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Monday, October 13, 1997

by Dolly

Frank is in the middle of his confrontation with Bennett. Frank tells him he didn't realize Ben's influence went beyond the operating room. How did he line this job up? Bennett tries to play innocent. Frank wonders why his work as a Paramedic would get him a job as an athletic director. Ben tries to wiggle out of it some more, but finally ‘fesses up. He claims that he was talking to the guy from the college during a golf game and let Frank's name drop. "Simple as that?" Frank asks. "No big deal," says Ben. It is a big deal to Frank.

Joe and Karen are in the middle of a confrontation with Chris. Joe accuses him again of tampering with Kevin's IV line to torpedoes Karen. "Admit it." Chris says Karen is sabotaging herself and doesn't need his help. Karen says that Chris knows she didn't leave that IV open. He knows no such thing. She should stop blaming other people for her problems, just because Jagger dumped her. Joe grabs him and Chris pushes him off. Karen asks Chris if it was personal or he just doesn't want her to get the Quartermaine residency. He told her she's no threat in that department. Joe takes offense. Chris says Karen wants that residency as much as anyone, and that she's trying to pin her mistake on someone else, so she still has a shot at it. He'll say it nice and slow so they can both understand, if they go around spreading lies about him putting Kevin's life in danger he'll go straight to Dr. Quartermaine and have them up on charges.

Kevin is lying in bed with eyes closed. The door of his room begins to slowly open as happy Lucy music plays in the background. He senses the door opening and begins to sit up. "Lucy you just couldn't stay..." The music changes to dramatic "it could be Cooper coming to try and kill him music Kevin sits up abruptly, when he realizes it isn't Lucy at the door.

Scotty is at the table in the Lighthouse, wearing his cute little spectacles. He is trying to glue a little doll together. Scott flashes back to his recent tea party with Serena, where she asked if he was okay and he reassured her. When Scotty comes back from his flashback Lucy is in the room. Scotty explains that he stepped on "Little Sherry" and is trying to fix her before Serena gets home. Lucy suggests that he wait until he's feeling better. He says he feels fine. He doesn't look fine. Lucy insists that something is wrong.

Scott says that he's the picture of health. Lucy agrees, "Yeah, a picture by Picasso." She reminds him that he has had hallucinations and should be examined by a doctor so they can figure out what's wrong. He doesn't want to know If it happens again they'll do something. Lucy, Rhonda and Eve are they only ones who know and he wants it to stay that way. Lucy says Scott is a great father, and lawyer but that can be a real pinhead. He told her that if the doll starts talking to him he'll reconsider. Lucy asks him to think about Serena. That's all he does think about. So, Lucy suggests they go over everything that led up to him being sick. He has. They rule out food poisoning from bad cheese. They can't figure it out. Lucy then suggests that they could really use Kevin's help.

It's only Victor at Kevin's door. He apologizes for waking Kevin. Kevin says he wasn't asleep. Victor comes into the room and looks around, "I like your room it's nice." Kevin quickly explains that credit went to Lucy and her decorator. Kevin gets out of bed pushing his little IV holder along with him. Victor starts to ask if Kevin is all right. He's fine. Kevin asks Victor to sit down. He asks if Victor has had lunch. Victor says yes, "Fish today. No species I know." Kevin smiles and asks how he is. Victor says he's alive thanks to Kevin. He pulled him out of the fire. Kevin gives part of the credit to Frank Scanlon. Victor doesn't have to thank him. Victor has trouble saying it but finally gets out, that he has spent his life running away and he admires Kevin for not running away. "Monk doesn't run... ever." Victor says he's proud of Kevin. Kevin looks touched.

Joe and Karen are still giving innocent Chris a hard time. "Maybe you didn't intend to put a person's life in danger." Joe theorizes. Karen swings Chris around. She repeats the accusation. "You opened Kevin's IV and lowered his head." She went on reiterating Joe's theory, which had no basis whatsoever in fact. Chris is starting to show a bit of temper himself. He says Karen and Joe should take their act on the road. Karen should take a look in the mirror if she wants to see who responsible. It's ironic that both Karen and Joe have a penchant for self-destruction . How fortuitous they found each other. Joe could teach Karen how to disregard her Hippocratic oath. He lowers his voice, and says that Karen could teach Joe how to strip. Joe is angry and gives Chris a good push. Chris pushes back. Ellen comes up right then and gets between them. She demands to know what's going on.

Julie sits on the front stoop with a basketball in her hands. Mary walks up. She heard about the Frank's job interview and wants to find out how it went. Julie told him that Frank's left. Mary wonders if it isn't some sort of case of mistaken identity and Julie says the college is crazy about Frank. Julie wants to make a confession. Mary jokingly suggests that Julie should talk to father Wysocki. Julie told her not to tell Frank, but she wishes he wouldn't take the job. Mary takes the basketball. She points out the window of a neighboring house. It belonged to Louie Peron. A nice kid, with no physical abilities and severe allergies, whom Frank had taught sports, and eventually had become a powerful executive. That's what kind of a guy Frank is. Now, it's Frank's turn and he deserves a shot.

Bennett is still explaining to Frank how the opportunity to recommend him for the job just fell into his lap. Frank wants to know why Ben would help him at all. Because of Julie. A long distance relationship can be difficult, but this job would "equalize the playing field". Frank pretends not to know what he means. Julie, as a successful Doctor will be earning much more than Frank, an English teacher/paramedic. It would bother most men to earn less than a woman. Frank says that money has never been important to him. Ben acts like Frank was speaking in Swahili, and skips over it. This job offer is nothing to be scoffed at. Frank says that "Us proud guys like to accomplish things on our own." Bennett insists that Frank was hired on the basis of his work. Frank's not buying it. Bennett is happy things have been clarified. Yes, things are quite clear to Frank. He starts to leave and then turns back. He declares that now he understands why Julie created a make-believe family. The last thing he'd want was to be associated with Bennett Devlin. Ben says that Frank misunderstood him. The job offer came from Coulson College. Frank asks him not to insult him. He will decline the offer and furthermore, he doesn't lie to Julie.

Julie remembers how she promised herself, when Frank was in the ER that they would stay on course, and move forward. She just didn't know moving forward meant Frank moving so far away. Mary says it's a terrific opportunity and they'd miss him like crazy. And they couldn't let Frank see if they were falling apart when he left. Julie agrees and Mary leaves and asks Julie to tell Frank she'll call him. Julie gets up and shoots the basketball. She misses.

Ellen asks the belligerent interns what's going on. Chris tells her the truth. Karen and Joe have a theory that he jerry-rigged Kevin's IV. Karen wants to explain her side. Ellen told her that it's not the time and place. She asks Karen and Joe to behave like Doctors while they're on duty. Joe and Karen leave. Chris thanks Ellen. He told Karen and Joe that his hands were clean, but they wouldn't listen. Ellen told him that it's his own fault for having given the appearance of sabotage when he read Karen's letter and told Ellen the contents.

Karen and Joe fume next to the staircase. Karen suggests that going head to head with Chris wasn't the best idea. Joe Scanlon is furious that Chris is getting away with this. Karen points out that they are accusing a Doctor of deliberate malpractice. Joe asks if Karen thinks this sort of stunt is beyond Chris. She doesn't. But there's no proof. Joe thinks they should get some and they should start at the beginning.

Lucy postulates that Scott might be suffering from a psychological rather than a physical ailment. It might help to talk to Kevin. Scott says that until they have a chance to do so, he's going to do it his way. They'll say the fish sticks were bad and leave it at that. Okay, Lucy agrees sarcastically, denial, highly recommended. Scott stuffs an insurance form in an envelope and licks it. Now that Lucy has broached the subject of his health he wants to talk about the future if anything should happen to him. He knows Lucy and Serena have grown close and he'd like her and Kevin to be Serena's guardians if anything happens to him. Lucy is thrilled and she kisses him. "I'm speechless," she tells him."That's a first," he counters. Lucy's delight soon turns to concern as the special Rex-drug begins to affect Scott.

Rex, standing beneath the duck crossing sign by the lake ( gazes at Scott and Lucy through a pair of binoculars. He chuckles evilly. "'Scuse me while I kiss the sky," he says, revealing a heretofore unsuspected familiarity with psychedelic rock.

Julie tosses Frank the basketball as he walks up to the house. He throws the ball and makes a basket. She's impressed with his skills and curious as to how the interview went. He looks at her sadly. "I don't know how to tell you this," he says.

Joe and Karen walk into Kevin's hospital room. They are surprised. "And they said there were budget cuts," Joe quips. "Welcome to Shangri-la," Kevin says and quickly attributes the environmental changes to Lucy. Joe thinks Kevin must be enjoying his stay. "Nothing personal," Kevin told him, "but I can't wait to get home." He asks if they've had any luck finding out who made the "mistake" with his IV. Some, they tell him. Karen says they don't want to bother him while he's recuperating, but they've hit a wall. Does Kevin remember anything from just before his surgery? Yes, Kevin does remember something. Someone came into the room and they were wearing black. "Black?" says Karen, either unfamiliar with the color or wondering how it fits into the Chris theory.

"Why am I the bad guy?" Chris asks Ellen. All he did was make the connection between Karen's emotional state and an almost fatal error. He think someone should be expressing their appreciation. Don't expect that from Karen, Burgess told him. Now that she's heard his side she thinks he should go back to work. Someone in black is lurking in a nearby doorway as Chris went behind the nurses desk to sign something.

Lucy takes Scott to the Hospital. She wants him to go to the ER, but he only wants to see Kevin. They slip in through a back door. "Are we invisible?" Scott asks. Lucy tries to guide him up the stairs. He sits on the stairs and begins to giggle. She attempts to quiet him and get him on his feet when she hears footsteps coming toward them. They both look up the stairs in horror. "What are you doing here?" Alas it appears to be not Eve in a negligee, but Bennett Devlin.

Tuesday, October 14, 1997

by ABC Daytime

Joe and Karen talk to Kevin about the mysterious Man in Black (MIB). Mean- while, the MIB is spying on Chris who is flashing back to Joe and Karen's accusation. Matt interrupts his reverie by asking if he had stole the keys to the executive rest room. Chris gets angry, then admits he's on edge because of Karen and Joe. He told Matt the story, and Matt agrees that fixing the IV sounds like something Chris would do. Matt points out all the possible motives Chris might have. Chris points out that he would not be so obvious if he wanted to stab one of them in the back. Ellen comes up and Matt puts in a good word for Karen and Joe.

Joe and Karen tell Kevin about their suspicions. Kevin is skeptical that a doctor would endanger his patient. He advises them to take the high road and not play the blame game. He also agrees to tell Ellen about seeing the MIB. Meanwhile, MIB is putting file folders in someone's locker, after fanning them out so we can see that there's one on each doctor.

Ellen talks to Joe and Karen. She asks for Karen's side of the story. She tells her and says she was wrong to blame Chris like she did. They tell Ellen about the MIB and she agrees to talk to Kevin. Chris comes in and accuses them of being conspirators against him (Matt is also there, BTW). He huffily opens his locker and the files fall out.

Scott, in a acid trip and Lucy try to get by Dr. Devlin. Devlin realizes that he's on drugs. He wants Scott to be examined and Lucy says that Dr. Alan Quartermaine will be checking him. Devlin leaves. Lucy and Scott discuss seeing Kevin or another doctor. Scott says that there is something wrong about the whole situation (his getting sick). He wants to return to the lighthouse, she doesn't. He passes out and she goes off to find help. Scott, obviously faking the passing out, takes off. He gets in his car and drives off, while Rex watches. Rex calls Byron (his lawyer) to tell him that he just witnessed the most disturbing incident involving Scott Baldwin. (Cliffhanger)

Frank told Julie that he doesn't want the job. She's happy that he'll be staying but doesn't understand why he's not taking a dream job. He tells her that he likes his life as it is. She doesn't want to be the reason he turns down the job. He assures her that he's turning it down because of him, not her. They hug in celebration of the decision while Devlin arrives. They make small talk and Frank told Ben that he's turning it down. Frank thanks Ben for recommending him, and Julie is stunned by this.

Wednesday, October 15, 1997

by Dolly

Lucy and Eve drive to the PCPD to bail out Scotty. Lucy is a little jealous of Eve's developing relationship with Scott.

Rex is listening in via electronic devices to the goings-on at Jake and Danielle's.

Jake and Danielle are living together but not sleeping together. Danielle is supposed to be apartment hunting.

Lucy and Eve show up at the jail to get Scotty. They harass Scotty into agreeing to go to the hospital to get checked out by Eve.

At the hospital with a post-op patient, Matt lets Chris know that he thinks that Chris stole the files on the interns.

In the on-call room, Boardman and Ellen discuss Matt's proposal for equipment to assist him in operations. Boardman says the board refused to buy the equipment. Boardman doesn't think Matt has the promise of making a good surgeon. He and Ellen disagree philosophically on the equipment and about Matt personally.

At the hospital desk, Grace and Joe discuss why Chris would take the files and put them in his locker. He doesn't seem to be as good at these games as was Cooper.

Eve, Lucy and Scott get off the elevator. Lucy went to see Kevin; Eve and Scott go to take a blood sample.

Back at the desk, Grace, Joe and Karen discuss the night of the IV incident. Lucy overhears and want to know if they think someone tried to deliberately hurt Kevin.

Eve and Scott are in a hospital room. Eve draws blood. She is a little rough and tough with him, physically and verbally.

Line of the Day 1 Scott: Where are the whips and chains? Eve: You haven't been that good a patient.

They recount their history together. Scott is worried about the ramifications if drugs are found in his system; Eve is more worried he is really sick.

Rex enters Jake and Danielle's and finds a vial of blood in a cooler. Jake enters and warns him about contamination.

Line of the Day 1: Jake mumbles on about ribonucleiods and mitochondria in chicken cells. Rex and this biologist are both confused about his point -- he has real trouble with those more-than-two-syllable words and isn't making much sense.

Rex orders Danielle to leave with him. She eventually does. Jake has work to do.

Ellen and Boardman continue to discuss Matt's situation and abilities. Boardman gives Ellen his recommendations on the current crop of interns. He is not overly impressed with them. Matt enters and reports on the post-op patient. Boardman leaves. Matt wants to know if the board considered his equipment request.

At the hospital desk, Karen and Joe let slip to Lucy that they think Chris Ramsey is responsible for Kevin's IV problems. Lucy says "Who the hell is Chris Ramsey?". Chris, of course, shows up on cue.

In the on-call room, Matt is happy the board was only concerned about the money issue. He has a friend whose company can get him a cheap chair lift that will do the trick. Ellen doesn't want him to get too happy -- Boardman's recommendations are in. Matt starts to read his.

In the hospital hallway, Lucy confronts Ramsey about the allegations of Karen and Joe. Ramsey defends himself. Lucy threatens him "You are going to be in big trouble if I find out you had anything to do with hurting Kevin." Grace wheels in Kevin. Kevin and Lucy leave.

Chris confronts Joe and Karen about their spreading rumors. Chris threatens them -- it'll cost them if they continue.

In the elevator, Lucy and Kevin run into Scott. Lucy has an intimate dinner planned at the lighthouse and Scott's not invited.

Eve shows up at Jake's with Scott's blood sample. She wants Jake to run a screen for allergies, hormone imbalances, psychotropic substances, food poisoning. He has to promise he won't tell anyone.

Outside what looks to be Jake and Danielle's door (but could be another), a hand with an arm in black but no head and body reaches for the door knob.

Thursday, October 16, 1997

by ABC Daytime

Chris was furious at Joe and Karen for suggesting to Lucy that Chris had been the one who had tampered with Kevin's IV. Unbeknownst to any of them, however, was that fact that Cooper was up to his old tricks behind the scenes. Joe spoke with a patient and made some notations on the patient's chart. Later, Cooper entered the patient's room and made his own changes to the chart. Joe found the changes and then accused Chris of making them and trying to sabotage his career. Eve asked Jake to test Scott's blood and inadvertently delivered the blood sample into Rex's hands. Rex reacted with glee when the tests proved that there were traces of drugs in Scott's blood and Rex now had another weapon to use against Scott. Bennett told Frank and Julie that he was leaving Port Charles. Frank, Bennett and Julie had lunch together and Frank wondered why Julie always defended her father. Later, Bennett told Eve that he was leaving town. Eve made a comment that it must have been hard for Bennett to hit on the female interns with Julie around, but Bennett told Eve that there hadn't been anyone else since her. Eve then told Bennett to drop it and said goodbye.

Friday, October 17, 1997

by ABC Daytime

A determined Scott went to see Jake to find out what Jake knew about who had drugged him and why. Scott naturally suspected Rex and tried to get Jake to confirm this by playing on Jake's feelings for Danielle. It appeared as though Jake might spill the beans about Rex, but unbeknownst to either Scott or Jake was the fact that Rex was listening to their every word though his hidden listening device. Serena made party invitations and was dangerously close to licking one of the envelopes Rex had tainted. Joe and Karen squared off against Chris about all the sabotage that seemed to be happening at the hospital. Later, Chris came to the conclusion that someone was setting all the interns up for a fall. Bennett couldn't resist giving Eve a personal farewell and he kissed her. Julie, however, walked into the room and saw Bennett and Eve's kiss. Matt was furious that Boardman had refused to allow him into the surgical program. After speaking with Ellen, however, Matt decided to continue his fight.

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