One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 13, 1997 on OLTL

Al moved in with Gabrielle. Téa called Kelly to the stand in Starr's custody case; Todd received full custody of the little girl. Blair turned to Max in her grief. Nora vowed to find Max a new woman. Mel was certain that Dorian was hiding something.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 13, 1997 on OLTL
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Monday, October 13, 1997

Today's show is a continuation of the fireworks and cliffhanger from Friday.

Al Holden phones his Mom to tell her he's coming to visit her. He says goodbye to his brother and sister, but Dad's missing him already. Al offers to phone him mom back to cancel, but Max tells him not to and gets ready to take him to go spend some time with Gabrielle. Al will only be 45 minutes away and will call home as often as he can and they can also stop by and see him if they miss him too much.

Max later gets back from dropping Al off when Ian stops by to see him. Apparently he'd been waiting in his car for a while for Max to get back and is not in the best of moods. He demands that Max buy him out of the Waterfront project on account of what he did to Maggie. Max tries to reason with him that they will make tons of money and he's sorry for what he did. Ian does not budge and gives him 24 hours to cough up the dough, otherwise he'll sell to Asa. Ian leaves after giving Max the legal papers.

At the Banner, Viki and Clint discuss the Ball room events and the fact that Dr. Doherty suddenly disappeared. She suspects foul play, especially given the fact that Clint administers the Buchanan endowment fund at Llanview U. Clint also asks Viki about the dinner he was promised and she refuses on account that they practically spent the whole evening together, albeit unintentionally. In the midst of this, Mel walks in to report back to work. They both protest his return to work saying that he's still not fully recovered yet. But since he won't leave, they advise him not to overdo it. After he leaves, they discuss how impressed they are by this new sober Mel and decide to offer him his own column. Clint leaves and Dorothy stops by to see Viki.

Dorothy tells Viki all about her grandmother, Mary and how she has inspired her and the career path she has chosen. Since Dorothy would like to stay on in Llanview for a while, Viki promises to give a friend of hers (who owns a clinic) a call so that Dorothy can continue with her work there. Dorothy continues her conversation and tells Viki all about her mother etc. Viki tells her she will enjoy her stay at Llanview and that there are a bunch of people her age that she can meet. She then asks if she has met the Cramer cousins yet. Dorothy grimaces and confirms that she has met them and from the look on her face, Viki could tell she didn't care much for them at all. Viki laughs and tells her that they are really o.k. once you get them away from Aunt Dorian.

Meanwhile, Clint talks to Mel about how far he's come with his resolution not to drink anymore and how much of a positive effect it will have on his family. He also encourages him that quitting an addiction is easier when you have a good family. He offers him a cigar as well as the column proposal and Mel accepts.

In another part of Llanview, in court, the custody trial continues. Téa has walked in unexpectedly, bandages and all to continue representing her client and husband, Todd. The whole court is shocked to see her. She explains and tries to excuse Todd's earlier behavior and stubbornness to continue the trial and represent himself. She says that Todd's anxiety and feeling so strongly about a resolution given the situation is what prompted him. She also explains further that the custody issue needs to be resolved quickly for the benefit of all, especially Ms. Daimler and therefore a postponement is not in the best interest of all concerned. The judge denies the motion to postpone. Téa continues that Blair is stressed to breaking point. When stressed, she snaps as evidenced by non-provoked violent action of pushing Téa through a 2nd story window. Blair is dangerous to herself and others especially Starr. The judge reminds Téa that she cannot use herself as a witness. Téa tells her that there are plenty of witnesses and she does not need to ask for time to get witnesses since there is one present in the room. She calls Kelly Cramer to the stand.

Téa calmly asks pointed questions about the incident and confrontation leading to the violence at the Ball. Kelly reluctantly answered truthfully to the best of her knowledge that Blair was indeed unprovoked by Téa and acted in violent rage by pushing her through the window after calling Téa all kinds of names and threatening her life also. Blair is outraged and tells Kelly she'll never forgive her. Blair's attorney cross-examines. Kelly tells her that Téa's raising of her arm was in self-defense to prevent Blair from hitting her and not to attack Blair as the attorney tried to imply. She also confirms that neither Té nor Todd pressed civil or criminal charges against Blair to avoid making trouble for her. To this, Richardson replies "other than take her baby away." Téa objects to the statement and is sustained. Kelly steps down and is hugged and comforted by Cassie. The judge asks if there are any more testimonies or information pertinent to the case before she rules. There is nothing else.

The judge tells Blair her behavior is appalling and she is violent and her impulse controlled problems makes her an unsuitable mother. Full custody is awarded to Todd with limited supervised visitations for Blair after a satisfactory psychiatric evaluation report has been received. Blair is raving mad as can be expected and tells Todd he won't get away with it. He tells her she started it all. Téa faints.

Back at the Banner, Dorothy walks into Clint's office and thanks him for everything they've done for her father. After Clint leaves, Dorothy sees the cigar and has a fit. Mel tells her he can only give up one vice at a time and asks her to tell him what she thinks of Viki. Dorothy comments that she now understands why Viki is the only publisher that he ever really liked. Mel does not know why she said that. She goes on to say how wonderful and forthcoming Viki is. She can't believe he hasn't seen "it" yet. "What?" Mel asks. Dorothy asks who Viki reminds him of. Mel does not know. Dorothy then says "Mom" and explains the similarities between Viki and Muriel, Mel's dead wife. She says "Viki totally gets you." Mel disagrees saying that Dorian is nice too and Dorothy has just ruined a perfectly good working relationship. I say oh, oh!

Back at the courthouse, Téa has come around. Kelly rushes to Blair to apologize that she did not want to testify against her, but had no choice. Blair replies that she finally got her chance to get even with her and slaps her hard across the face. The whole court looks on in shock.

Later Téa is back at the hospital and is determined to follow Dr's orders. Todd thanks her sincerely. This whole scene was very tender and it looks like there might be something building up between these two.

In the meantime, back at Dorian's mansion. Dorian swears that Mr. and Mrs. Todd Manning will get a taste of her arsenal. Cassie and Kelly try to calm her down to no avail. I think the worst is yet to be unleashed in Dorian.

At the same time, Max back at home mauls over Ian's ultimatum and tears up the buy-out contract. The doorbell rings. He thinks it's Ian come to give him more grief, but as he opens the door, Blair falls into his arms sobbing. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 14th, 1997

Viki and Clint arrive at Club Indigo to have drinks and enjoy the music. R.J. introduces himself to Viki(!) and makes sure that Viki and Clint get a good table. Viki starts telling Clint about how well Joey is doing in Italy, how much he enjoys restoring frescos. Clint is upset that Joey did not go back to school and doesn't have a paying job, he's living off his trust fund. Viki defends Joey, saying that the restoration work Joey's doing benefits everyone, but unless it comes with a paycheck attached, Clint is not impressed. Clint compares Joey's lack of a paying job to Sloan Carpenter. That's very unfair Viki tells him, Sloan was a four star general who devoted most of his life to his country, he only became a writer in his retirement and there's nothing wrong with that. They get into a shouting argument and only stop when they realize what a scene they are creating. If Viki is uncomfortable with public displays of anger, then how about public displays of affection, Clint asks, grabbing Viki and kissing her. After the kiss he invites her back to his place.

Devastated by the losing the custody hearing for Starr. Blair has given up hope, she's lost everything. She wants to go take her horse, Araby, on a wild run. Max reminds her she just spent months in therapy fighting to get better, she doesn't want to injure herself again. He convinces Blair that she needs to fight to get Starr back, that she needs to be underhanded and devious, whatever it takes to win. Té's still in the hospital, Blair should go by the penthouse and talk to Todd, try to convince him to let her see Starr while Téa's not around to talk him out of it. Blair's sure that Todd still has a soft spot for her, and she plans to use it to get what she wants, Starr.

Jacara and R.J. go to the Waterside Inn to have dinner together. Jacara is interested in R.J.'s past and what made him decide to go legit. He tells her a little about his previous life, loansharking, dealing in stolen art. Carlo Hesser was a good teacher, but the pressure on R.J. was just too much. Hank and Bo were always looking over his shoulder, waiting for him to make a mistake. R.J. originally wanted to get into the music business as a cover for some of his other activities, but a few things changed his mind. One was Rachel, he would never want anything dirty to touch her. The other thing that changed his mind was meeting Jacara, he wants them to get to know and trust each other better.

Mel arrives at Dorian's and Cassie fills him in about what happened at the custody hearing, including Blair slapping Kelly. Dorian blames Cassie and Mel for stirring up the "demons" that haunt the Cramer family. Dorian is very afraid that the madness that affects the family will soon claim Blair. Dorian lets it slip that her mother was mentally ill, but will say nothing else. Dorian insists that she's protecting her family from the past. After Dorian goes upstairs, Cassie and Mel decided that the next logical person to talk to would be Melinda. Cassie asks Kelly if she would go talk to her mother, but Kelly absolutely refuses to do it.

Wednesday, October 15th, 1997

Club Indigo- Viki, Clint, R.J., Jacara, Wendi, Rachel and Tracey Mitchell

Clint wants Viki to come home with him. She says she wasn't ready when he invited her to the ranch and she isn't ready now. He assures her his only interest is not sex. Lately he has felt something other than their professional relationship has been happening between them. He wants time together as just Clint and Viki, not as parents or co-workers. They ponder where to go for their rendevouz. His condo, the Palace, a motel are all crossed off the list. Finally he says he has the perfect place. The cabin. They can kick back and enjoy each other's company. The two of them together for a few hours. Suddenly the band which has been provided the music gets into an altercation. The drummer throws down his sticks and the Tracey Mitchell quartet becomes a solo act. Tracey, the founder of the group, is left alone at his piano to explain to Rachel that what she has just witnessed is artistic difference. Viki and Clint decide to leave as R.J. and Jacara walk in. Rachel asks them how dinner was . R.J. wants to know what has happened. He is in a quandry. What to do for the second set. He is expecting a music critic. Tracey Mitchell as the Piano Man is not going to cut it. R.J. goes backstage to try to settle the dispute. Jacara tells Rachel it won't do any good. Wendi tells Rachel that when she was singing gospel while cleaning the bar, she discovered what a wonderful voice Jacara had. So good was she that Wendi's jaw almost hit the floor. Jacara does not want to sing. She says it would spoil her image with the talent. They want to see her as their support, not their competition. Rachel reminds her tha this is an emergency. R.J. comes back to find Jacara gone. He says he could not convince the band to come back for the second act. Wendi tells him not to worry, the girls have it covered.

Llanview Hospital- Todd and Téa

Téa is high as a kite from pain killers. Todd informs her that Larry says she can come home tomorrow if she does not overdo it. He tells her Starr is fine and now, thanks to her, he won't have to worry anymore. Téa corrects him and says *they* will not have to worry anymore, pauses and sees he looks confused. She covers and says the plan worked. She guesses they can think about calling it quits since Todd doesn't need her anymore. Todd replies this was a year contract and they can negotiate when the year is up. Starr still needs a Mommy. Téa is certain he must have regrets about what he did and she tells him she suspects he still has feelings for Blair. Todd says he has no conscience. Téa doesn't buy that. He says he didn't do anything to cause Blair to lose Starr. Téa agrees that she was the one who did the dirty work. Yes, Todd replies, she took the fall, literally and head first. As far as he is concerned Blair brought this on herself. He tells her he has to leave before Nurse Rachett throws him out. He will be back to spring her in the morning.

Dorian's- Blair, Kelly, and Ian

Blair has returned home and is on the phone with the hospital. They tell her it is too late to speak to Téa. Visiting hours are over and so is phone access. She asks if Mr. Manning is with his wife. They confirm this and she says she will catch up with him later when he gets home. Slowly, she begins to undo the french twist she wore when she went to court. She ignores Kelly when her cousin asks if she is going to finish what she started with Téa. Is she going to finish the job of killing her. No reply from Blair as she moves to the mirror in the entranceway and continues to comb her hair and fluff it up and check out her makeup. Kelly says that Dorian is worried and she should tell her she is home. They would not have know where she had gone if Max didn't call. Kelly says that it was not her fault, she was under oath and the truth is simple and ugly. Blair lost her by her own actions. Kelly considers herself lucky that she was in the court room and only got a slap. Téa on the other hand got thrown out of the window. She tells Blair she needs help, Blair will wind up in a mental hospital like their mothers. Blair grabs Kelly and tells her that she is lucky not to have gone to jail for Baby Brendan's death. She places her in front of the mirror and says she needs to take a look at herself. Kelly is the one out of control. She lets go with a jerk. Kelly is terrified of Blair. She tries to convince Blair that they are blood. Blair replies they are nothing. Kelly tells her fine, but get it straight not to ever touch her and not even to think about it. Blair ignores her statement. She is going out. Tell Dorian she if fine, is all she will say to Kelly.

Ian comes over to check up on the Cramer Women. He is surprised to learn from Kelly that Blair lost Starr. Téa forced her to testify and she was the only witness against Blair. She could not lie under oath. Cassie has been and gone. Dorian is angry with her daughter and Blair is angry with her. Kelly says that Blair is a menace and totally irrational. Ian empathizes with how Blair must feel losing Starr, how he would feel losing someone he loved so much. Kelly replies that Blair has had troubles before. Kelly is afraid of her and so should Ian be. Blair has lost it completely. Ian wants to know why Dorian is mad at Cassie. Kelly replies that Dorian accused Cassie and Mel of stirring up old demons and bringing back the Cramer Curse. He puts his arms around her. He says the curse is nonsense. Kelly recalls that she was only 9 when they took her Mom away. She did not even visit because she was certain that the insanity would seep into her. And she still believes that will happen. Mel and Cassie want her to find out just how Dorian hurt Melinda. Addie is unreliable and Dorian won't tell. Her mother is the last chance to find out what happened. She doesn't want to go or even to call. She does not want to be linked to her mother's insanity, but she is genetically. She sees mental illness slowing drifting in like a fog, it swallowed Blair and it is about to get Dorian. Maybe she is next. Ian says that Cassie is just as nervous as her, but she wants to bring the secret to light because it can eat away at the soul of a family. Take it from him it is always better to know the truth.

At the Cabin- Viki and Clint

It is cold in the cabin. Clint starts a fire while Viki opens a wine bottle. They remember how once he forgot to open the damper and smoke spread out all over the cabin. They laugh about how she almost hit him with a frying pan when he he said they would have smoked fish. Viki says she still can't quite believe that she came to the cabin with him tonight. She is visibly torn, wanting to be there and yet fearing where it will lead. Clint reassures her that they are only sharing some wine and enjoying the fire. He talks about the time they were snowed in. Out of fire wood. No snow plows for a week. They keep each other warm under quilts. It was so cold, they could see their breath. Viki says Thank God for quilts. Clint replies he thanked God for her. They begin to kiss.

The Park-Todd and Blair

Blair is in the park waiting for Todd. He sarcastically asks if she wants a heart to heart or is she just setting him up, like the time she tried to trap him into saying she was a good mother on tape. Blair can't believe he wanst to keep Starr away from her forever. He reminds her that she chose to get the divorce. He wasn't a villain. He let her see their daughter. Then Dorian hauls him into court and Blair pushes Téa out the window. Luckily, his wife din't die. Blair admits doing desperate things to keep Starr. Yeah, Todd says, but you did not worry what would happen to me. Blair just panicked and that is what worries him. Blair says he can't think she would hurt Starr. Is Starr supposed to just get over her mother disappearing from her life? Blair knows he is not the cold man everyone thinks he is. There was a time, a short time, when he was willing to trust in something besides power and money. He let Blair give him hope and faith and love. That is the man she is trying to reach now. She thinks that man is still there. Todd has already won. Now is this really the way he wants it to be? Todd tells her she better get used to it. He is not sure that the good Todd ever existed. She had made him hope when Starr was sick that they could get back together. Now he does not think she ever believed in his decency. She took the word of Patrick and Dorian above his and made her choice. Well, Blair asks, didn't he make a choice when he believed she was unfaithful to him. He reminds her that he saw her on the floor with Patrick. But she thought Todd was dead. And she never loved Patrick. She told Todd that a hundred times but he didn't hear her. Blair says maybe they can't go back, but if she had the choice she would go back to that ballroom with all the gold balloons and only him. Todd replies that he doesn't have a time machine. It is too late. Téars stream down her face as he walks away. She does not see him step out from the trees and watch her from a distance.

Club Indigo

Rachel hands a play list to Tracey Mitchell and announces to the audience that there has been a change in the second set. Jazz is about improvisation . Tracey Mitchell wanted a new sound, so he will tickle the ivory and Ms. Jacara Principal will lend her silky vocals to the music. Jacara sings a beautiful bluesy rendition of "After All" as R.J. looks on admiringly. As she hits all the right notes, the scene switches to the park where Blair sits despondently, mourning the death of their marriage. Téars run down her face as Todd secretly watches and then walks away. The scene switches to Viki and Clint still kissing. The crowd applauds Jacara and R.J. is very impressed with her talent.

Back at the Cabin-Viki and Clint

After the kiss, Viki tells Clint he is the only man she would want to be with at this time in her life. He makes her feel warm, safe and protected. He has been loving and tender, but the truth is she is shut down. Clint is concerned about her, but Viki says she is not falling apart, she is together and strong, but she is numb. These many months that she has been putting him off, she has been afraid this would happen. When he kissed her, she became numb. She cries that she does not know what she should do. Clint says he will hold her and never let her go.

Thursday, October 16th, 1997

Rachel, Jacara and R.J. are at Club Indigo reading the rave review of Jacara's performance the night before. Jacara is pleased, but insists that it was a one time thing. They look over the recent figures, Blue Jay CD's have practically been flying off the shelves and Club Indigo has been packed every night, things are looking good. Gabriel arrives and takes R.J. off to the side to talk to him, they have a problem. Some "people" have noticed R.J.'s success and want a piece of the action, a 60% percent piece to be exact. If R.J. doesn't agree, they could make sure Blue Jay music never hits the shelves. Instead of giving in, R.J. tells Gabriel to set up a meeting with these people at Club Indigo as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Jacara and Rachel are talking about Jacara's dinner with R.J. the night before. Jacara is attracted to R.J., but she has no intention of getting involved with R.J., or Hank either. Jacara decides it's time to apologize to Carlotta, she doesn't need any enemies in this town, so she and Rachel head off to the diner. At the diner, Jacara nicely apologizes to Carlotta and promises not to make any trouble in the future. Carlotta accepts the apology.

Nora and Bo are enjoying a soak in the hot tub at Serenity Springs. Bo is reading the paper and Nora is trying to look over more resumes. Bo shows her the article in the paper about Jacara and then they start kissing, only to be interrupted by Max. He asks Nora to look over his contract with Ian to make sure everything is OK. While she does, Max explains he took out a huge mortgage on Serenity Springs to get the money. Max tells them about Al going to live with Gabrielle, he's obviously very depressed about his life right now. After Max leaves to go meet with Ian, Nora decides to make it her personal mission to find a woman for Max to help cheer him up. She looks through her stack of resumes, the former mud wrestler might be good. She also considers that giving him Penny, or as she calls the dog, "Mud", might help cheer him up. Max goes to the diner, gives Ian the money and has him sign the papers. Has Ian heard from Maggie, Max asks. Yes, Ian says, but doesn't give Max any details at all.

At Dorian's house, Kelly is still pondering her decision not to go see her mother. She tells Mel how unstable her mother was, how she would have fits for no apparent reason. The last time Kelly saw her mother, Kelly had broken a lamp. Melinda cried about it all day and then locked herself in her room and refused to come out. Kelly eventually had to call Melinda's doctor and they took her away for good. Mel assures Kelly that her mother will be on medication now and won't be any danger to her. Kelly decides to show Mel what her mother has done before. She goes upstairs to get a doll that Dorian sent her for Christmas when she was 6. Kelly loved the doll and named it Dorian. It disappered for a little while and when it was found, Melinda had gouged the eyes out. Dorian comes downstairs, Kelly tries to hide the doll, but Dorian sees it. She doesn't understand why Kelly held onto the doll since it obviously upsets her. Mel tries to question Dorian further about the riding accident, but all Dorian will say is that Melinda broke her hand and wrist and it didn't heal properly, which ended her promising piano playing career. After Dorian goes back upstairs, Kelly decides maybe the past can't be buried, it always comes back to haunt you, maybe finding out the truth will free her. She decides that she will go see her mother, and Ian, who comes over to see her, offers to go with her. Upstairs, Dorian is listening to a tape of piano music when Mel enters the room. She quickly turns it off, but when she goes into the bathroom, Mel takes a look at the tape. It is marked "Melinda Cramer."

Friday, October 17th, 1997

Viki, Clint and Mel

Clint comes into Viki's office and starts apologizing for what happened at the cabin, he should have paid better attention to what she was saying, listened to her more. Viki assures him that he has nothing to feel sorry about. Viki is very uncomfortable discussing the situation. Clint is about to leave when he turns back and suggests that maybe Viki should see a therapist. Viki reminds him that she already is, and probably will be for the rest of her life. That's for the "big picture", Clint says, maybe she should see a specialist. "A specialist", Viki practically yells, "in what, sexual disfunction?!?!." Mel arrives at the door just at that moment, he guesses it isn't a good time.

Mel shows Viki and Clint an article he wrote about how much the pharmaceutical companies charge for AIDS drugs. Clint and Viki think the article is wonderful, Clint especially liked how he personalized it by using the example of Eli Trager. Of course, not all AIDS patients run into a millionaire who agrees to pay the bills. Clint leaves to reread the article and Mel stays to talk to Viki. Mel thanks Viki for the help she gave Dorothy. Viki was glad to do it, Dorothy is a wonderful girl, bright and enthusiastic. Dorothy really liked Viki too, Mel tells her. He's a little worried that Dorothy is a bit lonely, being new to town, and feels responsible since he's the reason she's there. Viki tells him what Dorothy said, about the fact that there will be many clients in her life, but she only has one father. Mel seems pleased. Viki's thinking of having a little party to introduce Dorothy to some people her own age. She's only sorry that Joey's not there, because he could have introduced Dorothy to *everybody*. Joey's former relationship with Kelly is brought up and Mel says that Kelly hasn't had it easy lately. Viki starts to mention Melinda, how she spent years in institutions. She stops and wonders why Mel is asking her this, surely Dorian has told him all about it. Mel mentions that Kelly is planning to go visit her mother. Viki finds that odd, first Cassie tries to see her father, then Kelly goes to see her mother? Why the sudden interest in Cramer geneology? Coincidence, Mel suggests. Viki doesn't buy it. She laughs and says if Mel's involved, it must have something to do with Dorian.

Mel admits that there's something in Dorian's past that she's hiding, maybe even from herself. It has something to do with Starr and Todd's taking care of her. Viki doesn't find Dorian's reaction strange, she's always hated Todd. Mel asks Viki to describe Dorian, what makes her tick. "Energy, hunger, anger, fear", Viki says. Let's hear about the anger and the fear, Mel asks. Viki's not sure, she just has this sense that Dorian's anger is rooted in fear. They've been in a titanic conflict for years, practically since the day they met, but many times Viki has thought that the two of them might be more alike than either one of them would care to admit. Despite the fact that they fight all the time, neither one of them avoids the other and neither one walks away from a fight, Mel observes. Viki doesn't have an answer for that one. Viki warns him that once he finds out what the truth is, he's going to have to live with it. "That's where the drinking comes in handy", Mel replies joking. Viki laughs. Clint returns as Mel leaves. Clint wants to continue their previous conversation, he suggests that maybe Viki could go see Dr. Maude. Viki definitely doesn't like that idea, she couldn't be comfortable talking about this to the mother of one of her reporters. Who is Clint trying to help here, Viki or himself, Viki accuses.

Clint is very hurt at Viki's accusation and Viki apologizes. Clint wants her to get help, but for her own sake. Your pushing me Clint, Viki says. It might be months or years or the rest of her life before she can deal with this. Clint thinks he understands a little about the way she feels, but is that the way she wants it to be for the rest of her life? She hates feeling so inadequate, Viki admits, and Clint gives her a quick hug. She's right, part of it is for him, Clint tells her, because he misses Viki, he misses "us." There's a knock at the door. "Go away", Viki yells. The knocking continues and Viki pulls open the door, ready to yell at the person on the other side. To her complete surprise, it's Joey.

Blair and Max

Blair is soaking in the hot tub, depressed because things didn't go well with Todd the night before. She groveled and Todd still wouldn't agree to let her see Starr. Blair knows who's fault it is, it's Téa's. She's taken whatever was decent in Todd and ground it into the dirt, according to Blair. Someone is turning Todd against me, she insists, she and Todd have always fought but have always been able to get back together. Blair thinks that there were so many times the night before when Todd seemed ready to say they should stop hurting each other and focus on Starr. But it seemed like someone was whispering in Todd's ear not to trust her. Blair doesn't think that was just Todd being afraid of getting involved again, Max asks. No, Blair replies, it's all Téa's fault. Max thought that Blair was trying to reel in Ian to get his money to fight Todd. She was, but after he saw her throw Téa through a window, she doubts he'll speak to her. Just throw in the towel then, Max says, actually throwing the towel into the hot tub. What is she supposed to do, Blair asks, Ian thinks she's a mad women. So convince him your not, Max yells at her, track Ian down and wrap him around your finger. Do you think I can, Blair asks, sounding unsure. I know you can, Max replies, I've got the scars to prove it.

Blair returns to Serenity Springs after striking out with Ian (see below). She tells Max that Ian wants nothing to do with her and is flying somewhere with Kelly as they speak. Blair has lost, he thinks she's a lunatic and there's nothing she can do to change his mind. You can and you will, Max insists. Blair wonders why Max is so concerned. Max tells her about Ian making him buy out the rest of the waterfront deal. Max wants to make Ian pay and Blair is the one that can make it happen. Max plans to do everything he can to help Blair.

Kelly, Ian, Blair, Mel and Dorothy

Kelly brings her suitcase down the stairs, ready to leave to go see her mother. Instead of taking a commercial flight, Ian offers her the use of his jet. Would he really do that for her, Kelly asks. Ian's beginning to think that he would do just about anything for her. Ian's opposed to family secrets and whatever Dorian's hiding, it will be better for her in the long run to know the truth. Kelly urges him to rush, they need to leave before Dorian finds out what they are doing. Kelly goes upstairs to try to find the phone number of her mother's hospital. Blair arrives and overhears Ian ordering the plane to be made ready.

Ian starts to explain that he's waiting for Kelly, but Blair interrupts him and asks if he heard about her custody case. He has and he's very sorry for how it turned out. Blair all but throws herself at Ian, making it plain she's still interested in him, but Ian gives her the brush-off. Kelly comes back downstairs with her suitcase and asks if the plane is ready. It is and she and Ian leave togehter. Blair glares at their backs as they go.

Kelly and Ian find Mel outside, about to have a cigarette. He hopes they are not the nicotene police. No, Kelly just came to say goodbye, she's going to California to see her mother and Ian is going to fly her there. Kelly left a note for Dorian saying that she and Ian were going away for the weekend, but they didn't tell her where. Mel agrees not to tell Dorian either. Dorothy arrives just as Mel is hugging Kelly goodbye. Mel introduces Dorothy and Ian and he and Kelly leave. Dorothy teases Mel by calling him a "totally awesome father figure."

Dorothy tells him that she got a job with the Department of Human Resources, working in the free clinic and with other agencies. Dorothy's on her way to thank Viki for her help. Mel is very proud of her, he offers to take her to dinner that night to celebrate. He gives her a big hug.

Kelly and Ian are on the plane. Kelly trips over the carpet that was being installed when Ian called for the plane and Ian has to catch her to keep her from falling. I can stand on my own, not that I necessarily want to, she says, flirting with him a bit. I shouldn't have said that, Kelly tells him, regretting her words. Ian doesn't agree. Kelly has serious business awaiting her at the other end, but that doesn't mean they can't have some fun while getting there.

Todd, Téa and Andrew

At the hospital, Téa is about ready to go home. Everything still hurts, but she'll be able to rest better at home than here in the hospital. Todd jokes that he's trained the bird to wake her up during the night to give her her medicine. Téa mentions that she tried to call Todd after he left the hospital last night, but he wasn't home yet. Todd tells her about his run-in with Blair at the park. Téa needs to know, as his lawyer, was Blair able to get to him last night. When Téa had Blair in the courtroom and was hammering her as hard as she could, she could tell that somewhere deep down inside, Todd didn't want it to be happening. I left Blair alone on a park bench, crying, Todd tells Téa, that should be enough to convince her how he feels. As for what he feels deep down inside, that's none of Téa's business. Wrong, she yells at him, do you know how many bones I broke because there's still a connection between you and Blair. It's the weakest link in their defense and Téa needs to know if Blair was able to get to him. It doesn't matter, Todd's already made his decision and he's decided to go with "this", Todd says, pointing at himself and Téa.

Andrew sticks his head into Téa's room and Téa teasingly warns him to watch his back "big, bad Todd" is out there somewhere filling out release forms. Andrew promises not to make trouble, he came to see how she was doing and brought her a book to read to Starr in both Spanish and English. Andrew just wants Téa to be happy, he tells her. Are you falling in love with Todd, he asks. No, she doesn't love Todd, but she and Todd became like a team to rescue Starr, they had a bond together. Now that they've won, she's not sure where she stands. Téa will make a wonderful mother for Starr, he assures her, holding her hand. Todd walks in at that moment and is upset, some might even say jealous, to find Andrew holding Téa's hand. Todd and Téa leave to go home.

Téa and Todd arrive home. Todd has had the penthouse redecorated in her absence and Téa thinks it looks wonderful. There are lots of flowers everywhere. When Téa comments on them, Todd claims they came from Bird. Todd gives Téa a present, a beautiful pair of earrings. He couldn't get her the ones at the auction because Ian out-bid him, but he tried to find ones like them. Téa wants to refuse them, she knows how much they must have cost. Todd won't let her, Téa gave his daughter back to him and that's worth much more, so Todd still owes her. "Welcome home", he says. Téa holds an earring up and ask how it looks. Good, Todd says, but it would look even better if she did that thing where she piles her hair on top of her head. Are you saying you like it when I put my hair up, Téa asks. "Yeah...I guess...whatever", Todd says and turns and walks upstair without another word. Téa smiles.

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