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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 13, 1997 on DAYS
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Monday, October 13, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

Laura is about to leave Jen's house when Trent shows up and scares Laura half to death. Trent said he was just checking out some movement in a bush, which ended up being a cat. Trent asks where Laura is heading and she tells him she's going back to the hospital to see a sick friend. Laura then spills the beans that Jennifer is working and Maggie is baby sitting Abby. Laura leaves and Trent becomes curious as to what Jennifer is up to. Suddenly T.C. shows up to see Trent, claiming to want money. Trent and T.C. discuss Jen, Trent is worried that Jen may be up to no good. T.C. tells Trent that Jack has been causing problems at the prison with a new female guard and doesn't know why. Trent however has an idea and says that Jack is just an overgrown boy scout. T.C. says to hell with Jack, he will have this new guard.

At the prison Jack and Jennifer are in each other's arms. As they are kissing a guard approaches Jack's cell. Jack manages to fool the guard, but then both Jack and Jennifer overhear two guards discussing "Hope's" whereabouts. The guards have noticed that Hope's car is still in the parking lot, even though she went off duty hours ago. They worry and decide to search the prison. Jack and Jenn panic and search for a way to get Jennifer out. Jack hides Jennifer under his cot and starts screaming in pain, he tells the guards he thinks something is wrong with his appendix. The guards escort Jack out and leave the cell door open. Jennifer makes a break for it, only to be caught by T.C.! T.C. asks why she's here this late and Jennifer says that she felt ill after he came on to her. Jenn says she just laid down in the library until she felt better. T.C. comes on to Jennifer once again, he tells her he can make her feel better. Suddenly Jack, and another guard show up and prevent T.C. from going any further with Jen. T.C. is pissed off with Jack and he says Jack obviously needs more lessens. Jack is put back into his cell and another guard walks Jennifer out to her car.

Jenn returns home and is caught out front by Trent. Jennifer says that she's just been working on a story that could give her what she wants most in the world. Jennifer goes inside and Trent knows that what Jenn wants most is Jack, he has to know what she is up to. In prison Jack wonders if perhaps there is a chance for him and Jen. T.C. looks in on Jack and says he won't be having sweet dreams for long.

At the hospital Marlena has brought Roman some butter pecan ice cream. Roman however pushes Marlena away and tells her to go. Roman tells Marlena not to come see him again and to get out of his life. Marlena says he doesn't mean that, but when he tells her to respect his wishes she leaves. Marlena is devastated when Shawn and Caroline approach her. Marlena tells Caroline what Roman said to her and Caroline tells Marlena that Roman is only trying to spare her the pain of watching him die. Back in his room Roman remembers his beautiful love for Marlena and wishes things didn't have to be this way. Marlena returns to Roman's room and refuses to leave him, she knows what he was trying to do. Roman tells Marlena he just didn't want her to put her through anymore pain, but Marlena says this is about his pain, not hers. Roman tells Marlena that when he returned to Salem he assumed that she still had feelings for him, and perhaps they could reunite. Roman says he now realizes he shouldn't have assumed that, he never thought that perhaps she would no longer want to be with him after the way he left. Roman apologizes for leaving her and he says he will always love her so will she please go. Marlena tells him that she is exactly where she wants to be, by his side. Marlena says she will continue to hope and pray for a cure, but if it doesn't come then she wants to spend his last days with him. Roman and Marlena hug, Marlena has tears running down her face.

Laura shows up at the hospital and she talks with Caroline and Shawn about Roman. Caroline prays that Roman can hold on long enough for John to return with a cure. Marlena comes out of Roman's room when Dr. Marcus shows up with Roman's test results. Dr. Marcus tells them all that Roman is developing an immunity to the medication, and that the virus is spreading rapidly, there is nothing they can do. Marlena then confides to Laura that she now realizes she was only crying for Roman. Marlena tells Laura that even though she's worried about John, her main focus right now is on Roman. Marlena tells Laura she feels guilty but Laura tells her that she shouldn't, Roman is the one who needs her now. Laura urges Marlena to go home and rest but she refuses to leave.

In the jungle, Hope and John are in the river and Kristen and Stefano are above them in a helicopter. John tells Hope that they have to go up the ladder to the chopper, they have no choice. Hope goes up the ladder and John holds it steady at the bottom. Stefano notices another group of natives heading for John and says that John will never make it. Kristen starts screaming at Stefano not stay that, there has to be something they can do. Stefano drops a smoke bomb when Hope makes it into the chopper. Hope and Kristen look down at the ladder, and when the smoke clears John is gone! Kristen tells Hope this is all her fault, she didn't climb the ladder fast enough. Stefano tells Kristen that John never had any intention of climbing the ladder, he waited for Hope to be out of danger and then went for the flower. Stefano points to the cliff which John is climbing. Hope and Kristen see that there are natives above and below the cliff, John doesn't stand a chance. Kristen and Hope want to help him but Stefano says that John will get the flower and escape. John pushes himself up the cliff towards the flower and Stefano takes the helicopter closer to the cliff so that John can get in and they can all leave. When they get closer to the cliff, Hope and Kristen see the natives waiting for him and realize it's a trap. Hope and Kristen try to scream to John but Stefano tells them that John can't hear them. John makes it to the top of the cliff, retrieves the orchid, and puts it in his backpack. In Salem a sudden chill comes over Marlena, she senses John is in terrible danger, as much danger as Roman is in! Back at the cliffs John is knocked off the cliff by a native and plunges into the water below. When John doesn't resurface Stefano tells them that John is dead.

Tuesday, October 14, 1997

by Marcia Elgart

It's a new day in Rome and Mike and Deborah are having breakfast in the piazza while Carrie and Austin are waiting on room service to bring breakfast for them in bed. Uh-oh seems Sami has arrived at the hotel and the bell boy is taking her to the room she requested . She hears Austin's voice as he hears the bell boy and wonders if it is room service. Sami managed to hide in a cart before Austin opens his door. The bell boy doesn't know where the young lady went that he was showing to her room but he says he will check on room service for Austin. Sami jumps out of the cart just as the bell boy turns around and also managed to also grab a huge ring of keys that was hanging in the cart. In her room she is trying all the keys saying that one of them has to be a master key. She gets the door between the rooms open and sees Carrie and Austin making love. She is upset at the site and says that should be her in bed with Austin and then dreams that he tells her that he was a fool for leaving her. A little later after Carrie has gotten dressed Austin goes to shower and Sami looks in again to see Carrie writing in her diary. Oh great says Sami, Carrie has a diary - I wonder what she has written in there about Mike Austin finishes showering and sees Carrie with her diary. He asks to read it but she says no - it's her private thoughts. He jokes about keeping secrets from him already and she says maybe one day she will show him but that there is one entry where she hoped to be his wife one day and now she is. They head off to sight see and the maid says she has misplaced her keys and wants to go ahead and clean their room if they are leaving now. Darn says Sami she will have to get a look at Carrie's diary later so she figures it's time to head out and check on this Deborah girl.

Mike and Deborah are chatting and he says that he wants to spend time with her. She asks if he is still in love with the married woman and he says yes but that is ready to try to move on with his life. He explains that he learned a lot from the woman and that there is life outside your job and that he can open up his heart and have fun. He says the woman showed him how to have fun as he has flashbacks of him and Carrie. Then he says he would like to leave Rome and go to Israel to see Jeremy and asks Deborah to join him. She is thrilled and says yes but when Mike calls he finds that Robin is taking him and some friends on a camping trip. Sami arrives in the piazza and spots Mike and Deborah and them almost runs into Carrie & Austin. She gets stopped by a couple wanting to order and Austin sees her back and says she looks familiar. They join them and Mike and Austin go to get cappuccino since they don't see a waitress. Deborah tells Carrie how well things are going for her and Mike and mentions that what Mike said about the married woman showing him how to have fun and that he even mentioned marriage and children in general. They guys come back and Mike suggest sightseeing and dinner and a nightcap and tell Carrie & Austin they want to go alone. They leave and Austin comments that they are hitting it off well but Carrie doesn't have much to say. Then we see Sami dressed as a nun - she thinks this disguise will help her move about Rome without being recognized.

In the jungle John falls from the cliff just as Celeste has a dream that John is hurt and wakes. She heads to find Abe and Lexie. Abe had joined her at the hospital outside the baby nursery. She says she wants to have a baby with him but is concerned about the DiMera blood. Abe explains that that does not matter and that it's who raises you that determines your personality and tells her that Kristen turned out bad and was not Stefano's daughter but raised by him and she was raised by wonderful people. Lexie remembers a conversation she had with Kristen where she told her that she way have the DiMera curse. Lexie meets up with them and tells them of her dreams. In the meantime, John is floating around in the lagoon unconscious and Hope threatens Stefano to land the helicopter . He tries to tell them that John is dead and they need to leave but Hope says that John got the flower and if nothing else they need to get it so that John's death will not be in vain. Stefano agrees to lower the helicopter and get low enough for Hope and Kristen to jump. They head to the lagoon and Kristen wants to go in since Hope has a gun and can do a better job at keeping the natives away. Hope stops Kristen just before she steps on some spikes. She heads into the water as Stefano hollers at Hope on the walkie talkie that the natives are getting closer and he is going to land and get them. Hope hollers to Kristen they have to go but she says she won't leave without John. Then a native shoots a poison dart but misses as Hope fires the gun. Kristen gets out the water fast and they go to meet Stefano. As they walk off we see that John was right there hidden in some grass. They get back to the compound and the women argue that it was each other fault that John is dead as Stefano tells them to shut up. Rolf arrives to see if Stefano got the flower - he only have 36 hours to make the cure. In his office he puts John' battery back in the phone just as Abe calls. Abe puts Stef on the speaker phone so that Lexie and Celeste can hear. Celeste says that John is in danger and Stefano hears her. Lexie also says she is there as he says oh my dear Alexandra how is my daughter. She just says they want to talk to John. Abe tells Stefano that until he talks to John he won't do any more and hangs up. Kristen walks in at the tail end of the call and figures that Abe has called his bluff. They argue about John being dead and it's his fault and Hope comes in to join them and says that John's death is on his head. She says that she he hoped that she had died out there too but she didn't and she will remember the secret and bring him down. Next we see John still floating in the water as natives walk by

Wednesday, October 15, 1997

by Marcia Elgart

At the hospital Eric is with Marlena, Roman is stable. Marlena tells Eric she's so glad he is here for his father, and for her. Marlena tells Eric he's inherited his dad's best traits, traits Sami used to have as well. Kate comes to see Marlena and they talk about John and the cure for Roman, but the conversation soon switches to one about Sami. Kate doesn't know if anyone can help Sami find her way. Marlena thinks that perhaps this trip of Sami's will help her get over Austin, but Kate knows better! Marlena asks Kate about Victor. Kate says that the clinic says Victor is making progress, but she doesn't see it. Kate says she misses Victor so much, and Philip needs his daddy. Kate asks Marlena how she feels about Roman, Marlena says she will always love Roman, but John is the man she wants to marry.

In Roman's room, Roman wakes up and sees Eric sitting by his side. Eric wants to call Sami, Carrie, and Bo, but Roman tells him no. Roman doesn't want to get in the way of their lives. Roman tells Eric his one regret is that he wasn't there for him and Sami. Eric tells Roman they always knew he loved them and they hug, Roman tells Eric he's proud of him. Roman tells Eric he's inherited all his mothers qualities, and he has to carry on the Brady name. Roman says that he (Eric) is the man of the family now, and he has to take care of his mother and sisters. He also tells Eric not to worry about Stefano, John and Abe will put him in prison. Roman says he can now let go because he's leaving his family in very good hands. Marlena comes in and finds Eric sitting by the window. Marlena comforts Eric, who says he wanted to be strong. Suddenly Roman's heart monitor goes "beeeeeeep" and Marlena tells Eric to call a code blue. Roman is stabilized, but the doctor warns Marlena and Eric that Roman can't take another cardiac arrest.

Kate gets a call from Franco, he wants to come back to Salem and see Hope. Kate tells him no way, he can't come back to Salem because of everyone thinks he's away with Hope. Kate tells Franco about Sami and her threats, and Franco says Sami is so evil. Franco refuses to let Sami get away with this and Kate tells him if she could she would, but she can't stop her. Kate tells Franco she has to go and then hangs up.

In Rome, Sami is running around in a nun's outfit trying to find a way to break up Mike and Deborah. Austin and Carrie are sitting at a cafe talking about Mike and Deborah, and how they went to the fountain to throw the special coin in. Billie and Bo are walking around, Billie is feeling much better now. Billie asks Bo if he's going to go back on giving their love another chance, Bo says he isn't but then thinks about Hope. Billie looks at Bo and knows he was thinking of Hope and says he is having second thoughts. Bo tells Billie that he always thought that when he returned to Rome, it would have been with Hope. Bo tells Billie that he still wants to give her a chance, and as they hug Billie tells herself she has to make him love her more than Hope. Austin and Carrie see Bo and Billie and they talk. Billie is glad they are happy and hopes that Sami will leave them alone. Austin is sure that Sami will never cause them problems again. Austin excuses himself to buy Carrie a flower, and Billie goes with him. Carrie is glad to see that Bo is happy, but she's surprised he's not with Hope. Bo tells Carrie that he and Hope drifted apart, Hope is with Franco now, and Bo is sure they are in love. Bo talks about the similarities between Franco and Hope and her (Carrie) and Mike. Bo says perhaps she could have fallen for Mike if things didn't work out with Austin, but Carrie doesn't believe that. Carrie thinks Mike is in love with another woman.

Back at the Hotel, Sami breaks into Austin and Carrie's room and finds Carrie's diary. Sami hopes that something juicy is in Carrie's diary about Mike, but it's all Dullsville. Suddenly Austin and Carrie return and Sami is forced to hide under their bed while they get busy on top of the bed! Sami sulks and vows that one day Austin will be married to her. After the deed is done Austin takes a nap, and Carrie takes a shower. Sami then decides to sneak out of the room, but not before she goes she gives Austin a kiss. Austin then grabs Sami and kisses her and tells her he loves her! Suddenly the shower goes off and Sami bolts out of the room, Austin doesn't wake up. Carrie comes out in a bathrobe and Austin wakes up. Austin asks how long she's been here and when she says 2 seconds Austin says someone was just in the bed with him! Carrie says he must have been dreaming, but Austin checks the door to see if it's locked. Austin starts knocking on the door to the adjacent room (where Sami is), and when he finds it's lock he guesses he was just dreaming. Carrie then looks for her diary and finds it's gone!

Back in the plaza Petra shows up and Bo introduces her to Billie. Petra says she needs Billie's help, she needs someone to testify against Dino and Billie says she'd be glad to help. However Petra says the files may not be sealed, and it could leak out to the press. Billie realizes what effect this could have on the business, and her mom. Billie decides that she wants to do this, she has to do it. Another undercover cop takes Billie to question her. Petra asks Bo if he is over Hope, and Bo tells her that Hope is over him. Petra tells Bo that she sees a sparkle in his eye now that he's with Billie and she tells him to be happy with Billie and take his second chance. Billie returns and Bo tells Bo she wants to talk to him. Billie tells Bo that she understands if he has memories about Hope, and she doesn't want him to try to bury them. Bo thanks Billie and he tells her his life is with her now. Billie says she's grateful to him and God, and she wants to help someone else. Bo tells her she's done enough for one day and she should go back to the hotel. Bo goes to the fountain and throws a coin in for Billie. At the hotel Sami tries to sneak out in a nun's disguise but is stopped by Billie.

In the jungle, Hope is at the compound and is thinking about John and how he fell from the cliff. Hope wishes Bo was here because he could save John. Kristen is furious with Stefano and refuses to leave the jungle without him. Stefano tells her to calm down, he thinks he has a plan to find John. Stefano says that he doesn't think John could have survived the fall, but John put the flower in his backpack. Hope is pissed off at Stefano and says he doesn't give a damn about John or Roman, he just cares about that flower and his pardon. Stefano says of course he wants his freedom, but there is much more at stake for him. Hope and Kristen offer to go find John but Stefano says he has natives loyal to him that will find John. Stefano leaves and Hope goes to the compound wall, she knows John is out there and alive. Outside Stefano and Doctor Rolf talk and Hope hides and listens as they talk about keeping a close eye one her, they can't let her find out the secrets to Maison Blanche! Hope vows to save John, find out about her past, and put Stefano away for life. Stefano returns to the compound and Kristen is still pissed at Stefano because he failed to get her John. Kristen asks Stefano what is it about Hope that has him so scarred but he says nothing. Hope shows up and tells Stefano she's going to go to her room and lay down, and Stefano tells her that's a good idea. Kristen asks Stefano why some of the natives hate him, and Stefano says when he was away a lumber company came and cut down a large part of the jungle. Stefano doesn't know what he will do if he can't find John and the flower, his plan was depending on him. Stefano and Rolf leave to go secure the lab. Meanwhile Hope breaks into a closet and finds it full of children's toys. She then gets into the locked room where the table with the taro is, but she doesn't get a chance, someone comes screaming for Dr. Rolf. Hope asks what is wrong and the man tells Hope that the natives are back with news on John. Hope goes to see Stefano, all that has been found of John is his watch. Stefano tells Hope that John is nowhere to be found, he is dead.

Out in the jungle John has washed up on shore, and we know he's alive because he moves a finger. At the end of the show some natives drag John off by is arms.

Thursday, October 16, 1997

by Diane Dix

Mickey and Maggie and Alice throw a surprise birthday party for Abby at Jenn's house. Abby makes a wish when blowing out her candles - that her daddy can come home soon. She loves all her gifts. Trent comes in and gives her coloring books. While he's there, he tries to pry into Jenn's mysterious assignment, but she is very evasive and even indicates that it has nothing to do with Jack. Trent doesn't quite buy it. Jennifer leaves for work while Maggie and Mickey stay with Abby. Before leaving, Jennifer asks Mickey if he's heard anything more about Judge Cameron's disappearance, and plants the idea that maybe it is related to Jack's conviction. Mickey promises to keep his eyes open. At work, Jennifer sneaks in a minute to kiss Jack and promises that she will get the warden's password by infiltrating his office, although Jack tries to talk her out of it. In the hallway, Jennifer runs into TC, who immediately starts making lewd suggestions. She is rescued by a female guard, who tells her she has been reassigned to the visiting room. While she is on duty, Jennifer is surprised to see Jack there. Jack whispers that he has a visitor. It turns out to be Maggie and Abby. Jennifer ducks out of sight. Jack has a touching visit with Abby - until TC comes in to tell Jennifer that Deveraux needs to get back to his cell. Jennifer steps out - and Abby immediately recognizes her and shouts, "Mommy!"

In Rome, Carrie is very concerned when she can't find her diary in her room. Austin helps her look for it and tells her it has to be there somewhere. Carrie is upset because she says all her private thoughts and dreams are written down, and she would be horrified if someone read them. Austin tells her they'll probably find it when they're cleaning up the room. Carrie leaves the room while Austin stays to take a shower. Meanwhile, Sami, in her nun disguise, refuses to look at or talk to Billie, who is beginning to get suspicious of this nun who won't talk to her. Billie finally decides the nun has taken a vow of silence. Sami sits down with Billie and listens to her tale of how Bo made her feel worthwhile when nothing else would. Sami remembers when she felt worthless after Alan raped her, and Austin made her feel worthwhile again. She decides Billie is similar to her, and that Hope and Carrie are viciously trying to steal their men. Billie thanks the nun for listening to her and gives her some lira for her order. Sami is about to leave when she literally bumps into Carrie in the doorway. Sami hides her face. Carrie tries to talk to her, but Billie says the nun took a vow of silence, and tells her about donating to her order. Carrie asks the nun to wait so she can get some lira, and Sami nods, but naturally when Billie and Carrie return, the nun is nowhere to be found. Carrie says that something is very familiar about that nun. She and Billie go down to the marketplace to meet up with Austin and Bo.

In the marketplace, Mike and Deborah run into Bo, who asks to talk to Mike alone while Deborah changes into evening clothes. Bo says that it looks like things are going well with Deborah. Mike says they are, and then asks Bo what he wants to talk about. Bo says that Billie is doing a lot better since Mike prescribed drugs for her to help with the withdrawal symptoms. Mike says the real cure has been Bo's love. Bo prattles on for a while about how he still loves Hope, but they can't be together. Mike says maybe it's time for Bo to move on. Bo says that's good advice, and asks Mike if he's taking it himself. Mike says he's ready to try to move on with Deborah, and to try to get over that woman in Salem.

Deborah, Carrie, and Billie meet up in the piazza. Deborah is wearing a very sexy dress, and Billie and Carrie tease her about knocking Mike's eyes out. Deborah says he seems to be having a great time and getting over the woman in Salem. Carrie receives the news strangely - she doesn't look very happy. Deborah and Mike and Bo and Billie sit down while Carrie goes off in search of Austin. Billie tells Bo it seems as if he's getting over Hope. Bo asks her for a kiss and they share one. Mike flirts with Deborah, even though he can't get his mind off Carrie. Meanwhile, Austin is in the shower and Sami is sneaking back into her room to put the diary back. Sami slips the diary under some tissue paper and has a daydream about getting back together with Austin. She almost gets caught when Austin's shower stops, but she manages to slip out in time. Austin sees the diary and takes it to Carrie in the piazza. Carrie is amazed that he found it because she is sure she looked everywhere, but she is grateful. Mike sees them kissing and is disgusted. Sami peeks around the corner to watch them - and then is suddenly grabbed from behind by a man we can't see, except for his shoes.

Friday, October 17, 1997

by Diane Dix

Austin, while kissing Carrie in the piazza in Rome, catches a brief glimpse of what looks like a nun being dragged away. He goes to look but sees nothing. Carrie convinces him that no one would treat a nun that way, especially in Rome. Austin says he must be seeing things and they go to join Mike and Deborah and Billie and Bo. While they're all sitting together, there is a lot of teasing and talk about love. Deborah says he favorite part of Rome was the catacombs, and Carrie's story about Claudius and his lost love. Carrie says she doesn't see why the girl in the story didn't dump the blacksmith and hook up with Claudius if she was that unhappy, and Austin reminds her things didn't work that way back then. Mike stares at Carrie and can't help relating the story to the way he feels about her. Billie shows off some flowers Bo bought her and Deborah says she loves men who make spontaneous romantic gestures. Mike says that he has a gift for her and produces a beautiful gold scarf. Deborah is thrilled with the gesture, but Mike immediately notices the scarf doesn't look the same as it did when he bought it...the colors somehow are not right for Deborah. He tells her he will take it back and let her pick out a new one. Deborah swears she loves it and will treasure it, but as she is about to put it away she glances at Carrie and asks her to hold the scarf up to her face. Deborah is amazed at the way the scarf suits her and picks up her eyes. Deborah says, "The scarf was meant for you," and Mike realizes that he picked it out with Carrie in mind. Deborah asks Mike if he would be offended if she gave Carrie the scarf, and Mike says of course not, but is obviously troubled by his inability to get over Carrie. Carrie accepts it with thanks.

Meanwhile, a few feet away in an alleyway, Sami the Nun gets dragged away and confronted by Franco. She is amazed to see him there and asks what he is doing. Franco calls her a "meddlesome little bitch" and says he will put a stop to her schemes. Sami is taken aback and asks what she ever did to him. Franco says that because of her blackmail of Kate, he had to leave Salem and get away from Hope. Sami is very surprised to hear that Hope is not with Franco as everyone assumes she is. But she convinces Franco that he is still in good shape because she happens to know from Billie that Bo and Billie are now committed to each other. She convinces Franco that if he works with her, they will both get what they want - Austin and Hope. Franco agrees, but warns her that if she crosses him, she will pay. Sami looks a little afraid, but agrees. She then gets Franco to bribe the restaurant to do a couple of things - play "You Are So Beautiful," a song she knows Carrie and Mike had danced to in California (presumably by reading Carrie's diary). Carrie immediately recognizes the song and knows she danced to it with someone, and that it was very special, but she can't remember who. Mike, of course, remembers it very clearly. All three couples get up to dance. Then Franco implements phase 2 - playing a romantic song and getting to waiters to suggest that everyone switch partners so that Carrie is paired with Mike. Sami is thrilled.

Billie is surprised to see the fortune teller who was at her wedding with Bo a few weeks ago. She tells the lady that she was right about Billie's life being in danger, but it's over now and she is happy. The fortune teller says she is surprised Billie is still with her husband because Bo was strongly in love with that other woman. Billie loses her smile and tells the woman that his love for Hope is over. The fortune teller says she is wrong, that the other woman is in grave danger right now and if Bo knew that, he would leave Billie in a second. Billie is very troubled. Bo comes and asks her what that character wanted. Billie explains she is a fortune teller, and Bo asks what her fortune is. Billie decides not to tell him anything about Hope being in danger. The fortune teller, who is listening, is saddened and disappointed by Billie's selfishness.

Back in Salem, TC is very suspicious when Abby calls Jenn, in her Hope disguise, "Mommy." He demands to know what she means. Jennifer says she has no idea, that Deveraux's little girl is obviously confused and she has never seen her before in her life. Maggie sweeps Abby away and tells her that Mommy is playing a game and doesn't want anyone to recognize her, and asks Abby to keep a secret. Abby nods and comes back. Jack and Jennifer finally convince TC that Abby was just talking about her mommy and is easily confused because her parents are often gone. TC actually questions Abby, but she plays her game and tells him that her mommy is at work. TC finally buys it and they take Jack back to his cell. Jack tries once more to convince Jennifer to drop the whole prison guard disguise because it is too dangerous, but Jennifer says she is going to get the warden's password so Jack can hack into his computer. Jack finally agrees and warns her to be careful.

In the jungle, Kristen and Stefano try to convince Hope to go with them out of the jungle, because John cannot possibly still be alive. Hope says there is no way she is leaving without him. Stefano and Dr. Rolf are worried that Hope will discover the mysterious draped table with the secret of Maison Blanche hidden underneath the cover. Stefano realizes he has to get Hope to go with them rather than risk her finding the secret and somehow escaping the natives alive. He resorts to putting her on a guilt trip, thinking about all the people she will hurt if she dies - especially Shawn-D and Bo. Hope finally realizes she can't take that chance and agrees to leave with them. Meanwhile, John has regained consciousness and found himself tied to a tree and all alone (these natives don't believe in guarding prisoners, apparently). He reaches his knife with his toes and flips it into his tied hand and manages to saw through the vine ropes (handy guy!). In seemingly no time at all (as opposed to the days and days it took him to get through the jungle before) he is back outside the compound, but he realizes that Stefano and his men are leaving, and the natives are between him and the plane. Just then, Hope and Stefano and Kristen leave the compound. Hope gets a crafty look on her face and starts to set off in a different direction from Kristen and Stefano. She is unaware that a native with a poison dart blower is just feet away, and aiming a dart right at her...

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