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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 15, 2008 on GL
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Monday, September 15, 2008

A cocky Grady swankily danced into his house to find an impatient Cyrus awaiting him. Grady wondered if Cyrus had waited up all night for him, and Cyrus replied that he wasn't leaving for the Brazilian heist without him. Grady decided Brazil was too hot for his taste. A disheveled Dinah strolled in after Grady, looking for coffee. Though Dinah still wore her sundress from the previous day, it was unclear whether she and Grady had slept together. It soon became evident, however, that what Dinah had done was foil Cyrus' plan to get Grady out of the country. Cyrus asked how the disastrous duo came about, and Grady painted it more romantically than Dinah had recalled it. She told Cyrus that she'd hired Grady. As Dinah sipped her coffee, she delighted in the trouble she'd caused between the two brothers. When Cyrus disparaged their coupling, calling Dinah unstable, Dinah decided to leave.

Later, Cyrus pouted outside in their garden lawn chairs. Grady apologized for changing his mind, but Grady said he didn't want to go to Brazil with Cyrus because he'd be working for Cyrus instead of with him as a partner. Dinah wasn't trustworthy in Cyrus' eyes and he warned Grady that she could turn on him just like she'd turned on Cyrus years earlier. Grady accused Cyrus of being bitter that Dinah had chosen Grady over Cyrus. Cyrus quipped that Dinah had picked Grady because Grady had been the only one home at the time. If Cyrus left for Brazil or stayed, Grady didn't care, as long as Cyrus stayed out of his way.

Grady left home to pursue Dinah for his first paycheck. He found her on a street corner, leaving Bill a message that warned him not avoid her. Dinah didn't have Grady's money yet, but Grady sensed that he could trust Dinah. They commiserated about how obnoxious their brothers were. When Grady noted that Dinah really had it out for Bill, Dinah replied that she just needed to make Bill felt the kind of pain he'd caused her.

Dinah somehow found a place to get a fresh change of clothes, and then she went to the bank to discover that Bill had frozen her accounts. Outside the bank, Dinah was leaving Bill another scathing message when Cyrus happened along to warn her about Grady. Dinah didn't want to hear it, saying she needed a man as reckless as Grady to teach someone else a lesson. Cyrus warned Dinah that if she got Grady sent to prison, Cyrus would ruin her for good.

Over at Cross Creek, Jeffrey and Reva awakened to take on the day as expectant parents. Reva practically glowed in her low cut, navy mini-dress as she assured Jeffrey that their appointment with the doctor would go fine; afterward, they'd take off for their honeymoon. Daisy walked in on the newlyweds kissing. Once Jeffrey left for a quick appointment, Reva sat Daisy down to announce the coming of a new uncle or aunt for Daisy. After Daisy was pleasantly shocked by the news, Reva wondered what was going on in her granddaughter's life. Daisy said she'd applied for a job at the bank, but the interviewer had been more concerned about Daisy's criminal ex-boyfriends than Daisy. Daisy then revealed that she'd broken up with Grady, but she didn't want to talk about it further.

Jeffrey returned home, and as they all prepared to leave the house, Reva said she'd keep Daisy in mind if she heard of any jobs. Jeffrey readily asked Daisy to apply for the open position as his office assistant at the courthouse. Daisy was amazed that Jeffrey would take a chance on her. Jeffrey said they'd discuss it after he and Reva returned from their honeymoon. Daisy left to follow up on the job lead, and Jeffrey led Reva outside, where he surprised her with a red, two-seater convertible. Reva loved it, but she didn't think it was practical for a threesome. Jeffrey reasoned that they still had time to be a twosome before the baby was born.

Later, the giddy newlyweds sat in the doctor's office, awaiting their visit. Jeffrey insisted that the point of their spontaneous honeymoon was to pick any flight at the airport and hop on it. Jeffrey asked Reva if she'd take the chance. "Yes, hell, yes!" she agreed, high-fiving him. "'Spontaneous' is my middle name!" Unfortunately, when Dr. Prescott arrived, she sucked every ounce of joy out of the room.

Prescott introduced herself as the head of the High-Risk Obstetrical Department, and Reva jokingly asked if they could've come up with a more patient-friendly term for the unit. "No," Prescott said. Reva tried to keep the mood light, but Dr. Kill-Joy wasn't in the mood for playfulness. The doctor explained that Reva would give up caffeine, deli meats, shellfish, and soft cheeses. Reva dismally asked, "I have to give up my shrimp cocktail?" In addition to that, Prescott said Reva needed to limit her activities. Though she wasn't prescribing bed rest "yet," Prescott said Reva had to stay close to home, meaning no flying. When Reva and Jeffrey both said they thought that was a precaution taken toward the end of pregnancies, Prescott snapped, "Did you hear me say the words 'high risk?'" Prescott insisted that they had to take every precaution for the baby. "No problem, Doc," Reva replied, staring wearily at Jeffrey. "'Precaution' is my middle name."

After the disappointing appointment, Reva and Jeffrey went for a drive in their new car and parked in some grass off the road. Reva apologized for no honeymoon, no flying, and bed rest. Jeffrey said she'd better not apologize for no deli meats. Jeffrey asked her if she loved him, because he didn't give up deli meats for just anyone. Reva said she was the one who had to give up those things. Even so, Jeffrey had decided to give up anything Reva had to give up. Because he was a new father, Jeffrey thought it was irresponsible of him to have the car he'd bought. Reva didn't want him returning the car, saying that parenthood didn't need to change the zany way that they lived. She said the baby could have her car, and she juicily added, "We can have this!" After making out a little in the front seat, Reva was struck with a brilliant idea for their honeymoon. With glee, she cheered, "Road trip!" They honked the horn and repeated the phrase.

Meanwhile, when Daisy got to the courthouse, she saw Grady outside. He tried to hug her, but she told him not to touch her. Grady said he'd seen Daisy in the window at Harley's and he knew that she'd really wanted to come down to him. He felt that they still wanted each other, but Daisy said she couldn't be with Grady anymore because of the terrible thing that Grady had done to Rafe and to her. She said it wasn't just that, either; she'd also decided she wanted Grady to stay away from her so that she could get a real life and a real job. She didn't want to be hated anymore, to get into trouble anymore, or hurt anyone anymore. Except him, Grady mumbled. He cryptically stated that he wasn't ready to leave town just yet.

Daisy went to Company for coffee. Cyrus sat down with her and she mentioned Grady's mysterious comment about staying in town. Cyrus replied that he was working on getting them both out of town for good. He felt they had nothing left in a town where everyone hated them. Daisy knew one person who didn't hate them. Daisy didn't think it was possible for Cyrus to return to his old life and old way of being after he'd experienced something different.

At the mansion, Hilda found a pensive Lizzie clinging to the briefcase that Alan had given her as a girl. When Hilda announced that Lawrence Decker had arrived, Lizzie admitted that she'd completely forgotten her breakfast meeting. Hilda tried to tell Lizzie something more, but Lizzie paid no attention as she thought about taking the meeting for her grandfather's sake. When Decker arrived, he reminded Lizzie that Alan had brought her to meetings when she was little and had said she'd be running the world one day. Lizzie said she was on her way to doing just that with Decker's help. Sitting down, Decker said Spaulding was unrecognizable after the merger, and he needed convincing that he'd soon recognize it again.

Hilda stood behind Decker, giving not so subtle hints that she needed to talk to Lizzie. When Lizzie took Hilda aside, Hilda explained that Bill had turned her food delivery truck away at the gate. Additionally, he'd taken all the food out of the kitchen. From the parlor, Decker called to Lizzie, asking how breakfast was coming because he was starving.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Bill set a box of fruit on his bed. With an apple in his mouth, he lifted an electric guitar from its case and plugged it into an amplifier. Back downstairs, Lizzie tried to invite Decker to breakfast at a restaurant, but her voice was drowned out by Bill's screeching guitar. Lizzie marched up the winding staircase and Bill greeted her, saying that his E string was out of tune. Bill almost swallowed his tongue upon hearing that the breakfast meeting that he was successfully sabotaging was with Decker, the businessman he'd been trying meet with for months. With Decker growing impatient downstairs, Lizzie ordered Bill to cease his antics because her meeting was good for the company.

When Lizzie returned to the parlor, she offered to take Decker to the office to show him how Spaulding could help him build a resort and casino empire in Macau, China. Decker said he needed a partner that could pave the way with the Chinese government through credits. Lizzie scrambled for a response, but Bill came into the room, quickly assuring Decker that he'd already secured such credits with the Chinese government. He introduced himself to Decker and said he was glad to finally meet him. Decker asked the two if he could trust their working relationship. Lizzie said all he needed to do was trust her, his liaison to Spaulding. Bill added that he'd taken over Spaulding and made it a much tighter ship. Bill then presented Decker with the electric guitar, a vintage Stratocaster, saying he knew Decker's son played. Decker took the guitar and agreed to work with Lizzie and Bill after they finalized the deal. Upon leaving, Decker jokingly wondered if the E string would be okay.

After Decker left, Lizzie and Bill seemed in celebratory moods. Lizzie did a cute little dance, but took exception when Bill said they were celebrating his big win. She felt that her Spaulding name had gotten the meeting with Decker after Bill had failed for months. Bill said Lizzie was welcome to use her charm, but he wanted her to leave the real business to him. Lizzie retorted that they'd secured Decker through their teamwork, just as she knew they could.

An angry Lizzie stormed out of the house. Moments later, Alex entered the parlor, looking for her grand niece. Bill thought it was a good thing Alex had just missed Lizzie, because Lizzie was in one hell of a mood. Alex sarcastically apologized that Lizzie couldn't be in a chipper mood while her grandfather was in a coma. "He's what?" Bill asked. Alex explained that Alan was in an induced coma due to brain swelling. The doctors said it could be a temporary or permanent state. Bill wondered if Lizzie knew Alan's condition. Alex said Lizzie had planned to get to the hospital the moment she could get away.

Bill went to the hospital, arriving just in time to see Lizzie exit Alan's room in tears. As Lizzie left, he snagged a nurse to ask her for a favor. A short while later, Alex and Lizzie talked by the nurses' station. Lizzie said she'd been up all night working on business proposals for Alan to view once he awakened. Alex suggested that Lizzie get some rest in the companion room. When Lizzie wondered what that room was, Alex said a nurse had just told her that there had been a lovely room set up for Alan's family. Lizzie wondered who had arranged it for them.

Later, Bill encountered Dinah outside the courthouse. In response to her saying she'd left him fifteen messages, he said, "I know, I know. I've been meaning to get back to you..." Dinah was furious that he'd cut off her bank account and credit cards. Bill said it was a necessary evil until he could be assured that she wouldn't try to take the company. Grady slithered up behind a pillar and listened in as Dinah reminded Bill that she still had WSPR. Dinah said he needed her, but Bill boasted that he'd gotten the Decker deal that day without her. Dinah quickly suspected Lizzie had helped with that one. Bill arrogantly said if Dinah needed a few bucks, she could go to Alan when he woke up. In the meantime, Bill said he had work to do, and walked off.

Bill strode over by a wooden fence and checked his messages. Grady slipped on a black ski mask and pulled his sweatshirt hood over his head. When he silently approached Bill, Bill glanced up and matter-of-factly asked the cloaked robber if he wanted Bill's wallet. Grady said, "That's a start." The two men squared off.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Olivia was having a glass of wine at Towers when Remy smugly sat beside her. He knew Olivia had lied about Ava's responses to his post cards. He'd had a chance to see Ava, and Ava had said she hadn't even received them. Olivia defended herself, saying she was just doing what she thought was best for her child by hiding the cards. Remy reported that Ava was doing well and was ready to come home, pending a final evaluation from the doctors. It was possible that Ava might return home the next day. He promised not to push Ava, but he said he planned to romantically pursue her when she was ready.

At the Beacon, Olivia prepared for Ava's return. Remy offered to help, but Olivia declined. He wondered if everything had to be a battle with Olivia. When Olivia showed him two boxes full of Ava's maternity clothes, Remy thought Ava would approve of donating the clothes to charity. Olivia let Remy take the clothes, and he smiled, saying he'd bring her a tax receipt.

Over at Company, Frank poured Natalia a cup of coffee, telling her that he was filling in for Buzz, who had gone on a short trip. Natalia busily worked on a stack of files about Rafe's case that Vince Russo had given her. Frank instantly recognized the lawyer's name. He didn't like Russo, but he said Russo was a lawyer who'd get the job done no matter what.

A short time later, Daisy sat down with Natalia and pleaded for help in seeing Rafe. Natalia informed her that Rafe had been transferred to state prison. Daisy couldn't believe Frank couldn't help Rafe out of the transfer. Natalia suspected that Doris Wolfe wanted to make an example of Rafe. Daisy blamed Rafe's problems on herself and explained to Natalia what Grady had done. Daisy offered to help pay for Rafe's defense once she got a job. She asked Natalia if she could visit Rafe at the state prison, even offering to take Natalia along. Natalia granted Daisy permission to see Rafe, but Natalia said she'd drive herself after work. Before Daisy left, Natalia asked her to keep Grady away from Rafe.

Some time later, Natalia concluded a meeting with Russo and worried about his legal bill. Frank suggested they set up a defense fund for Rafe. Olivia entered Company and Natalia berated her for spending twenty-five thousand dollars on Russo. Olivia told her not to even think about it; Russo had just needed a retainer to take the case. Natalia didn't want to owe Olivia so much money, but Olivia said she hadn't asked Natalia to repay her. Olivia considered it an investment in Rafe's future. Natalia was still upset, resenting Olivia for having the money to help everyone. Irritated, Olivia asked Natalia if she had somewhere else to be. Natalia left for work.

Frank told Olivia that she was a good friend to Natalia, and Natalia was just proud. Olivia announced Ava's possible return home. Frank asked if Jeffrey had heard the news. Jeffrey hadn't been told, but Olivia thought he'd be happy about it. Olivia asked Frank if he could keep a secret and Frank randomly guessed that Reva was pregnant. Olivia told a surprised Frank that he was psychic. Since Jeffrey had his hands full, Olivia looked forward to having Ava to herself. Frank reminded Olivia to take care of herself.

After conversing with Frank, Olivia grabbed her purse to leave; however, Lawrence Decker stopped her. He said they'd done business when she had worked for Spaulding Enterprises on the waterfront development. He said his company was developing hotels and casinos around the world, and they "really liked Olivia's face." He asked her if she'd be interested in working with his company on the development projects. Olivia was flattered, but she quickly said no. Decker recommended that she not to be hasty, but Olivia declined and left.

Natalia's troubles continued when her car broke down and she had to walk to work at Towers. After arriving late, Natalia pressed her luck with her manager, saying that because her car had broken down, she needed to catch a bus to see her son. The last bus left before her shift ended, so she asked him if someone else could cover her shift. The manager agreed to let her go; however, Natalia came right back a short time later. She had missed the last bus to see her son and she asked her boss if she could still work her shift. The manager told her to get changed.

Meanwhile, Daisy sat down across from a black-eyed Rafe at a silver table in the prison. After explaining that Natalia would visit him soon, Daisy asked how he was getting along in such a scary place. Rafe said he was just keeping his head down and staying out of trouble. Daisy told him that she'd broken up with Grady, and Rafe was glad she'd figured out who Grady really was. Daisy said she was probably the only person who understood Grady. Rafe looked down, sad because she used to say that about Rafe. Rafe told Daisy he loved her, and Daisy was speechless. The guard came for Rafe and, upon leaving, Rafe thanked her for breaking up with Grady.

After visiting Rafe, Daisy saw Grady on the playground. She told him about her visit with Rafe and seemed to want Grady to feel bad for the situation he'd caused. Grady said turning Rafe in had been his civic duty. Daisy said he just didn't get that his actions were the reason they weren't together. Grady said he got it. He had taken a chance and he'd lost Daisy. Grady said maybe her lecture was therapeutic for her, but he didn't need to hear it. Grady walked off.

Outside Company, Lizzie and Dinah encountered each other. Neither seemed please to see the other, but they tried to make casual conversation. Dinah asked Lizzie about Hilda, saying Hilda had been a big part of her life for a while. Lizzie offered to let Dinah visit Hilda, adding that the rift between Dinah and Bill was only temporary. Dinah agreed, saying she and Bill would be back where they belonged-once Bill learned his lesson. Lizzie shook her head at the cryptic statement and wondered what Dinah wanted from Bill. Dinah replied that for a start, he could turn her credit cards back on.

Though Lizzie was shocked that Bill had cut off Dinah's credit, Lizzie planned to stick around because she knew what it meant when Dinah felt the need to teach someone a lesson. Dinah retorted that Bill wanted nothing to do with Lizzie, but Lizzie disagreed, saying he'd moved back into the house. Lizzie called herself and Bill a team, and said she was working on him to fix his family relationships. To prove Lizzie was on Dinah's side, Lizzie produced a wad of cash from her purse and offered it to Dinah, since her accounts were frozen. Dinah resentfully stared at Lizzie and didn't take the money. Lizzie pocketed the cash and told Dinah to come find her at the hospital when she changed her mind.

A short distance from Company, Bill stood by a wooden fence, telling the cloaked mugger that he'd picked the wrong guy. A disguised Grady whipped out a black pipe, and Bill quickly tossed his wallet. Grady watched the wallet fly past him into the dirt. When Grady advanced, Bill whacked him. Grady clinched Bill's throat and smashed Bill into the fence. While Bill struggled, Grady slammed the pipe against Bill's left knee. Just then, Lizzie shrieked, "Stop!"

Lizzie thoughtlessly barreled into the scuffle with her mace cocked. Grady peeled off of Bill and ran. Wincing against the fence, Bill claimed to be okay. Lizzie admonished him for fighting with the mugger, cursing herself for wasting time talking to Dinah. Lizzie wanted to get Bill to the hospital, but he was more concerned about Lizzie's conversation with Dinah. He suspected Lizzie had spun the truth about their living situation. The only reason Bill said he was living in the mansion was because it belonged to him. Refusing Lizzie's help, Bill limped away.

As Bill struggled to his car, Dinah rushed up, asking him what had happened. Moments later, Grady walked up to lend a hand. Bill said he'd almost been mugged, but the offender had been more intent on harming him than taking his money. When Dinah wanted to make a report, Bill opted to just go home. Dinah was outraged, but she became even more appalled when she saw Grady grinning at her knowingly. Bill insisted he was fine and Grady left. Dinah mentioned that Lizzie had told her that Bill had moved back into the mansion. Bill grunted as he limped, saying he planned to reclaim from Lizzie everything she had stolen.

Later, Dinah found Grady playing basketball outside his house. She smacked him in the face and raged that she'd never once told Grady to hurt Bill. "No, I thought of that one myself," Grady chuckled. Dinah said Grady couldn't be reckless and he had to think things through. Grady asked her if his stunt had moved her just a little bit closer to making Bill realize that Dinah was there for him and he needed her. Dinah hated that Grady might have been right. She took his basketball, lobbed it at him, and stalked off.

Meanwhile, Lizzie went to the hospital and saw Beth in the waiting area. Beth said Alan's condition hadn't changed. The doctors wouldn't bring him out of the induced coma until they saw sufficient brain activity. Lizzie suggested that Beth rest in the new family room. When Beth didn't know who'd garnered the room, Lizzie talked to a nurse to learn that Bill had done it. Lizzie steamed about how confusing Bill was. He was mean to her when she'd tried to help him, but then he turned around and did something like that for her family. Lizzie hated that Bill was so indecisive and stubborn. Beth thought someone should thank Bill for his gesture, but an obstinate Lizzie refused. Beth said she'd do it if it would help the situation for Lizzie. Huffing, Lizzie decided she'd thank Bill herself. She strode off to get it over with.

Back at the mansion, Bill leaned on a cane as he eased into the parlor's desk chair. Susie, a coquettish therapist, assisted him. Some time later, Bill was alone in the parlor when Lizzie waltzed in to tersely thank him for the room at the hospital. Bill said it was nothing he wouldn't do for any person he worked with. Exasperated, Lizzie commanded him to stop pretending they didn't mean anything to each other. Just then Susie reentered the parlor. Surprised to see another woman, Lizzie quietly said she didn't know Bill had company. Bill allowed Lizzie to assume that Susie was a personal friend. Lizzie whispered that Bill was a jerk as he asked for Susie's assistance in leaving the room.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Frank's feelings for Natalia became evident to Rick and Coop as they watched Frank do everything within his power to get Natalia a visit with Rafe. After he was unsuccessful, a disappointed Natalia left Company. At the bar, Coop and Rick ribbed Frank for being so concerned about Natalia. Coop eventually forced Frank to admit his fondness for her. Frank admitted he liked Natalia, but she had a lot on her plate. Plus, Frank would never put the moves on Gus's widow. Coop and Rick were relentless, but Frank assumed that Natalia was only interested in Frank's police connections. Rick joked that Natalia could find better cops than Frank. "Easy, Dr. Death," Frank retorted, and adamantly refused to ask her out.

A little later, Coop presented Frank with tickets for a nighttime concert in the park that evening. Coop had bought the tickets before he and Ashlee had split. He wanted Frank to take Natalia. Frank said he couldn't handle more rejection. Rick replied that it was a date, not a marriage proposal. Coop and Rick started improvising a skit of Natalia and Frank to illustrate how easy asking her out would be, but Frank stopped them, finally caving in. Frank wanted the record to show that he was asking Natalia out so that he wouldn't end up like Coop and Rick.

Natalia traveled to Cross Creek and found Jeffrey under the hood of his new car. Jeffrey apologized for being unable to prevent Rafe's transfer. When she asked him to help her see Rafe, Jeffrey doubted he'd have any sway with the judge. Natalia solicited Jeffrey's opinion of Vince Russo versus a court appointed lawyer. Jeffrey felt that Vince was one of the best. Rafe faced very serious charges and Jeffrey thought it was risky to settle for a court-appointed attorney.

While talking with Jeffrey, Natalia missed her bus for work. When she finally arrived at Towers, her manager fired her, saying that she was a part-timer who was rarely there. After leaving Towers, Natalia talked to Lillian at Cedars about getting a few more hours. Natalia didn't have an official job title at the hospital, but she said she'd do anything from filing to working in the cafeteria. Lillian regrettably said there was a hiring freeze at the hospital. A sullen Natalia decided to visit Alan. When she arrived outside his room, she encountered Father Ray, who said Alan had been moved because Alan required more surgery to relieve the pressure in his brain. Natalia huffed, wondering if Gus were punishing her.

Father Ray sat down with Natalia and she told him about all the bad things happening in her life. She'd put all her faith in Alan's visions, even calling Rafe home based upon them. Rafe wound up in jail, and she felt God was punishing her for putting faith in Alan instead of in Him. Father Ray told her that God wasn't punishing her; God loved her. He urged her to hold onto her faith, even in hard times, because those were the times people needed faith the most. After Father Ray left, Natalia sat down in Alan's room. She ran her hand over the bed and sobbed.

Back at the nurses' station, Frank asked Lillian if she'd seen Natalia. Lillian directed him to Alan's room. When Frank leaned his head in the doorway, he saw Natalia sobbing. Without disturbing her, Frank closed the door and returned to the nurses' station. He offered Lillian the concert tickets and suggested she take Buzz with her.

At Towers, Rick chowed down on a salad, telling Coop that it would be the best date he'd ever had if Coop would pick up the tab. Coop replied that he didn't have any money. As Rick and Coop discussed who'd pay the bill, Frank told them to shut up and eat their food. With their mouths full, they both promised to repay Frank.

At Cross Creek, Reva was running late to meet Cassie because she had trouble wording a text message to Shayne. After messaging Shayne that she had good news, the kind that had to be given in person, Reva made it to Towers thirty minutes late. Cassie congratulated Reva on her decision to continue the pregnancy. Reva told Cassie that she was overwhelmed by the "don'ts" of pregnancy and asked Cassie to be her "co-pilot" during the pregnancy. Since Reva hadn't been pregnant in a long time, she thought Cassie might help her navigate all of the changing needs of expectant mothers. Cassie sardonically wondered if Reva's proposal was her idea of apologizing to Cassie.

Taken aback, Reva wondered what she was apologizing for. Cassie told her to pick an issue, any issue, from the last few years. Reva apologized, though she hadn't a clue what for. Cassie grew angry, saying that Reva was being passive aggressive, just as she had been by showing up late to Towers. Totally baffled by Cassie's hostility, Reva joked that Cassie must have been reading self-help books. Cassie admitted she indeed had been, adding that there were hundreds of books out about pregnancy that Reva could read. Cassie said Jeffrey was who Reva should lean on, not Cassie. Cassie said she wasn't the person for the job and she left.

After Reva recovered from her argument with Cassie, Father Ray approached her to congratulate her. He'd heard about her pregnancy and excitedly asked her if she was ready. Reva felt she'd made some mistakes as a mother in the past, but she said her pregnancy might give her another chance. Father Ray wondered if Josh had quit the ministry. Reva believed Josh was taking a break, mentioning that he'd traveled to Afghanistan to clear mines alongside Shayne. Father Ray patted her belly and said, "God bless."

At Company, Jeffrey was canceling appointments to free up time for his honeymoon when Olivia sprang the news that Ava might be released that day. Jeffrey sighed, hating to postpone his honeymoon again, even though he really did want to be there for Ava. Olivia convinced Jeffrey that she could handle Ava's homecoming on her own and Ava would understand about his honeymoon. She said Jeffrey would have much to look forward to upon his return.

Jeffrey returned to Cross Creek. When Reva arrived home, she located him in their garage. He said the car was ready for their road trip, but Reva doubted the two-seater was big enough for the slew of baby books Cassie said they'd have to read. Jeffrey chuckled, saying he hadn't imagined ever reading baby books on a honeymoon. Holding Reva, he recalled that he'd never thought he'd have a honeymoon, either.

As they went into the house, Jeffrey told Reva about Ava's impending return. He'd gotten the impression that Olivia was looking forward to the alone time with Ava. Reva showed Jeffrey an R.V. she'd found on the Internet. Jeffrey wasn't so sure he'd enjoy the "land yacht." Though he was happily married and ecstatic that Reva had made him a father, he didn't want to be a van-driving, baby sling-wearing father. After checking her emails and noting that Shayne hadn't responded, Reva said her conversation with Cassie hadn't gone well. When Jeffrey asked her what that meant, Reva replied that it meant Jeffrey had to read up on baby slings.

While outside loading the two-seater convertible, Reva suggested that they hitch the car to the back of the R.V. Jeffrey said he was taking the car over to someone who'd better appreciate it. Reva was interested in accompanying him, but turned her lips up when he said he was going to Olivia's to drop off a gift for Ava. Jeffrey said that once he returned, it was honeymoon time. Shaking her hips, Reva replied that it was always honeymoon time with them.

After Jeffrey left, Reva checked her emails again. She became alarmed when the text message she'd sent Shayne bounced back in her emails. Just then, she received a phone call from Josh. The connection was bad, but it seemed like Josh was saying something had happened to Shayne. As Reva asked what had happened to him, the line went dead.

Meanwhile, at the Beacon, Olivia busily prepared for Ava's return. Cassie visited to ask her about the rumors that Decker was wooing her. Olivia laughed, saying that Decker had approached her to be the face of a string of hotels, but she'd declined because she wanted to spend as much time as possible with her daughters. As they folded Ava's clothes, they came across some maternity attire that Olivia had forgotten to pack for Remy to take to charity. They discussed their pregnancies in the past, and Olivia said that even though she'd just had a heart transplant at the time, Ava's pregnancy had been the greatest time of her life.

Cassie seemed sad and opened up to Olivia that she'd been stuck between feeling happy for the good things in other people's lives and being jealous. There had been a time when Cassie had thought she'd be with Jeffrey before Josh had come along. As it turned out, Reva had married him and was having a baby with him. Olivia said a little jealousy was normal. Cassie produced her self-help book, and Olivia said Cassie sounded like she had been reading one of those. Cassie said she couldn't believe she was telling Olivia all those things. "Desperate times..." Olivia replied with a smile.

When Cassie went home, she found R.J. there, excited to play a video game with her. Meanwhile, Olivia received a phone call from Ava's doctor. Later, when Jeffrey arrived at Olivia's to drop off the gift, he found her sobbing in bed. She told him that Ava wasn't coming home.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

When Cyrus stopped by Cassie's farmhouse unannounced, Cassie wondered why he was still in town. Cyrus explained that Grady had hooked up with Dinah. While Cyrus had warned Grady and Dinah about each other, Cyrus believed Grady's new interest had quelled his desire for revenge on Cassie. The two ate egg salad sandwiches at her kitchen table. Cassie was glad that Grady was moving on, saying that she'd never forgive Grady for what he'd done, but she couldn't keep harboring past bitterness. Cassie then wondered if Cyrus still planned to leave town or if he'd stick around to fix her garage door. Cyrus did plan to stay in town for a while, but not because of Harley or Grady. Cassie joked that it was her egg salad that had done the trick.

Sometime later, Cassie answered her door, expecting to see Cyrus back to fix her garage door. Instead, Frank was at the door and said he thought the Foleys were leaving town. Cassie told him that they'd changed their minds. When Frank seemed concerned for her and Daisy, Cassie said Cyrus was nothing like his brother. She felt she'd be teaching R.J. a bad lesson by lumping them together. Frank warned her that Frank and Jesse James were nothing alike either.

At home later, Cyrus changed into coveralls and gathered his burglary tools. He traveled to an unknown home and disarmed the security system. After picking the lock, he entered the home and then lugged electronics out the front door. Cyrus returned to Cassie's house and let himself in. When she entered the kitchen, he seemed edgy, saying he hadn't seen her car out front. Cassie said she'd parked around back. Cyrus offered to work on the garage door, but Cassie said it wasn't the best time since R.J. was expected home soon. Nodding, Cyrus wondered if Cassie went into the barn often at that time of year. He said he'd seen snakes around and suggested that she and R.J. steer clear of that area for a while. A little while after Cyrus left, Cassie discovered his lock-picking kit on the living room floor. Phone in hand, she stared at the kit and contemplated making a call. She then shut her phone and called R.J. downstairs, saying he needed to meet his friend.

At Cyrus' house, a panicking Cyrus searched all over for his lock-picking kit. Frank knocked on the door and then entered to inform Cyrus about a robbery that had occurred on Glenn Street. Frank asked Cyrus to accompany him to the station for questioning. When Cyrus wondered what he'd be questioned about, Frank cuffed Cyrus and read him his rights. Frank told him that the house next to the one he'd robbed had a flat screen television. When Cyrus snidely attacked Frank's confidence in Cyrus' guilt, Frank said he had an eyewitness to Cyrus' crime.

Meanwhile, Remy bumped into his father at the hospital. Clayton invited him to have lunch with him and Mel, but Remy said he planned to work through lunch so he'd be available for Ava's homecoming. Over at the Beacon, Jeffrey and Olivia put in a call to Ava's clinic to verify that even though Ava was being released, Ava had decided not to return to Springfield. Olivia and Jeffrey left Ava several messages, but Ava wouldn't return their calls. Olivia looked at the gift Jeffrey had gotten for Ava. It was a packet of photos from what Olivia playfully dubbed "the shotgun wedding." After discussing the photos, Jeffrey decided to go tell Reva that they weren't leaving that day. Olivia insisted that he take his honeymoon, but Jeffrey wasn't in the mood for it anymore. In the hallway as Jeffrey exited, Remy approached and overheard Olivia say that she couldn't understand why Ava didn't want to return home.

Jeffrey left Olivia to explain the news to Remy. Olivia accused Remy of being the reason Ava didn't want to come home. Remy was confused because he thought Ava had been excited about returning and said she'd been making plans to see Emma. Olivia thought Remy's pressure for a relationship had scared Ava off. An offended Remy left and Olivia broke into tears.

Because Remy's car was in the shop, Remy ran all the way to Towers to find his father. Remy told Clayton that Ava was confused about returning home. He asked his father for money to rent a car so he could go see Ava and help her sort out her problems. Clayton grimaced, saying Remy was on probation at his job and had already missed a day by visiting Ava earlier. While Clayton was proud of Remy for stepping up with Ava, he didn't like that Remy was putting his life on hold for her. Growling in anger, Remy said it was just a job, but Ava was the woman he was in love with. Refusing to loan the money, Clayton apologetically said someone had to look out for Remy if Remy wouldn't do it himself.

Over at Cross Creek, Reva reached Josh via videophone. Their connection was bad as Josh conveyed that Shayne hadn't shown up in Kabul for his rendezvous with Josh. After waiting a couple days for him, Josh had ventured to the camp where Shayne had been stationed, and learned that Shayne had departed on time. When Josh returned to Kabul, he'd assembled a team and contacted the embassy to search for Shayne. He told Reva not to panic, but she replied that the country was a war zone. Josh continued to give Reva details, but the video feed disconnected.

Jeffrey arrived home and told Reva about the developments with Ava. An anxious Reva said it was fine to postpone their honeymoon because she was about to board a plane for Afghanistan in a few hours. Jeffrey took her suitcase, saying she shouldn't be lifting anything. Additionally, he thought it was crazy for her to go to a dangerous foreign country. Reva said she didn't want to hear about the doctor's stupid precautions because she needed to help Shayne. Jeffrey said going half way around the world and endangering their unborn child wouldn't help Shayne. "So now I'm pregnant and worthless!" Reva raged. Jeffrey replied that he didn't say that. Since Jeffrey had connections, he decided that it made more sense for him to fly there and assist Josh instead of Reva. Reva stubbornly asserted that she needed to be there.

Jeffrey retorted that her insistence was classic Reva. Since she couldn't conform to the rules and responsibility of her pregnancy, she subverted them. Reva said that wasn't true. She'd failed her children so many times in the past that she couldn't just do nothing. Jeffrey said Reva's going to Kabul wasn't about Shayne; it was about Reva. Huffing, Reva threatened to throw her suitcase at him, but she said he wouldn't let her lift it. Reva decided she was calling a cab and said she'd contact Jeffrey when she reached Kabul. A frustrated Jeffrey missed a call from a sullen Olivia as he stormed out of his house. He went to Company and sat worriedly on the boardinghouse steps.

After arguing with Clayton, Remy went to Company where he tried to convince Olivia that he really hadn't pressured Ava in their visits. He said that while visiting Ava, they mostly read books because there wasn't much to say. Olivia bitterly said she'd told Emma that her big sister was returning home based upon Remy's word. Remy apologized for getting Emma's hopes up, but he said it might still come true. Remy asked Olivia to drive to the clinic with him to convince Ava to return home. "You and me?" Olivia dubiously asked. Remy felt they could put aside their differences for someone they both loved. She was slow to agree, but once she did, Remy went to get snacks for the road trip.

Jeffrey entered Company and sat down with Olivia. She informed him that Remy and she were driving to see Ava. She said if Jeffrey wanted accompany them, there was room in the car for one more. Jeffrey said he might be tied up with other issues regarding his wife.

Meanwhile, when Reva's cab hadn't shown up, Reva slammed the phone down on the dispatcher. Billy came over, saying he'd received a call from Josh. A frantic Reva said she was on the way to meet Josh, adding, "Unless my husband steals my passport, that is!" Reva went on a rampage, telling a silent Billy that she wasn't endangering her baby or being selfish by going to help Shayne. Reva declared that it wasn't in her nature to pin herself down by rules and precautions. She loved her unborn child and would never endanger it. Reva yelled that she just hated all the restrictions put upon her newest pregnancy. Sighing decisively, she thanked Billy for being a big help. As Reva left, Billy said, "Yeah, I'm really good."

Reva caught up to Jeffrey at Company. She told him that she needed to learn to listen to him because he was her husband and he knew her. Since he did know her, Jeffrey had believed she was on her way to Kabul. He'd been about to book himself a flight as well. Reva told him that she's argued with him because she hated it when people called her out for acting on her impulses. "I'm sorry I was a little blunt," Jeffrey responded. Jeffrey still offered to fly to Kabul to help Josh in the search for Shayne. Holding her belly, Reva said, "We need you here." Just then, Reva received a text message from Josh. She was overjoyed to read that Josh had located Shayne, and Shayne was safe. The relieved couple hugged each other. They then entered Company to see Olivia and Remy planning to leave on their trip. Reva asked them if there were room for two more in the car.

Friday, September 19, 2008

When Susie was an hour late showing up for Bill's physical therapy appointment, he grumbled around the parlor like an aggravated lion. Lizzie and Alex wandered in and saw Bill pouting in pain. Lizzie had brought Alex over to discuss Alex becoming a consultant on the Galaxy International project involving Lawrence Decker; however, since Bill wasn't feeling well, Alex left to check on Alan. Once alone with Bill, Lizzie flipped him over on the sofa for a little "physical therapy" of her own. Lizzie twisted and pounded him so hard that he groaned, saying he felt like, "Roxie in the jaws of a Doberman." Lizzie suggested that his new girlfriend come over and help her. Wincing, Bill told her that Susie was merely his physical therapist. After he sat up, Bill stroked her hands, uttering that they were so tiny, yet so painful. Lizzie asked him if he wanted to stop their session. He said no and they began kissing.

Lizzie and Bill's session was interrupted when a handsome young man entered to interview with Lizzie for her personal assistant position. Lizzie's eyes lit up, immediately finding the interviewee attractive. Bill seemed nauseous as Lizzie fawned over Sean, the applicant, delighting in the fact that he practiced dog shiatsu. Bill hobbled out of the room on his cane, saying he felt like, "taking a shiatsu." Once Bill was gone, Lizzie dropped her giggling-girl act and told Sean that he was over qualified for the position. She sent him to personnel for a marketing job. Alex reentered the room as Sean exited. When she asked Lizzie who he was, Lizzie said he was an overqualified candidate for her assistant position. "For you maybe, but not overqualified for me," Alex said, watching the man go. Alex said Lizzie was playing a dangerous game by trying to make Bill jealous.

Alex and Lizzie went to Towers for lunch and Lizzie revealed that Bill had started the jealousy game by passing his therapist off as his girlfriend. Lizzie had investigated on her own, and after learning who Susie really was, Lizzie had canceled his appointment with Susie. She then gave Bill her own version of therapy by inviting over the handsome interviewee. Alex suspected Bill and Lizzie's games would cloud the real objective. Lizzie wondered if Alex could be happy for her and Bill if they succeeded as a power couple. Alex said she'd be very happy, but somehow, she couldn't see Bill happy in a company still named Spaulding.

Meanwhile over at the hospital, a battered Bill leaned over Alan in his bed. Bill told Alan, "This is all your fault, you crazy bastard." Bill wished he'd let Alan make a fool of himself in New York. He taunted comatose Alan by calling the Spaulding name despicable. Bill hated what Alan had done to Lizzie by driving Jonathan away with Sarah. Bill had taken Alan's company and his property, but Bill believed that what Alan feared most was that Bill would take Lizzie. Alan's monitor beeped rapidly and Bill cooed at the reaction. He threatened to marry Lizzie and give her the Lewis name in exchange for Spaulding. Bill ordered Alan to wake up and witness the destruction of his entire family. Suddenly, the warning bells on Alan's monitors sounded. Frightened, Bill backed away from Alan and called for a nurse. He hurried out of the room and ran into Lizzie, who looked alarmed by the noises coming from Alan's monitors. Bill gulped, stammering to tell her that Alan needed a doctor.

Over at the farmhouse, Cassie continued to stare at Cyrus' lock-picking kit. After dropping her son off for a hiking outing with a friend, Cassie went to Company where Coop apprised her of Cyrus' arrest. Apparently, the robbery had occurred at a home near Cassie's. Insisting that Cyrus was a thief, Coop hoped the new arrest would help Harley know she'd made the right decision in leaving Cyrus.

Before Cassie left, Coop asked her how Shayne was. He then told a surprised Cassie that Shayne had been missing in Afghanistan, and according to Jeffrey, Reva had been ready to board a plane to find him. Concerned, Cassie wondered if Jeffrey had stopped Reva. Because he didn't want to seem like the town gossip, Coop only said Shayne had been found unharmed. Coop was amazed that neither Jeffrey, Josh, nor Reva had told Cassie about the situation. With a contrite smile, Cassie said she wasn't and then left.

At the station, Frank hauled an innocence professing Cyrus to a cell. Frank explained that Cyrus was suspected of stealing $25,000 worth of surround sound equipment. Since they had a witness, Frank didn't even need to locate the goods to make the charges stick. In light of the new repeat offender statute, Cyrus faced a stiff thirty years to life in prison. Frank accused Cyrus of lying about leaving town and warned him to stop hanging around Cassie. Cyrus said he wasn't lying about going to South America and he reasoned that it made no sense for him to risk his life over stereo equipment. As Frank locked him up, Cyrus yelled that the witness was lying.

While Grady and Dinah played the gaming system she'd bought him, they heard the news of Cyrus' arrest on the radio at his house. Dinah was ready to convict Cyrus, who she felt had it coming due to his poor treatment of Grady. A confused Grady thought it made no sense that Cyrus would commit a crime near his own neighborhood. The two decided that Dinah should infiltrate the police station and find out what had really happened. At the station, Dinah sneaked a peak at Cyrus' file by pretending to be Mallet's wife, looking for a check on Mallet's desk. She called Grady to inform him of the eyewitness and the new three strikes rule that Cyrus was up against. Grady seemed grim, but Dinah touted that Grady wouldn't be second best anymore.

After talking to Grady, Dinah slipped in to see Cyrus in holding and gloated about his predicament. Dinah told him that she and Grady both knew how it felt to be put-down by their siblings. Cyrus asked her to do him one favor for old time's sake: fire Grady and hire someone else. Dinah was uninterested in doing that, saying she knew his brother better than he did.

Meanwhile Grady sneaked into an interrogation room where the witness waited and told the witness that they needed to have a talk. Sometime later, Frank retrieved his witness to find him visibly shaken. The witness said he could no longer verify that he'd seen Cyrus with the goods because he hadn't been wearing his contacts at the time of the crime. Frank reminded the witness that he'd been trimming his hedges three yards from the crime scene and had identified the stolen equipment by brand name. The frazzled witness insisted he couldn't help and left the police station. Frank begrudgingly released Cyrus. Frank told Cyrus that his witness had suddenly gone blind, probably out of fear of retribution from the Foley brothers. He ordered Cyrus out of the station before he booked him for loitering.

Dinah and Grady met outside the courthouse. When Dinah started to name the witness, Grady said, "Tim Pandola." Dinah was astonished that Grady had already known. Just then, Cyrus walked out of the building across from them and gratefully breathed the fresh air. "Right on schedule," Grady said with a grin. The two left undetected by Cyrus and returned to Grady's place. Dinah was incensed that Grady hadn't told her that he'd planned to see the witness. She couldn't understand why Grady had had the perfect chance to stick it to Cyrus, but he'd rescued him instead. Grady warned Dinah against telling Cyrus what he'd done. When Dinah scolded him for risking prison for Cyrus, Grady said he had assumed that Dinah knew how sibling relationships worked. He guessed he'd been wrong.

Cassie traveled to the courthouse and made it there just in time to see Cyrus being released. She called him later and left him a message to meet her at the farmhouse. When they met, Cassie presented him with his lock-picking kit and stared at him knowingly. Cassie told him that his crime had been her fault for giving him the idea. Cassie said that the other day over egg salad sandwiches, she'd complained to Cyrus about her neighbor and his obnoxious surround sound system. The next thing she knew, her neighbor no longer had his system. Cyrus wondered if she'd turn him in, but Cassie considered his deed a favor. When Cyrus admitted that the stereo system was stashed in her barn, Cassie scoffed and then joked that he wanted to get them both thrown in jail. After discussing what to do with the system, Cassie decided they'd find a way to donate it to a children's hospital. Cassie then gave Cyrus a key, saying that she wanted to officially hire him to work for her. In her opinion, working for her would ensure that Cyrus would be less apt to steal, and it'd also ensure that she wouldn't have to lose her handyman to prison. Giving her a tender smile, Cyrus said he accepted the job as long as something was in it for him.

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