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Ryan was arrested, and the judge decided that Ryan would face the grand jury. The fertility doctor asked to see both Dru and Neil in her office. Nina couldn't remember any of the circumstances surrounding the shooting.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 13, 1997 on Y&R
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Monday, October 13, 1997

Victoria surprises Cole by coming home. They discuss the status of their marriage, and Victoria tells him that she plans to move back to her old bedroom at the main house. Cole doesn't seem too bothered, so she asks if he's expecting Ashley, but he doesn't' answer.

Christine goes to the hospital to see Nina. After getting the run down from Ryan, she goes in and sits with her friend. Ryan takes a break, but Det. Wylie and Bates show up. They ask him to come down to the station for questioning.

Neil goes to see Malcolm and shares the results of his fertility test with him. Malcolm is happy, but suggests that the problem is Dru. Neil assures him that he'll approach her about it carefully.

Meanwhile, Dru and Olivia are still at each other's throats. Olivia says she knows that Dru won't tell the whole truth, and guesses that Dru's going to keep from Neil how long she's known about her condition. Olivia preaches to her about morality, etc, and Dru wonders if she plans to tell her husband the truth. Olivia can't seem to give her a positive answer, so Dru accuses her about being in love with Neil again. Olivia gets her back up, Dru threatens her, then she leaves.

Victoria goes up to the main house, and shocks Nikki by telling her that she's moving in, and that Cole is expecting a woman at the tack house. Nikki wants to go talk to Cole, but Victoria tells her to stay out of it, this is what she wants.

Down at the tack room, Ashley shows up and is surprised by Cole's news. She gets pangs of guilt, and threatens to leave out of sudden respect for Victoria. Cole stops her and says this is what he wants and they kiss.

At the police station, Ryan answers all of their questions, but is quicker than Tricia to realize that they think he shot Nina on purpose. He reiterates his story about the attempted suicide, swearing again that he never touched the gun. To his horror, the ballistic reports find his fingerprints all over the gun. Det. Bates dramatically deduces that he's trying to divorce his rich wife for his young mistress, but Nina is standing in his way so he thought he'd go for the insurance money and shot her. Ryan threatens to sue them for the thought, but is quickly arrested for the attempted murder of Nina. He shouts at them to talk to Nina as she will explain everything but they tell him to just get a lawyer.

Back at the hospital, Christine asks Nina to recount what happened -- but she doesn't remember a thing.

Tuesday, October 14, 1997

Christine tells Danny about Nina and how she might be paralyzed but no one has told her about that yet. She then tells about her visit to New York and how she found out that Phyllis was seen in Sasha's office about the same time as the first paternity test, and that she was a computer whiz who might know how to change the results on the computer. They discuss Sasha's manuscript and lament that they don't have a copy. Chris also tells him about Paul's meeting with Brian and Phyllis' suspected interference. Chris warns Danny that if Brian was to find out that he's Daniel's father, he might get involved in the custody case too, and then Danny really wouldn't have a leg to stand on in court. Danny says he needs to think about this one for a while.

Meanwhile, Paul calls the lab and asks if they still have a blood sample from the second paternity test. He asks for a special toxic test to be done on Brian's sample, and they have no problem heeding his request. While waiting for the results, he explains to Lynne that he's going with a hunch.

Victoria continues to tell Nikki that she has everything under control in her marriage, but Nikki is outraged that Cole has a woman down at the tack room. She accuses Cole of having an affair while Victoria was out of town, and chastises her for being gone so long. Victoria defends him, and says that she doesn't think things have gone that far between Cole and the other woman. Nikki begins to wonder if Victoria wants to stay in the marriage or not.

Down at the tack room, Cole and Ashley are kissing up a storm. Cole tells her that Victoria suspects what's going on between them but he isn't worried since this is what he wants. Ashley says she doesn't look forward to going head to head with Victoria, but says she won't back down either. Cole agrees a catfight wouldn't be good and suggests that they go for dinner. Ashley is all for it until he mentions something about them being good friends. "We're more than just good friends," she says. She plants a long kiss on his lips and tells him to think about that for a while before leaving.

Tricia is standing in the room when Ryan calls Jill and tells her that he's been arrested. He asks her to contact John Silva for him and she promises to do so. Tricia gets on the phone but he can't talk for long. He asks her to keep her mouth shut the next time the police start asking questions, and to promise not to tell them anything without a lawyer present. Tricia swears she didn't say anything incriminating, but Ryan is told to hang up. He shudders as he hears the cell door slam.

Chris comes to Paul's office and he tells her about the test that he ordered. His friend at the lab calls back and tells him his hunch panned out -- Brian's blood had high traces of tranquilizers in it. Chris and Paul realize that Brian has no idea that he could be Daniel's father, let alone that he even gave blood for a paternity test.

Jill puts in a call to John Silva but he's in court and can't be reached yet. Tricia says she must run to Ryan's side as he needs support but Jill demands that she stay away from him. She tries to explain that she'll make matters much worse for Ryan if she's seen at the jail, but Tricia just doesn't get it. Jill explains that the cops think she's the other woman in a homicide attempt, but Tricia thinks that as long as she knows the truth, nothing else matters. Jill tries to tell her to wake up and smell the coffee, but Tricia insists that Ryan needs someone that loves him with him, and bolts out the door before she can stop her. As Tricia leaves, John calls back and Jill tells him the scenario.

Det. Wylie and Bates go to see Nina and ask for her cooperation. They hover beside her bed as the doctor examines her, then tell her that they want her to tell them everything she can. Nina says she will, but isn't sure what she remembers. They ask her a few questions but when she swears she doesn't remember anything, it leaves them to wonder if she's telling the truth or hiding something.

Phyllis goes to Michael's office and they steam things up for a while. She gives him a gift -- a letter opener, and they make weird comments about its uses. They discuss the case and Michael tells Phyllis that Christine is a good lawyer but not a magician. "She'll need hard evidence to use against you in court if she plans to win," he says. Phyllis tells him about her phone call to Brian and how she interrupted Paul's visit. She also assures him that she's left no stone unturned in covering her butt.

Tricia arrives at the jail and demands to see Ryan. She explains to the sergeant that he has no family -- except his wife and son -- and he needs her badly right now to arrange a lawyer and care for his son. The sergeant asks if Ryan asked her to come, but Tricia says she's all he's got. "He needs me to find him a lawyer but I don't know who to call so I have to ask him what to do," she explains lamely. Finally, she's let in but is reminded there's no physical contact allowed. A guard watches over them as Tricia rushes to Ryan's cell. She tells him that she wants to help him in any way that she can, but Ryan tells her the best way is to just stay away from him. As she's apologizing, John Silva marches in and tells the guard to escort Tricia out. Tricia looks at Ryan with her puppy dog eyes hoping he'll say she can stay, but when he doesn't she rushes out in tears. John tells Ryan to tell him everything. Ryan explains that it's quite simple. He didn't shoot Nina, he was trying to save her life. He tells John that if he'd just explain that to the police for him, there'll be no need to go to court. John looks at him incredulously as he assures him he'll be having his day in court................

Wednesday, October 15, 1997

John Silva calmly explains to Ryan about the preliminary hearing. Ryan rants and raves about being innocent and being able to just explain himself so people will understand that he's not guilty. John tells him that the best thing he can do for himself is to tell Tricia to stay away as she looks like the other woman in a sticky love triangle. Ryan says that's insane and if the police would just talk to Nina, they'd find out the truth. John tells him that they have talked to Nina, but she doesn't remember anything.

Nick is taken aback when Grace tells him that she's not committed to Tony, and is curious to know more about Jack. She asks him to introduce them but Nick tells her to leave him out of it. "I'm a big girl, I guess I can make my own friends," Grace shrugs. After Nick leaves, she calls Jack's office but his secretary says she's out. She's stunned to look up and see him standing in the doorway. He explains that he was looking for Nick, but Grace is stunned because he obviously heard her on the phone looking for him. She explains that he'll be reviewing a project she worked on soon and she has lots of questions for him. Jack's surprised when she asks him to go for coffee sometime. He says he will but he's all coffeed out for the day so he'll take a raincheck, which Grace readily accepts.

Tony works on his love song for Grace as Cassie watches. Out of the blue, she asks if they can call Millie. Tony doesn't see a problem with that and calls for her. Millie and Cassie chat for a moment, and both feel better for it.

Megan tearfully listens as Tricia tells her the whole Ryan-in-jail saga. She's fuming as she tells her how Jill had the nerve to accuse her of being responsible for blabbing so much to the police. "I can't live under the same roof as that woman a day longer!" she says dramatically. With her suitcases packed, Tricia says she's moving out. Megan throws herself in front of the door in an attempt to stop her from leaving, but Tricia can't be stopped. Until, that is, she opens the door to find Keith on the doorstep. He asks for an explanation, so Tricia tells him that she's tired of having to defend Ryan to him and Jill all of the time so she's moving out. Keith tries to reason with her, but Tricia runs off so Keith runs after her.

Phillip has a draining day after visiting Nina in the hospital and Ryan in jail. Nina woke up briefly enough to visit with her son for a moment before going back to sleep. After Phillip said a prayer for her, Jill took him over to the jail to see Ryan. However, it was a confusing moment for the kid, seeing his dad behind bars for shooting his mom, all the while Ryan defending himself and promising he didn't shoot his mommy. While a nice policewoman takes Phillip for some ice cream, Ryan tells Jill about the preliminary hearing in the morning. When Jill notes that the police talked to Nina, Ryan tells her that she couldn't remember a thing about the shooting. He adds that after all that has happened, he can't help but wonder if Nina is telling the truth.

Jack drops by Katherine's and is overjoyed to see how well her facial rejuvenation treatment went. They discuss Diane and Victor but Jack swears that he won't let them bring him down.

Grace comes home and Tony tells her that Cassie called Millie. Grace is unnerved and makes sure that Tony didn't give her their number. Under her breath, Grace notes that sometimes she considers doing something about the situation but isn't quite sure how to handle it.

Nick goes home and cuddles up with Sharon. They get talking, and she mentions the baby she gave up for adoption. She explains that not a day has gone by that she hasn't thought of the child and wonders about it. Nick tells her that she's just a chasing a dream if she tries looking for it, but Sharon insists she can't get the kid off of her mind and it might be worth looking for.

Just after Millie hangs up with Cassie, the phone rings again. To her amazement, it's Alice calling from a phone booth. She says that the guy she left with is out of the picture now, and she might be coming home. She asks if Cassie is okay, but Alice doesn't answer.

Thursday, October 16, 1997
Erin Goldsby

Christine pays a visit to Ryan in his cell, and he tells her how upset he is that Nina doesn't remember anything. He says that given everything, he can't help but wonder if Nina is telling the truth, or trying to bring him down with her. Christine doesn't think his accusations are justified, but it doesn't take long to convince her that he might be onto something. He asks her to go talk to Nina and find out if she really has amnesia.

Victor and Diane are enjoying an uninterrupted dinner together at the Colonnade Room when they spot Jack and Katherine across the restaurant. They come over to the table to say hello and much to Jack's chagrin, Katherine asks to join them. Victor compliments her on her new face, and she asks him to the dance floor, knowingly giving Diane and Jack a moment alone. Diane tells Jack that she's very happy being married to the living legend and he says that he's happy for her. Diane's surprised but happy to hear that.

Neil excitedly tells Olivia that without even asking her to, Dru went to see a fertility specialist. Olivia feels terrible and after Neil leaves, she mutters to herself that she won't let her sister get away with deceiving Neil like this.

Cole comes to see Ashley at the lab, but she's hesitant to talk to him. She reminds him that she doesn't feel comfortable seeing him now that Victoria has returned, but Cole says that unless she can look him in the eye right now and say she never wants to see him again, he's not going anywhere. Ashley can't say that, so Cole stays.

At the main house, Victoria is surprised when Sarah questions her about her marital status. She apologizes for being nosy, but Victoria knows that everyone is curious. She asks how Sarah likes living at the ranch and she tells her that she really thinks a lot of Mr. & Mrs. Landers. Victoria notes what a hunk Josh is and says that Nikki really lucked out. Sarah agrees, but once alone says to herself that Nikki should enjoy is while she can.

Dru gets a call from the fertility specialists office and makes an appointment for tomorrow with the doctor. Neil comes home and is so supportive that he insists on going with her.

Malcolm comes home and finds Olivia completely distressed. She says it's just a patient that she's worried about but he thinks there's more than that to it.

John Silva returns to the jail to talk to Ryan and explains the preliminary hearing procedure. He says that the purpose of it is only to have the prosecution show that they have a case, nothing else. Therefore, he says it's in their best interest not to provide any information and not to have Ryan testify. "The judge isn't there to determine your innocence," he adds, "Only to decide if there's enough evidence against for a case." Ryan freaks out and screams "Who's side are you on?!" many many times. John has amazing patience and tells him he's trying to help him but he'll have to work with him on this if they're going to get anywhere.

Victor gets a call from Nikki so he rushes out to the ranch. Nikki's not home so Victoria says that she knows why she called. Victor's stunned when Victoria tells him of her new living arrangements. Surprisingly enough, he takes the news quite well.

Christine goes to see Nina and finds her sleeping. When she awakes, Nina says how weak she feels and wonders why Ryan isn't there anymore. Chris decides to tell her the truth and studies her reaction carefully as she admits that Ryan was arrested. Nina gets very upset, insisting that Ryan would never hurt her. Chris asks her if she's sure that she doesn't remember what happened. When Nina realizes she's implying that she's lying, Nina freaks and sobs that she loves Ryan and would never try to hurt him. Chris stares at her while she works herself up to a hysteria, then apologizes and tries to comfort her as she says that she believes her.

Friday, October 17h, 1997

Phyllis thinks Michael has come over to play, but he wants to get the business done with first. He tells her that he's worried about the time and effort Chris and Paul are putting into Danny's case, and can't help but wonder if Brian is helping them after all. Although Phyllis assures him there's no way Brian would open his mouth, Michael tells her to fly to New York tonight and convince him in person to stay quiet.

Meanwhile, Danny tells Christine that he wants to be more active in the case and suggests that he accompany them to New York this time. He says that he remembered Peter, Sasha's (and Phyllis') ex-boyfriend and wonders if he has a copy of the manuscript. He says that he'd like to talk to him while they talk to Brian. Chris says they'll have to run it by Paul first. She then tells him about the traces of drugs in Brian's blood, sure that it means he doesn't know he's Daniel's father.

Dru and Neil go to the doctor's office. While Neil is waiting for Dru to be examined, Malcolm shows up to lend his support. He sits with Neil while he waits, and they have a pretty much meaningless conversation.

Keith laments to Jill about the whole Tricia/Ryan/Nina thing. When Jill tries to defend Ryan, Keith loses interest in the conversation and leaves. Megan comes in and uses a blaming tone on Jill that Tricia is gone, but Jill explains the gravity of the situation and what a twit Tricia is. Jill realizes that Ryan's arraignment is today, and suspects that Tricia has gone to the courtroom despite orders to stay away. She bolts out the door to stop her before she does any more damage.

Over at Paul's office, he gives Lynne an update on the custody case and Brian's blood test. They discuss what an unfit mother Phyllis is. Chris and Danny arrive and Danny demands to go along to New York. When Paul refuses to let him, Danny pouts and accuses him of having ulterior motives. He asks if he's heard of the name Peter Garrett, noting that he should have. After hearing Danny's long winded speech, Paul finally concedes to let him come to New York with them.

Sure enough, Jill finds Tricia at the courtroom, insisting she needs to be there for Ryan. Jill tries to reason with her but Tricia won't listen to anything she has to say. Seeing John Silva, Jill asks him to explain the situation to Tricia. He tells her that if she wants to help Ryan, she can't go in or she'll appear as the other woman. Tricia agrees to leave, but asks that John tell Ryan she was there. She then ignores Jill as she calls out after her, hoping to find out where she's staying.

In New York, Peter comes home to find his girlfriend (Gloria?) in his apartment. She asks him if he's heard from Sasha and notes that he must wonder about her. Peter says he really could care less and goes to the bathroom. Gloria holds up an envelope, one that looks much like the ones carrying the famous manuscript, and reads aloud that it's addressed to Peter from Sasha. She wonders if she should even give it to him, then decides to deal with it later. Before leaving for work, she places it at eye level on the living room cabinet, with the label with Sasha's name on it facing out.

Ryan's hearing begins after he is led into the courtroom and fixes quite the look on his face. He stands there with his jaw out, rolling his eyes as the prosecution explains the love triangle that he shot his way out of. Everyone is surprised when the prosecution asks for an extension as they'd like to talk to Nina before proceeding. John tells the judge to go ahead, if they had enough evidence to arrest him without talking to the victim, why should they prolong anything? The judge agrees and Det. Bates takes the stand, telling his version and suspicions of the incident. John and Jill's eyes bug out of their heads when the detective notes how Ryan swore he never touched the gun, but changed his story after his fingerprints were found on it. At the end of it all, the judge decides that there's enough evidence for a grand jury and sets the bail for $500,000. Ryan freaks out, yelling that he doesn't have that kind of money and he has a son to think about, you know. The judge changes her mind and says $300,000 instead.

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