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Monday, October 27, 1997

Today's recap was written by Dolly

During another twist to the kidnapping story, the police accuse Scott of masterminding his daughter's kidnapping. Serena is with Lucy and Kevin in the outside office, and upset about her dad being arrested. Lucy goes in to talk to Scott and tries to calm him down. Kevin told Serena the tail of Lucy, Felicia, Kevin, and Mac's trip to France - she is successfully distracted and gets the moral of the story - people make mistakes and mistakes can be fixed. The distraction doesn't last and she starts to cry. Back in interrogation, Lucy wants to call Karen and let her know what's happening, she leaves.

The police guy returned in and asks Scott when he was last in the Cayman Islands. The money was put into an account there in Scott's name - to cover his gambling bets. The cop wants Scott to confess for a lighter sentence - Scott tells him the whole story is ridiculous.

Rex chortles with glee to Danielle about Scott's arrest. Danielle realizes that Rex was behind the arrest. He told her about Scott's gambling and of a bookmaker who will testify to that. Rex told her the whole story is brilliant.

(The Cayman connection was explained by the cop and Rex with the camera going back and forth between the two scenes. )

The interns (minus Karen) wonder about Matt's board hearing and Julie's absence. Chris comes up and calls Eve Honey and asks her to pick up some coffee on her way home. The others exchange looks, Eve told them it's temporary and she's sleeping on the couch. Chris just smirks.

Matt is outside the hearing, chatting with Karen. He told her that he doesn't dwell on "what ifs". He had a great life before the accident and has a great life now. She's impressed by his positivity. She gets paged and leaves. Ellen comes out and waits with Matt. He told her that she doesn't have to but she wants to.

Julie threatens Cooper, he's not scared, since he's dead. Julie deduces that he is the one who was setting up the interns. She told him that if he lets her go, she won't tell anyone. Naturally, he doesn't buy it. He tells her he started revenge with Karen, she was the least qualified because she was an ex-stripper (apparently, he doesn't know about her drug addiction and stealing drugs from the hospital since those would be a better reason). She told him that people will look for her when she doesn't show up for work tomorrow - he says he'll take care of that while he forces a gag into her screaming mouth. Cooper calls the hospital saying Julie had to fly out of town for a sick friend and wouldn't be in.

Tuesday, October 28, 1997

Today's recap was written by Dolly.

Scott, Lucy, Kevin, Serena, and Gail are still at the police station, and now Karen has arrived as well. Scott brought Karen up to date on the storyline. Karen asks where Serena is, and Scott explains that a child welfare worker has her. Karen assures Scott that the child welfare workers know what they are doing and will take good care of Serena; he doesn't believe it. Outside, Gail is trying to convince the social worker that she and Lee can provide a good environment for Serena. Lucy storms over and asks why Serena (who is in the next room with Kevin) can't be permitted to see Scott.

When next we see him, Scott is getting more and more upset about Serena, while Justus, Karen, and Kevin try to calm him down. The guardian will release Serena to Gail and Lucy's custody, Kevin assures him. Justus asks Scott to be patient, but Scott says he can't. He wants to know what evidence the FBI has. Kevin suggests that they get Mac involved, and Scott agrees, if somewhat uncharitably; Kevin leaves to call Mac. Scott blows up again, and Justus and Karen again try to calm him down. He again insists he can't calm down because he's too worried about Serena, but Karen told him to do it for Serena's sake - it's the only way he is going to get out of there so he can find out who set him up. If he is violent and irrational in front of the judge, it will hurt his case.

Meanwhile, Rex has finished telling Danielle the story of how he framed Scott. Scott walked right into his trap, but now he has something even nastier in store. He will argue that Scott presents a danger to Serena, so Rex and Danielle will file for custody of her.

Mac, the same guy who was too busy in Felicia's Aztec doll storyline to even visit his best buddy in the hospital, has already made it down to the police station when we return. Scott told him to focus on Rex Stanton; Kevin and Mac don't want to limit the investigation yet. - A police officer comes in with handcuffs, preparing to take Scott to his arraignment. Scott is about to go ballistic, but Kevin advises him to save his energy to fight for Serena.

Outside the courtroom, Serena is brought to Lucy and Gail. The social worker told Gail that she and Lee have been given temporary custody of Serena, pending further evaluation. Lucy rants about the word "temporary, since Gail is the world's most wonderful grandmother Serena wants to know where Scott is, and Lucy tries to reassure her.

Rex and Danielle arrive outside the courtroom. Rex rants about what a terrible father Scott is; Serena insists that Scott did not kidnap her. Lucy suggests that Gail take Serena home; after they leave, Lucy snarls at Rex. Scott arrives, accompanied by his entourage; when he sees Rex, he throws a fit and has to be restrained from attacking him. They all enter the courtroom, and the arraignment starts.

The prosecutor asks that Scott be held without bail; Justus obviously argues the reverse. The judge then says he is ready to rule on the request for bail. This all takes about thirty seconds,

Back at home Rex is schmoozing with a reporter from the Port Charles Herald. We learn that he called her to talk about Scott and Serena. He reminds the reporter of Scott's unsavory past, and frets about his poor, innocent great-niece. The reporter, who has an interest in child welfare stories, agrees to write something for the editorial page.

Matt has finally gotten to have his say at the hospital board meeting. Apparently the board has been taken over by aliens, because the Q's aren't there (other than Alan), nor is Stefan, nor is Amanda Barrington. The aliens - er, board members - ask Matt why they should spend money and take risks to let him assist in the O.R.

Matt discusses how he became interested in medicine and healing during his lengthy hospitalization and rehabilitation after his accident. This interest has only grown since he enrolled in medical school, and he is especially interested in surgery.

"Objection, Your Honor - non-responsive to the question." -- oh, sorry, that's court-speak, not board-speak. But that's more or less what one of the board members says to Matt - they didn't ask about his interests, they asked about their costs and risks - of a malpractice suit if something went wrong, for example at has spoken to hospitals with disabled doctors, and their malpractice insurance rates aren't appreciably higher. What about mobility? Well, says Matt, surgeons are rarely required to rush across the O.R. How long can he stand with the chair lift? For hours. Also, he was an athlete before his accident - in fact, he still is. His upper body is very strong, and he's got excellent stamina and good hand/eye coordination, which means he has very steady hands. Ellen and Alan both smile as they listen to Matt's explanations.

Ellen comes out of the boardroom to find Mike waiting. She told Mike that they're waiting for a decision. Frank arrives, asking for news on Matt and also asking if anyone has seen Julie. A little later, Matt comes out of the boardroom and sees Ellen and Mike waiting. Matt isn't sure if he convinced them; he has to wait till tomorrow to find out. Alan Quartermaine comes out of the board room looking solemn.

Julie is handcuffed to a pole in the basement of Cooper's house. Tragically, Cooper removes her gag and she tries to convince him to let her go. He is unimpressed with her suggestion, he figures this is all Julie's fault for recognizing him, and he is "very, very angry" with her.

Cooper is angry because he was having fun sabotaging the interns, and Julie interrupted that. He got Karen. Then he got Chris, planting the files in his locker. "You did that?" Julie asks. And Cooper was setting up Eve when Julie found him. Too bad, because he thinks Julie is nice - and pretty, too. But now she's a problem - and, after all, how do you solve a problem like Julie? Julie checks in with the brilliant suggestion, "Let me go?" "Get real!" advises Cooper, She keeps trying - everybody thinks he's dead, so he could just sneak away, And here he is, "stuck with the problem of Julie." Cooper leaves, and Julie cries to herself, "I WILL get out of here." Then she asks Frank to come get her. Perhaps in the interim she can simply remember her favorite things, and then she won't feel so bad.

Julie looks around the room, trying to find a way to escape. She has just spotted a hammer on a table when Cooper brought her some food. She can't eat with her hands cuffed, she says; he told her he'll feed her. She'd rather starve. Okay, then, Cooper says, I'll give you one free hand. He uncuffs her and drags her over to the bed; he cuffs one hand to the bedframe.

Frank, back at home, knocks on the door to Julie's apartment and calls out to her. When there is no answer, he opens the door and calls down the stairs. He writes her a note, asking her to call when she gets home, and tapes it to her door.

Back at Cooper's, Julie is eating, one wrist cuffed to the bed. Cooper wonders what to do with her. He should kill her, like the others, but it doesn't seem that she deserves it . He complains of a headache, and prepares to go upstairs for the night. He is about to cuff her other hand to the bed. She begs to be allowed to keep one free hand for itching and scratching and so on; while his back is turned, Julie manages to grab the hammer and push it under the bed. Cooper finally decides she isn't a threat with just one free hand. Famous last words.

Wednesday, October 29, 1997

Scott was granted bail, but was denied access to Serena. Scott asked Justus to petition the court for custody of Serena, but Justus said that it would be futile with the kidnapping charges still pending. Mac pointed out the evidence against Scott, including gambling receipts and a paper trail of the ransom money. Scott said that the evidence was all manufactured, but agreed that it looked convincing. Lucy arrived and showed Scott the unflattering newspaper article about him and his past. Scott was upset that he had already been convicted in the press and worried that he would never get Serena back. Scott and Lucy then shared a close moment and both knew that they could count on each other. Frank became worried when Julie stayed out all night because Frank knew that Julie hadn't been at the hospital. Meanwhile, Julie was able to use the hammer to free herself from her handcuffs. Julie then broke the window in order to crawl out but Cooper returned before she had the chance. Julie hid in the basement as Cooper became enraged when he thought that Julie had escaped. Cooper left the basement and Julie remained in her hiding place. Later, Julie gathered her courage and opened the door leading from the basement, but then came face to face with Cooper, who told Julie that she would punished. Matt spoke with Mike and Ellen as he waited for the hospital board to reach a decision. Later, at the hospital, Alan told a relieved Matt that the board had decided to allow him to train as a surgeon.

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Thursday, October 30, 1997

by Soap Central

Today's recap was written by Kerri Thorpe

Cooper Madness
Greg upset over Julie's escape attempt, ties her back up. Cooper continues to taunt Julie, frightening her even more. Julie says that people are going to be looking for her. Cooper says that no one will think of looking for her here because they all think that he is dead. Later he says that he doesn't want to kill her, but just to use her as his guinea pig. Cooper then went on rambling how much he wanted to be a plastic surgeon, and that his first patient is going to be Julie. Cooper then takes many pictures of Julie saying that they are in preparation for the surgery.

Looking for Julie
Frank and Grace review lists of people that were on duty the night that Julie disappeared. Maybe someone saw something out of the ordinary. A guard says that he did not see anything odd that night. Frank then calls the police to file a missing person's report. Chris then comes up and told Frank that Julie's bike is still at the hospital. Det. Garcia then arrives and starts to ask questions about Julie's disappearance. Bennett Devlin shows up with his wife. They say that they would do anything to help find their daughter.

Missing Daddy
Serena is talking to Gail about why people don't believe that her daddy is innocent. Gail tries to take her mind off of that subject by talking about Halloween and Trick-or-Treating. She says that she doesn't want to do any of those things with out her father. Gail then says its bedtime, Serena will not go until her father reads her a bedtime story.

Courtroom Stuff
Scott told Justus that he want to petition for custody of Serena, against his better judgement Justus does what Scott wants. The judge reacts badly when she hears that, she reminds Scott that he is up on charges of kidnapping. The judge then rules that Scott can have limited supervised visitation with his daughter.. Scott his not to pleased with that. The judge says that a further ruling will be determined after this case is heard. Justus reminds Scott that limited supervised visits is better than none.

After Court.
Joe and Karen go back to the firehouse with some pizza. Karen is wondering how Serena is doing. She then calls Gail and asks with the party is still on. Gail says that its the only thing she could talk about to get Serena to sleep. Eve then walks in and his given the brush off by Joe and Karen. Then Lucy, Kevin, and Scott come back, when Lucy gets a call from Gail saying that Serena had a nightmare and that Serena was asking for her. Lucy and Kevin then leave to go to Gail's. Lucy manages to comfort Serena and to get her to go to bed.

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Friday, October 31, 1997

by Soap Central

Today's recap was written by Kerri Thorpe

The Madness Continues...
Cooper wakes Julie up and shows her the picture he took of her. She doesn't trust him when he offers her a glass of water. Later Cooper cuts pieces out of various pictures in order to come up with what Julie would look like after her surgery. Julie is horrified by what she sees, but Cooper is pleased with himself. Cooper then begins to prepare Julie for surgery by marking her face up where the cuts are going to be.

Grace fills out Matt's schedule for surgical rotation Grace then congratulates Matt on his victory. Later Ellen give Matt a set of antique surgical tools. That is to be passed on the the next set of surgical interns.

The Search Continues...
Chris reprimands Eve for make light of Julie's disappearance. Eve is shocked to see Nicole Devlin with her husband. Garcia told Frank, Bennett and Nicole that he has his men checking the airport, and the train and bus station. He then says that people sometimes runaway to get away from a trauma or stress. Frank and Eve both look at Bennett. Garcia then questions Frank, and he learns that Julie has recently experienced family problems. Then he questions Nicole and does not get much useful information out of her. Next from Eve Garcia learns of Eve and Bennett's affair. And when he question Bennett, Garcia learns of his arguement with Julie about the affair. Later Nicole thanks Eve for sticking up to her husband about Julie. Frank the suggestes that everyone should put aside their differences in order to find Julie. Her parents have put up a $100,000 reward for Julie's return.

At the party, thanks to Lucy, Karen and Joe are King and Queen of the Jungle. Karen told Joes that she has started divorce proceedings. Then Serena comes in dressed as a witch and Joe gives her some candy and says that she cannot wait until she sees her father later. Back at Scott's place, Scott told Rhonda that he cannot wait to se Serena later. The doorbell rings and a man hand Scott an envelope, and in it is paper that say Rex and Danielle are suing for custody. Scott then heads over to Gail's and he is happy to see Serena again. Scott then told Lucy and Gail that Rex and Daneille are suing for custody. Serena overhears this and runaway. Then they realize that Serena is nowhere to be found. Lucy, Scott, Joe, Karen a Gail get panicked and start to look for her.

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