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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 13, 1997 on GL
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Monday, October 13, 1997
by Sarai

J bangs on the door of the Bauer cabin, demanding that Nola answer. Nola makes Buzz hide, and she goes outside to talk with him. J can tell that there is something wrong with Nola, but she claims everything is OK, until J tries to go in the cabin. She finally tells J that she has a man in there; a customer from the restaurant that is very sweet and tender to her. J relents and leaves her alone.

Nola and Buzz find comfort in each other in that neither of them want to leave the cabin and go back to Springfield. She confides in him about her ex-husband and ends up crying.

When J returns from the Bauer cabin, he finds that Drew has driven all the customers away from Company with her rudeness. He attempts to teach her that the idea is to satisfy the patrons, and not drive them to the competition. J also tells her that he found his mother was with another man at the cabin, and it is hard for him to accept his mother as a woman with needs. She brags that she has spent the night with a rock group, and another night with a prince and J completely ignores her. Drew demands that he look at her and tell her what he sees; he does, and tells her that she is a waitress, and walks away. Drew smiles to herself, and says that she has her work cut out for her!

Michelle barges into Jesse's place, and finds her father there. She insists that he is there to tell Jesse what to say, and may even be paying him off to keep him away from her. Jesse tells Michelle that her father came there to get his help in persuading her to leave for Africa with him and he fully agreed with him. Michelle is furious, and doesn't believe any of it. She refuses to think that the opportunity to live in Africa is better than a life with Jesse, who self-admittedly has nothing to offer. Ed leaves, and Michelle and Jesse argue back and forth, until Jesse physically throws her out.

Matt and Vanessa show up at Cedars for the appointment with Dr. Cedwick, but Rick and Michael tell them that some tests need to be run in order to see if the disease has reoccurred. Mat objects to the tests, but Vanessa agrees to comply.

Abby meets with Holly and gets some moral support for her recovery from the attack. She tells Holly how she is having problems getting her relationship with Rick back on track, even though she knows Rick loves her deeply. Tonight will also be Abby's first night at her support group. Holly encourages her to stick with her support group, as it will be good therapy for her.

Rick runs into Abby in the hallway at Cedars, and is brushed off when Abby says that the best thing he can do for her is to leave her alone.

Jenna goes back to her physician at Cedars, and says that she is ready for the test results that will help her determine the paternity of her baby. She opens the envelop and starts crying when she obviously can see that Jeffrey is the father.

Michael delivers the test results to Matt and Vanessa, which is that there is no recurrence of the deadly disease.

Tuesday, October 14, 1997

by Sarai

Since Cassie called in sick, Billy plans to bring her some soup, but gets a lot of negative feedback from Reva and Josh. Billy is certain that he can live his own life and make his own decisions, no matter what anyone may think of him.

Reva is thinking that there is something wrong about Cassie, but she just can't figure it out.

Cassie does take the day off, but not because she is sick, but to devote some time into the plan to get Tammy back. Hart meets her at the boarding house and gives her a cashier's check that is to be used for the Chicago attorneys that he has hired for her. Cassie expressed reservations about taking money from him, but Hart says that he would love nothing more than to reunite a family.

Billy comes into Company and sees Hart and Cassie embracing. He gives the soup to Cassie, who quickly excuses herself to go to the doctor. Billy confronts Hart about possible romantic feelings for Cassie, which he denies. Hearing this, Billy admits that he has fallen for her, and hopes she feels the same. Cassie returns from the doctor, and Billy leaves; but not before he sees Hart accompany her to her boarding room. He definitely looks hurt and disappointed.

Hart tells Cassie about Billy's feelings for her, and she becomes upset, saying that she has gotten so deep into this mess, she has even started to hurt others. She keeps referring to "these people" who are lording over her about ruining Lewis Oil, but she never reveals Annie and Alan to be the culprits. There is a moment when she almost kissed Hart, but didn't.

Reva asks Lewis Personnel to pull Cassie's file, and is in the middle of checking it out, when Billy comes up behind her and takes it away. He is absolutely furious that she would go behind his back and meddle in his love life. Billy says that if Cassie ends up breaking his heart, that is a risk that he is willing to take.

Blake brings to boys into WSPR for taping of a public service message with Ross. She tells Ross that they are having a small dinner party in a few days for the grandparents; Holly/Fletcher and Amanda/Roger. Ross is surprised that she would arrange such a gathering of people who don't really get along, but is reassured by Blake that everyone is aware of who will be there, and the evening will go along OK. While Ross is occupied with the commercial, she calls both couples, to confirm the dinner. It's obvious that neither couple knows that the other will be there.

WSPR has been having some low ratings, and Dinah is to find a "good Samaritan" story to raise the spirits of the viewing audience. She instantly thinks of Hart's heroic act of stopping the robbery in progress. One of the staff calls the police office to get details, only to find that there is no record of any such event. Dinah even calls the station herself and speaks with one of the officers who was on duty that night, and he verifies that no robbery was reported. Realizing that Hart lied about where he was that night, she starts wondering where he really was...

Vanessa and Matt discuss baby names; they are ecstatic about the pregnancy!

Wednesday, October 15, 1997

by Cheryl

Dinah is at Company waiting for Hart. He shows up and she announces that "they have to talk." She tells him that she knows he lied when he said that he stopped a robbery that night that he was out all night. Hart confesses and tells her that he was sorry that he lied to her and it was stupid not to tell her the truth. He tells her that he went to Lewis Oil, just like he had said that he was going to do, and found Cassie there, in trouble, and he stayed to give her advice. He also told Dinah that he gave her money. Dinah absolutely FREAKS. She starts with the "I'm gonna pull every blonde hair out of her skull." She tells Hart that Cassie is using him and that men are blind. Hart tells Dinah that he helped Cassie just like he would help any other decent human being. Dinah says that Cassie is NOT decent. He tells her that Cassie loves her daughter like Dinah loves her job. (LOW BLOW) "Just look how long it took me to get you to stop taking the birth control pills." Things get nasty and Dinah says that if they don't stop talking that the next thing out of her mouth will be "Good - bye" Hart gets up angry and leaves. Dinah pays the bill and goes outside and Hart is waiting there for her. They make up. HUG... Kiss.... Dinah tells Hart that she doesn't want him to see Cassie anymore because she is a big conflict in their lives. they don't need a conflict right now when they are going to be married soon and they are trying to start a family. (knowing full well she is still on the pill)

Josh and Reva are out to dinner and all dressed up. They are waiting on Billy and Cassie to show up. Alan and Annie show up first. Annie and Reva exchange some cheap shots and Josh calls Reva off and they go to different tables. Billy and Cassie are in the elevator in the restaurant and he is giving Cassie the cold shoulder. She wants to know if there is anything wrong. He tells her nothing. While all four of them (C,B,J,R) are at the table, Alan and Annie are spying on them. Annie can sense that Cassie and Billy are either having a lovers' spat or Cassie has lied about sleeping with Billy. Josh and Reva get up to dance. Cassie asks Billy to tell her what is bothering him. She knows that he is mad at her and wants to know why. Billy tells Cassie that first she called in sick and then he found her with Hart. He wanted to know what was going on. Josh and Reva come back to the table and Billy and Cassie leave to go talk. Cassie tells Billy that Hart has some connections in Chicago and she is going to need a big expensive lawyer. Hart is going to help her get her daughter back. Billy is hurt that she didn't confide in him earlier and kisses her. Cassie goes into the bathroom and Billy goes back to the table. Cassie is at the mirror at Annie pops up behind her. Annie accuses Cassie of lying about sleeping with him. Billy looked like he was going to a funeral. They are arguing BIG TIME and guess who walked in... REVA! She tells them that she wants to know what the hell is going on.

Ed and Rick are home. Rick is upset about Abby and "everything." Ed gets it out of Rick that he is upset that he doesn't get to see his son Kevin. Ed assures Rick that Kevin is being raised in a stable atmosphere. Rick says that he feels lost and knows that Ross and Blake are doing a great job in a great home. Rick also feels that he has to just keep Michelle away from that "LOSER" Jesse too. Ed tells Rick that he is not giving Jesse any credit. Rick thinks that Ed is giving Jesse TOO much credit. They leave and Abby comes over. She holds up a picture of her and Rick and then grabs his shirt and starts remembering the attack and cries.

Roger and Amanda are at Ross and Blake's for dinner. Blake is about to tell Ross that Holly and Fletcher are coming over when the doorbell rings. Guess who. Amanda and Roger offer to leave, Holly and Fletcher start to leave and Blake yells at them to stop. She starts to say that she is sorry but then wonders why she should be apologizing. Blake tells them that they should all just get along for the boys' sake. This is not about you! She wants her family, no matter how dysfunctional, with her. She wants her twins to have grandparents. They start toasting and drinking wine all together. They are actually getting along and the doorbell rings. It is Rick. He wants to see Kevin. Blake tells him that the boys are in bed but he can call later for a visit and dinner. She asks him to stay for dinner tonight. Amanda announces that this is a "family" dinner and that "he is part of the family." He stays for one toast then as he is leaving he talks to Holly about how he should approach Abby. She tells him that he should just spend one evening with her with no touching, no kisses. then when he does touch her, touch her hand or her face, go slow. Rick goes back to his house and asks Abby if she is willing to try it. She says yes. She is willing to try anything.

Thursday, October 16, 1997

by Angela Vogel

Jay asks Harley if he could hire her to check up on his mother, who's been acting strangely lately. Harley says she'll think about it, but then tells Phillip she thinks Nola is her father's stalker. It's more than coincidence, she thinks, that Nola decided to commune with nature the same time Buzz disappeared. They decide to take a ride to Ed Bauer's cabin to look for Buzz. On the way, they joke about how all their dates are weird -- sting operations or busts! Harley laughs and says she's glad Phillip is with her through this.

At the cabin, Buzz tells Nola he looks ahead to spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with her at the cabin. She says they can't, that there is a lot he doesn't know, like the terrible thing she has done to him. She tells him she didn't save his life, she actually ruined it. She told him she had stalked him, and that when he figured out it was her, he came to the cabin to talk to her. She confessed to everything and he forgave her, but fell and hit his head on the way out. Buzz freaks out when he hears this! Nola tries to calm him down, telling him he has a boy and a woman who loves him at home and she will help him get back to them. But Buzz says he doesn't have any feelings for those people. Nola has taken away his past and his future and he has nothing left!

In the ladies room at a fine dining restaurant, Annie gives Cassie a pep talk about getting close to Billy. When Reva walks in on them, Cassie launches into a shouting match with Annie, calling her a bitch and telling her off, all before a smiling Reva. Annie is visibly furious and leaves them in the rest room. She returns to her table where Alan is waiting and tells him how she was just humiliated by Cassie in front of Reva. Alan laughs, pointing out how good the scene actually was for them -- that if the Lewis's had any doubts about Cassie's loyalty, they were erased after one trip to the rest room! Alan tells Annie the next phase of their plan (we don't get to hear it) and Annie is delighted. She thanks Alan for being such a good teacher.

Still in the ladies room, Cassie tries to tell Reva the whole truth, but Reva stops her. Reva confesses that she had tried to spy in Cassie's personnel file when she learned she was getting involved with Billy, because she didn't want Billy to get hurt. Cassie tells Reva she understands having to protect family. They agree how sneaky and insidious Annie can be and promise each other they'll look out for each other's families from now on.

Michelle and Rick talk about Abby's attack. Michelle says she feels responsible for what happened and feels even worse that Abby won't hold her responsible. She goes outside by herself and thinks back on all the trouble she has caused since getting together with Jesse. Then she goes back inside and tells Rick that she has decided to go to Africa with Ed in an attempt to get her life back on track. She feels going away will help her do that. Rick approves, giving her a hug. He says, "we all have to try." Later, when she is alone in the kitchen, Michelle talks to Maureen, who tells her to go to Africa and not to be sad about it. She assures Michelle that "things are going to turn out just the way they're supposed to."

Buzz grabs his coat to leave when someone knocks at the cabin door. He opens it to Harley and Phillip standing there. He looks directly at Harley and asks, "Who are you?"

Before leaving the restaurant, Cassie returns to the powder room only to bump into Annie again. "Twice in one night, it's my lucky day," Annie says. "Nice performance, Cassie." Cassie tells her it was no performance, that she really does think Annie is scum, but she'll go through with their pathetic plan, she just doesn't have to like it. Annie tells Cassie that the next phase of the plan is for her to go into work tomorrow and tell Billy that because they are dating, she can't work for him anymore. She is to request a transfer to work with Josh now. "How can I do that?" Cassie asks Annie. "You can and you will," is Annie's response. "I would bet little Tammy's future on it."

Friday, October 17, 1997

by Kimberly

Bauer's House
Rick and Michelle discuss the possibility of her returning to Africa. Michelle complains that "everyone" wants her to leave (Rick, and more importantly, Jesse). Rick says he doesn't want Michelle to leave, but he wants her to do what is best for her. They discuss Abby's fears of closeness and the affects of her attack on Rick and Abby's relationship. Rick plans a picnic for Abby to discuss their relationship, WITHOUT touching. (after advice from Holly, a rape victim herself). Rick leaves and Michelle "talks" with Maureen about her situation with Jesse, leaving for Africa and the search for her (Mo's) heart. When Rick returns, Michelle announces she will go to Africa with Ed.

A worried Harley and Phillip have a "date" at Company. Harley is concerned over Buzz's disappearance, and is not so easily consoled by Phillip. J appears and asks Harley for her advice about Nola, who is acting stranger than normal. Harley puts two and two together and deduces that Nola is the stalker and that Buzz tried to confront her. She and Phillip take off to the Bauer Cabin with J wondering what he said.

Towers Club
Josh/Reva and Billy/Cassie arrive for dinner. Billy is upset because of Cassie's deception concerning her "sick day" and Hart's appearance at her room. The new couple sits in near silence as Reva and Josh dance. Cassie finally takes Billy aside and explains most of the situation. Billy for Cassie excuses herself after feeling guilty about deceiving the Lewis'. She runs into Annie in the ladies room and the fur flies. Annie accuses Cassie of lying about sleeping with Billy. As the accusations start mounting, Reva enters the ladies room and demands to know what is going on. Cassie covers herself by saying that Annie made accusations about her sleeping with Billy. Reva buys the act and feels more than ever that Cassie is a team player for the Lewis'.

Annie leaves the ladies room in a huff, telling Alan that she will get Cassie for the hurtful comments. Alan assures Annie that Cassie is just getting into the good graces with the Lewis, and the two laugh over their small victory. Alan fends off Annie's comments about a 50/50 partnership with the statement that Annie still has much to learn. He tells her of a plan to be hatched that night, and the two share an evil grin. Before they leave, Annie ducks into the ladies room again. When she comes around the corner, she spots Cassie in the room and Round II begins.

Bauer Cabin
Buzz is content to stay at the cabin with Nola forever and is talking about decorating for Christmas when a guilty Nola spills the beans about her stalking. Buzz is irate and is ready to leave. As he prepares to leave, there is a knock at the door. It's Phillip and Harley coming in search of Buzz. He looks right at Harley, and says, "who are you?"

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