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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 13, 1997 on ATWT
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Monday, October 13, 1997

by Jeannae Dickerson

EMILY comes to Lucinda's house and asks DAVID to leave there. LUCINDA comes into the room and tells Emily to get out of her house. David asks Lucinda to leave him alone with Emily. Emily wants him to walk out with her but David says he is not leaving. Emily says she had told him that he would have to choose between her and Lucinda and that Lucinda would win--and she has! He tells her that he has told Lucinda that he would not break up with Emily. He wants some time to get settled in with the family. He tells Emily that she is the best thing that has ever happened to him in his life. When Lucinda comes back into the room, David tells her he is taking Emily home.

LILY tells HOLDEN that Molly is pregnant but he denies it. He says they used protection the one time they were together. He says he realizes that Molly is capable of anything. Lily pulls out the lab report showing Molly is pregnant. He insists that it is a scam. He tells her that their love has always brought them back together no matter what has happened. After he leaves, she calls the lab at Memorial Hospital to talk to someone about the results of a pregnancy test.

DANNY follows CARLY out into the empty parking lot and tries to put the moves on her. She resists but he keeps on. MOLLY comes out and jumps on his back. He shoves her off and grabs Carly again but HAL intervenes. Carly says he is not worth pressing charges. She thanks Hal by buying him a beer. Molly tells Carly she will wait outside for her. Carly and Hal talk and she finds out he and Barbara are divorced. She perks up her ears at that news. He tells her that he has let his work take over his life, but that he loves his job.

LEW checks CAMILLE into the hotel where he is staying so that she will be safe. He orders her a piece of chocolate cake and a glass of warm milk. Lew tells her he blames Ben for her fear. He says Ben is putting his cause in front of her well-being. She says she believes in what he is doing. Lew says goodnight and goes across the hall to his room. A skinhead comes out of the shadows and goes to Camille's door. As she gets ready to go to bed, she sees a shadow under her door and asks if someone is there. He covers the peephole so she can't see him. She screams, the guy runs away and Lew comes immediately. The intruder makes a call to Teague and tells him that Camille is one scared little chick. Camille says she is too scared to sleep so Lew says he will stay with her. As she sleeps, he goes to her bed, sits down and says, "We'll be together soon."

BEN goes into a coffee shop and starts thinking about all the times he and Camille have been together. JESSICA comes in and sits down at his table. She wants to know if the lawsuit is what has come between him and Camille. She lets him know that she is available. Later at his apartment, Ben calls Camille and leaves a message on her answering machine telling her that they will be back together again soon.

Tuesday, October 14, 1997, 1997

by Jeannae Dickerson

CAMILLE awakens to see LEW sleeping on the sofa. When he wakes up, he tells her nobody is going to mess with her as long as he is around. While she is showering, he orders breakfast from room service. It is what she said was her favorite breakfast when they were in Paris. She says it is a little overwhelming for her. She tells him she wants to go by the church for their breakfast. He guesses that Ben will be there and gives her the choice of going to Memorial with him or he will go to the church with her. At the church, Mrs. Dansby takes Lew aside to talk to someone. BEN and Camille go out in the hall to talk. She insists that she wants to stand by his side and help him get through this. Mrs. Dansby interrupts and asks her to help with the children's choir. Lew tells Ben what happened the night before. When Ben suggests that perhaps he should drop the case, Lew insists that he must "bring that racist cop down." (What happened to the directive he received from David Allen?) Lew convinces him that he must do something radical to protect Camille. Later Ben tells Camille that it is over between them. Lew looks on and is pleased.

MOLLY sneaks into Lisa's penthouse but Lisa catches her. Molly tells her that Carly told her she could stay there one night. Lisa blasts her and they both yell at each other until Molly leaves. Later Molly comes into Emily's office and says she really needs the job. Emily says her writing stinks but she has passion and she will try her out. She gives Molly a letter to start with. It was obviously written by Emily herself about her situation with David--that everybody else has bad opinions about him but that she says him in a different light. Emily likes the answer Molly writes and tells her she has the job. She tells her it was her persistence that got her the job. Molly will use her pen name as a by-line--Cherish Forever. Emily will let her stay in a room down the hall until she can get herself a place to stay.

HAL and JACK are talking at the station when CARLY comes in with a bouquet. Jack mistakenly thinks it is for him but it is actually for Hal. Carly invites him for coffee but he has something he has to take care of. Carly tells Jack what Hal did for her last night. She is taunting him when MARGO comes and sees her for the first time since she came back to Oakdale. Then NIKKI greets Carly with open arms. Carly tells her that as soon as she gets her feet on the ground, she will start producing "Get Real" fashions again. Jack tells Carly he doesn't think that will happen anytime soon. He says that after the stunt she pulled in Hong Kong, she is on shaky ground when it comes to ethics. She asks him not to tell anyone in Oakdale what happened in Hong Kong. When Carly is talking to Hal, Margo tells Jack that when Carly is up to something, everyone has to watch their backs. Carly tells Hal that the station needs a woman's touch.

Nikki asks Margo what she found out about David Allen. Margo says she is working on it but tells Nikki to back off because it could be dangerous. Hal hears Margo talking on the phone about some files on David. She tells him about the fire and that there was not enough evidence to charge David with arson. Hal tells her to drop it. He says he has a good shot at reinstating her as detective but he doesn't want her to blow it. Margo calls Emily and tells her she needs to talk to her about David.

BARBARA invites JOHN to a country breakfast because he has been so good to her recently. She presents him with a pre-nuptial agreement. She says it is about her children and her business. He is extremely offended. Lisa comes to their table and says everyone does it now. She was the one who suggested it. He says, "I'm out of this" as he leaves. Barbara brings him back and tells him that the agreement is for his protection as well as hers. He says that if he needs to sign it to convince her of his love, he will. After he signs it, she tears it up.

Wednesday, October 15, 1997

by Jeannae Dickerson

EMMA visits LILY with a basket of fruit. Lily says she is glad Holden found her. She shows Emma the lab report confirming Molly's pregnancy. She says she wants to believe Holden about it being a lie so she is going to find the truth.

The lab technician (DOUG) finds CARLY in Lisa's penthouse and tells her they are in trouble. He says Lily has been calling him at the lab and leaving messages. He tells her he thought it was supposed to be a joke but that Lily collapsed. He is afraid of losing his job. Carly tells him to call Lily right now and she will tell him exactly what to say. Doug calls Lily; she asks him when the test was done. He tells her to look at the report but she says the date is smudged. She asks if there isn't somewhere else where that date would be recorded. He says it would be with her doctor and that is confidential. Lily asks him why Molly gave Lily's address since she had moved out long before that. He doesn't have an answer for her. She says he is responsible for whether these results are accurate or not. He just says it is confidential and hangs up. Carly tells him to put in for a long vacation from the hospital and not to come back until this blows over.

HOLDEN goes to the City Times to find MOLLY. He says he found out what she did--the fake pregnancy test that she had sent to Lily's room. He says that they both know they used protection but she says it failed. She insists that she is pregnant with his baby. He asks her how she faked the test. She gets angry and tells him to go back to his princess and she'll have this baby on her own. Holden insists that the whole thing is a lie. He says if this so-called baby is his, then she is going to have to prove it and then walks out. Molly goes to see Carly and tells her about Holden's visit and that she yelled at him instead of whining. Carly tells Molly that Holden is not going anywhere--that she has him worried. Molly says she will stick to her guns and she'll get him for herself.

BEN tells CAMILLE that it's over between them. She says she will play along with this game and stay away from him but he says it is not a game. It's real--"Leave me alone." She is not convinced. (He is taking Lew's advice to do something drastic to keep her out of danger. Lew is watching the whole time.) She asks Ben how he could have led her on. He just tells her he is sorry. She says he is a hollow empty man. After she walks out Ben tells Lew to go after her and make sure she is OK. Lew takes her to an eating place and asks her to tell him what happened. She tells him that Ben said she makes him weak. Lew gives her a shoulder to cry on.

SAM has a bag packed preparing to move in with KIRK. He presents her with a deed to the Falcon Club that he says is legal. LUCINDA and DAVID catch them on the way out. Lucinda tells her she needs to come to her senses and that he was the reason that she was blind for a time. Kirk tells Lucinda that he got the Falcon Club back for Sam. David takes Lucinda aside to calm her down. He tells her to wait for Kirk to mess up again and he might be back in jail before Christmas. Lucinda suggests to Sam and Kirk that they should come and live with her -- and they accept. They all drink a toast. David tells them that his name has been changed to Walsh. Lucinda says the Stenbeck shares of WorldWide are hers again. She says David will get his share right along with the rest of the family.

EMILY meets with MARGO. Margo asks Emily if she really cares about David. Emily says that David gave her a reason to get over the rape. Margo says she just wants to give Emily some facts about David. Margo tells her about the fire and that it was arson. The police questioned David but there weren't enough facts to charge him. Margo asks Emily why David didn't tell her about the fire and the questioning. Emily defends him and walks out on her.

Thursday, October 16, 1997

by Sage Scrogham

DAVID goes to visit EMILY at work. He tells her that he's going to see his Aunt Kathleen. Emily wants to come along. He tells her that it's not necessary. Emily thinks back to her meeting with MARGO. When Margo told her about David's parents dying in a house fire, that it was suspected arson and David was the main suspect, but they didn't have enough proof. David is talking to Emily and realizes that she's not listening. He asks her what she's thinking about. Emily finally tells him what Margo told him. He gets very upset and tells her that the only reason that she wanted to come to his Aunt's with him was to grill her when he was out of the room. He yells that he doesn't want to talk about it to her or anyone, it's private. He storms out of her office. Emily goes over to his room at Lucinda's and begs him to let her in. He lets her in telling her that he knew she couldn't just leave it alone. Emily is upset and tells him that she opened up to him about her past and that he just can't bury his feelings like this. She starts to leave. He tells her not to leave mad. She tells him that she's not mad, she just sad. He begs her not to leave, that he needs her and he'll tell her everything. He tells her it's not as if he hasn't spoken about it before. He's talked to the Fire Officials, the Cops and the school shrinks. He begins his story: He tells her that the day started out bad. He'd just got his report card and he didn't make straight A's. His dad made him take "Advanced Physics" and David knew he wasn't ready for it, but his dad made him take it anyway and he only made a "B+" in the class. His dad went off on him telling him what a disappointment he was. Then his dad took off his belt and beat him with it. He was 16 years old and still getting whippings. His mother stood by and watched like always. He stood there, like always, and took it. Then his mother told him, "Davey boy, go up to your room. No supper for you tonight." They always treated him like a child. So, he went upstairs and did his homework for the next day. "Can you believe that?" he asks Emily, "I went upstairs and did my homework." He continues to tell her that he went ahead and read for a couple of hours then fell asleep. He awoke around 2 A.M. to the smell of smoke and the glow of flames coming from down the hall. He jumped up and ran to the hall. The fire hadn't get made it to his bedroom or his parents room. There was still time for him to wake and save them, if he acted fast. He stepped out into the hallway, stopped and then turned around and went back into his room shutting the door behind him. The next thing he knew he was in the ambulance being checked out by the EMT's and the firemen were hosing down what was left of the house. The police told him that they found him sitting in the front yard, his bedroom window was open, so that must have been how he got out. They found his parent's bodies by the their bedroom window, they must have been trying to get out also. Emily tells him that that was an awful thing to have had to have gone through. "Didn't you hear what I told you?" he says desperately, "I went out into the hall and then turned and went back into my room, shutting the door!" Emily passes it off as a reaction to panic. "Earlier that evening, I wanted them dead. I may have not started that fire, but I killed them just the same," he says desperately, "and I have to live with that the rest of my life."

MOLLY goes to Lisa's apartment to see CARLY. Molly's worried about Lily and Holden finding out about how they used Doug, the lab tech. Molly decides not to worry about it, until Carly tells her about Lily trying to get a hold of Doug. She continues to tell her about the call Doug coming to see her and the call he put into Lily from there. Carly told her that Doug did good at first then got panicky and hung up on Lily. Molly worries she's going to get busted now. Carly tells her that she needs to just chill out and stick to her story. Carly tells her that she's got to work on her own project now, getting pregnant and getting the 50 million dollars. She calls the station to speak to Hal. She uses an altered voice and pretends she's an informant who's supposed to meet with Hal for lunch, but forgot where they were having lunch. NIKKI tells her that he's probably at Al's Dinner, because that's where he always goes. Carly hangs up and heads over to Al's Dinner. She strolls in with the Want Ads in her hands and pretends not to see HAL. Hal yells "Hi" to her and asks her if she'd like to join him. She does. He asks her what she's up to. She tells him that she's job hunting. She orders soup, crackers and water, claiming that she's not really hungry, but then asks for extra crackers, playing the poor helpless waif to the hilt. She talks to Hal and tells him that she knows he knows all about Hong Kong. He tells her that he does know some. She admits to making bad decisions, but she's learned her lesson. "I'm telling the truth from now on, even if it hurts," she says, "Maybe a white lie here or there." She explains how she's been telling prospective employers that she can type 100 wpm, but she can really only type 90 wpm, she's a bit rusty at the moment. Hal's eating it up.

JACK brings a stack of papers, files and such to MARGO. Margo asks NIKKI to make copies of certain ones for them. Nikki starts to walk off but lingers to hear what Margo and Jack have to say. Jack passed up working "Over Time" and Margo asks if he has a hot date. Jack tells her that he's sworn off relationships for now. Nikki smiles to herself. MARLAINA WALLACE a prospective secretary for Hal comes in for her interview. She's an hour early, she got the time wrong. She has another appointment at 1:15 so she can't stick around 'til Hal gets back. Jack says he'll do the interview. Margo laughs and calls him off to the side. "Swore off relationships, huh?" she teases. "There is a difference between relationships and a little fun," he grins. Margo goes back to her desk and Nikki joins her. Jack is telling Marlena all about his days in the agency. Margo is curious as to what women see in Jack. "He gorgeous, funny, smart..." Nikki says. Margo tells her that she thinks that's a bit steep. "I wish he'd look at me that way," Nikki says commenting on Jacks looks at Marlena. "No you don't...." Margo tells her. Jack has finished up with Marlena and asks what they are talking so intensely about. "Oh, just my days with the agency," Margo grins. Jack tells her that she was never with the agency, then he realizes that she's been listening in on his talk with Marlena. HAL walks back in from lunch and Jack, with Marlena by his side, tells Hal that he has interviewed her for him and she is more than qualified and has great references. Hal tells Jack that that was nice of him but the position has been filled. Up walks CARLY. Margo gets Jack off to the side and tells him that she is the most unlikely person for the job. He agrees. Carly tells Hal thanks for the job. Hal tells Carly that while they are in the office, she needs to call him Lieutenant. She agrees and flirts a bit, making a Jack, who's watching her every move, sick. Nikki walks by with some files to copy. Hal stops her and gives them to Carly to go copy, instead. Carly goes off to try to make copies. Nikki finds her by the fax machine. Nikki ask if she needs help. Carly tells her that she knows how, it's just been a while. Carly tells her that she'd be grateful for any refresher courses. Off they go. Just a bit later, Carly hands HAL the copies. "Done already?" he asks pleased. He tells her to put the copies on Margo's desk. She tells him how much she really appreciates the chance he's given her. Jack watches from a distance, wise to her act.

HOLDEN goes to see LILY. EMMA answers the door and he comes on in. Lily is very glad to see him and tells him thank you for coming like she asked. She tells him that she's sorry, that she loves him and always will. They kiss and she feels a bit faint. They go and sit down on the couch. She tells him that she shouldn't have ran away when she heard Molly's pregnancy results, but she was sick and wasn't thinking straight. He tells her that he understands. Lily tells him that she's thought a lot about it, and with all the lies Molly has told them both, this just sounds like more of the same. She tells Holden about the calls and messages she left for Doug Bannon the lab tech, who she got the test results from. She tells Holden how he called her back, got nervous and hung up. Holden decides to call the hospital and talk to Doug. Doug isn't there anymore, he quit. "See, she's lying," Holden says about Molly, "Now how do we prove it?" Lily thinks that maybe Susan Stewart could help them. Maybe she could check out Doug or the test results. Holden doesn't even think Molly really had a test to begin with. Holden has an idea. He tells Lily that he doesn't want to tell her what the idea is, it might jinx it. Lily tells him once again how sorry she is, how much she loves him and will never doubt their love again. She tells him that even if Molly is pregnant, they'll deal with it. She gives him a good-bye kiss and he tells her he'll be back shortly. Holden heads out to find MOLLY. He finds her putting some paperwork on Emily's desk. He tells her, "Doug quit, Molly." She nervously asks, "Doug who?" He tells her, "The lab tech, you know, the one you got to do your dirty work." She denies it all. "So, you're saying you're really pregnant," Holden says snidely. He tells her that he wants her to take another pregnancy test. She tells him that she won't do that, that it's ridiculous and he's rude to ask her to do it. "What have you got to hide, Molly?" he grills, "If it's positive, then I'll apologize." She still tells him, "No." "I made an appointment with Dr. Samuel's and you're going, today!" he blasts.

Friday, October 17, 1997
font face="arial" color="804080" size="3">by Sage Scrogham

CAMILLE is frightened by a crash cart blasting through some doors going to an emergency code, and drops the files in her hands all over the floor. BEN sees it happen and tries to help her pick them up. She tells him not to bother, picks them up and walks off. Ben yells for her to stop, but sees LEW, reminding him that he's staying away for Camille's safety, and changes his tune. Ben goes up and tells Lew that he can't stand hurting Camille like this. He wants to go tell her that he loves her and that everything will be all right. Lew tells him that that could lead to more bricks, dead rats or worse, if he does that. He's got to be strong for Camille, because it's for her own good. Ben finally agrees and gets back into his cold shell. He asks Lew if he'll go check on Camille and make sure she's O.K. Lew gladly goes over to Camille and asks if she's all right. "No, get me out of here," she sobs. Lew escorts her away. Ben feels like a dog. Tom walks up and Ben tells him that he hopes he's got some good news for him. Tom is saddened to tell him that "No, it's not good news. The your trial date has been moved back." Ben goes off! He wants to drop the case. Tom tells him that a lot of people are counting on him. He tells Tom that it's affecting to much of his life. "You're talking about Camille, right?" Tom says. Ben tells him no, he's not. That he's broken it off with Camille, for real, no games. "Just for appearances, right?" Tom asks again. Ben tells him coldly, "No, I need to be able to focus on this, and I don't need to have to worry about some woman's safety." Tom is not pleased with how that sounded, but doesn't say a thing. At Camille's place, Lew tries to comfort Camille. She thanks him for taking the time out of his busy day to take her home. "I just wanted to help, anybody would have done it." She lets him know that she doubts if Ben would agree with that. "Ben's a fool," he says, "Any man, who would turn his back on you, is a fool." "And I promised myself I'd never let that happen again," she says, then realizes that Lew knows what she means. "I wanted you, but you didn't want me," he says sadly. She tries to apologize. "I understand, but you need to know...You're not the only one who's cried," Lew says trying to tug at her guilt. It's working, she's feeling bad about saying that and after he's done so much for her. "You had every reason to leave me, the broken promises...." he goes on, "But Ben had no reason to leave you!" He goes and checks all the closets, under the bed, comes out and tells her the place is safe. He tells her to use both the dead bolts after he leaves and she should be fine. "I'm just a phone call away," he tells her. Camille thanks him and opens the door. A SKIN HEAD GUY is at the door with bouquet of dead flowers starting to lay them on her door step, he runs when Camille screams. Lew takes off after him, catches him around the corner inside the hall of the apartment corridors and holds him by the neck. Back at the hospital, KIM, while waiting on Barbara, is on the phone with her secretary at WOAK. She says that she wants a more sensational story than the kinds of stories they've been doing lately. She finds out that Terri has got a lead on something and wants to know what it is. "Tell her to keep up on it," Kim says right before she hangs up. She sees Ben and Tom and goes over to speak to them. "Oh, I've been wanting to see you," she says, "Not, you Tom, Ben." She lets Tom know that it's nice to see him, too. She tells Ben that she's left him a gazillion messages. She wants him to appear on her show. Tom says, "No." Ben says he'll have to pass, his attorney doesn't advise it. She tells them that she wants to have his side and Teague's side. "Teague has a side?" Ben asks. She tells Ben that by showing them both, the viewers will realize what kind of man Teague really is, and it'll show that he really doesn't have a side. She tells him that they don't have to talk about the arrest, just "Race Relations in Small Town America." Tom sort of likes that idea, he tells Ben that that could keep the issue hot, causing the Judge to have to deal with it sooner, maybe even before next year, if they keep the heat on. Ben is liking that idea, but says that they'll never get Teague to appear, because he took off to parts unknown with his family. Kim tells Ben that Teague is back. "Terri spotted him at the station", she says. Ben flies off the handle, saying that Teague isn't supposed to be allowed at the station. Ben wants to go down to the station, now! Tom tells him to calm down, that this isn't the time. "Maybe it is the time!" he yells. "No, Ben, NO!!" Tom yells. "I wanna do something, but I can't prove that Teague is behind the harassment!" Ben fumes. Tom tells him that he doesn't have to, that proving that is his/Tom's job. "What do you expect from me, Tom?" Ben asks. He explains that he took his face getting shoved in the dirt, getting called BOY. ."..But I'm not gonna take it now!" Ben rages and storms out the doors. "Don't let him do anything stupid, Tom," Kim warns. "I'll try not to," he replies with a worried look.

DAVID tells EMILY what bothers him the most about the whole ordeal, was the looks. The kids at school called him "Arson Allen." The teacher, family members all gave him that, "could he really do something like that", look. "I didn't try to save them," he frets about his parents. She tells him that if he had, he might have gotten trapped too. "I will always be trapped," he says, "It didn't stop there, it happened again." Emily gets worried and wants to know, "What happened again?" He mumbles like he's in a trance, that it was a mistake and it's too late, he's trapped. He tells her that his Aunt Kathleen stood by him. He had to explain, always try to explain. The looks, waiting, watching and wondering. Emily tells him that she understands. David doesn't see how. She explains, "My mother loves me, but she doesn't trust me, never trusts me." "Cut everyone off, it's safer," he drones. "You can't do that!" Emily pleads. He starts going through a story in almost a fugue state. "Annie...I thought it would be safe...I expected to much. She told me she was in love with Mark...It hurt, I was enraged by it.....She came to me after Mark dumped her....I knew she was on the edge of despair, but I turned my back on her anyway....I could have saved her, but I didn't. I closed the door and walked away.....I always close the door, always," he finishes. Emily explains that it's not his fault, he wasn't on that bridge when Annie jumped. "I might as well been," he cries. "You're not a monster," she says, "You heard my cries for help and didn't fail me." He begs her not to do this, not to get drawn up into his life, to get out while she can. "Do you want death, pain and disaster..." he says and Emily cuts him off. "It's sad that a considerate man like you, thinks he's a walking catastrophe," she says sadly. She reminds him that she was so messed up, by Diego, that she couldn't function. "But you came and rescued me," she says encouragingly. He says he didn't do much. "Not much, just gave me back my life," she says, "Unless you think my life isn't worth much." "I don't want to hurt you," he sobs, "Maybe Margo and your mother are right....You don't know me." "I know everything I need to know," she says. "Please leave," he starts crying, "Please, while you still can." She tells him that she can't leave. "Because....I love you, David," she says. He tells her that she doesn't know what she's saying, that she couldn't possibly love him. "Why?" Emily asks. "Because you know," he says with the innocence of a child. "Nothing you can tell me about your past can change me," she says. "I just don't want to hurt you," David says. Emily looks sadly at him. He finishes softly, "Because I love you, too." "You do?" she says looking into his face, then smiles, "You do." He gently pulls her willing body close and kisses her softly.

LILY is at her house, on the phone with Holden. "Thanks for filling me in on your plan, it won't jinx it," Lily says to him. She makes a kissing noise at him through the phone and tells him good-bye. EMMA comes in the room. Emma wants to know what she and Holden are up to. Lily tells her that she doesn't think Molly is really pregnant. Lily asks Emma why Molly thinks she could get by with lying about such a thing. "After we get these test results, she'll be out of our lives for good!" Lily declares confidently. Emma asks Lily how she'll handle it if Molly really is pregnant. Just then LUCINDA walks in with a big bouquet of flowers. "Tell me you didn't just say what I thought you just said," she says with a dumbfounded look on her face. Lucinda wants to know what's going on. Lily tells her that Molly has faked a pregnancy test. "I bet she gloated when she told you that in your hospital room, no wonder why you had that attack and had to get out of that hospital," Lucinda comments sympathetically. Emma excuses herself to go check on Luke. "Molly set us up," Lily says. "You and Holden?" Lucinda comments more surprised by the 'we' than the 'set up'. Lucinda reminds her that she said she was through with Holden back in Indiana. "That was before...." Lily says. She tells her that Holden swears that it's impossible. That he's making Molly take a pregnancy test right now at Dr. Samuels. "Trust me!" Lily says, "I'm choosing to believe in Holden and the love that we share." "The one-night stand, the other baby and now maybe this one," Lucinda sighs. Lily tells her that she needs her support and wants her to help her fight for her relationship with Holden. "It's Molly, I never did trust her," Lucinda says. "Your right," Lily agrees. "Want me to take care of her," Lucinda snickers. "If she's having a child...." Lily's thought trails off. "His future is with Luke and several other children of your own," Lucinda says supportively. Lily asks what she'd ever do without a wonderful mother like her. "I'm not so wonderful," Lucinda says. Lily tells her jokingly, "Yeah, every mother sends a private helicopter to have her daughter whisked away when she wants to go to another hospital." Lucinda tells Lily not to thank her, that David arranged that. Lily gets a sour look on her face. "He did it for his own gain," she says bitterly, then reminds Lucinda what David tried to do to the both of them. "You can't even trust him with the family name," Lily says sarcastically. "Reading the City Times I see," Lucinda replies. Lucinda tells her that she's moved him into the mansion, too. The phone rings before Lily can respond to that one.

BARBARA shows up at Dr. Samuels office for her appointment. The receptionist asks her if she's alone. Barbara tells her "yes", but that her Aunt, Kim, dropped her off and that John was just busy today. "Why do you ask?" Barbara says starting to worry. She tells Barbara that Dr. Samuels has scheduled some follow up tests, it's nothing to worry about. Dr. Samuels is running a bit behind, because of a delivery, but she's ready now to see Barbara. She walks into the office and just as she tells Dr. Samuels that she's alone today, John shows up. Barbara is very happy to see him. John tells her that he's in this with her all the way.

HOLDEN is practically dragging MOLLY through the hospital. She tries to play off his sympathies by telling him that hospitals make her sick, because they remind her of when they took Abby from her. He's not buying it, and reminds her that supposedly it didn't make her sick for her first pregnancy test. She gives him a sick look. "You're not sick," he remarks, "You're scared." She asks him how he could be so cruel. "I'm carrying your child," she cries. "Prove it!" he blasts. She tells him, that she'll do it tomorrow. He tells her that it's now or never. If she doesn't take the test today, she's on her own. On the way Molly knows she can't get Holden to sympathize with her, so she fakes fainting. He sits her down, not buying it and then, after a couple of minutes, walks her on down to the Doctor's office. They get to Dr. Samuels office and the receptionist tells them that the Doctor is running a bit behind. Molly says she feels sick and wants to go to the bathroom. Holden grabs a trash can and tells her to say put. She shoots him a hateful look. Holden goes over and asks if they have the appointment for Molly Conlin. She tells him "yes" and gives him some papers for Molly to fill out. He turns around with the papers and Molly's gone. Molly snuck down to a pay phone around the hall and is desperate to get a hold of Carly, at her new job, at the Police Station. Carly is out at the moment, so Molly leaves a message. "Tell her that I'm at the hospital and I need her, she'll know what it means," Molly says then hangs up. "What am I gonna do now?" she asks herself desperately. "Come and take the test, that's what," Holden snaps. Holden drags her back down to Dr. Samuels waiting area. Holden gives Molly the paper work and tells her to fill it out, she does. While sitting, waiting for their turn, Molly sees JOHN and BARBARA come out of Dr. Samuels office, laughing and holding onto one an other. John puts his hand on Barbara's stomach and the baby kicks. It's a happy little 'family to be' scene. Molly looks over at Holden, then turns sadly back to watch John and Barbara disappear around the corner. The receptionist says that it's Molly's turn and Holden gets up to go in with her. The lady stops him and tells him that Dr. Samuels visits with her patents alone first, he'll be called in later. He goes to sit down, Molly is a bit relieved. In the Doctor's office, Molly tries to pull out every stop to keep from having the test done. She convinces Dr. Samuels that she is entirely too queasy today for a blood test. Dr. Samuels says that they'll put the blood test off 'til later, but she'll at least have to give a urine sample for testing. She agrees. Molly gets real snappy with the poor nurse who's trying to give her instructions on how to get the sample. "I know, I know!" Molly snaps venomously at the nurse. "Put it in the tray when you're done, then," the nurse bluntly says back to Molly and walks away. Molly goes into the bathroom and looks at herself in the mirror. "O.K. Ms. Cherish Forever, what's your advice to get me out of this one?" she says to herself. She turns around and on the tray is a urine sample marked "BARBARA RYAN MUNSON." Out in the waiting area, Holden calls LILY. "Lily, it's me," he says. "She took the test and it's just a matter of time now," he tells her happily. Lily is glad to hear that this nightmare is almost over. Dr. Samuels comes out and tells him him that he can come in now. "Show and tell time!" he says to Lily, "Gotta go!" He hangs up and goes in. He asks Dr. Samuels to tell him the results. "No doubt about it," Dr. Samuels says happily, "Molly is definitely pregnant." Molly slowly looks up and smiles an evil smile, as Holden takes his hand and tries to wipe the stunned look from off his face.

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