General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 13, 1997 on GH

Lorraine called Tony and dropped hints about Carly's sonogram. A.J. ended up locked in a closet with Carly. Luke struck up a friendship with Katherine. Alan's drug abuse began to catch up with him.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 13, 1997 on GH
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Monday, October 13, 1997

by Alexandra Anastasio

Lorraine calls Tony at GH and tells him someone had a sonogram at Mercy hospital and if he wants to know who, he should look close to home. She hangs up and Tony walks away stunned, not even hearing a word Amy has just said to him. Bobbie walks over and Amy tells her that something very personal is wrong with Tony.

AJ & Carly are stuck in the closet together and Carly goes on and on about being locked in. AJ is acting rather calm and doesn't say anything to her which causes her to talk even more.

Jax comes down to let Brenda know dinner is ready but she's gone. He runs out looking for her. Brenda runs to the park and when she sees the park bench she thinks of Sonny. She sits down and cries.

Luke goes to see Katherine and she wants to know what he's doing there. Luke lets her know he knows what's going on and she tells him she's not going to be his best friend. Luke picks up her necklace from the floor and when he mentions again that Stefan was the one who shot her she doesn't deny it. He reminds Katherine of all she's gone through since being shot and tells her she should get even with him.

-Alexis follows Stefan around, making sure he's going to be OK. Her phone rings and it is Ned, who's' still away on business.

Amy tells Bobbie that Tony hasn't been the same and she liked him much better when he was with Bobbie. Today is Bobbie and Tony's wedding anniversary and Amy reminds Bobbie who seemed to forget. Stefan interrupts them and Bobbie gives him attitude when he talks down to Amy.

Carly is freaking out that AJ's silence is because he's going to tell Tony what happened. He reassures her he is not saying anything and it's not for her, he's doing this because of himself.

ax finds Brenda crying and asks what happened. She tells him the picture of the flowers reminded her of her wedding bouquet and from that all these other emotions were triggered. She says she feels truly alone and believes that she always will be. It bothers her that Jax has to see her like this and she feels she can't have him watch her get upset over another man, especially one he totally despises. He reassures her he wants to be there for her.

-Tony sees Bobbie and Stefan arguing but is in his own world. Tony tells Amy he needs to have someone cover for him; he's going home if they need him.

Alexis tells Stefan Ned sounded exhausted and it seems as if ELQ almost went under. She tells him he really outdid himself this time and Stefan tells her as she is always saying that when preserving the good of the family, no effort shall be spared.

Luke goes over some "history" of Stefan with Katherine and points out some truths to her. She tells him he's paranoid and Luke tells her to think about why he's done her wrong. She holds the monkey wrench that can put him away for a long time. She lets him know that it takes evidence and the gun is gone from the evidence room. Luke tells her they can go to Mac and find some other proof but she says she doesn't want to go back and walks out of the room; Luke follows.

Dara's performance was well received by everyone at the Outback. The man looking for the doll is sitting at the bar and when Maxie goes to the ladies room he tries to follow her but winds up knocking over a waiter's tray. Emily compliments Keesha on how she looks and they talk about AJ not showing up. Keesha thinks it's a bit strange that he never made it.

Carly asks AJ what he meant when he said he was doing this more for himself. He explains what happened when he was born and the type of relationship he has with his father. Carly gets upset and AJ says he never wants Tony to know there was a doubt he wasn't the father. Carly talks about how it feels to not be wanted and AJ asks if she knew someone who was adopted; Carly says it was her best friend and talks a bit about how her "friend" felt.

-Brenda and Jax are back at the penthouse and she talks about her childhood. He remembers a particular story she once told him.

Carly tells AJ she misses being friends and he tells her she was his first real friend in sobriety and that's why this all hurt so much. He also tells her that they will never be friends again and that she is the last person he would ever want to be stuck in a closet with. AJ hears someone outside in the gym, it's Keesha and she lets them out. Carly explains what happened and AJ and Keesha leave together.

Amy apologizes to Bobbie for bringing up her anniversary. She thinks back to the day they were married and then to last year when she found Tony in bed with Carly.

Tony is at home searching through drawers; Carly walks in and thinks he was worried that she was coming home so late. Tony asks her if she had a sonogram at Mercy hospital and before she has a chance to answer, his pager goes off. He tells her they'll talk about it when he gets back.

Luke follows Katherine around and tells her he wants to bounce some ides off of her. He helps her carry her things to her car and as they wait for the elevator Stefan and Alexis walk out together; this excites Luke that they were seen by Stefan.

-Brenda falls asleep in Jax's arms.

Tuesday, October 14, 1997

by Alexandra Anastasio

Jax goes and picks up a gift for Brenda. While he's out, she's listening to one of Mary Mae's CD's.

Luke shows up at the Outback and has a little chat with Jason. He finds out that Jason's been running the club since Sonny's been gone and he wants to know when Sonny's coming back. Jason tells him he's not. Luke has a few questions as to what Sonny did with the shares in his club and Jason explains how Sonny has left everything to him. Luke asks Jason how long he thinks it will take before the guys in the dark suits figure out he's running the show. Jason explains how he will do everything he can because he made a promise to Sonny and he won't let him down.

At the hospital, Alan overhears Amy telling Bobbie about a gun shot victim Tony worked on. Alan's first reaction is Jason, but Amy assures him it wasn't.

As Carly is trying to reach Lorraine, Tony walks into the apartment. She hangs up claiming to be calling the dry cleaners. He asks her if she had a sonogram at Mercy and she tells him no, that she would never see their baby without him. He tells her he wants to know why someone called him and said that she did.

AJ meets Monica at the Outback for lunch; she lets him know Alan will be meeting them as well. They go inside to wait for Alan and they see Jason at a table.

Luke tells Jason that he doesn't have a lot of experience and that people will be coming out of the woodwork; he thinks Jason could be dead within 6 months. Luke says he'll try to do what he can. Jason sees one of the guys who's been following him and tells Luke he should go get a drink. He tells him he's been tailed for the last few weeks.

V. drops by to leave some papers for Jax; he's given her the day off. She recognizes the CD playing and asks Brenda if she is the B in L&B records. V. thinks it must have been fun for Brenda to be at a modeling shoot and then off to a concert. Brenda says it was fun but that part of her life has been given up; she sold her shares of the company to Ned and hasn't modeled since May. V. tells her she can get her life back together. Jax walks in and Brenda wants to know what's in the box. He tells her it's none of her concern and V. tells him what she came for and leaves. Jax gives her the present and when she opens it she is touched by what's inside.

The man in the suit comes over to Jason and wants to know where Sonny is. He says there's a contract out on him and that he will die. Jason tells him that Sonny's right here, he is him. The man lets Jason know that is not a smart move and Jason tells him he should remove the contract or else him and his men will be leaving in body bags. Jason has his bodyguard escort the man out and as this is all happening, Alan walks in to witness the whole scene.

Tony checks in for his messages and wants to know why Carly called three times. She claims she was worried when he didn't come home. As they are sitting on the couch, Tony realizes the voice on the phone was Lorraine Miller. Carly tells him she was just showing her jealousy and that she was acting a bit strange when she was at the apartment; Tony agrees. He asks her to trust him and she says she will. He tells Carly he has to go back to the hospital and she lets him know she has some errands to do.

Jax gives Brenda a first edition set of Nancy Drew books which V. tracked down in a vintage store in Manhattan. These books bring out certain memories for Brenda and she shares them with him. Jax bets her that she can not read one of the books from cover to cover without skipping to the end. If she wins he tells her she can have anything she wants; she asks him to give her some more flying lessons.

Luke asks Jason what that conversation was all about and Jason explains. He asks if they will try to go after Brenda but Jason says she's safe and anyway he has someone on her that she doesn't even know about. But Jason does let Luke know things are going to get messy and Luke doesn't want it in his club. He doesn't want gun fire around his son and Jason understands. Jason says his business will never touch him and Luke isn't so sure.

Alan can not sit there and have lunch with AJ. He tells him until he's in rehab he has nothing else to say to him. Alan gets up and walks over to Jason and wants to know what was going on when he walked in. Alan lets him know he can't tolerate this anymore and Monica and AJ walk over to try to stop him. Alan yells out that Jason has a gun and it's probably on him. He yells out how he even pulled it on him once. That's what Sonny taught him says Alan. Monica gets Alan to walk away and Luke comes back over, asking if he really pulled a gun on Alan. Jason says yes but only because he thought he was the tin man hiding out in his apartment.

Alan tells Monica how he felt seeing his sons in there and she apologizes. The two plan to spend an evening together and concentrate on themselves. Monica goes back inside and Alan pops a few more pills.

Amy invites Bobbie out to dinner with her and a few friends but Bobbie declines. She brings up Lorraine Miller's name and Amy tells her that she isn't surprised Cary would be friends with her. She gives Bobbie the low down on Lorraine saying that she'll do anything for money, steal pills, copy medical records. This leaves Bobbie thinking.

Carly goes to Mercy and confronts Lorraine, telling her she's been playing phone tag with all the wrong people. She wants to know why she's calling Tony and Lorraine says she wants more money. Carly informs her she is not getting anymore money out of her and if she tells, she'll bring her down with her. Lorraine walks away, apparently not afraid of Carly's threats, and Carly experiences a few stomach pains.

Alan congratulates Tony on his good work in surgery. He also gets Tony to write him another prescription for his pain medication.

Bobbie tells Tony he should go home, he looks exhausted. Tony tells her he's racking up all the hours until the baby comes. She asks him when the baby is due and he tells her October.

Luke tells Jason he's going to stick around and talk to Mac. They plan to meet later at the club to go over the books and he tells Jason to watch his back.

Brenda thanks Jax for the books with a kiss on the cheek and goes to her room to read. He gets up and places a call to someone regarding his concern for Brenda. . Lucky warns her the Cassadines are trouble but she doesn't want to hear him. Nikolas walks in and she goes to him. He tells her that the principal gave him a few days to prove who really did it or else he is going to get an "F" in the class. He also tells her that she's not going to want to hear this but he thinks it was her sister who did it. At that moment Liz walks into the cafeteria.

As Carly is gathering up some money for Lorraine the doorbell rings, it's Uncle Luke.

Wednesday, October 15, 1997

Katherine was shocked that Edward had planned to use the press against Stefan. Fearing that Nikolas would be hurt in the process, Katherine convinced Edward not to go through with his plan. Alexis confronted Stefan for keeping Ned away with the business in Ja.k.arta, but Stefan would not facilitate Ned's return. Alexis and Stefan argued about the Ja.k.arta matter and her relationship with Ned and Stefan told Alexis that she should separate herself from Ned the way he had separated himself from Katherine. Later, Alexis apologized to Stefan and said that Ned should not be an issue that comes between them and that she would wait for Ned to return. Stefan agreed with Alexis that Ned shouldn't be an issue, but told Alexis to stay away from Ned. A puzzled Alexis told Stefan that it was unlike him to interfere in her personal life, but he replied by stating that things had changed. Luke told Bobbie that Laura was worried that Nikolas and Lucky were at odds over Sarah and feared that Lucky was getting too close to the Cassadines. Bobbie agreed to work with Luke against Stefan, but wondered if she and Luke could keep Lucky safe. Luke told Bobbie that his secret weapon was Katherine and he needed to know why Stefan had publicly humiliated her. Luke then visited Katherine and tried to convince her to work with him against Stefan. Nikolas had a plan to prove his innocence, but it meant that Sarah had to lie to Liz. In order to ingratiate herself with Lucky, Liz defended Emily from students who were teasing Emily about her past drug use. Lucky was left impressed with Liz's actions. Mac impressed Felicia by helping Maxie deal with her show-and-tell stage fright. Lonnie was still after Maxie's doll.

Thursday, October 16, 1997

At the Quartermaines' it is apparent that Allen is having a problem. Edward, Lila, and Monica are downstairs wondering what the heck is wrong with him. I don't know what is wrong with him, he has all of his calls being forwarded to that little phone of his so that nobody can listen to what he is saying. Alan is on the phone, yelling at the pharmacy to hurry up and deliver his prescription to the house. He goes down stairs and greets everyone. He asks if anything has been delivered yet, in a very nervous manner. All of a sudden the door bell rings, it's his package. He grabs the package out of Reginald's hand and starts to tear it open, when he realizes what he is doing and what he looks like and stops himself. He looks at everyone and makes up a story about a mix up at the hospital and in a hurry to fix it, don't want another law suit. Alan and Monica decide to get away for the day. When they finally get to be alone, Alan is unable to perform. He realizes it's the drugs.

Over at the Outback Alexis and Leo are discussing what they have done to Stefan and that it was for the good of the family. She starts to discuss Katherine when Stefan walks into the room and overhears Katherine's name and gets furious. He walks over to the table and starts to yell at them both, then walks back to his table. After Leo leaves, Stefan walks over to the table when Luke and Katherine walk in. Luke had previously been over at Katherine's house trying to convince her to prosecute Stefan. He asks her if he finds the gun will she go after him? They decide to join forces and head to the Outback where to there surprise sits Stefan and Alexis. They take a seat and Katherine says, what now? Now I take it from here. He gets up to go to the rest room, he leans over the table and tell Katherine it won't be but a few seconds and Stefan will be over at the table. I wouldn't bet on that, I would and he walks away. It wasn't more than a couple of seconds and Stefan walks up to the table.

Katherine looks up at him and says what do you want. What are you doing with Luke Spencer. He will just use you and then toss you out. Oh that sounds familiar. Listen, just yesterday you made sure that you didn't care what I did, so it shouldn't matter now. They are battering back and forth when Luke walks up and says, I love it when people fight over me.

At the school Sarah is sitting all alone and depressed when Liz sits down beside her and tries to cheer her up. As usual though all she has been able to do is get big sister Sarah mad again. Some of Liz's friends walk into the cafeteria and she asks Sarah if she is okay and Sarah says yes. Sarah sits there for a while all alone when she jumps up and walks over to the pay phone and call Nikolas. Before you could blink an eye Sarah is at the secret place with Nikolas. They are discussing what they are going to do and how she will have to lie to Liz to get to the truth. But back at school, Sarah's teacher is asking Liz where Sarah is. That she didn't show up for class. The teacher finds out that she skipped the class and told her to tell Sarah never to do it again.

Nikolas and Sarah are hugging and kissing and discussing how they couldn't handle if there families wouldn't let them be together. Sarah leaves to go back to school. She shows up just in time to have Liz ask her where she has been. That her teacher has been looking for her. She looks at Liz and says to her, I need to talk to you alone. They go to the side, she looks at Liz and says, I need your help in proving that Nikolas put that paper in my bag!

Meanwhile over at Sonny's Mike is trying to convince Jason again to please tell him where Sonny is. He is my son, just because he told you not to tell doesn't mean you have to! He picks up the picture of Sonny and starts to look at it. He asks Jason, don't you have something that is special to you. Yes, but not a picture. Pictures are of the past, that means they have already left you. Sonny took the bowl you gave him with him. It meant a lot to him that you gave it to him. Jason tells him that there is some things he has to do, to take his time. He tells Mike that no matter what he says he will never tell him where Sonny is or why!

Friday, October 17, 1997

Over at Katherine's apartment Luke is still trying to convince her into pressing charges against Stefan if he finds the gun for her. Luke has decided to go and try to find the gun his self. Not to much longer there is a knock at Katherine's door, it's Stefan. She opens the door, he doesn't even wait for her to say come in. She looks at him and says, I don't remember inviting you in? She baits him into almost kissing her. He leaves in a fit of rage.

Luke in the mean time is trying to put two and two together. He decides to go to Wyndemere to search for the gun himself. He is on the dock, preparing to sneak over to the island, when out of know where Alexis shows up and catches him. Him, she says, the last time I caught you doing this, your sister Bobbie tried to poison my cousin. What are you up to now?

Sarah and Nikolas have come up with a plan to catch Liz if it was her that planted the stolen test answers on her. She asks Liz to help her steal the latest test answers and plant them on Nikolas. Liz jumps at the chance but in the conversation she unfortunately lets it slip that she has broken into the teachers desk before. This really upsets Sarah.

Over at the Outback Mac is convincing Felicia to let him babysit Maxi and Georgie for the evening while she works. Maxi is still real excited about how well her presentation went with her Aztec idol. Felicia finally agrees and goes through the list of items that the girls can do and can't. Just as they are leaving Maxi gives her mother the idol to hold on to for her. Felicia put the idol up on the bar for safe keeping. Lonnie is getting closer to his goal of retrieving the idol.

At the penthouse Jax is telling Brenda that he has a surprise for her. She cries, you brought me Sonny back, didn't you? He looks at her, why would I bring the man back to you that hurt you and that I despise? He brings up the subject of her sister Julia. Brenda lets him know that they never got along. That all they ever did was fight. Jax looks panicked. Then the door buzzer goes off, he answers it and says in the lobby? Send her up. He turn and looks at Brenda then the door bell rings. Brenda answers the door--- it's Julia! She looks at her, then slams the door in her face.

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