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Port Charles Recaps: The week of January 21, 2002 on PC
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Monday, January 21, 2002

Lucy talked via telephone with Dr. Gordon about Paige's skin sample. She had the skin of a 25 year old woman. Lucy asked Kevin if it really could be Paige or someone pretending to be Paige. Kevin said it really was Paige. Eve and Chris talked about him getting his job back at GH. Eve told Ian that Amy had moved out and Ian said that he was partly to blame because he had accused her of being an alien. Casey was upset about Rafe. She went to see Amy and Paige and told them that there was another one of them in Port Charles. At first Paige and Amy didn't believe Casey. Alison read Rafe's diary and learned that he left being an angel for her. Rafe came back into the recovery room and got his diary back from Alison who said she hadn't read it. Alison told Rafe that she wanted him to be happy here on earth and that they could still be friends but Rafe said no because friends hang out and do things together and he felt that Jamal and she would have problems over it. Alison left the Recovery Room and Rafe threw out his diary. Lucy told Kevin that Paige was really only 25 years old. Lucy then put it together that Amy and Paige both came to Port Charles on the same day. Lucy then told Kevin that, when Paige shook Dr. Gordon's hand, there were samples of her skin left behind so he ran the tests anyway. Casey convinced Amy and Paige to go to the Recovery Room to see this other angel for themselves. They decided to go just as a precaution. Chris and Ian and Eve joked about what Ian thought about Amy. Eve asked Chris to take Amy out on a date and said it was time that he moved on from Julie. Kevin thought that Lucy was jealous of Paige because of the amount of time he was spending with her. Lucy assured Kevin that wasn't the case and told him to continue to do the portrait of Paige. Alison went home to Jamal and a romantic setting. They kissed passionately but Alison was still troubled by what she read in Rafe's diary. She told Jamal that she needed a hot bath and then to lie down because she was tired. As Paige and Amy and Casey approached the Recovery Room, Amy sensed Rafe from outside while inside Rafe felt their presence as well. Chris tried to get Eve not to set up a date with Amy but decided he would at least try for Eve's sake. Ian received an apology from Amy.

Tuesday, January 22, 2002

Lucy meets with Victor who agrees to investigate Paige. After Victor leaves, Lucy runs into Rafe and mentions Paige's odd arrival as well as the uniqueness of her skin. As she went on and on about her assumption that the stranger is from another dimension, he suggests that sometimes the simplest explanation is the correct one. Lucy insists that there is something odd about the woman. Surprisingly, Rafe acts uninterested and finally suggests that she forget about her investigation for the sake of her marriage. Worrying about Rafe's presence in town, Amy, Casey and Paige argue why he has been sent to earth. Casey accuses the two of lying to her about their real reason for coming back and accuses them of being attracted to the two men in their new lives. After Casey walks away, Paige finally confesses to Amy that she feels she has some unfinished "business" with Kevin. A worried Livvie asks Kevin about his relationship with Paige and makes some suggestions that he quickly denies. After doing more research, Victor informs Lucy that Paige was in the same accident that killed her husband and was never heard from again. Rafe continues his run in the park where he confronts Casey, Amy and Paige and demands to know the reasons behind their visit to earth.

Wednesday, January 23, 2002

At the park, Paige admits to Rafe, Amy, and Casey that she never got over Kevin, even after she was married. Her husband Will needed her to close the door on the past. He wanted her to go see Kevin to do this. On the way to the airport, their car plunged down an embankment killing Will. Paige held on for a few weeks then she too died. Her husband's last wish was for her to carry on and put the past to rest so she could love him in death.

When Paige is finished, Casey told her story. She says there was a boy that she liked. He invited her to a party at a crack house. Even though she had never done anything like it before, Casey went along. She tried a cocaine/heroin mixture just so he and his friends would like her. Her first experience with the drug killed her. Because of one mistake, her life ended. Now, she wants to get back what she had before she messed up... even if it's only for a little while.

Amy's story is that she ran away and fell in love with a man. She thought he loved her, but as it turned out, he only wanted her money. One night, he shot her to get what he wanted. Now, Amy wants another chance to prove that she can make it on her own. She needs to show that she can be independent and make it on her own.

Lucy told Kevin about the accident that killed Paige's husband. However, Paige just seemed to disappear afterwards. Kevin thinks Paige must be suffering from survivor guilt, but Lucy still doesn't believe this explains her age-defying skin. They argue about what may or may not be Paige's hidden motivations for finding Kevin. Afterwards, Kevin and Lucy discover they just had their first argument as a married couple. They can't wait to get to the making up part, but first Lucy wants to check on Christina. While Kevin waits for Lucy to return, he is tempted to take a peek inside the purse Paige left behind. Inside he finds her passport. It is expired.

Ian is worried when Amy doesn't show up at the hospital. So worried, that he looks up her parents and leaves a message for them to call him back. A little while later, Ian gets a call from Amy's dad. He informs Ian that Amy disappeared and they haven't heard from her in over three years.

Thursday, January 24, 2002

As she packs for a romantic getaway with Jamal, Alison nervously confides to Livvie how she stumbled over the fact that Rafe is in love with her. In the hospital's psych ward, Val bitterly accuses Jamal of turning his back on her and all because of his blonde bimbette girlfriend. Chris wonders why Amy hasn't returned his call. At the Recovery Room, Frank gets rough with Ricky as he demands to know where Casey has gone. Meanwhile, Kevin shows his father the expired passport featuring Paige's apparently age-defying photograph. Ricky told Frank how Casey tricked him into driving her to the park for some secret meeting. Victor advises his son to have a heart to heart chat with Paige as soon as she returns to the lighthouse. Admitting that she has feelings for Rafe, Alison told Livvie she hopes spending some quality time alone with Jamal will reinforce her earlier belief that he is her true soul mate. Ricky finds Amy's cell phone in the park and quickly pockets it.

Friday, January 25, 2002

Unable to stop thinking about Rafe, Alison works harder to convince herself that a romantic weekend away with Jamal will solve her dilemma. Ian told Mac he's worried that Amy might have met with foul play. Ed summons Rafe, Casey, Amy and Paige back into his domain for a long overdue chat. Gabi questions her brother after finding a cell phone in Ricky's pocket. Ed warns his angels that an innocent person may be headed for big trouble. After sneaking away from the psych ward, Valerie confronts Alison and furiously blames her for everything that's happened. Mac promises Ian he'll have an officer look into Amy's disappearance. Ricky admits to Gabi how he does feel a certain connection to Casey. Ed reminds Rafe and the others to make the most of the opportunity they've been given. Valerie pulls a gun on Alison, who attempts to reason with her vengeful visitor. Jack, Jamal and Livvie arrive and try to talk Valerie into lowering her weapon. Ian catches Ricky with Amy's cell phone. As Jamal gets between Alison and the gun, Valerie pulls the trigger.

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