Port Charles Recaps: The week of October 20, 1997 on PC

Scott tested positive for drugs. Later he and Serena moved to a new home: the firehouse. Chris pretended to be sympathetic to Matt. DNA proved Danielle and Dominique were sisters.
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Port Charles Recaps: The week of October 20, 1997 on PC
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Monday, October 20, 1997

Unbeknownst to Bennett and Eve, Julie had witnessed their kiss and had run off. Eve was furious at Bennett for assuming that she would fall for his charms again then she spelled out her loathing of him. Later, Eve ran into Julie, who told Eve that she had seen the kiss between Eve and Bennett and concluded that Eve had been having an affair with him. Eve then went to warn Bennett about what Julie had seen.

Kevin and Lucy returned home and planned for an amorous evening together. In the process, Lucy and Kevin unknowingly prevented Serena from licking the tainted envelope. After a series of interruptions at the lighthouse, Lucy and Kevin went to the Port Charles Hotel in an effort to be alone. Lucy told Kevin about her wish to try to have a child again but also voiced her fear that something would go wrong.

Scott almost convinced Jake to confess about Rex's evil plot. Rex, however, had been listening to their conversation via his planted bug, and Rex called Jake and warned him to keep his mouth shut. After Scott left, Jake angrily confronted Rex about placing a listening device in his apartment. Rex ignored Jake and said that he would do whatever was needed to ensure the success of his plan.

Tuesday, October 21, 1997

Julie confronted Bennett and Eve after witnessing their kiss, and the truth about their affair was finally uncovered. After Eve left, however, Bennett tried to convince Julie that Eve was the most to blame for their liaison. Bennett claimed that he and Julie's mother, Nicole, had drifted apart after Buddy's suicide and that Eve had been there for him. Julie refused to forgive Bennett and angrily left.

Meanwhile, Eve told Scott that Julie had seen a kiss between her and Bennett. Eve and Scott talked about past mistakes, and Eve learned that Jake had the results of Scott's blood test. Eve told Scott that traces of drugs had been found in his blood, and Scott was convinced that Rex had set him up.

Later, Eve and Julie were forced to work together in the emergency room, and Julie could barely contain her anger toward Eve. Scott confronted Bennett on Eve's behalf, and Scott ended up punching Bennett in the jaw.

Karen and Joe learned about Matt's run-in with Boardman and decided that the interns should band together to support Matt's cause. Matt's pleasure at the group's solidarity was short-lived, however, when Boardman later refused to allow him to treat an emergency room patient who needed surgery.

Wednesday, October 22, 1997

An angry Julie refused to continue sharing an apartment with Eve and said that she was moving out. Eve told Julie that she couldn't afford the rent on her own and said that she would be the one to move. Later, Eve asked Karen if she could stay with her, and Karen agreed. After learning the true nature of Eve and Julie's argument, however, Karen told Eve that she had no sympathy for women who slept with married men, and Karen refused to let Eve stay with her. A miserable Eve found herself homeless and was unaware that Cooper was plotting to make her his next victim.

At the Recovery Room, Chris pretended to be supportive of Matt's plight in front of the interns. Matt arrived and confronted Chris about speaking to Boardman about the liability issues associated with Matt performing surgery. After Matt left, Chris made an effective case for his position to Joe and asked Joe if he would want his own mother to be operated on by Matt.

Lucy scheduled some fertility tests for herself and feared that she would never be able to have a child with Kevin. Scott arrived and announced that he and Serena were moving into a place of their own, and an already vulnerable Lucy was hit hard by the news.

Thursday, October 23, 1997

Scott surprised Serena when he showed her the firehouse, which was going to be their new home. Scott and Serena decided to camp out in the firehouse for the night and asked Karen to join them.

Rex was pleased when Jake told him that the DNA tests revealed that Danielle and Dominique were sisters. Therefore, it was possible that Danielle could be Serena's mother.

Ellen told Alan Quartermaine that she wanted to challenge Boardman's decision about Matt not being allowed to practice surgery. Matt appreciated Ellen's efforts but told her that he wanted to represent himself at the upcoming informal hearing.

Julie had an emotional breakdown over what Bennett had done, and Karen comforted her. Eve got the cold shoulder from both Karen and Julie, and Eve realized that she couldn't live in the on-call room forever. Evetook Chris up on his offer to spend the night at his place. Cooper set up Eve by making some adjustments to one of her patient's medicine orders. Later, Julie checked on Eve's patient and met face-to-face with Cooper.

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