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Monday, October 13, 1997


Richards House
While Tyus helps Olivia upstairs, Gregory muses that there can't be anything wrong with the baby, because Olivia's not pregnant.

After Tyus says that the pain was just a muscle spasm, Gregory congratulates Olivia on the fortunate timing of her muscle spasm and then recaps his fight with Cole, including Cole's threat that Gregory may not be the father of the baby.

Tyus remarks that it's interesting that Gregory never asked about the baby. Olivia attempts to explain to Tyus that Gregory thinks that the entire pregnancy is a pretense. When Caitlin overhears Tyus reiterating that the pain was a minor muscle spasm brought on by stress, she decides that she was what was stressing Olivia. Olivia tries to make Caitlin promise not to try to find out who the "other woman" is.

Olivia told Caitlin that Cole isn't good enough for her and that Cole will continue to hurt her because it's the only thing that Cole is capable of doing.

Cummings House
When Ben and Meg catch Annie and Tim kissing, Annie and Tim stammer out some excuses about why they were kissing. Ben and Meg decide that Annie and Tim deserve each other and leave the barn together.

Meg told Ben that she thinks that Annie and Tim have been working together for a while and asks if Ben thinks that they've been more intimate. Ben changes the subject and asks Meg where he should take a beautiful woman on a first date. Meg told him that the best place to take a woman on a first date is dancing at the Buckaroo. Ben asks Meg to go dancing at the Buckaroo.

Annie gets depressed about having been seen kissing by Ben and Meg and told Tim that she needs to go shopping and then needs to go out and have a good time. Tim told Annie that the nearest place to go out to is the Buckaroo.

Surf Central
Virginia told Jimmy that, even though he wants to go to the game with Michael, he has to go with Casey. Michael went to talk with Jimmy, leaving Virginia and Vanessa alone together.

When Vanessa starts to tell Virginia that it she knows that Virginia's using Jimmy, Virginia pretends that she doesn't understand what Vanessa's saying, instead saying that Vanessa can't understand how important going to the football game with Michael is to Jimmy, since she grew up rich. Meanwhile, time is passing for the departure of the ferry.

When Michael told Vanessa that he needs to go to the football game with Jimmy, Vanessa says that she understands.

When Vanessa promises that Virginia isn't going to come between her and Michael, Virginia points out that they aren't going to be making love on Catalina, either.

Inn at Sunset Beach
Bette told Cole that his relationship with Caitlin was doomed the second he took Olivia to bed. When Cole protests that Olivia may be pregnant with his baby, Bette asks him what it will do to Caitlin if Cole is the father of Olivia's baby. Further, Bette points out to Cole that if Cole insists on pursuing the issue of who the father of Olivia's baby is, Caitlin is the one who will get hurt.

As Bette is leaving Cole's room, Eddie walks in. Eddie tells Bette and Cole that he's there to satisfy his own curiosity. After Cole leaves, Bette convinces Eddie not to tell anyone that he saw her there with Cole with a kiss.

Richards House
When Caitlin breaks down into tears in her room over the way that Cole hurt her and throws the engagement ring across the room, Cole picks it up off of the floor for her. While Caitlin is wracked by sobs, Cole went to her and told her that they need to talk. When Caitlin told him that she thinks he's just going to lie to her again, Cole promises to tell her the truth.

Olivia told Gregory that Caitlin isn't going to let go of her baby willingly. Gregory makes an argument about how difficult it is to be a parent, but it doesn't convince Olivia. Gregory says that Cole will destroy the Richards family and vows that he will do whatever it takes to see that that will never happen.

The Buckaroo
When Ben asks Meg to think about coming back to Sunset Beach with him, Meg told Ben that she wants to go back to Sunset Beach, but she can't make any decisions just now.

Tim and Annie meet and they see Ben and Meg. When Ben and Meg see Annie and Tim, they resume dancing. Annie and Tim look on jealously.

Annie and Meg size each other up while dancing.

When he notices that Meg's still shaken from running into Annie and Tim, he pulls Meg into a slow dance. Meg told Ben that she feels that Kansas is just a vacation from reality for Ben.

Tuesday, October 14, 1997


The Java Web
Casey notices people shunning Ricardo and flags him over to where he's sitting. Ricardo claims that everyone believes he's guilty. Casey tells Ricardo that he doesn't feel that way and that he'd like to hear Ricardo's side of the story. After Ricardo finishes, Casey admits that he doesn't understand one thing. Why has Gabi been acting so freaked out since that night? Ricardo explains that Gabi is just putting on an act. Casey says that Paula is having a hard time believing Ricardo is guilty.

Surf Central
Paula told Mark that she feels torn. She hasn't known Gabi for very long, but she is her sister. She has known Ricardo a long time and can't believe that he could be capable of violence against anyone, especially a woman. Mark suggests that maybe Ricardo held Gabi responsible for his breakup with Paula and that made him angry enough to rape Gabi. Mark reminds Paula that Gabi is the victim. Gabi walks in and overhears Paula say that she can't help but worry about Ricardo's life being ruined. Paula sees Gabi and immediately apologizes. Gabi says that Paula is right and speculates that Paula and Ricardo would still be together if she hadn't came to town. Paula and Mark tell Gabi that she is not to blame. Paula says that if Ricardo is responsible then he should pay. Paula told Gabi to call the DA and agree to testify.

The Richard's
Cole wants to talk with Caitlin. Caitlin demands to know the name of Cole's other woman, or Cole can just get out. Cole told Caitlin that he has looked his whole life for someone to love and now that he has found her he can't let her go. Caitlin remembers Helena telling her that Cole knows exactly what to say, but he is just putting on an act. Caitlin berates Cole for lying about being engaged to Helena. Caitlin wants to know if there is anything about Cole that is true. Cole told her it is the truth that he loves her and their baby. Cole begs Caitlin to believe him. He claims that she just doesn't love him enough to believe him. Caitlin says she loves him too much, but that she just can't trust him. She asks Cole to leave. As he leaves, Cole pleads for just one more chance and for Caitlin to not let her parents split them up.

Gregory wants Olivia to convince Caitlin to go with her to a clinic in San Francisco, because Olivia's pregnancy is in jeopardy. Olivia says that she won't do it and that Gregory has underestimated Caitlin's capacity to forgive. Gregory says that even Caitlin has limits. Olivia believes that Caitlin will eventually forgive Cole.

As Cole is leaving, he runs into Sean. Sean told him to leave Caitin alone. Cole accuses Sean of playing into his father's hands. Cole warns Sean to consider who is giving him bad information about him. Gregory walks in as Cole is going out. Gregory is pleased, when Sean admits that he wishes Caitlin's baby would just disappear.

Caitlin told Olivia about Cole's visit. Caitlin says that all of her dreams are slipping away one by one.

Olivia explains to Gregory that Caitlin would never give up her baby. Gregory told Olivia that they don't need to worry about that anymore. Olivia is horrified when Gregory told her his plan to sedate Caitlin when she went into labor and then tell her that the baby died. Olivia calls Gregory a monster. Olivia declares that she won't be a part of it and for Gregory to think about what that would do to Caitlin. He claims that he's doing everything for Caitlin's own good.

Gregory asks Caitlin to look after Olivia while he is out at a meeting. Gregory told her that he doesn't know what he'd do if Olivia lost her baby.

Olivia feels horrible, when Caitlin tries to assure her that both of their babies will be okay.

Gabi shows up at Ricardo's. He tries to shut the door in her face, but she pushes right in. Gabi told Ricardo that she decided not to testify. She doesn't want to feel responsible for ruining his life. Gabi still feels that he took advantage of her. Ricardo demands a full public apology. Gabi says no way. She came over to give him a shot at getting out of hell, but now he can just rot there.

Surf Central
Mark comforts a distraught Gabi. She claims she did what she had to do.

The Java Web
Cole listens to Paula's problems.

Ricardo told Paula that Gabi paid him a visit. Before he can explain, the police come in and tell them that Gabi must have given the DA the go ahead. Ricardo is arrested, and Paula is left standing in tears.

Wednesday, October 15, 1997


Gregory's Office
Sean comes in to see his father who has just arrived home from his quick trip to Santa Barbara. Gregory asks where Caitlin and Olivia are. Sean says Caitlin is still asleep, but Olivia left the house early that morning probably headed to her radio station. Sean says he can't stand the hurt they are causing Caitlin but is reminded they are doing what's best for Caitlin.

Surf Central
During their breakfast, Casey and Michael are discussing the Ricardo/Gabi situation and its ramifications to all involved. Casey talks about having known Ricardo for so many years that he can't possibly believe that Ricardo did commit the rape. Mark overhears and rushes in to Gabi's defense. Gabi then comes in and quickly realizes what the discussion is about. Casey questions not that she is lying but could she have made a mistake in her accusations. She gets upset telling them they have no idea how the rest of her life has been ruined, then rushes out of the room.

Cole's Bedroom
While waiting for Cole to wake up, Olivia watches thinking about Gregory's far-fetched request concerning Caitlin's baby. She can not and will not go along with Gregory's sick plan. Cole wakes up startled to see her, then gets up and walks around naked. She says she has a proposal for him but insists he get dressed first. She hands him a $200,000 check asking him to leave town, not permanently, just until the baby is born. He refuses but she says he wants Caitlin to go with him. She begs saying she knows how much Caitlin loves him and wants the baby. The phone rings, but he doesn't pick up. It's Caitlin and she leaves a message about being confused and needing to talk to him. She says she misses him then hurriedly gets off the phone. Cole hangs up and hands the check back to Olivia. He just doesn't understand Olivia's motives. Olivia stresses the tremendous mistake he is making and the hurt he will cause Caitlin by refusing this offer. Tearing up the check, he then asks her to leave.

The Waffle Shop
Elaine comes in from her San Diego trip and asks Paula about hearing on the radio about a Sunset Beach policeman being arrested . Paula told her Ricardo raped Gabi. Elaine is shocked and asks if Paula really believes Gabi after all that Paula and Ricardo once shared. Elaine finds it hard to believe that Ricardo could have raped Gabi. Vanessa comes in and asks Jimmy if she could sit and have breakfast with him, but he says no and gets up. Virginia comes over and Vanessa asks how Virginia could turn Jimmy against her. Virginia says she'll have a talk with Jimmy. After Vanessa leaves, Jimmy told his mom that Michael needs to know what Vanessa is going to do, referring to the lie that Virginia has told him about Vanessa.

Olivia's Bedroom
Caitlin, sleeping in Olivia's bed, is having a bad dream about Cole confessing to her that the other woman is pregnant with his child. As he is about to tell her who the woman is, she wakes up, and for a brief moment, she actually thinks the woman is her mom but realizes she was only dreaming. She falls back asleep. Later, Gregory walks in thinking Caitlin is Olivia and talks out loud about how he is going to take Cole's side and Caitlin's no matter what happens. Happy after hearing what her father has just said, Caitlin gets up and runs to hug him thanking him for believing in Cole. Gregory, surprised it was Caitlin and not Olivia in bed, is thankful he didn't mention his evil plan in front of Caitlin.

Casey and Michael are worried about Mark and Gabi's situation. Vanessa walks up so Casey leaves them alone. Michael apologizes once again about canceling their trip. Vanessa told him she is going to plan a secret trip for them to get away without anyone else finding out about it. Michael likes that idea.

Sunset Beach Jail
Escorting Ricardo to his cell, Spencer told Ricardo he wants to believe him but it's hard since Ricardo was not home when Spencer went to question him that night. Spencer leaves and Ricardo lies down on his bed. Elaine later comes to see Ricardo and lets him know she is on his side. He explains his version of the rape and although Elaine is not happy about his tryst with Gabi, she does believe in him and wants to help him. She says she'll be back later. Paula shows up at the jail and seeing Ricardo, she realizes it wasn't a good idea to come there. He told her she must believe him but because of his tone of voice she suddenly seems scared of him.

Surf Central
Casey and Michael are searching for some lifeguard gear when Mark comes in saying he is can't find Gabi. He then says he will blame Casey and Michael if something else has happened to her.

Gregory's Office
Elaine comes in to ask Gregory if he will take on Ricardo's case as Ricardo's lawyer. Gregory questions why Elaine would be on Ricardo's side. He reminds her how complicated this case could get, but says he will go talk to Ricardo. Elaine leaves thinking to herself that she is not only doing this for Ricardo but doing what's best for Paula in the long run as well. Later Caitlin comes in looking for Olivia. Gregory told her Sean said Olivia left the house early this morning probably to go to the radio station. As Caitlin leaves, Gregory says to himself that Olivia better be at the radio station. He needs Olivia on his side and not out causing trouble to his "plan."

Gabi's talking out loud to herself about having to go forward with her lies and no turning back. Elaine walks up on her and says that Gabi is not going to get away with destroying Ricardo's life and Paula's as well.

Thursday, October 16, 1997


The Beach
Elaine and Gabi have a confrontation. Gabi says that Ricardo has to pay. Elaine warns her to get ready for a fight. Gabi is horrified, when Elaine tells her that Gregory is going to be defending Ricardo. Gabi wants to know why Elaine is doing this to her. Elaine explains that she doesn't trust Gabi and that Gabi didn't even let on that she was Paula's sister until she could gain something from it. Gabi swears that she loves Paula and would never hurt her. Mark, who is standing nearby, catches on that Elaine is not on Gabi's side and comes to her defense. Mark can't believe that Elaine is not more sympathetic to Gabi. Elaine explains that she saves her sympathy for the deserving and the innocent.

The Police Station
Trying to keep Paula from leaving, Ricardo roughly grabs her. Paula yells that he's hurting her. Paula told him that doesn't give him the right. Ricardo pleads with Paula that he didn't rape Gabi. Paula says that he ruined her trust when hid from her that he was with Gabi the night they were supposed to elope so why should she believe him now. Paula admits that she doesn't know what to think.

Ricardo is surprised when Gregory comes to talk to him. Gregory explains that Elaine wants him to take Ricardo's case. Ricardo told his side of the story to Gregory, and Gregory believes him. Gregory told him that he will take his case.

The Waffle Shop
Paula told Elaine about Ricardo grabbing her. Elaine reminds her to look at things from Ricardo's point of view. Paula is shocked to hear that Elaine has asked Gregory to take Ricardo's case. Paula wants to know how Elaine could do that. Elaine told Paula that she is not thinking clearly.

Surf Central
. Mark offers to testify that Ricardo has been coming on to Gabi for months. The Waffle Shop Ricardo, who is now out on bail, hugs Elaine and thanks her. Paula witnesses this and walks over to them. Ricardo explains that he won't stay because he knows he makes Paula uncomfortable. Paula is still hurt about Elaine helping Ricardo. Elaine worries that if Ricardo is innocent and went to jail that Paula will never forgive her self.

Kansas - A Corn Field
Annie and Tim wake up cuddled up in the back of his truck in the middle of a cornfield Annie recalls seeing Meg and Ben at the Buckaroo and assumes that they are now together. Tim reminds her that she was a big hit last night at Buckaroos. Annie says that everyone noticed her but Ben. Tim told her that Ben doesn't know what he's missing.

Kansas - Ben's Hotel Room
Ben phones Gregory and finds out that another partner may be coming on at the Liberty Corporation. Gregory wants to know if Ben will be going home soon. Ben doesn't know, but assures Gregory that he won't be going back without Meg.

Kansas - Buckaroos
Annie and Tim return to Buckaroos where Annie claims that Meg won the battle for Ben and the war. Tim told Annie that they make a good team and that they can still break up Meg and Ben. Tim explains that Ben will never make Meg happy. Annie says that doesn't matter because there is no chance for Tim to ever get Meg back. Tim is not ready to give up. Annie admits that she will probably never be ready to give up on Ben, but that she will not do what she's been doing anymore. Tim wonders what Annie will do now. She says that she'll redirect her energy somewhere else. Annie says that its time to go. Tim offers to give her a ride to the four corners, and Annie accepts. Tim tells Annie to stay put while he went to get gas. After Tim leaves, Annie admits to herself that she'll miss Tim more than she imagined. Annie decides to leave without saying goodbye to Tim. Annie went outside where she uses her womanly charms to hitch a ride.

Kansas - The Cumming's
. Meg recalls the way Ben acted with her in the cave when he thought she was Maria.

Inside, Meg and Joan have a talk about Ben. Joan told Meg that it is plain as day that Ben loves her. Meg says that Ben is still in love with Maria. Joan doesn't see it that way and reminds Meg of all Ben is doing to try and prove himself. Joan suggests that Meg go back to Sunset Beach. Meg gets very upset and says that she won't live in Maria's shadow. Meg told Joan that she knows exactly what she has to do just as Ben walks in the room. Ben thanks Meg for last night and gives her white roses. Joan comments that Ben must have flown the roses in Meg told Ben that if he really cares about her that he will go back to Sunset Beach. Ben says that he will do almost anything for Meg, but he can't do that. Meg told him that last night can't make up for everything else. Ben comments that she means it can't make up for him calling her Maria while they were making love. Meg recalls that she had never seen Ben more affectionate and sincere than when he thought she was Maria. If they got back together, Meg doesn't want to have to wonder whether Ben is making love to her or Maria. Ben told her that she never has to wonder because he loves only her. Meg accuses Ben of using her as a Maria substitute. Ben claims it's not true. Ben told Meg that she has all the qualities that he wants in a woman.. She is stunned when Ben blurts out that she is Maria

Friday, October 17, 1997


Cole talks to Elaine about his problems with Caitlin, mainly his affair with another woman. Cole thinks he's shocking his mom by telling her he had an affair, but she told him she already knew...Caitlin told her. Elaine tells him their relationship may end unless he told the truth right now, Cole agrees.

Vanessa enlists Casey's help. She told him she needs to find a quiet getaway for her and Michael. He then comes up with a idea and calls Michael up at the Waffle Shop, he told Michael that his friends cabin has been broken into while his friend is away...would he mind going up and checking it out. Michael agrees and says goodbye to Virginia.

Olivia finally comes home after being out all morning and gets yelled at by Caitlin. Caitlin told her she shouldn't have been out. Olivia asks Caitlin if she's going to continue to ask about Cole's lover. Caitlin says no, it's too little to late for that now. Caitlin told her it's useless, she should have just listen to everyone's advice, including Elaine's. Olivia is a bit shocked and jealous that Caitlin went to Elaine for advice. Sean talks to Caitlin about college, he told her he just wants to protect her, but it seems he's been hurting her, Caitlin says that's nonsense. Cole arrives and talks to Caitlin, he told her he's going to come clean and tell her the truth once and for all.

Olivia talks to Elaine and tries to convince her that maybe it's best if Cole and Caitlin left Sunset Beach, after all these bad memories...she already brought it up with Cole. Elaine is astounded Olivia would even think that. Elaine doesn't even want to hear it. Virginia is made aware that Vanessa took a few personal days off from work. She leaves the Waffle Shop in a fury, saying she knows what Vanessa is up to...

Vanessa prepares for Michael. He arrives and is shocked, but delighted to see Vanessa there. They kiss passionately.

Just as Cole is going to tell Caitlin the long awaited truth, Olivia comes in and asks him not to say anything.

Meg walks out after Ben said she is Maria. She runs into the barn and into her dad's arms, Ben follows. Hank is upset that Ben has made her cry, but Meg told him not too worry, he'll hear Ben out. Ben tries to tell Meg he meant he loves her just as much as he loved Maria, but he sticks his foot in his mouth. Meg is just more hurt by the fact that he compares her to Maria. Ben gives a heartfelt apology and asks forgiveness, for everything, the cave, etc...Meg says if she could forgive him, she could never forgive herself for allowing to make love to him while he thought she was Maria. They both agree upon that they can not move forward till they forget the past. Meg insists Maria was a saint, to who she cannot compete with. Ben says no...Maria was no saint, he didn't love her...he HATED her!

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