Another World Recaps: The week of October 13, 1997 on AW

Carl and Alexander had an altercation that resulted in Felicia being pushed through a skylight. Felicia developed a brain bleed and needed surgery. Amanda, disguised as Hadley, went on a date with Shane. Nick moved in with Tomas and Sophia.
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Another World Recaps: The week of October 13, 1997 on AW
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Monday, October 13, 1997

Alex was not happy when Felicia says she wants to postpone the wedding. He accuses her of buying into Carl's suspicions but she insists she was her own woman. He eventually sweet talks his way into her good graces. Carl confronts Amanda and Matt about his suspicions in their plot to break up him and Rachel. Carl turns his venom on Matt, saying that Amanda isn't "cold" enough to enlist someone like "Hadley" (which ironically upsets Amanda that Carl doesn't think she's smart enough). Carl says that he found a fountain pen in the penthouse which he plans to track to Hadley. Matt and Amanda deny all wrongdoing and keep trying to change the topic to Carl's infidelity. Rachel takes a stand and says she believes Carl and takes her husband's side when he fires Matt from Cory Publishing saying he won't work with someone he cannot trust. Matt storms out and Carl told Rachel he's going to confront Alex next. Matt and Amanda go the penthouse and try and find the cap to the fountain pen because it has Amanda's initials on it. Sophia convinces Tomas that Nick would make a great third roommate and Tomas reluctantly agrees. Nick was more hesitant about moving in, expressing his need to prove himself to Sophia first. She informs him that she was ready to make love with him and have them live together as a couple. While he agrees to move in, Nick says that he wants to wait before they become more intimate. Shane and Lila come to a new understanding about their failed marriage. Lila told him to forget about Vicky because the relationship does not make him happy. she then says that as his friend he should move on and have fun in his life. Later, Shane runs into Amanda and she was miffed he doesn't pay attention to her. She calls him as "Hadley" and arranges a date, despite her promises to Matt never to impersonate Hadley again. Matt runs into Lila as he comes out of Hadley's room. She picks up the pen cap and wonders who "AC" is.

Tuesday, October 14, 1997

Josie and Gary have trouble communicating about their loss and Gary gets frustrated when Josie distracts herself with her new position as acting captain. He confides to Felicia that he thinks its wrong that Joe awarded Josie for breaking the rules to catch Rayburn and effectively putting their baby in danger. He breaks down in front of her and she encourages him to talk to his wife. Meanwhile, Josie tries to put on a brave face in front of Joe but later, she too breaks down in front of Shane who admits that he knows what its like to lose a child. She jumps on the bandwagon and encourages him to go out and have fun (will EVERY woman in BC have a similar conversation with Shane?). He hints that he already has plans. Meanwhile, Matt flirts with Lila while trying to figure out a way to get the pen cap. When she finally gives it to him, he was nervous when she remarks that Amanda should be more careful with her stuff. They make plans to go dancing and Lila in typical Scarlett O'Hara style, fashions a new dress out of a table cloth. Annoyed with Jake's preoccupation with Vicky, Amanda makes plans to move "Hadley" into Jake's old penthouse. She was relieved when Matt returns the pen cap to her and promises again not to resurrect Hadley. Paulina is nervous about facing therapy without Joe and was reluctant to accept Rachel's support. Meanwhile, Rachel begs Carl not to go after Alex without proof and suggests he went to Gary. Carl and Felicia exchange harsh words at Gary's and Carl was shocked to find out Gary already knows about Hadley because Amanda told him that she heard rumors from Alex that Hadley was Carl's mistress. Carl told Gary to find Hadley and warns him not to work for Amanda any more. Grant told Alex he fixed the zoning laws and states they are now even but Alex warns him not to be so sure. Carl arrives at Alex's suite for a confrontation.

Wednesday, October 15, 1997

Matt takes Lila out on a "business dinner" at the HC. She inquires about the pen cap, saying she's sure its Amanda's but he brushes her off. Lila is surprised to find out he was fired from Cory Publishing by Carl but is amused by the gift he gives her -- a toy parrot that says "Call Matt". Cindy and Grant are also at the HC, with Booba making his magic and causing Grant to be all over Cindy. She was horrifed when he reminds her that Booba is to be donated to the museum and forces her to hand it over to Donna. Later, Booba causes a new waiter to pay extra attention to Donna and she fires him, thinking Grant was trying to set her up again. Cindy and Grant glare at Lila across the restaurant and later when Donna calls Matt away to warn him about Lila, Grant and Lila have a confrontation. Later, Lila opens up to Matt about her feelings for Shane and her poor past. She wonders if anyone in BC will treat her with respect because everyone treats Vicky like a goddess and blames Lila for breaking up Vicky and shane. She does comment that she was ready to move on and tonight was a good start. Meanwhile, Shane and Hadley (Amanda) meet at Pandora's and Amanda gives Shane her cell phone number. She invites him upstairs for a night cap but they run into Lila and Matt. Amanda can tell Matt was furious and makes a quick excuse to a bewildered Shane and went inside her room quickly. After dropping Lila off -- Matt comes by Hadley's apartment and asks Amanda what the hell she is doing. Carl comes by Alex's apartment and isn't surprised when the butler lets him in right away when he uses the name "Matt Cory". Alex and Carl have yet another confrontation on the roof and Carl dares Alex to lie to his face and say he saw Carl with another woman. When Alex says he did and starts elaborating, Carl says he's caught Alex because he knows exactly what he did that evening and it had nothing to do with Hadley. Carl told Alex that Felicia will soon come to her senses and leave him. Felicia and Rachel arrive and Rachel says she steadfastly belives in Carl. She leaves and then Alex provokes Carl into a fight. They wrestle and Felicia gets in the way. Carl accidentally knocks into her and she falls crashing into the skylight.

Thursday, October 16, 1997

Shane stops by to see Josie at her request and she asks him to run a toxocology scan on some pills they found on a DOA Jane Doe. He takes a quick look and says it may take some time. He gives her some advice about dealing with the loss she and Gary suffered. Later, Josie gets the call about Felicia and rushes to Alex's penthouse. Felicia was hurt badly from the fall, but Carl and Alex continue to argue. Rachel screams at them to stop, saying they have to think about Felicia now. Felicia was rushed to the hospital and Carl and Rachel go to the police station with Josie because Alex rages that Carl pushed Felicia on purpose. Carl insists it was an accident but Josie warns him that he could be charged with attempted murder and advises him to get a lawyer. She went to call Gary. Carl told Rachel to get him any lawyer but Cass and later, she contacts Tyrone. At the hopsital, Shane stabilizes Felicia but she was still unconscious. He gets furious when one of the nurses says it may be better considering what her face looks like now. A worried Alex keeps vigil. Nick moves into the apartment and there are some uncomfortable moments -- Tomas thinks Sophia and Nick are sleeping together and it takes Nick some getting used to about the close friendship between Tomas and sophia. They settle down for their first dinner as roommates and Sophia told Tomas that she and Nick have decided to wait until moving their relationship forward and that Nick will be sleeping in Emily's room. Later, Tomas told Nick he was kidding himself if Nick thinks he can just be friends with Sophia. Tomas then has a dream about kissing Sophia. Matt rages at Amanda for continuing the Hadley charade and she finally admits that she feels more confident as Hadley. Matt calms down and assures her that all the things she likes about Hadley are really things about Amanda and she should use them herself to make her life more enjoyable. He cautions her that Alex would leave her to the wolves if their ploy was discovered and she reluctantly agrees to pack up Hadley's stuff. Later when they return home, they are shocked when a worn out Rachel says that whoever started this Hadley Prescott business may have cost Felicia her life.

Friday, October 17, 1997

Cindy was upset about Grant's lack of interest in her and decides she needs to get Booba back - pronto! At the HC, Booba was working his magic on Donna and Cass but the spell was broken when Cass rushes to the hospital to see Felicia. Donna accidentally leaves the restaurant without the statue and Cindy aka the Silver Rose thief sneaks in dressed in a black cat suit to steal him back. She was almost caught by Donna and was forced to hide when Donna returned for the statue. Carl continues to insist to Josie that Felicia's fall was an accident. Grant arrives and was excited about the prospect of Carl being in jail. He pushes Josie to throw the book at his nemisis and hints that he may make Josie captain permanently. Tyrone arrives and told Josie they can't hold Carl until Felicia makes a statement so she agrees to let Carl go. Matt and Amanda are upset about what happened to Felicia but insist they had nothing to do with the Hadley business and keep trying to shift the blame to Carl. Rachel and Amanda go to the hospital and Rachel has a confrontation with Alex about Carl's intentions. Shane told them Felicia needs emergency surgery because of bleeding in her brain (has this become a common affliction in BC or what!) and says that she suffered eye damage and will need extensive reconstructive surgery. Amanda plies Shane about his date with Hadley and was pleased when he talks about how great Hadley was and how she reminds him of Amanda. She becomes irritated when he says its their dress size that's similar. Cass and Alex hold vigil over Felicia's bedside and tell her how much they love her and need her. She wakes up and gets very agitated when she can't see because her eyes are taped shut. amanda returns home and told Matt Felicia was hurt really bad and that Rachel was more and more suspicious about their involvement with the Hadley affair. Carl walks in with Rachel and coldly asks if anyone was going to welcome him home.



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