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Thorne slipped Taylor's medication in her drink, and she overslept, missing her appointment with Ridge. The determined Taylor defied doctor's orders and took a cab to Ridge's house. Sheila asked James to prove his intentions. James returned to Sheila with papers proving that he'd annulled his marriage to Maggie, and Sheila asked James to marry her that very night.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 13, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, October 13, 1997

Brooke comes into Ridge's office wanting to go over the music for the fashion show in Italy. Ridge says he doesn't have time right now to discuss music. It's important, Brooke says. Taylor called and she asked to see me, Ridge says. Brooke can't believe he is going to see her. Don't worry, it won't take long, Ridge says.

Taylor is wondering how she is going to find to words to tell Ridge he is the father of the baby she is carrying. Thorne looks in on Taylor and promises not to let her get stressed again or she might lose the baby. Taylor asks for Thorne to get her a protein drink from the fridge. Thorne wants her to take the medication the doctor prescribed. Taylor says she's not going to take the medication because she wants a clear head for a while. Thorne answers the phone and it's Brooke wanting to know what Taylor is up to by asking Ridge to come over. Thorne can't believe Taylor asked Ridge to come over and vows not to let Ridge any where near Taylor.

James and Maggie think Sheila's outburst the other day when James was there is proof enough to show she is unfit. You will need more proof than one incident, Conner advises. Maggie realizes James is going to have to make Sheila believe he is in love with her. Conner warns James he is going to have to go to extreme measures to regain Sheila's trust, and wonders just how far James is willing to go.

James arrives at Sheila's and messes up his hair and takes a few sips from a scotch bottle to make it look like he has been drinking. Once Sheila lets him inside, James pretends to trip and Sheila notices that James is "drunk."

Making sure Taylor doesn't get a chance to talk to Ridge, Thorne crushes up two of Taylor's pills and puts it in her protein drink. Thorne watches as Taylor finishes the drink and says to her, everything I do, I do it for you and the baby. Thorne tries to block Ridge from seeing Taylor by saying she is sleeping. Thorne reminds Ridge this is a high risk pregnancy and Taylor needs her rest. Ridge goes into see Taylor anyway only to find her sleeping.

James admits he has been drinking because of the pressure he and Maggie are under. James says he has always realized he and Maggie are different but he had hoped a baby might help iron out their difference. Sheila suggests James visit more often as she wants Mary's father to be a part of her life. Sheila admits she is surprised James came back. James says he has never forgiven himself for pushing Sheila out of he and the baby's life right after the baby was born. I don't feel any more love for Maggie, James continues, but I do feel love for you and the baby. James kisses Sheila but Sheila isn't buying his act. You don't love Maggie, you love me, how stupid do you think I am ??

Once Taylor finally awakens enough to talk, she asks Thorne to leave so she and Ridge can have some privacy. Once alone, Ridge admits it is not easy coming over and finding his brother with you. Taylor realizes she has hurt Ridge but that's not why she asked him to come over. Taylor tries to find to words... and finally says she has never slept with Thorne. Taylor says she is four months pregnant and got pregnant when Ridge was on trial and she went to visit him in the hotel in was staying at. When you told me we would always be together, we made love, Taylor reminds him. "This is your baby Ridge!"

Tuesday, October 14, 1997

Sheila doesn't buy James' act when he tries to kiss her. What do you take me for, a fool, Sheila asks. Sheila is visibly upset that James would try to use her feelings against her and makes it clear to James that she will not tolerate being betrayed. James gets ready to leave but Sheila locks the door. You're not going anywhere, Sheila says.

Brooke is trying out the music for the upcoming fashion show but can't get her mind off what Ridge is doing at Taylor's.

At long last, Taylor opens up to Ridge and tells him that he is the father of the baby she is carrying. Ridge is stunned! Taylor apologizes for lying to him all this time, and says that is what she was trying to tell him at the restaurant. There is no one else in this world I would rather have a baby with, Ridge says. Ridge is so happy with the news, he declares his love for Taylor. But wait... Taylor wakes up.... and, this was all a dream!! Taylor never told Ridge any off this, she only dreamed she told Ridge the truth.

Back at Forrester, Ridge tells Brooke he never saw Taylor, she was asleep when he got there. Brooke notes how tense Thorne gets every time he is around Ridge and wonders what is going on with Thorne and Taylor.

Sheila tells James he must think she is a lunatic for falling for his act. Sheila at least used to have respect for James but not after this stunt. Now, Sheila threatens never to let James see the baby. Amber busts in and says she has a message for James from Maggie. Apparently, Amber caught up with Maggie at a coffee house and Maggie was questioning James' whereabouts. When Amber told Maggie she hasn't seen James, Maggie went off the deep end. Sheila wants to know why she should trust Amber. Amber thinks Sheila is paranoid. Sheila doesn't fall for Amber story that she just ran into Maggie. Sheila tells James that she trusted him once before and got burned. In order to restore her trust, Sheila wants James to divorce Maggie.

Taylor thinks she saw Ridge but Thorne lets her know it was a dream. Thorne tells Taylor she has to put herself and the baby first and that means no contact with Ridge. Thorne takes the phone out of Taylor's room.

Brooke wants to know if Ridge still has feelings for Taylor. What if Taylor cares about you the way she always did, Brooke asks. Ridge says he and Taylor were never really together if she slept with his brother and is carrying his child. Taylor doesn't feel the same way as I do about her, Ridge says. Brooke asks another question. If there is no future for you and Taylor, what about us?

Brooke informs Ridge she is not working tonight because she has a date. A date? Brooke's, Brian from accounting, stops by her office to bring her a flower. Ridge informs Brian that Brooke will be so busy tonight, she will not have time to go on a date and rushes Brian out.

Thorne tells himself he doesn't care what he has to do, but Taylor will not lose this baby. Taylor is in her bed watching the baby's monitor. Taylor still hopes to tell Ridge the truth if it's not too late...

Wednesday, October 15, 1997

Taylor looks at a picture of she and Ridge and tells herself she must accept the fact that he is in love with Brooke. Even so, Ridge has the right to know the baby she is carrying is his. How will Ridge react when he learns the truth? Taylor tries not to get her hopes up that Ridge will ever get over Brooke. Still, he must learn the truth.

At Forrester, Ridge also glances at a picture of he and Taylor and remembers how much he loves her. If only Taylor had not slept with Thorne...

Brooke wonders why Thorne is so uptight these days. He says he is concerned about Taylor's pregnancy. Thorne wishes things with Brooke and Ridge would speed up some. Thorne asks Brooke why she and Ridge aren't having a full blown affair since they did sleep together a month ago.

Taylor is determined to tell Ridge the truth. She can't wait and gets out of bed to get to the phone to call Ridge. Taylor carefully walks to the phone but has a pain while she is walking.

Brooke denies she slept with Ridge about a month ago. It's been quite a while since we've slept together, Brooke informs Thorne. Thorne is shocked by this revelation. He and Taylor were so convinced Ridge slept with Brooke the day of Eric and Stephanie's wedding. In fact, Taylor caught them in bed together! It was harmless, Brooke says. Ridge was drunk and she admits she would have liked to sleep with him, but it didn't happen. What Taylor saw was completely harmless.

Eric and Ridge both feel the pressure of time in trying to put together a spring collection for the upcoming show in Italy. Eric has big plans for this show. He informs Ridge Forrester will be giving out special tickets to several hundred influential people in the fashion industry. These people will be treated like royalty the minute they leave their home for Italy. Ridge thinks this sounds awfully expensive. It is, Eric says, but that is a chance Forrester has to take. Eric also notes their spring collection is small but it will be fabulous.

While walking to the phone, Taylor notices her purse and remembers her cell phone is in her purse. She decides to grab her cell phone and take it to bed with her. Finally, Taylor calls Ridge.

Brooke admits she and Ridge are getting closer again. Thorne thought protecting Taylor from Ridge was best but now that he knows Ridge did not sleep with Brooke, Thorne wonders what he should do. It doesn't matter, Brooke says, because tonight she is planning the ultimate seduction for Ridge.

Taylor gets through to Megan and asks to speak to Ridge. With the deadline of the upcoming fashion show, the new company policy is "no interruptions with no exceptions," Megan says. Eric has been very adamant about this policy. Instead, Megan takes a message from Taylor saying it is urgent that he contact her. Megan says she'll make sure Ridge gets the message.

Ridge admits he is feeling down because he can't stop thinking about Taylor. What is the reason she slept with Thorne, he wonders. The reason maybe Brooke, Eric says. Both of you are free now so maybe you should give it a chance with Brooke, Eric suggests. After all, both of you were in love with each other before. Accept life's changes and move on, Eric advises Ridge. Maybe it's time for he and Brooke.

Eric leaves Ridge's office and asks to speak to Megan in his office. She leaves Taylor's message on her desk. Thorne comes by to check his messages and notices the one from Taylor. Ridge also walks by but Thorne pockets Taylor's message.

Taylor thinks Ridge will call any minute and then finally he will learn the truth. He better call soon, Taylor says, before Brooke gets to him.

Ridge goes back into Brooke's office only to find Brooke wearing a fabulous dress with champagne chilling. Ridge reminds her they have a lot of work to do. We most certainly do, Brooke says.

Thursday, October 16, 1997

Thorne is standing in the hallway outside Taylor's bedroom. He is looking at the pink memo of Taylor's call and remembering how he found it and kept it from Ridge. Thorne knocks on the door and Taylor hides the cell phone under the bed. They make small talk about the baby and then Taylor tells him that she is expecting a phone call from Ridge. Why? Because I have to tell him about the baby, Taylor says. Thorne continues to pressure her to wait until the baby is born to tell Ridge. Telling Ridge is a mistake, he warns her. Ridge will pressure you and put you right over the edge. Don't you want this baby? Don't you want to go to term and have a healthy baby? Taylor is undecided. Thorne leaves and Taylor wonders why Ridge hasn't called her back yet.

Ridge brings some sketches in to Logan's office. The room is dark and he sees that he has walked into her ultimate seduction plan. What is this, he questions. She tells him to make time out of all the work because they need this. We don't have time for this; we are working on a deadline. She tells him to sit down and relax and she begins to massage his shoulders with his shirt on.

Sheila is folding the laundry. She tells Amber that she doesn't want a nude male model in her living room. Sheila is tired from lack of sleep and all of the housework. She doesn't like Amber's idea of a man in her life because she cant trust them. Sheila knows that James is never going to leave Maggie for her. James returns home and is greeted at the door by Maggie. James tells her that the baby is okay. Maggie wonders how it went. James tells her

that Sheila needs to know that he is in love with her. Maggie tells James that she trusts him to do what he has to do to bring their baby back, even if he has to tell Sheila that he loves her. James begins to tell his wife that Sheila wants more but they are interrupted by the arrival of Connor Davis. Did you tell her? asks Connor. Maggie is upset. What do you need to tell me? James tells Maggie that Sheila wants proof that the marriage is over and it has to be for real. Connor shows her some papers. Annulment? She thinks they are only papers, but James and Connor explain to her that the papers are real. Sheila will check it out, they explain. It can't just look real; it has to be real. Maggie walks around the room and cries. Finally, she sits down at the table and signs the papers. James promises his darling that this plan will not drag on. He will bring their baby home as quickly as he can. They kiss. James takes his wedding ring off and gives it to Maggie. Hold on to this until I can come back, he tells her. Yes, James, I will keep it for you. Maggie then removes her wedding rings and gives them to James. She begins to cry. There are more kisses and tears.

Thorne brings Taylor her medication. He asks her if she can relate to Ridge as the father of this child knowing, as she does, his deep involvement with Brooke. Ridge has now and to some extent always had a thing for Brooke. You have to accept that for the life of your unborn child, Thorne says as he leaves the room. Taylor stares at the phone. Outside in the hallway, Thorne murmurs that he is sorry, but this is the best for her, for the baby, and for all of them.

Amber tells Sheila it is good to have dreams. Sheila says what she wanted was to share her daughter with the father but it is only a dream.

James arrives with a suitcase. He shows Sheila his legal papers and tells her that he has ended his marriage to Maggie. Sheila smiles and they embrace.

Ridge has his shirt off now and the massage continues. They talk of loyalty and how Ridge is loyal to his women. Brooke says that if Caroline were alive today, they would still be married. Forget about Taylor, Brooke tells him. Taylor has not been loyal to you. Ridge pulls Brooke close on top of him and they kiss...

Friday, October 17, 1997

by Gladys

Taylor is impatiently whiling away her time in bed wondering why Ridge hasn't called. She is sure he has gotten the message by now. Thorne enters. Ridge is not going to call, he tells her. He is out with Brooke tonight. Once again, he tells her she has to wait to tell Ridge about the baby. He has a right to know, Taylor responds for the nth time. Then wait until after the baby is born and tell him then, Thorne says.

Sheila and James are in an embrace. They draw apart and Sheila tells him that she is happy about the annulment. Alright! Amber cheers from the sidelines. Sheila tells Amber to go out for a while. Amber responds that she isn't in the mood for a walk. Sheila grabs a handful of bills from her purse and tells her to go buy herself something. After Amber leaves, Sheila tells James that she wants to ask someone about the annulment. James seems hurt but tells her to go ahead. Who is your attorney? We can go see her right now. But, he tells her, there can be no love where there is no trust. I agree, Sheila tells him, but you have to help me to trust. Again they kiss. Reluctantly, James puts his arms around Sheila and pulls her close.

Taylor and Scout are resting in bed. Taylor is still wondering why Ridge hasn't called. She opens her cell phone and places a call. Megan answers. Taylor is wondering if Ridge is still there. Yes, Megan answers. Ridge and Brooke are having a meeting. Could you put me through, questions Taylor. Megan once again explains the new policy about not putting calls through. Taylor asks if he got the first message. Megan says he must have since the message is no longer here. Taylor leaves him another message and Megan assures her that she will deliver it. So, Taylor whispers to herself, Thorne was wrong. Ridge and Brooke did not go out together.

Ridge and Brooke are involved in some heavy petting. Ridge stops and stands up. He is still wearing his pants but Brooke is wearing a sexy nightie. Forget about Taylor, Brooke demands. She is with Thorne; they are having a baby. Ridge thinks about this and heads back to the couch. You are right; absolutely right, he says and they begin making love again.

Amber arrives at Maggie's door. Wow, she says, you guys sure work quick. Where did you get the fake papers? Maggie assures her that the papers are not fake; she and James are no longer officially married. Maggie wants to know how Sheila reacted. Amber tells her that Sheila was skeptical but she had to leave so she isn't sure what else happened. So James is alone with Sheila, Maggie concludes. Are you worried about them being alone? Amber asks.

James and Sheila are deep into an embrace when the baby starts crying. They continue to kiss. James mentions that the baby is crying. She is okay, Sheila says. She cries all the time. She cries all the time! James repeats. That can't be right, can it? James tells her to go and take care of the baby and then he'll take care of her. Sheila leaves the room and as she goes up the stairs, James pulls out a small tape recorder and begins to whisper into it. He talks about the baby crying and Sheila's reaction. He says he will continue investigating. Sheila returns with the baby. She tells her "precious" baby that her daddy is there to see her. James takes the baby and begins talking to her, telling her that he loves her and has missed her. He looks at Sheila and says that the baby is wet. Oh, is she? Sheila responds. When did you change her last? James demands. A little while ago, Sheila answers. Don't get paranoid, James. I change her when she is wet. James backs off a little and begins to talk to the baby. He tells her that he would do anything for her.

Taylor says that she has to see Ridge. I have to see him tonight! She slowly gets out of bed.

Ridge and Brooke are deep into their lovemaking. Thorne enters the room saying that he has papers that Brooke ask for. He sees the two of them and is embarrassed. He turns to leave; outside the door, he runs into Megan with the message slip in her hand. Ridge comes out of the office and angrily demands to know what the two of them want. Brooke walks out, smiling, and puts her arms around Ridge from behind. Doesn't anybody knock around her? she asks. Ridge yells at Megan and she tries to tell him that she has a message. He tells her to give it to him later and Megan gladly leaves his presence. What are you staring at? he demands of his brother. Thorne laughs and tells Brooke to look over the papers "when you have the time." The lovers return to the couch and kiss. Brooke laughs. Did you see the look on Megan's face, she asks. Forget about Megan, Ridge tells her. They kiss again but Ridge tells her that the mood has passed; the moment is lost. Oh no, Brooke cries. Riii-idgeee, she pleads. We always have Italy, Ridge says as he dresses. I am going back to work and then I am going home and take a cold shower. You were really getting into it, Brooke says. Almost, agrees Ridge as he leaves.

Thorne and Megan are talking. Thorne asks about the message she was delivering. She tells him that Taylor had called and wanted Ridge to call her. I can give him the message, Thorne volunteers but Megan tells him that she will do it. Ridge comes out and stares angrily at the two of them. Megan tries to tell him about the message, but he is very short with her and she says nothing. After Ridge leaves, Megan tells Thorne that he can tell Ridge about the call after all.

Taylor is dressed. She calls for a cab and tells them that she is going to Beverly Hills.

Maggie is still commiserating to Amber. It is only a couple of weeks, she says. Then James will have the proof we need. I miss my baby so much. She needs me. You will have her back, Amber tells her. Yes, Maggie agrees, just a couple more weeks.

Sheila, James and Mary are enjoying a moment together. She is so wonderful, Sheila says. Sheila says she will take the baby upstairs. No, let me, James offers. As he ascends the stairs he turns and looks back at Sheila sadly.

Brooke is smiling with that "cat that stole the cream" look. Thorne enters. Well, well, well, he laughs. Brooke tells him how great she feels. Of course, he agrees. You just made love to a Forrester. Well, not exactly, she says as she tells him that the interruption spoiled the mood. But it will happen, she assures him. It will happen in Italy. This is going to be quite a trip. I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't come back home with an announcement, she confides in Thorne. I can't wait, he tells her. Keep up the good work.

Taylor is in a cab and giving directions to the driver.

James comes down the stairs and rejoins Sheila. Sheila has changed into a sexy nightgown. Is our precious angel asleep, she asks. James tells her yes. He then says he didn't know she had made the spare room into a nursery. Of course, Sheila says, where else? Where will I be sleeping? James asks. Certainly not in the bath tub, Sheila says. They embrace. Sheila sighs with pleasure. I want this to go on and on, she says. As they kiss again, James suddenly breaks away. We can't, he says. I can't sleep with you until we are married. Then let's get married, Sheila says. This is our time. There are no more delays and excuses. Do you love me, James? Yes, I do, answers James. Then marry me, Sheila says. Marry me tonight.

Thorne enters Taylor's bedroom with flowers. He is upset to see that bed is empty. "Oh, God. Where are you? Where could she be?" he cries as he races from the room.

Taylor enters Ridges home holding her abdomen. She sits. I'll wait, she says. I don't care how long I have to wait, but tonight, Ridge, I am going to tell you about your baby.

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