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Port Charles Recaps: The week of January 28, 2002 on PC
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Monday, January 28, 2002

An angry Ian confronted Ricky about where Amy was. Ricky tried to explain that he found her phone in the park. Kevin was still looking for Paige. Rafe demanded to know who was going to die but Ed would only say that one of them would be bringing some one back with them. Valerie and Jamal fought for the gun and the gun went off. Valerie was shot. Jamal quickly went to comfort a distraught Valerie. Gaby and Kevin broke up a fight between Ricky and Ian. Gaby was defending Ricky. Kevin told Ian to cool down. Ian thought that Ricky had something to do with Amy and Paige's disappearance. Rafe again demanded answers from Ed as to who would die. Paige and Amy and Casey were all sent back down to earth. Rafe stayed behind to talk further with Ed. Jamal tried to help Valerie. The paramedics arrived with Frank and took Valerie to the hospital where Chris and Karen were waiting. Ricky told Gaby about finding the phone. Ricky said he came back to town to be with his family. Ricky wanted some respect and Gaby told him that he must earn respect. Kevin and Ian talked about the missing Paige and Amy. Kevin tried to figure out how Paige got back into the U.S.A. on a expired passport. Ian told Kevin that he had questions for Amy as well. When Paige and Amy arrived back on earth they all knew that they had damage control to do. Casey said that no one would have missed her. Amy told Paige that she thought that Paige wanted to bring back Kevin Collins. Rafe watched the scene with Alison and Jamal at the hospital. Jamal and Livvie and Jack and Alison were all at the hospital when detective Garcia tried to interview them regarding the shooting. Jamal said it was his fault but Livvie and Jack and Alison said that was not true and that Valerie meant to shoot Alison. Gaby told Ricky that she loves him and wants him to be happy. She got beeped from the hospital and had to go to work. Gaby told Ricky that they would talk later. Ricky pulled out a credit card with the name Ricky Barrington on it. He said that was his ticket out of town. Frank caught up with Casey and asked her where she had been. Casey replied that she died and went to heaven and came back. Frank didn't catch on. Ian found Amy in the park searching for her cell phone. Ian asked her where she had been. Ian demanded answers that are not forthcoming from Amy. Paige was back at Kevin's. Kevin was very relieved to see her. Alison tried to talk to a shocked Jamal who said later and walked away after they found out that Valerie had died.

Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Amy explained her absence to Ian and told him to mind his own business. She was furious that he'd contacted her father. Kevin was glad to see Paige but asked how she'd gotten into the U.S. with an expired passport and she told him she only kept the old one for ID and that the current one was put away safely. Kevin told Paige that Lucy had found out about her husband's accident and she said it was her fault and her face had been reconstructed. That was why she looked so young. Amy told Ian it was none of his business when he demanded the truth. Ed showed Rafe more of the present. Jamal was upset about Valerie's death and blamed himself. Rafe decided to return to PC and went straight to the hospital where Livvie deterred him. Alison tried to help Jamal but he demanded she leave him alone. Jack asked why Jamal was pushing Alison away but he was lost in guilt. Alison left broken hearted. Amy agreed to go out with Chris and Ian apologized and took her home. Kevin began painting Paige. When Alison got home, Rafe was waiting and she rushed into his arms.

Wednesday, January 30, 2002

At the Recovery Room, Casey examines Ricky's new credit card in the name of Ricky Barrington. As she accuses him of a plotting a scam, Amanda Barrington comes up behind them. Casey told Amanda how sweet it was to hire her grandson. Amanda is confused, but Ricky manages to cover by telling Casey that she is wrong, he is not related to Amanda Barrington. Amanda then asks Ricky to drive her to the jewelry store. She has to pick up the necklace that she is donating to the auction.

Casey immediately jumps to the conclusion that Ricky has some plan to swipe Amanda's priceless baubles. She demands a piece of the action while threatening to tell Amanda about the credit card. Ricky calls her bluff and says to forget it. There is no way he is taking her on as his partner.

Rafe watches Alison sleep as he thinks about his last conversation with Ed. If the 5th chair isn't for Valerie, then who is it reserved for? Alison wakes up; confused for a minute that everything that happened was just a nightmare. When the realization of Valerie's death come washing over her, Alison went into a cleaning frenzy. She barely gets started washing the blood from the carpet, when she decides she should make breakfast for Jamal. Rafe stops her, told her that there is nothing she can do to fix what has happened. She can't put things back to the way they were before. Alison is on the verge of breaking down. She knows Jamal will blame himself the rest of his life for Valerie's death and all she can think to do is make French Toast.

Rafe pulls Alison into his arms to comfort her the best that he can. At the moment, Jack comes in looking for Jamal. He told Alison that Jamal didn't spend the night with him. Alison is frantic with worry. She enlists the help of her friends to go looking for Jamal.

Paige finds Kevin in his studio excited by the progress he is making on Paige's portrait. Paige reminisces about the crazy dreams they used to have when they were younger. How they wanted to have a big house and lots of kids. Kevin reminds her that they were very young at the time. Livvie comes in, worried that she hasn't been able to reach Kevin on his cell phone.

After Kevin leaves to make some calls, Livvie confronts Paige. She told Paige that Kevin deserves happiness and she will not allow Paige to interfere with Kevin and Lucy's relationship. When Kevin returns, Livvie angrily told Paige to take her friendship, connection, dreams, and painting back where she came from. Kevin tries to assure Livvie that nothing is going to come between him and Lucy. Livvie apologizes to Paige.

Kevin leaves to walk Livvie to her car. As he is making his way back to the lighthouse, Kevin trips on a fallen wire and is shocked. He calls to Paige for help, but she can't hear him over the music playing on the CD player. As Kevin realizes help isn't coming, he tries to free himself from the tangled wire. As he does so, sparks fly. Kevin lies motionless on the snow-covered ground.

Thursday, January 31, 2002

Determined not to get too close to anyone for fear that they will become the inhabitant of the fifth chair, Casey reminds Ricky that whatever happens between them must involve no permanent commitment. Jack angrily advises Rafe to butt out as Jamal's friends begin their frantic search. Lucy returns home and asks Paige about her missing husband. Meanwhile, Kevin lies unconscious in the snow after being felled by a live power line during the storm. Upset by Rafe's unsettling outburst, Alison and Livvie entreat the angel to explain what he meant about Jamal possibly being the next to die. Ricky told Casey about his private plans for the million dollar necklace Amanda intends to auction off for charity. Lucy apologizes to Paige for digging into her past. Rafe reminds Livvie and Alison that he no longer has any special insights into the future. Casey confides to a puzzled Ricky that she can't afford to dream big dreams like his because she has no future. Jamal finally reappears and told Alison they both must pay for killing Val. Horrified to discover Kevin lying senseless in a snowdrift, Lucy begs Paige to call 911.

Friday, February 1, 2002

Eve introduces Amy to Chris, who wonders aloud why his blind date looks so familiar. Yanking away from Alison, Jamal bitterly repeats his assertion that they are both to blame for Valerie's tragic demise. When Paige just stands and stares dully at Kevin, Lucy snatches her cell phone away and calls the ambulance herself. At the Recovery Room, Rafe reminds an anxious Casey that they'll soon have to help a friend cross over. As the subject turns to how sex feels in angel form, Rafe sheepishly admits to Casey that he hasn't had that experience yet. Jamal informs a distraught Alison that they have no reason to stay together any more. In the ER, Ian and Eve work to bring Kevin's core temperature up while a tearful Paige confides to Amy that she may have subconsciously wanted her first love to die so they could be together forever. Alison pleads with Jamal to remember everything they've shared. Chris finds a photo of Amy in a box of his college mementos. Rafe flies into a rage and attacks Jamal after he accidentally knocks Alison down. Lucy prays for her husband as Kevin's condition suddenly deteriorates.

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