General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 6, 1997 on GH

Luke returned. Sarah and Nikolas kissed. Stefan humiliated Katherine in public. Katherine and Bobbie found some common ground. Carly managed to lie her way out of a tricky situation.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 6, 1997 on GH
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Monday, October 6, 1997

by Alexandra Anastasio

AJ thinks back to the day of the sonogram. While in thought, Monica stops by to apologize. AJ tells her it's not necessary, she had no way of knowing Carly had drugged him. She tells AJ she also wants to apologize for having dropped out of his life since he became sober.

-Lorraine tells Tony why she's there and he recognizes her from the GH nursing program. She goes on about how happy he must be to be an expectant father and even tests him on the due date and if they've had a sonogram yet. Cary is getting nervous.

Luke is back and Lucky is a bit surprised to see him. Lucky introduces his dad to Liz and she's very happy to meet him. He asks Lucky if they can have a few minutes alone and Liz leaves. He wants to know if Lucky's been avoiding his mother. Of course he says no, he's just been real busy with school. Lucky asks how the family is doing and wants to know where they are; Luke tells him he's here to do a little business and then gather up his son to go back to Switzerland. Bobbie hears Luke and comes in.

Sarah and Nikolas share their first kiss and both seem happy about it since they don't seem to want to stop kissing. He tells her how beautiful she is and that he wants to take her away; he tells her he has money and they could go anywhere. Nikolas is upset with the way Mr. Murdy treated Sarah and she defends the teacher to him. She's upset with the way Nikolas was treated and he lets her know that school, and all its rules, do not really matter to him. He hopes that her grandmother won't keep them apart because of this incident and suggests they go straighten things out with her.

Monica & AJ make small talk and she asks him if he's happy there. She lets him know that she misses having him at home but not to worry she's not trying to get him to come back. Also, she is a bit worried that Carly lives right across the hall but he tells her there's no need to worry.

Carly tries to get Lorraine out of the apartment and when she says she must use the bathroom before going, Tony comments to Carly on how there's something strange going on in the room. He's getting the impression that she doesn't like this girl who claims to be Carly's friend. She tells Tony that she ran into her and she just dropped by. Carly walks Lorraine out and the two have an exchange of words in the hallway. Lorraine wants her money by tomorrow and if she doesn't get it she's going to tell Tony. Carly tells her not to worry: She'll have it and that she should never come to her house again.

Liz goes home and Audrey tells her she knows she lied about going to work because Ruby called; she punishes her for a week. Liz tries to explain that she is worried about Sarah but Audrey doesn't want to hear it. Then in walks Sarah and Nikolas who ask to have a word with her in private. Audrey asks Liz to leave and she goes upstairs but listens from the top of the stairs. Nikolas tells her that he didn't steal the answers but only took the blame because of Sarah. He knew she didn't do it either and couldn't stand to see her get blamed for it. He hopes she believes him. Audrey's only concern is then who really took them and why would they do this to Sarah. Nikolas then says goodnight and Sarah walks him to the door.

-Alexis explains to Stefan what happened with Katherine who is still not up from the fall. He has her call 911 immediately. Katherine begins to open her eyes and tells Alexis she is lying about what went on. She gets up and starts yelling at Stefan that she knows he still cares or he would not have cradled her in his arms the way he did. She also says she knows this all has to do with Alexis and lets them know she will find out why they're lying. She leaves after Stefan tells her to go.

Carly knocks on AJ's door and Monica answers. She tells Carly to leave but she tries to explain to Monica that she knows what she did was wrong and wants to try to salvage the friendship her and AJ once had. Monica tells her to get away and Carly asks her to tell AJ she stopped by. AJ questions who was at the door and when she tries to lie and say it was someone selling candy he asks her to tell him the truth, he knows it was Carly.

Carly tries to apologize to Tony about having Lorraine over but he is upset, its BJ's birthday today, and he'd really like to be alone. She tries to comfort him and have him feel their baby but he can't do it and goes in their bedroom.

Bobbie tells Luke about what happened at the wedding and then in the middle of their conversation Tony calls. The two talk about BJ and how much they miss her. They both are crying and he apologizes for doing this to her and they hang up. Bobbie tells Luke she would have gone to Tony if he wasn't with Carly. She also tells him that Carly is pregnant. Luke looks shocked.

Liz comes down and tells Audrey and Sarah that the two of them are being conned by Nikolas and they don't even see it. Sarah lets her sister know she is so sick of her manipulations and that she is not affected by what Liz says. Liz then proceeds to call her sister pathetic. She goes outside for a smoke and who pops out, Nikolas. He tells Liz he'd like to run a theory by her; the person who took the test answers had to have gotten into a locked drawer and had access to Sarah's bag on more than one occasion. He tells her to think about that and walks away. It appears as if he's figured this all out.

Tony apologizes to Carly for shutting her out earlier and thanks her for giving him an unexpected, wonderful gift.

Monica tells AJ she wishes she could tell Alan but AJ says it would only be a matter of time before Tony found out and he would hate Carly and she would use the baby to manipulate him. He's only thinking about the defenseless baby. She doesn't agree with him but does admire him.

Stefan tells Alexis she had no right to do what she did to Katherine because she is his sister and one of them. He asks why she really doesn't like Katherine and when she won't give him an answer he tells her to go.

Tuesday, October 7, 1997

by Alexandra Anastasio

Carly receives a phone call from Lorraine who's harassing her for the money. Carly tells her she'll meet her later. Tony walks in and Carly hangs up. He tells her to close her eyes, he has a surprise. He wheels in a baby cradle with a bunch of baby stuff; he wants to start on the nursery.

Lucky rushes off to school before Luke has a chance to have a conversation with him. He asks about Liz and Sarah and Lucky gets all defensive. Bobbie fills him in that Sarah is dating Nikolas and this gets Lucky even more mad.

Liz thinks back to what Nikolas said to her and seems a bit worried. When Sarah comes downstairs in a great mood Liz is obnoxious to her. She tells Audrey she has a stomach ache and is staying home. She then tells her the truth, she says Nikolas is trying to turn her against her sister.

Katherine goes to see Edward about her job at GH. He didn't know she was fired and tells him Stefan fired her. She wants his help in fighting back and he wants to know everything that went on but she's not comfortable talking about her personal life. She'll only tell him that just as they got close he pushed her away. Edward thinks it was unacceptable and wants to know what he can do. She tells him she wants her day in court, her reputation is on the line. But when she asks him to take it to the board he tells her he can not support her return to her job.

Stefan questions Nikolas on his suspension from school. He explains that he was helping out Sarah who was falsely accused. Stefan now hopes he will return to his private tutoring and leave public school.

Luke asks Lucky how long Sarah's been seeing Nikolas and he says they're not really an item. He claims he's only concerned and looking out for her. He wants to talk to Lucky later on about returning to Switzerland and he says he is not going. Luke isn't too pleased with his answer.

Tony tells Carly he made an offer on a house for them and shows her a picture. Carly acts excited but wishes it was far away from Port Charles.

Liz tells Audrey Nikolas is up to something and she's being used as the fall guy. She lets Audrey know she eavesdropped on the conversation with Nikolas and can't understand how she believed his whole story. Audrey asks Liz to tell her why she thinks he's trying to turn Sarah against her. Liz tells her about what happened last night, claiming he said he was going to put the blame on her, and now she's afraid neither one of them will believe her.

Stefan makes an appointment to go down and speak with Nikolas' principal.

Katherine doesn't understand why Edward won't help her. He tells her he does not want to be a part of any action that will hurt her. She begs him to take this before the board but because of what Stefan did to his niece Alexandra, Edward does not want to be a part of this. He tells Katherine to let him go but she says she can't and defends him. She pleads with him to help her and leaves, hoping he'll reconsider.

Audrey tells Liz she has a feeling she isn't telling the truth but when she turns on the sob story, tears and all, Audrey gives in and apologizes for not being sensitive to her feelings. She says that if Nikolas is trying to pin something on her she'll back her up but if she really did do it then they will have to reconsider her future in PC.

Bobbie admits to Luke that Tony having a baby with Carly really hurts. She says it's because for so long after BJ died she tried to get him to adopt another child and then five minutes into his relationship with Carly she hits the jackpot. Bobbie thinks he must really love her because he wouldn't adopt with her but is overjoyed at the thought of being a father again. She does admit that she is happy for him.

-Nikolas and Sarah meet at school and he goes to straighten things out with the principal. Lucky approaches Sarah and makes a comment about Nikolas and gets an attitude about her meeting Nikolas last night.

Carly tells Tony maybe they should look for a house a little bit less expensive and further from PC but he tells her to stop worrying about all the gossip. He leaves for work and she tries to reach Lorraine at Mercy. She's gone for the day and Carly begins to worry as to where she might have went.

Edward tells Stefan and Alexis there has been a change in the agenda for the board meeting later on, he's calling for Katherine's re-instation to the hospital. He's telling Stefan so he can change his mind if he wants before bringing this to the board. Katherine walks in and is informed on what is going on. She tells them she'll see them all later.

Sarah asks Lucky how he knew she met Nikolas and he says through everyone gossiping. Lucky warns her the Cassadines are trouble but she doesn't want to hear him. Nikolas walks in and she goes to him. He tells her that the principal gave him a few days to prove who really did it or else he is going to get an "F" in the class. He also tells her that she's not going to want to hear this but he thinks it was her sister who did it. At that moment Liz walks into the cafeteria.

As Carly is gathering up some money for Lorraine the doorbell rings, it's Uncle Luke.

Wednesday, October 8, 1997

by Alexandra Anastasio

Carly tells Luke she's not interested in what he has to say but he pushes his way in anyhow. He tells Caroline that he's upset she didn't tell him about the blessed event. Carly begs him not to screw up her happiness and he tells her he knows what she did and is not happy.

Felicia and Maxie stop by the Outback to see Mac. Maxie tells him how she's doing a presentation later on that evening at school on the Indian doll she found and asks him to come and be her dad for the evening. Of course he agrees.

Liz tells Sarah and Nikolas that suspension means they don't want to see his face. He tells the girls he's going to let the principal in on his theory of what actually happened. Sarah asks Liz to give them a moment and Liz goes to sit with Lucky. She talks bad about Sarah to him and tells Lucky he was right about her sister. Sarah defends Liz to Nikolas, telling him that she can't believe her sister would do that to her.

Brenda is putting on her boots when the sight of her ankle makes her think back to the night Sonny gave her the ankle bracelet. Jax rings the bell and she is excited to see him. She tells him she is completely over Sonny and is ready to move on with her life. She claims she didn't think of Sonny once today thanks to everyone's support. Brenda asks what he has planned and Jax suggests a drive in the country but Brenda says she would rather do something fun like go out to eat and be around a lot of people. Jax doesn't think it's such a great idea since the reporters will be all over her but this is want she wants to do so they go anyway.

Alan lays into AJ about one of the trainers not showing up on time for a session with a patient. Monica walks in and comes to AJ's defense. Alan leaves and pops some more of his pain medication. Monica pleads with AJ to tell his father about his so called blackout. She tells him if he is going to lash out at someone it should be Carly.

-Luke tells Carly it was low how she had Bobbie find out she was pregnant and she says that she didn't do it intentionally. She admits that in the past she was out to hurt Bobbie but she is through with lying. The phone rings and it is Lorraine who wants her money within the hour or she's going to Tony and AJ with her story. Carly blows her off and says she'll get in touch later. Luke questions her on who was on the phone.

Liz tells Lucky Nikolas has some sort of power over Sarah and puts all sorts of ideas into his head. Nikolas tries to explain why he thinks Liz might be the one but Sarah just can't believe it. He is called back to the principal's office and tells her he doesn't want to hurt her. Liz plops down in his seat and asks what he's being saying about her.

Carly tells Luke she is not telling him who just called. He tells her he can help he but she doesn't want him to be her hero. The bell rings and it's a delivery man asking her to sign for a package for AJ. Luke gets all suspicious and wants to know what she's got going on with AJ.

Jason is at the Outback and he gets a call from Emily on his cell phone. Brenda walks into the Outback, sees him on the phone and demands he hand it her. He tells her it's not Sonny but she wants to see for herself. She grabs the phone and screams Sonny's name but realizes it is only Emily. She walks away upset and runs out the Outback.

Luke asks Carly what would she want with AJ and she doesn't even bother to defend herself to him. She tells him she's moved on and tells him she has to go to work. Luke says he's going to ask AJ what secret he shares with Carly and says he'll probably have the same scared look she has on her face. Luke leaves and Carly seems shaken.

AJ tells Monica he doesn't want to relive what Carly did, he just wants to forget it. Alan comes back in and acts kind to AJ. He then asks to speak to Alan, telling him there is something he should know.

Sarah tells Liz her and Nikolas were talking about what happened. Sarah says the truth will come out & Liz tells her not to get too caught up in finding out who set her up or else she might find out something she doesn't want to know. Liz tells her to drop it and Sarah gets paranoid when Liz knows about her favorite pen.

AJ tells Alan he knows he was disappointed about him not going into rehab and the decision wasn't easy for him. As he's about to tell Alan what happened Carly walks in and Alan says he has to leave. Carly is bringing the package to AJ which is from AA. She asks him if everything is OK and he is curious as to why now? He lets her know sorry doesn't cut it and he has no intentions of forgiving her.

Jax gives Brenda some time by herself before going outside to comfort her. Jax tells Jason to stay away from Brenda. Mac is mad at what Jason has done and Felicia takes his side, saying he also looks upset.

Nikolas comes back and says the principal was fair. He's still suspended for another day and will get an F in English. He also thinks maybe he should drop the whole thing as long as she believes him but she tells him she wants the truth; they're not giving up.

Lorraine goes to see Carly at her job and Carly talks her way out of hanging up on her. She demands her cash and says she will go to AJ if she doesn't get the money. AJ starts to walk in and Carly looks nervous.

Brenda feels humiliated and thought she could pretend the whole thing never happened. She doesn't know what to do and Jax says that's why she has him. They embrace and she cries in his arms.

Thursday, October 9, 1997

At the hospital Edward is getting ready for the board meeting. Katherine again thanks him for coming to her aid. As the meeting gets underway, everybody including Monica had nothing but good things to say about Katherine. Stefan then puts his two cents in. He agrees that Katherine's performance on the outside has been nothing but outstanding, but as I went over her performance records, it seemed that she was way over her budget. Edward jumps to her defense, I hope you aren't insinuating that Katherine is embezzling from the hospital. No, I am not, but she has used every opportunity she can for free publicity for herself and her company.

She jumps up and yells, "you are a liar! This is personal and you know it!" The room gets quiet and Stefan looks at her and says "you are right, it became personal the day I found her shot on my property." I wanted to do everything I could to help her. "Get her a job, she is better now. No reason for pity! She rises, looks at everyone and says I quit. She walks out of the room and the meeting ends as fast as it began.

Over at the hospital Lorraine is pressuring Carly into paying her. She threatens that if she doesn't have the money in a while she will go to AJ Carly says come back in a few, I will go get you your money. She heads out to the cash machine wondering how she is going to explain this to Tony. Just as she is walking back into the hospital Lorraine shows up again and says Oh you are just in time I was getting ready to look for the Quartermaine money. Just as she is handing Lorraine the money Bobbie shows up and sees her giving all that money to her through the door window. She confronts Carly on what she saw and Carly tells her it's none of her business. Maybe not, but lets see what Tony thinks. Tony walks into the room and Bobbie tells him everything she saw. You explain to Tony Carly why you gave Lorraine all that money?

At Jax's penthouse he is trying to calm down Brenda. She is really upset for going off on Emily the way she did. Jax talks to her, trying to convince her that she should move back into the penthouse with him in the spare room until she is better. Brenda refuses, she wants to learn to stand on her own two feet. I can't do this to you again. You are doing nothing he says. We are friends. "You know my habits and I yours." Like an old pair of shoes. She reluctantly agrees and goes up to take a shower. When she was done she put on one of Jax's house robes and plopped down on the couch. A short time later the front door opens, Brenda looks up; its Venus.

Friday, October 10, 1997

Why in the world would you be giving Lorraine all that money? She gives him this cock and bull story that she spent some of the money that he had lent her for school and she borrowed the money from Lorraine and now she wants it back. That she is a very ambitious person, not professional but personal. When she saw me in a beautiful home, with a wonderful man she got upset. Tony looks at her and says, looks to me like she had a right to! Carly looks stunned! He finally tells her that it happened before they got together and to forget about it. They make plans to see each other later at the apartment to set a date for the wedding.

At the Gatehouse Edward is trying to stop Jax from taking Brenda's stuff out of the gate house. He tells him that he won't allow Brenda to go back to the hotel room. Well, we agree she is coming to stay with me for awhile. That is ridiculous he says. She's a grown woman, she has made up her mind! Emily enters the room and grandfather says, do you know what this man is trying to do? Just when Brenda is getting better, he wants to take her and ruin it all! No grandfather she isn't all right. She was just pretending because we where in her face. Trust me I have been there. She turns to Jax and says, we just want Brenda to get better. Me too, and he walks out of the room.

Over at Jax's place Brenda is trying to explain to V why she is there. V turns and heads up the stairs and says. I know why you are here. She gets her stuff upstairs and heads back down telling Brenda she will just write down everything for Mr. Jax. What did you mean when you said you said you know why I'm here? I assume you are Mr. Jax's friend, and when you are his friend he will give you the shirt off his back or even a place to stay in your case, am I right? Yes you are right! She then asks V. if these drawings are hers. She says, yes they are. They starting talking and joking around when Jax opens the door and sees this wonderful smile on Brenda's face. She agrees that it was a good idea that she came.

Bobbie walks into the conference room, sees Katherine crying and says, don't do this, he's not worth it! Humiliated she says, I should of listened to you. Everyone tried to warn me, but I was to arrogant to listen. Bobbie asks her if there is anything she can do for her, she says no, to please just shut the door on the way out. Bobbie looks at her and leaves.
Outside the conference room Luke and Stefan are still at each other throat. Alexis gets off of the elevator, they have a few choice words and they leave. Luke asks Bobbie what is wrong with Stefan. I couldn't get him mad for nothing. Maybe it's his conscience, he fried Katherine in front of everybody. It doesn't make any sense. Why would he do this knowing she could finger him for the shooting?

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