearing her wedding gown, and expressed glee that Katie was back. Katie said the gown was even more beautiful on her sister. Brooke told Katie to imagine the beach setting, and Brooke walked toward Katie, sounding the wedding march.

Katie felt that Ridge should be lucky to stand with Brooke on the beach. Brooke said it wasn't any beach. It was Manly Beach. She asked if Katie could imagine a better-named place for Ridge to wait at an altar for her. Katie took her pictures and unzipped the dress for Brooke.

Brooke went behind a screen to change, and as she did, she told Katie that Steffy and Liam approved Katie being at their wedding. Katie was glad for it, but Brooke didn't think Katie sounded excited. Katie said she was just distracted. Brooke asked what had happened on the way to get the purse. Katie replied that she'd run into Quinn -- and Ridge.

Katie noted that Ridge and Quinn really seemed to be getting along. Katie and Brooke discussed that it had occurred when Brooke had been in Milan and Ridge and Quinn had been in San Francisco. Brooke walked back around the screen with her jacket and shoes. As she put them on, she said things had turned around when Quinn had supported Ridge for co-CEO.

Brooke could tell that something was bothering Katie and asked what it was. Katie was noncommittal about having a problem. Brooke believed that Katie was still worried about Quinn and Eric. Katie explained that she'd seen Ridge and Quinn discussing a necklace that Quinn had been modeling. Though it "sounded" wrong, Katie had watched them a bit.

Brooke asked if Ridge and Quinn had known Katie had been there. Katie said they hadn't. "So you were spying on them?" Brooke asked. Katie confessed that she had been. Brooke asked why Katie would do that, and Katie said she'd sensed that there might be something to spy on. Brooke asked what Katie had seen.

Katie said it had been two people who'd been enjoying each other's company. Brooke replied that she wouldn't say it that way because there was still tension between Ridge and Quinn. Katie agreed that there was tension -- a certain kind of tension.

Katie recalled that Ridge had been standing close to Quinn. "To get a better look at the necklace," Brooke said. Katie stated that he'd touched Quinn. "Well, I hope he didn't get frostbite," Brooke replied. Katie described the mood as being "so weird," and she'd sensed that the touching moment had been lingering and intimate. What was even stranger to Katie was that they'd acted as if they'd been caught when she'd walked in.

Placing her hands on her hips, the appalled Brooke asked what Katie was getting at. Katie described nervous energy in the room and said Ridge and Quinn were trying to act innocent. "Katie!" Brooke exclaimed. Katie said, "I know. I'm shocked, too!"

"No, I'm shocked at you!" Brooke emphasized. She insisted that it was ridiculous to imply that something was going on with Quinn and Ridge. Katie passively replied that she'd seen what she'd seen. Brooke said Katie had seen two designers discussing a necklace. Katie asserted that she'd seen two people who had a connection and had been making a lousy effort to cover it up.

Katie claimed that she wouldn't have said anything; however, Brooke was Katie's sister, and Katie had a strange feeling. Katie acknowledged that it sounded crazy, but she thought there was something going on with Ridge and Quinn. Brooke scoffed in disbelief.

In the design office, Pam prepared presents while Charlie waved around his clue napkin and planned a sting operation on Quinn and Ridge. The room was decked out for a pre-wedding gathering. Pam said Charlie's instincts were usually fantastic, but he had to be wrong about Ridge and Quinn. She heard people in the corridor and ordered Charlie to get rid of "that thing."

Charlie tucked his clue napkin in his pocket. Rick entered with R.J., Maya, and Nicole, who had gifts, chips, and drinks. The jovial crowd chattered about Steffy and Liam not being there yet for the surprise. Pam said they needed to get things prepared because they had a wedding to celebrate.

Later, the room was decorated with hanging paper bells, and Rick and Charlie were straightening out a "Congratulations" sign. Pam rushed in and doused the lights because Liam and Steffy were nearby. Everyone hid as Steffy and Liam entered the darkened room.

Liam wondered if the meeting was that day. Steffy said that was what she'd thought. She flipped on the lights, and the others popped up from behind furniture, yelling, "Surprise!"

Liam and Steffy were happy and humbled that the others had thrown them a party. Someone popped the Champagne. Rick said that some people had to stay home and run the business, but they still wanted to wish the couple well for their wedding.

The group mingled and ate cake, and Liam became eager to open gifts. Rick joked that the presents hadn't been on the registry. The first gift was a pair of tee shirts with "Australia" printed upside down. Next was a pair of earplugs. Nicole said to trust that every married couple needed them. Liam joked that Steffy babbled. "Actually, they're for Steffy," Maya quipped, and everyone cheered, "Burn!"

Liam thanked everyone and said he and Steffy appreciated the gang being happy for the couple. Steffy stated that they were happy for Liam because he'd gotten quite the catch. He agreed that he had gotten the catch, and she said she had, too.

Steffy said she'd been hesitant about the destination wedding because she and Liam had wanted the whole family at the event. It made her sad that not everyone would be there, but "then you do this, and we feel so loved!" Liam and Steffy thanked the family again. Nicole called for a picture, and Liam and Steffy posed under the banner.

More of The Bold and the Beautiful's thirty-year flashback series played on-screen. Season twenty-two: Pam unleashed a bear on the honey-covered Donna. Season twenty-three: Bill and Katie got married for the first time. Season twenty-four: Stephanie met Dayzee on Skid Row.

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