One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 14, 2002 on OLTL

After fighting with Cristian over Jen, Al claimed that his injuries were from a fall. Jessica refused to date Seth. Carlotta was angry with Keri. Todd was accused of taking Blair's baby. R.J. schemed to get rid of Antonio. Seth shared his feelings about Jessica.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 14, 2002 on OLTL
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Monday, January 14, 2002

Keri returns to her father's club to find her boyfriend Antonio using physical force on R.J. She blurts out "Tonio, what are you doing to my father?" Antonio, stunned and struck by surprise, learns that R.J is Keri's father. Antonio tells Keri that R.J is the one that had the hit put on his brother Cristian. Antonio wants Keri to leave with him, but she stays with R.J her father.

Not realizing that Natalie is standing behind her, Roxy reads material facts about Jessica's life on the Internet. Observing this, Natalie asks Roxy what she's doing. Roxy lashes out at Natalie by verbally abusing her, telling Natalie that she has been nothing but a pain to her all of her life. Seth overhears Roxy attacking Natalie and goes to her rescue. Natalie, still in love with Seth, tells him that he is the only one that has ever cared about her and tries to kiss him. Seth tells Natalie they can only be friends.

While having dinner at the palace, Viki, Ben and Jessica are interrupted by Allison, who taunts Jessica about being unable to afford anything more than a salad because she has no money. Ben tells Allison to leave or else. Viki tells Jessica she wants to adopt her.

After spending a romantic eveing with Sam, Nora feels guilty about not being honest with him. Lying next to Sam, Nora confesses to him about Troy and Lindsay, not knowing that Sam has fallen to sleep.

Troy puts a truth serum drug in Lindsay's drink hoping that she will admit that she gave Nora the mind erasing drug.

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Troy's House

Troy has given Lindsay the truth serum hoping she will confess to having previously given Nora the drug that erased part of her memory. The drug started working and Lindsay began telling Troy things of the past such as how she tried to smother him when he first came to town. Troy slowly brought Lindsay around to the question about if it was her or Colin that gave Nora the memory-erasing drug. Troy continues to probe Lindsay about what she did. Troy thinks Lindsay is about to tell him everything; she tells him she had an affair with Colin and that she did go to his house when Nora was there, but stopped short of telling Troy she injected Nora with the drug. They are interrupted when Lindsay's cell phone rings; it is Jen who is looking for her Dad; not getting the details of what has happened, Lindsay panics and rushes out of Troy's house to go to the hospital. Troy is furious he failed to get the truth out of her. Troy reads more information on the truth serum and finds out that if a person is strong willed it may not work and that repeated doses are less likely to succeed. He wonders now how he can get Lindsay to confess what she did to Nora when he picks up a picture of he and Colin as children. He gets an idea (play like he is Colin and scare the truth of out Lindsay?)

Llanview Hospital

Al and Cris fought over Jen at the quarry. As Jen approached, Cris was knocking Al down. Al was unconscious and Jen called 911. Jen and Cris rushed to the hospital Dr. Larry stopped them saying they could not see Al. As Jen is saying it is all her fault, Max arrives; he asks what she is talking about and what happened to Al. Jen tries to explain that Al fell at the quarry; Cris jumps in and tells Max that he and Al had a fight. When Max hears this, he gets mad. As he is going into see about Al he tells Cris and Jen not to go anywhere. Cris tells Jen it could not be good for her to get upset because of the baby; Jen tells Cris there is no baby and there never was! Max asks the nurse about Al and is told he should wait for the Doctor. Gabrielle arrives at the hospital and asks Max about Al. Jen and Cris talk about what happened to Al; Jen tells Cris he needs a lawyer and leaves to call her Dad. She calls Lindsay when she can't find her Dad. Gabrielle approaches Cris and warns him she may be looking at the person who killed her son. Lindsay comes to the hospital; Cris leaves to call his Mother; Jen tells Lindsay what happened to Al; that if she had told him and Cris she was not pregnant it would not have happened. Jen leaves to talk to the nurse. Lindsay is muttering about what she did (changing Jen's pregnancy test results) as Cris walks up and asks her what she is saying. Lindsay tells Cris she would not have wanted him back in Jen's life if she had known what he would do to Al. Everyone rushes up as Larry comes out of the operating room to report on Al's condition.

Break Bar

Antonio is angry after he finds out that R.J. is Keri's father and goes to Break Bar to see Cris but he is not there. Bo comes in and asks Antonio what is wrong asks if it is something about R.J.; Antonio tells him it is not about R.J. but about who he is; after Antonio leaves R.J.'s new club Keri asks R.J. if it is true that he hired the hit man to get Cris and R.J. admitted he did. Keri asks for details and R.J. tells her that he had been in trouble for racketeering a few months back and that he had plea-bargained with the police. He told her that Cris had tried to destroy him; that he did not hire the hit man to kill Cris, just to run him out of town. Keri is not happy about all she has heard. R.J. continues to try to convince Keri that he is not all bad like Antonio says. He tells her that Antonio is out to get him because he hates him. R.J. asks Keri if she hates him. She tells him she does not hate him but everything is complicated. Keri tells R.J. she has a lot to think about and leaves. R.J. asks if he will see her soon and she does not reply. Keri goes to Break Bar to see Antonio; he embraces her and tells her he is sorry he blew up. He asks Keri if R.J. denied everything and Keri said he did not. Antonio said I know it will be hard for you to turn your back on your father; a surprised Keri tells Antonio she has no intentions of not seeing her Father! Antonio is shocked.

Palace Garage

Allison and Roxy are waiting in the Palace Hotel garage for Jessica. Allison approaches Jessica; Jessica tells Allison they have nothing to talk about; Allison tells Jessica she is mad because Natalie has told her she will not be getting any of her money. Allison starts shoving Jessica; Roxy comes out of the shadows and yells at Allison to take her grubby hands off her daughter! They exchange heated words and Allison leaves the garage telling Roxy and Jessica this is not over! Jessica asks Roxy what she is doing in Llanview and Roxy tells her she is tracking her down. She tells Jessica that she is not trying to stalk her; that she is glad she was raised in a good home; admits to not being a good mother to Natalie and is leaving as Jessica tells her she has some things to say. Jessica thanks Roxy for taking up for her with Allison then says good-bye to Roxy. Roxy is pleased that she deceived Jessica; Allison reappears and tells her she did good but that she will have to get close to Jessica step by step.

Blair's House

Blair and Todd are cooing over baby Jack and Starr is very irritated (she had been having jealousy attacks because they do not seem to have time for her anymore). Blair explains to Starr that the baby is not like a toy she gets tired of that he will be with them always. Starr replies: "maybe, maybe not". Todd's cell phone rings and it is the Mexican policeman telling Todd that Paloma escaped from Mexico. In the meantime, Paloma is on the plane about to land in Llanview. She goes to Break Bar for directions to Blair's; Antonio interprets for her and gives her the directions for the taxi. Paloma leaves to go to see Blair and tell her that her baby is alive (not knowing they have the baby).

Blair is trying to get the baby to sleep and Starr says he must be stupid if she has to teach him how to sleep. Todd continues the conversation with the Mexican policeman and tells him to keep Paloma away from them. The doorbell rings and it is Nellie whom Todd had paid to bring the baby to them. Blair comes into the foyer as Todd is trying to get rid of her by giving her money. Blair is horrified and asks the girl how she can do this. Starr looks on in amusement (she is the one who called for the girl to come get baby Jack). Blair starts yelling about Nellie trying to take the baby back and Todd finally gets her attention and tells her Nellie does not want the baby back; she is there because someone made a crank call saying for her to pick up the baby. Todd questions Nellie and she hears Starr's voice; she tells Todd that is the voice of the person that called her. Todd is furious with Starr. Blair and Todd question Starr about the phone call; Starr admits she made the call to Nellie. They ask her why; that she had wanted a baby brother; it was her idea. Starr said not any more because all anyone talked about was the baby. Todd and Blair began reassuring Starr that they still love her. They make plans to go out for the evening, leaving the baby with a sitter; Starr is thrilled; the baby begins to cry. Todd and Blair rush over to see what is wrong. Starr is mad again; goes out of the room, shuts the door. The doorbell rings (Starr says this had better not be about the stupid baby). She answers the door and it is Paloma.

Wednesday, January 16, 2002

As Blair and Todd finally get Jack asleep, they talk about Starr possibly scheming against the baby since she seems so jealous. While they are chatting, Starr is busy answering the knock at the door. It's Paloma and because she's speaking in Spanish Starr is unable to understand anything so she slams the door. Todd gets up to check on her and she tells him it was a saleswoman, one she couldn't understand. He explains to her that she should talk to her parents if something is bothering her and try to negotiate for something that she might want as they don't want her to be upset. He goes back to Blair. Once again Paloma knocks at the door and mentions Blair and the baby but Starr tells her there's no baby there and slams the door in her face again. Paloma sets her sights on a Kelly Cramer; she may know Blair. In the meantime, Blair receives a call from Kelly-she's in Llanview on newspaper business. Starr can't believe that now her mother is on the phone after being with the baby all the time. Blair quickly hangs up. Starr tells her parents she wants Jack gone or she'll go. Todd states that no one is going anywhere. He and Blair declare their love for their daughter while Todd compares the baby to Starr's pet lizards, how he'll be the same as them soon, following her around. She wants alone time with her parents without Jack, she pleads. Blair will go out and visit Kelly, Starr and her dad can play together. When they're alone, Todd again inquires about the person at the door. Starr describes her as a "weird lady speaking funny." Todd assumes she was speaking Spanish. Starr mentions that the woman said baby.

Larry addresses everyone waiting at the hospital for news of Al. He is in critical condition with internal injuries and lots of bleeding with a concussion and trauma to the spine and ribs. The next few hours will be very crucial to his survival he announces, and Max and Gabrielle must calm down before they can see him as his emotional state will be very important; he needs to have the will to live. Max promises to put aside his feelings of anger and fear and Gabby suggests they put aside their own personal problems for now. Jen runs off, followed by Cris and Lindsay. Cris tries to comfort his girlfriend; it's his fault, not hers. Of course, Lindsay lingers nearby, eavesdropping until Cris spots her. She also attempts to reassure her daughter while admonishing Cris. Carlotta arrives just then and demands that she not accuse her son of anything.

Keri wants to know why Antonio figures she wouldn't see her father any more. It's her FATHER after all, she tells him, and she will continue to see him. She tries to defend R.J. and point out that he's making amends. Antonio wants R.J. to testify against Keith Shaeffer. The couple argue while R.J. lurks nearby. She wants to give R.J. a chance, Keri says as Antonio tries to talk her out of it. She explains that R.J. has even changed because of her. Just then Antonio receives a call-he's wanted at the hospital as there's been a fight between Al and Cris. Once he's gone, R.J. saunters over. She's not ok, Keri admits. R.J. asks where Antonio is and Keri tells him they argued over him. R.J. doesn't want to come between them so perhaps he should keep his distance. Keri believes they can work everything out. R.J. is secretly pleased.

Gabrielle and Max visit with their unconscious son, encouraging him with comforting words. Al awakens and asks for Jen. In the waiting area, everyone has words-Lindsay blames Cris for the incident, Carlotta blames Lindsay. Cris takes his mother away to explain while again reassuring Jen that it's not her fault. Cris admits he hit Al because he was crazy and jealous because Jen was pregnant by Al. Carlotta is shocked and can't believe her son would still love this girl. Cris reminds her that he hurt Jen. Carlotta tells him they know whose fault it is. None of this would have happened if it weren't for R.J. Antonio gets to the hospital and agrees with both his mother and Cris but R.J. would never take the blame for this, he confirms. Cris decides to check on Al. Carlotta insists that R.J. take the fall for this. Antonio has more news for her-R.J. is Keri's father. Carlotta is less than thrilled with the news. Max has left his son's room looking for answers and Jen (against Gabrielle's better judgment). Jen fills her mom in on what happened at the quarry and says that Al has always loved her and she's always hurt him. Max arrives and Lindsay is only to happy to fill him in as she sends a nervous Jen off to see Al. Cris is dangerous and violent, he hit Al and that's how he fell. Max considers Jen to be a trouble maker but Lindsay blames Cris. Jen gets to Al's room and Gabby urges the girl to remain calm and not to hurt Al. She already has, Jen states. Al is thrilled to see Jen, asking her if she's ok. He's not concerned with himself at all. He asks her if their baby is alright. Gabrielle shudders. Antonio needs to get a statement from Cris. Keri has come to the hospital to find out what happened. She spots Carlotta first and the woman is extremely short with her, telling her to leave.

R.J. is proud of himself. He'll be rid of Antonio Vega with his plan.

Antonio questions Max about Al and extends his sympathy. Max wants Cris arrested for attempted murder.

Paloma arrives at Kelly's door looking for Blair. She has the truth about the baby. Kelly wants to know what baby. Nearby, Blair arrives with Jack to surprise her cousin.

Thursday, January 17, 2002

Kelly remains unable to understand Paloma, and alerts Todd to her presence. Blair. Both "upset" Starr and Todd call Blair on her cell phone and stall a reunion between Blair and Paloma, but Blair and Paloma eventually cross paths.

Al inadvertently pressures Jen to keep quiet about the fact that she is not pregnant when he tells her that he must make a full recovery in order to properly care for their baby. Gabrielle accuses Jen of getting pregnant intentionally in order to force her rich son to marry her. Max maintains that Antonio must arrest Cristian who willingly admits his guilt, but Al refuses to press charges and insists that his fall was an accident.

Carlotta labels Keri as an enemy of her family after she expresses her unwillingness to abandon her father. R.J. provides a shoulder for his daughter to cry on, and he assures her that the situation will work out. R.J. secretly furthers his plot to separate the couple by hanging upon Antonio when he calls Keri's cell phone.

Seth tells Jessica that he believes that she still has feelings for him then he kisses her.

Friday, January 18, 2002

Todd reaches Kelly's place, and he lies to Kelly about Paloma's presence in Llanview when he discovers that she has already left the house. Starr calls Todd on his cell phone and reveals that Paloma is trying to tell Blair something about Todd, and Todd rushes home to find Paloma blurting out that Todd took Blair's baby.

Gabrielle instructs Jen not to tell Al that she is not pregnant when Gabrielle sees how much Al is depending on the baby. Cristian almost tells Al the truth, but ultimately decides to stay out of Jen's business. Jen decides that she must tell Al the truth before meeting Cristian at the quarry to discuss their future, but when she arrives, panicked Al halts her confession with the news that he can't feel his legs.

Natalie interrupts Jessica and Seth's kiss, and tries employing guilt to break up the romance brewing between Jessica and Seth. However, Seth admits to Natalie that he loves Jessica. Crushed Natalie runs off to the quarry where Cristian finds her, leaving Seth alone with Jessica to share his true feelings.

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