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Port Charles Recaps: The week of September 29, 1997 on PC
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Monday, September 29, 1997

Karen was furious when she caught Chris reading the letter Jagger had sent her. Karen, however, covered when Ellen and Bennett entered. Cooper sneaked into Kevin's room and tampered with his IV, which greatly increased the medical risks to Kevin. In the process, Cooper also set Karen up to take a major fall. Later, Joe discovered Kevin's condition and Karen admitted that she had set Kevin's IV. Karen was sure that she had done everything properly, but an irate Bennett banned Karen from his operating room. Chris then volunteered to take Karen's place in assisting Bennett in surgery. Bennett observed Eve treat a patient. Later, Bennett apologized to Eve for leaving her at the restaurant and Bennett told Eve that it was difficult for him to be near her. Meanwhile, Scott figured out that Bennett had been Eve's mystery date. Rex broke into the lighthouse and secretly laced Scott's personal envelopes with drugs.

Tuesday, September 30, 1997

by ABC Daytime

Scott supported Lucy as she waited for word on Kevin's fate. Karen approached them and expressed her concern for Kevin, but Lucy berated Karen for jeopardizing Kevin's condition in the first place. Karen defended herself and reiterated her claim that she wasn't responsible for the error made in Kevin's treatment. Later, Lucy was overwhelmed with relief when she learned that Kevin was going to be all right. Karen confronted Chris about reading her letter from Jagger, but Chris dismissed her. Later, Karen told Joe that Jagger was willing to give her a divorce. Meanwhile, Chris told Ellen about Karen's personal problems on the night Kevin almost died knowing that it would make Karen's already difficult position far worse. Jake and Danielle arrived back in Port Charles and Jake told Danielle that he needed her help in bringing Rex down. Jake and Danielle were then surprised to find Rex waiting for them at their apartment. Jake then put his plan to defeat Rex into motion by convincing Rex that he was ready to join forces with him. Privately, Jake told Danielle that he was not going to help Rex and Jake also said that they had to get Lucy, Scott and Kevin on their side. Later, Lucy and Scott were surprised to see Danielle at the hospital.

Wednesday, October 1, 1997

by ABC Daytime

At the hospital, Lucy finally had the chance to tell Danielle exactly what she thought of her and Lucy did so in no uncertain terms. In the process, however, Lucy unknowingly caused Jake to change his mind about teaming up with Lucy and Scott. Jake privately told Danielle that from now on, they would play their own hand against Rex. Later, Lucy became frustrated with the hospital rules and she sneaked into Kevin's room to spend the night at his side. Chris buried Karen when he told Ellen that Karen's husband had dumped her on the night of the mishap with Kevin. Ellen was forced to take action and she informed Karen that there would be a hearing about Karen's conduct on the night Kevin went into surgery. Ellen also told Karen that she was off surgical rotation for the time being. Joe was furious that Chris had read Karen's letter from Jagger. Chris then entered the room and Joe proceeded to punch him out. Matt sensed that Ellen was troubled over Karen's predicament and he found a way to let Ellen know that he understood. Ellen, however, was both charmed and unsettled by Matt.

Thursday, October 2, 1997

by ABC Daytime

Karen visited Scott and told him about her alleged mishandling of Kevin's case. Karen also said that she had no doubt that she had followed proper procedures, but that the hospital had suggested that she just keep her mouth shut and accept responsibility. Scott then correctly assumed that Karen was not going to keep quiet and that she would fight the charges against her. Before she left, Karen also told Scott about Jagger and the possibility of a divorce. Eve became suspicious when Julie showed her an article in a Chicago newspaper about Frank's heroism. Bennett arrived and told Julie that he had been asked to stay at General Hospital, but that he had rescinded the offer out of respect to Julie's professional and private life. Later, Eve accused Bennett of manipulating Julie and trying to ruin her relationship with Frank. Eve then gave Bennett an ultimatum and said that if he would leave Port Charles and stop interfering with Frank and Julie, then Eve would keep quiet about their affair. Rex hired a lawyer to begin the custody proceeding against Scott. After fantasizing about getting all of Scott's money, Rex told his lawyer that Scott would soon appear as an unfit father. Meanwhile, Scott wrote a letter to Jagger and was just about to lick the tainted envelope when Eve arrived.

Friday, October 3, 1997

by ABC Daytime

Rex met with his attorney, Byron Rollins, and told him about some of Scott's "indiscretions" which might be useful in the custody case. Rex also suggested to Byron that Scott might have a substance abuse problem. Eve visited Scott and asked him not to tell anyone about her past relationship with Bennett. Scott then sealed the tainted envelope and unknowingly ingested the drugs Rex had left on the envelope. After Eve left, Scott began to hallucinate. Julie covered her real feelings and told Frank that he should take the job offer in Chicago. Frank, however, said that he had no intention of leaving Port Charles or Julie. Eve accused Bennett of arranging Frank's job offer the same way he had arranged for the newspaper article about Franks' heroism. Lucy planned a special surprise for Kevin and hired a decorator to transform Kevin's hospital room into a suite at the Plaza Hotel. Kevin was surprised by the transformation but Lucy, however, got her toe stuck in the bathtub faucet after accidentally locking herself in the bathroom of Kevin's room.

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