One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 15, 1997 on OLTL

Blair blamed Todd for the Irish terrorists shooting up the penthouse. Marty kept quiet after seeing that Patrick was still alive; she smuggled him out of the hospital. Bo received a letter from Marty. Family kept vigil at Mel's bedside.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 15, 1997 on OLTL
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Monday, September 15, 1997

In the Intensive Care Unit at Llanview Hospital, Larry looks over a very badly damaged Mel and explains that he was shot and will need surgery. He asks for Dorian, Larry allows Dorian to visit. He tells Dorian that it does not look good for Mel. Dorian comforts Mel and encourages him to stay alive. Later Larry tells Dorian that the damage to Mel's liver is extensive and Dorian being a Doctor herself, interprets that to mean catastrophic. She then remembers that in all her worries over Mel, she had forgotten all about Starr. She tells Kelly that she warned them all that Starr's life was in danger as long as she was with Todd.

Dorothy, Mel's daughter, in the meantime tries to get a hold of her grandmother and a flight out of Chicago. She's anxious to see her father.

At Todd's Penthouse, the shooting scene, everything remains grim with 2 people on the floor and blood everywhere. One man, Irish, is confirmed dead and the other, Patrick, is also confirmed dead. Marty cradles his head on her lap with blood all over her wedding gown. Todd comes down, Starr is o.k. and asleep. Bo asks Todd for a statement. Marty tells him not to leave anything out. She tells him to tell all about how all this was his doing and his fault. He has ruined what she has left of her life because of his psychotic vendetta. He is cursed.

Todd tells them Irish terrorists came and shot up the place. He pretends not to know them or their names, but, all of a sudden remembers Patrick called one of them Michael Mahoney and that they held a gun to Téa's head and how he and Patrick tried to jump them. He continues to spin his yarn and finally tells him he does not believe him that he knows why the men were there and he needs to start telling the truth. As Bo continues to push Todd, Téa steps in and uses her legal tactics to bail him out of giving any more answers.

Downstairs in the lobby, Blair is wrought and frantic. She's scared about her daughter's condition and the police won't let her go upstairs to see her. Téa calls her on the cell phone and informs her that Starr is fine and sleeping. She wants to come up and see her. She asks Téa to talk to Bo on her behalf. As she hangs up the phone, the elevator opens and the paramedics wheel out Patrick in a body bag. Marty comes out and she almost crumbles, but, Blair was quick to hold her and comforts her. She tells him that at least she has his baby. Marty leaves with the paramedics. Bo comes out shortly afterwards and allows Blair to go up and see her daughter. He then gives a short statement to the press, refuses to answer any questions and leaves with Hank.

Up at the Penthouse, Blair raged inside, hysterical, and curses Todd out blaming him for everything before she goes up to Starr's bedroom. Téa tries to tell Todd that Blair is just upset. Todd replies "she knows, she knows better than anybody and she's right." Blair comes downstairs with packed bags trying to move Starr out of the Penthouse. Todd blocks her and Téa backs him up explaining that Starr is safe and nothing like this will ever happen again. Blair finally leaves seeing that she has no option, but, promises to be back. Todd tells Téa to go to bed. Téa tells him whatever secrets he's keeping eating him alive and he's got to let go.

Downstairs, Ian is upset at Max for comforting the same Blair he had warned him not to get involved with. He doesn't understand it. He asks when he's going to tell Maggie the truth about Blair and the warehouse. Max stalls saying he's got to find out what Blair knows about the warehouse and fire. Ian tells Max he'll tell Maggie if he doesn't tell her soon.

In the ambulance, on the way to the morgue, Marty holds Patrick's hand and feels them move, then he calls her name. She is shocked and cannot believe her ears or eyes. She decides not to tell anyone to protect him from danger since everyone thinks he's dead.

At the hospital, as Dorian and Kelly comfort each other, Dorothy rushes in asking about her father and meets Dorian for the first time. Dorian introduces her to Kelly, but she just ignores her. Dorian then tells her that her father is in surgery and they won't anything more for a while. She ignores her and goes to the nurse asking for information. The nurse tells her what Dorian told is correct and she has no additional information. Kelly is of course miffed. Dorothy walks away to sit by herself. Dorian tries to talk to her and tells her that her father will be o.k. She replies asking "is that why they told you to notify next of kin, he's going to be fine"? Dorian has nothing to say to that.

On the other side of the hospital, Marty has managed to smuggle Patrick out of the morgue and puts him in her car. She tells him she's going to take him somewhere safe and then cry very pretending he's dead so people can leave them alone. Patrick reminds her that she's taking a very big risk - her life, career and medical license by doing this. She does not care. They drive off.

In OR, Mel is still under. He's losing blood fast. Doctors panic.

Tuesday, September 16th, 1997


Téa is sitting on Rachel's couch sobbing. Rachel comes in and is surprised to see Téa. Téa cries as she relays the story of the night before. Téa asks Rachel is she ever wants to have kids. Rachel says yes. Téa wonders how she could be a good mom when she had the mother and life that she did. She says she confessed to Andrew the other day. She feels protective of Starr when she sees her with Blair. Rachel says that her motherly instinct has flooded in. She thought that it was just her feelings of Blair, but that it is more than that though because when Mahoney went running for the stairs she jumped him without any thought. She had to protect Starr. She has only known Starr for two months but she was ready to be killed before she would let that guy at her. She says that it is more than over protection for Starr, she thinks it might be love. But it has to stop, it might just be too dangerous. Téa is upset because there were not supposed to be any feelings involved with this marriage. She says that this has become more than a deal. Now she feels committed to Starr, now more than ever, but she also feels protective of Todd. He needs someone to look out for him. She is his wife. Rachel says that she should go then go home and be a good wife.


Bo says that he just got a call from the coroner and Patrick's body is still not in the morgue. Hank says that he hasn't been able to reach Marty anywhere. Bo says that he really misses Patrick, Hank tells him to hang in there. EMS took Patrick to the hospital and Marty said that she would deliver the body personally and she still hasn't done so. Hank points out that Marty did sign the death certificate. Nora comes in. She hasn't slept at all because she was driving around town looking for Marty. She wants to know what it going on with Marty. Bo wants Nora to tell him what she knows about Patrick because the only thing that he does know is that the only victim in the hospital from the night prior is Mel. Nora is surprised that the body is missing. Nora says she has no idea what is going on and if she did she wouldn't have been running around all night like crazy looking for Marty. Hank says that Bo had better think about what happened because a press conference is scheduled in one hour. Hank leaves to prepare a statement and Nora reads the death certificate. They speculate that maybe Marty and Patrick were nabbed by more terrorists that were waiting in the wings. Benny brings an envelope to Bo that was left at the morgue. Bo tells Nora that maybe some answers are here after all; the letter is from Marty.

Bo reads the letter. "Dear Bo. By now you know that there is only a body where Patrick was supposed to be. Forgive me for not going through the proper channels, I couldn't bear what that would have meant for Patrick and for me. You knew Patrick, all he wanted was peace. He never found it. Not in life. If the coroner were allowed to conduct an autopsy on his body that peace Patrick so desperately ached for would allude him even in death. The least I could do was spare him and spare myself the nightmare of another legal proceeding that would prove what I already know. Namely, that the man I love more than my own life was shot down in cold blood by a criminal that never would have picked up a gun if Todd Manning hadn't made Patrick the focus of all his twisted, black bitterness. You were there when Patrick died. You know what happened. You saw how it was. You don't need the body to put all the pieces together so I am taking it to a funeral for cremation as soon as I am done writing this. Patrick is gone and I am going to make a new life for myself, some how, some way. I will never come back Llanview. How could I? My love died here. I leave with only memories and ashes, thank you for the friendship and the kindness you have shown throughout the years and please tells Nora she will be in my prayers for the wonderful and ferocious protection of Patrick. I only wish it had been enough to save him. Love Marty.

Bo and Nora comment on how touching the letter is. Bo calls Benny in and tells him to check all the crematoriums to see if there was a late night cremation done. Benny leaves and Bo tells Nora to tell him the truth. What did Marty mean when she said that she appreciates Nora's ferocious protection of Patrick? Nora says that she doesn't know anything else. Bo says that he needs facts. He wants to know everything she knows about Patrick. Nora says that that is attorney client privilege. Bo says that Patrick is dead. Nora says that if Bo were to indulge in a little speculation then she might be moved to listen.

Benny comes in and says that Marty was at a crematorium. She wanted the guy to cremate Patrick right then and there. He did it and she took the ashes. Bo thanks Benny and then asks Nora how this all fits in to the speculation. Nora tells him to go first. Patrick was involved in the bombing. It was safe to assume that if other people were involved they could be so concerned that they would come all the way to Llanview. Mel got in the way of the bullet. The main guy got away and Patrick went after him. Patrick was shot and Todd heard it. The EMS driver put Patrick's body in the ambulance and Marty was allowed to ride along because he is an M.D. How did she carry Patrick away? Patrick is a big guy. Maybe she had help or she didn't need it. Nora asks if he is suggesting that Patrick isn't dead? He is just speculating. Patrick is a tough guy. What if he started to show signs of life? If Marty saw that then they would have handled it from there. She did in her way. She signed the death certificate, gets antibiotics and hustles the funeral director into saying that Patrick was cremated. After all, the guy probably has three kids to put through college and Marty's money might help. Marty and Patrick end up alive and well and are living happily ever after. The bombing is closed.

Nora wants to know what Bo plan to do with the speculation? Bo says that he only deals in fact. They have a witness, he saw Mahoney shoot Patrick, he was pronounced dead, Marty signed the death certificate and they have a signed cremation certificate. There is no reason not to respect the wishes of a young widow to mourn and heal. He is going to get in touch with the FBI and the Irish authorities. As far as the Llanview authorities are concerned, this case is closed.


Kelly and Dorian look in on Mel as Dorothy sits with him. Blair comes in crying and Dorian gives her a hug. Kelly tells Blair that Patrick really liked her. Blair mumbled that Patrick was fond of Kelly too. Dorian introduces Dorothy to Blair. Blair comments that it was a terrible accident that happened to him. Dorothy wonders if he didn't want to get himself killed. Dorian says that it wasn't an accident, he put himself in the line of fire to save his friends. What he did yesterday was nothing short of magnificent. Dorothy says that it has been a while since she heard Mel associated with that word and that if feels good to hear it. Dorian tells Dorothy the events of the night before and how Mel was the hero. Blair tells Dorothy that Patrick didn't make it. Dorian is worried about how Mel will take the word that Patrick has died. Dorian tells Dorothy that Mel hasn't been drinking since he left New York. Kelly tells Dorothy how different Mel has been since he stopped drinking and how Mel has been like a father to her. Dorian wants to know if there is anything they can do for Dorothy. Dorothy says that they can let her know when her grandmother gets there. Dorian offers to send a limousine to the airport to pick her up but Dorothy refuses. Blair says that Dorian was right, she refused to believe that Todd would put Starr in danger, but he did . He fanned the flames until someone got killed. Blair wants Starr back now. Dorian tells her that Starr has never been safe with Todd. And that this is not something from her past it is just a fact.

Mel's mother comes out of the elevator and everyone comments that she is Dr. Maude. She goes up to the counter and asks for Mel. The nurse shows her the way and she meets up with Dorothy. Dorothy introduces Dorian to her. Mel's mom says, "So you're the Dorian Lord that Mel has talked so much about." Dorian wants to know why Mel would talker about her with Dr. Maude. She says why shouldn't he? She is his mother, Dr. Mary Maude Boyle Hays. Dorian says that it is a real honor to meet her. She only wishes it were under other circumstances. Mary knows that Dorian is a physician and wants to know what happened. She tells her about the surgical complications. Mary and Dorothy walk away. Mary tells Dorothy to let her tears flow. She knows that Dorothy is upset because she hadn't talked to Mel in months and that she is afraid that she may never talk to him again now. Mary knows that Mel has many lives let, so hang in there. Mary goes into see Mel. Mary tells Mel that he cannot do this to her when has endured 52 years of life with him. She has such pride and love for him and that he will not die before his mother he may not behave like this and dammit he had better wake up. Mel comes to and says, "My god, you're here." She says yes and starts crying on him. Dorian looks in on this scene from the window.


Téa enters. Todd wonders where Téa has been. Todd told her to get out, so she did. Todd is drinking. Téa looks at the chalk outline of Patrick. Todd recalls Patrick's last words, "I saved your life and you will have to live with that." Téa says that he has two choices. He can, one, tell her what he feels guilty about. Or two, he can put it behind him and let it go. She says to choose plan B. Find a way to accept Patrick's parting shot and let it go. They have lives to lead and a child to raise.


Patrick sits up in bed as Marty changes his dressing. Patrick says that everything is going to be okay. Marty says that in three days they can leave again. Can Marty handle leaving all of her friends? Yes. She is leaving pain and isolation and loss and hope crushed over and over again. They will make their way to Ireland and they will find a little thatch hut, have their baby and be happy. And it would not be and illusion, her fairy tale will be real. She loves him very much. Patrick says no more than he loves her. They kiss. We get lots of flashbacks of them throughout the years.

Wednesday, September 17th, 1997

Nora and Bo's House-Nora, Bo and Penny

Nora and Bo have had so many highs and lows in the last 24 hours that she feels like she has the bends. She is glad that it is just speculation that Patrick is alive. Now Bo can just go with the "hard" evidence like the death certificate and the cremation certificate. She is looking so forward to some sleep, but no such luck. Marty and Patrick have left them something to remember them by- Penny is tied to their front door knob. She says that the dog has unnatural feelings for her. She knows she has been a less than perfect wife lately and she has been an alarmist about the cycle. She apologizes for her behavior but will he get rid of it-just throw it over a cliff. Bo thinks she means Penny. No she means the motorcycle. She doesn't like either of them, but they can keep the dog if the bike goes. Bo doesn't really want to argue, even if Nora chooses to call it negotiations. He tries to tell her that the cycle was not even his idea, it was Hank's. Nora says she doesn't care what her ex husband does with his life, but didn't Bo send her to the spa so she could relax and live longer. So why would he buy a suicide machine. He is spitting in the eyes of fate. Bo replies that he is not making a major statement, he just likes what it says about him. He knows that people look at him and say Wow, what does that feel like and they envy him. Nora asks if this is an ego thing.

She is convinced that Bo is having his own mid life crisis. Bo says that the bike is like Mt. Everest, he rides it because it is there and he can do it. It is not a passion that Nora shares and she thinks that Bo likes that fact. He admits that lately everything is about her. This is about him. He doesn't resent her, he loves her. He just wants this one thing. Nora begins to sob that the cycle means more than she does to him. He is subconsciously trying to kill himself to get away from her. They have always given each other room to breath. If he allows her to take away this one thing he wants, she will demand he gives up the next thing he wants. Bo tells her he is going to the hospital to check up on Mel. He doesn't want to say anything he regrets. Nora can't believe he walked out on her and left her there with her misery and only Penny for company. She yells take the stupid bike and don't bother with the helmet.

Rodi's-Max, Maggie, Ian and Renee

Max's conscience is beginning to borther him. Ian has told him Max doesn't tell her, he will. He keeps imagining all the excuses he can use to show her that it was a mistake, that he did it in her best interest. The first time he tells her in his daydream, she winds up throwing knives at him like in the circus, except this time the target is meant to be hit. Later when Renee comes in the bar, she wonders why he hasn't notice that she has been there with Maggie about 5 minutes. They chalk his preoccupation up to the tragedy at Todd's penthouse. Maggie proudly states that Max was so gallant when Blair was worried about Starr's safety. Then there was Patrick's death and Max has not been able to sleep. Renee says that a loss like this puts everything into perspective. Material things just don't matter. After she leaves, Maggie says that even the school does not mean as much as having his love. He mutters that he has got to do this and he has got to do this now. He sits her down in a chair. He again thinks about what excuses he can tell her for the explosion, but this time he sees the cops dragging him away. Max wimps out and tells her he loves her very much. She suggests a little love in the afternoon. He says, yes, we can do that if you still want to after....Again he launches into another speech, this time no excuses, just pleas for her forgiveness. This fantasy has a nicer ending with Maggie saying all is forgiven. Maggie asks him to be honest with her and to hear her out. She wonders if Max's offer to give her property to build the school on still holds. She wants part of the profits to funnel back to him. Does he think that business and romance can mix? He says Yes, of course. Now what was on his mind. The exact same thing, Max lies. Maggie wonders if Ian will go for this. Max admits that might be a problem.

The Hospital-Dorian, Kelly, Mel, Mary, Ian and Dorothy

Try as she might, Dorothy plainly does not care for Dorian. Even Kelly is dismissed when she offers Mel's daughter some coffee. Mary comes out of ICU and apologizes for using up all the time with her son. Dorian says she knows Mel needs the sleep. She would be more than happy to put them up at her house. Mary says she has made reservations at the Palace and her baggage was left at the airport and is going to be sent there. Dorian would be glad to take care of the baggage. Mary says that will not be necessary. Dorothy makes sure she sees Mel next before Dorian or Kelly. Dorian is clearly disappointed but tells Mary that Dorothy loves her father very much.

Mary takes the coffee from Kelly and realizes for the first time that the name is familar. Her son spoke of Dorian's niece. He said Kelly had guts and that was high praise from Mel. Ian arrives and recognizes Mary Hayes as Dr. Maude. He tells her that he read Sex and the Teenager in his younger days. Ian wants to take Kelly out to enoy the beautiful day. Kelly is saddened that Patrick isn't there to enjoy it. They leave and Dorian tells Mary how she has had to take care of Kelly because she has no one to take care of her. Mary remarks on the splendid job she has done. Dorothy comes out of Mel's room and asks Dorian if she would like to see her father. When Mary gets her grand daughter alone she says she knows what Dorothy is doing. Mary knows that her grand daughter is being unfriendly because she does not like the idea of Dorian replacing her mother. Dorothy admits she can't stand the way Dorian oozes all over them and the way she presumes a relationship with them that doesn't exist. Her grandmother thinks Dorian is good for Mel. Dorothy is having a hard time accepting that what may be good for her father may not be good for her. Dorothy says she will never accept that.

Meanwhile, in Mel's room, Dorian asks why he didn't tell her that his mother was Dr. Maud. He did not want to raise her expectations. Dorian replies that Mary met her expectations and more. Mel probes her about what happened after he was shot and she is forced to tell him about Patrick's "death." Mel just says oh, no.

Serenity Springs-Ian, Kelly, Jessica

Ian remarks that life is transient. It makes him angry about the time he has wasted. He has not left anything behind. Patrick, on the other hand, made his mark in Llanview and will be missed. Kelly says that she would miss him if he died. She is sure that if something happened to her at this moment in time, she would be judged selfish and immature. Ian thinks they have both grow up this last year. She because of the accident and he because of his new relationship with his sister Maggie who brings the joy out in him. Kelly says there are lots of people he can trust in Llanview and he reaches out and holds her hand as the water laps over their fingers. Jessica interrupts their magic moment and is ready to leave, but Kelly knows that her friend is sad too and asks her to join them. Kelly says that they have to live in the moment. Jessica is still jet lagged from her trip to Italy. But Kelly should know that Joey said hi. Ian excuses himself so the girls can talk. Kelly wants to know if Joey is involved with another girl. Jessie is sure that it is just as the letter said. Joey is just very excited an involved in his job. Jessica says he looks great. Kelly replies that she is not the same girl he wrote that letter too. Joey will always have a piece of her heart but now there is room in it for others. She does hope she gets to see him one more time. Jessica smiles and says she thinks she will. After Jessica leaves, Ian rejoins Kelly. She tells him how lucky she is to have met so many wonder men in Llanview like Mel, Patrick, Joey. Ian playfully starts a splash fight with Kelly.

Llanview Hospital-Dorian, Mel, Dorothy, Mary, and Bo

Bo meet Mary and tells her he knows her from the picture on the back of the book his step daughter gave his wife. Dorian comes out and she tells him that Mel knows about Patrick and not to wear him out. Mel believes there was some way he could have stopped it. Bo says there was no way. Patrick was at the Penthouse trying to protect Starr from the terrorists and he took the bullet meant for Todd. Bo can see how agonized Mel is about Patrick's demise so he tells him about all the evidence and which way it points and without directly saying it, he tells Mel that Patrick is alive. Mel understand exactly where Bo's speculations are leading and is very happy. When Bo comes out, Dorian tells him to go home. Mary thinks that has had enough excitement and needs some sleep. Dorian says current opinion holds the more stimulation the better. Mary replies that even as a young boy she has never know her son to have more than a few hours sleep and she worries he will be exhausted. Dorian tells her since he has been with her, Mel sleeps very well. Mary repeats he needs rest. Dorian thinks it is wonderful how well he is sleeping now without sedatives. Dorian leaves for home when Mary says they can manage fine and she agrees. Dorothy uses her grandmother's words against her. She says Dorian is good for Daddy and what is good for Daddy is not always good for Mary.

Thursday, September 18th, 1997

At the hospital, Mel is doing much better. Dorothy goes in to talk to him and they get along fairly well until the subject of Dorian comes up. Dorothy has decided that she hates Dorian, Mel asks her not to judge Dorian so quickly. At home to shower and change, Dorian finds Blair plotting to get Starr away from Todd. She calls her lawyer and makes an appointment for the following day. She's also decided she needs a lot of money to keep Starr safe for ever, which means she's going after Ian, whether Kelly's interested in him or not. Kelly's still at Serenity Springs with Ian. While she is changing, Maggie tells Ian the good news, she's decided to give the warehouse land to Max and Ian in return for their helping her build her school. Ian is not thrilled that Max hasn't told Maggie the truth and storms out with Kelly in tow. At Dorian's, Kelly and Ian arrive home while Blair is there. Kelly gives Ian a kiss goodbye as Blair watches and fumes, but Kelly heads upstairs before there's another fight. Back at the spa, Max asks Maggie to marry him. She wasn't really thinking about marriage yet, but he convinces her to say yes. When Ian returns from dropping off Kelly, he pretends to be happy at the news. After Maggie leaves Ian tells Max that he may be marrying Maggie, but Ian refuses to do business with Max anymore, he's backing out of the waterfront project. At Todd's penthouse, Todd still won't trust Téa enough to talk to her about everything that's happened, even though he has lawyer-client confidentiality. Téa begins to hypothesize, telling the story of how Todd might have tried to blame Patrick for blowing up Guy Armitage's boat and that he knew the terrorists were coming to town to find Patrick, that's why he wanted to leave town. While Todd doesn't actually admit to anything, he doesn't deny it either and Téa takes that as a sign he trusts her a little. Téa proposes they go on a vaction with Starr to Disney World(referred to by Todd as the place with the rodent and the flying teacups). Judith returns with Starr from their walk in the park, but they're not alone, Blair is with them. She will win custody of Starr, Blair warns Todd and Téa.

Friday, September 19th, 1997

Bo and Hank

Bo is gazing at Nora's picture when Hank comes in to complement him for bagging a "major terrorist." Hank still has some questions though, they have missing body. Some questions don't need to be asked, Bo replies, they have a death certificate and a certificate of cremation. Mahoney and O'Hara are both dead, there will be no trial. As far as Bo is concerned, the case is closed. Hank thinks that Bo is acting pretty cool for someone who just lost a good friend. He has two choices, Bo says, he can give up or go forward and Bo has chosen to look ahead. "Life sucks", Bo says, and it's not just about Patrick, he and Nora are having troubles, too.

Bo really didn't have to stay at the office all night, he just didn't want to go home and fight with Nora again. He hoped she would come back from the spa relaxed, but she got upset again the second she saw the motorcycle. Just about every conversation they have, Nora takes the opportunity to complain about the motorcycle. Nora sees it as a major statement, that Bo's angry that he's getting older and angry that she's getting older. Nora thinks that he's going to get on the bike and die so that he can leave her. The bike makes him happy and she doesn't, Nora insists. Hank thinks that idea is crazy. Bo's not too sure, there might be a small element of truth in it. Bo's tried everything he knows how, he's tried to listen, to be sympathetic, but it's no good. The bike is something that Bo doesn't want to share and Nora just can't stand that. If Bo's going to be happy, it's got to be because of Nora(that's what Nora thinks, according to Bo), it's all about her.

Nora and Larry

Nora and Larry are in Larry's office at the hospital. Nora asks how Mel is doing. Miraculously better, Larry tells her, and how's Nora? She's still upset from dodging bullets the other night at the country club and she's worried about Marty. She doesn't know why people bother anymore, marriages used to lead to happiness, now they just bring pain. This prompts Larry to ask how Bo and Nora are doing. She doesn't know how she could love him so much and at the same time be so fed up with him.

It's all about him(Bo), Nora tells Larry, he refuses to give up that motorcycle. Why should he, Larry asks, lots of people ride motorcycles and have fun doing it. Nora wonders if Bo is paying Larry off to say that, is this a conspiracy? As a doctor, Larry wants to help her reduce her stress, but as a friend, he thinks that Nora should take a look at why she's reacting the way she is.

Larry wants to give Nora some suggestions of things to take, but he wants her to promise she won't try out every herbal and alternative method available. Nora agrees. Larry suggests taking Vitamin C, Vitamin E and a few other things. When her periods stop, Larry estimates in about 10 months, they'll discuss hormone replacement therapy. Nora's read all about that and is unsure what to do. If she doesn't have the therapy, she risks osteoperosis and heart disease, but if she has the therapy, she's at a greater risk for breast and ovarian cancers. Larry wants to do a bone density scan, but since she has no history of either heart disease or breast cancer in her immediate family, he would suggest taking the hormone replacement therapy, but it's her decision. Nora says that Bo's about ready to trade her in for a new model. Actually, he already has, but it's a motorcycle. The motorcycle is something concrete, but what's going on between her and Bo is much more complicated, Larry says. They need to get beyond the motorcycle smoke screen and take a good look at what's really going on, he suggests. Nora thanks him and leaves to go see Bo.

Bo and Nora

Nora comes to Bo's office. She's not their to continue their fight from last night, there's something going on between them and she doesn't think it has anything to do with a motorcycle. Maybe its because she's been hit with the fact that they're not immortal, that there's no happily ever after and they won't have time to do all the things they want to do. They've got a lot more living ahead of them, Bo assures her. It's all become so precious, Nora says, she doesn't want to be cheated out of a minute, that's why she's been so upset about the motorcycle. Bo gets all tense and upset when she mentions the motorcycle again, what about his feelings, he asks.

Nora didn't think men have feelings, they have urges. "Right now I'm suppressing the urge to stangle you, honey", Bo tells her. Nora wants the fun back, she wants Bo back, she wants "us" back. If Bo can accept her crying over a dead fish, why can't she accept his bike, Bo asks. Bo accuses her of being obsessed with death right now, it creeps into all their conversations. Everytime he opens the freezer and sees the poor little dead fish in there he reminds himself that this is important to Nora and he has to be patient. What Bo needs in return is for Nora to say to herself everytime she sees Bo's motorcycle is this is important to him, I must be patient. He needs Nora to be as supportive of him as he's been of her and right now, he's not getting that from her. Nora promises that she can change. Change is what it's all about, but now she's really scared.

Max, Maggie and Ian

Max catches up with Ian at Serenity Springs, he accuses Ian of trying to avoid him. He has been avoiding Max, Ian admits, Max disgusts him right now. Max insists he's going to tell Maggie the truth about the boiler, when the time is right, he told Ian didn't he. Only because he thought Ian would pat him on the back for clearing the way for the waterfront project to continue. And this way if Maggie ever found out, Ian would be forced to share Max's guilt for hiding it from Maggie. Ian isn't falling for it, he's taking his money out of the waterfront project and distancing himself from Max. Max can't believe that Ian would really pull out, but Ian assures him that he is totally serious. Max then tries to sweet talk Ian and says that he really likes Ian, he could get the money anywhere, but Max wants Ian to be involved in the development and so does Maggie. Maggie arrives with a big smile and a kiss for Max. She notices that Ian doesn't look happy and asks him what's wrong.

Maggie hopes that everything's OK because she's looking forward to the three of them working together, building her school. She wants to build her life on family and love and trust, she feels safe for the first time in her life. Ian can't bring himself to say anything, he would do anything to keep that smile on her face, he tells her. Maggie wants to tell Andrew the good news and Ian agrees to go with her.

Max and Blair

Max tries to avoid Blair when he spots her at Serenity Springs, but fails to get away in time. Blair just wants to thank him for his support the day that Patrick was killed and Starr was in danger. He kept her from doing anything stupid that day which was a big help because she doesn't want to give Téa and Todd anymore ammunition in the custody fight. Max is glad he could help. Blair asks if anyone's in the workout room. Like Ian, you mean, Max can see the cash register going off in Blair's head. Blair wonders if Max wants to keep them apart for Ian's sake or because Max is jealous of Blair being with Ian. Max denies he's jealous, he learned his lesson with Blair and just doesn't want to see Ian hurt. Max should know that when Blair wants something, she usually gets it. Blair leaves to go work out.

Max is in the steam room at Serenity Springs, trying to relax. Blair joins him saying that the steam room next door is crowded. Max tries to get rid of her, saying it isn't a co-ed steam room, but Blair just lays down and mkes herself comfortable. Blair wonders why he's so edgy, unless he has something on his conscience. The only thing on Max's conscience is the fact that he ever got involved with Blair in the first place, he replies. Max tells Blair about his engagement to Maggie. Blair wishes them the best and hopes that she and Max can be friends. Blair admits that she heard Max's confession about tampering with the boiler and burning down the warehouse. Blair has no intention of telling Maggie, she was just having fun watching Max twisting in the wind and trying to figure out what Blair knew. She wants Starr back, wants her health back and wants what Maggie and Max have together and blackmailing Max won't get her any of that. Blair gets up and "accidentally" loses her towel. Max is putting it back around her just as Ian walks in. "I can explain this", Max says.

Andrew, Maggie, Hank, Eli and Ian

Sitting in a booth at the diner, Maggie tells Andrew the good news that she and Max are getting married. Andrew congratulates her and gives her a hug. Ian wonders how Eli is adapting to Carlotta becoming his foster mother. They're easing into it, Carlotta was approved by social services, but Eli hasn't moved in with her yet. At the counter, Carlotta and Eli are talking. Carlotta thinks that if they try to understand and respect each other, everything will work out fine.

Hank joins Carlotta and Eli at the counter. Eli wants to talk to Hank about the motorcycle, but Hank thinks he should finish his conversation with Carlotta first. What does Eli expect, Hank asks. Carlotta offers him a job working after school at the diner busing tables. Eli's not too sure until Hank mentions that Eli could save the money he makes towards buying his own motorcycle. Maggie leaves to go to Rodi's. Andrew asks Ian why he doesn't seem enthusiastic about the marriage. Ian wonders if Max can really make Maggie happy. Andrew thinks he already has and if they've found happiness in each other, Andrew thinks they should let it be and try to join in that happiness. Ian thanks Andrew for his advice, Andrew just saved him from making a very big mistake.

Andrew talks to Eli about Carlotta. Carlotta comes over and sits down and says she hopes everything will be alright. Eli hasn't completely given up the idea of staying with Andrew and suggests that they share him, he'll spend some time at the rectory and some at the diner. He just can't take responsibility for Eli right now, Andrew explains again, and Carlotta can. Even if Eli doesn't agree, they're still going to try to change his mind, Eli says. "Whatever", Eli grudgingly agrees.

Back at the counter with Andrew and Hank, Carlotta's feeling more confident about this all the time. What she needs to do is keep Eli from feeling trapped, that's when he acts out. She thinks she's slowly gaining his trust. All of a sudden, Hank hears his motorcycle start up. He looks around for his keys and helmet, but they're gone, and so is Eli. Hank races out the door.

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