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Port Charles Recaps: The week of September 22, 1997 on PC
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Monday, September 22, 1997

by Lynx

"The Lighthouse"
Serena and Scott are coloring. Serena wishes she had a picture of Lucy looking pretty in her bridesmaid dress. Scott says Lucy will be the prettiest bridesmaid coming down the aisle. Scott checks on Serena's painting project when the phone rings. It's Eve.

Bennett wonders why Eve is suddenly upset. Eve says it just occurred to her that he approached this date like the first time they met. She says she used to care for him so much that she sacrificed her independence for him. Bennett gets mad and leaves Eve with the bill, as part of her independence. Eve calls Scott for help. He and Serena arrive. Eve needs him to pick up the bill. Scott cracks that Eve can ride in the back of his pickup. Eve owes him, he says. She says Scott saved her life. Scott wants to know why Eve chose to call him.

"GH Lobby"
Joe is trying to take something from Karen, she doesn't want him to. Joe gets it anyway, sees that it's a FedEx from Jagger and apologizes. He thought it was a patient's chart that Dr. Boardman's been looking for. Karen is about to take a break, but Grace comes up and tell Karen and Joe that Boardman wants to see them both. Karen puts her package away and goes to face the dragon with Joe. At the desk, a nurse (didn't catch her name) told Grace that it's odd for a husband to send express mail letters instead of picking up the phone. She wonders what's up with Karen and Joe. Grace told her to mind her own business. Karen and Joe come back, complaining about Boardman again. He's harder than usual today because a teenager died on his watch. Karen starts ranting, so Joe cracks that women are too emotional to be doctors. This lightens Karen up some. Joe and Grace leave together for a break, Karen stays behind with her letter. Karen went to the rooftop to read it. She cries when she gets to the word "divorce."

"Recovery Room"
Joe and Grace note that Mike's bar is practically dead. They must all be at Sonny and Brenda's wedding. They sit at the bar, and Joe buys her a drink. Grace told Joe he isn't going to get over losing a patient quickly. Joe says he's worked in a hospital in one way or another since he was 18, so he can take it. He starts in on Boardman's treatment of Karen. Grace says Karen is a grown, competent physician, and that Joe can't shoulder another intern's problems. Grace apologizes for stepping out of line, and terribly changes the subject. Grace bets Joe that he can't get through the night without obsessing over GH.

"Victor's Hospital Room"
Kevin comes to check on his father. Kevin apologizes for waking Victor, and asks if everything is all right. Victor says it is. Kevin says he was at the wedding and got a terrible feeling something was wrong. Kevin says he's coming to see Victor in the morning still. He says Victor's doctor is going to move him into a private apartment on the grounds and out of the psych ward. Kevin vows that this is the last time a Collins is in that type of ward. Victor reminds Kevin that he left Lucy hanging at the wedding. Kevin went to call her, but thinks she hasn't left the reception yet. Kevin decides to spend more time with Victor.

"Cooper's Hospital Room"
While Kevin is feeling his premonition, Cooper puts an unconscious man in his bed. Dressed as a priest, Cooper puts sheet scraps in a trash can and pours liquid over it. He then starts fiddling with a oxygen tank. After talking to the unconscious man, Cooper turns on the gas and waits. The nurse comes in, he overcomes her and puts a cigarette in her mouth. Cooper backs out of his room and drops a lit match. His room goes up in flames as the nurse screams.

"Victor's Room -- Part Two"
The Collins men are both trapped under a lot of debris, and they're knocked out.

Tuesday, September 23, 1997

by Lynx

"Scott's Pickup"
"What a boring restaurant!" Serena complains about the place she and her dad picked up Eve. Eve agrees. Scott asks again why Eve called him. Eve says she knew he would come. Scott wonders if Eve will call him every time she gets stiffed by a date. Eve wishes she could forget the whole date. She flashes back to the dinner with Bennett, who threatened to have her kicked out of the GH internship. Scott asks where Eve's mind just went. "Start the car," she says. They drive for a while in silence, which Serena doesn't like. Eve says the least she could do is chat since Serena and Scott came for her. Just then, Serena gets carsick. Scott wants to pull over, but Eve won't let him. Eve shows Serena how to press on her wrist so she won't get sick. It works. "Doesn't it feel good to solve your own problems?" Eve asks. Serena says it must be cool to fix people as a doctor, and suggests that Eve can do that with her own kids. Serena then wants to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," her mommy and daddy's favorite song. Eve makes Scott pull over. Eve exits the car and cries. Scott joins her and asks after her. She says the talk about mothers got to her. Scott assumes she misses her mother, Eve soon corrects him. Eve doesn't think she's far enough away from her mom. Eve says it seems she can never rise above who she was, and that her date reminded her of that. Scott recommends not seeing this guy again. He then told her to compose herself so she won't worry Serena. Eve pulls it together, gets back in the truck and told the little girl that she got carsick. Serena presses on Eve's wrist to help her out. Scott smiles as the ladies sing "Old MacDonald Had a Farm". They take Serena to her grandparents. While the girl is inside, Scott offers to help Eve if she'll tell him what happened on her date.

"Recovery Room"
Julie and Frank walk up to the bar and greet Joe and Grace. Joe asks how's it going, Julie excuses herself to find a table. Sensing a need for male bonding, Grace offers to put a quarter in the jukebox. Frank tells his brother he and Julie are trying to sort some things out, such as his calling her father a jerk and Julie blind. Joe told Frank about losing a patient. Joe says he's okay, but Karen's having it rough. He also mentions that Karen got a letter from Jagger, and though Joe doesn't know what it says, he bets it's not good. Frank joins Julie at a table. She wonders if Frank and her dad just got off to a bad start. Frank says this isn't about him and Bennett, it's about Bennett's not respecting Julie's right to live her own life. Julie is sure her dad didn't mean to let it slip to Joe that Bennett is her father. Julie declares her father is honest. Before the conversation can go any further, Frank gets an emergency page. He calls it in, learns about the Forest Hills explosion, and leaves. Joe wants to go with him, but is reminded that he isn't a paramedic anymore. Julie says she'll head to the hospital -- it'll probably get rough. Joe asks Julie to check up on Karen, she agrees and leaves. Grace told Joe he can't tackle his problems, and Frank's and Karen's.

"GH Rooftop"
Karen reads the rest of Jagger's letter. He apologizes for becoming distant and involved in his police work. He also admits having an affair with Fran, the woman Karen saw in San Francisco. Jagger tells Karen that he won't contest a divorce if she chooses to get one. Julie joins Karen on the roof. She says Joe asked her to check on Karen. Karen told Julie that she got "the letter of all letters" from Karen. Julie says it's hard to love someone and be a doctor, too. Karen agrees, and thanks Julie for coming up. Karen asks if everything is cool with her and Frank. Julie told Karen about the disagreement and Frank's emergency call. Julie is worried. She knows Frank won't quit until the last person in the emergency is saved. Karen says she's known Frank all her life, and he's always made it out okay.

"Forest Hills Sanitarium"
Lucy is outside Forest Hills trying to get info from the cops and firefighters about the explosion. She explains that her fiancÚ and his father are inside. The cop doesn't know anything, and can't let her pass. Lucy stands aside and talks to her doc, knowing that he can hear her. Inside, Kevin is unconscious, but he hears Lucy, plus sees images of her, then of Ryan dying in the fire. Kevin wakes up and calls for Victor. Kevin gets up and sees his father trapped under a lot of stuff. As Kevin checks on him, Frank enters. He helps Kevin free Victor and take him outside. Meanwhile, a second cop comes and tells Lucy that the Collins guy made it out with an older man, then went back inside with the rescue team. As Lucy starts to obsess, Kevin and Frank check one last floor of the sanitarium. All's clear on Kevin's side. He calls for Frank, but gets no answer. Then Kevin sees Frank knocked out on the floor. Outside again, a clean-shaven priest (Cooper) "prays" that the heroes get their just rewards.

"GH Lobby"
Julie agrees not to tell Joe about Karen's letter. Grace tries to convince Joe to go home, he's on duty in the morning. A nurse comes by with a message for Karen. Joe takes it to her, and told Karen he needs to know what Jagger said in the letter. Just then, paramedics and victims start coming in. Lucy arrives too, looking for Kevin. They tell her Victor's been checked in, but they don't know about Kevin. Just then Lucy hears Kevin ordering people around. She and Joe rush over to him. Joe tries to check Kevin out, but he pushes him away. Kevin wants the serious cases to get the medical treatment, not him. Joe asks Kevin about his brother. Then Frank is wheeled in on a stretcher, with Joe and Julie overlooking.

Wednesday, September 24, 1997

by ABC Daytime

After driving Eve home from the country restaurant, Scott demanded an explanation from her. Eve didn't tell Scott about Bennett, but said that she had made a mistake in thinking that a creep from her past could have changed and that she had fallen for his line all over again. Scott told Eve that it wasn't her fault and not to blame herself. Eve, however, disagreed and blamed herself for the disastrous evening. Scott gained insight into Eve when she told him that she always expected consequences for the bad choices she makes. Scott then urged Eve to put painful experiences behind her. Later, at the hospital, Scott became suspicious when he saw Eve's reaction to Bennett. Frank suffered smoke inhalation in the fire. An emotional Julie poured her heart out to Frank and told him how important he was to her. Bennett became aware of Julie's deep feelings for Frank and Bennett then told Chris that he wanted to talk to him. Later, Frank suffered a medical setback. Kevin assured Lucy that he was just fine and that he only had a small bump on his head. Kevin also told Lucy that he had an epiphany during the fire and that he was finally able to put the past behind him. Kevin then re-proposed to Lucy and looked forward to the future with her. Kevin, however, then passed out in front of a terrified Lucy.

Thursday, September 25, 1997

by ABC Daytime

Julie stabilized Frank with help from Joe and Bennett, who once again disapprovingly saw the closeness between Julie and Frank. Bennett then warned Julie not to let emotional attachments get in the way of her work. Joe admitted to Frank that he had been scared that something awful was going to happen to Frank. Frank assured Joe that he would around to badger him for years and years to come. Frank and Julie put their past differences behind them and Julie realized that Frank would never do or say anything to hurt her. Kevin's condition took a turn for the worse and Lucy was frightened for him and for herself. Eve gave Lucy her beeper and promised to contact Lucy as soon as there was any news on Kevin. Scott took Lucy to get some air and demanded that she be strong for Kevin's sake and for Serena's. Lucy returned with renewed strength but then learned that Kevin needed immediate surgery. Matt noticed that something was bothering Jake and Matt got him to open up. Jake admitted to Matt that he and Danielle had broken up and that Danielle wasn't the woman he thought she was. Matt then wondered why Jake was so miserable that Danielle was gone. Later, Jake booked a flight to New York.

Friday, September 26, 1997

by ABC Daytime

At the hospital, Lucy learned that Kevin needed immediate surgery. Kevin, however, awakened and was able to assuage some of Lucy's worry. After learning that Dr. Tony Jones was not available to perform the surgery, Lucy sought Bennett for the operation. Bennett agreed to perform the surgery and assured Lucy that is was a routine procedure. Scott took exception to the way Bennett humiliated Karen in front of her co-workers and Bennett and Scott had a heated argument. Meanwhile, an exhausted and overwrought Karen assured Ellen that she would be able to assist on Kevin's surgery. Karen overheard Chris attempt to try and replace her in surgery, but Ellen dismissed Chris. In New York City, Danielle remembered back to the first time she had met Jake. Danielle then remembered that it had all been a set up arranged by Rex. Later, Danielle was surprised when Jake appeared before her. After learning that Kevin, Scott and Lucy were at the hospital, Rex broke into the lighthouse.

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